11/14: No room for error

11/14: No room for error

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  1. Taking a phrase that already has traction in everyday thought and spiritualizing speeds up adoption. thanks for the thought

  2. Thank you, Norm and Nate. : ) We are all so blessed with our Daily Lift today.

  3. Thank you Norm. Truth is accurate, spot-on, doesn't deviate, gets it right every time, not smudgy or sloppy. Like flying in close formation. Elegant, poised, beautiful. Awe-inspiring. How woderful to know that man is the very expression of that exactness. And that includes everyone everywhere.

  4. “Everybody does it I’ll be okay”, “don't worry about it”, “it doesn't have to be perfect.”
    Sound familiar? We demand little, we live in a permissive society . . . but you know what? An error is an error and although many of us are tough with ourselves, we are only human!
    Another excuse.
    Are we really? As children of The Father of Lights, (http://bible.cc/james/1-17.htm) we can affirm our permanent place in God’s harmonious plan, and when we really understand this fact, there’s truly: NO ROOM FOR ERROR -because there’s no room for His unlikeness.
    "Todo el mundo lo hace va a estar bien", "no te preocupes por eso", “no tiene que ser perfecto.” "¿Suena familiar? Exigimos poco, vivimos en una sociedad permisiva. . . pero ¿sabes qué? Un error es un error y, aunque muchos de nosotros somos duros con nosotros mismos, ¡somos solo humanos!
    Otra excusa.
    ¿Lo somos realmente? Como hijos del Padre de las Luces, (http://bibliaparalela.com/james/1-17.htm) podemos afirmar nuestro lugar permanente en el armonioso plan de Dios, y cuando realmente comprendemos este hecho, verdaderamente: NO HAY MARGEN PARA EL ERROR, porque no hay espacio para Su desemejanza.

  5. Many thanks Norm for that inspiring lift; "Because God's [Love's] love for His creation completely fills the universe ' then " "... for you make radiant room/ Midst the glories of one endless day." (MBE Christian Science Hymnal #298.)

  6. Thank-you Norm . Very helpful this way.

  7. Splendid! Just what I need today and always! Thank you.

  8. Thank you Norm, yes very helpful. Saying "there is no room for error" - and understand it - that means as I learned in CS - let God make you understand it, listen to the right idea. These thoughts came to me while listening to your wonderful DL.

  9. Thanks for these hints for complete reliance on God`s guidance.

    As I have to take "mistake-free" steps climbing up a several story high scaffold for inspection with a group today - I do pray along these lines - as always when such steps are necessary - inside or outside of our view.

  10. Thank you - grateful to be reminded in GODS ALLNESS, any error is
    Animal Magnitism. NOTHING!

  11. Grateful for your reminder Norm - ERROR is
    nothing but animal magnitism....
    Perfection is real since GOD is ALL !

  12. It's always good to have your Lift, Norm. And this is a Lift that will result in so much good around the so-called world. As the Truth of God is affirmed, so the belief of error is simply dispelled. It doesn't leave a trace because it was never real. The reality, Truth, is so much more apparent: light, bright, and all good. Sometimes it seems as though we work and work and nothing is happening. But the fact is that Truth is the reality right where false belief appeared to be.
    Thank you Nate and the tireless back-up crew, the BoL and lecturers, and the Daily Lifters.

  13. Thank you.

  14. Thank you Norm for your simple ,clear and uplifting message.

  15. Just arose very early to see my son off on a flight back to his home. How great to be reminded that for him and me we're starting a day (and every day} where there is "no room for error". Thanks.

  16. Thank you for today's lift, keeping us on our toes! How important this is, I really appreciate the clarity of interpreting 'no room for error'. When we are totally filled with the consciousness of divine Love, erroneous thinking cannot harm us. Perfect for me today. Thank you.

  17. Thanks for the uplift without error.

  18. Thanks Norm. Simple, strong, applicable every day. And thanks for your previous lifts. Just the other day I was reminded of the video of the cars on your street graciously yielding the right of way to others as needed -- showing how we can graciously and unselfishly yield personal plans and expectations to God's perfect will. I was reminded of this quote from Mary Baker Eddy's book of collected shorter writings, First Church of Christ, Scientist, and Miscellany, on page 23l:

    "The right way wins the right of way, even the way of Truth and Love whereby all our debts are paid, mankind blessed, and God glorified."

  19. Thank you for the reminder that 'there is no room for error'. Have a day of good.

  20. Thank you so much Norm! Faced what appeared as terrible, unfair misinformation about a new book published last week, listed as "Out-of-print," and taking steps to correct, inspired by your message!

    Tom, Wisconsin

  21. Thank you! for that thought!

  22. I love it Norm, thank you somuch for wonderful and uplifting thought. Muchas gracias!

  23. "No room for error", a very helpful prayer. Norm, loved the "lets say it together." Life seems so much more joyful when we pray together.Happy Monday everyone!

  24. Opening my thought (room) to only Love and Light to-day there won't be room for any suggestion of error. Thank you Norm for your uplifting lift!!
    Diane NH

  25. Thanks, Norm. We think we've got this thing nailed, and then seemingly innocent, self-deprecating thoughts sneak in under the guise of humility. BUT, "There's no room for error!"

  26. Suppositional error must not be allowed any space in consciousness and in reality can have no room there as Truth already fills all space. A little child understanding this fact once spoke, "Get out old error, come in Truth." In Science, only God claims all space and that is where we, each as His reflective, pure idea, reside, not knowing anything other than His perfect good. How grand it is to have this hope, such faith, this promise for keeping!

    Thank you, Norm for today's affirmative uplift.

  27. El Alltisimo es nuestra habitación Gracias!

  28. Thank you Norm for this Uplifing message today... i it reminds us to expect perfection as God's reflection !

  29. A great springboard for my prayers today -- "no room for error." Thank you, Norm. And I really like the music this morning.

  30. Keeping our thought FILLED with Life, Truth and Love makes it impossible for error to find room!! Thank you so much for this Daily Lift today - for the reminder to keep our thought filled with God's love and provision for us every moment. Thanks too, to the BOL, Nate and all who make these lovely "day openers" possible.

  31. Thanks so much for this strong, simple thought! In a Sunday School class a student once suggested that we " Don't want to hold an 'Open House' for error. I liked that thought. Thanks so much to all who are involved in presenting the Daily Lift. I love the joyous and spontaneous introductions!

  32. Thanks so much, Norm, for reminding us that there is no room for error since "God is everywhere and nothing apart from Him is present or has power." (MBE) In Science and Health it also states, "Keep your mind so filled with Life, Truth and Love, that sin, disease and error cannot enter. Nothing can be added to a mind that is already full."

  33. Wonderful thought to begin the new week, Norm. Pent and repent - to keep mortal thinking out of the picture.

  34. This sure is a reminder for me as to how to proceed on my demonstrations

  35. "Say it with me"??!! Oh, Norm, you always make me smile out loud! Thank you, thank you, thank you for your ever clever, insightful use of words that get right into the heart of the listener and spill over into the world.
    : )

  36. Thanks Norm! Shared it overseas.

    There once was a room with no error.
    With no illness, no hatred, no terror.
    God-is-All fills the space
    With Love's infinite grace.
    We're all in it—and will be forever.

  37. "Since God is All, there is no room for His unlikeness"(S&H 339:07). I love say it with me..."there is no room for error." Thank you, Norml

  38. Wonderful ,,, Thank U , :-)

  39. A sure-fire way to start the day! Thanks, Norm.

  40. Thank you Norm.

  41. norm -- thoroughly enjoy and appreciate all the ideas you share on here. and this one was particularly timely. thank you!! you really know how to convey the letter AND the spirit -- so very uplifting!

  42. Thank you, Mr. Norm! So, what's the norm today? I'll say it with you, "There is no room for error!" As a child I learned to say it this way, "There's not a spot where God is not!" It's always really amazing to me that we, as Christian Scientists, actually believe and strive to understand and demonstrate this! I spend a lot of time sharing C.S. with others and when I'm talking about it, explaining some of the concepts, I get a glimpse of how radical C.S. really is, especially when I see the looks of amazement on peoples' faces! But under the amazement, I also see just a hint of recognition and a longing to know that this is really true! We have the pearl of great price in Christian Science - let's open up our thought and hearts and share it with the world! Our brothers and sisters are hungering for it! Big Hugs and Love to All!

  43. Wow! Powerful, Norm. I'll have to listen to it more than once!

  44. thanks norm, really great ideas. very thought provoking. ann (wickham) scott

  45. Thank you, Norm! Your uplifting take on this common phrase spawn a multitude of ideas—too many too mention.
    Truly grateful!

  46. Years ago I was walking along a back street in Carmel, CA. and passed a row of attached houses. Each unit had a garage underneath and a steeply sloped driveway. The garage doors were very small and then I noticed many of them had a sign over their door saying “Clearance” and gave the exact available height.

    One garage door sign simply said “Just Enough”.

    I realized Clearance is just a “margin for error” and we never need to make allowances or room for error.

    In fact the only sign we need for error is NO Parking or NO Vacancy.

    Certainly there is No Vacancy when we are already filled with Love, but often we need a reminder to let error know it is not welcome.

    The comedian Bill Engvall uses the punch phrase “Here’s your sign”.

    Maybe our “No Vacancy” sign is just a Smile or friendly greeting and we need to wear it each day.

  47. Thanks so much for this affirming message, Norm. You offer it with clarity and creativity.

  48. Thanks Norm and #5-----Yes, hymn 298 says it all: "for you make radiant room midst the glories of one endless day." !! How wonderful is that?!! So, instead of getting hung up on some of the lies MM is constantly throwing at us, we can keep focused on God who governs our day perfectly!

  49. Just perfect, Norm!
    Thanks much!

  50. Terrific! Thank you. I really needed to affirm "my permanent place in God's harmonious plan" and to expect flawless steps for a busy week leading into a busy season.This is helping me to feel joy and excitement about witnessing harmonious unfoldment of everything - instead of thinking of the future weeks as busy, implying that there's too much to fit in harmoniously - I feel a shift - it's a time of abundance - there's no room for error that would trick me into thinking there is no room for more good! Can there be too much God, Good, in our days?! Thanks also to #36 Danis for the poem.

  51. Well, Norm, this is why we have lifts! I will re-define what I think when I hear this expression again!

    Your revelation, Norm, speaks quite simply to the science of Christian Science, where error, or mistake, has no function or foundation. So many times as we release our grasp of the “margin of error”, divine harmony is always and has already been there. It is absolute.

    I am reminded of a great riding instructor who was frustrated with some riders making some sloppy mistakes (who shall remain nameless). Then, when the correct action was finally achieved he loudly exclaimed – “There! …Now! ….W H Y would you do it any other way?” I laughed at the simplicity of his expectations, but knew he was dismissing any room for error and that I could too!

  52. Thank you.

  53. God fills all space - there is no room for anything but good! Thanks Norm!

  54. Thank you, Norm!
    No room for error Now!

  55. I just spent an hour and fifteen minutes praying about my own wellbeing this morning, and then found the needed inspiration in less than one minute in this Lift! DL is a blessing. And, thanks Norm.

  56. Thanks, Norm. I'm driving into unfamiliar territory today. Your Lift assures me that I cannot travel outside of the correct way.

  57. As one who is sometimes guilty of "half-witted thinking", I am very grateful for today's Lift. Our daughter is currently looking for employment and in today's very challenging job market, it is a privilege to know that she "has a permanent place in God's harmonious plan".Thank you for this reassuring message.

  58. Reminds me of an instructor at Art School years ago.
    In that design class there was NO room for error, and this Lift reminds me of that.
    Thanks, and a great day, all!
    No room for error of any sort!

  59. Great analogy, Norm. I'll be banishing fear of error.

  60. I will express all of my perfection without giving error any place.

  61. This is great! It takes the fear away, replacing with assurance and dominion that all is well, eternally. Why would we not see this! (thanks to #51, Nancy) and thanks you Norm.

  62. Thanks so much for the well spoken, clear, strong, calm, simple direction you have given us! Knowing there is no error allowed/no room for error of any kind, we are free to express our God-given, God-inspired day!!

  63. A lovely, helpful, pure thought for the day, thanks Norm. AND thanks everyone for contributing this morning. The comments bring joy with a chuckle; they're all so heartfelt and honest and helpful.
    AMEN. thanks Nate and your wonderful, alert DL team.

  64. Thank you all for this rich reminder of God's goodness and unlimited bounty.

    There is no room for error, Froggie, and from the Bible,

    "A double minded man, is unstable in all his ways".

    Is there any limit to the good derived from our daily lifts?

    "And I will pour YOU out, a blessing, that the world will not be able to receive it."


  65. Thanks so much Norm; just what I needed to hear today!! no room for error in my thinking. Standing porter at the door of thought is the norm!!

  66. Hi Norm...No room for error is a spiritual fact. Wonderful to be reminded of this. Thanks...and it's always good to hear from you.

  67. Nice touch Norm, "Say it with me!"

  68. Dear Norm,
    Had to tell you that you helped so much today as you always do. I have been diligently, consistently beginning with God's allness and wholeness which would include me! I loved the part about handling self-mockery or self-injury. I am facing the possibility of mistakes in a whole new light. And you gave me the light to illuminate anything unlike good.


  69. Thank you, Norm, for such a direct and effective Lift. Thanks, also to Danis for that great poem - the room of NO ERROR is a great place to BE, isn't it?

    Blessings to all today

  70. Thank you #36 Danis. My dear neighbors are going to the execution of their son's killer. I need to call them and support them. I needed the thought in your poem and to turn it over to Divine Love. The Lift is such a blessing, thanks to everyone. I am so grateful for Christian Science

  71. Thank you for the great lift Norm. I am already smiling in anticipation of hearing and now understanding the true meaning of the well worn phrase "no room for error"

  72. Thank you, Norm! This is the perfect message for the start of this very day. Was great to say it with you.

  73. Thanks Norm!

  74. Spot on Lift today! Thanks, Norm. So helpful, as are the comments.

  75. Just marvelous.
    Making our life, our prayer - has been made even more categorically assured and true.


  76. Thank you Norm, for this be-attitude there is no room for error, because of God's everpresent goodness. Similiar to Jesus the Sermon on the Mount," blessed are the pure in heart for they shall see God".

  77. :-) What a blessing idea!!!

  78. What a wonderful reminder!!! That!!! No error No room for it!!! No room for negative thinking, only room for abundance and positive thinking all the time!!!!!! Thank you Norm I always enjoy your voice!!!!

  79. Thank you for this wonderful and timely lift and thank you to all who add supportive comments especially No 46 Michael for the very useful signs. I'll be wearing my 'No Vacancy for Error' Smile tomorrow and I won't let it park itself in my thought!

  80. Thank you Norm and commenters! Wow, so helpful!

  81. Thank you!

  82. As usual, you Lifters complete this in so many inspired ways -- poems, insights, additional citations. We lecturers plant a seed of an idea, and then you all make it blossom into something beautiful and memorable. Thank you.

  83. Beautiful beginning for a week that is filled with gratitude -- no room for error. We can say it all the time -- thank you for the reminder! And thanks to Nick for his smiling voice each day to announce the "Lifts!"

  84. Hi! Your messages are always so clear and natural, Norm. Good hearing from you again. Me lifted.

  85. Thanks. A positive approach for creating expectations from all those with whom we interact.

  86. Excellent Lift, Thanks!

  87. thank-you #36 for your great poem. I have copied it down for future reference. So simple yet very re-assuring. thank you everyone for your inspiring comments..I look forward to reading them as much as I look forward to the Daily Lift everyday

  88. Thank you very much, Norm for the nice and helpful lift.

  89. Thank you, Norm, for this simple, plain and complete truth to start my week! As an elementary school teacher, I have found that having my students orally repeat a rule or fact, not only gets their attention, but helps them to remember it. Norm, you got my attention this morning and I will remember that "there is no room for error"! My gratitude to Nate and the Daily Lift team, to all the lecturers and to the Daily Lift community is overflowing.

  90. Thank you so much for your beautiful message. I tune into Daily Lift each afternoon and its always like hitting my "refresh" button, like starting the day all over again all new and fresh. No room for anything unlike God, ineed!

  91. Thank you Norm. Homes have designated areas for sleeping, eating, & more, but none reserved for storing & catching errors. Mal.3:10 says God pours so much blessings out to us, there isn't room to receive all of them. Principle, God wouldn't plan blessings, then make room for an enemy to intercept and punish us because we didn't receive them. Jer23:24 tells us more, that God fills heaven & earth.God, Truth, is All-in-all, and has no error for Himself, or for us, His ideas. If He did, He wouldn't have sent Jesus to undo His work by attempting to extract errors. If God wanted anyone afflicted with error for sinning, then for us to obey Christ Jesus, we and doctors would with prayer or medicines, be working against God's intentions for whomever is ill or troubled. Jesus didn't say anyone would have to put up with an error for awhile longer, because they deserved it. He wiped out errors. They vanished! Because Christian Science reveals we're not matter, but are spiritual ideas of divine Mind, there is no material spot where error can exist in reality. Mrs. Eddy's poem, in CS Hymns # 298-302, tells us Love makes radiant room for us, midst glories of endless day. We keep useful and needed objects handy in homes. Bible stories & verses, S&H citations, hymns, and testimonies stored in thought, are like clocks, calendars, tools, keys, mirrors, windows, and door knobs to alert us, keep us oriented, and to open a forward path to and through truth. #36 Danis, Thanks for poem.

  92. Thank you Norm for that simple, clear and very precise message.
    As Comment #1 says, "a phrase that already has traction in everyday thought and spiritualizing speeds up adoption." -I totally agree!!.

    Thank you Nate and the Daily Lift Team for your wonderful work it truly brings lift to my day!!!

  93. Thank you for the good approach to meet each day, Norm. I didn't catch the word play till you explained it ... clever!

  94. I have recently been alerted to the need to be diligent in what I claim for myself and others. I am working on , not going for the "joke" or accommodating any adjustment to the spiritual fact. This message fits right in with that goal. If a mathematician made room for error we wouldn't trust his answers. We are only interested in right answers if we want to be successful scientists. Thanks Norm, and everyone else.

  95. Via my MP3 download, I will share this Daily Lift in my Sunday School class coupled with the three R's = Reject error, Replace with the Truth and Rejoice in the All-ness of God.

  96. What a delightful, freeing way to head into the day - with no thought of deviation, distraction, impairment, confusion, sleepiness or inaccuracy in any activity. Just correct, mistake-free steps! It certainly uplifts the standard to an expectancy of high quality performance in whatever activity we are engaged in this day and every day. Thank you, Norm, to the BoL, the Daily Lift team, and the world-wide commenters.


  98. Truly inspriring!! Thanks so much!!

  99. with the idea in mind that there is no room for error, we can learn that even when error seems to be before us, it can be nothing more than an opportunity to prove that there is no room for error. :-) Thanks!!!

  100. Thank you! I love to say this profound truth with you. (I have always thought that when the readings from Science and Health are from "the trial" we should all say loudly in unison, "Not guilty!")

  101. Thank you, thank you very much, Norm!!!!

  102. Once again I am inspired by your thoughtful lift.."No room for error" - Thanks Norm...

  103. This is a keeper! Just what I need today in my animal rescue work. In attempting to find the perfect home for two little stray kittens, I see there is "no room for error" in their placement as their home is assured - thanks!

  104. Norm, thanks so much! I love your lifts and look forward to seeing your name on my email!

    You give such wonderful examples and I love the participation today, "Now say it with me"! Always brings a smile to my face!


  105. Dear Norm,

    It is when we find perfection within ourselves, then we will find perfection in everyone else.

    True love, always giving and not demanding, only the individual who does not demand will recieve everything.

    Thank you so much for helping us all to think outside the box.

  106. Thanks for another truth which is easily used, even in a hurry.

  107. Norm, THANK you so much!
    When I am busily over planning whatever awaits me, I'll remember who is truly in charge and walk harmoniously into my day.

  108. Thanks Norm for that brilliant metaphor for divine Truth.
    Our room, place, accommadation, is always in the heart of God.
    love Sue

  109. Thank you Norm for your very inspiring and thought-provoking lifts. They are always an inspiration to me.
    I listen to them regularly; keeps me "on my toes"!

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