10/30: Yield to God's love

10/30: Yield to God's love

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  1. This daily lift idea is divine, thank tou so much. Claire London

  2. I can relate as I suffered (still do )
    from fear and anxiety. I find the more I yield to God's all power, the safer and more grounded I feel

  3. Thank you.

  4. Was it planned, or was it 'spiritual coincidence' that the Daily Thought arrived at the same moment as this great Lift? It says, "Fear thou not; for I am with thee: be not dismayed; for I am thy God: I will strengthen thee; yea, I will help thee; yea, I will uphold thee with the right hand of my righteousness." Isaiah 41:10. Thanks, all-round/All-in-all.

  5. This is so helpful in helping me prayerfully embrace those dealing with the storm on the East Coast of the U.S. "All, all is well"!

  6. Thank you, when I am driving I know that God is in control and every one is in God's care.

  7. Many thanks Ginny for this very enlightening and helpful lift, especially here in the State of NY in the proximity of hurricane Sandy. Yes. "We are always in the presence of divine Love's care." "His tender love and watchful care/ Shall free thee from the fowler's snare,...He gives His angels charge o'er thee,/ No evil therefore shalt thou see;" (Christian Science Hymnal #99).

  8. Thank you ; this was just the thought that I need to meet my similar challenge.

  9. Thank-you for that. I went through a similar experience a number of years ago after enjoying many years of care-free driving. I found I really had to be adamant and stomp my foot down at these so called fears and not-right thoughts. They disappeared in a short period of time. I would never had been able to do that though without the understanding given of man's true identity, God's nature and man's relationship to God that Mrs. Eddy has pointed out. Also the many thousands of testimonials and articles that show us how others have embraced this and the angel messages that have come to them that have annulled the fears and diseases have shown me I do have another choice than yielding to fear and can yield to God's care and direction.

  10. Yield is such an appropriate action for us to take when faced with fear or anxiety. The frequent traffic Yield signs will take on a new meaning for me from now on. How wonderful to be reminded of our opportunity to access God's love every time we see one of those Yield signs along the road. Thank you for this lesson.

  11. Deeply helpful, thank you.

  12. Thank you! This DL came to me just whenI needed it. Yesterday all our region in Province Buenos Aires went through a storm that flooed many neighborhoods. My sister called early in the morning saying that she wasn´t feeling well and that when she got up in the morning she found that there was water in the bedroom. She was pretty desperate and she called the city firemen who came and opened a a channel in her property so that the water would drain into a nearby river. But it kept raining and raining and she called many times telling me that she couldn´t understand what God was trying to tell her. What were the teachings in the middle of that disaster? I comforted her saying that we were supporting her prayerfully and all the people who were going through that trial. At 7pm she was in such a state that no words could calm her because water was still getting into the house and the road was like a river of mud( there is no pavement there). I turned to God in prayer and said outloud that her house was built on the rock of Truth and that God was her refuge and strenght. After 15 minutes she called back but this time she was not crying. She said the firemen had brought sacks of sand to prevent more water coming into the house and a neighbour with whom she had no contact, came to stay with her for a while and asked her if she believed in God. They talked and then it stopped raining so hard and she left leaving my sister comforted. For me it was God´s message saying:YIELD.Thanks!

  13. Thank you, thank you, thank you1 This is just what I needed to hear today!

  14. Love this!! Thank you so much! I, too have had times where the claim you mention tried to overtake me....but God was ALWAYS there with His comforting healing messages and leadings:) A wonderful practitioner friend of mine once said to me "sometimes you just have to wrap a situation up in a great big ball of Love and hand it over to God"....this is definitely 'yielding' to the Love that is with us at all times and under all circumstances.Thanks:)

  15. Thank you Ginny--just what I'm needing today. I've prayed and known the Allness of God --now I can yield and trust in my Father/Mother's care. I love that feeling of yielding--the answers will be revealed because they are already known and created by God. I love the line you quoted and I WILL trust in the Lord with all my heart today and everyday!

  16. Thank you Ginny - I love that idea of yielding. In Webster's dictionary "yield" has the primary meaning of "recompense, reward", and the second meaning is "to give or render as fitting, rightfully owed or required"
    All of these meanings have resonance with the idea of giving or rendering to our Father Mother God all our dependence, all our hopes and particularly our fears. A lovely "lift".

  17. what a wonderful inspiration for every moment of our life! Pray and know that "in God our work is not in vain" not matter what the delusion of the senses might be...it vanishes before the light of Love.
    Thank you so much

  18. Thank you so much Ginny. That was really helpful. Sometimes we strain to find him, when all the time He is there finding, holding, comforting us with just the right answers1
    With love and Blessings,


  19. Quite sweet. Thank you. I find often the DL lines up with my choice of a hymn for the day and it did again today. Trust and understand. Truly shows me more the one Mind's care for His creation.

  20. What better place could we ever be in than in our Father Mother God's lap....wonderful thought and wonderful message. Thank you!

  21. Yielding to God's love is what I had to do when I was driving from Rochester, NY to Darien, Conn. with my daughter who was not quite 4 years old. I had a panic attack. We were relocating so that my daughter could attend Daycroft School for Christian Scientists in Darien. I had an apartment and job waiting, but didn't know anyone there. My mind flooded with fearful thoughts of whether this was the right thing to be doing. This was January and it was snowing and the heater in my car had gone out. But the move had all been worked out beautifully through prayer. I started singing hymn 148 "In heavenly Love abiding, No change my heart shall fear; And safe is such confiding, For nothing changes here. The storm may roar without me, My heart may low be laid: But God is round about me, And can I be dismayed?" This brought great comfort and confidence. The moved proved to a beautiful experience for both of us. I am so very grateful for our hymns which always help me to yield my will to God's and be comforted.

  22. Ceder a Dios, que importancia adquiere en estos momentos de incertidumbre cuando parece que la fuerza de la naturaleza es incontenible y la gente sufre su furia.
    En todo tiempo han habido desastres y en todo tiempo la presencia divina ha representado la certeza de que debemos despertar al deber de servir a Dios si es que sinceramente queremos aliviar a la humanidad del alejamiento de Dios, entiendo causa primaria de tanto error que se convierte en horror.
    Armas tenemos la propia bondad divina que ampara y fortalece con un incomparable Amor que bendice a todos pero parece que no prestamos atención ya que de otra manera no sucederían las cosas que suceden,. Surge la pregunta, ¿Qué más podemos hacer? porque al reconocer la omnipotencia divina estamos negando al error destructivo pero los desastres se suceden, y daría la impresión que no es suficiente, ¿es suficiente? yo siento que sí, naturalmente depende de nosotros mismos de nuestras acciones de nuestro amor, la salvación es universal pero es sobre todo de cada uno que manifieste el verdadero Amor para unidos en Un solo sentir formemos la cadena universal del Amor que ampara y corrige todo error, error material en que se amparan las tormentas y los desastres, que ponen a prueba nuestra confianza en el Amor divino y que nada puede empañar si somos fieles a Él.
    Tanto la Biblia como Eddy nos dan enormes ejemplos del amparo divino entonces nada hay que temer el ser espiritual está a salvo, es salvo.
    Muchas gracias Ginny

  23. Thank you, Ginny. I am knowing that specifically for the many loved ones on the east coast today struggling to get through the bad storm..

  24. Just what I needed to hear today was this thought and great to hear your voice.

  25. Thank you so much for this daily lift. When I started going to the Christian Science church we had an organist that was in her late eighties, her mother had been taught by one of Mrs. Eddy's students. She had written in the front of her Science and Health book some citations Mrs. Eddy had given them to read each day. The one found on page 295:5-15 tells us how to yield the mortal consciousness to the scientific fact and make it disappear. " Mortals are not like immortals, created in God's own image; but infinite Spirit being all, mortal consciousness will at last yield to the scientific fact and disappear, and the real sense of being, perfect and forever intact, will appear." The other citations are: 22-11-17, 216-11-21, 230-11-18, 242-9-14, 407-21-28, 495-14-24, 521-12-17. They are written on my heart and have blessed me for many years.

  26. This is a great Lift, Ginny, and thank you so much for it. When I first came down here 6 years ago, after many years of family jostling for the best position and not a little aggression, I copied out all the quotes in Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures by Mary Baker Eddy concerning YIELD. There were many, and many pages. I studied them and prayed about them for a long time, and gradually that feeling of panic and despair did yield. Occasionally it tries to assert itself again, but staying with the Truth of God and man does restore calm and confidence. I must look for that file again, so I can pass it on to others. I used to say I'd dispensed with anxiety and just cut straight to panic. It was said as a joke, but it was no joke. But it did yield. It has yielded. And how wonderfully you have put it all into words for all others.
    Nathen, were you at the Hamburg Summit? Wasn't it absolutely brilliant! Awesome, Nate. Thanks to the production team; the Board of Lectureship and the lecturers - we welcomed one to Queensland this weekend just past - Super! and to the wonderful world of Daily Lifters.

  27. "When the enemy shall come in like a flood, the spirit of the Lord shall lift up a standard against him" (Isaiah 59:19)

  28. Thank you.

  29. I look forward to your Daily Lifts. I love the bus suggestion to YIELD.
    E-licit a
    I need nudges to get me to yield like anxieties, seeing rudeness, materialities blocking me, etc. These bring me to prayer and adjust my thinking to more loving thoughts and activities. Thank you, Ginny.

  30. Thank you Ginny. So true and so helpful. A great prayer
    for all times and all ways.

  31. What a perfect way to start the day. thank you.

  32. Thank you, Ginny and Daily Lift Team, for this healing lift (and so many others)! Am knowing all are in our Father-Mother God's divine care - with special prayers for those on the East Coast. Endless gratitude for the countless gifts of Church...

  33. As a young horse learns to be led, he is discovering that following the leader removes all the pressure he feels on the back of his head from a halter. He eventually may need no halter at all to follow willingly. The mini-lessons of horses show us things about humility and yielding. Little did I know that when I thought that I was teaching them things, that they were, in fact, showing me things I could appreciate forever.

    Christ suggested to Saul that kicking against the pricks was difficult and this was followed by one of the great examples of a yielding-healing. Paul found something and expressed it as "putting off the old man" - absolutely yielding to God's government above his own sense of order.

    Christian Healing, p19:18 "Tireless Being, patient of man's procrastination, affords him fresh opportunities every hour;.." I think this is really funny. But, hey... fresh opportunities for yielding right now.

    Thank you Ginny!!

  34. Thank you, Ginny!!! Comforting message!!
    And your voice is very soothing too!
    Thank you so much Ruby #25 for the citations,so nice of you to share. Looking forward to your citations, Margaret #26
    I really appreciate it!!!
    Love to all

  35. When I began studying Christian Science, I had chronic fear attacks as an adult that dissolved the more I read and pondered Mrs. Eddy's enlightened thought combined with the power and the Truth of the Word of God. I can honestly say that the Christ has erased those chronic fears completely as I yield my life in the worship of God. Here are helpful thoughts that must be read aloud to demand the full authority of the Christ: "Fear and doubt you must dissolve and fade away now in Jesus' name because I have not received a spirit of fear, but of love, power, and a sound mind. I can do all things through Christ who strengthens; the Lord is my light and my salvation so there is nothing to fear; if God is for me who or what can be against me. I walk in perfect love that casts out fear, and I will overcome because greater is He that is in me than he that is in the world." (2 Tim. 1:7, Phil. 4:13, Rom. 8:37, Ps. 27:1, I John 4:18, I John 4:4) May the presence of God's Love be seen and felt by all those in the storms path on our East Coast, the Love that casteth out fear. The Christ in me commands the waters recede, the winds and rains and surf be gentle, the beach sand stay in place. There is nothing God can't do! God bless you everyone!

  36. Thanks Ginny, right thing I needed to hear this moment. I did let go after listening to this lift. God bless you.

  37. Thank You Ginny.

  38. What tension destroying power there is in the simple concept of yeilding! How wonderful to start the day with that idea.
    Thank you dear Ginny

  39. Thank you. "Steadfastly facing Thee, there is no evil on my pathway"

  40. thank you Ginny. As someone who has suffered greatly through agorapobia, and panic attacks, as do some of my offspring, I appreciate your lift.
    I am concerned about the storms hitting us in the Northeast, as well, as two of my offspring who are to deliver their babies very soon. I don't think it is a surprise that the verse "trust in the Lord with all your heart, and lean not to your own understanding" is a familiar one and one I taught my children. thank you again.

  41. Very lovely.....THANK YOU!

  42. Thank you ...what a great Daily Lift! I love the acronymn for "yield." Here are two more for fear that many already know, but for those who don't:

    F Forgetting or F False
    E Everything E Evidence
    A About A Appearing
    R Reality R Real

    R Reality


  43. Thank you to each of you for your comments and for your stories of encouragement and healing. What power there is behind such beautiful expressions of gratitude and healing.
    God is great, is Love and is All... no storms of sense can stand in the presence of such divine power.
    Now are we the sons and daughters of God..
    One Infinite... One Power .... and we are safe in that One..
    Love and gratitude for your powerful thoughts and prayers... Ginny

  44. Thank you, Ginny, for “Yield to God’s love … yield … just let go … a sweet yielding knowing that we’re always in the presence of Divine Love’s care … trust … we’re safe and we’re loved.” Many years ago, I was talking to a dear Christian Science friend about how grateful I was to be out of the difficult times I had just gone through. Prayer had led me to a much easier place. But the memory, the feeling of “difficult” still loomed large for me. I hadn’t yet totally yielded to the spiritual fact that healing had happened. I told my friend that even through my gratitude, I felt that at any moment the “bottom could fall out.” She said she doubted it but that “even if” God would be there, too. How can I or you or anyone fall out of ALL??? Remember that old children’s lullaby about, “… and down will come baby cradle and all?” I never liked that part, even as a child; so, I changed it and as a mother and grandmother have sung it as, “… but nothing can make that baby fall.” Who says we can’t change the songs/words/whispers/shouts! playing in our heads? We have the God-authorized right and even the responsibility! Jesus yielded fully to “Our Father” through unceasing prayer and unwavering obedience. Yielding to Good/Love/Truth/Life/Mind/Spirit/Soul/Principle. It’s where healing happens and that’s what Christian Science proves. There’s nowhere to fall but into Divine Love’s embrace – again and again and ad infinitum. There’s no falling from ALL!

  45. Wonderful Ginny, It is just what I need right now. Will listen to this many times today. thank you thank you.

  46. I recall reading that Mrs Eddy often faced a coming storm and did prayerful work about the safety of everyone in the vacinity. Perhaps we all need to prayerfully tell this present storm to -yield and treat it just as we would any other form of error. Far too much has been said on the subject of its magnitude and all we are doing is feeding fear (false evidence appearing real) into the system. I live in South Africa, but from now on when I see or hear anything about the storm, I'll declare that it cannot resist God's command for it to YIELD!
    Thank you Ginny for reminding us that we can do this.

  47. Thank you, Ginny.
    So precious and healing.

  48. That was wonderful Ginny, and so apropos!

  49. Thank you for this powerful lift and also to all those who have commented on their yielding experiences. Many thanks to Ruby for those citations too.

    Yes -- the right message to yield to Love.
    And that hurricane also must YIELD -- GIVE WAY TO LOVE.

  51. Thank you.

  52. Perfect daily lift

  53. I think this storm has a wonderful purpose: to bring us all together, to stop the political bickering and to promote Love and Goodwill among all of God's people. Let the Sea Roar and let's worship in the beauty of holiness!!

  54. Wonderful lift Ginny -- so loving and calming. Thank you so much!
    The irony of that moment just before we yield is that we think we are sacrificing something.
    All we give up is mortal mind's willfulness and its attempt to keep us separate from God. We let go of the mind that enshrouds us in lies. Certainly that is no sacrifice but merely a wise decision.
    2 Timothy 1:7 "For God hath not given us the spirit of fear; but of power, and of love, and of a sound mind."
    By yielding we find God and find ourselves, made in his perfect image. Mrs. Eddy said, "That individual is the best healer who asserts himself the least, and thus becomes a transparency for the divine Mind, who is the only physician; the divine Mind is the scientific healer (Misc. p.59)." That idea too relates to this concept of yielding. Such a wonderful lift. Thanks again and to all who posted your insights.

  55. Thank you so much. These ideas are helpful as I start a busy day with many things to accomplish. I can yield to the thought that I am expressing God in every step. That I am yielding to a divine existence. I know it will lighten the thought of burden of duties. Ann Botts, Banning, CA

  56. Wonderful! One of my favorite scriptures; I cling to that one many times.

  57. Paralizing FEAR was one of the biggest negative character traits i have had to deal with. Persistent prayer proved important in gaining dominion over it...eventually the healing came in the form of a partial verse from the Bible " There is no fear" ( the whole verse reads" There is no fear in Love but perfect love casteth out fear, beacuse fear hath torment". At that moment I saw clearly that " Because God is all, there is no room for his unlikeness"...Science & Health by Mary Baker Eddy...The heaking has been permanent and i have since used the experience in helping others having similar challenges. Many thanks Ginny for this wonderful up-lift.

  58. Thanks so much Ginny. This lift was perfect for what I have been praying about this week. I love the idea that there is no separation from God to her reflection. The idea of relaxing into Love and yielding is a great way to think about this!

  59. As someone who has suffered from panic attacks while driving for most of my life....I found this lift & all the comments very helpful. Thank you #54 I've just written down the 2 Timothy passage, I will keep it in my car to refer to.

  60. Thank you, Ginny! I've been working a lot with Isaiah 40:38 "God doesn't come and go. God lasts." (The Message) This lift is a great reminder or nudge to take the next step and yield and TRUST the divine Principle, Life and Love.

  61. Thank you, dear Ginny, for your help to yield to the divine presence in this challenging days on earth. Blessings to all.

  62. "Do we pray to make ourselves better or to benefit those who hear us, to enlighten the infinite or to be heard of men?"CyS 2:1
    Are you in a turmoil?
    Go ahead, yield to God without fear, "The purpose and motive to live aright can be gained now… You have begun at the numeration-table of Christian Science, and nothing but wrong intention can hinder your advancement. Working and praying with true motives, your Father will open the way" CyS 326:16
    God will not disappoint you, no matter what scares you.

    “Oramos para mejorarnos o para beneficiar a los que nos oyen, para iluminar al infinito o para ser oídos por los hombres?” CyS 2:1
    ¿Estás confundido?
    Anda, cédele el paso a Dios sin temor, “El propósito y el motivo de vivir rectamente pueden lograrse ahora…. Habréis comenzado por la table de sumar de la Ciencia Cristiana, y nada, salvo una mala intención, puede impedir vuestro progreso. Si trabajáis y oráis con móviles sinceros, vuestro Padre os abrirá el camino” CyS 326:18
    Dios no te desilucionará pese lo que sea que te atemoriza.

  63. God is certainly and completely a full-service Father-Mother. Held in the arms of divine Love, all needs are totally and continuously met. "Divine Love always has met and always will meet every human need."

    Thanks, Ginny.

  64. Thank you Ginny. In recent times of stress, frustration and wanting to give up I was reminded of God's Love for me. I just love the quote by Mary Baker Eddy that says, "Divine Love always has met, and always will meet every human need." That is applies to me in my family, my schooling, finances and relationships. Every need is met, so we can trust and let go to God's care.

    I love the idea of snuggling in our Divine Parent's lap- it's so safe and tenderly loving. We are each loved like that today- God's arms of Love are beneath us, around us and above us- telling us what we need to know, giving us comfort and care and providing what we need, from companionship and comfort to clothing to food, and all other resources and needs. Maybe not all the wants- but we have what we need.

    We can let go of stress, fear, worry or anxiety and know that God's in charge.
    Lets all lock arms and be grateful for God's tender Love for all her children, right now.

  65. Truth doesn't get any simpler than this -- or more beautifully profound. May all who have read it or will read it be lifted up into the everlasting arms of divine, eternal, Father-Mother LOVE, with the certain knowing that they are deeply cherished, forever safe, and known only as the perfect, fearless child of the divine that they are and have always been and will always be. Thank you once again, Ginny, for your spot-on offering today.

  66. Thank you so much for that angel thought that I so needed this morning.

  67. Thank you for this lovely reminder of God's immediate care, Ginny! It sounds so simple, but I know that the preparation of heart and mind to be ready to yield to this grace can be hard work when dealing with mortal mind's agenda. So glad to get this today when so many are dealing with hard circumstances.

  68. Thank you Ginny your lifts are always so uplifting and your voice is angelic.

  69. Thank you Ginny, what a wonderful Lift. We have only to turn away from our mortal sense of life to God,good to feel the divine influence in our lives which meets our every need ; to know the might and permanence of the Christ in every breathe we take. Mary Baker Eddy says in Science and Health, Page 70, "The testimony of the corporeal senses cannot inform us what is real and what is delusive, but the revelations of Christian Science unlock the treasures of Truth."

  70. Thank you very much.

  71. Thank you so much Ginny! In this week's responsive reading from Psalms it says, ""Yea, the darkness hideth not from thee; but the night shineth as the day: the darkness and the light are both alike to thee." The darkness or destruction from Sandy is not what God sees! This idea of letting go of this false claim, and affirming the perpetual light that God's sees and is will do so much for our view of God's Love! Thank you so much for this uplift today!

  72. I love the idea that God isn't here and there or in and out of our lives... He is our constant guide, companion, friend and biggest fan! He only wants the best for us:) thanks for the reminder to yield to his power and embrace!

  73. Thank you so much for the relieving lift. And also to #27....standard...an ensign or approved model.

  74. Exactly what I needed this morning. Thank you so much.

  75. What a wonderful feeling it is to yield to God's loving arms where we are loved and safe! Thank you!

  76. this is particularly helpful reminder this morning after storm Sandy and other fear filled situations.

    with my gratitude for the way God answers our needs.

  77. Thank you. This is just what I needed to hear right now, today.

  78. Thank you, Ginny.


    This felt very healing. Great thoughts to work with today.

    Special thanks to all the lifters for their comments.

    Truth, Wisdom, Love and Sincerity, to ALL mankind.

    Rob Scott
    Chicago, IL

  79. Ginny - Thanks for this timely restoring message. I wish all in the Northeast could hear your loving message! May all those effected by the Sandy know God's love and protection. Thanks again.

  80. For me, this lift helped to reinforce the idea of the power behind humility. By yielding to God's plan for us, we are aligning ourselves with the infinite Source of all good. Our Father-Mother knows just what we need, and holding onto a limited, personal plan of our own prevents us from seeing all the wonderful resources available to us when we yield to God's perfect plan. Thank you for this lovely reminder!

  81. Thank you. For this precious reminder what is immensely greater than any devestation - Love to all of you in New York, New Jersey, Virginia and where ever you need order, beauty, home and care !

  82. AMEN!! sister......God bless...


  83. Thank you so much for this wonderful Lift !

  84. YES,YES, YES.........


  85. Thank you for this lift and for all the loving, helpful responses.

  86. One time I was hiking with a group. Having lost our way, we were climbing up a very steep wayless accent. I got stuck as it seemed I could neither move forward nor backward. Loosing balance would not have been healthy - there were no bushes or trees to break the fall.
    I trusted God. Then I was able to take a step that led me out of the place and I decended safely. The group decided to take a different route.

    Trusting in God's, Love's, power to be felt everywhere.

  87. Perfect! Really!

  88. Beautiful, Ginny. Thank you for your comforting and healing message. It's so much in your loving voice.

  89. Thank you for this beautiful lift. I love the image of snuggling up into our Father-Mother's lap and being so safe, so comforted, and so loved. Thank you for your Loving words and the reminder to yield to the Love that is there.

  90. I live in one of the 5 boroughs of New York City, and when all the scare on the news about hurricane sandy and the terrible things that were going to happen, I had to yield to God's infinite Love and Care that I knew existed, even amongst the nurse aides, who were taking care of me 24/7, their fears of what would happen to me, their patient, if the electricity would go out. Well, the electricity stayed on during the day and night as the tremendous surge of wind and rain battered my neiborhood. Only the phones and websites were affected, and that took only one half day, today, to repair. My prayers were; "No cloud could hide God's face, it's Divine Loves weather, Trust in The Lord with all thine heart, and it is God's power that we lean on, not the material, and a bunch of other thoughts." YEH! IT WORKS.

  91. Thank you....Ginny and all Daily Lifters.

  92. Thanks,Ginny that was beautiful! And with all the yield signs around it will be easy to remember to follow that advice. :)

  93. Ginny, what a loving Lift. Many thanks to the team and to all upLifters.

    I have heard lots of good results from the multitude of prayers regarding the"perfect storm." My perfect storm is the one that Jesus stilled and the ones destroyed by Mrs. Eddy and plenty of other praying people. We do have this power!

  94. Many thanks to all who got this Lift out today, regardless of the local Boston conditions. The Mother Church is universal and triumphant in its healing ministry. And as 90 witness have already testified, It WORKS !

  95. This is such a lovely, sweet lift for today...thanks so much..and your lovely sweet voice is so calming.

  96. Much love to Ginny and the tremendous outpouring of commenters. All are under the protection of God's almighty wing, safe from the storms of human fear and danger.

  97. Thank you, Ginny. I can relate! I struggled with such attacks for a couple of years!

  98. Thank you so much or this lift. Much needed tonight.

  99. Thank you so much. Your deep love really spoke to me. God's Love-how wonderful to behold!

  100. Many thanks Ginny. And everyone for sharing.

  101. Yield we will - good reminder!

  102. Thank you so much Ginny.

  103. Many thanks, Ginny. And thanks to everyone for their comments. I will cherish this idea of yielding. I have seen a little of the power of this when I decided, after a year long job search, that I would yield to God's leading to what She wanted me to do. My search was changed from a base of willfulness to a base of listening. I was offered a postition a few days ago which seems a perfect match for me and my employer and will enable me to help others. I am so grateful!

  104. Thank you for your wonderful "daily lifts". As a German I try to hear, to follow and to understand these "little English lectures". And thank you so much for speaking slowly and clearly (I would be so happy if other "daily lifts" were so clearly spoken!) and for being so honest about all these awful things which happens in life...
    At the moment I have to leave much behind. I'm so grateful to read in some of the other comments that many of you are on a similar way. That helps me - not to be alone and to know we are so many who are praying.

  105. Yielding is an active spiritual quality of the presence and power of God. Thank you for this gentle but powerful reminder.

  106. Thank you #25 and #35 for sharing these references as an expansion of this great lift today....

  107. Thank you Ginny

  108. Thank you, Ginny, and all the 107 Lifter comments before me! A C.S. practitioner first instilled in me the importance of "yielding" a number of years ago. Since then, my husband and I have experienced the most unimaginable happenings in our lives with unexpected twists and turns. God truly does hear our need(s) before we call and those needs will always be met on His time-line. Even now, as my husband is once again searching for work, I feel such a great sense of calm and Trust that our dear FatherMotherGod is directing us and protecting us each step of the way. Thank you, wonderful Lifter family, for such reassuring testimonies about God's loving care.

  109. ...not only that, #53, (with which I completely agree!) but Gov Christie will take the necessary steps to not just rebuild in the same way, but to rebuild on the foundation of a new infrastructure layout for the coastal towns of New Jersey that will deal much better w such events; in other words, this is an opportunity to "uplift humanity," to live better, more wisely, intelligently, brotherly, etc.

  110. These lifts do serve to "feed the famished affections"....to remind us that we're never outside of Father-Mother Love's gentle and flawless protection. Thank you, Ginny!

  111. So marvelous, Ginny....your living of this understanding really sings in your voice. I am so grateful!

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