11/11: Lionel's lesson

11/11: Lionel's lesson

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  1. Dear Mari. This is so helpful, and I appreciate being reminded that we have never been separated from Love. We are created a complete and perfect masterpiece. Beautiful. Thank you.

  2. Welcome Mari, and thank you for many inspiring articles throughout the years!

    The material picture presents many desperate situations to us, these might seem as real as a movie would seem to a 3 year old watching a tragedy.
    But, in S&H we learn that our “Mother Love” (S&H 331:30) always was and is with us, ready to take us in His arms and comfort us —as soon as we recognize His presence.
    As image we can never be separated from divine Love, even for an instant. There never was anything to “fix” or “repair”, the Creator’s job is complete.
    Bienvenida Mari, ¡y gracias por los muchos artículos inspiradores a través de los años!

    La película de la vida material nos presenta muchas situaciones desesperadas, estas pueden parecer tan reales como si un niño de 3 años estuviera viendo una película de tragedia.
    Sin embargo, en CyS nos enteramos de que nuestra "Madre-Amor" (CyS 331:29) siempre ha estado y está con nosotros, dispuesto a tomarnos en sus brazos y consolarnos —tan pronto como reconocemos Su presencia.
    No podemos estar separados del Amor divino ni por un instante. Nunca ha habido nada que "arreglar" o "reparar", la obra del Creador es completa.

  3. Hello Mari,

    Thank you for your wonderful message reminding us to turn off or turn away from the pictures or movies or any other images trying to project themselves on our thoughts -- that would try to deceive us and steal our happiness, peace, and health.

    We can always turn off the projector and we are always free to change the movie "reel" from false to real. We can be our own mental cinematographer and set up a better "shot" by choosing the "framing", and selecting the "focus", and the "subject" for a better picture that will win awards of joy, gratitude, healing, and freedom.

    We don't need popcorn and soda to enjoy the better images. We just need to check what's being screened on our thinking to decide whether, or not, to buy a ticket of admission to "the show."

    Welcome to the Daily Lift family, Mari.

    Es muy bueno tener el mensaje claro para nosotros proyecta a partir de Montivideo.

    Con un cordial saludo,

    It is very nice to have your clear message projected to us from Montivideo.

    With warm greetings,

    Peter J. in St. Louis

  4. Thank you, Mari. Hearing this gave me a sense of peace, assurance and safety. Great way to start the day!

  5. Many thanks Mari for your inspiring lift on "No separation from divine Love [God]...There is nothing that [ever] needs to be restored!" "Assured and safe in Love's protection,/ Great peace have they, and unsought joy;" (Christian Science Hymnal #381.)

  6. Thank you. True we are never separated from our true Father Mother. God is always with us at all times.

  7. Gracias Mari!!

  8. Thanks you, Mari. What a beautiful, simple message; it is so helpful to be gently reminded not to buy into the illusion, no matter how real it seems to be.

  9. Thanks, so helpful. This lift made me remember a time when I needed help; and when I prayed, a similar idea came to me. The angel hought gently came that in many movies and TV shows the hero often goes through adventures or hard times, but they come out triumphant because they are the hero! So, I, as hero of my own life, would come out triumphant through God's help. And I did!

  10. Thank you. :-)

  11. Welcome to Your Daily Lift, Mari, and thank you for your wonderful Lift. Yes, it's not only the three year olds who get bowled over by some of the scary scenes that confront us right here in our own home! Sometimes we see our own children behaving towards their family in a totally foreign manner, the complete opposite of who we know them to be. And even though they are grown-up, as we say, they still need comforting and reassuring that God is right there, and they have never been separated from his embracing arms.
    Thank you Nate and chums working hard on our behalf; the BoL and lecturers; and our in every corner of the world Lift family.

  12. It is His Gentle Presence whose arm "encircles me, and mine, and all." Why not? for all are included in His/ Her one complete masterpiece, untouchable, secure in Love's love.

    Most grateful for your upward Lift today, Mari.

  13. ...So the way out of desperate situations is to say: No! Our Father-Mother God will embrace us and show us that everything is intact and what has frightened us is “the movie of material life“.

    At one time I was cycling early in the morning in a rural area. I stopped for a pause on a meadow. A car pulled up and a man got out. He approached me and started to put his arms around me and he smelled of alcohol. After realizing the danger and a brief feeling of utter fear and helplessness – there was no one else around far and wide – I felt God’s protecting presence. I spoke to the man calmly, telling him of his true nature and my true nature. He went back into his car and drove away. I relied on God’s protection for the rest of the trip and very much enjoyed it. For several months before this experience, my direct connection to God had become palpable to me, I had explored His nature and stayed in close interaction.

    Lovely day to All!

  14. Welcome Mari and thanks so much for sharing the idea that whatever appears to be a problem is no more real than the tragedy depicted in a movie. Sometimes when I awake in the morning after having had a bad dream, I declare that disease or pain is no more real than that bad dream. I dwell in the secret place of the most High with my Father-Mother God where nothing can harm me.

  15. I had a similar experience to Lionel. However, I was in college. I was on a date with a student from Nigeria. We went to a movie together which also had a scene with a tiger leaping. Most of the audience, including me, gasped! My date started laughing and saying “it’s fake, it’s fake”. I recall sliding down into my seat with some embarrassment because my date was laughing loudly and everyone else was spell-bound in suspense and of course, imagining what was coming next!

    There is a marginal heading in Science and Health by Mary Baker Eddy “Mischievous imagination”, pg 460. Isn’t that a great expression?

    By laughing at the movie, my date really wrecked the illusion for me too! Lionel knew he needed help and turned to his father for support. I was, however, content with the illusion, even accepting the danger. My date had none of it! Actually, that was a memorable date. I laugh to think of it and love the great lesson on dispelling illusion. Thank you, Father!

    By the way, Elna, have I thanked you recently for your great on-track contributions. Even if you are not up in the middle of the night (at the top of the list), I look for your posts. THANK YOU!

  16. I found myself starting to watch all kinds of false "movies" earlier as I was trying to pray; this message was so helpful in "turning off the projector." Muchas gracias...

  17. Thanks, Mari! What a wonderful illustration of our Father's loving care for us.

  18. The saga of the material life with all its woes is no more real than a movie. If an experience doesn't include the nature of God, we can realign our thinking to God and let Truth shine through. Then we feel that parent comfort and can be at peace. Thank you, Mari!

  19. THANKS! for this message that makes us feel that the Motherly divine Love is instantly protecting ,comforting and rescuing us from what is in reality nothing to be afraid of.
    Mrs. Eddy has made posible to us to discover God as our first Mother. I`m very grateful for this
    because I know is a wonderful thing for others also.
    clarae. from Cuernavaca, Mèxico

  20. Thank you, Mari, for this lesson in turning away from the false picture and turning to our Father. His arms are always there to lift us up, even when things seem most desperate.With God, there is only one, true picture of safety and love.

  21. Thank you Mari,
    This is Veteran’s Day in the US and I’m sure we’ll have lots of movies on TV today, rehearsing the error of war’s illusion.

    Sometimes it seems to a soldier that they are just a small puzzle piece in mortal mind’s movie of material life. But your Lift is a great reminder to knowingly declare and affirm they are untouched by whatever they have seen, experienced or sacrificed. That is the illusion.

    Every word of your Lift, lifts memory’s shadow and declares there is nothing to be restored in the Creator’s complete and perfect masterpiece.

    Today we are all Christian soldiers. Not insignificant Puzzle Pieces, but Masterpieces, the Master’s individual expression which fills His universe.

  22. Welcome to our Family of Lifters, Mari! I love that you are speaking to us from beautiful Montevideo, Uruguay! What an excellent example of the "movie of material life" that your little grandson, Lionel, taught you - and all of us! This helps explain to me what Jesus meant when he said, "The Kingdom of Heaven is within you." We have the power, through knowing the Truth - the spiritual laws which Christian Science reveals - to turn off the projector of the mortal, carnal mind and to put in the spiritual idea instead. As someone once said, "Don't see what you're looking at!" And as our Bible Lesson says this week, in Science and Health, "Hold perpetually this thought, - that it is the spiritual idea, the Holy Ghost and Christ, which enables you to demonstrate, with scientific certainty, the rule of healing, ............" Lovely, Blessed Weekend to All!

  23. Thank you for your inspiring thoughts, and the warm, embracing sense of Love that you have given -- truly a Lift of grace for today.

  24. Thank you so much. Divine Love, God, is always with us and comforting us and our loved ones directly. We may think we need the comforting hugs from loved ones.....(which is great, an expression of Love) but it's nice to be assured that all the power of comfort, strength and safe control is really all with God and coming directly from God to each man woman and child. And we are each wrapped up alongside of God, always in His care.

  25. Thank you so much. The phrase "complete and perfect masterpiece" will stay w/me today. What a wonderful expression of just who we are in God's creation.

  26. Thank you Mari, what a great way to start my day knowing that we are all within the "everlasting arms of Love" (Christian Science Hymnal #53)

  27. A lovely reassuring Lift. I particularly appreciate the image of God's immediate response to our fears and the idea that God's "masterpiece" is always intact with "nothing that needed to be restored." I found enjoyed thinking about this true creation using the synonyms -living unbounded in Spirit's masterpiece, surrounded by the beauty of living in Soul's masterpiece..trusting the perpetual order and safety of living in Principle's masterpiece, the limitless inspiration and wisdom of living in Mind's masterpiece, the creativity and vitality of expressing Life's masterpiece and the unceasing peace and joy of dwelling in Love's masterpiece! Thank you!

  28. This is so wonderful, Mari----muchimas gracias por esto mensaje! It is so true, that there can be no loss and no separation from the allness of God's creation. If God is ALL, how can anything be missing?
    I have been thinking lately about this too. I am complete now and always because God's reflection can never lack any spiritual quality. The substance of love, companionship, intelligence, supply of all sorts, can never be taken away or go "missing" because God, Spirit, is always here and we are His reflection.

  29. Beautiful message. Thank you.

  30. Our Boston Bull Terrier, June, would sit on our lap and watch nature/wildlife shows on TV with us, focussing on the action and cocking her head quizzically at interesting sights or sounds. Sometimes she would quiver with the same excitement she had for real-life encounters with the creatures she loved. Whenever it was obvious that a creature on TV was being pursued by a predator, June just turned her head completely away, not even looking again until we told her it was alright (the scene had passed). No one ever prompted her to turn away; she just did it naturally.

  31. Thank you, Mari and welcome,
    What a beautiful message and so gently presented. I closed my eyes and felt as if you were giving a treatment -- just for me, ( :

  32. Oh when we learn this lesson? Thank you Mari.

  33. Wonderful breaking the illusion, or mesmerism and seeing the Truth!
    Love it, thank you so much, and happy weekend everyone! X

  34. So grateful for your message of caring and security!

  35. Ever complete and safe. "Nothing that needs to be restored in the Creator's complete and perfect masterpiece." Thank you for this timely reminder of the wholeness and harmony of God's creation.

  36. Thank you, Mari. Such a sweet story and so comforting.

  37. I would love to share this Daily Lift Mari with every one on earth. Thanks so much.

  38. Thank you.

  39. Mari, what an inspiring lift. We're never abandoned in the belief of the movie called mortality since we're completely embraced by our Father-Mother, Principle-Love. Thanks everyone for your heartfelt and heart-sent responses.

  40. Wonderful to have this reminder and assurance again today. The idea of mortal mind's movie came to me a few weeks ago when tragedy came to our family. It occurred to me then that when a movie is projected on the screen, it is images simply being reflected back and they do nothing to change the nature of the screen. So, too, these mortal imaginations can do nothing to change the nature of God's true man. It remains perfect and unviolated. I was able to turn off the terrible movie and replace it with the peace of knowing God's forever and only presence. In this peace comes healing. Thank you so much for your deeply loving lift today!

  41. Beautiful, thank you very much!! wonderful message!

  42. Thank you Mari. What a profound idea from such a simple example! How important is the child like thought that so trusts his father that he quickly gives up his fears. Can we so trust our Father. feel his comfort and as quickly give up our adult fears?

  43. So comforting, clarifying, and needed! Thank you, Mari, and welcome to the Daily Lift family.

    Great to hear your "hey-hey" again, Nate!

  44. Thank you Man - and ALL for your inspireing & UPLIFTING
    LIFTS - just what I need - HAPPY DAY & weekend

  45. Such a beautiful illustration of protection and comfort! I felt embraced.
    Thank you!!

  46. Thank you.

  47. Thank you so much, Mari. This will help me to turn off and destroy the fear that comes to my thought upon being confronted with the "mortal movie". Thank you Nate, musicians, BoL, and Lifters :)

  48. I do so cherish the feeling you imparted of the father sweeping up his Lionel as our Father
    which art in heaven does it. Thank you!

  49. Mari, thanks for the clear and practical message. In the spiritual interpretation of the first line of the Lord's Prayer: “Our Father-Mother God, all harmonious” (See Science and Health p. 16) Mary Baker Eddy assures us that God is totally harmonious and this includes men, women and children and the whole universe. God with His love cares for us constantly and keeps us in the spiritual reality where the material senses do not exist. We are always blessed, no matter what the appearances want to tell us.

  50. Wow! How grateful I am to have heard this Lift. Was busy with many things and took a moment to clear my emails. This was such a helpful understandable idea. Divine Love certainly meets every human need as it states in Science and Health as it did for me today. II always love reading the Lifters comments also. I appreciate all of you and I will continue to say "No!" as Lionel did. That lifted a burden off me.

  51. In the mouth of two witnesses is a thing established, according to the Bible. Your statements of truth, were very strengthening to us, as we met a violent picture that needed expunging.
    Many thanks, and much love to you.

  52. Thank you Mari. Welcome to our Lift family. Imagination can play havoc with a sense of peace. I need to listen to the Christ waking me from scary imaginations (often supported by a long list of statistics, botched memories, & ordinarily creditable voices of people I know). Christian Science teaches us to only trust Truth, God. With scary suggestions, or threats, I need to scan the "package" wrapper to see if it's Produced in Heaven. When things don't fit with good "products" or experiences, the only kind our Father provides, I can know to stay calm and offer a prayer of thanks to God, that He is All-in-all, and is Good only. This Lift will help me stay more alert to new suggestions, & help review many details of my daily life.
    I'm late, but it's never too late or wrong day to say thank you to veterans who read these comments, or hopefully readers will pass this on to any veteran they know. Also my prayers are with Alaska & Oklahoma, as well as many in the world, which I daily think of with love. For errors which I've not heard about, my prayers cover even these, for I know God is caring for everyone.The Daily Lifts have expanded my conscious awareness of "neighborhood". The world now is small enough to fit beside my yard, fenced in with legions of angels. All avenues are 1-way, leading from divine Mind to Peace & Perfection.

    13 Renate, So impressive! #27 Tracy, Nice moving scene credit list! #30 Wren, thanks for sharing! #40 JECS, A touching testimony!

  53. A good lesson for both kids and grown-ups! Thank you.

  54. Beatiful message Mari! Thank you!


  56. We thank you Mari, and all for these loving truths. For some time, I seem to have been beleaguered with the strong sense of hatred, even though I've referred to our Pastor, including our daily Bible Lessons. As a result of the "scarey pictures" portrayed, the old saying, "be careful what you wish for" I so regret the thought. I read and have referred others to this Ps: 37 All, which is so helpful, along with Hymn 157, I used so VERY much after 9/11, because of the words:
    Jesus prayer for all his brethren, Father that they may be one, Echos down through all the ages, Nor prayed he for these alone, but for all, that through all time God's will be done.
    One the Mind and Life of all things, For we live in God alone; One theLove whose ever-presence Blesses all and injures none. Safe within this Love we find all being one. Day by day the understanding Of our oneness shall increase, Till among all men and nations Warfare shall forever cease, So God's children all shall dwell in joy and peace.
    And Science & Health Pg. 340:23; 469:30-5
    I haven't used this hymn and these passages from the Bible and Science and Health for some time, and feel the need to do so, along with this lovely DL given.
    Thank you for all that you do at this healing sight, along with our lifters that share.

  57. Thank you, Mari, for this beautiful lift! I will use this with my grandchildren also.

  58. Thank you very much.

  59. Thank you very much!

  60. Thank you so much Mari, for the beautiful lift.

  61. Thank you very much for this beautiful lift. I love what you said "there never was anything to fear in our experience and nothing that needed to be restored in the Creator's complete and perfect masterpice." thank you thank you thank you.

  62. Thank you...great reminder that we have the power to switch channels, immediately - if not sooner. :-)

  63. Thank you, Mari, for this illustration of illusion and God's ever present protecting love. I will use it in my Sunday School class.

  64. Gracias Mari for this insirational idea.
    It is good to know that we are never outside Gods divine love.. " He shall cover thee with His feathers and under His wings shalt thou trust ".
    Love Sue

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