11/3: 100%

11/3: 100%

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    Christian Scientist Organizations (CSOs) around the world need your 100% support!
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  2. What an upbeat message, Ginny! Thank you.

  3. Thanks so much, Ginny! What a beautiful Daily Lift. Definitely 100%!!

  4. I'm going to snuggle in knowing I am 100% good because intelligent Mind, Soul, God, told me so! Remember? He spoke and it was done! I love You, God! Thank You for loving me and all!

  5. Yea, God, and Yea, Ginnie! You got it right. I love the fact that GOD said so. That seals it for eternity,-- everyone, everywhere, forever. Amen!

  6. Thanks Ginny. Always glad to hear from you. Am 100% blessed.

  7. Thanks Ginny for such a clear interpretation of our 100 per cent existence as spiritual ideas in God. For a long time I was considering myself to be somehow 'less than entirely perfect' or a mixture of human and spiritual individuality. And I was right as I was 'seen myself' as purely human. when I received this email this afternoon (I know is morning in your country) I was happy because I was making progress in my understanding of my spiritual existence but it was still a mixed feeling of ideas until I heard you say " A powerful idea came...the spiritual reality of me and of everyone is... 100 per cent good... already." I thanked God immediately for making me listen to 'The Daily Lift' every day. Now I can face any situation with the assurance of 100 per cent good in me and everybody else.

  8. Perfect man, as God's image, thanks for sharing this experience - its a great illustration and a great help.

  9. Hey Ginny, not only are we all 100% good, we all come with a 100% lifetime warranty! Love the concept!

  10. Ginny, all or nothing, I like that. I wonder, if we say God is All powerful, why are we still doubting of His care? "For as he thinketh in his heart, so is he", Prov 23:7) So let's know that we are 100% God's image, PERIOD!
    That's beginning from an unlimited basis. "God expresses in man the infinite idea forever developing itself, broadening and rising higher and higher from a boundless basis." (S&H 258:13)

    Ginny, todo o nada, me gusta eso. Pienso yo, ¿por que decimos que Dios es Todo poderoso y todavía dudamos de Su cuidado? “Pues como piensa dentro de sí, así es él.“ (Proverbios 23:7) Así que sepamos que somos 100% imagen de Dios, PUNTO!
    Eso es comenzar desde una base ilimitada. “Dios expresa en el hombre la idea infinita, que se desarrolla eternamente, que se amplía y eleva más y más desde una base ilimitada.“ (CyS 258:14)

  11. Perfect thought in preparation for my midterm exam I'm taking today.

  12. Thank you Ginny for that inspiring lift on goodness. Yes, "The spiritual reality of everyone is totally good.". "That henceforth we may live to Thee [God],/ In all our ways reflecting Thee [divine Love],/ And know reality." (Christian Science Hymnal #206).

  13. Dear Ginny, thank you so much for this 100% good idea.

  14. Thank you very much Ginny

  15. Thank you Ginny. Another great Lift.

  16. Gracias!..........me siento muy feliz de abrir el Daily Lift y encontrar que la inspiracion que tuve hoy de manhana cuando estaba preparando mi dia para servir a Dios.......fue exactamente la integridad de perfeccion del hombre como imagen y semejanza de Dios!
    La Mente nos esta abrazando a todos en un solo pensamiento...y toda la humanidad esta incluida en el!
    Gracias por la magnifica inspiracion!

  17. Just so terrific! As mom, grandmom, college lecturer...100% makes wonderful and perfect sense. That is who I am, who we all are 100% cared for, 100% loved (Loved), 100% protected, 100% in every action. What a fantastic reminder, as I head off to see God's Love and reflection in all of us. Thank you so much, Ginny...your Lifts are always joyous! 100%!!!

  18. Thank you Ginny. I woke up today feeling decidedly less than 100%. Your Lift lifted me to the 100% mark. I'm so grateful.

  19. This is such a refreshing way to consider our value--a spiritual home run! Thank you, Ginny. I needed this very reminder!

  20. Oh, thank you so much for this 100% Lift - you cant imagine how reassuring it was for me and how much I needed to hear it.

  21. Thank you that was a very nice lift!

  22. Thanks Ginny It was wonderful Just what I needed

  23. Thanks Ginny, what a wonderful way to start my day, claiming the knowledge of who I am and knowing I am 100%, God's perfection.

  24. Ginny this is such an opportune Lift. A very dear friend came into the Reading Room today searching for solace because her precious companion of many years had moved on. The thing is, God is still with her - 100% - and still with the little companion too. God's loving presence is not - cannot be - less than All. God never expresses less than 100% compassion, mercy and grace. And God's ideas can never receive or reflect less than 100% of all the good that divine Love is.

  25. Ginny, Thank you,thank you so very much. What an absolute "Lift" indeed. This morning I had been dawdling in the lows,short changing myself [mentally]in many arears, to be abruptly awakened by your lift, to my true identtity 100% whole. To the Daily Lift Team, thank you, in my African language[NGIYA BONGA =Thank you] From Nomvula, South Africa.

  26. 100% is what it is 100%, and that is great, thank you I will claim my 100%.

  27. Our Father, Mother God would never make us suffer any kind of stress test to know that we are at-one with our Creator.

  28. Thank you Ginny for that wonderful thought about 100%. I've been feeling decidedly less than 100% lately and I've definitely not been giving the 100% that I reflect from God. What a wonderful inspiration to start the morning that I am 100% now and always! Much love and thank you.

  29. What an awesome lift to wake up to this morning!
    I have been working on the idea of my complete satisfaction
    all the time...100% of the time! Since we are 100% perfect
    than we should be 100% satisfied in all areas of
    our lives! What a feeling of freedom and victory this complete perfection brings!! Thank you for your thoughts:)

  30. Thanks so much, Ginny! Right now 100% sounds like an impossible goal, Right now I'm barely making 50%, but I know God ony sees 100%.

  31. I have to laugh. As one who survived education with "has potential" or "needs to apply herself", (thinking too much about horses, I suppose), I don't recall 100% as being a scholastic event. However, as God's child, I understand the completeness of His creation is THE 100% successful on-going activity. This creation includes all that we need to know at any moment....sort of an open book exam for us!

    Thanks Ginny for heading us this way.

  32. Thank you for such a wonderful Lift,

  33. Thank you, Ginny. I have used l00% spiritual as a definition of man in teaching Sunday School and it is a helpful approach. I love your lift emphasizing our l00% goodness as God, Good's reflection right now.

    Thank you #28, Ali B...I like your saying we need to be GIVING the l00% we are REFLECTING from God. Now that puts the activity in perspective! It is God's doing, and our part is loving what God is doing in our experience. Then we joyously allow this reflecting not to be clouded or hidden.by erroneous concepts suggesting that anyone is less than 100% good and l00% spiritual right now.

  34. Thanks Ginny, how important it is for us to know ourselves as God knows us! So often it seems we approach our daily tasks, our physical well being, our thought of the world as less than 100%... from a mortal stand point we spend endless hours trying to work up to that 100% in so many areas.. but when we start from understnding our father, mother God we begin to see perfection everywhere! We feel that conviction that 100% Truth,Love,Life,Soul,Spirit,Principle and Mind belongs
    to us, as we all reflect 100% of Gods allness. We can demonstrate 100% everywhere in everyway! Thanks for the reminder not to accept anything less than 100%!

  35. Thank You Ginny..100%!!!!

  36. Ay! si comprendieramos a cada instante que somos ahora! ya ! no antes o después la imagen y semejanza de Dios, cuánto más fácil se nos harían los ineludibles avatares diarios, porque de EL viene la fuerza, la alegría, la salud, la vitalidad, la provisión ya que es Todo en Todo.

  37. Thank you, Ginny. A need has been met with this message.

  38. Ginny - Thanks for reminding us to be alert to those sneaky thoughts that try to make us feel like we are less than perfect or that others are less than perfect. I love having another synonym for the perfection I reflect from God:)

  39. "100% approved" -- thank you, this idea supports entirely a task I need to do today that I have been dreading. But no matter what takes place in today's human experience, I can live it as a 100% approved creation of God. "And God saw all that he had made and behold it was very good!"

    The quote above (mentioned in today's Lift) is from the Bible - Genesis 1:31.

  40. Ginny, thank you for that wonderful thought. I am starting my day knowing I am 100%, and everyone I know is 100%. I feel so uplifted!

  41. Obrigada Ginny por sua mensagem 100% inspirada no amor 100% de Deus.

  42. You certainly get 100% on this Daily Lift, Ginny!! Much love to you.

  43. It just can't get any better than that!
    Thanks, Ginny!

  44. I agree with you Sandy B. 100%!

  45. A wonderful lift, Thank you so much Ginny. I have a day ahead of me today that I was not very confident about but now it\s going to be 100% in every way as I can be sure that with the help of Divine Love I am absolutely capable of doing the right thing. Love to you all.

  46. I love The Daily Lift--such a wonderful addition to our daily spiritual preparation. Ginny came to Wichita this summer and gave two awesome lectures--one for a large group of non-Christian Science girls and women living in shelters and childrens' homes. Today's Lift was perfect (as always) as I just received an email last night from my best friend who is on a month-long hiking trek through the Pyrenees Mountains of northern Spain and was asking for my help to make it through. I sent him this link and know it will be a great inspiration for him, as well as the for the rest of us. Thank you so much, fabulous Ginny!

  47. Thanks! I needed that!

  48. "...merciful, just and 100%". Promised!

    The statement in quotation marks above may refer to the 6th Tenet of Christian Science from <em>Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures</em> by Mary Baker Eddy. All six Tenets may be found on page 497.
    "And we solemnly promise to watch, and pray for that Mind to be in us which was also in Christ Jesus; to do unto others as we would have them do unto us; and to be merciful, just, and pure."

  49. thanks great lift...

  50. 100% WONDERFUL, Ginny!

    You are, we are, God IS!!


  51. Thank you, dear Ginny!
    Yes, we are 100 % as the creation from father/mother God good and loveable.
    What for a great lift - TANK YOU!

  52. Hello Daily Lift family!
    Your comments are so uplifting and are so 100% full of joy and gratitude.Thank you all for being a big part of these lifts.
    All of your thoughts were wonderful! ~ "lifetime warranty"(# 9) is a fun idea! ~Jennifer (#11) it was good to hear you will take the 100% idea into your exam today.. Enjoy it! ~ (#30) only what God sees of you counts. ~ Nancy (#31) So many people have suffered from things that happened in school that weren't good. I pray to understand that in each moment God was there seeing us and knowing us to be only good.~~ A quote I love that helps us claim our good is from Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures written by Mary Baker Eddy. 494: 13 (beginning in the middle of a sentence) "...to all mankind and in every hour divine Love, supplies all good."
    Thank you to each of you for being 100% wonderful!

  53. Thanks, Ginny. One hundred %

  54. Thanks, a great way to start the day
    I noticed that the Daily Lift logo has become dynamic. I love the falling leaves!

  55. Goodie goodie, thank you

  56. Wow, How did you know that is just the message that I needed. I will pass this on to my children.
    Thank you xoxox

  57. Hm-mm, I like that, 100%. I've been working with the thougths that God is all in All. But 100% embraces that thought. Thank you so much for sharing. And Thanks to M.C. for the ideas, to share these ideas for our consciouness to dwell on. Much Love to all.

  58. Thanks so much for the wonderful lift, it's exactly what I needed to hear to wake me up from a few difficult mornings I've had. What a relief to know that God made all of us 100% AND this doesn't change but is our permanent score. Woo hoo!

  59. Much thanks, Ginny, for your 100% joy. Nothing can be added to or taken from that which is already 100%. And we are all ready 100%. I like to think of it in the NOW. When I smile at someone, I'm being 100%. When i am humble under criticism, I am 100%. Even when a test comes back at 80% that doesn't make me any less than 100%. Possibly the 80% was 100% of all I really needed. Being a teacher that helps my kids remain at their 100% without human measurements.

  60. During a marksmanship course at Camp LeJeune, the instructor handed me my target and in amazement said: "Chaplain, here's your target. You scored 99." I told him that I don't keep 99's. His face lit up and he asked me to write "99 won't do" on the target and sign it: "Chaplain Hodges." He said he was going to show it to all the Marines.
    I'm sure God's standard is "99 won't do." Perfect God ---perfect man.
    Thanks again Ginny!

  61. Hey Ginny,
    I love the sense of authority in this lift. It is like stepping out into the sunshine from a dark cave. It affirms God's law..."I am all", and man's reflection of that law. What greater principle have we upon which to base our practice? Thanks for rolling away the stone.

  62. My cup "runneth over," with appreciation for all these good messages. My twin and I were labeled "needs help." Our mother did not see us that way and we have had a lives of 100% fulfillment thanks to the teachings of Christian Science.

    "My cup runneth over.." is from the 23rd Psalm in the Bible.

  63. Wow, that's 100% good!
    Thanks very much Ginny.

  64. Ok, so we're already 100% approved. And we're 100% good......this means, there's no need to prove ourselves!

    That's so relevant -

    I find it's easy to fall into the routine of "I need to prove myself today. I need to prove that I am capable, worthy, good at such and such, etc etc. I need to earn people's respect and approval."

    big personal responsibility.

    This Lift sets me free. I'm already approved! Thank you Ginny for this sweet message.

  65. Wonderful comments, all. Thanks Ginny and everyone. What came to mind was Paul's words in Ephesians, "What God is given is forever; nothing can be added to it nor takenaway from it. .. ." 100% That helps me in fearing that somehow I may lose the spiritulity I have, but it is going to be ---- forever.

  66. Thanks Ginny. I really needed this. Today has started put about 20%. But with a change of consciousness and the realization of God's allness, we are back to the 100% approval rate.

  67. Thank you Ginny. The Lift is absolutely perfect. Thanks too for all the comments
    and to Nate and everyone concerned.

  68. This Lift is a winner! Thank you, Ginny. So simple and easy to work with to correct our thoughts, yet it's so vast and profound as to begin weeks of study to grasp what I'd learn. My 1st thought, after praying, was the word “all” and then “All-in-all. That made me think of Gen.1:1, “In the beginning...” and realize that isn't a start of creation in story form, but is telling about the One being, the “I am”. “Am” is a form of “Be”. The Bible starts with a revelation of God, as well as His creation, which is inseparable from Mind and Mind's thoughts. So Gen1:1 is telling us what is taking place “in” The Being, Mind, God. I wanted to research “all” now, but Strong's Concordance has 15 pages, (3 columns each of fine print) plus almost 3 more columns on adjoining pgs. Though wanting to find a particular verse, I was instead led to look at one, which sums up your Lift 100 percent: Eph. 1:3, “Blessed be the God and Father of our Lord, Jesus Christ, who hath blessed us with all spiritual blessings in heavenly places in Christ.” We are each the sum total of that, being all we need to be, and having all we need to have. There is no “all, but” or “all, if”, or “all, when”. We are All-in-all's 100% perfect ideas now, and always have been. Any conflicting claim or memory is part of a dream that does not exist. We can line up all our thoughts, and all people, with this Lift EVERY day. Much more to say and think with this, but your Title says it all! #62 Sue, Thanks for sharing.

  69. I'd give this lift a grade of 100 percent..... easily......

    Thanks, Ginny..... I needed that today......

  70. Thanks for pointing out what I was unconsciously doing- before I got up-planning out the percentage of how the day was going to go. Now I will embark on the 100% day that God gives us.

  71. Thank you Ginny for this 1oo% inspiring message.

  72. Thank you, Ginny!
    I liked your comment that we are all God's perfect creation, 100% approved! As the election season comes to a welcome end, I remember the tag on so many of the commercials, "I approve this message." Well, it's good to know that we are always 100% approved by God! It's also wonderful that God approves all of the messages we receive from Him!
    I love to remember from your lecture and your Lift that God always calls you "Sweetheart." What a wonderful thought!

  73. Thank you Ginny, I need help seeing that.
    Are Bin Ladin and other terrorists 100% good? I am having trouble seeing everyone as 100% good. How can they be good, and be so bad?
    Any ideas for me?

  74. Thank you so much Ginny for this timely Lift. Just today I have felt
    moments of 'bland'. Now its BLING! 100% that's the lift I needed.
    Thank you!

  75. I just spent an hour with a rep from a local furnace company giving me an estimate to replace my old furnace. We were just going over warranties. How wonderful to then read todays lift and see the 100% guarantee and warranty for God's goodness and our divine authority to claim it and reflect it and live it. Thank you again for another wonderful lift.

  76. Thank you very much Ginny
    I like your inspiration and your voice who is 100% so clear and so right...
    It so simple....to simple ..but this is it.....it's the truth.....

  77. Hello Jon #73,
    Thank you for your deep thinking on this subject!!
    So important to see that the 100% isn't just a head in the sand way of looking at the world but a 100% concept results from our spiritual sense kicking in to see the true spiritual, God created nature of each individual.

    I highly recommend a read of the Christian Science Bible Lesson for this week. It will make this so clear for you, as it did for me. An example from the lesson is; 294:25-26 from Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures by Mary Baker Eddy, "Man's genuinie selfhood is recognizable only in what is good and true."
    Note the word genuine.. Even Bin Ladin has a genuine identity but not much of it is seen at this time..
    The ugly concepts and the destructive behavior held by people like Bin Ladin are the product of a misconception of what God and life are.

    The dream of life apart from God, can be destroyed. That destruction begins when evil is seen as no part of reality, when evil is seen as "0" or nothing in the 100% of God's good creation.
    With love,

  78. Thanks, Ginny. What a great one to share.

  79. The memory of this morning's lift: 100% -&gt; 100% spiritual -&gt; 100% good
    helped me several times throughout the day and improved my work and the cooperation with colleagues.

    The concept points thought to the allness of good...

  80. This is an idea I cling to like a life raft! Thank you so much for the reminder and for bringing it out in my day today! I love the thought that we have nothing to prove or accomplish to have our 100% goodness all the time. A gift to all! It does take the pressure off! Just like Kat # 64 wrote. It really does release us from proving ourselves-and that's where the Peace is and where we can really listen for God's Will within. I like how #58, Jenna referred to this as our permanent score! Awesome. Love to you all, and thank you, thank you!

  81. Ginny, I´m a 100% happy to know that I can always express God´s goodness and joy!
    Thanks for the reminder!

  82. Thanks for a great lift, Ginny! What a wonderful way to start the day: knowing that you're 100%!

  83. Hey Ginny - what a great lift - my day was frustrating today and I felt all day like I just didn't get enough sleep. Well, that's just not the truth about me because I'm always 100%, filled with God's thoughts and have to blow away those musty thoughts that are now true. Thanks for the reminder!
    Hugs, Marty

  84. Translation to # 16, Mabel:
    Thanks! ... ... .... I am very happy to open the Daily Lift and find that the inspiration I had this morning when I was preparing myself to serve the Lord... was exactly the integrity of perfection of man as image and likeness of God!
    Mind is hugging all of us all in a single thought ... and all humanity is included in it!
    Thanks for the wonderful inspiration!

  85. Translation to # 36. Argentina rosa maria:

    Ayyy! If we understood at every moment that we are, now! Right now! -not before or after- the image and likeness of God, how much easier it would be for us the unavoidable daily ups and downs, the strength, joy, health, vitality, supply comes from Him because He is All in All.

  86. Dear Ginny thank you for your 100% Lift, I know looking back when we are living in the now!!, oh could I have done with this understanding when I was at school, here in England,and since in my mature years,computer course in my sixties, it was discovered that I appeared to have a learning difficulty,Particularly with numbers, and it was not something recognised years ago, one was treated as slow, or dim,I still find myself struggling at times even since coming into Christian Science and learning differently. So your lift will be a mental page turner. Thank you So much Big Hugs

  87. Oh, how I love that God calls us 'sweetheart'. And this is the source of our confidence and authority.

    Ginny Thank you.

  88. Discovering more of this wonderful reality - 100% sweetheart, 100% pure, 100% loved, 100% approved, 100% good. I feel blessed!! Thanks so much Ginny for this lift and for answering Jon's question (#73) so clearly.

  89. Thank you dear Ginny for this 100% complete message. Lets accept it, prove it and enjoy it with much, much gratitude, right now.

  90. Again thank you to those who have commented and shared from the heart. #86 Kathy I can't help but feel joy for your discovery of Christian Science. One thought I have found so helpful in praying about learning difficulties is the idea that we are not DNA creations but ideas of God including all right ideas. There is an earlier lift I did on this idea you might find helpful.
    Understanding God as 100% good and seeing our place in that perfection brings sweet freedom. Keep at it! You will find your freedom is at hand..
    Thank you all for your kindness and for your support of these lifts. They are such a blessing. God is good.

  91. Great lift. Hit home for me, who's spent most of her life trying to please others. On a particularly dismal day, I just asked God to help me see through the clouds of darkness, and this thought came: "You're a thoroughbred, honey!" And boy, did that speak to me -- just like this lift -- telling us we're 100% 'cause God made us this way!!! Thanks for uplifting my day! I needed it!

  92. I know this was yesterday's lift, but I just now got a chance to listen to it, and it's exactly what I needed to hear today. I love this. I'm student teaching right now, and I love it when I can write 100% on the top of my students papers. There's something about absolute perfection that's so freeing and elevating. Thank for the reminder that this is how Life eternally is. :)

  93. Thanks, Ginny, for being there for us 100%!! I had fun working with the 7 synonyms and their attributes in regard to being 100%. Here it is:

    Iam/We are 100% pure goodness, perfect intelligence, pure joy, abundantly provided for, perfectly satisfied...
    We are 100% wisely mature, resourcefully capable, guided, guarded and governed by Love and Principle.
    We are 100% guided by peace, God's inspiration.
    We are 100% able to fulfill our God-gifted purpose.
    We are 100% strong, fearless, capable.
    We are 100% companioned by present, divine Love.
    We are 100% genuine, made in heaven.
    We are 100% honest and perfectly whole and healthy.
    We are 100% ONE with our Father/Mother/Spouse/Best Friend.
    We are 100% pure love-- selfless and generous.

  94. Here are some 100% thoughts that I was pondering before I heard this wonderful daily lift. When something is full there is no room for anything else. "...the earth is full of the goodness of the Lord." (Ps 33:5) Mrs. Eddy tells us in Prose Works that "Good thoughts are an impervious armor, Clad therewith you are shielded from the attacks of error of every sort. And not only yourselves are safe, but all who your thoughts rest upon are thereby benefited. (My 210:1-7) "How important, then, to choose good as reality!" (S&amp;H 481:1-2) As God's beloved children we were made and are maintained as the full and complete reflection of the "all-harmonious Father-Mother God". Truly we are an important integral part of His/Her "very good" creation!

  95. Many thanks from someone who loves the truth of being 100% spiritual or "fully loaded" with all right qualities. What a God! What a creation, man including the universe!

  96. i Thank you so much for your very interesting and important message.I like it because that met a need in my life today.Thanks a lot.

  97. Wonderful... thank you for this awesome lift!

  98. Just what I needed to hear, thanks Ginny!

  99. GRATITUDE, with a 100% G.

  100. Thank You! That was a very nice lift.

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