11/18: Grace abounds

11/18: Grace abounds

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  1. Thank you Maryl for this great Lift with its assurance of God's love for us being ever-present in our lives. Grace is God's love resting gently on His spiritual creation, man. Sinful thoughts can make us feel completely cut off from God's grace. As we turn our thoughts to God in earnest prayer, we see that whatever was unlike God's nature cannot claim to be a part of ours. This realization brings with it freedom and the demonstration that grace not only abounds in our lives, but rules!

  2. Grace has unmerited, unconditional love, because grace is a God-quality. We don't have to earn it, we only have to accept it and recognize it.

    What does grace asks of us?

    "Be still and know that I am God". PSalm 46:10

    La gracia lleva amor no merecido, incondicional, porque la gracia es una cualidad de Dios. No tenemos que ganarla, solo tenemos que aceptarla y reconocerla.

    ¿Qué nos pide la gracia?

    “Callad y sabed que yo soy Dios”. Salmo 46:10

  3. Thank You for this wonderful Lift!

    Love the idea of "God's relentless affection celebrating everyone"!

  4. Lovely. Thank you.

  5. Thank you very much!!!

  6. Grace - Unconditional Love is a gift from God. Thank you Maryl, for this inspiring Lift.

  7. I have always had difficulty in understanding the word 'grace', so thank you so much for this lovely, clear Lift. What a start to my day!

  8. "Open the eyes of my heart , I want to see you"
    Help me to be more graceful.

    I love this lift, thank you!

  9. Thank you for your fresh view and loving reminders of God's grace that surrounds and abounds! I love that -- God's Relentless Affection Celebrating Everyone!

  10. Maryl, Thank you.

  11. Very lovely and comforting. Thank you

  12. Lovely Lift on God's abounding Grace. Thank you Maryl. One answer to #2's question "What does grace ask of us?" might be found in Hymn 278 ."Truthful and steadfast though trials betide thee, Ever one thing do thou ask of thy Lord, Grace to go forward, wherever He guide thee, Gladly obeying the call of His word" Grace is that lovely gentle quality which counters any harshness which might present itself to us, thus dissolving it with love.

  13. Thank you Maryl, What does grace ask of us? To know, as in heaven, so on earth, God is omnipotent, supreme.

  14. Thank you.

  15. I got a definition of grace from my dad: God's Richies At Christ Expense. Thanks for this uplift as we ask that its abundance should be our experience, now & eternally. Amen.

  16. Many thanks Maryl for this new inspiring view of "Love's relentless unconditional affection celebrating everyone. " "Grace for today, Thou Love divine,/ Patient of heart his way to trace/ Whose pure affections Thee define/ In tender love and perfect grace." (Christian Science Hymnal #91).

  17. Thank you, Maryl, for “Grace abounds … Grace as ‘the divine influence on the heart and its reflection on the life’ … What is grace asking of me right now? … ‘God’s Relentless Affection Celebrating Everyone” … today … Grace abounds.”

    Just what I needed this morning, after mulling over what had become a heated discussion, recently, in which I meant well but felt very misunderstood and left wondering if I had done more harm than good. Your Lift has changed my “mulling over” to a deeper, prayerful consideration – from “sense to Soul” (Mrs. Eddy’s writings and the CS Hymnal).

    Also …

    … lean not unto thine own understanding (Ps 3:5) … God is love (I John 4) … Divine Love always has met and always will meet every human need (S&H 494:10) … leaning on the sustaining infinite, to-day is big with blessings (S&H vii:1).

    And …

    … godliness with contentment is great gain ... For we brought nothing into this world, and it is certain we can carry nothing out … follow after righteousness, godliness, faith, love, patience, meekness … be not highminded, nor trust in uncertain riches, but in the living God, who giveth us richly all things to enjoy … do good … be rich in good works, ready to distribute, willing to communicate … keep that which is committed to thy trust, avoiding profane and vain babblings … Grace be with thee. Amen. (I Tim 6:6, 7, 11, 17, 18, 20, 21).

  18. Thank you Maryl for this powerfully uplifting message .

  19. Dear Maryl, thank you and all Lifters.

    I got a definition of grace as follows: A policeman flags you down as you are driving along the highway. On inspecting your car he finds that one of your tyres has no tyre-threads for grip and is nearly as smooth a silk! You have no spare tyre. ..Instead of giving you a ticket the policeman forgives you. Further to that he digs in his pocket and hands you a couple of dollar bills sufficient for you to buy a brand new tyre at the next available garage..!!!!

  20. Oh such gratitude and gracefulness. Thank you, Maryl. Grace "fits" into so many attributes for God and for ourselves.

  21. I have hid THY WORD in my heart psalm 119:11

  22. This is a beautiful Lift and will stay with me today Thank you so much, Let's be celebrating God's gracious relentless affection, one and all....x

  23. Brilliant, lovely! So full of 'grace' - worth listening to over and over. Thank you so much!! :-D

  24. What an encouraging idea -- we can see grace at work in the midst of what appears to one's limited sense as conflict and tragedy. We can look deeper and see the power of Spirit uplifting and healing and restoring!

  25. Thank you for this great Lift. 'A mazing grace how sweet the sound' hymn 431. Many thanks to all.

  26. My daughter and I have on numerous occasions discussed the meaning of the word "grace". I am very grateful for this precious "Lift" and the contributing comments...they have added to my understanding of grace.

  27. Thank you!

  28. Thank you, Maryl. This lift on GRACE "spoke" to me with such significance. Also, thanks to the Lifters' comments…also very helpful:-)
    Good day to all….xoxo

  29. Domo Arigato Gozaimasu

  30. Thank you.

  31. Dear Maryl,

    Thank you for this lift. I would have to agree with a few of the other Lifters that grace has always been a word I searched to define and understand a bit more. Thank you Vito & Nela for your full posting and to the other Lifters as well. Daily Lift Team, you know we all love the work that you do including reading and editing each and every post where necessary.

    For me, I see grace as the application of love to the human and/or physical circumstances. I really am amazed about these Lifts. Just last night and as I awoke this morning I was pondering just these thoughts; though I did not see them as grace; now I do.

    Our chief mission in this world is to demonstrate Life & Love (God) by demonstrating love (forgiveness, support, understanding, patience). Love, is renewal hence it is Life! We leverage Mind (intelligence, wisdom, learning, unlimited capacity), Soul (joy, individuality, persistence), Principle (moral law, law, ethics, justice) as we stand on the foundation of Truth (unchangeable law, government) understanding that God is Spirit (everywhere, ALL, true-substance, eternal, never-fading) and as his image and likeness we too take on a divine likeness.

    As we apply the above to human situations not only are we demonstrating grace, but we see that grace (or God's love for us) is in our lives because our true individuality can never age, be tarnished, be unsafe or lack.

    Again, thank you Maryl, this really was a "God-sent message" (hymn 221).

  32. Thank you so much, Maryl, for sharing Strong's definition of grace: "The divine influence on the heart and its reflection in the life." So beautiful.

    The thoughts you also shared about grace abounding in spite of appearances to the contrary made me think of one of the central messages of last week's Bible Lesson (Science and Health 476:17-18): "Mortality is finally swallowed up in immortality." -- and NOT the other way around!!!

    Grateful thanks!

  33. Just beautiful, Maryl! The message I needed to start the week. Grace is sorrounding you and it abounds. Even if you are not feeling it right now. God´s relentless affection celebrating everyone, you and me and the whole spiritual family around the world. Sometimes we feel discouraged when a healing is taking more time than expected and we are led to believe that we have fallen of grace... but right there, grace abounds! Thank you and all the DL team. I am most grateful.

  34. This is a wonderful lift, thank you. Not only does it clearly define grace, which can be a hard concept to grasp as #7 noted, this lift reminds us to practice grace. Which sound like a good exercise for today.

  35. Thanks so much for inspired message " grace abound us"

    Mario Vicencio Sao Paulo

  36. Grace: Naomi and Ruth; love reflecting Love; what we, too, are able to do - with willing hearts and hands; softness and gentleness. Thank you, Maryl.

  37. thank-you most kindly maryl for this beautiful inspired lift!

  38. Grace – the constant divine good which is available without qualification.

    We may think that there is something we must do to receive good - maybe concentrate and pray more or give up something. (or…in other words, have better tyres on our car, # 19 Vito). Do we think we have to “qualify” for good? I suppose as long as we think we are in some sort of transition, we will continue to study and pray for understanding … but the healing breakthroughs I have experienced were quite frankly a gift of enrapturing enlightenment and I give God full credit and thanks. I think you are right, Maryl, (and Paul) “grace abounds - God’s unconditional love surrounds us”.

    Great start to today!

  39. How timely this lift is for me, thanks Maryl. I have been studying an article from the December 2011 issue of the Journal and highly recommend it for anyone seeking more grace. It is a conversation Joan Taylor has with Scott Preller, "ON GOD'S WATCH." It starts with "What we most need is the prayer of fervent desire for growth in grace.." (Science and Health, p. 4) and then he says, "To me, when Mary Baker Eddy says we "most need" something, that tends to open my ears. That's something I want to pay attention to." He continues, "She plainly says that we most need "the prayer of fervent desire for growth in grace," and then at the end of the sentence she assures us this growth will be "expressed in patience, meekness, love, and good deeds." And later, "What that statement is really saying is we need that hunger, that yearning, that growth in grace. We need to want to grow in grace above all else, and when that's the focus of our heart's desire, then those other qualities - the patience, the meekness, the love, the good deeds - just naturally flow from that." Well, I have two full pages of notes from this article as well as a heavily underlined copy. It has been such an inspiration to me - full of cherished ideas - a real treasure chest! And it is my deepest desire to grow in grace.

  40. Admittedly, grace has always been a hard one for me to get my arms around. I so appreciate your definition and lesson to bring a much better understanding of grace to me. So many of our lifters also helped out. Thanks to all.

  41. Simply lovely, Maryl! Giving thanks for God's abounding grace surrounding all and for all all the gifts of Church!

  42. Awesome topic Maryl. Thank you for the inspired and expression. I now understand GRACE. Thanks to all of the lifters. I got so much out of the many comments. May Grace abound in your experience today.

  43. When feeling overwhelmed with "busy-ness" or a sense of too much to do, or trying to sort out things all on my own,I've found that God's "grace"is exactly what I need to just accept (and relax in) in order to see that God, Love,(not me, personally!) is in control of all.

    I love the idea that GRACE is God's Restful Activity Calming (Controlling, Coordinating) Everything.
    And thank you , Maryl--- I love today's Lift that lights up "GRACE" as shining on all, abounding in our experience as God's Relentless Affection Celebrating Everyone.

  44. Thank you so much, Maryl. And thanks to those who comment. Truly an expression of grace coming through in the lift and the comments.

  45. "God's Relentless Affection Celebrating Everyone!" Thank you Maryl

  46. Great lift !

  47. I've been struggling with a sense of sin - not being able to resist it. This lift gives me hope that God's grace is with me helping me to overcome what is so hard. Thank you for helping me feel that I can find my freedom.

  48. I will save this daily lift to hear often. I have been thinking a lot lately about the word 'grace' and what it means. This lift is very helpful and I'm grateful to hear it today. Thank you so much and for all the comments, too.

  49. Lori, there's a lot about grace in that December 2011 CSJournal and it's all good. Thank you for the nod. And Maryl, you'd be the best one to talk about 'opening oneself to the divine influence' always 'abounding' in our life. I was quite young when I first went to live in the country, in a small town with dirt roads and no electric power once away from the town. I was a city slicker, but the people readily forgave this shortcoming and told me their stories, as they taught me about the land. And after I started to read my little Science and Health and Bible, I was able to tell them a few things, too. Just quietly and gently, and it's all remembered as grace in action. Now I can see it really was "grace abounding." It's love that makes the gentleness and affection be seen as grace.
    And Nate, it was certainly abounding grace that urged you to give this podcast to the world, and the world has shown our appreciation; thanks to The Mother Church; and our family of Daily Lifters.

  50. Thanks Maryl! Now I'm motivated to tackle more camp work.

  51. Thank you and your friend too for your expansive views on grace.

  52. Wonderful and Graceful, dear Maryl! I, too, am finding that Grace really DOES abound! I have been getting the feeling lately that I truly DO know everything I need to know, if I just Trust, Let Go and Allow myself to Know it! I have found that the so-called little ego "i" wants to say, "I have to struggle long and hard to make something happen." And thus, so be it! But when I surrender to the Abounding Grace surrounding me always, I find the answers, healing and knowledge I need. I love the words, "Yield" and "Let" and then I experience Grace bounding and abounding around me! Thanks for the music full of Grace this morning!

  53. Thank you so much for the spiritual lift, u reminded me of my favorite hymn "Amazing grace" how sweet thy name, that saved a wretch like me

  54. Maryl, I was so glad to see your name when I opened up today's DL. I knew your Lift would be just the "brand" of strong and kind mother-Love I needed today. And thanks to #43 Clare G. in Virginia. I so need to lean on God today--and relax!

    And to dear #47 name: I just want to share that any sin that has fallen away from me has been from progressively identifying myself as made in God's image...purely spiritual. The world identifies us as material bodies, mortal personalities, defined by DNA and history and many so-called "needs." But God defines us as the outcome, the immediate expression of Love, Principle, Truth, permanent Life, and more. Sin has no place in God's formation of your being, no foothold, no history, no staying power. Just be wrapped up in the arms of Love...with spiritual sense, you can feel the Reality of this immediate care for you and everyone around you. I rejoice with you for the peace you are starting to know!

  55. Since God, good, is everywhere, grace must be there, too. Thanks for the affirmation, even when the appearance tests our vision. Our Thanksgiving Lesson gives that sense of abundance, overflowing and abounding good, good, and more good! Grace unto grace as Jesus lived and taught.

  56. A note to #47: I love the statement in Science and Health 447:24: "To put down the claim of sin you must detect it (you've done that), remove the mask (what deeper error is it masking--a feeling of not being loved, for instance), point out the illusion, and thus get the victory over sin and so prove its unreality." When you yield to grace in each step, you see and experience your freedom--God's relentless affection celebrating YOU.

  57. Oh Maryl, you spoke to my heart and to so many of our hearts as evidenced by all the wonderful posts. Your lift was grace itself with this definition, "the divine influence on the heart and its reflection in the life." So true that in every situation grace abounds -- God is ever at work creating heaven on earth. A friend of mine yesterday used a phrase that stuck in my mind. I knew it was powerful and an angel thought coming through her to me, but there was something about it I hadn't quite grasped. She said, "Release with love." As I read your lift today, the Divine influence was at work (grace). The perfect definition of "grace" led me to realize I had not quite grasped "release with love" in the right way because I had the wrong definition of "with." I was thinking "accompanied by" but the right definition was "characterized by or having." Love or grace enables us to let go of (release) the tragedy or loss because it's God's influence upon our hearts, His grace. Through grace, our perceptions open up to a spiritual view and we see God's goodness ever at work. Instead of seeing tragedy or suffering, we see Love and care for our fellow man stand powerfully at the helm. We reflect that love when we offer a hand, smile at the goodness in someone or gently help another overcome a challenge by offering a more uplifting perspective.Love is reflected in love. Grace abounds! Thank you so much for the awesome lift and all the Lifters for your responses and to the BOL for Lifts!

  58. I admire every one who I see expressing grace, and love to learn from their example. I woke up this morning with Christian Science hymn 49 going through my mind. It includes the line:
    "In simple trust like theirs who heard,
    Beside the Syrian sea,
    The gracious calling of The Lord,
    Let us like them, without a word
    Rise up and follow thee."
    Thank you so much Maryl, for expanding on this essential Christian quality.

  59. Thank you for this lift today! I really relate to what #43, Clare says about grace. With the holidays coming up, the suggestion that so many things need to be done can be overwhelming, but to take a back seat and let God calm, coordinate, guide all those involved is letting grace activate our hearts.

  60. This is so helpful. Thank you Maryl for your Lift, and your additional note at 56.
    And see how it has touched hearts with
    the possibility of recognizing and finding grace and freedom from sin in our own lives.

    A day full of grace "God's relentless LOVE " to all!

  61. Thank you Maryl. And thanks for the heart-felt comments from the Lift family.

  62. Many thanks, Maryl

  63. Dear #47, I love how your honesty about your struggle with a sense of sin has caused me to think higher about how grace erases all sin. As all of us struggle with sin in some form, grace comes to the rescue as the eternal love of God constantly neutralizing any sense of our being less than His good and perfect expression. Christ Jesus gave us this holy perspective by teaching and demonstrating Love as all. As the Bible says, "grace and truth came by Jesus Christ" (John:1). The truth is, grace has always been on the scene, and Christ Jesus illuminated its presence and power for all of us to see and know. And in that knowing we find that we naturally express grace in "...a charity broad enough to cover the whole world's evil, and sweet enough to neutralize what is bitter in it..." (Miscellaneous Writings page 224, by Mary Baker Eddy), including our own bitter experience with sin. We can go on our way each day, rejoicing that grace is at the helm. "We have nothing to fear when Love is at the helm of thought, but everything to enjoy on earth and in heaven" (Miscellaneous Writings page 113). Thank you, Maryl, for this very thought-provoking and healing Lift, and for all the wonderful commenters.

  64. Thank you for this lovely thought to start the day and week.

  65. Thanks for beautiful explanation of the word grace.This grace or God's Love is ever present & helps us to come out of each & every problem of our life. Thanks.

  66. Love this Maryl! Thank you for living the celebration of Grace!

  67. I guess I must really have needed to hear this today, because I wrote the whole thing down. Thank you so much. Zoe

  68. Dear Maryl,

    Thank you for this lift. It strengthens my understanding of "grace" as "the active presence of the Christ"
    and give me a sense of the powerful reality of "God with me."

  69. Thank you so much Maryl for your inspiriting lift today! I am particularly taken by two of your phrases. One, "What is grace asking of me, right now?' and "God's relentless affection celebrating everyone..."

    I find the "relentless affection" comforting because of course, we all know God is surrounding us every minute, but to understand God as "relentless" with His "affection" toward us means He will not, is not stepping back, or away from us in any manner, no matter what. This is a thought I can use not only for myself and others near me, but for everyone in the world and all world situations too...so comforting, so helpful. Thank you again.

    Thank you many lifters and the Daily Lift Team for bringing the lift forum to us.

  70. Thank you, Maryl.

  71. I love the concept of grace. One definition I found years ago is "God's love blessing man", and we know that is going on endlessly, always in all ways!

  72. Wonderful Lift, Maryl --- much appreciated!!! Loved your friend's definition of "grace"! Lifter comments add such an intelligent & graceful dimension to the Daily Lift --- thank-you! As always, gratitude to the DL team!

  73. To Vito, with his example of illustration of God's grace, using New Paul's definition from his father of the meaning of grace; " Richies At Christ Expense." what a marriage made in heaven on earth.


  74. Love this, Maryl!!!
    Thank you for such beautiful thoughts.

  75. Thanks for saying "someone else's sin or your own". Most of religion obsesses only on our sin, as if a self-focus will free us. But it is the unforgiven hurt from others that fuels our own frustrated behavior.

    God forgives the entire human race. We must forgive others to experience God's forgiveness for us. It is something that only God can do. The eyes that we see ourselves through are the same eyes we see others through. We must learn to see everyone as God sees in order to know God.


  77. Thank you Maryl for this wonderful lift.

  78. To # 47: These struggles can often seem like a tug of war which is our sense of trying to get control of these thoughts by way of human will-power. In fact, it is really a demonstration of spiritual over human, sinful thoughts that is taking place. It has been helpful to me to know that we cant hold a divine, pure thought from God and at the same time entertain thoughts unlike His and our true nature. It is an impossibility, which we learn in Christian Science, can never occur. When sinful thoughts come to us I like the idea of turning to God, who is ever-present Love, and asking,"Father what would you have me to be thinking instead". Since the communication is always from God to man, we must put ourselves in the best position to listen. I also think you will find this weeks Bible Lesson to be very helpful. (what I put in quotes I remember from a C/S lecture a few years ago in dealing with this subject) I believe the lecturer name was Carlson and may be available at JSH-online) I hope this has been of some help.

    Daily Lift Team
    Online lectures are available on ChristianScience.com (not JSHOnline). Former Lecturer Lois Carlson has a lecture available on ChristianScience.com titled, Learning to love your life

  79. Thank you for these great lift.... for sure Gods Grace has always been sufficient.

  80. Maryl, I especially like the spelling of "grace" that you shared! The Pleasant Hill, CA, church so appreciated your lecture for us in October '12.

  81. The Grace of God which passeth all understanding keep your hearts and minds in the knowledge and Love of God and of His Son Jesus Christ.

    Daily Lift Team:
    From Philippians 4:7
    And the peace of God, which passeth all understanding, shall keep your hearts and minds through Christ Jesus.

  82. To me Grace means God understood. Isn't it wonderful that we have S&H to give us the complete understanding of what God is, our relationship to God and how to express him in healing all that is unlike him? As we grow in grace, our success in the ability to heal grow proportionally also.

  83. A colleague of mine is so enthusiastic about her work,(without fear or favour), that one feels so excited to be part of her activities.She has no ulterior motives and treats any suggestion or question seriously and kindly. The children in her care feel safe and confident to be themselves and hence to grow.She is committed to the school she teaches at and loves her work.She is so generous with her time and attitude to others.We often think of Grace as a serious thing and it does have several definitions. I like to think that this is an example of God's Grace -an infectious outpouring of love and enthusiasm for what we do.


  85. Thanks for the reminder that no good is limited and available to all. God's kingdom teems and bounds with healing thoughts full of compassion and love. What a lively feeling it brings when we pause and mentally let those truths in. Thanks lifter and lifters for a wonderful weekly start.

  86. Thank you Maryl for this very good message. Much love to all.

  87. To a scholar and aficionado of the English 17th century, "grace abounding" evokes John Bunyan's brief meditation "Grace Abounding to the Chief of Sinners." Here, the author of "Pilgrims Progress" examines his life and his relationship to Christ in light of Romans 5:20, and concludes that he has not lived in full recognition of Jesus' sacrifice and our redemption. Then, he thinks:

    But one morning when I was again at prayer and trembling under the fear of this, that no word of God could help me, that piece of a sentence darted in upon me, My grace is sufficient. At this me thought I felt some stay, as if there might be hopes. But O how good a thing is it for God to send his word! for about a fortnight before, I was looking on this very place, and then I thought it could not come near my soul with comfort, and threw down my book in a pet. Then I thought it was not large enough for me; no, not large enough; but now it was as if it had arms of grace so wide that it could not only enclose me, but many more besides.

    What did demand of him? Thank you, Maryl.

    Through the revelation of CS as the full statement of Christianity, we can experience this grace, this unconditional & unmerited love and employ it in all phases of life, including healing. I recommend Bunyan's treatise (it's several places on the web). "Grace be unto you, and peace..."

  88. Thank you

  89. Thanks, Maryl, for the Grace for today and everyday!


  91. Alan - Boston, 11/18/13
    Thank you Maryl. I love the power of this message, with G -R-A-C-E. The relentless, unstoppable affection of God surrounding us is surely a wedding to the Comforter.

  92. Thank you so very much.

  93. Thank you to everyone in providing this wonderful Lift and all the excellent comments. Am enjoying following up on the various resources shared here and being reminded of the sweet reality of God's constant grace. Such a rich exchange found here - pure evidence of grace abounding. I'm very grateful.

  94. Thank you so much Mary.

  95. Thank you Meryl and to so many for loving comments today. I have always found comfort in reading
    through the Words Only C.S Hymnal (have worn out many). I love # 432 in the C.S. Hymnal Supplement :
    "Amazing grace! how sweet the sound, That saved a SOUL like me." The use of "Soul" in place of "wretch" - for the rest of the words are very comforting. I am so grateful for the Daily Lifters.

  96. Grace,,How wonderful that GRACE abounds.
    thank You! Nadine

  97. Thank you so much for that beautiful lift, especially in need today. I believe it answered many of my questions, especially (grace always abounding even where sin, discord, etc., claim to be, even in a moment of human despair. Lind B

  98. A v i t a l message to anyone who has every experienced sin!