10/5: The small basket

10/5: The small basket

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  1. thank you Marie. This small basket called Earth is held in the arms of Love today, every moment.

  2. Je n'avais jamais pensé de cette façon au petit panier de Moïse ! C'est super, merci Marie !

  3. It must have been heart braking for Moses mom making a basket of reed to set her new born adrift on the river hoping he will be spare. She must have been sure God was her sole power and presence. She trusted her child to God's loving care —and God delivered.
    We dwell in the presence of the infinite God; divine Love, the supreme good. We are always supported and care for by God's tender and powerful grace. This consciousness is like a small basket to snuggle up and find safety and salvation. MBE’s poem “Mother’s evening prayer”, says: "Love is our refuge, only with mine eye can I behold the snare, the pit, the fall: His habitation high is here, and night, His arm encircles me, and mine, and all" CS Hymn 210
    ESPAÑOL: Debió haberle destrozado el corazón a la mamá de Moisés hacer una canasta de caña para poner su hijo recién nacido a la deriva en el río con la esperanza de que se salvase. Debió haber estado segura que Dios era su único poder y presencia y confió su hijo al cuidado amoroso de Dios —y Dios le cumplió.
    Habitamos en presencia del Dios infinito; el amor divino, el bien supremo. Siempre estamos apoyados y cuidados por la tierna y poderosa gracia de Dios. Esta conciencia es como una pequeña cesta para acurrucarse y encontrar seguridad y salvación. El poema “Oración Vespertina de la Madre” de MBE dice: "Amor refugio nuestro, no he de creer el lazo que nos pueda hacer caer, habita con nosotros el Señor, Su brazo nos rodea con amor” Himno 210 Ciencia Cristiana

  4. Thank you so much Marie ...

  5. Thank you so much for this beautiful message.

  6. Marie, thank you for this message of absolute Trust!

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  7. Dear Marie, thank you very much for this lift and the basket.. I will try to remember this as my place of safety and of security. Great !

  8. Many thanks Marie for that very inspiring lift. Yes," We are always in the presence of the infinite God, divine Love, the supreme Good." "Love is our refuge;...His arm encircles me, and mine, and all." (MBE Christian Science Hymnal #207.)

  9. Beautiful

  10. Remembering God's all embracing love - so important. Beautiful!! - many thanks.

  11. Couldn't sleep... mulling over a decision. Your Lift was just what I needed to hear. It was only with mine eye that I was beholding the snare, the pit,
    the fall. Fear of making the wrong decision, of selecting the wrong solution;
    all false fears that tried to deny my very own ever present divine protection.

  12. His arm encircles me mine and all! What a wonderful thought to begin my day. Thank you!

  13. Thank you so much Anita. Simple, and beautifully expressed,

  14. Snuggling is good prayer posture. Thank you Marie.

  15. Thank you for this very inspiring Lift knowing that

    Thank you for this very inspiring Lift.

    god is

  16. What amazing trust! She was "not doubting God's government or distrusting his omnipotent care." MBE Science and Health 231:24 Thank you!

  17. Thank you, Marie! I'm going to snuggle up in that basket of Love all day today! Love to you.

  18. Merci mille fois, Marie!

  19. That was such a beautiful thought picture of safety and God's protection of all Her children, Marie, thank you ! I realize that we can consciously put our children (our adullt childern too!) into that" basket of safety" consciousness and that they can ride-out any "turbulent sea" experiences that may try to threaten !
    I liked what C.S. Hymn #258 (3rd verse) says in this regard-"And within the dim unknown Standeth God within the shadow keeping watch above His own."

  20. Thanks for these wonderful, "wake-up calls". I am so grateful to put my entire circle
    of family and friends where, "His arms encircle me and mine and all".

  21. Thank you, Marie, for this beautiful reminder that no matter how troubled the seas of human thought we can hear the tender words of Christ. As we are reminded Mrs. Eddy's hymn #253:
    And o'er earth's troubled, angry sea I see Christ walk,
    And come to me, and tenderly, Divinely talk.

  22. Very inspiring. Great start to my day.

  23. Yahoo! The numbers are back! I love notes and numbers as representatives of God's ideas! Thank you to the web designer for taking our wants and needs into account on this issue. I feel like this truly is "Our" Daily Lift! I don't know if anyone else saw it or not, but a couple of weeks ago, someone posted a comment that included a quote seen outside of a Church: "Never Give Up. Moses was once a Basket Case!" Loved it! Made me chuckle! And yes, being a "Basket Case" is actually a good thing, because it means we are always surrounded by God's Love which provides us with a sense of security and safety at all times! Snuggle up everyone!

  24. Thank you so much!!! I will trust in the support, safety and comfort of my basket all day!

  25. Merci beaucoup. Nous sommes toujours à la présence de Dieu.

    Thank you so much for this lovely reminder that we are always in the presence of God.

  26. Thank you Marie for this splendid and very comforting reminder of God's unfailing, everpresent Love and care for each of his children. "Love is our refuge".

  27. What a wonderful story! Moses' mother, faced with death or salvation----forced to trust that God would see to the safety of her son. And He did! And He does---for all of us. And then even nursed by his own mother! Every detail of this demonstration was perfect, as God's demos always are. And then this man, in God's plan, went on to free and bless his people----and US with examples of salvation for mankind. We are faced with death or salvation now around the world, and we must trust God's care to lead us out of destruction, ----or, mankind may suffer violence, as is to be seen (Japan, Iraq, Afghanistan, etc.). We too have a choice, and that choice must be to trust in God. How wonderful to have Christian Science as our bulwark against evil!

  28. I love the idea of being snuggled in a small basket, feeling embraced in God's loving, omnipresent, omnipotent care! And wasn't Mrs. Eddy insightfully inspired when she realized that God is not only our Father, but also our Mother. Thank you, Marie, for this beautiful, caring lift.

  29. I don't see the "send to a friend " option any more. Did I miss it?

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  30. Merci Marie for this comforting message.
    And thank you Shannon, for reading it for us in English so beautifully (
    those of os who do not speak French!)
    I love the music this week tooo -- so tender and gentle.

  31. Thank you, Marie. The ingenuity of Moses mother to make such a water tight basket was also a gift from God. Then to set her son adrift with enough love and commitment to follow through. His older sister, brought up with the lessons of faith in God's power, followed his progress through the reeds until the small basket reached its destination. Such a beautiful story and such a beautiful message this morning. Thank you again for sharing.

  32. Thank you, Marie, for this lovely expression of God's loving protection of all His children. I will keep these thoughts in my heart as I go through my day, knowing that I am always safe in God's love.

  33. Thank you, Marie, for this wonderful expression of God's love, which I will carry with me throughout the day, remembering that we are always living under God's protection.

  34. Dear Marie,
    I was reminded of a practitioner friend of mine who used to say at night to "curl up with God."
    This often put me to sleep and gave me the feeling of safety and security, so that I slept soundly.
    These are beautiful ideas that you have shared. Thanks so much.

  35. Just what was needed for me and for several "whom [my] thoughts rest upon (My 210)." As folks face challenges - no job, the house isn't selling, money is running out, etc. - to trust God so completely as to set adrift (seemingly) that which we cherish and love the most, turning all over to His care, and then watch things work out in such marvelous ways we could never imagine - THAT is really witnessing His habitation, here and nigh! Bless you for sharing such comforting ideas.

  36. Trusting God to take care of us is a secure peaceful feeling. Moses' mother must have felt instinctively her son had a purpose; to bless his fellow man. We are "hid with Christ", wrapped in Love, to fulfill God's plan for us. Thank you Marie.

    We are hid with Christ forever
    In the Father's holy plan.
    In this pure eternal union
    We behold the perfect man;
    And we know that sin can never
    Overthrow the sacred rod
    Of dominion over evil:
    We are hid with Christ in God (Hymn 370 - Christian Science Hymnal)

  37. am glad to know God`s loves is always with me

  38. Merci, Marie
    Wonderful comforting message. To think that we are all in God's "everlasting arms of Love" Hymn#53
    Feeling rather unsettled after climbing into bed for the night recently, I prayed to feel God's presence ... and did and felt very much like a child wrapped up in the warmth of God's love. What a great feeling!

    And Bev #22 -- ditto -- glad to see the numbers back. And, loved your report of a church sign "Don't give up Moses was once a basket case" It made me laugh out loud. Good way to live the day.

  39. Merci beaucoup Marie for the wonderful reminder that "to those leaning on the sustaining infinite today is big with blessings." What trust Moses mother must have had to listen to the voice of reason, leaving her precious cargo in the 'basket' of infinite love. Having no other recourse than to witness her child being slain by the wicked Pharoah, she was instructed by Love, which resulted in big blessings.

  40. A couple of weeks ago, the Bible Lesson talked about us "living in the city of God" from Revelation. I felt good about residing in this city that lies foursquare. Now I'm enjoying thinking about the safety Moses had with Love's arms all around him providing him with the Mother-Love he needed until he went to live in Pharaoh's house as a teenager. Thank you for this lift, Marie and to Shannon for reading it so beautifully.

  41. Ohhh, how loving these comments are!!!! This DL I will keep going over and over, because I've been dealing (SO IT SEEMS) with a physical claim, at times concerned very much. I'm trying to keep my thinking "in the kingdom of heaven". Seems to be quite a challenge. On listening and reading about Moses, his Mom and sister, trusting in Divine Love, Moses lived to complete God's plan for HIS children. I plan on snuggling often in that same basket. Thank you so much, one and all, (including our DL team) for imparting these angel thoughts.

  42. Merci beaucoup for adding this inspiring light, on Moses example. I never gave much thought to him as a baby, but you have changed all that.

    Except for movies, I don't know much about Moses mother, but she must have been very spiritually minded.

    The lift was beautifully read, and I thank you and all that make the Daily Lift possible.


  43. LOVE the thought of being "snuggled up with LOVE"
    before going to bed.
    thank you ALL for such warm comforting
    thou.ghts of trusting GOD totally

  44. What a fresh illustration. So inspiring. Thanks!

  45. wonderful! (thank you!)

  46. Thank you Marie for this lovely lift! and for Shannon for reading it for Marie.

  47. Merci beaucoup....I am inspired and encouraged by your spiritual lift
    God bless.

  48. Thank you for this thoughtful lift and for the many helpful comments unfolding the message

  49. Circumstance or God- Thank you, Marie for reminding us how perfectly we can trust in God. Thank you,

  50. I love the daily lift and all mini lectures as well as comments. So much love.

  51. Very powerful message, Marie! Thank you.

  52. Thanks Marie for continuing with the importance of the love of Love, as the previous lecturers have done this week. God is always protecting all His children from all harm. What calls my attention in the story of Moses as a baby is the remarkable determination of his mother to save him from Pharaoh. She must have felt the power of the still, small voice of Truth to do something that required an absolute trust in God, good. We must learn to trust God, no matter what! I am grateful for learning more useful lessons of divine Love that are as relevant today as they where so long ago.

    En español

    Gracias Marie por continuar con la importancia del amor del Amor, como los conferenciantes anteriores lo han hecho esta semana . Dios siempre está protegiendo a todos Sus hijos de todo daño. Lo que me llamó la atención en la historia de Moisés como bebé es la notable determinación de su madre para salvarlo del Faraón. Ella debe haber sentido el poder de la voz callada y suave de la Verdad para hacer algo que requería una confianza absoluta en Dios, el bien. Debemos aprender a confiar en Dios, ¡no importa qué! Estoy agracedido por aprender más lecciones útiles del Amor divino que son tan relevantes hoy como lo eran hace tanto tiempo.

  53. Oh, as I lay myself down to bed tonight I am going to place myself in that comforting little basket of God's infinite Love and drift off into sweet gentle sleep.

  54. Though this Lift was 1st heard yesterday, I'm just now getting a chance to say merci, Marie, and also thank you, Shannon for reading it to us. This brought to thought the old saying, "Don't put all your eggs in one basket." You have turned the whole thought into a much truer and wiser path. Put your whole basket in divine Love's care for safe keeping. The story of Moses is a good one on trusting God, and on why we can trust Him. His mother didn't give in to the total certainty of death for her child. He not only lived, but wasn't completely separated from her. I think his exposure to the house & ways of Pharaoh, played a big part of why & how he was able to confront this Pharaoh and win the Israelites freedom. God was taking care of every step of preparation long before it was demonstrated. We need to remember this for our children, and for our people. Whether it's human or other circumstances that tries to hold us enslaved to un-Godlike demands, Our Father will set us free, no matter what is pursuing us, or what we have to cross to reach our awareness of safety. The future of a man, a nation of people, and rich lessons for us to use thousands of years later, even healings for #41, AnonymousN and everyone else, were all wrapped snugly in that small basket. This Lift was an awesome reminder.

  55. To Moderator...the page has gone wild ...can't read more than part of first line only on most replies...and huge spaces between names.. I especially miss reading Malcolm's Hymn for the day.

    Please contact us as dailylift@christianscience.com so we can assist you.

  56. Thank you, Marie & Shannon for this beautiful Lift with it's reassuring message of Love's constant care. Just finished reading the comments and #35 Linda, your phrase about the trust required "to set adrift" to God's care what we most cherish really took my breath - beautifully put. I jotted it down in affirmation form. God enables us to boldly trust Him - even when humanly it may not seem logical. Thanks so much.

  57. Thank you Marie!

  58. Thank you, Marie, Who doesn't like knowing we are always cared for. ! I loved the hug.

  59. Merci beaucoup!

  60. Thank you, Marie. I like the image of snuggling up in my little basket.... also the ideas about Moses being a basket case, and setting adrift our cherished goals into God's river of care. Thanks, everyone!

  61. Thank you Marie that was beautiful

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