10/31: God identified

10/31: God identified

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  1. Thank you Josh for this wonderful reminder that our spiritual identity is intact. This enabled Jesus to heal; he saw the reality of mans true identity, each individuals oneness with the Father, held forever in perfect harmony. This allowed Jesus to see what the mortal, material picture was trying to present as real was really a mortal illusion. Just as you pointed out, a mask or costume never changes who we really are. Perfect God and perfect man can never be hidden or disguised as something else. God is always God, and man is always His image and likeness. Nothing can change this. Mary Baker Eddy says in S&H page 476, "In divine Science, God and the real man are inseparable as divine principle and idea." Thank you again.

  2. I really appreciate this Lift!

    Thank you.

    Having the clarity of thought to know what is our authentic identity and what is a mask and a costume is something that requires daily vigilance and is laden with rich rewards. Your Halloween metaphor is so appropriate and helpful.

  3. Thank you so much for this great reminder. Was having a great discussion about concept of sin when practising for reading on Sunday with the Second Reader and it was interesting that so many labels would try to make us less than perfect. Good to remember our identity is God given.

  4. I enjoyed your lift very much, Josh, in its simplicity and effortlessness and of course its spiritual depth. So, thank you!

  5. Thank you Josh. How true. And each one has a unique individuality as God's loved child. I have learned, though it took many years, to be happy with the individuality I have been given. It is unique to me, as each one's individualty is unique to them. No-one else is exactly like anyone else.

  6. I loved Josh's metaphor about the Halloween costumes...as not our real identity, which is wholly spiritual and perfect. So helpful!

    Mahalo (thanks), Josh!

  7. I love that, thanks Josh ! Certainly good to remember what our true identity is.The outward appearance, or costume has nothing to do with the man God made in His image and likeness, spiritual and upright.As it says in hymn 144 in our hymnal, "Though mortal eyes may see it not, 'Tis sense that would deceive" so we don't have to be tricked into any false suggestion! Just enjoy the treat of knowing who we really are !

  8. Thanks!

  9. Thank you Josh for this timely lift. Once when I wasn't feeling well a Christian Science practitioner sent me a copy of an article from an old Sentinel. It was called, -Take off the mask. I've never forgotten this and I regularly use the ideas from this article when needed.

  10. Dear josh. How simple an explanation of our true identity. Loved that and thank you

  11. Why, if men think themselves kings of their castle they don't go around tapping people's shoulders with a sword...?
    Because they are well aware of their real identity, and know that doing so it would be catastrophic!

    ...and so it would be for me if I believe myself a helpless mortal... FOR I HAVE NOTHING TO FEAR.

    “Fear thou not; for I am with thee: be not dismayed; for I am thy God: I will strengthen thee; yea, I will help thee; yea, I will uphold thee with the right hand of my righteousness.“ Isaiah 41:10

    ¿Por qué, si los hombres se creen los reyes de su castillo, no van por ahí tocando los hombros de las personas con una espada ...?
    Debido a que son muy conscientes de su verdadera identidad, ¡y saben bien que hacerlo sería catastrófico!

    ... y por lo que sería para mí si me creo un mortal indefenso... PORQUE NO TENGO NADA QUE TEMER.

    “No temas, porque yo estoy contigo; no desmayes, porque yo soy tu Dios que te esfuerzo; siempre te ayudaré, siempre te sustentaré con la diestra de mi justicia” Isaias 41:10

  12. Thank you.

  13. So simple but so powerful..thank you.

  14. Josh, Thank you.

  15. Thank you for this lift !

  16. Great lift, thank you, Josh. I often used the wording of "removing the mask and seeing the real person underneath" when healing is needed. The "real you" is the true connection with God. Don't be fooled!

  17. Thank you Josh and thank you Wendy #16 - so true and helpful - good thoughts for the day, great!

  18. I need God as the source of my discernment.Thank you Josh

  19. Thank you for this great 'reminder' it is just what is needed. Thanks to all Lifters.

  20. Thank you Josh for the lift.

  21. Great Lift, Josh! Thank you!!

  22. Thank you for this much needed msg!!!

  23. Many thanks Josh for this great reminder. "Our true real Godlike nature never changes." "Loosener of prison bands at midnight hour,/ Of self-forged chains that fall through Love's all-power..." (Christian Science Hymnal #297).

  24. Thank you.

  25. What a forever timely reminder that one's true identity can never be wrapped up in sin and mortality ..Thorndike , in the American College dictionary ,says of identity:'the state or fact of remaining the same one, as under varying aspects or conditions.'.Praise God that we can always unmask matter and materiality under all their varying aspects or conditions and know our true identity as spiritual children of God.

  26. Wow! Perfect message for today, and always. Very helpful. Many thanks!!

  27. Thanks Josh for a great Daily Lift. Costumes on or costumes off whatever is going on in our lives the everlasting arms of love are always around us.

  28. Thank you!

  29. Thank you...!

  30. What a treat!

  31. Thank you. I attended your recent Saturday afternoon lecture in Camden Maine. And thanks for God's child and image reminder.

  32. What a good reminder about what is good and permanent about us -- the beautiful qualities that make up our identity. These qualities are expressed in infinite individuality!

  33. Thank you!

  34. In Christian Science, i.e., divine Science or the Science of Christ, man's real or true identity is his value to the Principle of this Science.
    Like values of numbers, all are equal to the governing principle of mathematics, but each is unique to its assigned place and duty to perform. Each having and expressing the qualities in the needed abundance of mathematical principle. So with Scientific man, his forever true identity is the reflection of the qualities of Spirit, as accords with the one and only Principle, God, good.

    Let the mask be unveiled!

    Many thanks, Josh

  35. Josh, thanks for the healing message; a great "lift".

  36. Wonderful, Josh, will share this grandchildren, family, friends! My thanks to you, the DL team, and Lifters all!

  37. Thank you Josh, so perfectly simple and to the point! The bigger the mask, the easier to recognize that it is not true and the greater the challenge or error, the easier it is to see its nothingness. As Mrs. Eddys says: "We may well be perplexed at human fear; and still more astounded at hatred, which lifts its hydra head, showing its horns in the many inventions of evil. But why should we stand aghast at nothingness? " Science and Health, Page 563: 4. I will watch and pray not to be tricked into thinking that I am vulnerable or confused. My real identity is God´s child. I appreciate very much these Daily Lifts and am thankful to all the people who are working for the cause of Christian Science. Blessings to all.

  38. Thank you, Josh, for “God identified … God has already identified you as free and joyful, strong, intelligent, and beautiful … you won’t be tricked because God has made you able to see what is real.”

    Very powerful! This is a great exercise in “beholding” me, mine, and all as “God-identified” - only identified by God.

    “Jesus beheld in Science the perfect man, who appeared to him where sinning mortal man appears to mortals. In this perfect man the Saviour saw God's own likeness, and this correct view of man healed the sick. Thus Jesus taught that the kingdom of God is intact, universal, and that man is pure and holy. Man … is seen in nothing imperfect nor material” (S&H 476:32).

    “… Jesus … said … With men this is impossible; but with God all things are possible. (Matt 19:26).

    I am in the image and likeness of all-Good and Love-itself!
    You are in the image and likeness of all-Good and Love-itself!
    He/she/it is the image and likeness of all-Good and Love-itself!
    We are in the image and likeness of all-Good and Love-itself!
    Y’all ;-) are in the image and likeness of all-Good and Love-itself!
    They are in the image and likeness of all-Good and Love-itself!

    In this way – very different from the way the world identifies man, I’ll be exercising my divine right to behold man as “God identified.”

  39. Thanks - just what I needed to hear this morning!

  40. Thank you for this simple but profound Lift. We know that Halloween costumes are just disguises and not part of the wearer's true identity. All year round we must watch our mental streets to see if we are accepting the identity error would give our fellow man as it tries to dress him up in its own ghastly (ghostly or insubstantial) habits of thought. It hides itself behind the guise of a person capable of evil, or more subtly, of personal good, and then claims that man can be its witness, but man is no such dreamer and the Christ - the divine in human consciousness, which is never fooled, is always telling us the truth about man's identity as God's beloved child.

  41. Knowing our identity is a wonderful blessing for all of us.

  42. ¿Cual fue la predica de Cristo, hacia donde apuntaban sus obras? Hacer justicia, si reflexionamos sobre sus actos, veamos... el imposibilitado en la fuente, la mujer adúltera, la viuda, los leprosos, allí donde la injusticia humana era más manifiesta. y por contra partida, la declaración frente al joven rico... abandona todas tus riquesas, dicho en otras palabras abandona todo lo humano y material y obtendrás el reino de los cielos, clara demostracción, de que no todos los casos no son iguales, Dios se compadece, dice la Biblia: de quien es compasivo.

    ¿Estamos preparados, cómo Cristo Jesús lo estaba, para dicernir con bondad los actos a realizar?

    Esto nos lleva a una más profunda reflexión: Si será grandiosa Su bondad, Su Amor, Su intachable forma de justicia, que podemos reflejarlo y trasmitir la misma amorosa bondad, siendo justos y bondadosos a la par de Él, desechando lo erroneo para vestirnos de lo real, como así Cristo Jesús lo hizo, y nos trasmitió su legado de bondad,, para que nosotros también lo hagamos de la misma manera, reflejando esa bondad, que no decáe, ni cesa si estamos unidos a ella, reflejándola. No me cansaré de repetir las palabras de Mary Baker Eddy: Reciprocamos el Amor, brindémoslo, de igual forma.
    Muchas gracias josh, muy inspirado, porque inspira.

  43. Question: If we take off the mortal costume, will we get any candy?

    Answer: “To heed His testimony, And Wisdom’s way to hold, Is sweeter far than honey, And better far than gold.” Hymn 329

    Don’t get tricked on Halloween!

  44. Thank you so much Josh! I particularly like your last line, "God made you able to see what is real." Our permanent identity is with and in God and not material man, not the whispers of error or mortal sense.

    I have always loved the first lines of hymn 64, by Violet Hay:
    "From sense to Soul my pathway lies before me,
    From mist and shadow into Truth's clear day;
    The dawn of all things real is breaking o're me,
    My hear is singing: I have found the way."

    I find those lines place my identity with Soul/God, not with material sense.

    Thank you lifters and the Daily Lift Team, as always for your good works!

  45. "God has already identified all of his children as free, joyful, strong, intelligent and beautiful!"
    Thank-you for reminding us of this!

  46. Thank you Josh, I will always remember this beautiful idea on Halloween and everyday!

  47. I love the Daily lift and all the comments and those who comment.. Malcolm has always guided us to our inspiring hymnal. I love #38 Nela's list to make sure we identify not only ourselves as God's child who is all good and all loving, but everyone we come in contact with and even those we don't. Just excellent.

  48. Thanks awfully!

  49. Thank you

  50. The mask of mortality is never man's reality.

  51. Thank you Josh
    I appreciated your Daily Lift

  52. Thank you, Josh! I can just picture you being a little cowboy for Halloween! Christian Science encourages us, even "pushes" us into reaching out and claiming our true, spiritual identity! God already knows who we are, in His image and likeness, and our only true job is to drop the costume or mask of being a mortal and Joyfully Be Who We Already Are - Spiritual! We can't be Tricked, we can only be Treated with the Truth!

  53. Thank-you most kindly Josh for this awesome daily lift!!

  54. No tricks. Just a wonderful treat, being the child of God.

  55. Josh, good reminder that I was created perfect by God and nothing can change that, I need to claim it all the time. Thank You!

  56. Seems to me that our Master, Christ Jesus, was always seeing through the masks of lack, sickness, outsiderhood that were presented to him. As he always used his spiritual discernment he healed. Thanks for reminding us that we have the same ability to see others the way Jesus did. Everyone does have the kingdom of God within and is therefore able to see all of God's creation in divine light, the way God sees us. (Nice reminder to set the candy out and enjoy the evening.)

  57. Thanks awfuly!

  58. Boy! I remember those childhood days when Halloween came and we put on costumes. And I got frustrated when, with the costume and all, I was recognized by my closet friends as not Superman of Captain America but Tobias A. Weissman. Those friends could see what was behind the disguise. They weren't fooled. Neither today, those discerning the true man as God's image and likeness, can never be fooled by the false actions of mortals, posing as direct opposites of what man truly is, honest, sincere, loving, compassionate, NO-SIRREE!

  59. Lovely. Never fooled by the costume. Thanks.

  60. Thank you Josh.

  61. I had to Google Calvin and Hobbes, Josh. We're not really into Halloween in Australia, though it does seem to be gaining ground every year. I can remember when there were letters to the Editor about "this heathen practice!" I remember at our fancy dress balls that quite a few boys were always Swaggies, with corks bobbing around the brim of their hat. And yes, cowboys with big hats before we could buy big hats for little boys. The girls were mostly fairies, and Princesses and Snow White or Alice in Wonderland. But, as you say, once they take off the costume they're back to being who they really are, Divine Love's infinite likeness.
    Nate, last night we seemed to lose many of the comments. Well, mine for a start, and others. But they cannot be lost,or stolen or strayed so they must be just hiding somewhere. Thanks to everyone for your wonderful contributions. It makes for really great pondering.

  62. Thanks, Josh, for the cool way to remind us of who we really are!

  63. Christian Science is the treat! Thank you Josh for a very inspiring message as well as the comments from all of the Daily Lifters who support these nuggets of Truth. Life is grand.

  64. October 31, 2013

    It took a while, then I realized how much I needed to hear that, how helpful it was, alert, profound, enlightening and strangely funny.

  65. Thanks for the sweet treat, Josh. Yes, God has made us able to see His man, Her woman, right where a witch or a ghost or a skeleton appears to be. God gives only good, good, and more good!

  66. Thank you, Josh. I can't tell you how important this lift was for me. It's truly what I needed to hear and be reminded of.

  67. Dear Josh,

    Thank you so much for your fantastic lift. I have been working on identifying my real self. I am also
    asking the pertinent questions Who am I, what I am, where am I, when am I, why am I. These questions
    signifies our eternal oneness with our Father-Mother God. We all can simply answer these questions in our unique way and our answers will reveal the Truth of our eternal oneness and God's eternal love in our lives. Every morning before we see anyone "You have simply to preserve a scientific, positive sense of unity with your divine source, and daily demonstrate this." Pulpit and Press 4:9-11, by Mary Baker Eddy

    This is the most vital work for each of us and again I do thank you.

  68. Thanks Josh for this healing lift. Knowing who we really are as God's child cannot trick us into thinking mortal woes can change us. Thanks also to the commentators who have enriched this lift with so many healing ideas.
    And treats of love for Nate and all of his team for bringing us these sweet lifts.

  69. Science and Health mentions the "masked personal sense," and reminds us to remove the mask that might seem to have our face on it. Any sense of our identity as lending power or activity to discord can be removed and we find ourselves clean and joyful and strong and free. The glossary definition of Benjamin shows the false appearance and the true:

    "error masquerading as the possessor of life, strength, animation, and power to act.

    Renewal of affections; self-offering; an improved state of mortal mind; the introduction of a more spiritual origin; a gleam of the infinite idea of the infinite Principle; a spiritual type; that which comforts, consoles, and supports." Pg 582

  70. Thank you for this reminder to never be fooled in thinking we are something or someone else! We are always God's children! :)

  71. Nice "treat" to begin the day. Thank you.

  72. A very helpful message for the day. Thank you for your clear and helpful thoughts.

  73. Thank you, Josh, for the great lift today so right on time for Halloween. Yes, we are Spirits but always the children of our creator, we won't change our identity by putting an costum over us but to do so only for the fun of it. Happy Halloween!

  74. Taking off our mask of mortality is so good....Love your lifting, free sparkling lift, Josh!!! LOVE--merri

  75. Happy Halloween

    Enjoyed Josh's lift and message.

    Trick or Treat???

    Liked #68 Rebecca and Susan's comment and I would like to add to it - Or Never let somebody else fool you into thinking you are anything but the God's image and likeness.

    Be youself and don't look to anybody but God to decide who you are as He is the only one you have to please and He said you are my son who I am well pleased.

    Truth, Wisdom, Love and Sincerity, to ALL mankind.

    Rob Scott
    Chicago, IL

  76. What a treat :-) Thanks

  77. What a perfect way to start the Halloween day with our identity intact. I loved trick or treating in our little rural neighbor until I knocked on a door of an elderly gentleman who lived by himself and could hardly answer the door and stand up. He said he was sorry he couldn't afford candy but had apples for treats. I thanked him, but felt guilty taking the treat. I felt like I was taking food out of his mouth. That was the last year that I went trick or treating. Thanks Josh and all you lifters. El Paso Patt

  78. Goooooood one, Josh! Thank you. So simple and to the point.
    No matter how much mortal thinking we might pile onto our true identity as God's child, when we scrape away the mortal muddy thinking ... there we are ... God's child. Never changed. Always whole/perfect.

  79. ........and thats the treat!!!!!this would be the follow on of your lift!thank you josh.love to all

  80. God "Good" gives me my identity! Well Done Josh!

  81. Thank you for this treat today!

  82. Right on! -- many years ago I was working on a college campus, and concerned about "something" (can't remember what) a C.S. speaker visited the school. During a question/answer period I remember his answer to my question was, "How do you see yourself?" --been working on that ever since! Thanks so much for a great reminder!

  83. Thank you Josh for the reminder of who we" really' are.....

  84. What a great lesson from a silly, fun holiday! This fits in perfectly with this week's Bible Lesson on "Everlasting Punishment" in which the woman at the well, in recognizing Christ's perspicacity, saw how she had been misidentifying herself and, instead of being mortified to have been seen as a sinner, rejoiced at finding the Christ and was the way her whole town got to meet the Christ idea!

    Thanks so much for sharing this, Josh!

  85. Thanks! No trick here, only a treat!

  86. True and correct Identity is such an important concept in Christian Science, as is the right understanding of "counterfeit" and "reflection". Thank you Josh for your fresh application of seeing through the masks of mortality during Hallowe'en celebrations.
    It can be fun to hide our mortal failings under a mask of a false identity, but more joy and healing is ours as we identify with the Christ man, universal yet unique in expression.


  88. Hey Josh!

    That was a great daily lift. I was thinking right along the same line as you were, identifying
    myself as God's image and likeness, instead of some fictional character from a book or movie. I am always grateful that we cannot be tricked into believing that we are someone else or even pretending we are something we are not. ;)

  89. I always try to guess the identity of the little goblins, cowboys, etc. on Halloween. I usually put in my huge teeth and enjoy the joy of the little ones. Thanks for your reminder of our real identity and love to all.

  90. Thank you

  91. Wonderful Lift - thank you! I really needed this today. This is an important part of healing, not to identify with the lie/mask. Knowing that our identity never changes with God and He made us able to see our real selfhood. Thanks also for all the comments, so inspiring; especially #37 . . .Don't stand aghast at nothingness and we can not be vulnerable or confused.

    Very grateful

  92. Thanks for this, Josh

  93. Thank you!!

  94. What a wonderful, enabling lift this is! Thank you Josh!

  95. Thanks Josh! :-)))

  96. Thank you Josh. And thank you Corinne (#87) from Argentina (especially!)!

  97. Hi Josh...great lift...I'm a little late with my thoughts...but it's a great metaphore...and we can go further,,,because AFTER we take off the costume and see our "normal" self...the idea that Christian Science presents us with is to think more metaphysically...more SPIRITUALITY about what we really are. Then as we learn more...in Science and Health for instance...we find we are an 'infinite idea...(created by an all loving God)...forever developing itself...broadening and rising higher and higher from a boundless basis" That's awesome!

    That's our TRUE spiritual identity...that's what God sees...that's how he created us. Holdong on to that in consciousness '''...living it each day brings healing...

  98. Thank you, Josh! his helps me love the kids we'll see tonight.

  99. My wife was of the opinion that Christians should not participate in pagan practices. Thanks for clearing the air. Mary Baker Eddy states in Science and Health: "In science, all being is eternal, spiritual, perfect and harmonious in every action"

  100. Thank you, Josh! I was blessed by this Lift all day, and again just now, when I finally had time to come back and read the comments. Thanks #84 SiouxZ from St. Louie...for your insight on the story of the woman at the well. I got something very similar this week: That her awe and respect for Jesus as Christ completely overtook her...she was impelled to leave her waterpots, just as the disciples had left their nets to go share the good news. Her humble honesty with Jesus was the solid ground from which she could start to "run the straight race." Leaving the waterpots seems like a big deal: Water was scarce, and bringing it was her task at hand. But she dropped the human activity immediately when she realized his identity (and her own).

  101. Thanks so much, dear Josh. This was so clear and practical. I won't forget it!

  102. Dear Josh, thank you for the reminder of what our correct identity is - that of giving back the God-like qualities that we are. If I'm not doing that, and seeing it in others, I'm soon shown that the mask has to be removed.

  103. I appreciate all the Christian scientific comments, but especially Australian Margaret # 61 pointing out "this heathen practice" of Halloween to everyone, in such a loving way !!

  104. I thank you so much Josh for the sharing.

  105. Thank you, Josh, for this simple and to the point message. Right on.

  106. Just lovely, Josh!! Thank you!!

  107. This Lift really restored my outlook today. Thanks to all for their input.
    Recently there have been new views of teaching small children the dark concepts of Halloween, which intrude on their innocent outlook, and introduce unnecessary fears.
    A nearby nursery school celebrates the Autumn Harvest Festival, instead.

  108. Without Christian Science, I allowed myself to wear many masks that were created for me by others. Now I know my true identity, and wish to love everyone into knowing their real identity.

  109. Thank you for your timely and thoughtful comments. As an artist, I have been involved with painting masks for many years, so this subject interests me greatly.

  110. let's stay away from halloween... please

  111. Taking off the costume uncovers your true nature, which was always present, intact and perfect. Just as we take off costumes, I think we also need to 'take off the thought' that we are our mortal bodies. Like God, our nature is spiritual, not materials.

    As a child I always enjoyed Halloween. Seeing people in costumes freed up the idea of fixed mortal identitites.

    Josh, you have no idea how much this lift helped me get back to the right perspective. On and off recently, painful mental image pictures of a loved one's body death have come to view, trying to convince me that death is real. You reminded me that the images are no more real than a Halloween costume. Your metaphor brought such clarity and with it relief and comfort. Evil, sin, disease and death are counterfeits masquerading as real and no part of anyone's identity. As you said, "God has already identified all of his children as free, joyful, strong, intelligent and beautiful!"
    Wow, we can forever rejoice in that!

    Nela, I loved how you took each person (in a grammatical sense) and broadened our view to include everyone.

  112. Thanks Josh - a great lift. A reassuring reminder that God knows our true identity when we are seeking it - often in the wrong direction.

  113. Thanks, Josh. What a fun, but fundamental message. You made me smile and ponder......and realise a spiritual truth. The best treat.

  114. Love it! Thanks buddy!