10/9: Crumbs of comfort

10/9: Crumbs of comfort

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  1. Thank you Josh, what a great Lift. Our realization of God's love for us brings with it both a peaceful and empowering feeling filled with hope, health, and dominion over material beliefs of inadequacy, sickness, or as you say mental darkness or gloom. We are lifted above these mortal based thoughts to joy-filled spiritual understanding; a conscious awareness of our true spiritual being, where limitation, disease are unknown.

  2. Very helpful, Josh. I will take these thoughts to this week's CSO meeting. Many thanks.

  3. Thanks, Josh. I felt the immediacy of the Christ once when I realized I could no sooner get away from the all embracing love of God (Love) than could the sun get away from it own light. I felt an inner "glow" for a good part of the day.

  4. Thank you, Josh.

    I want to include your quote again from our beloved leader Mary Baker Eddy.

    "Whatever inspires with wisdom, Truth, or Love – be it song, sermon, or Science – blesses the human family with crumbs of comfort from Christ’s table, feeding the hungry and giving living waters to the thirsty."

    Mary Baker Eddy
    (Science and Health 234:4)

    Truth, Wisdom, Love and Sincerity, to ALL mankind.

    Rob Scott
    Chicago, IL

  5. Josh-Thank you so much for that 'lift'-perfect!.

  6. Thank you Josh just what I needed.
    Jill in England.

  7. Josh, Thank you

  8. Nice Lift, Josh. That sort of training is not easy, but the realization of God's immediate love rose you up, and you helped others too. Perfect, bro..

  9. 6 Farisai- 10/9/2013
    Thanx Josh.A God who is love meets us where we are at our point of need , no matter how great the need may be. And at that point of understanding, no matter how small, he lifts us higher.Its natural and powerful to to feel a divine Father-Mother loving and comfort

  10. I never thought of that "still small voice", that comforting intuition that "all will be well", as a specific crumb of comfort that brings healing. Thank you Josh, these crumbs of comfort are all around us all the time and all we need is to notice and eat them, take them in.
    These crumbs are first mentioned in the Bible by a Canaanite (non Jewish) women looking to Jesus for healing for her grievously ill daughter. Because she was not a child of Israel, Jesus compared her to an unworthy dog, but she responded "...yet the dogs under the table eat of the children's crumbs." (Mark 7).
    Her daughter was forthright healed, showing how important are the qualities of persistence, humility, receptivity, and gratitude.

  11. Thank you Josh Great Lift to take into this week.

  12. Thank you so much. I have felt that too, that all embracing love sometimes when I felt so dark and troubled. It just came.... so beautiful when it enfolds you at a time like this. I love Christian Science, and Bless all the people responsible for this daily lift and all those who share their insight, and everyone in our Church and its avenues which bring blessings to us, right where we are, in any corner of the world.

  13. Thank you Josh, A good Daily Lift well said with the light of Truth.

  14. I prayed all the way knowing that God wasn’t going to leave us in the middle of nowhere.

    “Thanks Father for small favors!” I thought when I arrived to the gas station with the gas light on empty; far away from home, after midnight, and with my 10 year old asleep in the car.

    “Whatever inspires with wisdom, Truth, or Love — be it song, sermon, or Science — blesses the human family with crumbs of comfort from Christ's table, feeding the hungry and giving living waters to the thirsty.” S&H 234:4

    No distance, o separation, no hopeless situation exists where God is all-powerful and man is His image and likeness.

    Oré todo el camino sabiendo que Dios no nos iba a abandonar en el medio de la nada.

    “¡Gracias Padre por los favores pequeños!” pensé cuando llegamos a la gasolinera con la luz de ‘vacío’ encendida; lejos de casa, después de medianoche, y con mi niña de 10 años dormida en el automóvil.

    “Todo lo que inspire con sabiduría, Verdad o Amor — sea una canción, un sermón o la Ciencia— bendice a la familia humana con migajas de Consuelo de la mesa de Cristo, alimentando al hambriento y dando agua viva al sediento.” CyS 234:5

    No existe distancia o separación, no hay situación desesperada dónde Dios es todopoderoso y el hombre es Su imagen y semejanza.

  15. As ever you are right to the point, thank you so much Josh, also thank you 10 for the insight, much love Lifters one and all x

  16. Thank you for this lovely Lift. Hate claims to be something one person can do to another, leading to supposed impacts of one sort or another, but hate also come to our thought as these dark mental states claiming substance in our consciousness - or that it can use our consciousness to give it substance. We learn in Christian Science that only light has origin and is substance and the light of the Christ dispels these impressions of gloom. We are not given crumbs of comfort because God only gives tiny bits of good now and again (He gives all! all the time) or the leftovers (although even they would be good and useful!) but because even the smallest recognition of the omnipresence of God, Love, can dispel a world of hate.

  17. A bright early morning moment.

    Many thanks,

    Beverly Joyce SHM

  18. Many thanks Josh for sharing this wonderful embrace of divine Love that I too have felt on numerous occasions. My Christian Science Teacher once told me to see how long I could hold on to this embrace because with it comes instantaneous healings." "Home is the consciousness of good/ That holds us in its wide embrace;/ The steady light that comforts us/ In every path our footsteps trace." (Christian Science Hymnal Supplement #443).

  19. Thank you.

  20. Thank you for this great Lift just when it is needed.

  21. Great lift..thank you!

  22. Thank you Josh and everyone who is working for the cause of humanity. It has happened to me many times in the past that I was feeling sad and gloomy and all of a sudden I have felt that touch of Love all around and I knew it was the Christ presence that dispells mental darkness and lets the light of Love in. Yes, I agree with the comments above, Eleanor # 16 "Hate claims to be something one person can do to another, leading to supposed impacts of one sort or another, but hate also come to our thought as these dark mental states claiming substance in our consciousness - or that it can use our consciousness to give it substance." But we know we can resort to our Father no matter what situation we are in and receive the crumbs of comfort from His table. Blessings to all and once again special thanks to MB Eddy who left us her precious discovery.

  23. El Amor divino está siempre presente, entiendo que somos nosotros que nos alejamos, Dios nunca se aleja, es lo más cercano que tenemos, más cerca que nuestro propio ser, más dispuesto y más presente, sin desgano, con mucha dispocisión, siempre ahí delante nuestro, ya antes, de que nosotros tomemos consciencia de cualquier necesidad está presente. Puede parecernos que se tarda, sin duda, no es Él, es nuestra propia renuencia, a esperar con fe lo que produce la demora.

    Muchas gracias Johs, muy inspirado el mensaje.

  24. Gracias! Crumbs of comfort words brings God embrace to me.

  25. Thank You

  26. Thank you!

  27. Thank you, Josh, for “Crumbs of comfort … no distance, no separation between me and God, and certainly no hopeless situations … enjoy God’s immediate blessings.” Yes!!!

    Christian Science uplifts thought and experience beyond a “ just-hang-in-there,” tenuousness through life experiences. I know because there was a time when the world tried to impress upon me that that was reality - all that could be done.

    “… I … considered all the oppressions that are done under the sun: and behold the tears of such as were oppressed, and they had no comforter; and on the side of their oppressors there was power; but they had no comforter” (Eccl 4:1).

    The promise? “I will not leave you comfortless” (John 14:18). The promise is fulfilled!

    “When, as little children, we are receptive, become willing to accept the divine Principle and rule of being … divine Science … will be found to be the Comforter that leadeth into all truth. (Mis 189:6).

    “My heavenly Father will never leave me comfortless, in the amplitude of His love; coming nearer in my need, more tenderly to save and bless” (Mis 249:23).

    Our Father always gives us our daily bread – crumbs of comfort through every human circumstance to keep us nourished and strengthened, happy, and healthy, the way Jesus proved.

    “… acknowledge His Son, one Christ; the Holy Ghost or divine Comforter; and man in God's image and likeness” (S&H 497:6).

    Be blessed.

  28. Thanks, Josh, for this sweet Lift! So grateful for the comfort and healing shared in these Lifts and for the DL Team and Lifters - all going forth to bless!

  29. Thank you, Josh, for this very helpful lift.

  30. Helpful Lift, Josh, TY so much!

    Also, TY Eleanor #16 for this little gem: "We are not given crumbs of comfort because God only gives tiny bits of good now and again (He gives all! all the time) or the leftovers (although even they would be good and useful!) but because even the smallest recognition of the omnipresence of God, Love, can dispel a world of hate." Little "crumbs" have just been elevated with this statement. I love it!

  31. Thank you Josh, this is such a lovely thought, going to God for our daily bread, in fact we don't really have to go, he's already handIng it out to us "On a plate" that's full to overflowing! Love to ALL,

  32. Josh - thanks so much for giving us this experience. It reminded me of something I went through in the Navy. I was being transferred from a shore station to a ship, somewhere out in the 'Med'. In the process, I was first sent to a transit barracks in Rota, Spain - not knowing how long I would be stuck there or even knowing where my ship was. It was like being stuck in jail. The night I got there, I started to pray, turning to a Christian Science Journal - and instantly feeling the same love and care you experienced. At 4am the next morning. I was awakened by the watch and told "get up, you have a plane to catch". By that afternoon, I was in Naples and able to reach my ship.
    Thanks for your work

  33. What a great and inspiring message including your experience and being helpful to others. I have always been impressed with your quote from Mrs. Eddy on page 234:4 of Science and Health, that she begins the sources of inspiration and wisdom as song: "Whatever inspires with wisdom, Truth, or Love – be it song, sermon, or Science." The hymns have always been my first resource for comfort. I especially like the 3rd verse of Hymn 350, "While His truth we are applying, And upon His love relying, God is every need supplying, All, all is well."
    All is, not shall be, well - what a comforting promise that comes from applying His truth and relying in His love.

  34. Love is the "universal solvent," Science and Health tells us. It dissolves hatred, fear, darkness of any kind. So Love is also the universal solution for mankind individually and collectively. Hallowed be Love....

  35. Gary #10, the same thought came to me about the woman seeking help for her daughter from Jesus, the Master. In particular, I considered the humility and selfless courage to turn to him. Then I found this:

    “Meekly we kneel at our Master’s feet, for even a crumb that falleth from his table. We are hungry for Love, for the white-winged charity that heals and saves;…” and further along…. “In different ages the divine idea assumes different forms, according to humanity’s needs. In this age it assumes, more intelligently than ever before, the form of Christian healing.” Mis 369:19 etc.

    Even without a Jesus on the scene, the Christ whispers what we need to know (intelligent form of healing). The “I am right with you” touch of love might not be as visual as God’s great representative giving the word, but it is no less healing and certainly more divinely direct and just as clear. Each felt it, the woman found relief (Christ love) by Jesus’ attention, the child experienced healing without Jesus present and Josh, while being pushed to human limits, heard the inspiring…and very direct “I am right with you” and knew he was alright also.

    Thank you Josh for a great “boots on the ground” lift for us!

  36. Josh, your thoughts here are the very definition of a "Daily Lift"! Thank you for sharing them!

  37. "Crumbs of comfort", our daily bread, our grace. My crumbs of comfort this morning came as the words to this hymn:

    Our God is Love, unchanging Love,
    And can we ask for more?
    Our prayer for Love’s increase is vain;
    ’Twas infinite before.
    Ask not the Lord with breath of praise
    For more than we accept;
    The open fount is free to all,
    God’s promises are kept.

    (Christian Science Hymnal # 269)

    Thank you, Josh. Thank you, dear Mother Church.

  38. Well, I now have a new perspective! I've previously thought of 'crumbs of comfort' as being a small amount, few, little, maybe four or five, until just now! A couple of days ago I baked a 'Double-Crumb Cake' and it's loaded to the hilt with delightful crumbs… an overflowing abundance! Your Lift connected those for me, otherwise I would've not seen it's blessing message that there is '…not room enough to contain'.

    Thanks Josh!

  39. I've been having some hopeless moments recently, much like the one Josh describes, feeling far from family and the potential to give needed care there. It helps to understand that no one is separated from God, and in Truth there is no time (delay), distance, or banishment. God's plan prepares the place, and places us perfectly.

  40. Thank you so much Josh! Your lift points out that all we need do is ask, and even before we are completely aware of the asking, God will provide us His tender loving care.

    " We thank Thee and we bless Thee,
    O Father of us all,
    That e’en before we ask Thee
    Thou hear’st Thy children’s call.
    We praise Thee for Thy goodness
    And tender, constant care,
    We thank Thee, Father-Mother,
    That Thou hast heard our prayer."
    Hymn #375 / Basil Harwood

    This is the infinite, omnipresent comfort God provides with any situation, anywhere on the globe, in any circumstance. To God, be praise!

    Thank you also to all lifter's comments and the Daily Lift Team too for your diligent work.

  41. Thanks Josh. Martin no 1 is correct. When God is an experience and not just a concept, healing happens. The presence of God in our consciousness is the manifestation of God in our experience.

  42. Joshie, this is a really warm and beautiful Lift that guarantees God's presence is with each and every one of us at all times and in every place right here and now. And I mean every perfect spiritual idea, regardless of what mortal mind claims it to be. I have felt God's love so present with us when Doug and Albert were both young and became aggressive just because they were young cats and thought that's what they had claws for. Or that was why they had very sharp teeth. And yet, just sitting with them and praying to them - either silently or audibly - I could feel that aggression be completely replaced with the loveliness of love. What a demonstration of humility that God would take time to answer each and every audible or silent call. . .
    Thank you Nate and the production team; the lecturers; and our Daily Lift family.

  43. Thank you!! What a comforting Lift for the world today!

  44. Before the audio ended on today's D/L, I remembered the story in the Bible of the woman that asked Jesus to heal her daughter. Now she wasn't of the same faith as Jesus, but she showed him that she had spiritual understanding, by her answer when she was snubbed by Jesus; "Truth, Lord; yet the dogs eat from the crumbs which fall from their master's table." She understood that a simple truth (a simple crumb of truth,) from the master would heal instantaneously her daughter.

  45. Precious!
    Thank you!

  46. Even "crumbs" of comfort are a big help. I've had that warm embrace once and recall it yet. It just envelopes one and lasted for a few days. It seemed like everything and everyone was so beautiful! Thank you, Josh for bringing us this lift today!

  47. Many thanks Josh for waking us up to the benefits of those crumbs from God. If we are grateful for those crumbs they add up to a feast containing comfort, compassion, joy, healing, and bountiful blessings, encompassed by Infinite Love. .

  48. Crumbs....

    I think the crumb...of God's Love expression acts differently in each one in regard to the

    receiver's attitude (Christian) , expectation (ask without doubting...as already there...in fact it is!),

    acknowledgment (recognizing the Completeness and perfection of His creation) ,

    desire to put God at the Top of our life (1st comm.) and strive to do so.....daily...hourly.....

    without struggling but determine of keeping ourselves in the flow (Here n Now) of His presence.

    Bless all

  49. Thank you Josh and all, for lifting my thought from what seemed a very dark moment.

  50. Thank you,Josh.Very very comforting lift.

  51. Thanks, Josh, for the reminder. It summoned up an out- of- country-experience when, even though I became unable to move myself, physically, and fearful, Love was all around me, I later realized. It was manifested in a friend singing a familiar hymn; the appearance of a group of men, one of whom was able to carry me to safety; and later, a rehearsal of gratitude for past healings which my companion and I shared with each other. What began as fear of being far from home and from a loving family, turned out to be a lesson in recognizing the unbroken, ever presence of Love's embrace--wherever we are. Love is always supplying us with abundant comfort. I bow before divine Love to receive as many of those crumbs as fall to me from that source .

  52. Thanks so much for these very filling " crumbs of comfort"! Really they were quite a "fill fulling" repas of the immediacy of God's presence each day for us all! I feel so "Lifted"! Thank you this is a keeper!

  53. Absolutely loved the "crumbs of comfort" elaboration. Also thanks lifters 10, 35, 37,40 for your added unfoldment to Josh's lift. What an uplifting way to start the day! El Paso Patt

  54. Thanks, Josh. I found your message this morning very comforting and uplifting--helpful in dispelling some dark reports in my thought.

  55. This is so good. I've listened twice. Thanks.

  56. Good way to kick start our day. Way to go Josh!

  57. Thank you, Josh, from Beautiful Idaho! I recently attended an All-Women's AA and Al-Anon Speaker Meeting and Pot Luck. So gratifying to hear the stories of women who turned to God with their whole Hearts and found the Comfort, Healing and Progress they needed. I shared with a couple of them the old saying. "If you feel yourself apart from God, ask yourself, 'Who Moved?'" God is the Constant in our lives, it's we who move in and out and round about and then wonder why we feel lost and alone sometimes! As Mrs. Eddy says: "God is everywhere and nothing apart from Him is present or has power." Sometimes when I am feeling down, I just ask God to shower me with Her Love and it's always so Amazing where and how that Love comes! Not always from the people or situations I expected! Loving Crumbs to All!

  58. Thanks Josh, the line, every good gift and every perfect gift is from above...how grateful I am for every little crumb. A grateful day to all.

  59. Thank you Josh. Your "lift" got me thinking - if the crumbs can bring such comfort, imagine what the feast on Christ's table can do!

  60. Thanks Josh Crumb "cake" for breakfast!
    Thank you too fellow lifters !! ;)

  61. Awesome and truly needed today! Thank you Josh!

  62. Very helpful. Thank you!

  63. In the morning, whether I wake up at 3:00 a.m. or 8:00 a.m., I feel God's loving presence. Especially today, I felt the love of God encircling my home, my son, and my pets. I laid awake in bed allowing that love of Love to really sink in. This morning I had to say out loud, "I love you, God!!" I also hear God's instructions or corrections for my day. Mornings used to be more difficult, but listening to God makes it much easier to "arise and shine". Thanks for your lift, Josh!

  64. Thanks Josh. This speaks to the heart :)

  65. I love that thought---crumbs of comfort, why they are part of that leaven right? SO good to hear your fresh, loving appraoch to Life! Thank you! ---Merri

  66. Thx Josh....love to all

  67. Thank you Josh. It is impossible to bring any darkness into light. The tiniest light brings considerable
    light into darkness. Our banqueting table, the holy bible, provides crumbs that bless our families and all
    with proclamations "We have the mind of Christ" and "Put on the armour of light" , etc. We are
    fortunate to have daily blessings from trusting these readings plus interpretations such as yours.

  68. p.s. Daily Lift Team

    Liked the cool music today in the background today as it is appropriate for the healing message!

    Also liked the Army Ranger story as it is unique and interesting compared to a backache. Hope to learn and hear more from Josh as he is reaching a younger audience.

  69. Thank you Josh! I am going to take you on my mini iPad to Camp Pendelton for a CS Sunday school I have with Marine recruits. Two years ago you were with us there and I have been wanting to take you back. This is a perfect lift for them. Some are having fearful, dark moments. Others want to help their fellow platoon members who are struggling. All will relate to your experience! Bless you for sharing! Sally

  70. Josh,

    Thanks very much for your Daily Lift. My prayer can be: Let the Light of God's Love shine in my thinking today. This Lift lifted me to continue to screen out negativity and let God govern me. Reading the comments from another Daily Lift, I learned the phrase: God guides, guards, and governs. Positive affirmation really are a boost to one's hope and joy.

  71. Lovely, Josh, just lovely!!!

  72. These crumbs of comfort are available.
    Thank you for pointing that out!

  73. Love this lift Josh....so direct....

    "Whatever inspires with wisdom, Truth, or Love – be it song, sermon, or Science – blesses the human family with crumbs of comfort from Christ’s table, feeding the hungry and giving living waters to the thirsty."

    So often those crumbs of comfort come in the form (like the instance you mention) of a hymn....& often that one, Kathleen (37) as well as Mrs. Eddy's own wonderful & familiar hymns....

    And it's always just exactly the right crumb.....the one needed to uplift & comfort....while praying 'on the hoof' ....

    Thank you Josh

  74. I I love these Daily Lifts, and read them all. This one is very comforting. There have been times when
    II too, have yearned for even a crumb of comfort from the Christ. At one time it came to me in this little verse I composed: Feed Me
    If I can't digest the whole,
    Feed me the crumbs
    Until I am strong enough
    To gather up the fragments
    Of the whole truth.

  75. Perfect.

  76. Josh, Thank you for such a clear expression of Love reaching our consciousness when we turn to God. A beautiful quote too.

  77. JOSH: I admire your courage and expressiveness! Your message is what I needed today. Thank you!

  78. Thank you, Josh, for your service to our country as a military Veteran and to our Cause in your public practice as a servant of Spirit!

  79. Thank you

  80. A precious and comforting message. Thank you.

  81. Thank you Josh, As I feed the lovely birds the Squirrels and Chipmunks also enjoyed the fallen crumbs and remind me to look for the crumbs of comfort from the Christian Science Daily Lesson and words from friends that bring moments of comfort and supply all needs. Peacefully, carol

  82. Amen! Thanks brother!

  83. How comforting! Thanks, Josh.

  84. Heartfelt thanks, Josh, for this oh-so-comforting Lift. Thanks also to all who have shared hymns, poems, and inspiration. The comments of Farisai #9, Eleanor #16, Nela #27, and Bara #38 especially spoke to my heart. Today I will be baking a cake with a smile on my face as I consider the bountiful "crumbs of comfort" from Christ's table.

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