10/30: It's not about speed

10/30: It's not about speed

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  1. Wonderful lift. It truly is about joy. Otherwise we are just going nowhere fast..

  2. Thank you Ulrike for this important reminder that its not about the race, or the competition, but rather glorifying God that we truly find joy in our activities. As we gain our freedom, through spiritual understanding, from a limited sense of body operating within the material senses of time and space, thought expands into the expression that carries us forward -effortlessly, with joy abounding!

  3. Thank you for this wonderful reminder to continually rejoice and to decelerate back to joy!

  4. Life in God always expresses joy and changes all who come in contact with it for the infinite better.

  5. Many thanks Ulrike for this joyful lift. Yes. "We are all rejoicing in divine Love." "Let all the earth with songs rejoice;/ Let heaven return the joyful voice;/ All mindful of our God's great name,/ Let every man His praise proclaim." (Christian Science Hymnal #168).

  6. Oh, I like this SO much...that it is about JOY and rejoicing, slowing down and doing that, not rushing around to complete things. And I find too, that when my focus is upon, joy, gratitude, and rejoicing that I also get more done, though that was not necessarily my motive. I think it is parallel to the saying that time flies when you're having fun, being joyful in the moment! I love the simplicity of Truth and these lifts that share these simple, yet potent gems. They prove to be such clear signposts to my morning prayers that dart into thought often during the day. Thank you!

  7. Thank you Ulrike. This is so much what endeavour in every field is all about-joy and harmony in action.

  8. Thanks for the totally inspiring message!

  9. How many times my practitioner, whom I called upon many times, reminded me, "No limits." In Miscellaneous Writings, by Mary Baker Eddy, our Leader states, "The imaginary victories of rivalry and hypocrisy are defeats." (Page 268.) Sometimes let your patients catch you.

  10. The perfect Lift for me today! Thank you Ulrike! I run with joy and love... right on!

  11. Thank you so much for this. Such a thought applies to everything we do and I'm so grateful for the reminder today.

  12. Seeing the joggers in the street trying to outran each other doesn’t make sense to me (unless they made a bet…)

    The question comes up and it makes me think about my Bible study, am I trying to read as much as I can in a day or am I trying to really chew well what I am leaning?

    Am I in a hurry to finish the study to get on to something else or am I enjoying learning my relationship with the Father and studying to begin my day more spiritually?

    Viendo a los corredores en la calle tratando de ganarles a otros no tiene mucho sentido para mí (a menos que hayan hecho una apuesta…)

    Viene la pregunta y me hace pensar en mi estudio de la Biblia, ¿estoy tratando de leer lo más que pueda en un día o tratando de masticar bien lo que estoy aprendiendo?

    ¿Estoy apresurada por terminar el estudio para luego ocuparme de otra cosa o estoy disfrutando de aprender sobre mi relación con el Padre y estudiando para comenzar mi día espiritualmente?

  13. I jog with Love along the way / And O it is a holy day....
    Thank you.

  14. A wonderful teaching and healing Lift for this senior citizen . Thank you Ulrike .

  15. When we "run the race" we are mentally doing this activity, no matter where we are. Thank you, Urika, for this spiritual lift for all whether we jog or not.

  16. Ulrike, Thank you. Running, slow or fast is all about expressing God - with joy !

  17. Hi ULI!
    I'm aggree with you. In spirituality it is not about speed, but it is the problem of respect of God law. Thank you very much and let's God continue to inspir you ULI.

  18. Thank you, yes it is good to get out and walk early in the day 5 AM then there is plenty of time to read and study and have the LOVE of God around us.

  19. Thank you!

  20. Thank you.

  21. I get such a lot out of these lifts - they are wonderful. Thank you Ulricke for today's thoughts, and for the wonderful expansion growing from it by all the lifters. Particularly helpful for me today so far today are Elena's' and I always love Troy's examples by beautiful photography. I am looking forward to more wonderful thoughts from everyone. Such a lot to put into practice, but to do it patiently and with joy every step of the way in our spiritual jogging (the only kind I can do!!) can bring us right into the light and keep us there.

    Many thanks to all.

  22. "Run the race at a Scout's pace, that leads to Him" is a good reminder. We come to learn reliability through exercising qualities of steadiness and steadfastness, rather than through speed. Often, with greater speed, there is more hurried blur, and less definition of fact.

    Thank you, Ulrike, for this day's Lift. Again, I shall "clap my hands" with joy - like the leaves of the trees.

  23. I too have fallen into that mortal trap, especially when I got started writing comments for the D/L and othe C/S websites. Oh! I have to get this done so I can see it posted. This attitude takes away the inspiration one gets in hearing or reading first the D/L then writing the comment. I learnt to slow down, think about what I heard then write the comment. This way I get the full inspiration which the D/L is meant to accomplish.

  24. Thank you Ulrike.

  25. Thank you!!

  26. Made me think of Psalm 51, where David prays "Restore unto me the joy of thy salvation, and uphold me with thy free spirit." David had just committed two capital crimes, and with the meek intervention of Nathan, had moved to full repentance and contrition, so that he could later pray "Deliver me from bloodguiltiness, O God, thou God of my salvation, and my tongue shall sing alout of they righteousness. His spirit is so lifted that he turns his attention to the good of his people: "…nuild thou the wall of Jerusalem," and affirms that then--and only then--"with sacrifices of righteousness." If this prayer was effective for David, how much more should it be effective for having committed a minor boo-boo? The "sacrifices of thanksgiving" mean to us giving up the earth-weights of guilt, remorse, unforgiveness, for the joy of knowing that God knows us as innocent, clear-conscioused, forgiving and loving as He made us. That kind of joy makes me want to "leap as an hart."
    But I dunno about "purge me with hyssop"… {LOL}

  27. Dear Ulrike, I just love your expression, "its not about speed, its about joy." Giving thanks for all things is indeed a healing, an inspiration. Thank you kindly for this lift.

  28. Beautiful. A super reminder. Thank you!!

  29. Great Lift Ulrike! I can relate to the jogging and how trying to get faster ruins the joy in jogging. Instead, when I jog for pleasure and not worry about my time (which gets slower every passing year) I keep at it and see the beauty of the world around me as you say. Thanks for the reminder!

  30. After not running for a number of years, I find this lift to be verifiably true. And I too, have increased my speed. And I work on balance, and joy in appreciating my surroundings-- slow and steady wins the race.

  31. Very helpful. I like the thought of exercising Joy daily. Thank you

  32. Just like the hare, "Slow and steady wins the race." God sets the speed. Many times all it takes is a split second pause to thank God for his day, and everything lines up as it should in the proper time. One time I wanted to get to the Wednesday evening church meeting, but a telephone repair that was needed was taking much longer than usual. I just turned the situation over to God with the thought that we are always in our right place, and the repair man came back to our house and had me check our telephone line which was now working perfectly. He left and I left just in time to get to the meeting. Thanks lifters for sharing. El Paso Patt

  33. Great Lift, thank you!

  34. Excellent!
    Thanks Ulrike!

  35. Thank you Ulrike!

    Here is an English version of a translation from Japanese of an interpretation of the 23rd Psalm that was shared some years ago on the Daily Lift:

    The Lord is my Pace-setter, I shall not rush;
    He makes me stop and rest for quiet intervals,
    He provides me with images of stillness, which restore my serenity,
    He leads me in the way of efficiency through calmness of mind, and His guidance is peace.
    Even though I have a great many things to accomplish each day,
    I will not fret, for His presence is here,
    His timelessness, His all-importance, will keep me in balance.
    He prepares refreshment and renewal in the midst of my activity.
    By anointing my mind with His oil of tranquility,
    My cup of joyous energy overflows.
    Surely harmony and effectiveness shall be the fruits of my hours,
    For I shall walk in the peace of the Lord and dwell in His house forever.

    (Note: Perhaps the word "walk" could also be changed to "jog".)

  36. Thank you, dear Ulrike.

    My Christian Science teacher once asked what my hurry was.
    I'm still working at this. Your lift is essential to me now that my husband is
    working on what has proven to be a long-term problem.
    Clearly impatience is not going to get results.

  37. Thank you for the good, happy advice!

  38. Ulrike - this brought me such a smile! As one who recently started jogging and has not attained distance or speed, I'm so grateful to be reminded that it isn't about those things anyway. Tomorrow, I will jog with joy and love!

  39. FYI: There are many comments missing that had been posted earlier today. Here's mine, resubmitted.

    Thank you, Ulrike, for “It’s not about speed … it’s about joy … joyfully reflect Divine Love …”

    You are so right! It IS about joy!!! I find that when I move through the day with joy, I go just as fast as I can and as slow as I need to. Joy moves me into a kind of heavenly harmony. Steadfast in joy, I feel calmer - more at peace, as I transition into each task before me, instead of feeling joyless and like I’m on a “roller coaster ride” that depends on “what’s next.” When whatever is next is met with joy, challenges become opportunities to prove Divine Love as all. Everything seems more effortless and I feel happier and healthier.

    I’m reminded that years ago, a kind and wise friend used to say, “Don’t let anybody or anything rob you of your joy.” And so I learned to guard my joy and respect the joy of others, like the precious gift it is! And yet, experience has taught me that we cannot really be robbed of joy. Joy can’t be taken; it can only be given up. I’m beginning to recognize joy as one of those non-carnal weapons to be wielded against whatever is unGodlike, a peace-building tool to construct only what is Godlike. Joy is a manifestation of Divine Love-itself! and we in that image and likeness. Joy is a way of being in a healing / revealing state of awareness that “all is well” because all is God and of God and “God is love” (I John 4).

  40. For me, I appreciate having to swim faster to keep out of the way of other swimmers when doing laps. I find myself laughing with joy as I give it my all. I have to really push myself, but afterwards it is great to feel tired. A good workout is so cathartic. I am so grateful to have someone around who is faster than me, so I will have to push myself. When I swim alone it is too easy to be lazy and not try hard. I'm grateful for all the variety of people and their talents. I'm grateful to be feeling grateful. It's a good feeling.

  41. Thank you so much for this wonderful perspective. I will keep it with me while walking, jogging, working. Many thanks!

  42. Very lovely ! Thank you so much.

  43. Dear Ulrike, Thank you! When I left Africa to study Christian Science Nursing In London some years ago,even though I loved the "The Christ Science Art of Nursing "as compared to the "Medical Art"[Of which I had previously practiced] prior o the study of Christian Science,I found myself struggling with comparing myself to the other students. The negative thoughts of competitivenness,intimidation would say" you are much too old-- The other students know more---you are just not good enough etc etc, played themselves out , I closed the door to these unwelcome intimidating thoughts turning to God in prayer."No man can serve two masters:--------seek ye first the the kingdom of God,and his righteousness;and all these things shall be added unto you" [The Bible]Math:6] "The kingdom of God is within you"."Know then that you possess sovereign power to think and act rightly,and that nothing can dispossess you of this heritage and trespass on Love" [MY].These and many other comforting thoughts were[and continue being] my constant companions. Am grateful to share, I graduated as "Christian Science Nurse" and on to serving in "The Spiritual Healing Practice" .

  44. It's not for the speed but for enjoying the good ... and efficiency comes as a byproduct. Many thanks, dear Uli, for the pointer!

    The story "Learning a new way to ride" reminded me of your Lift.

  45. Thank you! I want to always remember that. All God's creations are loved and can be joyful so you remind me that I don't have to compare myself with others, just love and enjoy what I'm doing for joy's sake. I so appreciate you!

  46. Rejoice . . . :)

  47. You stated this so well Uli. Others think that I eat and run slowly. I know that i read at a slower pace than my children. But life's about meaning and joy! So as we listen for God's pace, we maximize peace and harmony too. Sometimes we even dance behind the steering wheel or skip across a parking lot :)

  48. I am grateful to still be able to run and express the joy of activity. Your message expresses well what it means to run with joy and freedom, first in thought, then in action. Danke schön

  49. I read a report from an insurance company. They said that the people with the least illness, and who live longest are those who have an athletic hobby that gives them pleasure and they enjoy. Those who exercised hard, pushing themselves without having fun died as early as the couch potatoes.

    The spirit is more important.

    Don't forget the fun factor!

  50. I thank you so much for sharing those ideas with us, very interesting!!!!!

  51. Thanks for this lovely reminder. I sometimes forget that it is more about the journey, and enjoying all it's aspects than quickly reaching the destination. This thought serves well in any aspect of life.

  52. Slow down and Love the view. Beautiful Lift. Thank you and the power these morning Lifts provide for our day. Thank you so much!r

  53. Thank you! I love you thoughts. They are helpful to me in my endeavor to get out and run- to express joy!

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