10/4: The power of gratitude

10/4: The power of gratitude

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  1. Gratitude is a sure way to turn our thinking from a material to a spiritual standpoint. As we begin to recognize God as the source of all good we will see (witness) His goodness more and more in our lives and all around us. This is when , as Mary Baker Eddy states in S&H page 264, ..."multitudinous objects of creation, which before were invisible, will become visible." Thank you Shirley for explaining both the tenderness and strength of gratitude.

  2. Thank you, Shirley, for this important reminder. I'm in a situation whereby this is such a healing thought.

  3. Gratitude is admitting the evidence of God's Love in our consciousness, here and now, even amidst the direst circumstances.
    This is the most direct and powerful way to turn our thoughts around and open our eyes to God’s constant flow of good blessings.
    Jesus taught us by example, he was grateful even before seeing the evidence in front of his eyes. John 11:41, Matt. 15:36

    Gratitud es admitir la evidencia del amor de Dios en nuestra conciencia, aquí y ahora, incluso en medio de las circunstancias más terribles.
    Este es el camino más directo y potente para invertir nuestros pensamientos y abrir los ojos al constante fluir de las buenas bendiciones de Dios.
    Jesús nos enseñó con su ejemplo, él agradecía incluso antes de ver la evidencia delante de sus ojos. Juan 11:41, Mateo. 15:36

  4. Thank you, Shirley. This really helps. I keep a daily gratitude journal, but now I will think of it as God's love list.

  5. Evil keeps telling me that I am a "health disaster"; tells me I am in constant pain and to succumb to it.

    Yet I have experienced so many blessings of magnitude that I am grateful and that is how I express myself.

  6. Thank you for this gentle, but strong, reminder of the power of gratitude. I love the thought that as Jesus was moved by compassion, those he healed were expected to move also - to a different view-point, that of gratitude for God's ongoing love.

  7. Thanks so much, Shirley, for this Lift and for Saturday. Transformation through gratitude for God's love, absolutely! Love to you from Oregon.

  8. Shirley, Thank you for linking compassion and gratitude - very helpful

  9. Thank you Shirley!

  10. Gratitude for our Master means that we too must have the crucifix experiences, because we must be willing to follow him in all his ways. Mrs. Eddy says, "Cherish humility, "watch," and "pray without ceasing" or you will miss the way of Truth and Love...Without the cross and healing, Christianity has no central emblem, no history."
    (Miscellaneous Writings, pages 356-357.) We can never be truly grateful if we avoid the cross and healing. Apostle Paul tells us, in I Corinthians 2;2: "For I am determined not to know anything among you, save Jesus Christ, and him crucified." Gratitude is salvation.

  11. Thank you, Shirley. Love it!

  12. Thank you for this perfect lift today! Just what I need. And, thanks for the good comments, too.

  13. Wow. Thank you so much for this more than a "lift" - in fact a truly wonderful, inspirational teaching.

  14. My new friend Shirley, you have brought to the surface the strength we have when we recognize with gratitude all that is happening in our spiritual world. To great everyone with compassion and recognizing the good within brings about the end of wars, the bitterness, the bullying, and all the material things we think we see. You met me with compassion and I have learned so very much from you. You have enlightened me and now I am awake to the beauty around all of us. Thank you for Saturday also.

  15. Thank you.

  16. Dear Shirley,

    Thank you for this lovely lift. Nate, BL Team, Lifters and Practitioners thank you for all of your work, prayers and commitment in this Forum - if this were a garden it would be an oasis of varied growth & floral beauty lit with the "sunlight of Truth which invigorates and purifies" (S&H 162:4). This helps to explain why MBE says God can create light before He created the sun, the "light" is understanding, truth, revelation, unfoldment & growth.

    Don #5 I too had much work to do this weekend along similar lines.Tuesday evening when I reached home, I felt so exhausted and very much bothered by some challenging thoughts that were before me.

    Also on Sunday morning I had my work cut out for me in order for me to make it to Church as I awoke rather ill. Thankfully all was well.

    I still had a some work to do and Tuesday afternoon when I reached home other factors joined in to make me frustrated; when this familiar voice said to me "the Green Pastures are already there". I paused and listened then the voice said "be grateful and stop complaining". I obeyed.

    I worked with Bible Lesson where in Psalms 31:15 "my enemies" & "them that persecute me" are not people but fears, anxiety, worry, frustration & negativity.

    The next morning was beautiful not just mentally but the sky was clean, crisp, clear and the birds sang so beautifully. I went to a meeting I had concerns over and it was the most harmonious meeting I had in years.

    Thanks to All!

  17. Thank you.

  18. THis is a powerful thought of upliftment and reminder about the power of gratitude . Yes, gratitude is the powerful acknowledgement of ever present Good ,refardless of seeming inharmony of any kind. Thanking God for His/Her ever present flow of good is a healing prayer.. Thank you Shirley for your healing thoughts this day.

  19. Many thanks Shirley for this inspiring lift on gratitude. Yes. "Gratitude is truly becoming conscious of God's tender love here and now...the compassion we really need." "Love, the Golden Rule of living,/ Showeth forth the perfect Mind;/ Love, our debt to God who gives it,/ All compassion is, and kind;" (Christian Science Hymnal #178).

  20. Thanks Shirley, many thanks. Yes, gratitude is the key for opening the door to the treasure of blessings God has for us. No mattter what the material conditions may be telling us. We change our standpoint to feeling God´s love and care here and now.

  21. Thank you, yes gratitude is healing and opens our way to more of God's blessings.

  22. Gratitude is a powerful tool. It helps to reaffirm the positive reliance on God and to be grateful for the Love expressed in so many ways. Thank you for the wonderful thoughts to start my day.

  23. Fear is ingratitude in advance. This was what I was told by a dedicated Christian Scientist to whom I had turned for help many years ago and it has remained with me. Gratitude is so important even in the small things like being grateful I have a house to clean when there are those who are homeless. Grateful for friends and family. And I am especially grateful for Christian Science and all that it is doing for me and the world. How grateful we can all be for these inspiring Lifts each morning that deepen our understanding of God. Thanks so much to everyone involved in bringing these to us.

  24. El maravilloso poder de la gratitud, muchas gracias Shirley, por recordarla.
    La gratitud exalta todas las demás virtudes en las acciones que emprendamos, porque es base fundamental de sentir a Dios, sin gratitud, no podemos dar porque somos ignorantes del otro que da, y podemos pensar que es nuestro el mérito de recibir, cuando nada hay que sea nuestro sino un deber de servir, dando,
    Siento que nadie lo ha demostrado tan cabalmente como Cristo, Él dio sin medida nunca se sintió ofendido porque no se reconocieran sus méritos, siguió enseñando, demostrando, amando, agradeciendo a su Padre por las pruebas aun en la más dramática sus palabras fueron: "No se haga mi voluntad si no la tuya" cuantas veces nos detenemos pensando si lo que nos aqueja es legítimo y en esa duda nos volcamos humildemente y decimos también como Él: hágase tu voluntad Padre, en esa sumisión a los designios divinos, que no es ignorancia, sino comprender cediendo a un poder superior que guía a toda la Verdad.
    "El hijo sabio alegra al padre" Proverbios
    Y para ello deberá estar pleno de gratitud.

    "El águila ve, y se hace de fuerzas cuando su vuelo dispone, y que al remontarse, más libre descansa, no hay visión más feliz que el sueño que abriga" MBE
    De gratitud elevada que el despertar asegura.

  25. Thank you so much Shirley - what a clear connection you make between gratitude for the good God has done in our lives and how that nurtures a growing trust in God to continue to bless us now and always. That trust transforms and heals us. I love your explanation of Jesus's practical compassion and how it calls forth transformation - powerful - thank you

  26. so true !

  27. Thank you Shirley,
    I'm grateful for your lift this morning!

  28. As one of our hymns states, "Gratitude is riches; complaint is poverty." Thanks, Shirley, for the reminder - it often seems the challenges take over thought, but we have the authority and power to focus on gratitude which acknowledges God's ever presence and goodness, hence the nothingness of the evil.

  29. I'm grateful for THIS LIFT! So perfect for today. I'm grateful for the civil discourse of the U.S. Presidential debate yesterday. A real desire to communicate different pollicy options seemed to be motivating the event. Not perfect, perhaps, but I really felt that both candidates were being motivated by higher purposes than just winning or domination. I'm praying to see through domination in general and also to reverse the "predator/prey" claim that seems to have overtaken many corporations. God made each of us free of fear, free to express and be generous, free to conquer our own demons without hurting others. I love that Christian Science teaches us how to be our "own physicians." God is good.

  30. Excellent!

  31. This relates to the testimony i heard the other day which the moral was to be grateful for gratitude.

  32. "Gratitude is riches, complaint is poverty" as the Hymn tells us. I was told a long time ago that complaint or ingratitude was the admittance of our inability to see the good that is always comming to us from God. When I feel overwhelmed by the testimony of the material senses sometimes screaming and other times sneaky, snakey suggestions, after that one word prayer "No", I begin a gratitude list. Thank you God, I know that you are here even if it seems that I am alone. Thank you God that I can think about You showing you, Mind is present. Thank you God that I am breathing so I know you, Life is here. Then I thank Him/Her for every evidence of kindness, helpfulness, considerations of love that I have ever had expressed to me, even a smile or a "Thank you" from a stranger. Showing that You Love, the only source of love that is ever expressed to us, opens the door to see all the good that is always an expression of "God" in our lives. Gratitude begins in small "thank you's" and let's us feel God's hugs. As my Christian Science teacher once asked us "Are you hugging Him/Her back? Hug back, that's gratitude and gratitude does heal. Thank you Shirley and all the Lifters for your grateful and inspiring sharing.

  33. I havee to laugh at myself, am so full of gratitude for others that I wonder why they are not full of gratitude for me!

  34. Thank you, Shirley, for “The power of gratitude … a deep consciousness that God is always loving us regardless of what it looks like …” Gratitude! “(For the weapons of our warfare are not carnal, but mighty through God to the pulling down of strong holds;) Casting down imaginations, and every high thing that exalteth itself against the knowledge of God, and bringing into captivity every thought to the obedience of Christ;” (II Corinthians 4; 5). And so, I’m encouraged to use my gratitude as one of the non-carnal weapons that serves also as a tool. Another way to BE Christian! “Christ's Christianity is the chain of scientific being reappearing in all ages, maintaining its obvious correspondence with the Scriptures and uniting all periods in the design of God” (Science and Health, 270). What a privilege to be a “link” in “the chain of scientific being.” Besides gratitude, I recognize other tools of recent Lifts that I can continue to use with increasing competency; e.g. God’s allness; Loves leadings; encouraging each other; establishing and maintaining inner peace; and innocence. I’m grateful for God/Good as described throughout the teachings of Christian Science; God’s laws that when applied in practical ways every day prove Good as the only “powers that be;” and specifically, each of my many consecrated teachers, including and especially Jesus and Mary Baker Eddy.

  35. Thank you, dear Shirley, for this beautiful healing Lift.
    And thank you, Father-Mother God, for already giving us all good!

  36. I am remembering a poem about the birds singing before the dawn, That's gratitude that brings the healing thought, the uplifted view.

  37. Even if we have to start with something small, thank God for that, Thank you so much for this reminder Shirley,

  38. Thank you! Such a good expression and understanding of gratitude.

  39. "And the people he helped had to be willing to move to a different point of view.' I love the fact that you mentioned this Shirley, along with your focus on gratitude. I've been discovering for myself and for others that this willingness is pivotal for any healing, whether healing ourselves or healing others. When you think of gratitude, you feel joyful about all the good God has created. There's a palpable happiness connected with gratitude and goodness becomes the only reality. And Martin #1. thank you so much too for your quote from S&H page 264, ..."multitudinous objects of creation, which before were invisible, will become visible." That brings home the fact that God's goodness is infinitely abundant and always present. If only we are willing to see it. If we change our viewpoint and see as God sees, today is big with blessings.

    Years ago my father awoke in excruciating back pain. He told me he decided either to call an ambulance or a CS practitioner. He called a practitioner and when hanging up the phone noticed the pain had completely disappeared. He was not a Christian Scientist but his two aunts and cousin were. In fact, he never became a Christian Scientist which puzzled me after hearing his story. But in that moment, there was a willingness to move to a different point of view. And the wonderful practitioner gave him the truth he needed to hear.

    Christian Science is a tremendous blessing for us--truth explained and within our grasp. God is always blessing us.

  40. To be grateful even when things go wrong is the proof that shows one that he/she is winning, for it is not enough to be grateful when things go right. When one is grateful when things go wrong shows the understanding that one has that God, Good is the only cause in our lives, and that the seeming wrong is only an illusive way that mortal mind tries to bend thought to accept it instead of God, Good.

  41. Thank you very much for the lift. To be grateful... sometimes it seems the hardest thing to do in the face of challenging situations....I remind myself, when I lay down to go to sleep, to be grateful to have a bed and pillow to sleep on because so many in the world tonight have to sleep on the ground and lay their head on a rock. Gratefulness brings compassion. It's what the world needs now.

  42. Thank you.

  43. Beautiful - it's why both compassion and gratitute are so important in healing and transformation.

  44. Shirley thank you, grateful that all is well.

  45. Thank you Shirley -- You make me look at things differently!

  46. "Bless the Lord, O my soul, and forget not all his benefits: . . .who healeth all thy diseases" Psalms 103, which continues on with a list of His many benefits to his children.

    Sometimes it's hard to be grateful when the challenge seems humungous. Ah, but the rewards are even bigger.

    The study of Christian Science has taught me to see a multitude of "riches" around me.

    Thank you Shirley for your Lift emphasizing the blessings of gratitude

  47. Yes, that is the compassion we really need! Thank you!

  48. Thank you Shirley for your inspiring message. In gratitude I feel the ever-present God and power continuously bestowing His precious gifts upon us. Yesterday on impule, I went for a hike to a look out point on the mountain and on my way home saw a Mama bear with two cubs, one black one brown sitting contently in the warm sunshine, grateful for the sight of beauty and harmony that God has given. Blessings to you.

  49. Yes,you're right dear Shirley, it is always our point of view how we look to certain happenings in life and that we deep within know that the unconditional love from the DIVINE never fails to be there for us to guide us through. Blessings to all!
    Aloha from Monika

  50. Turning to look for and see the reflection of God anytime and anywhere is a joy and I am grateful.
    It is like coming up to every traffic light and it turns green!

  51. Great lift Shirley. thanks for this reminder of the importance of gratitude. Each day brings new opportunities to express our gratitude for God's blessings already received and for all the good to come.

  52. Thank you, Shirley. And my gratitude for your daily lift.

  53. Thank you so much. Very helpful.

  54. Yes,it is.Thank you.

  55. Another thank you. AND thanks to the DL team and to everyone for sharing.

  56. Muy agradecida Shirley por tu sanador Lift !!! Sí, el Ministerio del amado Maestro Cristo Jesús estuvo marcado por la nota tónica de la Gratitud - antes, durante y después- de hacer sus demostraciones del dominio y poder de Dios en su vida y en multitudes . Nosotros tenemos que seguir su ejemplo , dando gracias a cada momento.

    He observado que cuando realizo las tareas con gratitud , se hace mas aliviado el trabajo . Al contrario , cuando no siento esa gratitud las mismas tareas resultan mas pesadas.
    Pienso que cuando expresamos gratitud genuina estamos reconociendo que 'la Mente es el único actor' como dice mrs. Eddy . La Mente o el Amor es quién hace todo realmente, nosotros solo reflejamos.

    La gratitud incluye tb la alegría - lo que significa actuar desde nuestra verdadera identidad - como reflejo del Amor - al igual que un rayo de sol . Sería la forma correcta de realizar cualquier trabajo o acción en nuestra experiencia diaria . Y la máxima humildad , al saber que no somos nosotros los que hacemos algo sino Dios . Mejor dicho, El ya tiene listo el trabajo y el Plan de vida para Su creación .

    Estoy aprendiendo a agradecer cada cosa en mi vida: tener casa donde vivir, comida para el día , ropa para vestir , familia, la Ciencia divina, amigos, lecciones bíblicas, los Daily Lifts , todo . Me está dando buenos resultados , por lo cual, infinita/ agradecida al Padre de esta gran familia universal.

    Agradezco los comentarios , Bendiciones a todos, MaCristy

  57. Thank you Shirley, just wonderful! And to Don (#5), a great little pamphlet from CS publishing is "Keep Praying", which helped me tremendously with the reoccurrence of the notion pain. Everyone, thank you for the comments and insights, once again!!!!

  58. Thank you Shirley!

  59. Thank you, Shirley, for this very thoughtful and fresh insight on both compassion and gratitude.

  60. This is a good perspective on campassion. Thank you.

  61. Thank you Shirly, a wonderful reminder of an important tool for living. I When I complete my Yoga practice, I do a Nidra (relaxation) and at the end I pray, giving thanks for my life, my friends and family, my animals and follow with a long list of things I am grateful for. When I skip a practice, I feel something is missing; Prayers are an essential part of my day. I loved reading the letters today too, thank you all.

  62. I feel so grateful for this message. Thank you , Shirley and all those who submitted comments. Each day I learn more of the Truth. I'm so blessed!!!!
    Love to all

  63. Gratitude is Love. And the love you express in this Daily Lift is so welcome. Thank you Shirley and I add my appreciation for being with us in Portland last Saturday, a treasure indeed.

  64. Thank you Shirley

  65. Thank you so much Shirley.

  66. Gratitude for God's tender love - yes ! Thank you.

  67. Thank you. This is just what I needed,

  68. Shirley, I loved your explanation that gratitude is an acknowledgement that God is, and that He acts in our lives, and that the lack thereof is a conscious denial of God's love and good.

  69. Being "willing to move" is the outcome of gratitude. Thanks for explaining this so well. I too am grateful for your being with us last Sat. in Portland. A bounty of good received! Thank you.

  70. Thanks so much for another great lift!

  71. Sally, #33, we are grateful for you, and for your comments!

    I'm not only grateful for not being homeless or without a bed and pillow, but I'm grateful to pray to our God that no one is this way, and I'm grateful to know that spiritual evidence meets us "where we are" to show that we are at home w God wherever anyone is, comfortable, loved, protected; "what blesses one blesses all, Spirit not matter being the source of supply." (Science & Health)

    And thanks Toby, #40, for your comment.

    And thanks to everyone for this Community…

  72. Thank you, Shirley. It got me thinking of healings my family had when gratitude played a recognizable role. I feel there's gratitude and there's GRATITUDE (both essential)! We should be consciously grateful (& thank God) for every little nice thing - when we find things we're looking for; remember what we tried to think; when anyone smiles, as we pay bills to think of the blessings of water, heat, lights, car, home, insurance security, food & a place to prepare it; a supply of spoons, plates, cups, cleaning rags...the list is endless. Deeper,stronger GRATITUDE is awareness of special, or all our blessings, including those on our gratitude list. It's the feeling we keep by being conscious of the vastness and closeness of God's love; the joy and wonder of all life; the awesomeness of special healings. Again this list can be endless. I'm so GRATEFUL for being led to Christian Science, which helped us have many experiences that I'm GRATEFUL for, including a child saved from serious injury, and probable death following a few minutes of deep GRATITUDE pouring through my thoughts. Not least on my list is Your Daily Lift! Gratitude brings ability to accomplish small daily goals and bigger, more important ones. It gives us power to have a life we are grateful for. GRATITUDE gives us USABLE POWER! We need and have both kinds, because this right concept is a God given gift to all to use and cultivate. #6 Anne, #32 Avis, & #40 Tobias, Thanks. #5 Don, I'm grateful there's no disaster!

  73. Shirley, thanks for the message. It is a reminder that I must keep always my gratitude to God and never stop being compassionate with someone in need. In this way I am glorifying the presence of God loving Him and loving my neighbour as myself. The rewards are priceless!

    en español

    Shirley, gracias por el mensaje. Es un recordatorio de que debo mantener siempre mi gratitud a Dios y nunca dejar de ser compasivo con alguien en necesidad. De esta manera estoy glorificando la presencia de Dios, amándolo y amando a mi prójimo como a mí mismo. Las recompensas no tienen precio!

  74. Thank you Shirley. I am reminded of the words from Hymn No 3 "A grateful heart a garden is, where there is always room for every lovely, Godlike grace to come to perfect bloom."

  75. Thanks, Shirley,
    Jesus gave gratitude before the demonstration. He had compassion, not sympathy. I see compassion as divine, and sympathy as more human, like Oh poor thing, but compassion heals. Becoming conscious of God's tender love here and now, as you say.

  76. I love your upbeat thoughts, Shirley! Thank you.

  77. I re-read this today and recalled someone telling methis: being anxious about a situation is akin to being "ungrateful in advance..." God is in control. Trust him and be grateful -- in advance.

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