11/15: The child within

11/15: The child within

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  1. Lovely thoughts Josh. Thank you.

  2. Thank you Josh, lovely reminder of our true state of be-ing.

    Both of the Lifts so far this week are on a theme I was discussing with a colleague at workyesterday.

    Their views on God and life are quite different to my CS ones on God and Life, basically they have no hope of happiness or harmony in this life experience and just feel tomorrow will always be worse, so get on with it and stop moaning.

    I am so grateful for Christian Science, Mary Baker Eddy and all the work done to enlighten the world thought by the BoL, members & adherents throughout the world.


    ps is it just me, or are the comment boxes really difficult to type in? The cursor seems to have a mind of it's own lol!

  3. Yes, Jesus tells us quite clearly "Except ye become as little children ye cannot see the kingom of
    heaven" thank you Josh for reminding us to do just this. LOVE TO ALL

  4. Josh. through the childlike we see the spiritual, Thank you.

  5. My inner child would like to thank you for an 'awesome' lift!

  6. Not surprisingly, I love your Lift, Josh.

    No wonder it's the little child -- the Christlike qualities of sincerity, joy, meekness, endless energy and genuine care of others -- leading the way to the kingdom of heaven, as pictured in Isaiah 11:6.

    All the more reason that we needn't put off the "millennial estate" * -- leaving it to future generations to accomplish peace among all beings, as if it's some far-off goal. As you say, it's natural to be in a state of harmony right here, right now. And it wouldn't be real, lasting harmony, would it, if it didn't include absolutely every offspring expressive of every species made by infinite Spirit!

    Science and Health, p. 514

  7. Many thanks Josh for that inspiring lift on ; 'The child within' and 'Love's eternal demands on man'." "O holy presence, that stills all our demanding,/ O love of God, that needs but to be known!
    Heaven is at hand..." (Christian Science Hymnal #174)

  8. The Father of Lights as a child of light. Strong statement: "The only (legitimate) demands we have are from God and are good." S&H 184:12
    Can we become childlike with today's demands? We can nurture that child within us with prayer. This will always brings us back to the Father.
    Man, God’s image, has Christlike qualities; sincerity, joy, meekness, genuine care of others.
    As a child we can embrace security, health, harmony and drop the illegitimate demands of worry and fear that belong to the world.
    El Padre de las luces tiene hijo de luz. Poderosa declaración: “Las únicas demandas legítimas que tenemos vienen de Dios y son buenas.” CyS 184:13
    ¿Podemos volvernos como niños con las exigencias de hoy en día? A ese niño dentro nuestro lo podemos alimentar con oración. Esto siempre nos traerá de vuelta al Padre.
    El hombre, la imagen de Dios, tiene las cualidades de Cristo; sinceridad, alegría, humildad, interés genuino en los demás.
    Como niño podemos abrazar la seguridad, la salud, la armonía, y largar las demandas ilegítimas de la preocupación y el temor de que pertenecen al mundo.

  9. Thanks for this Josh. Don't we all feel happier and more free when we begin to bring our thought, as a little child. This is our true natural state. I will endeavour to feel the joy of God's presence, my father today.
    Nice one Josh.

  10. Thanks for your dailyu lift . am blessed by that lift, my most gratfully for your kind message.\

  11. What a wonderfully refreshing thought .This is certainly so encouraging for seniors like me to be reminded that there is still that pace of childlike purity ,youthful vitality within .We only have to obey the Godly command " BE STILL AND KNOW..... "
    Thank you Josh.

  12. Thank you.

  13. Thanks Josh. Lovely lift today. I am reminded that Mrs Eddy tells us that "Man in Science is neither young nor old" So I guess we must all be childlike! The childlike qualities of purity and joy can be expressed by each one of us all the time.

  14. Thank you so much Josh. It felt as though the young lad was right here with you! And why would we not want to give up that internal voice, always complaining or comparing or criticising? We should rejoice to let it go! Rejoice that God will supply all "the sincerity, joy, meekness, endless energy, and a genuine care of others." God can't be heard when there is another voice clamouring for our full attention. Mrs Eddy's revelation that "Truth, Life and Love are the only legitimate demands on man. . . " takes us right away from the personal sense of identity, and reveals joy and harmony and pure satisfaction.
    Thank you Nathan and crew; the BoL and lecturers who lead us in new directions, and our Daily Lift family.

  15. What a blessed message to carry within tho't, for today. All the things we think we need, are already supplied.

  16. Normal noise...Joy! It is our true natural state of being --- Christlike -Childlike Yes, nuture that child within us everyday! Thanks Josh.

  17. Thanks it really inspires my day!!

  18. Great reminder. Thank U. :-)

  19. Thanks, Josh!
    The child in me liked your very nurturing message

  20. I think of the times in lesson prep that I do ask myself, are you hearing the lesson? Often the first time I truly hear the lesson is when reading and listening to it on Sunday morning. So I have come to know that the child in each of us of reception to a loving God, allows us to step up to the hearing and the understanding of Christ message. Thank you for your service to country Josh and to the spiritual serving that continues, the message and the voice eternal.

  21. Beautiful, Josh. I love that the only demands on us are from God, and they are only good. Thank you!

  22. Thank you
    I loved the daily lift. It is a great start to my day. I am 10 year's old. When you were at Cedar's your lecture was helpful and this one was too.!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  23. Hey, perfect, Josh. I just put down the Nov 28th Christian Science Sentinel called “Kids” Sentinel. If you need to get in touch with your child-side, you will want to read these wonderful kid-authored reports.

    I was inspired by Samuel, 14, managing the suggestion of computer virus “..God is Spirit and created all. So a computer is really an idea and cannot be destroyed.”

    Ellison, 9, happily released an eye challenge when an inspired practitioner helped her with simple idea …“the error that seemed to be bothering my eye was just like bubble gum on my forehead. I could just peel it off and throw it away, because it wasn’t the truth about me.”

    And my favorite child-like understanding was voiced by Bryce, 10, who was dealing with an argument with his father. “I wasted my energy and my spiritual thoughts like the prodigal son wasted his inheritance”. YEP- with the slightest nudge, the child like thought soars.

    Hey, Bryce, wherever you are. Thanks! I am not going to waste my spiritual thoughts today!

  24. Gracias Elena siempre aguardo con alegría gustar tus traducciones, ideas amadas del Padre! aunque entiendo un poco otros idiomas siempre aguardo con entusiasmo tus palabras, gracias a todos los compañeros en esta bendita Ciencia.

  25. Thank you, Josh, for your childlike face and thought! You look just like a big kid, yourself, and that's so refreshing! How true it is that we all need to love, honor and cherish our little Inner Child, on many levels! I love a song I heard from, "Songs to the Inner Child": "How could anyone ever tell you, you were anything less than Beautiful? How could anyone ever tell you, you were less than Whole? How could anyone fail to notice that your Loving is a Miracle? How deeply you're connected to my Soul!" Loving and Hugging and tenderly caring for my darling Inner Child today! I hope you all are, too!

  26. Pure inspiration...thank you Josh!

  27. Thanks for the reminder to be childlike and not burdened by the cares that seem to come our way. Jesus loved little children for their purity, trust and joy - qualities we all need to keep foremost in our lives.

    2, Circles of Light, I have had that problem.The first letter of a line will drop off sometimes and I'm not sure if I've made a typo.

  28. Thank you, Josh, for the "endless energy" present in your Lift today! I'm also enjoying your Sentinel article about the power, presence and protection of God in all situations. Thank you for your service to our country in the military and in spreading the love of God for each of us through your writings and lectures.

  29. Thanks Josh,

  30. Thank you, Josh.

    As we pray for the children at Penn State and all over the world caught up in abuse, we can remember their childlike innocence, always maintained by God.

    I love the hymn, "What is thy birthright, man, Child of the perfect One; What is thy Father's plan for his beloved son? Thou art Truth's honest child, of pure and sinless heart; Thou treadest undefiled in Christly paths apart..."
    (Christian Science Hymnal, No. 382)

  31. My little grandson squeals for joy when he sees me or "papa". The pure excitement of life he expresses always touches me to the core! Do I share that kind of joy and excitement when I see those I love? Do I embrace all mankind in that kind of pure joyful love? Imagine what would happen if we all greeted each other with childlike enthusiasm and expectation? Love this lift, Josh, thanks much!

  32. Thanks, Josh, for your childlike joy, and Bev, for the song!

  33. Thank you.

  34. Thanks, Josh, for the reminder that "the only legitimate and eternal demands on man" are from God. Just what I needed this morning!

    Thanks to all who provide the DL and to all who support it through prayer and comment.

  35. Thanks, Josh! I've missed your wonderful lifts. I was just working with a hymn from the CS Hymnal pg.444 that seems to fit.
    "Innocent one, sinless and pure,
    Nothing can ever divide thee.
    Governed by Love, you're safe and secure;
    I am forever beside thee."

  36. That inner child allows us to drop all those sad, funky intellectual, medical or religious opinions in favor of clear, straightforward facts or truth of our being always there The deeper we get into even human science, the less matter there is and the more Mind--the wider the perspective! Thanks for the lovely thought, Josh!

  37. ...and this child within doesn't know any limitations imposed by chronological age. :-) Thanks, Josh!

  38. This is GREAT Josh! Innocence, as in a child, allows God's thoughts to come in easily and freely. And of course, this means that the negatives are left out! We can only build on the positives, the uplifting and good thoughts which carry us through the day and enable us to demonstrate joy, health, prosperity, love, etc.. I am so grateful for these "lifts" each morning. Great way to start off!

  39. I love this thought of being childlike. Its so refreshing, innocent, and pure. I am reminded about the Christian Science Monitor article in the Nov. 7 edition entitled, "Want a more ethical workplace? Make it childlike." I also enjoyed your Sentinel article, Nov. 14, entitled, "Prayer, a Game Changer in Times of Conflict". Thank you for reminding us to remain childlike

  40. A good thought worth remembering and expressing. Thank you.

  41. YES!

  42. Thank You Josh! This is just what I needed to hear this morning! I am often awed by my two little ones who love so freely, can find the good in any situation, and who can make even difficult tasks an adventure. They are never bogged down by our adult ways of thinking, but rather see things with such an amazing simplicity that I try to remind myself daily to live, love, think and embrace life in the same Christ like way they do. I love to listen to The Daily Lift, but it always fills me joy to see your name pop up! Thanks again and take care!

  43. Thank you so much, Josh! This is an absolutely perfect "mission statement" for sharing The Christian Science Monitor at a public meeting tonight! Know that this activity will be "heavenly"!!!!

  44. Thank you Josh for this subject of cherishing the child like purity and trust of human character. At the risk of spoiling the story, I have just seen the movie "Puss 'n Boots", which provides good entertainment for children, but I noticed it also illustrated very effectively some profound lessons on how to cherish "the gold in human character" {a phrase from S&H pg.565). Thanks again for your example.

  45. Thanks Josh. I'm reminded of a phrase from the Manual, by Mary Baker Eddy, that tells us to let gratitude and love abide in our heart each day of all the years. (Paraphrase). And, thanks Bev, Grace and Lynne and everyone else for sharing. Each comment is so embracing.

  46. Thanks so much, Josh, for your reminder that we are really all just little children of God's infinite Kingdom. We only need a small "seed" of the Truth to grow in our consciousness. When you were here with us in Encinitas at the Boys and Girls club to spend time with our great young audience and do a walk about into nature, the students were so absorbed in what you were telling them that even the mention of "Pizza" couldn't take their attention away from the good thoughts they were getting. We will not forget your wonderful sharing with the Marine recruits at Camp Pendleton as well. Bless you and all the Daily Lift support group for your continuing, love motivated work.

  47. I am so fortunate to be able to see the many little faces at school today. They trust so. It is heaven to see the childlike quailties in everyone. Grateful for your messaage Josh and thank you for your unselfish time in the military. Love to all

  48. So helpful and dear. Thank you for this Lift and each of the Lifters. #31's comment really amplified the thought of childlikeness/Christlikeness.

  49. Thank you very much Josh, for the very nice lift.

  50. Lovely; a perfect way to start the day!

  51. Thank you for the good thoughts, Josh! It helps in my approach to music teaching,

  52. Thanks so very much. I am a teacher and those childlike qualities are super to keep as we go along.

  53. Thank you Josh. I promise to be more joyful, meek, will have even more genuine care for others. In spite of this aggressive lie that my physical body is going through some chemicalization process, I will push for endless energy. I keep telling myself to never give up, never give up!

  54. What a pure, simple, clear revelation. Thank you and today I will nurture my Child. and everyone else's.. Merri

  55. Thank you for that wonderful reminder that we can have that child like trust.

  56. Thanks Josh, When I looked at your face, I saw God's child and when I listened to your lift, I heard God's voice.

  57. Thank you for such a clear and relevant Lift.

    I love to think of man as a little child playing on his Father, God's, infinite harmoniously run estate; Not worrying about how the estate should be run but trusting the Father to have taken care of everything and to supply everything.

  58. Thank you, Josh!! It helps with marriage.

  59. Wonderful ideas! THANK YOU!

  60. Another wonderful Lift to start the day! and, thanks to all the Lifters, adding their thoughts engendered by Josh's statements. Thanks, Kathleen (#30) for the reminder of that hymn, which reminds us that we are all God's perfect children. Gratitude, love, kindness, graciousness are ever-present -- for all of us to display as the children of God. Thank you, Josh, and thank you for the daily work of the staff for giving these joyous moments.

  61. Thank you so much. And also to #57. I am on an estate, and the lessons to be learned, you have been a second witness to.

  62. Wonderful ideas! Thank you Josh!

  63. Linda- 11/15/2011
    What a way to start the day thanks Josh!

  64. Thanks so much, it is good to be reminded of the child within all of us, and to be reminded of the demands from Mary Baker Eddy !

  65. Thank you, Josh, for an enlightening Lift on childlikeness. I thought I was aware enough of having childlike approach to spiritual understanding, but can't believe I've started treatments without a conscious childlike attitude and approach. I'm facing a situation to apply this Lift in seeking a needed fast solution, one that won't cause problems later. It's easier to believe "impossible" doesn't exist from a childlike approach, than from an adult sense of stress. Makes me wonder on unhealed efforts in the past, when all other treatment was well applied, if sufficient childlike attitude was the missing ingredient. This Lift points out it is most necessary. We can't enter the kingdom of heaven unless we become childlike. Verses, citations, even hymns are like packing a suitcase to travel to where there is no sickness, sorrow, or lack, but childlikeness is the key to open the entryway and to carry our spiritual suitcase within the kingdom, using items tucked it, as we go along. Today I feel like a child with wide-open eyes at seeing a treasure chest opened, one I knew was there all along, but just peeped into, the lid not fully open. Wow! The healings my family & I have had before, with glorious glimpses into the treasure chest..... I'm looking even more expectantly to what lies ahead!

    2 Circles of Light & #27 Lori, I type on my word processor, then cut/paste to comment box. #22 Emma, you're a wise 10 yr. old! #23 Nancy, Nice sharing! #53 Vicky, You have my expectant love.

  66. What I love about this idea is that this child-like thought is our natural conception. We don't earn it or lose it - it just prevails because we are pure children - of Divine Mind. Nothing can reverse that because that is our identity. We are already pure, healthy, complete - and all we have to do is wake up from our nap to see it. Thanks for a great reminder.

  67. After I listened to this, it helped me to know that my thoughts can only come from God and they are good! : )

  68. Thank you Josh! Very healing!

  69. I also love that this childlike thought is simple not divided several ways by dint of muti-tasking so that there is no true, deep focus. The childlike way is complete focus on what is key! And we, none of us. need medication to stay on topic!

  70. Hey all, what wonderful comments and insights. Great to hear from you Emma and Olivia! Much gratitude for all of you today!

  71. I think it is the childlike trust for all Gods creatures that enables our family to live on the edge of a nature reserve where a Tiger Snake, who lives in the reserve, occasionally visits our garden to drink from the fish pond. In Christian Science I have been taught to love and embrace all God's creatures and I cherish our home, which is filled with all the beauty of God's creation

  72. Hey - the cool thing about nurturing the childlike qualities in each of us is that they help remove or block the distractions around us! Childlike thoughts help us get back to basics and remove some of those distracting complexities (i.e., animal magnetism).

  73. All good comes from God! Thanks Josh

  74. Thank you Josh for thar wonderful Lift! It was what I needed today! Thanks for bring this simple message to us all! We need to let go of our adult thinking and let our childlike thinking in. It's God's way of doing things his way. Childlike thoughts get us intouch with our true selfs.

  75. gracias.si mas a menudo, recordáramos tus palabras veríamos lo cotidiano con otra perspectiva.

  76. "The Child Withen" That's who we are, now and forever. We never lose it. Thou Mortal Mind may say we do, but who is Mortal Mind but a false concept that tells us that as we gow older, we start losing our child like receptivity. Not true, don't believe in it for a minute. I haven't, and I am 70+. So be joyful when you go to bed at night and when you wake in the morning.

  77. I really like this message and comments, cause I like being a child, like in the way, everyone describes this. Way Good!!! Let the little children come!

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