11/12: Prayer for the Philippines

11/12: Prayer for the Philippines

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  1. Than you John for this beautiful, strong, and comforting prayer for the people of the Philippines. We hold the love that the Father has for His children firmly in our thoughts, knowing that this love will be felt in the hearts of those reaching out for His touch,as a child holds tightly the outstretched hand of his loving parent. His touch heals sorrow, bringing comfort and renewal to those most in need. The Christ always prevails and is up to the task.

  2. Thank you. This is much needed and helpful.

  3. Thanks, John, for the calming and comforting message.

  4. Thanks much, John. After hearing your lecture in Santa Monica, I look for any comments you share with us. That's one of my favorite of Mrs. Eddy's hymns I often sing when driving.

  5. Thank you, John, for giving us a direction in how to pray for things of such seeming magnitude that it would seem fruitless for us to do anything to help. Error doesn't come in sizes, whether large or small- it's still nothing.

  6. thank you for that uplifting "lift". God is our refuge. God is our rock of strength. We thank all of you who have given us material help and prayers. We are encouraged and made strong by your prayers. May you continue praying for us and the people around the world who are suffering. May God bless you always!


  8. Thank you John. The Christ is present in every heart, caring for, uplifting, nurturing and protecting, even removing every vestige of fear and injury - removing "the storm" from consciousness. God is moving everyone forward, together in love, to rebuild and restore, and progress beyond hopelessness and loss.

    Knowing that divine love is meeting every human need helps everyone involved in the emergency to see the way forward, to see what is needed and break through the physical and mental barriers that suggest limitation.

    And those who lost their lives? Their identities are eternal and never lost, even to their families. God's kingdom is come, He is ever present.

  9. Thank you so much for this ideas to pray for the Philippines. All are in God's arms and He is taking care of them and we had to know it in our prayers. Dorette from Hamburg

  10. Thank you for this timely prayer. I love thinking of us praying with these ideas in unison and the power that brings to heal sorrow and restore lives through acknowledging the presence of Christ. Truth and God, Love to guide, reveal and provide for His children.

  11. “And o'er earth's troubled, angry sea
    I see Christ walk,
    And come to me, and tenderly,
    Divinely talk.” CS Hymn 253

    There is no vacuum, no oblivion, God holds all His children forever in His loving arms.

    None of our departed dear ones are forgotten but are safe in God’s arms, safe and forever at peace.

    …and to those left behind: Christ will never leave us.


    “A Cristo veo caminar,
    venir a mí,
    por sobre el torvo y fiero mar,
    su vos oí.” Himno de la Ciencia Cristiana Nº 253

    No hay vacío, no hay olvido, Dios mantiene a Sus hijos para siempre en Sus brazos amorosos .

    Ninguno de los seres queridos que han partido son olvidados sino que están a salvo en los brazos de Dios, a salvo y siempre en paz.

    …y para los que quedamos: Cristo nunca nos abandona.

  12. Yes, I too join to thank you for sharing these thoughts and ideas They must bless all concerned. We are not helpless as we acknowledge Life's, Love's allness and omnipotence to be the all presence everywhere.

  13. Dear John, I feel your deep compassion, love and wisdom.
    One being, one Mind, one Love.

  14. thank you so much for the inspiring message.....so comforting.....in atmosphere of Love divine, we live and move and breath.......Universal Divine Love is felt......Flood Tides of Love

  15. Very comforting, John


  17. John, Thank you.
    In one of the parables of Jesus, the Christ, he told of the shepherd who left 99 of his flock to rescue and save 1 lost sheep.
    The Christ is doing the same in the Phillippines right now.

  18. Thank you John, for giving us such good direction for our prayers. So often we are tempted to let human sympathy guide us when what we need is spiritual compassion. The love you expressed as you delivered this "lift" was so apparent and deeply appreciated. "That" is the prayer, and we can all express that care and support through these beautiful truths you have shared. Thank you

  19. Beautiful, strong thoughts to lift us all up to higher ground in our prayers for the Philippines. Thank you

  20. A powerful,affirmative spiritual stand taken in the face of seeming desrruction and hopelessness is taken by John Adams .A perfect example for all ,as we also help human[y with relief .
    Thank you John .Thank God for Mrs Eddy . Thank God for Christian SCience .Much love and blessings to our brothers and sisters in the Phillipines .

  21. God was not in the storm - or typhoon. All those dear ones live and move and have their being in God - not one has left God's loving care. Love is on the field now and forever, and all must be well, according to Christ and Christian Science. May all our prayers of Truth and Love reach every single one of God's dear children and take full control of the events.

    Thanks for the lift and all the lifters prayerful thoughts.

  22. Spot on John, a robust position to take to the picture presented to us, thank you.

  23. Many thanks John for these great words of comfort. Yes. With divine Love, "All is safe, and forever at peace." "Assured and safe in Love's protection,/ Great peace have they, and unsought joy;/ They rise from sin in resurrection,/ And works of love their hands employ." (Christian Science Hymnal #381).

  24. Thank you, John....so needed today.

  25. Thank YOU

  26. Thank you, Yes God is there and every one is in the hands of God. They are God directed and God protected.

  27. Thank you so much dear John for the comforting words. It is so easy to get mesmerized with the images seen on TV. It just breaks every mother's heart. But just knowing that our brothers and sisters can never be out of reach of God's everlasting arms and love comforts every mother's heart. The outpouring of love is amazing. Every child of God will always be "cared for, watched over, beloved and protected." Thank you John for this inspiring and wonderful lift

  28. Viendo los desastres que ocurren en el mundo, fastante frecuentes últimamante. Podríamos preguntarnos: ¿Cómo ,orar? Dios es bondad, infinito Amor, nada de esos sucesos, son de su autoría, es más aprendemos a amar su bondad por inmarcesible, por la convicción absoluta, que los desastres a El no le pertenecen, es más son su opuesto. Y la humanidad los rechaza, y anhela que no sucedan y y se aflije por ellos y ayuda en cada ocasión, en angustia por ello, y ora para que la gente no sufra.

    Sin embargo los desastres se suceden, reflexionemos entonces, ¿Estamos hacienco la oración que llega a nuestro Padre-Madre? o solo estamos pidiendo que no sucedan, ¿Y cual es la oración que llega y obra? El verdadero sentir, sentir amor, obrando de acuerdo a él, dejando de lado todo lo material viendo sí, el reflejo divino y obrando de acuerdo a Él, no solo unos pocos sino toda la humanidad o por lo menos una gran parte, sintiendo el mismo amor.

    Y seguramente:
    "Nunca más se oirá en tu tierra (senda) violencia, destrucción, ni quebrantamiento en tu territorio, (tu consciencia) sino que a tus muros llamarán salvación (entendimiento en el amor) y a tus puertas alabanza (gozo perpectuo)" Isaías

    "Millones creen en Dios, o el bien, sin llegar a los frutos de la bondad, no habiéndo alcanzado su Ciencia"

    Y podemos agregar eso solo no basta, se hace necesario sentirlo y trasmitirlo, cómo así lo hizo Cristo Jesús, y así lo hace el Padre.

    Muchas gracias John, por inspirar a la grey.

  29. Thank you, John, for your most helpfull thoughts, leading to solutions and the tender presence of Gods care, even there,where the picture tells otherwise. Thank you!

  30. Thanks John for these uplifting ideas.

  31. John, thank you so very much for the wonderful lift! I often am tempted my false belief to rush to physical action. Then the calming effect of the Christ comes with cool comfort and silences the impulse. I realize that reaction is a temptation! Prayer is the only answer. Through prayer the discord, whatever it may be, is destroyed by the light of truth. I am so grateful for God's quiet guidance.

  32. The quotation from Miscellaneous Writings 279:6-8 was also very beautiful, inspiring and helpful. Thank you! Lesley Tyrrell

  33. What a wonderfully comforting message, John. the thoughts and prayers of, not only Christian Scientists, but people of all Faiths around the globe must bring a sense of the comfort of the Christ. Your message was particularly inspiring, including Mrs Eddy's lovely words from her poem "Christ My Refuge" It is so easy to get caught up in all the horror when we see pictures in the press and on T.V. but as we acknowledge the everpresence of the Christ, Truth, and understand that every single person is, and always has been one with God, in His heavenly kingdom, can never be separated from the love of God, as Paul tells us, so those thoughts must bless those with such a great need. Thank you John for an inspiring Lift..

  34. Humble and conscientious prayer with the truths shared in this Lift! Sincerest gratitude, John, for the comfort, power, compassion, and spiritual understanding of this message and for the prayers of all!

  35. Thank you John,

    ..and thank you fellow Lifters for your lovely words of affirmation and such strong demonstrations of God's Love through your writings and in being here.

    John that message you shared today was just what I needed to hear. I love Mrs. Eddy's writings and her poems, being set to tunes. Beautiful.

    Mrs. Eddy specifically used the term "Christ" as opposed to Jesus making that hymn very relevant to us regardless of where we are or what we face. How is it possible to hold a positive outlook amid such destruction?

    Well, the human picture sees destruction but the spiritual sees continuity and understands that nothing can interfere with man's true nature and life. If this is still difficult to grasp, think on this:-

    Imagine two rooms, one with carpeting and one with porcelain tiles - both very beautiful. Imagine five muddy dogs run through and play in each room, leaving a mess of mud. The carpet has the mud commingling with the fibers. The tiles have this layer of dirt which really never interferes with the pattern on the tiles because the dirt never commingles with the tiles.

    The carpet is the human view of life, the tiles IS spiritual understanding, well grounded and made of a substance dirt cannot penetrate. The mud is fear in all of its forms. The mop & bucket - our prayers 'restoring' what is already there.

    The tile pattern is that Christly individuality we all have and nothing material commingles with it.

    Thx John, very much needed.

  36. Thank you. How timely Mrs. Eddy's poem "Christ My Refuge" is! I so appreciate you pointing it out! It is a comfort to KNOW we are never separate from the love and power of God.

  37. Eloquent . Thank you.


  38. So grateful John for this message of deep and compassionate love...expressing what is most difficult to find words to convey - a Love so profound that it is beyond words... Yet words have come which hearts everywhere are feeling for all our brothers and sisters in the Philippines or other places where devastation seems to have the final word... But God's Love is the final and supreme Word, holding all forever in the great heart of Love.

  39. Very comforting! Thank You!

  40. Thank you for giving words to our prayers- and you said it so well, Cynthia, #38, !

  41. Thank you John.

  42. Good work!

    The ties of God's family are not severed by storm or distance and the LOVE which enfolds us we now affirm for our Filipino side of the family.

  43. Thank you John for this compassionate DL. All our prayers go forth for our brothers and sisters in the Philippines. We know God is not in the destruction, or in the storm. Peace, be still! Love to all.

  44. Thank you for this thoughtful and loving commentary, responding with compassion and healing prayer to help bring God's perfect harmony to calm and heal the tumult. The "everlasting Arms of Love" uphold every one of God's beloved children, in the Philippines and everywhere.

  45. Just what I needed to hear. Thank you!

  46. Thank you John for reminding me of that beautiful hymn of Mrs Eddies. It is so strong, and gives one the wonderful feeling that God is holding these dear people in the Phillipines in his arms, especially his darling children.Thank you again.

  47. Thank you, John, for “Prayer for the Philippines … take each and all caught in the terror into one’s arms and cradle them till all evidence of this storm has passed … prayerfully turning to God …”

    As I embrace the Philippines and her people in thought and cradle them in prayer, I am on a “rescue mission.” In consciousness, I lift the people out and up to and for God’s tender care. In this way, I also continue to still the storms of fear, helplessness, sadness, worry, panic, or anger that stir up in me, in reaction to what’s happening “out there.” As I learn better and practice faithfully to still “reaction” and instead “respond with Love,” I put us all in God’s capable hands. God is not only the best First Responder; but, continues to be available and accessible – “a very present help.” I listen for Love’s leading as to whether and if so, how I can be of further help. I will not let images of tragedy be engraved in my expectations or witness or expression. I trust God with His/Her beloved creation and declare God’s creation free from anything unGodlike.

  48. Thank you, John and all those who have added to this lift. We have proved your words because we were caught in Superstorm Sandy. For two weeks I did and said the right things, but I was not mentally there. But one day I "heard" the two lines from the hymn quoted by Lilet - "In atmosphere of Love divine, we live and move and breathe..." and then immediately came the two verses you quoted from "Christ My Refuge." I was totally lifted up. We are grateful for all prayers and support and know that this same Christly and practical support is reaching the Philipines.

  49. Thank you, John, and to all the commenters, especially those from the Phillipines. And I love Troy's comments too--a perfect analogy! #35. All so comforting.

  50. Thanks John

  51. Thank you John.

  52. I join with our friends responding to your daily lift thanking you for putting into words love and uplifting prayers for the people of the Philippines. "Peace be still" in that place.

  53. Thank you so much for this. I have been through a major fire and a couple of hurricanes, and all that was destroyed or lost was restored through divine Love. That same Love is present everywhere.

  54. Dear John,

    Thank you so much for your timely lift! Your words, pointing out the poem by Eddy, indeed brought some peace and hope to my hopeless heart before that sad and unimaginable tragedy at Philippine!
    God bless you!!!

  55. Such a timely lift. Such excellent comments. May those in the Phillippines receive all this love and compassion.

  56. Thank you. Peace be still for all in the Philippines.

  57. Thank you so much! Elena - thank you also ( # 11), and the other comments too - so much love arounding our planet.

  58. What a loving presentation of loving, caring thoughts - thanks so much, John. Along with Christ My Refuge and the other hymns mentioned, I like the 3rd verse of Hymn 350:

    While His truth we are applying,
    And upon His love relying,
    God is every need supplying,
    All, all is well.

    I am praying to know God, divine Love, is meeting every human need and comforting those precious people.

  59. Thank you John for your inspiring lift. Thank you all for your inspiring comments. I especially loved the "Reaction is a temptation" from #31 and the wonderful analogy of #36. That would make a great article. I am praying more and more to still the "small storms" in my life and those I see around me. It is so important to still each "storm as it comes along. Then we are ready for the ones that seem so big. Bless all the dear ones and support all them of the Philippines.

  60. Absolutely PERFECT, John…absolutely PERFECT! Thank you….

  61. Thank you John for the love and compassion that overflowed in my thought while listening to this DL. It reminds me of the passage from S&H, "Love supports the struggling heart until it ceases to sigh over the world and begins to unfold its wings for heaven".

    Thanks to all of the Love expressed from all of our Daily Lifters.

  62. Thank You John. I have a friend living in the devestated area and your Lift is very helpful in support of my prayer for him, his family, and the entire population of the Phillipine Islands.

  63. John,

    Thank you so much for guiding us in our prayers. Troy, what a helpful analogy for any erroneous situation! Also Nela for showing what our true response should be. How comforting to see the comments from others in the Philippines.

  64. Thank you for this helpful and comforting message.

  65. Thank you so much, John. Precisely what I needed to break the mesmeric illusion of evil's lying suggestions.

  66. I am so very grateful for the clear, true ideas in this message and for others shared. It is making a difference...

  67. A sudden and impetuous onset as a rage of anger--one of the definitions of surge. A billowing and violent force is another. The Christ doesn't surge, but walks calmly over the raging winds and waves. Its rippling effect is the peaceful currents of deep spirituality that our textbook mentions. Let's put a stop to the surges in our thoughts. Today let's walk gently in regard for our Phillipine brothers and sisters, carrying them on our calm shoulders, enfolding them in the soft blanket of Divine Love.

  68. Lenore from Lakewood, OH.....Thank you, John. As I grieve my sister's death on Oct. 30th, I am lifted to higher ground by your message. Also, the response from Ierma flandez of the Philippines who asked for continued prayer for them AND the people around the world who are suffering! What an example of spiritual compassion.

  69. My husband has coined a new way to ask me if I am alright. He is familiar with a CSists reluctance to verbalize trouble. He said “I know you are alright and you know you are alright, but is it obvious?” I have been amused by this and yet understand his desire to see proof positive. We all want proof positive that every human need is met in the Philippines.

    Elisha gives us an example of prayer and proof positive in the face of overwhelming trouble and eminent defeat. His prayer was in support of his servant who was quite fearful. “And Elisha prayed, and said, Lord, I pray thee, open his eyes, that he may see. And the Lord opened the eyes of the young man; and he saw: and, behold, the mountain was full of horses and chariots of fire round about Elisha.” (II Kings 6:17)

    He had already told him “Fear not: for they that be with us are more than they that be with them.” Not words nor apparently physical troops, but opened eyes (spiritual discernment), made the solution obvious to the servant.

    As you, John, have made the expression of divine Love more obvious to us, so our prayers reflecting divine Love can support the eye opening revelations of relevant solutions. We can repeat Elisha’s clarity knowing the army of help is already in place.

  70. "Divine Love always has met and always will meet every human need".

    Science and Health, p.494

    Thank you, John, and thank you, fellow Lifters for your prayers. The effect is felt, seen, known!

  71. I join in sending love and peaceful thoughts to our brothers and sisters in the Phillipines. I see you all surrounded by the loving arms of our Mother/Father God. No matter what happens in life, we are never separate from our divine heritage.

  72. Dear John, thank you for all the caring love expressed in your lift and including our Leader's hymn reminding us of the world's eternal source of help after we've done what we can humanly. I would like to share a similar thought from another great leader who also learned through trials, "When our days become dreary with low-hovering clouds and our nights become darker than a thousand midnights, let us remember that there is a great benign power in the universe whose name is God and he is able to make a way out of no way, and transform dark yesterdays into bright tomorrows." (Rev. Martin Luther King)

  73. Thank you for this clear message of comfort -- a wonderful basis for our daily prayer activity!

  74. The Board of Directors of The Mother Church visited the Philippines and made a video of the members and Sunday Schools students there. Such beautiful and powerful Christianity being loved and lived. We can all join them now in heart felt prayer to lift up everyone in divine Love. Thank you, John, and the BoL and all the Lifters.

  75. The flow of God's dear loving help cannot be withheld in any way. As we let go of the mortal illusion of total destruction, clear channels of immediate help can instantly appear. Jesus walked on the water to save his disciples, other times he was immediately at land. Nothing is impossible to God. Thank you No 35 for your clear separation of error from truth, how original. The infinite supply of thoughts is such a wonderful example of the infinite supply of good in whatever form it is needed. El Paso Patt

  76. I am so grateful to this Daily Lift, to the staff, John, and all the commenters and readers who ARE making all the difference to those who appear to be on "earth's troubled, angry sea." The Christ is come, full of "grace and Truth [which] are potent beyond all other means and methods" (SH 67). It is our privilege to claim and accept God's omnipresent and omnipotent loving care, which never is absent from or overcome by any physical sense testimony, and is eternally maintaining every element of His perfect creation. Then watch with true spiritual sense "seeing" as this understanding witnesses how the Father-Mother is eternally embracing and sustaining every one of His beloved children.

  77. I join with you and all the lifters in supporting this comforing message for all those challenged in the Phillipines. Thank you.

  78. When I hear of such tremendous surge of mortal minded storms over the media airwaves, one thought of reasoning appears in my consciousness. Are we consciencally praying without ceasing as the New Testament demands of us, to see only the good that God created for us? If we did then would these terrible things happen? I plead with the hearers and readers of these D/L to think about the above for it comes to me most clearly that more recognition of God's goodness is needed to put a stop to these terrible happinings.

  79. Amen. Thank you so much John. Thanks everyone for sharing these powerful healing thoughts. In additional to all these precious thoughts here, an article that has been helpful to me is entitled, Taming the Weather, Sept 23, 1967, Christian Science Sentinel, Gerald Stanwell; available from JSH -online or in a CS Reading Room in their bound volumes. Thanks DL Team for these timely, healing daily lifts.

  80. Thank you John for your comforting, tender and healing words.

  81. Dear John and members of Daily Lift Team: Thanks for this timely thought of prayer for the Philippine tragedy. Psalm 91 and Deuteronomy 33:27 are two places of refuge and promise we can feel assured of God's presence.

  82. thank you, John for your care and love of our fellow man. All that you gave us is applicible to all forms of
    error. The Comfrter , Christian Science is always availble to all mankind.

  83. Thank you John for such a healing message. As we pray for our brothers and sisters may we be led to live out that prayer through whatever way God leads. I love what the writer said above me - "clear channels of immediate help can instantly appear". God's generous love will make us generous givers to help those in need with our prayer & what they humanly need. Peace be with you.

  84. So grateful to know this type of prayerful thinking is going out to all in need, establishing the Christ as a very present power to bless, heal, comfort, and supply all needs for all men. Thank you John.

  85. Rita - Australia
    Thank you John for your loving words expressing the Truth. None of God's children can ever be separated from His loving care. I am so grateful to my Father for all the loving comments I have read here for our brothers and sisters in the Phillipines.

  86. Thank you, John, for this very comforting Lift, and thank you fellow Lifters for your expressions of compassion. I am grateful for a growing recognition of siblinghood in our world. Thank you, Ginny - #72 - for the quotation from Dr. King.

  87. Thank You, John for this timely message. Love's comfort extends to all, and will meet the needs of all God's children, wherever they are. I love Anne's (8) comment that those who lost their lives did not lose their identity. They are God's children always.

  88. As I am presently sponsoring a child in the Philippines, your message was a very welcome one for me this morning. Thank you--

  89. Thank you John! Your expression of God's great love for all of creation is ALL there is for everyone and brings legions of angels to those who need help. The Christ idea is right in the midst of what seems to be. GOD IS ALL! and nothing is going on outside of Mind. As we pray together, we can see God in all that exists bringing everything needed to fruition. Thank you for this beautiful and inspiring treatment.

  90. What a precious lift! Thank you, John, for your compassion and conviction. Our prayers embrace the world.

  91. Thank you, John for your calm but strong message of hope and peace in the midst of overwhelming destruction.
    The quote from Miscellaneous Writings is comforting to me and is a message from our Leader which I had never read before. ..."over and above it all are eternal sunshine and joy unspeakable".
    The sunshine of Truth invigorates and purifies all surges of error, whether large or small. Thanks to all.

  92. Maraming maraming Salamat , John. Malaking tulong ito sa mga Pinoy sa panahon ng dalamhati. At alam ng bawat Pilipino na ang Pag-ibig ng Diyos ay hindi maaring magbago! Ang ating Diyos ay Mabuti!

  93. The images and stories seem so devastating...thank you for this comforting and inspired lift. Thank you to Ginny as well for that great quote from MLK.

  94. What a beautiful, heartfelt, healing lift, John. Thank you so much for this reminder that God is eternally embracing each one of his children and that we cannot be torn from His love. This lift is such a wonderful correlative to this week's Bible Lesson that assures us of our immortality as God's loved children.

  95. What a beautiful prayer and such a help in praying for those in the Philippines. Thank you for this inspiration.

  96. I keep turning to this passage from p 326 Science & Health: "Working and praying with true motives, your Father will open the way." Blocked roads (or any kind of obstacle) are no match for divine Love's impetus to provide needful care.

    Thank you for this Daily Lift and for the comments. The many prayers of the people of the world will "availeth much"! Let's do all we can for our brothers and sisters, in prayer AND in action!

  97. Thank you John and to headquarters in Boston for this timely Lift which is comforting, guiding, and strengthening.

  98. Thank you John for this quick response to the needs in the Philipines today. It reminds me of the story of the good Samaritan which Jesus told in response to the question "Who is my neighbour?" The Samaratin bound up his wounds and took care of him. Even from afar we can we can replace fear with love and anger with the presence of the healing Christ without delay.

  99. Thank you, John!

  100. Thank you so much John for this so very necessary lift! The primary words of yours that jumped out to me are,"...God is the primary and only thought force...[therefore we can] dig deep into the core of mortality dislodging all resistance to God's power..."

    It is often "the core of mortality" that needs handling and divine inspirational Love, that provides solutions in cases of large horror where "resistance" may be present. God is always an ever-present help, able to help all mankind wherever we are on the globe: instantly powerful, instantly hopeful in any dire situation that mortal mind may present. Prayer is not powerless, it is the only thought power that has power because God is all!

    Thank to all the lifters for your outpouring of divine inspiration, Love and prayer. We 'are' one community in knowing God's power can meet all needs. "Divine Love always has met and always will meet, every human need .... to all mankind and in every hour, divine Love supplies all good" (Mary Baker Eddy "Science and Health" p494).

    And thank you Daily Lift Team for presenting us with such necessary prayer help to help our family in the Philippines.

  101. Thank you for the illumination!

  102. Thank you John. This is such a comforting lift for all who suffer a human sense of loss.

  103. Oh, such a comforting and re-directing message John. Thank you. As I listened to this Lift the second time and let it sink in and buoy me up in prayer, an image came to thought of the power of divine Love's goodness gently but powerfully settling its presence on the people of the Philippines and absolutely barring any thought or act of plundering. Evil simply is paralyzed and stopped by the presence of Love and its irresistible impetus of good. It's like the walls of the Red Sea parting and stopping their flow for the safe passage of all of God's children to peace and freedom. Christ is there, guaranteeing this peace and freedom for everyone, including those who are tempted to plunder. I'm so grateful for this worldwide community of Lifters - an army of minute men as Mary Baker Eddy says in Miscellaneous Writings pg 158: "All God's servants are minute men and women. As of old, I stand with sandals on and staff in hand, waiting for the watchword and the revelation of what, how, whither. Let us be faithful and obedient, and God will do the rest." Love and thanks to you all!

  104. Each child of God is "Cared for, watched over, beloved and protected" walking with Courage each step of the way...

    Daily Lift Team
    The quote above is from hymn 279 in the Christian Science Hymnal.

  105. The Christ walks over the waves of fear, mindless repetition and grief - never into them.

    Thank you, John!

  106. John, when I think about what is the 'Key to the Scriptures', and why did Mrs. Eddy have to devote half of her life to its discovery, your words, at 1:42: "Christianly scientific prayer digs deep into the core of mortality dissolving all resistance to God's presence and power"- is my answer. This is exactly what happens when we are faced with scenes of destruction, death and hopelessness, but turn away from the 'appearances of evil' and declare that we are right now, all of us, no one left out, the children of God, divine Love, and He is keeping us safe, sheltered, and alive 'as in Heaven, so on earth.' That is our promise given by God, and it is our task to undertake as we walk through this veiled human scene, knowing that Jesus sacrificed his mortal life to prove what true life is: "Life is eternal. We should find this out and begin the demonstration thereof." S&H 246.

  107. Thank you so much John.

  108. …safe and forever at peace . . . amen

  109. Thank you, John Q.! I feel like I've just attended a most Beautiful and Peaceful Service and Tribute to All in the Philippines! Yes, we are holding our Brothers and Sisters in a special embrace of Love and sending our heartfelt Prayers to comfort and guide them. Thank you to #6 lerma, #14 Lilet, #16 Osena and #27 Cake - all from the Philippines! We Love you and cherish you as our brothers and sisters and your country as our own! Please feel our Prayers and let them soak deep into your Hearts, Minds and Bodies! So Much Love!!! xoxoxo

  110. Thank you for this inspired/inspiring healing Lift!! It is sooo welcome. Thank you!!

  111. Thank you to John and all the commenters for the very helpful ideas leading to greater and more powerful prayer. It is comforting to understand that everyone is truly surrounded by God's arms of love even though the physical senses might not show evidence at the moment. The story of Elisha praying to open the eyes of his servant so he could see what was already true is inspiring and can still take place today. Comfort is present now!

  112. Thank you John ... and Troy #35 -- for your analogy of the carpet and the tile floor and how dirt/error/angry sea cannot change the pattern nor beauty of the tile/the Truth/the rock because it cannot penetrate its "armour" or shield. "We are hid with Christ forever..."

    My son and family hosted a Filipino girl as part of a student foreign exchange program last year and we are all grateful to know that she and another boy are safe. The young man did ask for all of our prayers for his country.

    This Lift is a great start and direction for all of us as we DO pray for the people of the Philippines

    Daily Lift Team
    The quote above is from Hymn 370 in the Christian Science Hymnal.

  113. Thank you,John for this inspiring lift.It calms our fears and establishes the needed truths that bring us peace.This lift has given me more understanding!!Bless you....and all.

  114. Beautiful, John just beautiful timely helpful words and thoughts!!!!!!

  115. Concerning the Philllipine Islands: what has helped me are Mrs. Eddy's words: "Hold thought steadfastly to the enduring, the good, and the true..." These, then, promote a healing balm for every need.

  116. A grateful day, having read this lift and all the comments. Thank you dear ones.

  117. Thank you so very much for your much needed and comforting Lift.

  118. Joined in prayer with you, John, and all in lifting our thought above the turmoil to the peace of God which passes all understanding.

    Love and blessings more than ever to everyone everywhere right now and always!

  119. Yes, am praying. This lift is SOOO comforting . Thank you.
    About 5 years ago we had a terrible ice storm in the NW. (I am in no way trying to compare this to the Philippines.) But, I learned a great lesson. We were up all night trying to spray water on our over 70 trees including many beloved fruit trees and hundreds of plants we'd added over the years. Trees were falling, branches breaking. We heard this going on all over our neighborhood and saw extensive damage when we drove into town the next morning. Our love for God's world flooded forth. Throughout the winter we took specific time to pray for our yard and community. We prayed to witness Soul's constant renewal and Life's ever-presence. That spring the yard exploded in glory! Plants bloomed more profusely than ever, trees we thought dead sprouted fresh growth. We had to remove some trees but planted several more than we had before. The yard today is unbelievably beautiful, like a fairy tale. Our community, also, rebounded. But no, not a tale, God's real world!!! I'll be praying for the Philippines the same way. And, also to know we don't live in an angry world, but in the great heart of Love.

  120. Such a wonderful gift your prayer is John. Thank you for that comfort. I have been struggling to find the right and best way to help this horrific event. And your prayer reminded me that I have the best way possible. Prayer. God is in charge and is helping and comforting in every instance. Bless these people and animals and fauna and flora. All will be better than before if we continue to put all thoughts to a higher purpose.

  121. Thank you so much John for this comforting prayer.

  122. Thank you...so grateful for the healing truth in your message.

  123. Amazing DL, John and the out pouring of love from all you blessed Lifters. We all are truly brothers and sisters in Christ as in Mrs. Eddy's Hymn #32 "Love".
    ..'.Like brother birds that soar and sing and on the same branch bend'.

    Love is all there is.


  125. Waoh, John. GOD bless. I know He cannot gorget all philipians people for what they see. Life is eternel and Christ is our way.

  126. Such comforting thoughts for all of us! Thank you!

  127. Thank you, John, for this. It's so helpful to be reminded all is grounded in the Rock of eternal Love.

  128. Thank you for this wonderful lift and prayer for the Phillipines and other countries affected by the storm. Thank all lifters for their prayers as well.

  129. Magnificent.
    Like SPIRIT; tender, and, mighty!

    Sincerest thanks,

  130. Evil would threaten to destroy and twist every concept of good to insinuate and show itself powerful; however the Truth of Christian Science found by Mary Baker Eddy is always recognizable as truth.

  131. Thank you for this opportunity to pray for the Philippines.

  132. Thank you!

  133. Thank you John for this very good message, Our sincere prayers, loving and supporting are with all dear Phillipines,

  134. Beautiful, loving thoughts expressed. "God is everywhere and nothing apart from Him is present or has power." Blessings to all.

  135. Thank you, John, so much for that strong and comforting message including MBEs Hymn. It was so helpful.

  136. Whoa- what BLESSINGS upon us all! Thanks John for this Lift; Thanks Daily Lifter's for all of your love & healing prayers for our Philippine family; Thanks for the Daily Lift Team for their care & attention to this site; and an extra big Thanks to #119 for proving that we do not have to be overcome by the appearances of evil, because as Susie's experience in an ice-storm stated: "(I am in no way trying to compare this to the Philippines.) But, I learned a great lesson.....trees were falling, branches breaking. We heard this going on all over our neighborhood and saw extensive damage when we drove into town the next morning. Our love for God's world flooded forth. Throughout the winter we took specific time to pray for our yard and community. We prayed to witness Soul's constant renewal and Life's ever-presence. That spring the yard exploded in glory! Plants bloomed more profusely than ever, trees we thought dead sprouted fresh growth. We had to remove some trees but planted several more than we had before. The yard today is unbelievably beautiful, like a fairy tale. Our community, also, rebounded. But no, not a tale, God's real world!!!....
    Mary Baker Eddy states: "The song of Christian Science is, " 'Work - work - work - watch and pray...." (Mes 1900 p.2: 7-8)
    This is what we are all capable of knowing, seeing, doing until we all "get it" and experience "one grand brotherhood," (S&H 518:16) one family of man united by Love, our Father and Mother, God.

  137. So much inspired thought, lots of ideas to pray with, truly we do all live in Love. Thanks so much John and all lifters.

  138. Thank you John and all the daily lifter's. So many inspiring comments. Everyone is praying with foccussed thought on the dear ones in the Philippines. Foccussed thought brings healing.l am so grateful for our daily lifts.

  139. Very nice John

  140. How timely and compassionate! Thank you.

  141. Thank you, John, for this beautiful, clear Lift in praying for these people in their great need right now. In seeing the physical destruction in tonight's news reports, dogs could be heard and one dog could be seen alone waiting in, what must have been, his house before the storm.

    In praying for all those who need our healing prayers, let us also include all of God's innocent creatures and know that Divine Love will meet their needs, too.



  143. Carol, Switzerland
    Dear John, many thanks for this recomforting and loving prayer. I didn't know how to pray, now it is
    clear to me, oh beautiful merci de tout coeur.

  144. Powerful prayerful Lift that keeps Lifting one & all with its heartfelt compassion, deep wisdom, rock of Truth and all encompassing Love/love. Merci beaucoup, John!

  145. Powerful prayerful Lift that keeps Lifting one & all with its heartfelt compassion, deep wisdom, rock of Truth and all encompassing Love/love. Merci beaucoup, John!

  146. Dear John, Thank you!"And o'er earth's troubled,angry sea I see Christ walk,And come to me,and tenderly,Divinely talk. Thus Truth engrounds me on the rock,Upon Life's shore,Gainst which the winds and waves can shock,Oh nevermore![CSHymnal] The last verse in this hymn reads "My prayer, some daily good to do To Thine, for Thee;An offering pure of Love, whereto God leadeth me". I was introduced to Christian Science at a most dismal time in my life many years ago. Through the continued study of Christian Science I continue to grow in understanding Spirit-God,and am able to assist others in their growth in the understanding of omnipresent Love,of Life. Being able to mentally wrap"encircle" the Universe in sincere prayer, as "a loving mother would wrap her precious bundle of joy" in it's cozy crotche-d shawl.I lived-worked abroad for many years,returning to South Africa a few years ago. More often than not I found myself resisting my stay in Africa,because I was facing poverty and lack in most places I travelled.Daily praying "My prayer some daily good to do To thine,for Thee;" has brought peace and willingness to serve my community in Love,bringing healing and joy.

  147. Thank you John for the loving thoughts, to the Philippines.

  148. I like to think of God as "Powerful Love"

  149. Thank you dear John,
    In the after math of this tragedy in the Philippines, I ask "what can I do?" My answer was to start with prayer and of course this lead me to your Daily Lift. Thank you for your prayer thoughts and yes, Mrs. Eddy's poem is also answered prayer for us Christian Scientist to declare. May we continue to support our brothers and sisters in the Philippines through prayer in Divine Science that will lead us a way to be of service.

  150. Thank you dear brothers and sisters for the heartfelt concerns and prayers for the Filipinos. Really God is our only refuge and Comforter.

  151. Thank you very much John for that healing thoughts..

  152. Thankyou John and all who give powerful prayers for our brothers and sisters over in the Philippines which I also can sum up to the first creation in the Bible which states that God made everything and it was very good, so all these seeming destructions that happened cannot be from God.
    God Bless to you all, thankyou.

  153. conforter