11/12: Resolve the discord

11/12: Resolve the discord

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  1. Thank you Robin for this wonderful perspective. The spiritual universe is a symphony of the infinite expressions of the Divine Mind with every note needed to maintain the beauty and integrity of its creation. Harmony is the spiritual reality. Mary Baker Eddy says in S&H page 276, "The realization that all inharmony is unreal brings objects and thoughts into human view in their true light, and presents them as beautiful and immortal. Harmony in man is as real and immortal as in music. Discord is unreal and mortal."

  2. Thank you dear Robin for your healing message, Peace and harmony. Love, Joan P, NJ


  4. Thank you. I am thinking about what "principles of harmony" means. I love the think of my septet as Principle, Mind, Soul, Spirit, Life, Truth, and Love. In Christian Science, we are taught that these are synonymous with God.
    Thank you for the uplifting music, also.

  5. Thanks, Robin. Just what I needed to start the week!

  6. Thank you, Robin.

    "One’s heart surges with compassion for the brave and sincere young people around the globe whose nonviolent voices are uniting on behalf of human dignity, equal opportunity, and fair representation. May all just purposes prosper, even as 'conscious worth' prospers, and to that aim – let us love."

    Your Value
    By Laura Clayton / November 17, 2011

    Rob Scott
    Chicago, IL

  7. Thank you!! It truly begins with us, doesn't it? ♥♪♫

  8. I can say that 'I am not musical', I can't read music and I have no idea how those instruments can harmonize in so many wonderful ways. Oh, but that doesn't stop me from enjoying music, from being transported to dreamland when I hear some wonderful sounds...
    I enjoy the outcome.
    Understanding God as Good, as the Principle of all that exist, sort of work the same way for me: I know GOD IS ALL and therefore there couldn't be any real power to oppose this ALL…
    I enjoy the outcome.

    Yo puedo decir que ‘no soy musical’, no puedo leer partituras de música ni tengo idea como esos instrumentos pueden armonizar en tantas formas maravillosas. Ah, pero eso no me impide disfrutar la música, ser transportada al valle de los sueños cuando escucho algunos sonidos maravillosos…
    Yo disfruto los beneficios.
    Comprender que Dios es el Bien, el Principio de todo lo que existe, para mí, más o menos esto funciona de la misma manera: Yo se que DIOS ES TODO y que por lo tanto no puede haber otro poder que se oponga a este TODO…
    Yo disfruto los beneficios.

  9. We were at a concert at the weekend, of Carmina Burana by Carl Orff. The choir working with the orchestra was magnificent, and I can clearly see what you mean by different strains working together in harmony. It's rather like a basket being weaved, the threads on their own are not useful but worked togher produce something useful. "All things work together for good"

  10. Many thanks Robin for this wonderful reminder. Yes. "Let Christ tune us in to God's love and keep us in tune with our neighbor." No discord! "Love bids all discord cease./ Conquering hate, enthroning peace,/ Love, Love alone is power." (Christian Science Hymnal #179).

  11. Thank you so much Robin for this wonderful Lift, your voice has a melodic light rythm to it which highlights the message wonderfully. I have experienced that uplifting spiritual joy at concerts and with the radio too, bliss!

    Jan #9 your basket analogy is brilliant, I was thinking Harris tweed lol! I love Harris the island, it wears my colours no matter what the season and the the cloth, a product of sheep, peat, heather, hand, machine and voice (waulking the tweed) all come together to produce a wonderfully useful products as well as cloaks. . . . . . . .

    "Clad in the panoply of Love human hatred cannot reach you"


  12. Thank you for this lovely lift. Infinitely applicable and profound. God, being All and Good, He only does unique, individual and harmonious, and He includes each one of us in His own Being.

  13. What a wonderful healing message Robin, Thank you

  14. I felt as though I was right there, Robin. Groups of people of various ages work together with joy and harmony, especially in a church. To see groups go off to Sunday School, to church, to the Reading Room and to various other places, is exciting and fulfilling and is just as satisfying as being there in person when a full orchestra and choir perform Mahler. Being there when all the parts of a Summit are in action over a weekend, is pretty great too. Everyone contributes, and everyone learns, and appreciates and continues to share the experience for a long time to come.
    Thank you Nathan and the production team; the BoL and lecturers; and the Daily Lift family all working in harmony with each other.

  15. Robin, This is wonderful! I´ve heard to this DL over and over... "Love eliminates the fear at the root of all discord whether within us or around us... To let Christ tune us in the God´s Love and keep us in tune with our neighbour... and that´s a healing melody that needs all of our voices..." I always stand in awe when I hear a concert and I think how so many people can produce such a harmonious result, each one playing his part at the right moment with a different intrument waiting for the other to finish to make his own entrance paying careful attention to the director´s orders. Each one of us as God´s idea has something special to contribute to universal harmony. Thank you!

  16. Thank you for this wonderful Lift a great way to start our week.

  17. Recently, a dear friend helped me to see more harmony in my life by suggesting that I express love for everything around me. For example: I love God, I love church, I love my husband, I love my sisters, I love my best friends, I love the church service we had today, the meal we had at noon, etc... By filling my thought with love for everyone and everything, there is just no room for inharmony. This is really a helpful and solid idea.

  18. Seria maravilloso que pudieramos armonizar como una orquesta cada uno con su instrumento , Amor, paciencia, tolerancia, bondad, integridad, honestidad y asi sucesibamente hasta darle realidad a la mas grandiosa melodia y un coro de sublimes voces que trascendiera lo humano para unirse en Un solo canto de elevadas voces de Un Verdadero Amor que sin ninguna duda llegaran hasta el infinito cielo, para estrecharce en Unisono canto con las celestiales.

    Muchas gracias Robin hagamos de este transito una bella melodia.donde se conjugen las mas puras y armoniosas notas, y Daily Lift ayuda a lograrlo como el resto de las actividades de la Ciencia Cristiana nos ayuda a elevarnos un poco mas cada dia..

  19. Thank you.

  20. Thank you, Robin,

    An important message to use daily.

  21. Thank you Robin. Our various instruments of Love are now tuned with your Daily Lift. How each week's Christian Science Bible Lesson is orchestrated with total harmony by which all earth's creatures may demonstrate and prove unity, or oneness, of Infinity. No matter the key, no matter the tempo, the scoring, for the day, harmony is present when the principle (Principle, God) is allowed to direct the way. May we be grateful for Heaven's harmony, beautiful and grand? Now tune your instruments, members of the orchestra; and let us first play His loving story.

  22. Thank you for sharing this great lift with us! It came just in time for me...

  23. Dear Robin:
    I will listen to Mahler's 8th symphony with new perception .Mrs. Eddy's quotation,"Harmony in man
    is as real as in music, Discord in unatural, unreal," comes to thought.

    You shared such a beautiful message with melody in your voice.Many thanks

  24. Being a lifelong singer, I just love this message. Thank you!

  25. Thanks, Robin, for this inspiring message comparing all of the instruments coming together producing beautiful music, to people coming together to resolve discord and produce harmony. It's also important for each musician to tune his instrument before the performance as well. I see my morning prayer and study of the weekly Bible lesson as the tuning of my instrument for a harmonious day.

  26. Your comments are helpful to me as I pray about the discord that needs to be resolved in order to avert a Fiscal Cliff. Thank you, Robin.

  27. Dear Robin, may I add this to your wonderful comment on the 8th which I sang as the soprano soloist many years ago. I rembember the first part, with all are singing and playing together, in what sounded as pure chaos, and my asking myselfr what hat inspired Mahler to such sounds and out of proportion loundness and chaos. Until I got to the second part, which is built on Goethes Faus. Toward the end of the symphony, no more chaos, but this huge choir and the soprano voice singing coup the the high C, like the voice of Soul,covering the entire composition with the text:" GoetheDas ewig weibliche zieht uns hinan" He was already propheying that the female qualities (Soul) will draw us forward. It is the promise of harmony and peace.
    Thank you . forr mentioning this.Maria

  28. Thank you Robin. The symphony of God forms a symphony of a thousand voices all reflecting the healing power of Love, the Christ. As sheet music is not affected by notes played wrong, so God is not effected by discord and neither is his reflection, man.

  29. Thank you.

  30. Thank you Robin for this statement of our harmonious fellowship as Love's offspring. Thanks to those who have shared for your sincerely loving responses. And, thanks DL team.

  31. A beautiful healing message for our world today. I listened three times, focusing on specific needs that can express more of the "all- harmonious" reality. Being still enhances our ability to hear the music of the spheres. Nice music and a melodious voice to continue the heavenly theme. Thanks to all!

  32. I am sorry. I thought you were leading up to the large group of geese that land in our front field. They carry on and carry on with much chattering. Then when instruction comes, they take off as one grand organized group. The Principle of soaring in harmony is always here.

    Thanks Robin, and also Ruth #23 for the great connection.

  33. I was dreaming last night, and in the dream, everyone was important. It didn't matter that misunderstandings took place, that was insignificant, irrelevant, there was a given that all would work out, because each person was carried and cared for. I think it was a good sign, and a result of my learning through Christian Science of the Allness and Goodness of God. thank you for todays dailylift. it is a good way to begin my day. thank you also to all those who contribute comments, which further insights and support of living in a different way, than I learned.

  34. I can't sing, But I can Love. Thank You Robin

  35. A lovely DL to start the week and to revisit often. Thank you Robin!

  36. Robin,

    We are in the throes of discussing our church music--the way it has always been and the way others feel we should be moving as a church.

    Your comments are right on target. Our ultimate and collective goal must be the "music of the spheres," which dissolves discord and chaos. (S&H 255:3) This is a goal we can all agree upon as we work together as "brother birds that soar and sing and on the same branch bend." (Christian Science Hymnal 30:1)

    Thank you,


  37. The harmony of a symphony is such a beautiful metaphor Robin, We can all recognize discord when we hear it in music and it is so natural for us to want to hear the notes be rearranged into a melodious sound. I love how you broadened our perspective of harmony by showing how it applies to all facets of life. Harmony is what God is creating whether a group of musicians and singers or a family, neighborhood or city.I recently came across Mrs. Eddy's definition of health in her writing "Rudimental Divine Science." I'd been looking for a deeper understanding of harmony and so appreciate your Daily Lift because it answered my prayer. Mrs. Eddy's definition of health is:
    "Health is the consciousness of the unreality of pain and disease; or, rather, the absolute consciousness of harmony and of nothing else." Harmony and nothing else. You made it so easy to grasp in terms of music what harmony is because with music it is absolutely obvious. Yet when you start seeing harmony on other levels, you begin to realize harmony is infinite, which takes you straight to God.

    Thanks to Lori #25 for the idea of tuning our instruments every morning through prayer and study. Thanks also to Sally #17 for your idea of expressing love for everything around you. Such a simple but powerful idea and what an antidote for disharmony!

  38. http://youtu.be/9WhNn6zxqVg

    A message of depth and perception, Robin. Above is a YouTube link or listing of the very symphony you are referring to, Mahler's 8th Symphony, in a brief but moving finale conducted by Sir Simon Rattle.

    The hope is this audio document will further enhance Robin's stirring Lift.

    With gratitude.

  39. What a wonderful lift, it really evokes harmonious thought and feeling....love is all! You have prompted fantastic comments from all the other listeners too! Just can't say enough about this one Robin, your words exceed "daily lift".

  40. Yes, unity of purpose, the understanding divine Love has to bless us all — in our homes. neighborhoods, cities, towns, government, nation and our world. Thank you!

  41. THANK YOU Robin!
    This is so good just following Veteran's Day (Remembrance Day in Canada). And thanks also for #6 Rob's sharing of the following from last year's Christian Science Monitor:
    "One’s heart surges with compassion for the brave and sincere young people around the globe whose nonviolent voices are uniting on behalf of human dignity, equal opportunity, and fair representation. May all just purposes prosper, even as 'conscious worth' prospers, and to that aim – let us love."

    Your Value
    By Laura Clayton / November 17, 2011

  42. If I have a disagreement with some one, or if some one has a disagreement with me, I found, with God's help, resolution can be restored instantaneously with out any anger or discord. When God told Moses to help keep his people calm, Moses was afraid until God told him that it was God's mouth who spoke. At that moment Moses became calm and carried out God's wishes with success.

  43. What a beautiful lift today! Thank you!

  44. Whoa... this is such a beautiful message! And so very helpful and timely when praying about today's political climate... thank you very much!

  45. Wow! Inspiring! Thanks.

  46. What a wonderful insight into the harmony of variety and blending of differences in concord. Thank you for this lovely Lift.

  47. Thank you Robin for this very timely daily lift. We all need to hear this within our church at this time. Your divine inspiration in selecting it for us is perfect.

  48. Thank you, Robin, for “Resolve the discord … ‘the symphony of a thousand voices’ … the redeeming power of Love … a healing melody that needs all of our voices.” A friend and I were talking about how since we were children, we’ve thought it almost comical that people can argue while saying the same thing using different words. :-) Love teaches us how to communicate beyond the limitations of what we think we hear, as well as what we think we see. We BEHOLD the perfect man, as we HEARKEN unto God’s laws of Divine Love. As a new member of a community chorus, I'm gaining an expanded sense of the “harmony” presented “in concert.” Many voices blend in together, as each one’s disciplined contribution is added to the melody and lyrics that someone may have composed hundreds of years ago and someone else may have arranged just recently. We, chorus members, obey the signals of our well-trained and devoted choral director. It’s all a labor of Love that includes accompaniment by someone at the piano or organ and sometimes the full orchestra! And kudos to the indispensable “behind-the-scenes” people!!! It’s a shared effort refined through many dedicated hours of thoughtful planning and “seriously-fun” rehearsals. Finally, our audience, who inspires us with loyal attendance and steadfast encouragement, in turn, becomes inspired by us and often rises to give us a standing ovation. Each concert is like a living testimony to Love! “Resolve the discord?” Ya gotta hafta wanna. :-)

  49. Thank you for this beautiful lift, Robin!

  50. Claiming atuneness - thanx!

  51. Thank you Robin, If we all prayed together we all be in harmony with each other. With Gods Love we could make wonderful music.

  52. Harmony= different notes/pitches/tones/chords at the same time; usually different instruments or voices. Wikipedia: Harmonization usually sounds pleasant to the ear when there is a balance between the consonant and dissonant sounds. In simple words, that occurs when there is a balance between "tense" and "relaxed" moments.

    The breadth and depth of diverse experiences, views, insights, healings is what makes church bodies harmonious and effective for healing. Without the tension of The Comforter discomforting us by challenging personal/cultural beliefs, there could not be the uncomfortable change/loss required for rethinking/repenting/healing/expanded loving, and the comfort of healing and progress. It is not about comfort in our club of clones and matter, but of waking up from and letting go of taken-for-granted false beliefs.

    The Greek origin of harmony= "joint, agreement, concord", from "to fit together, to join". Paul refers to the church/temple as a body with each diverse body part/function/gift being equal and needing each other. Scientists say the typical human body has around 3 trillion organisms in it needed for it to function and thrive. So we can humbly love/trust/rejoice how God/Christ brings to our church body and experience those we need to stretch and strengthen our practice of meek love and spiritual reasoning and to grow us to better serve our world in time of great transitions.

    These rich, deep, multi-voiced symphonies/synchronicities I love best.

  53. An amazing piece of music! It can be listened to in its entirety on You Tube. Quoted from the Wiki article on describing Mahler's 8th. Symphony: "Try to imagine the whole universe beginning to ring and resound. There are no longer human voices, but planets and suns revolving."

    We each contribute to a grand symphony every day, and God is the composer/conductor. Thank you, Robin, for this message on universal harmony.

  54. Magnificent! I particularly liked your ending statements:
    Let Christ tune us into God's love and keep us in tune with our neighbor.
    And that's a healing melody that needs all of our voices.
    The melody of love will be playing in my thought and resounding to the glory of God as I pray for the peace of all mankind. Many thanks!

  55. Thank you.Beautiful!

  56. Beautiful.Thank you.

  57. Thank you Robin. Love this lift. Thank you Kathleen, No. 52. Most enjoyable on You Tube.

  58. Wow that is beautiful. Yesterday I thought I was having a discord day, so I was praying about harmony. Today I got a a thank you from the person I was with yesterday for such a wonderful healing day.
    How beautiful.

  59. Robin!
    Just marvelous.
    Such a tremendous analogy, -
    with such clear cut facets. And you
    sure handled any possible concerns
    regarding interlaced ambiguities!

    BIG thanks Robin.
    Mahler would be/might be, so PLEASED!!


  60. Truly beautiful Lift, and wondrous comments . . . much to think about. During my first listen-to of the Lift, my thought was arrested at one statement--so much so that I had to go back and re-listen to that section before finishing the Lift. "Love eliminates the fear at the root of all discord . . . " Despite all my study, I don't think I had ever considered fear as being at the root of discord . . .Discord, to me, has seemed to involve harshness, arguing, maybe even a bullying sense . . . but now that I consider fear as the root, it opens up a whole new fresh healing insight. Behind whatever rough and tough bluster that would result in discord, I can see more of a scared sense, just waiting for the tender loving touch of God's healing Christ. Not sure if my words are making sense to anybody but me, but this is opening up some wonder-full prayer possibilities for me: seeing discord more as a facade, and looking behind/through to what needs healing.

    Once again, boundless thanks to everyone involved in the production of these marvelous healing Lifts.

  61. Wow, what a grand symphony we all have the privilege and blessing of being part of. Thanks for the lift!

  62. What a melodic, verbal lift. Thank you very much.

  63. Thank you for one of todays blessings

  64. Thank you Robin. "Nothing can injure the immortal principle of the Soul," said Plato
    "Let nothing disturb you" said one of the saints.


  65. Thank you, Robin, for this beautiful Lift. Very much apprecieated by this lifelong singer.
    To "name" #34 ; Love is your song!

  66. Thanks Robin...didn't know about Mahler's symphony. And very thankful to #38 Joel of Canada, who found it on the Internet and shared it. That is huge. I guess there really are 1000 people participating. 

    Without God's wisdom it couldn't have happened. I hope God let's me see it in person sometime. I know it can be possible. Recently, God told me to be kind and go to a volleyball game to cheer someone. While there I saw there was a free concert going on across the hallway. So after the game I went to it. 

    There I heard a trumpet player that was excellent. God led me right to his talent and name. Then I saw he got an award and that he had a band. A few weeks later, I was attending the football game and his band was there. God can lead us so easily.

  67. Hi Robin,
    I have to admit I listened to your lift a number of times trying to absorb the message. I could visualize an array of notes flooding over me while my mind tried to make sense of it. I kept coming back to the definition of the word "note". Every instrument has the capability of playing a wide range of individual notes. And like letters and numbers, each note has the distinct and individual spiritual quality of expression, just as people and ideas do.

    Suddenly it occurred to me the key ingredient to harmony in all these notes is timing. Knowing when to play your note and went to be silent. That's why an orchestra has a conductor, to set the pace and help determine when each individual musician can contribute their individual note to the collective whole.

    Knowing when to speak and knowing when to listen is perhaps the best remedy for resolving discord. If you expect to sing in harmony you must first listen to the other voices and blend with them.

    Thank you for sharing and helping me understand the importance of listening carefully and continually, sometimes over and over again, until the message is clear.

  68. john in hayden id. my first DL. so glad to learn about them from a friend!

  69. Thank you so much for this lift. All voices have a vital part to sing. All of us are beloved of God.

  70. Glad to follow your first comment, John Dier! I seem to have been 'directed' back to listen to this Lift again today and am grateful to re-think how I can apply this call for harmony to the disharmony that I had been hearing of all week and that was troubling me more than I should have allowed: 'Thou wilt keep him in perfect peace whose mind is set on thee' [Isa 26.3]

  71. ..such a beautiful sharing, Robin!

    when letting Christ tune us to God's Kingdom, I think of Mrs Eddy's Paean of Jubilee in Science and Health: For victory over a single sin, we give thanks and magnify the Lord of Hosts. What shall we say of the mighty conquest over all sin? A louder song, sweeter than has ever before reached high heaven, now rises cleared and nearer to the great heart of Christ; for the accuser is not there, and Love sends forth her primal and everlasting strain

    I also think of what Paul says when we bring "every thought to the obedience of Christ,""And when all things shall be subdued unto him, then shall the Son also himself be subject unto Him that put all things under him, that God may be all in all."

    How inspired Mahler must've been to write such a symphony encompassing so large a subject!

    It is said in the jazz world that there is no wrong note, because there is always opportunity for resolution beginning with the very next note.

    All things are possible to God. There is no discord out of which there is no path to resolution. With divine Love there is ALWAYS a path to resolution. Jesus said, "It is impossible but that offences will come," but these offences are always resolved through divine Love because harmony is the only reality, the Kingdom of God. We have this promise from our Father-Mother, God, in Ezekiel, "For thus saith the Lord GOD; Behold, I, even I, will both search my sheep, and seek them out. As a shepherd seeketh out his...

  72. flock in the day that he is among his sheep that are scattered; so will I seek out my sheep, and will deliver them out of all places where they have been scattered in the cloudy and dark day."

    Our lives are preserved, our voices sing out and are heard with the melody of Resolution, the Christ, Truth, in the kingdom of our God.

    I am so grateful for this Lift and to the DL community!

  73. Thank you for your wonderful message.

  74. I thank you so much Robin for the great's healing lift.

  75. Might I add that now I know why I personally was directed back to this Lift? I hadn't read the comments and, having done so, I must thank #38 Joel of Toronto, for his reference to Sir Simon Rattle and the National Youth Orchestra of Great Britain! Mahler has found me again after a long and sad 'separation.' This finale, heard for the first time, conjures up for me Revelation 21.1. For the transcending of time and space, see also Tony Lobl's Huffingtonpost.co.uk blog entitled 'Proof of Heaven? What, Here and Now? Why Not!'

  76. What a beautiful thought, Robin! I understand, as a musician. Thank you.

  77. Cheers!!!

  78. Thank you Robin. I remember reading an anecdote or perhaps a letter Mary Baker Eddy had written to a student where she said, I think twice, "Keep your violin tuned". She saw the importance of being in tune with all-harmonious Mind, Love, Spirit, Principle, God....as the way to know and see and feel the real. Your lift gives me another great example of needing to be in tune!

  79. Wow, 78 comments! I do not know but that this has been said above since I have not read all of them.

    Your presentation brings to mind that all of those performing, musicians, coral voices, the director, perhaps even those in the staging, oh yes, and the audience, all come and go with various thoughts. But, when listening to or performing Mahler, all are of one mind. The music that Mahler wrote. This phenomenon is amazing. It represents to me, well, God. When we are climbing the mountain, as Mr. Swinny puts it, when we reach the top it will be the same.



  80. Just adding another grateful THANK YOU. Love is all there is. And, "that is enough"!!

  81. Absolutely fantastic! Thank you very much!!

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