11/13: A bow of promise

11/13: A bow of promise

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  1. Thank you Jane for these beautiful truths that sustain man, God's beloved spiritual creation. We don't have to wait to experience the fullness of God's promises in another time or place. Our spiritual understanding unlocks these treasures for us and our fellow man here and now. The continuity of uninterrupted Life is never cut short or fails to reach its potential. Our study of Christian Science teaches us that we are living eternal life in the present. This certainly runs contrary to much of the worlds belief that disasters, of many different types and kinds, can result in death. I love the marginal heading found in S&H by Mary Baker Eddy on page 428, describing the importance of holding the spiritual existence of man in thought, "The present immortality."

  2. Thank you for this comforting and heartwarming Lift for "our brother man".

    I so love the phrase "each smile, a hymn, each kindly deed, a prayer".

  3. Thank you for these uplifting thoughts.

  4. Beautiful and moving. Thank you Jane.

  5. That bow of promise is indeed always here, available, comforting and healing. It was revealed in my life at the passing of my teenage son. That healing message is the title of the book written as I learned of the Bow of Promise of eternal life.

  6. Thank you ,Jane.This is a very loving,comforting and special Lift.

  7. Thank you so much Jane.x

  8. Thank you Jane, I find your Lift very helpful.

  9. Such a comfort this morning! Thank you so much, Jane, for these words to pray with.

  10. Jane, Thank you.

  11. Thank you so much Jane, such a wonderful message of comfort and hope, for ourselves and "all those whom our thoughts rest upon"

  12. Jane, I love your phrase "....acknowledging promptly and whole-hardheartedly the Divine Love that is meeting the human need...." gives us a wonderful sense of how we can pray effectively for the people of the Philippines- by scientific prayer, not begging God's mercy, but rather declaring His great Love as being each and every person's deliverer and restorer from all evil, in all its appearances.
    I will pray about how I can best 'trace the clouds away, ' and then I will do it- "for me, and mine, and all."

  13. A really beautiful lift, thank you - and we know that God's promises are kept, so we can expect to see the spiritual unfoldment of God's goodness going on right there in the Philippines.

    What stood out for me in the Lesson this morning were these words from Matth 4:16:- "The people that sat in darkness saw great light: and to them which sat in the region and shadow of death light is sprung up" So we can know that light IS sprung up there right now, and the darkness MUST disappear. The promises will be fulfilled.

  14. Beyond the terrible black clouds of loss and sadness, the ever present light and love of God, reveals the “bow of promise on the cloud”. CS Hymn #30

    “O, brother man! fold to thy heart thy brother;
    Where pity dwells, the peace of God is there;
    To worship rightly is to love each other,
    Each smile a hymn, each kindly deed a prayer. “
    (Worship, by John Greenleaf whittier)

    Más alla de las terrible nubes negras de la pérdida, la siempre presente luz y amor de Dios revelan “La feráz promesa en iris fiel de paz”. Himno de la Ciencia Cristiana Nº 30

    “¡Oh hermano! Acepta en tu corazón a tu hermano;
    Donde habita la piedad, allí está la paz de Dios;
    El adorar justamente es amar a los demás,
    Cada sonrisa un himno, cada acto amable una oración.”
    (Adorar, por John Greenleaf Whittier)

  15. ...and seeing the multitudes...Christ Jesus was able to identify the immediate and individual need for hunger when he and his disciples manifested the loaves and the fishes, the daily bread and spiritual nourishment the multitudes sought.This same Christly love is reaching each and every one of us, wherever we are, whatever the magnitude of the storm that seems to be around us. The beauty of God's presence is individual,immediate, beautiful and perfect. As we listen we are guided to share, to seek, to know where our and others needs can be met. Each one of us is guided to follow the Christ healing. I love this message today Jane, thank you.

  16. Oh Jane, such an illuminated and inspired lift, wonderfully conceived and touching everyone's lives. And to take that simple thought of of bow of promise on the cloud gives a graphic image of assurance. I have shared this with Conchita and she too so appreciated the love in this message. Thank you as ever.

  17. Yes, Jane, thank you. Beautifully put and ready for our action, and acknowledgement.

  18. Thank you for your comforting ,wise and carefully sculptured words of faith. A wonderful way to awake to a new day and to know that God is omnipresent and is the light in the appearance of darkness. May your words be passed around the world today through this Daily Lift community and spread light and comfort to all.

  19. Thanks Jane for your comforting lift today. We all need to keep God's children in His embrace and our prayers can reach those that need a special hug today. Ann K. London

  20. Thank you for this very beautiful and inspiring Lift.

  21. Many thanks Jane for your beautiful choice of hymns. So inspiring! Yes, "For where love dwells, the peace of God is there:" (Christian Science Hymnal #217). "Love, Love alone is power" (Hymn #179). "Then, brother man, fold to thy heart thy brother,/ For where love dwells, the peace of God is there:/ To worship rightly is to love each other;/ Each smile a hymn, each kindly deed a prayer."

  22. Thank you, Jane, for the beauty, thought, and love your lift embraces.

  23. Dear Jane, as usual spot on, and many ideas to pray with. Thank you so much.

  24. /Tents are already being erected as dormitories, schools, places to get into shelter and safety. A high level of care and provision will be in place as this Lift is spreading its message into the world. One good reason for gratitude is that a second storm of similar intensity, heading for Viet Nam, quickly became a rain depression and didn't cause any damage. Our prayers are always effective and Philippine Christian Scientists are on the job, working earnestly for their fellow countrymen, both with prayers and clearing up the mess, and preparing the areas for habitation.
    Thank you Jane, for your limitless help and encouragement.
    Thank you Nate and the production team; The Mother Church, and the Daily Lift Commenters.

  25. Thank you so much for this lift. This is exactly the inspiration I need as I pray for the Philippines today.

  26. Thank you, Jane, for speaking with such comfort and peace with the ideas youshared. The calm and love in your voice speaks so clearly of God 's ever present love and care, even in the midst of extremity.

  27. Thank you Jane,

    Thank you to the Lifters & to the DL Team. ALL of the comments are beautiful, ALL! Martin (#1) thank you for those thoughts. I loved the explanation you put around the Marginal Heading. A Christian Scientist once mentioned to me how healing the Marginal Headings are in Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures by Mary Baker Eddy. It was only after I started to look for the healing within the Headings that I started to grasp their importance. I seldom see books written that way.

    That is the beauty of Christian Science where those who read it, are charged with thinking differently about Life. Life is continuous and not disrupted by human experience, just the same way our learning does not cease just because someone took away our books; even that is learning. Learning & living are spiritual.

    Kristen, Pearl and Elena (#12-14) thank you all as well. Elena thank you for writing out the words to that poem. It is so critical to go through life knowing that our supply is already there. When you think about it, Christian Science is here for us to apply to every situation especially world events which Mrs. Eddy embraced as being so critical to our healing experience.

    Many years ago I wrote a poem for a friend and I find that a stanza from that poem often helps me:-

    "Pray not for things to be as you wish
    but to see them as they are
    God Controlled
    Governed and Balanced."

    Thank you for the focus on the Philippines & on God's Government.

  28. Thank you.

  29. Thank you for the gentle power of this DL. It takes our thought right away from self and unites us with the Love that is God and that is never, ever absent. Thank you so much Jane and all the DL team whose love for mankind is such a beacon.

  30. Thank you very much, Jane. This is beautiful, comforting, encouraging and strengthening. It is also healing.
    I think the next step for all of us to do will be to know that there is no other power than God, the one Mind. God is supreme, and is Love. And this Love hinders everything that says it were power to act. As you quoted, the dark clouds have to disappear, when we know that "there is no power that can withstand Love." Don't you think so.

  31. Thank you Jane and all the contributors! Your Sweet and reasssuring message reminded me of Hymn 253 by Mrs Eddy, Christ my Refuge: "And o´er earth´s troubled, angry sea, I see Christ walk, And come to me, and tenderly, Divinely talk" The power of prayer will certainly meet the needs of our brothers and sisters in Philippines. Blessings to all.

  32. Beautiful! Thank you!

  33. Jane, this is absolutely so healing and helpful, to all who listen to it! Thank you for your perceptive ideas and your ability to express them so well!

  34. Jane, wonderful "lift"; thanks.

  35. dear jane,thank you so much for this most beautiful lift that brought tears to my eyes,read by a lovely soft and loving voice.Yes ,let us love one another,remembering that the bow of promise and hope is there for everyone,and that it may be felt in the Philipines...love and peace to all

  36. Thank you so much Jane.

  37. Como bien dice el poeta, cada acto amable es una oración. Cada sentimiento de amor hacia los demas es oración, cada olvido de sí mismo en beneficio de los demás, es oración, cada cosa que hagamos por amor a Dios, es oración, y podría seguir nombrando acciones, que son oraciones en sí misma y que son ejecutivas oraciones. Entiendo es la forma más cierta de ayudar, frente a los desafios que enfrenta la gente, y también cada uno de nosotros, en ocasiones tenemos que enfrentar. Si hay una receta, esa es la mejor.

    "He aquí sobre los montes los pies del que trae buenas nuevas, del que anuncia la paz" Nahum

    Ese es el que señala el camino a seguir hacia la paz, sin desviós, rechazando todo lo que yerra en beneficio del bien, por amor a Su Padre, y a favor de la humanidad.

    "Que haya leche para los niños; pero no permitais que la leche sea adulterada" MBE
    Y ella nos dice de la importancia de preservar a la Ciencia divina ante el peligro de que se pierda de nuevo aumentando el sufrimiento de la humanidad, si olvidamos la oración del Justo, yendo por otro camino.

    Muchas gracias Jane, muy inspirado mensaje, y nos impulsa a esforzarnos en oración.

  38. Thank you Jane. Lovely ideas to pray with! We can be persistent and insistent in our prayers.

  39. Thank you, Jane, for today's healing message.

  40. Sincerest gratitude, Jane, for this comforting, healing Lift and for the prayers of all!

  41. Thank you for this lovely lift.

  42. Thank you, Jane, and all of the commenters for such helpful and inspiring thoughts. I have a short quote from an article by Chet Manchester, "CHRISTMAS PRESENCE" (Journal 2012) that I have found very comforting:

    "As we cherish Jesus life-story ... it's deeply healing to affirm that everything Jesus did on earth, the Christ, God's eternal Son, continues to do for us individually and collectively: heal us when we're sick, feed and clothes us, cleanse our inmost thoughts and motives, call us to our mission in life, shepherd us when we're lost, support us when we're wavering, love us unconditionally, and lift us up when we're sinking."

    These promises are for the people of the world collectively and are being manifested right now. We can all be comforted in knowing God is supreme under all circumstances, loving and caring for His creation tenderly.

  43. Thank you so much Jane for your inspirational lift this morning for us all, to help us "acknowledging and wholeheartedly" (as you say) pray for divine Love's guidance, help and hope for the people of the Philippines. We, the world, are united through this tragedy and we, Christian Scientists worldwide, can continue to radiate our strong and clear understanding of God's Life, Truth and Love oneness for everyone. Time, distance, mortal impediments, mean nothing to God's infinite Love and understanding of our daily needs, hour by hour and minute by minute. A favorite line of mine is in Hymn #359 which says: "Trust the Eternal when the shadows gather...".

    And Mrs. Eddy states: "Christian Science is not a remedy of faith alone, but combines faith with understanding, through which we may touch the hem of His garment; and know that omnipotence has all power" ("Miscellaneous Writings, p97).

    I can know that God's power can and does help everyone worldwide.

    Thank you so much lifters for your important comments and the Daily Lift Team for responding to our worldwide needs.

  44. Thank you, Jane, for this beautiful declaration of God's Love for all mankind. I am grateful, too to know that as soon as the news of this storm was heard, prayerful work was being done. God is ever present and never has to travel distances to bring help - it is there instantly.

  45. Thank you, Jane, for “A bow of promise … the unstoppable light of the Christ … being revealed in practical ways … ‘to worship rightly is to love each other’ … the power of the Christ … ever dawning … only bows of promise …”

    Thanks to today’s technology, we can witness our commonality like never before and so understand like never before the Golden Rule. Whatever the mortal circumstance or human condition, it never belongs personally to the one/s imposed upon by it. It belongs to each of us for the purpose of proving the supremacy of God by putting into practice God’s laws of Divine Love and so rising above whatever the imposition to health and happiness. We are all one and Love is the answer – always.

  46. Lovely Jane, Thank you, and to #1 and #12 for their comments. I needed to get more clear on how to pray.

  47. how true and thanks so much

  48. Beautiful, powerful lift, Jane! Helps me to feel that my and all of your prayers are making a difference. So much love here! Thanks to the daily lift team and all the lifters today and every day.

  49. Thank you for this Lift of Promise, Jane! I was especially illumined with your thought of "To worship is to Love one another." What an opportunity to unite our world with Love through this tragedy in the Philippines! I am truly feeling this early morning that "He's got the whole world in His hands." And we are worshipping Him through our love for the Philippines and the whole world! Tender Love to All!

  50. Thank you for this helpful Lift and for its prayerful focus on helping our brother man. The concept of promise reminds us that God keeps His word to love and cherish man. Indeed God is the Word. He is the Promise which cannot be broken, the loving Father-Mother from whom no-one can be separated whatever appears to be happening on the human scene.. I love the fact that Mary Baker Eddy describes God, Love, as tracing the beautiful sign of His love 'aloud' with His finger thus uniting the visible, the audible and the tangible in the Divine consciousness where no threat exists, just blessing.

  51. Thank you.

  52. Deep gratitude for these truths written so clearly for immediate help in praying...

  53. Not only the DL but the comments are so inspiring. Troy (#27), not only are your photos but now your poem are so inspiring and helpful. Your poem really helped me today. Thank you and thanks to all who lovingly share.

  54. Thank you Jane....there is healing now.

  55. Thank you Jane for this wonderful message of comfort.

  56. A lovely thought, Jane, to "trace" only bows of promise, -- God's presence, power, and Love. Yes!

  57. Thank you for the reminder of "the bow of promise" for ourselves & everyone. God's promises are always kept.

  58. Jane, simply "thank you" for helping us to keep our prayers centered on worshipping the active presence of God right there in the Philippines and the emphasis of "brothers/sisters".

  59. Thank you for the "perfect promise".

  60. Thank you for this lift that reminds us that the Christ love is not just beautiful and hopeful - it is immediate and practical. As the sun over the clouds is not just beautiful - but practical and present bringing light and warmth. Thank you too for the sense of family that includes us all.

  61. Such a deeply loving and healing message. I will pray today to see that bow of promise and see all smiles as a hymn in my heart. Thank you .

  62. So helpful. Many thanks.

  63. Thank you Jane for dispelling the clouds of darkness and bringing us the light of God and His ever-present Love.

  64. Thank you for reminding us to keep praying for the people living in the Phillippines. They are a part of our family as children of the same Father-Mother and they are being watched over and cared for always in ways they can see and feel. What a beautiful "bow of promise"!

  65. Thank you. Jesus stilled the storm and raised the dead by the conscious realization of God's allness. We can do the same. No one is left out of the kingdom of heaven.

  66. Beautiful sweet simple i love this message

  67. What a perfect thought for today and specifically for the dear ones in need. Thank you.

  68. I loved this lift that applies to all situations where tragedy, unhappiness, disease or whatever else the physical senses seem to present that is unlike God and his creation. Our prayers heal and bless all mankind and resolve all evil into nothingness. We can know that each idea is the creation, expression, perfect reflection of God and all mankind can understand this from the 'kingdom of God' within our consciousness. This lift is a beautiful reminder of God's power and blessings to all of the spiritual creation we can know right now.
    Thank you!

  69. Thank you, Jane. This timely message reaches out to all the world and to our own little sphere of being with its helpful, healing words. That Love is that "bow of promise" reminds us all of our place in God's world and of the promise of our possibilities through Divine Love.

  70. Thank you Jane and thanks to everyone for these moving, precious, effective prayerful remarks and thoughts. Thanks DL team.

  71. Thank you for the wise and truly comforting and lifting thoughts today, dear Jane. Love in the bow of lights connects us eternally with all our brothers and sisters than it comes from our source mother/father God.

  72. That beautiful symbol of God's love and protection is the colorful rainbow after a rain. That rainbow is shining upon the Philippines right now showing God's promise as it showed in Noah's day to never be tempted to dispair when mortal pictures seem to appear.

  73. The morning sunrise is so different every morning. There's no limit to God's expression of beauty and as well as his/her embrace of love for all mankind. When I look around me in my house, I have asked myself, how would I feel if all this material substance just disappeared before my eyes. There would be absolutely no choice, but to mentally jump into God's loving "thought" arms for comfort and expect healing. There is a divine answer for every situation if we quiet our mental turmoil and listen for God's direction. Thanks for all the uplifts from everyone. What a way to start the day, powerful! El Paso Patt

  74. Thank you, everyone, for your inspiring comments. I loved the ides voiced in the Christian Science perspective article which when talking of communication said, "“If Spirit pervades all space, it needs no material method for the transmission of messages. Spirit needs no wires nor electricity in order to be omnipresent” (Science and Health, p. 78). And man, the idea of God, will be obedient to every prompting from the Father to offer tender assistance to our brothers and sisters in need." This is so reassuring in helping me to know that God knows each one's need and supplies it as expected, with practical and comforting love.

  75. Thank you Jane. A most inspiring 'Lift' to come home too. I've just met some friends with relations in the Philippines and can forward this 'Lift' email to them.

  76. Thank you for this fresh and meaningful inspiration

  77. Such wise, prayerful and comforting words for the Philippinos who are just terrified at the moment, wondering who has gone from their families in such a tragedy. Yes, love and light on them all.

  78. God's Love will silence the anguish. Thank you , Jane, for such a gentle but powerful lift.

  79. Wonderful !!! Thank you and thank you #42 Lori for the link and comforting quote from the article by Chet Manchester. :- )


  81. Carol, Switzerland
    Dear Jane, thank you very much for this wonderful lift.

  82. Thank you for this message. We need to realize all the good we know is true.

  83. Thank you Janet, for your calming lift. It is so comforting to know that, whenever dark clouds consume us, we must look always to God's loving light to give us peace and safe haven. "God is light, and in him is no darkness at all."1 John 1:5.Let us pray for the people of the Philippines and give them whatever practical help we can."....where pity dwells the peace of God is there...".G. Whit­ti­er, 1848.

  84. Much love to all in the Philippines, and to those dear ones giving them help and comfort. John Greenleaf Whittier's poem/hymn 217 brings us a healing message of Love. He was healed by Mary Baker Eddy with one visit at his home. See footnote in "Pulpit and Press" page 54. "About 1868, the author of Science and Health healed Mr. Whittier with one visit at his home in Amesbury, of incipient pulmonary consumption." - M. B. Eddy

  85. WOW, What a powerful, healing Lift, and to think it is talking to everyone around the world, planting the healing seed of God's Love.

  86. Thank you, Jane. Media reports on this great tragedy - and on other human tragedies - repeatedly use the word, VICTIMS. The claim that God's children can be victims worms its way into our thinking. But we can be alert, and deny this. The editorial, NEITHER VILLAINS NOR VICTIMS, by Paul Stark Seeley from the February, 1943 C. S.Journal has helped me a lot - especially when I realize that in February,1943 material sense was arguing strongly for the existence of both. (This is reprinted in the ANTHOLOGY OF CLASSIC ARTICLES, VOLUME II)

    God bless our universal family!

  87. Thank you!!

  88. Thank you for all the inspiration being shared today.
    I am so grateful to be praying with you all as we deny all evidence of separation from God and witness Love's tender embrace of each of Her children.
    The light of Love is forever shining and is warmly felt.
    His arm encircles all.

  89. Jane, thank-you for this wonderfully powerful, healing and helpful Lift!

  90. Thank you so much Jane. I so loved the idea of Christ being right there where needed to comfort and bless. Divine Love right there at the point of need.
    All Blessing,

  91. Thank you so much Jane for the great lift.

  92. {Great and inspiring Lift, thank you very, very much.

  93. Thank you, thank you so much!

  94. NSW, Australia

    Thank you, Jane for your loving comforting message of Gods care for all.

  95. That's beautiful, Jane. Thank you for those thoughts.

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