10/3: Appealing to a higher court

10/3: Appealing to a higher court

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  1. Thank you Christine for this Lift that recognizes law as spiritual not material. Error tries to make a case that discord is the real and harmony the unreal. We know better, and can prove it. Mary Baker Eddy says in S&H, page 276, "The realization that all inharmony is unreal brings objects and thoughts into human view in their true light, and presents them as beautiful and immortal. Harmony in man is as real and immortal as in music. Discord is unreal and mortal." God's laws of existence supersede so-called laws of human opinion; whether presented as popular opinions, majority of opinions, or expert opinions. There source is the same, mortal belief. Mrs. Eddy stresses how important it is that we argue on the right side. When the scales of justice tilt toward God, good, the victory over error is complete and we can rejoice in His glory!

  2. I am glad that Spirit, Soul and Divine Love are always by myside and are ready willing and able to defend me mine and all. Thank you Christine for the Loving reminder.

  3. Thank you so much for your lift Christine. I love taking your case to a higher court - that of course is the only court to go to.

  4. Thank you Christine. This Lift speaks directly to some issues I am dealing with and was greatly appreciated. False claims must be exposed, uncovered and nullified. In that regard, we are all defense attorneys for that higher truth. Thanks again.

  5. Thank you! For this wonderful lift! It was presented so beautifully!

  6. Totally awesome..I just love your ideas...so much to drink in and use...thanks Christine..

  7. Wow! Thanks, Christine, I needed that!

  8. Wonderful lift. How important to know that we live in the spiritual realm, under Grace, and that there are not two powers operating, one contending against another, one removing another or one overturning another. There is no opposition in the realm of spirit. The state of Grace is a law of elimination to every phase of materiality. As Abraham Lincoln once stated, "I am not so much concerned as to whether God is on my side as I am in being sure that I am on God's side." I like to think of this as revealing that it is not about bringing God into our experience, but about bringing ourselves into harmony with the law and will of God.

  9. Thank you for your inspiring lift, Christine. I was reading an article in an old Sentinel this morning, that mentioned the allegory Mrs. Eddy wrote about in Science and Health. It spoke about how the prisoner was regenerated immediately when the Court of Spirit pronounced him innocent. He did not have to wait for further human opinion to judge if this was true or not, his healing was immediate and he accepted this, I realize now that sometimes even when we have prayed and done the work, we do not always realize how the truth can set us free in that very moment,
    Today I'm going back to that allegory to make certain I accept the truth about a healing that seems to be taking time, and as I read it I'll claim it as my own and expect healing. I'm also going to listen to your lift again, Christine.

  10. This is awesome!
    Thank you Christine

  11. In this days of uncertainty, when we feel overwhelmed by problems, we have but to remember that we have the best advocate, introduced to us by Jesus, as, “Our Father which art in heaven”. Matt. 6:9

    “God made man free. Paul said, "I was free born." All men should be free. "Where the Spirit of the Lord is, there is liberty” S&H 227:16

    As the image and likeness of the all-loving spiritual Being:
    God is OUR FATHER, freedom is our heritage.

    En estos días de incertidumbre, cuando nos sentimos abrumados por los problemas, solo tenemos que recordar que tenemos el mejor abogado, quién nos fue presentado por Jesús como, el “Padre nuestro que está[s] en los cielos”. Mateo 6:9

    “Dios creó libre al hombre. Pablo dijo: "Soy libre de nacimiento". Todos los hombres debieran ser libres. "Donde está el Espíritu del Señor, allí hay libertad" CyS 227:17

    Cómo la imagen y semejanza del Ser espiritual quién es Todo-Amor:
    Dios es el PADRE NUESTRO, la libertad es nuestra heredad.

  12. Thank you Christine, so uplifting to be reminded that GOD is always "on our side" so that we may with confidence "Spurn the wrong and choose the better part", as it says in one of our Hymns! LOVE to ALL

  13. Great thoughts Christine thank you

  14. A powerful declaration of truth ,and a healing message ,indeed a treatmen t, from from a dedicated practitioner and teacher .the encouragement and hope in this upliftment is highly appreciated .Thank you Christine,

  15. Absolutely wonderful 'Lift' Christine.!

  16. Thank you for this very inspiring Lift

  17. Thank you.

  18. Thank you for this Lift!

  19. Excellent Christine! Thank you.

  20. Many thanks, Christine ..of Legal Counsels, Judges and Accused persons.

    Christian Science Hymn 112: Sing, till all the world rejoices, Sing! for fear no more enslaves us. From th' accuser's mocking voices Christ, our mighty Counsel, saves us ..

    Also Christian Hymn 40: Come, ye disconsolate, where'er ye languish, Here health and peace are found, Life, Truth, and Love; Here bring your wounded hearts, here tell your anguish; Earth has no sorrow but Love can remove ..

  21. Thank you, Christine, for this powerfully clear and healing Lift! I'll listen to it often and affirm its truths - to be understood, felt, lived, evidenced! Thanks, too, to the DL Team and faithful Lifters!

  22. Christine, thanks for the great "lift".

  23. Thank you Christine for this beautiful Lift. Many thanks as well to the Lifters especially #1 (name), #8 (name) and #9 (Joy). Many thanks to the DL Team as well.

    1 (name) you wrote lines very similar to what I wanted to share this morning; mine came to me while I was at work yesterday in the middle of an email that touched on much human pain. It was a gray day and as the sun was setting the sky remained gray but one I could not stop looking at. I wanted to go to the beach but had to deal with the individual at work.

    My thought was centred on their pain and I could not shake the mesmerizing thoughts that were with me. I prayed for some release and a thought gently nudged me to look outside and as I did, the gray sky started to be illumined with a glow of orange, similar to the picture below which was taken a while ago.


    The glow just lit the sky and IMMEDIATELY replaced the gray with an uplifting glow which many stopped to stare at. I then remembered that no matter how clouded thought may be, it NEVER replaces nor touches the divine..the truth about our freedom....NEVER.

    The grayness (or illness) did not produce this glow (freedom), the glow was always there. Had I not 'looked up' I would not have seen it. A healing occurred.

    The Bible and Science and Health are two of our law books that we must know & understand and take with us as we reinforce our right to be free!

    Lovely Christine. Thanks.

  24. What amazing inspiration! Thank you so much!

  25. Thank you.

  26. This is very helpful and, as we find so often with the Daily Lifts and the Bible Lesson, directly addresses and refutes what would loom as the supposedly irrefutable error which claims to play out in our own experience. Consciousness is accused of being material, mortal and ultimately senseless in the spurious court of error. In the only real and true court, that of Spirit, Mind, consciousness is declared to be upright, pure and free. No case to answer. Thank you.

  27. Thank you! I Loved It!

  28. Thanks for your lift. That really helped.

  29. Thank you.

  30. Thank you Christine....this goes right with our Lesson this week on 'Unreality'.

  31. Many thanks Christine for this great reminder. Yes. We are innocent and free. Health is spiritual." "Innocent one, sinless and pure,/ Nothing can ever divide thee./ Governed by Love, you’re safe and secure;/ I am forever beside thee." (Christian Science Hymnal Supplement 444).

  32. It is very important to assert our innocence, because anything unlike the nature of God that comes to our attention is not real, and we can appeal to that higher law of perfection to free us, just like the wonderful Lesson Sermon this week.

    There is a lovely lecture on line by `Julie Ward entitled "Not guilty", which I found very helpful when I was confronted with an unpleasant situation which would try to make me believe something about myself which was not true.

    Thank you Christine and all the lifters for all the wonderful inspiration that helps us to stay in the light of Truth and Love, and not be pulled down by false material suggestions.

  33. As an attorney for over 40 years, I can really relate to this one....many thanks ! Have a good day, everyone

  34. Beautiful, simple, and direct. Thank you!

  35. Thank you Christine, because we know every word of this Lift to be effective and absolute because of your long practice of healing and teaching and lecturing. Every statement of Truth has the power to remove doubt and discord and reveal the underlying spiritual Truth of Being. Every demonstration of healing gives us the confidence to take whatever would interfere with harmony, and reverse it with the Science of Being.What a merciful decision to be declared "innocent!" And to hear the glorious words, "You are free!"
    Thank you Nate and the YDL team; the lecturers; and the Daily Lift family.

  36. No hay juicio posible, no hay cortes supremas, que puedan condenar, ni absolver. porque no hay condena para el ser de Dios. Por lo tanto, no hay mal ni base para imputar una condena. Sólo el error es condenable, basado en una creencia material que yerra, y se hace pasible de juicio y condena, pero solamente en las leyes humanas por su dual acción.

    "El fin de todo el discurso oído es este: Teme a Dios y guarda sus mandamientos; porque esto es el todo del hombre. Porque Dios traerá toda obra a juicio" Eclesiastés. El juicio incontaminado de la Verdad, que no juzga, sino que entiende.

    "La Verdad jamás destruye la idea de Dios. La Verdad es la sustancia espiritual y eterna" MBE, C y S.
    Estamos sometidos a la autoridad divina que no juzga, ni condena sino que eleva. Por lo tanto no hay juicio donde solo existe la Verdad, porque la Verdad no condena ni destruye, sino que aflora para entendimiento, como la idea sublime que Es.
    Muchas gracias Christine, por el mensaje

  37. Thank you Christine for your helpful insight into the allegory Mrs. Eddy presents in "Science and Health", part of which is in the Daily Lesson this week. That allegory has always represented to me the very strong concept of "law", God's law, and as Mrs. Eddy states on pg. 430: "I here present to my readers an allegory illustrative of the law of divine Mind and of the supposed laws of matter and hygiene, an allegory in which the plea of Christian Science heals the sick."

    How wonderful for us all to experience through this court trial, methods to immediately refute the material sense of error in order to counter material beliefs. She also presents the ease with which material belief argues to get us to accept material error sense. But Christian Science and God always win the case because fear and disease are part of mortal, not immortal Mind. Divine Life, Truth and Love are omnipotent. "Divine Love [has] cast out fear" (p442).

    Thank you lifters, as always, for your comments. And thank you Daily Lift team!

  38. Christine. Nicely stated and timely too paralleling this week's lesson. This reinforcement of the knowing our Divine Rights and how we can preserve them is critical to protecting our freedom from error. Thank you.

  39. Thanks, Christine, for the inspiring analogy. Good tie-in with this week’s lesson too! This reminds me that in the work done for patients (or myself), mere denial of error, alone, is insufficient – that I must identify the Principle (divine law) that refutes the false claim, and bring this Truth to bear in each case. As Mrs. Eddy points out, saying “I am not sick,” is a great start, but then to “know the reason why” allows us to see the truth in place of the lie.

  40. Thanks so much, Christine. This ties in so beautifully with this week's lesson "Unreality" where we have the allegory of the law of divine Mind versus the supposed laws of matter, which begins on page 430 of Science and Health. And like Jesus' instantaneous healings, the wrongly condemned man was made whole and was completely free immediately. We, too, can be free immediately when we take our case to the supreme court of divine Mind where God rules and is supreme.

  41. Excellent and direct reminder of our gift of freedom. You have shown us a strong argument to win that freedom. Thank you.

  42. Loved it! My first healing on my own occurred after reading Mrs. Eddy's trial of the man accused of 'committing liver complaint' in S & H. The 'trial', which she explained so clearly, made so much sense to me, I fell asleep. When I awoke, all my heavy cold/cough/flu symptoms were completely gone, and I was so grateful!

  43. Great lift Christine, thank you!! Get to the right court, yes. Something I was working on yesterday about “trials” led me to these passages.

    “Right and wrong, truth and error, will be at strife in the minds of students, until victory RESTS on the side of invincible truth.” SH 453:6-8

    “The Scientist’s demonstration RESTS on one Principle, and there must and can be no opposite rule.” SH 457:28-30

    “Faith should enlarge its borders and strengthen its base by RESTING upon Spirit instead of matter.” SH 430:6-7

    These all point to an end of trial arguments where we honestly and finally conclude... I REST my case!

  44. Thank you very much Christine, the DL team and all the lifters family around the world! You may not know how timely this message came to me. Last Sunday while making order with a box of books I fell from a stair and landed on the floor unconscious. My husband heard the noise and came running to help me out. I was taken to hospital in an ambulance and my first thought and worlds when I awoke were the Scientific Statement of Being from Science and Health by Mrs Eddy. But then I found that every time I tried to open my eyes I felt sick and every moved around me and I began to feel guilty for such imprudence of climbing that unstable stair without help, for being not wise, etc, etc, (all the claims from false laws). We called a C.S. practitioners who lovely told my husband and myself to refute the lies about my identity. She said accidents were unknown to God, that my real self is spiritual, not material, and that the spiritual creation had never fallen from God´s care. We continued in this line of thought. Sharing truths about man and declaring that I was not made of bones, blood, etc. The doctors and nurses were all very kind to me and I decided to humbly accept the tests they were performing. They said it was a miracle how soon I was recovering and after a couple of days they sent me home and I left walking on my own, glorifying God for his goodness. However, I still need to heal self judgment. This DL has greatly helped me to appeal to a higher court and plead Not guilty!

  45. Thank you, Christine. You laid this analogy out so clearly - to understand why we are subject only to divine law. Much appreciated. Wendy

  46. How powerful! Thanks for such clear metaphysics. I got a message from God a while back, that in every circumstance I could make a case for Truth or error in my thought. I realized that as you pointed out that I sure wanted to stay in that courtroom of Spirit where only pronouncements of God good were being made.

  47. Powerful reminder Christine. I am extremely grateful for The Truth.

  48. A Perfect companion lift to the lesson, Christine. Thanks. And, thanks to everyone who has shared.

  49. Thank you , thank You , thank you!!!!

  50. SUPERB! Great tie-in to this week's Bible Lesson that includes the courtroom allegory. Some friends were discussing how this part of Science & Health was oblique to them, and they skipped over it. Ahhh.....but what an important concept to understand! We dwell in the Court of Spirit always, and the law of Love knows its image as innocent, pure and free. We're released!! Thank you so much for this valuable and knowledgeable DL! Sending love to all.

  51. Christine, Thanks so much to remind us and wake us up to see the freedom and Love from Divine laws! Our God is all the best lawyer! Mario Vicencio , Sao Paulo, Brazil

  52. Wonderful demonstration of a Scientific or Spiritual Court Case, Christine! Thank You for your always dedicated sharing, lecturing, healing and teaching! So essential to know that Christian Science is not just positve thinking or just about humanly loving. It is the Laws of God that Jesus taught and used to do his marvelous healings and that we can do, too! What could be more solid and foundational than building a defense on Truth! Love that you said that "devil" is just another name for "accusor" or "prosecutor" and that the Christ is another name for "advocate". Wow! Christian Science really IS all about knowing True Law and how to defend ourselves daily with it! And then, to top it off, we learn that Love is the fulfilling of the Law! These are all wonderful Truths to know as we pray about our Country, our Government, our World and our Planet! Heart-felt Gratitude and Love to All Light-Bearers out there!

  53. Thank you, Christine, for this powerful and honest message. I am claiming freedom now and always in this higher court of God's law, the only law. This ties right in with this week's lesson-sermon on Unreality.

  54. Wow! Thank you Christine.. Loved the reminder that devil means accuser - isn't that what it tries to do always? -accuse us of being bad, sick , guilty, condemned, sad , incapable -and on and on. Thanks for this wonderfully clear lift!

  55. Thank you Christine for your wonderful and timely lift. God knows our needs and your lift today was right on time and on target! and thank you lifters for your clear and inspiring comments ~ they too are so reassuring that God IS right here, right now and is the only power that is true, and all the other forces that appear to be trying to enter our lives, are just false witnesses, and we can "stand porter" and reaffirm that God is ALL and the only TRUTH ~ and there is no other power governing our lives, no matter how loud error tries to sound ~ again, thank you all, and Mary Baker Eddy ~ I'm so grateful for Christian Science!

  56. Wow, another "keeper" Christine, thank you. This is packed with what I need to demonstrate right now and as another Lifter said, a treatment ready for us all.
    Thanks also for everyone's comments, they expand the lift so well.

  57. Both profound and practical, Christine, delivered with conviction. Thank you so much. This Lift is a keeper!!!

  58. Thank you Christine! Goes perfectly w this week's Lesson on Unreality.

    Mrs Eddy writes, under the Sidenote "Pæan of Jubilee,"

    “For victory over a single sin, we give thanks and magnify the Lord of Hosts. What shall we say of the mighty conquest over all sin? A louder song, sweeter than has ever before reached high heaven now rises clearer and nearer to the great heart of Christ; for the accuser is not there, and Love sends forth her primal and everlasting strain.”

  59. A great line "you are free" ....it's like saying, you are God's perfect child. Thank you Christine,
    and all the lifters and DL team.

  60. Thanks so much for this clear and incisive lift!

  61. I love this! Thank you so much. Is there a way to get a written transcript of this DL?

    Daily Lift Team
    These fresh, conversational recordings are intended to share orally the inspiration of the moment and are only available in audio format.

  62. Thanks for pointing us to our best defense! Great Lift!

  63. Many thanks. So helpful.

  64. Amen..Powerful,enlightening lift.Thank you for your clear understanding of spiritual law.Very,very helpful

  65. As a first year law student, this Lift, as with all things, comes at precisely the right moment. I am at this very moment about to begin my midterm exam and while knowing I have prepared and I know the material, I am feeling that anxiousness we all do from time to time. Thank you for reminding me that I am free: from doubt, from anxiety and failure.

  66. This was the 1st time that I enjoyed this weeks Bible Lesson, "UNREALITY." I am referring to the Allegory beginning on page 430 of S&H by MBE and lasting for about 10 pages. I never understood it until now. To me it brought out the difference between our legal system and the system based under God, Spirit. In the material (our)
    system, proof of innocence or guilt of the prisoner has to be proved. In the spiritual system (God), a realization has to be shown that a court of law having a material judge,(Judge Medicine,) and a group of (material health laws) suppositly backing them up DOESN'T really exist in the first place to even having a trial.

  67. Thanks so much, thank you Christine.

  68. Thank you, Christine for your most powerful message. GOD rules.

  69. Christian Science means FREEDOM to me. Thanks to all....

  70. Outstanding uplift. Spoken like a real lawyer.
    Thank you, Christine.

  71. What a good advocate you are Christine, thank you so much. What freedom we have with the Christ as our friend and advocate, who knows which court of law to take our case where "Divine Love had cast out fear." (S&H. pg.442.)

  72. Thank you, Christine. This "Lift" is a wonderful wake up call to take our case to the Court of Spirit. I also
    found some other very inspiring ideas by researching articles on JSH online under the heading of court case. Only God's laws have jurisdiction over us!! Thank you also for all you are doing to further the
    Cause of Christian Science.

  73. Thank you so much for helping to "lift" the burden of proof to a higher court! I love this! The "Court Case" in Science and Health, which is part of this week's Bible Lesson Sermon is one of my favorites. It brings out the fact that no matter how much "physicial evidence" is heaped up against us, to convict us of sin, sickness or so on, we do have an "advocate" in Christ Jesus and his wonderful "Christian Science" God's Laws applied to humanity! Thank you so much for this "Lift in thought" today! Somewhere I can hear the Judge declare "Not guilty!"

  74. Thank you, Christine, for “Appealing to a higher court … dig deep into the law book, the Bible … don’t take the case to the wrong court …”

    Anyone who has read Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures by Mary Baker Eddy is familiar with, “I here present to my readers an allegory illustrative of the law of divine Mind and of the supposed laws of matter and hygiene, an allegory in which the plea of Christian Science heals the sick” (430:13).

    The allegory ends under the marginal heading “Divine verdict” with “The Jury of Spiritual Senses agreed at once upon a verdict, and there resounded throughout the vast audience-chamber of Spirit the cry, Not guilty. Then the prisoner rose up regenerated, strong, free. We noticed, as he shook hands with his counsel, Christian Science, that all sallowness and debility had disappeared. His form was erect and commanding, his countenance beaming with health and happiness. Divine Love had cast out fear. Mortal Man, no longer sick and in prison …” (442:5).

    We’re free because we’re under the only “powers that be,” namely all-Good, Love-itself! uninterrupted!!! – the Truth of our being. It's no wonder we're called to rejoice and be glad!!!

  75. Dear Christine, Thank You!!! This is right on -- to appeal to the higher court -- and be found free and innocent. I am grateful for the many comments, and found #44 Marita ' s
    experience so helpful.
    blessings to all

  76. Very, very nice, Christine. Am knowing this Christ-inspired message is reaching ALL who feel condemned by the false accuser—that they realize they are NOT guilty but free born!

  77. Thank you Christine,
    Your Lift is another step to my better understanding "The Trial" found in Science and Health. It is deep and can be confusing. I have read, studied, heard it presented as a Wednesday evening testimony reading and each time I would grasp a bit . Your Lift is a big help in my study of this week's Lesson.

    Mrs. Eddy put"The Trial" in there for a reason and she never said understanding God and Christian Science would be easy...but when we do ... little by little, the rewards are beyond what we could ever imagine.

  78. A very helpful explanation to support this week's Bible Lesson. Thank you for this clear and effective message.

  79. This is a FABULOUS lift, Christine!! Thank you so much!

  80. Thank you for the great lift! The reminder about the devil is certainly helpful!

  81. Your excellent lift is infinitely appreciated this morning. Thank you for this convincing argument we
    shall use it and be free.

  82. What a terrific reminder to take any problem to God's court of divine justice because that is where the only right verdict will be received and the healing accomplished immediately, I really needed this lift today. Thank you one and all. El Paso Patt

  83. What a fresh and wonderful bread-gift for today!

    Our innate innocence, to share in our real brotherhoo!!

    This is what really relates us, to discover God´s care for us, in His Love.

    thanks and love, dearest Christine.

    clarae. from Cuernavaca, méxico.

  84. thank you, we are the evidence of all good.

  85. Thank you!!

  86. Christine, you have a wonderful way of making it so clear! Thank you for that and to all my lifter friends, thank you always for your comments.
    Love to all, Jen

  87. Very reassuring - we can take our case or our loved one's case or our country's case to the court of Spirit. Christ is our attorney and refutes false law and testimony through spiritual reasoning. We're set free.

  88. Thank you for the great lift. The advocate is always here to defend man. He knows that false claims are impossible to prove.


  90. Amen and Amen to a beautiful truth reveled!
    If we can grasp a portion of this truth or even have epiphany or rhema moment; surely our lives will change!

  91. 23 and # 32 what tremendous help for me today.......really insightful, just wish I could access your photo's...... ...And to echo Troy's sentiment .... Lovely Christine!

  92. Muy elevado y sanador lift Christine !!! agradezco tu inspirado mensaje para hoy , tan necesario en la época que vivimos . Saber que siempre podemos recurrir en cualquier situación a una instancia superior : al Tribunal divino- donde Dios es nuestro Juez, Legislador y Rey - escribe el profeta Isaías.

    En esta instancia superior, sólo tiene jurisdicción la Ley divina que es la Ley del Amor para todos, sin excepción. Y en este Tribunal - la Realidad espiritual - el hombre es libre del error - libre de todo mal .
    '' Dios creó libre al hombre. Pablo dijo : ' Soy libre de nacimiento ' ' Todos los hombres debieran ser libres '(cys p 227:17) . Es muy reconfortante y de gran ayuda conocer la Verdad.

    Agradezco los comentarios anteriores.
    Un abrazo y bendiciones del Amor para todos,

    Ma. Cristy

  93. Thank you, Marita , for that wonderful healing! I once had a judge who was very prejudiced towards women and minorities. So when I won the case for my client (she was found innocent) who was a minority and it was my first criminal jury case, the judge said, "I'll decide next week whether to let your client out on bail!".

    He didn't have the right to do that because my client was acquitted and free to leave, but he was trying to trick me into thinking the case was still being tried since I was new at this. But I immediately took it to the court of Spirit (mentally) and God affirmed for me, "That judge no longer has jurisdiction over your client. She is innocent!" Shortly I was told that my client was free to go.

    When you hear the message of self-condemnation, that is the prosecutor, accuser, devil speaking, not you. And you can respond, "Wrong! I've already been judged innocent and free and the case is over! No more false witnesses, no more false evidence. The Judge, God, has spoken and He is the only Judge! Thank you, Father!

  94. Sincere gratitude for this wonderful Lift this morning Christine...I just absorbed the clarity of the message, so straightforward, and indeed I was grateful so many times for that clear factual message as my day unfolded and as I thought & prayed for family & friends. Thank you so very much xo Cheryl xo

  95. This lift is wonderful, Christine. Thank you for all you do in spreading the word of Christian Science.

  96. Wonderful and clear explanation of important and basic Christian Science concepts!
    Thank you very much!

  97. Thank you Christine for this inspiring lift.

  98. Thank you Christine. I really appreciate how the "messaging" from TMC is so focused; this week's Bible Lesson, Phil Davis' audio talk "Putting it on Record" (August 15), and you Daily Lift. It's been very helpful to me in praying with a friend who had been accused of something. Just had a call telling me that all is well.

    We are learning that "the accuser is not there." (Science and Health 568:26)

  99. What a blessing this video is! I shall listen to it over and over, enjoying this message of divine Love's care! How I am going to enjoy passing it on! Also the summary page of the mybiblelesson.com printout!
    Thank you! Thank you Christine and MBE too for inspiring everyone to express the Truth with such clarity!

  100. Chris, this is SO GOOD. I volunteer at our county prison, and this will be used.

  101. Thank you so very much for this inspiring and healing lift! I have been working for about three years on a physical problem. I have argued all of the spiritual facts over and over, but the healing has never come until today! Your lift turned on a light bulb for me. It was the realization that I was arguing in the court of Spirit and that I could now release my case to Christ and that God as the Judge would find me perfect, whole and free! Today I am so very grateful to say that I have been set free and I have been completely healed! Thank you, Christine and thank you to the Daily Lift team! These Daily Lifts do bring healing!

  102. Thank you Christine, this was indeed a lovely lift. I do remember one day having to face the judge on my own in a real court, and defending myself alone after sacking an incompetent attorney. And as the other side was arguing against me and a wrongful decision was about to be made, I turned to God, and instantly like a flash affirmed: God is the only Judge! Immediately, the judge heard my case and dismissed it in my favor. This just reminded of what is said in the lesson this week: God is only Lawmaker, the only Judge. That is why, as we turn to God entirely, or as we release our case into God's care, we are freed, and all of a sudden all sallowness is gone! Thank you for this beautiful reminder about Truth!

  103. Loved it, loved it, loved it! So clear and succinct...thank you, Christine.

  104. Thank you! That is a description of what makes Christian Science work so well.

  105. thank you, thank you, Christine, for that much needed lift !

  106. Thank you. This will strengthen my advocacy!

  107. Thank you. This will strengthen my advocacy!

  108. So so helpful this morning...Thank you Christine. needed to be reminded that the Accuser, Devil, is against us. but the Advocate, Christ, is always for us. Great and clear presentation of these powerful ideas...thanks so much

  109. AMEN!

  110. Thanks Christine, that is so uplifting!

  111. Thank you, Christine -- Love being reminded to claim innocence!

  112. So helpful. Rang nicely with the lesson. Thank you.

  113. Thank you for reminding us of our rights, freedom of thoughts and speech as Christian Scientists and that we are all children of God and good. Again, thanks.

  114. Thank you for this wonderful loving video. I know I w ill listen to it over an d over again.

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