10/29: Clap your hands

10/29: Clap your hands

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  1. Thank you Mark for a Lift that expresses this simple concept that can yield so many blessings in our lives. Being grateful for the all the good around us is honoring and acknowledging the presence of God, and His spiritual creation. There is a happiness and joy in this realization that permeates our being. It can't help but to be felt and expressed. Expression is gratitude. The form it takes warms our heart and blesses those around us. Happiness is gratitude expressed.

  2. Oh thank you, Mark! What a great idea--instead of quaking in fear, the Quaking Aspen trees are clapping their hands in gratitude, which only serves to multiply the good! "Gratitude is riches," after all, if we sing the hymn that points out also that "complaint is poverty." I, too, will see how very much I can be grateful for every single day--a world of gratitude--starting right this minute--I'm so grateful for this very idea!

  3. Thanks for the lift.

    Gratitude is a powerful healer.

    Here is a story of gratitude from Maya Angelou. It moved me to the core and proved to be such a powerful healer.

    "There was a time when I was in a state of utter despair, immersed in guilt over promises made on which I had not delivered. I went to my vocal coach, Fred Wilkerson, weeping copiously. He asked what was the matter. I responded, “I’m going crazy. I am almost at the brink of suicide.” He offered me a legal-size, lined yellow pad and a pen. He said, “Write down your blessings!” Furious that he didn’t understand my condition, I shouted, “Don’t talk nonsense, I’m telling you I am going crazy.” He said, “Write down that you could hear me say ‘write down’ and think of the millions who cannot hear the cries of their babies, or the sweet words of their beloveds, or the alarm that could help them seek safety. Write down that you can see this yellow pad and think of the millions on this planet who cannot see the smiles of their growing children or the delight in the faces of their beloveds, or the colors of the sunrise and the softness of the twilight. Write down that you know how to write. Write down that you know how to read.” Wilkie, as he was known, gave me that lesson in 1955. Fifty-five years later, I have written 31 books, essays, plays, and lyrics for songs — all on yellow pads. I remain in an attitude of gratitude."

    — Maya Angelou

    Truth, Wisdom, Love and Sincerity, to ALL mankind.

    Rob Scott
    Chicago, IL

  4. Many thanks Mark for this inspiring lift. Yes. "We all need to feel more grateful for the littlest things. To feel the richness, goodness and presence of God [divine Love]." "Help us to help each other, Lord,/ Each other's cross to bear;/ Let each his friendly aid afford,/ And feel his brother's care." (Christian Science Hymnal #105).

  5. Thanks, Mark!

  6. Thank you, Mark.

  7. I love this, Mark! Thank you. Can you hear me clapping?

  8. If you're happy and you know it, clap your hands.
    If you're happy and you know it, clap your hands.
    If you're happy and you know it,
    And you really want to show it,
    If you're happy and you know it, clap your hands.

    From an old Latvian song.

    Thank you Mark for today's Lift. We can " clap our hands" daily as we give thanks to God for His goodness and love for our being, His very own child-like thought, His spiritual image.

  9. Thank you Mark. Your word " project with God" made me realize that the Mobile Library Project for Burmese children which I have been involving with Aung Sun Suu Kyi(Novel Peace Winner) is certainly the project with God. Without God's help this project would not have succeeded. The Bumese children who have received books from the mobile library have expressed a great joy like those leaves.

    "Working and praying with true motives, your Father will open the way." (Science & Health) He has certainly opened the way for us.

    Natsuo from Tokyo

  10. Thank you indeed for your terrific lift today!!!

  11. Thank you Mark for this appropriate lift. Yesterday afternoon I had the joy of raking leaves with my 17 month old grandson. He loves exploring and discovering the world. I showed him the coloured leaves on the trees fluttering in the wind for the first time, much like those in your video. He's showing me "It's a wonderful world".

  12. Cool! In many churches in my town people clap their hands in joy, praise and thanksgiving to God! Just like the Bible says. It feels so right! ☺

  13. As always a great message.Thanks !!!!

  14. Thank you Mark. As you spoke I could feel the gratitude you were pouring out towards God.
    From now on I'll be doing a lot more clapping myself, as I have a local tree in my garden that will give me the inspiration to clap. Its called a Raasblaar and it kind of claps in the wind. The translation of the name is -'noisy leaf', so the tree rally does clap loudly.

  15. Thank you Mark,

    LOVED the video. I received such a different message from seeing the video especially as I looked to see the leaves clapping. Of course I know that is just a metaphor for your message but that is what I appreciate about the study of The Bible, there is both a literal and a spiritual translation.

    The Colorado Aspen is one of the most beautiful tress one can behold especially during the fall. I have found it important to keep a good focus on seeing the true story of creation as the day unfolds. Photography has a great way of helping me see that story.

    As we understand more of God's goodness we see as you saw, that the trees, mountains, seas and birds etc. all speak to the glory of God in tones that can often drown out our fears. For years I did not like to photograph gray skies at all until a few years ago when I found that they were a celebration of Light!

    I have attached a link to an image. If you look for the gray, misty day, you see it. If you begin to look for the light, you see that the picture is filled with light. If you have not seen the light yet...just look at the shadows in the water..they are the absence of light! Now you get a sense of just how much light is in the picture. The same holds true of our lives.


    NOW..those dark gray days are filled with Light and that understanding brings such an awe to us that we finally see God's Creation as perfect, thus Creation expresses joy!

  16. That is just beautiful Mark . Thank you :)

  17. Hi

    There is one more comment I wanted to add. Mark, in your message you alluded to the clapping of your hands in your heart, which reminded me of the importance of how various Church Services are conducted.

    I do prefer the quiet nature of our Services. I will however say that I have an understanding as to why some others may prefer the more physically involved services where there is the tapping of the feet, the raising and clapping of the hands. For some, this helps to break the mesmerism that many may face during the week. When the mesmerism disappears, it often takes with it, the shadows of fear that prevent us from seeing that eternal and ever-present Light.

    Whether we clap our hands in our heart or in a more physical manner, at the end of the day that rejoicing should unlock the view of God's goodness. I love Christian Science.

  18. Like tree leaves that seem to be clapping for joy with the breeze, we too can clap with joy and gratitude when remembering that “Our Father which art in heaven” has chosen each one of us to be His very image, perfect, complete, loved…

    And don’t you forget it!!!

    Como las hojas de los áboles que parecieran aplaudir gosozos con la briza, nosotros también podemos aplaudir con gozo y gratitud al recordar que el “Padre nuestro que está[s] en los cielos” nos ha elegido a cada uno de nosotros para ser Su perfecta, completa, amada, imagen...

    ¡Y no lo olvides!

  19. Dear Mark, I was clapping right with you as I listened to your Lift today, and felt the warmth of the nearness of Love's Presence. Thank you for this joyful reminder of the healing power of gratitude!

  20. Mark, that could be the scene right outside my kitchen window on the other side of a wooden wall. When I was first shown this little Villa, I stood next to the kitchen divider and looked at the forest and thought, "This is it. This is where God wants me to be." It hadn't sold for three years because no one wanted it, but as soon as I bought it lots of newcomers said, "I wanted that Villa." For some months mortal mind said, "You won't be staying, you know. You'll have to go back." I was here for six months by myself. Just me and five other empty villas. I needed that time just to get settled with God. To be grateful for all the good that had really been there, right where it seemed to be all discord and disunity. When friends come from away and we drive out through the gate I say, "I can't believe that God knew about this place, just for me." It's such a beautiful Village, and the residents are beautiful too. And I'm just so grateful for all the good that has come into my life since then. Your Daily Lift started that year too. How blessed and double blessed we all are because of it!
    Thank you, Nate and Shannon, and all the workers behind the scenes, and all the commenters from our family everywhere. Talk about clapping my hands! And jumping up and down with joy, too. . .

  21. Just lovely!! Thank you so much for sharing this lovely reminder to express gratitude. However grey the day may seem, there is always something for which to express our thanks - so a big THANK YOU and round of applause to you!

  22. Hi there Mark! Thanks for reminding us to be grateful for every single thing however small, that comes into our experience, day by day. Just as those trees are "clapping" continuously , so we can never cease to be grateful to our Father-Mother God for His/Her outpouring of good at all times. Hymn 375, which our school used to sing on the last day of every term, puts it so clearly "We thank Thee and we bless Thee, O Father of us all, That e'en before we ask Thee Thou hear'st Thy children's call. We praise Thee for Thy goodness and tender constant care, We thank Thee, Father-Mother, That Thou has heard our prayer"
    How grateful I am for these Daily Lifts , to the Lifters and those who comment, and to our Beloved Mother Church for making it all possible.Let's keep clapping !

  23. Thanks so much!

  24. Dear Mark. Thankyou! I have had a seeminglyhard life, with a lot of unhappiness. As another birthday looms, I can look back with awe at all the amzing blessings I have had. In fact it seems that I have had a wonderful life after all! All it takes is to count one's blessings every day and wow! , what a revelation. God has always picked me up , dusted me down , and got me back onto my feet.Let's all join in the clapping

  25. Thank you,what a lovely way to start our day. I remember way back of singing 'Clap your hands'. #8 Sunshine reminded me of it. I do not know where or when but it may come back to me.

  26. Rejoicing with you all for the good shared!
    Children clapping their hands because of the books they are able to read,
    finding a beautiful home with view of trees,
    beauty seen in a view with a foggy sky
    and much more from many corners of the world.

    Let our hearts be filled with gratitude, and the valves of our hearts will clap under the direction of the divine Mind.

  27. Thank you.

  28. Thank you Mark to adding a fresh take on one of my favorite Bible verses!

  29. This is so uplifting and necessary. Thank you!

  30. Thank you Mark for reminding me that I need to count my blessings more often, if not every day and even several times a day.

  31. Thank you Mark, - that is a wonderful lift this morning. And while I struggle with the pain of arthritic hands - listening to your lovely talk, seeing the moving of the leaves on the trees, the thought of clapping MY hands - my heart is filled with the gratitude of many past healings, of Christian Science in my life, of God's love for us all. It feels such a great lift for me this morning, and YAY....I can type more easily!!!
    Thank you, too, to Rob Scott, for sharing that wonderful experience by Maya Angelou, who is such an inspiration.

  32. Simple and beautiful and a powerful reminder. Thanks, Mark, and for the good comments.

  33. With much appreciation!

  34. To be grateful for all the goodness and richness that reach me every single day! This is what the truths of Christian Science is all about!
    The only condition it´s required is to acknowledge our spiritual and divine inheritance!
    Then, we´ll be able to realize the wonders around us like the beautiful and meaningful imagery you show in your lift, with "trees clapping hands" as if calling us to pay attention to the holy presence of God!
    Thank you Mark, for calling our attention to the constant and holy presence of our Father-Mather God in our lives!

  35. Thanks so much for this. I need these reminders of the power of gratitude. I see proofs of its power daily, but how soon we forget... Thanks again.

  36. Clapping my mental hands with gratitude for God's glory - here, there, everywhere! Grateful joy to Mark and all contributors for ongoing applause to Love's infinite wonders!

  37. I am always in a state of GRATITUDE! Thank you!

  38. Thank you Mark for your important reminder to be grateful. The natural world moves in grace with God. And as we thank God for His presence, everything else falls into place for the day for us too.
    I am reminded of Psalm 145: "I will extol thee, my God, Oh King; and I will bless thy name for ever and ever. / Every day will I bless thee; and I will praise thy name for ever and ever. / Great is the Lord, and greatly to be praised; ..."
    Praising God every day, and often, keeps God in the forefront, so our jubilation about His mighty power can be felt and we too, can clap our hands with the quaking Aspens.

    Thank you lifters and the Daily Lift Team. This is a wonderful forum to begin the day!

  39. This is a beautiful lift! Thank you, Mark, for encouraging us to "clap our hands" for joy and to be grateful for our wonderful life, for all the bountiful blessings God gives us that we can express to others!

  40. I am so grateful for your wonderful Lift. Thank you for this dear message including the lovely video, honoring God!

  41. Thank you so much for this wonderful beginning day.

  42. Thank you Mark. Every time I hear you speak I can feel the love and Joy of God in your voice and the youthful spirit that always anticipates miracles and blessings abound.

  43. Mark. I love your combination of a specific Bible verse with your visual DL. Great inspiration and reminder of God's Presence all around us whether looking at the aspens or a tree within a visual reach home reach. Thank you.

  44. Beautiful message, Mark. Thank you.

  45. Thank you, Mark, for a wonderful start to this wonderful day!

  46. Your message of expressing joy is expressed in a poem "Guide us today and always" by Edna LeBaron (Sentinel December 1,1997) that I pray with daily. The first verse reads:
    Let joy enhance our morning,
    Let Love fulfull our day;
    Let grace and sweet humility
    Be ours along the way.

    The last two lines are:
    God, Love, forever guides us
    To joys that never cease.

    This is certainly reason to clap our hands. And I loved the video - thanks so much!

  47. Thank you, Mark, for “Clap your hands … be grateful … for all of the goodness … being grateful even for the littlest things … really feeling that goodness of God.”

    I love the video. Not only were those leaves “clapping,” I could ( almost :-) hear them cheering!!! This is a great reminder to live a life of gratitude. Whether or not I do, makes all the difference in my day-to-day health and happiness.

    And it’s not about taking an “ostrich” approach of hiding from the “dangers du jour.” It’s about acknowledging, rejoicing, and being glad that “Divine Love always has met and always will meet every human need” (S&H 494:10). It’s about accepting the Truth of our being that makes of free from “every ill that flesh is heir to.”

  48. great trees in your heart. thank you.

  49. This is a most beautiful message today. Thank you!!!

  50. This may sound silly, but after I had been feeling rather dull lately--like I was walking around in a fog--this morning, I realized that some of the thought surrounding me has to do with Hallowe'en...including zombies (the walking dead). It hadn't occurred to me to pray about that particular current fascination of some youth, because it seemed too ridiculous to worry about. But I really don't like how I've been feeling...kind of deadened. I love the Lift, Mark, and I appreciate what Troy said about clapping and moving breaking mesmerism for some. So today, I'll be a bright gold quaking Aspen, moving and clapping.

    I hope others will join me in praying for young people this week...I'm not afraid of Hallowe'en, but it might be a distraction and perhaps a misdirection for some.

  51. Thanking God for infinite blessings, I acknowledge you, Mark, for the inspiring words and beautiful pictures you included in your message and all the commenters for their contributions. I am happy to be in such good company.
    Love and blessings to everyone everywhere right now and always!

  52. Thank you, Mark, and everyone involved for the beautiful illustration of that beautiful message.

  53. I have a dear friend who always gives gratitude for every little thing in her life, no matter how small. She has often said "I know it's just a small thing, but I'm grateful to God for ALL His good.". She constantly recognizes good in her life, even when challenged. She is an inspiration to me, as is your beautiful DL - Thank you so much Mark for sharing it with the world. I am making a conscious effort to acknowledge the good more, & giving the credit to God, just like my sweet friend. She actually, is one of my BIG blessings!

  54. LOVE this, Mark! THANK you!

  55. That passage from Isaiah was a message from God to me many, many years ago when I was praying about whether to take a ski trip to Europe. I opened my Bible at random and that line was what I read.
    IIt was a fantastic trip with many blessings and joy. Thanks for the reminder.

  56. I am also glad to be reminded of the need to give thanks....constantly...... and, Rejoice, This is the day the Lord hath made. What a wonderful "secret agenda" with God--to give thanks for all the good--the only real. It is good even to give thanks where we might be inclined to be resentful--but give thanks instead. What a nice forerunner to Thanksgiving! Thank you for this healing message!

  57. "The trees shall clap their hands" verse came immediately to my thought when I fell hard a while back while out on a vigorous walk. I got right up unharmed thinking only of those words. I looked around embarrassed, hoping no one had seen me fall...and there they were literally ...trees clapping their hands and making me laugh.

  58. Mark...I am from NM also and love seeing the Aspen trees near us! Now, I will always look at them with a new perspective...with the constant gratitude attitude! In fact, we love the trees SO much that our daughter's name is Aspen! She will love to think about her name from this standpoint! Thank You!

  59. I am claping my hands for you today, dear Marc
    Thanks for your uplifting message

  60. Gratitude allows me the constant consciousness of God

  61. Applause! Cheers! Kudos! Yes, we are all joining in with praise, thanks, gratitude, joy!

  62. Thank you so much for the inspiring DL. Thanks to all of the commenters for reminding me of how grateful I am for CS. The metaphysical teachings of MBE are the sovereign panacea for all of the worlds ills. I am eternally greatful. Be blessed everyone. Lovingly!

  63. Oh, what a wonderful lift! Thank you! Now, whenever I look at aspens quaking I will remember that they are clapping for joy and get a lift in my spirit. Come to think of it, clapping is a natural way to express joy. Just think if babies! We seem to lose that spontaneous urge to clap our hands - after all, others might think we're silly...

    And as for cloudy skies, I always look at cloudy skies as blessings. Just think of all the blessings from cloudy skies that we don't get from sunny skies - cooler air, the promise of rain for the thirsty plants, better lighting for photography, and so on. I love a snowy day, too. And early darkness - we use darkness so much as a metaphor that we think darkness is really bad. But it isn't! It just offers different blessings. Physical light is not a requirement for joy.

  64. Your lifts are the best!

  65. It's lovely to see the quaking aspen trees representing gratitude for God's love. We know that in the Fall, the leaves will turn beautiful colors, fall to the ground, and then, in the Spring, the trees will be covered with new leaves, showing us God's eternal grace and loveliness. We are indeed grateful for this everlasting show of Life.

    Thank you, Mark. Thank you, dear Mother Church and all the tireless workers who bring us our Daily Lifts.

  66. Thank you Mark for this inspiring video. Your really captured the beautiful and joyful clapping of the leaves! We love to 'skype' with our 9 month old granddaughter in Boston every morning. Each day we sing, 'If you're happy and you know it clap your hands' which always brings a smile! I will continue to clap and smile through the day!

  67. Oh yes, Mark! Thank you for the beautiful reminder of those quaking aspens. As a gentle breeze goes through an aspen grove, it always reminds me of God's presence and love for me and all. Thank you, God!

  68. Yea! What a wonderful way to start the day. I will certainly let that be my prayer and carry it in my heart with joy and thankfulness. Sweet God, every moment you are with me, guiding me and enriching my understanding of your presence, power and love. And knowing this enables me to see others in the same light!

  69. And what is moving those beautiful Aspen leaves? The wind. I like to think the wind is God and the leaves can't help but "clap" when they feel the presence of God. Thank you Mark.

  70. Hey Mark and all,

    What a great uplift and joyful attitude to start the day. Thanksgiving is my favorite time of year.
    Oh, to be greatful and aware of each small blessing or note from God's infinite bounty. This really
    is touching and inspiring imagery.

    Thanks so very much, Middlebury, Vermont
    Chuck Stanley

  71. As I read the Bible Lesson from the Christian Science Quarterly magazine this morning, it is so clear that God could not be a wrathful God. He loves each of us, His ideas, tenderly. As yesterday's Your Daily Lift mentions, we can get to know God better. Each day is about: knowing God and knowing our (i.e., man's) relationship to Him. Just to-day, I am grateful for a warm home, the promise of a new day filled with light, companionship, a blessed Mother Church, and each of the lecturers so freely sharing their inspired thought. Thank you! Our collective prayers for God are reaching universal humanity...

  72. Yes!!! I love seeing those shining leaves of the "quivering aspens" as we call them in Alberta. (No leaves now, as it is winter. But Thanks for the invitation to clap hands in gratitude and praise.
    Margaret #20 and so many are sharing in this heart-thanks too in each Daily Lift! Thanks Mark!

  73. Trees are are certainly clapping their hands in this beautiful Autumn we are having in Oregon. Joy!

  74. Across the road from my house are a couple of stands of Aspen trees mingled in with the pine trees. In the spring after their leaves come back and a breeze stirs the air I can hear the clapping. It continues on through the summer until fall when they turn yellow/orange but still clapping in the breeze, until the leaves fall to the ground. I will never hear them again without thinking of your Lift and remembering to be grateful for everything. Thank you Mark for this reminder of God's love and beauty all around us. My heart is clapping now.

  75. What a magnificent lift. Joining you and the quaking aspens and all the daily lifters in clapping hands in my heart for all God's great and infinitesimal blessings! Thank you so much.

  76. Thank you, Mark! What Richness of Joy you have brought to us today! My Heart is Singing, My Heart is Clapping.....I have found The Way! What is the sound of One Hand (Heart) Clapping?

  77. A great lift thank you Mark. I always share the daily lifts or thoughts to my two daughters each morning. They love to hear from me each day and this gives me something positive to share with
    Thanks to all the commenters also. So uplifting to read the different ideas. I especially love the comment regarding praying for the young people and Halloween. I shall do this.
    Love o all of you.

  78. Thank you Mark. What a wonderful way to start the day, giving thanks and getting to know God better.

  79. What a beautiful video! I, too, really enjoy trees, but especially those beautiful aspens that are truly "clapping their hands"! Thank you for this reminder to be grateful even for the littlest of things. Enjoyed #57, Ingrid's comment about looking around to see if anyone saw her fall...and the trees were clapping their hands and made her laugh!

  80. Thanks Mark. Gratitude, can't progress without it.

  81. Thanks, Mark. The simplicity of Christ expressed! From heart to heart...

  82. Thank you Mark for this perfect lift. We all have so much to be thankful for. Thanks also to Rob Scott for sharing the writing from Maya Angelou , and to all our precious family of Daily Lifters. Have a Grateful Day.

    Love To All , Dee

  83. Yes!!! Children clap for themselves for the littlest thing they accomplish or feel happy about.
    Why not clap our hands when we get out of the bed, feel impelled to help someone, or brush our teeth when we are truly sleepy, waking up in the morning to face new challenges, etc.
    Ultimately, God is clapping His hands admiring His reflections, expressions and peace. Thank you Mark!! I

  84. God's fullness is already here, already present, and appreciating that Fact opens the door for
    more to flow in, blessing one- and All !!! Thanks Mark!

  85. A powerful thought meaningfully and beautifully illustrated. Part of an association address from my dear inspired teacher was titled "Applauding God". Thank you, Mark, for "showing" us what we look like when we applaud God, really "clap our hands." for what God is doing in His universe and in our lives.

  86. Thanks, Mark,

    My heart is clapping for your Lift-reminder. Let's all applaud God. Now and forever.

    "Clap your hands. Stomp your feet..." From various versions of a gospel song praising God. Couldn't find anything definitive on Google.

  87. Your lift reminded me of those days when daily encounters with beautiful stands of clapping trees were a daily occurrence on the 2-hour bus ride to school. How refreshing they looked with large light-green, gently 'clapping' leaves. You've resurrected a long-forgotten ideal!

  88. I so appreciate your Lift today Mark.... I'm thinking how we physically clap for things that gives us joy and how seeing the reflection of God all around us gives us such joy that the feeling in our hearts is grateful clapping...

  89. What a lovely reminder in your message today , Mark!!! Thank you!!
    I'm clapping my hands in unison with all my beloved lifter friends!!
    I'm so grateful for our daily messages, a wonderful way to start our day. Love to all

  90. Thank you God for having such a beautiful reflection in Your idea, man.
    And this must mean all of us as Your ideas!
    No wonder we are happy as clapping leaves!


  91. A beautiful message to carry in my heart and live each day. Thank you.

  92. Thank you for this very helpful Lift. Our gratitude to God for All Good is our reflection of His seeing everything which he has made and Behold it was very Good as stated in Genesis Chapter 1. God's perfect creation is not a distant past event but the present spiritual fact, complete and perfect. The nature of our reflecting Him is to be conscious of that and applaud - or praise Him. Feeling grateful is feeling full of being pleased, as He is with us.

  93. I just wrote down all the things that came to thought that I am grateful about before I start a new project Now, it's not me, but God in charge and I can continue to clap my hands all the way. Beautiful video Mark and beautiful message!! Thanks to all

  94. Thank you Mark. Always loved this Bible verse. Now I'll think of the aspen leaves clapping as I express quiet gratitude in my heart many times a day and feeling God's goodness. Thanks to every who share comments with us on the Daily Lifts.

  95. MARK now I know why Aspens are my favorite
    they create such joy, freedom beauty,
    and CLAPPING cheerfuly.

    WOW a perfect metaphor!

  96. MARK now I know why Aspens are my favorite
    they create such joy, freedom beauty,
    and CLAPPING cheerfuly.

    WOW a perfect metaphor!

  97. Thank you Mark for that rich, inspiring lift. Reminding us to clap our hands in our hearts more often throughout the day only reminds us more of our at-one-ment with our Father-Mother God; His everlasting presence. I just got back from my daily walk. A perfect time to commune with Him and always get the right answers....whatever I am needing right now. What a beautiful, blessed every moment we have to enjoy and feel upright blessed and loved.

    Si Yu'uus Maasi (Thank you in Guamanian)!!

  98. A beautiful metaphor for my favorite
    trees. classing w/beauty & rythum.

  99. Being a lover of Quaking Aspen myself, here in MInnesota the trees have lost their leaves but, now ,the small dry seed- rattles are left......still rattling ----- and now I will think too each time I hear them rattling in gratitude to God!! Thank you, Mark--Merri

  100. Thank you!!

  101. Thank you for this precious lift and all the comments!

  102. A minute ago a friend called to thank us for helping her secure her home during a probate. Co-incidentally she had just been in hospital for excess bleeding caused by a televised, prescribed drugs which she now refuses. When she returned home, in the mail she found the legal documents that granted her the deed to her home where she resided over 30 years. She professes an orthodox faith, however she was happy to know she will always live in the house (consciousness) of God, divine Love forever.

  103. Dear Mark,

    So thankful for this incredible lift this morning! I am so grateful for your message and the beautiful video to illustrate this idea of joy and happiness, peace and love. I am full of rejoicing now. What a difference gratitude can be in one's life and to know and understand that God is the source of all of this good in all of our lives.

    Blessings to you and all you wonderful Daily Lifters!!!!!!

  104. I also realy loved these wonderful trees, they allways talked to me, and now I can unterstand, what they are telling me. They have a wonderful message from God´s endless love. I´m realy grateful for your lovely lift. not only for today, I will clap with all my heart.

  105. Thank you.My heart is clapping for this video on gratitude.Beautiful!!

  106. I can just see a baby clapping their little hands and thanks #11 Gary for the picture of you and your little grandchild playing in the leaves... We love to go into the mountains in Idaho, just to see the leaves change color and especially the Aspen, they are glorious along with the red maple and dark pines. With love and gratitude to all.

  107. Thank you, Mark. The shimmering aspen landscape sings to me to join you in your "Clapping hands
    project" today. Where to begin? The delight of reading a book to a grandchild, the pink and blue
    dawn, a stroll in the warm sunshine, so many blessings to clap and clap for.

  108. Right on target, Mark! gratitude is such a door-opener to higher demonstration! Many thanks for this very thoughtful lift !!

  109. What a wonderful 'Lift' Mark! Thank you so much.

  110. Oh I needed that reminder to be grateful today! Thank you SO MUCH!

  111. Thank you Mark for your timely and inspired lift---
    The idea of gratitude I cannot get enough of....
    And the visual of the trees--- the aspens is just right--- thanks again-


  112. I love the aspens, especially now with their golden color, and their sound of clapping. And I love this inspiring lift. What a wonderful Bible verse to remember. Thanks.

  113. This is a wonderful Lift!! Thank you for sharing!!

  114. Knowing how much you travel for Christian Science, I'm always grateful/happy to see the Daily Lift videos proving you do have time to enjoy the natural beauty and blessings of your home, as well! Thank you, Mark! "Well done, good and faithful servant." (Bible)

  115. Thank you Mark and the many commenters!
    Thoughts that come to mind:
    "All nature teaches God's love to man,......." (Science and Health pg 326)
    "Gratitude and love should abide in every heart each day of all the years." (Church Manual pg 60)
    As Rob Scott (#3), I have never forgotten reading about Maya Angelou's "yellow pad". It has been an invaluable tool for me and others.
    Recently, after the Postlude of the Sunday Service, the congregation, spontaneously, claps. Gratitude for the precious hour.

  116. Clapping my hands at every experience in my day will stop me from turning inward and bring joy and laughter into my day. Thank you Mark.

  117. I love this message- And it's based on one of my favorite Bible citations! Thank you Mark for this message of joyful gratitude.

  118. My Mom taught the 6 of us that Love and gratitude heals and I learned by her example that this is Truth. You remind me of her kind of Love and her sense of gratitude. Thank you Mark.

  119. Thank you Mark

  120. Thank you so much Mark for the sharing. So beautifull!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  121. I loved this message! Wonderful, very happy. Thank you, with a big brasilian hug. Maranatha

  122. I was surprised one time in court when the judge ordered us, "There will be no more demonstrations in this court-room ...( meaning clapping or applause. )
    Thanks for Isaiah 55. I love it.

  123. Thank you, Mark. Your love always shines through the message.

    Soon after we moved to Colorado, we took a guided nature walk, and learned that an aspen grove is produced from one root. Today I considered that fact as a metaphor that we have one "root" one source - our Father-Mother God. So, today I can clap my hands in gratitude for that, and much more. I will never look at aspen trees quite the same again

    Much love and gratitude to all the Lifters, and to all who produce these healing messages.


  125. Thank you Mark! I remembered this today when I wasn't joyful about going to a meeting. I immediately turned that thought around (thinking of gratitude for what I have) and the meeting was productive and full of inspiration.

    Troy #15 - I loved your comment and the picture. Such a wonderful way to show how light (God) is always present.

  126. Mark, I remember how often Mrs. G. shared with us in class that gratitude is PRAYER. When we're filled with gratitude, there simply can't be any room for any negative thought. Many thanks for sharing one more way to be grateful!

  127. What a lovely, healing message. It helped so very much today. Thank you!

  128. Thank you Mark,
    A heart full of gratitude, even for the littlest things makes me feel like literally clapping my "hands" while I am singing.

  129. Dear Mark, i just love and appreciate your lift today. You make the truth sound so simple and perfect. thanks to all of the commentators and the daily lift team.

  130. I enjoyed seeing the video there on the Sandia's. I can imagine how beautiful it is my mind but to see the Aspens shaking in the winds and your Daily Lift being filmed there is especially touching to me. A dear, dear friends ashes were tossed to the winds there on the Sandia's just a few years ago. I wish she had known the comfort and joy of Christian Science or even of God. She wasn't a believer. That could have been some of the problem. I listen to you whenever the opportunity rises and I am so grateful for the inspiration you share with us. I have much to be grateful and clap my hands freely. Thank you Mark.

  131. Nature can certainly replicate God's greatness. That certainly deserves an "applause." Thanks for the great lift!

  132. What a grateful claping!
    Your message saves my day. These couple of days I seemed to be in a slumber of despair, but no more, grateful claping woke me up.
    I am thankful I have CS in my life and your message and all the comments help me to see all the blessings I've been given, am getting and will surely be getting more in the days to come.
    I Love Father-Mother God.

  133. Thank you all! There is such a difference between just declaring the truth and being deeply grateful for it.

  134. Thank you Mr. Swinney for the beautiful lift. I loved the leaves clapping their hands in the video. Thank you for sharing that view.


  136. Oh thanks, Mark! I love it!!! I'm clapping right now!!

  137. Thank you Mark, for this joyful, lifting, Lift which I will remember always.

  138. Growing up in a low income family, I never heard my sweet mother and father ever complain. They always were so grateful for what good we had, and I never felt that I lacked anything even though we had many friends with so many more material goods, beautiful big homes, etc. If there was a bright side to be found, they always found it. They truly clapped their hands with joy. Thanks to everyone for the uplifts today. El Paso Patt

  139. Thanks Mark

  140. I loved this message, Gratitude. Thanks Mark.Obrigada Mark.

  141. This is very beautiful ! Thank you very much, Mark !

  142. The flickering aspen leaves remind me of the American Sign Language (ASL) version of applause, the raised, twisting of hands at the wrists ~ delightful!

  143. Thank you - do you listen how we all are claping our hands ?! Wow - what a claping-orchetra of divine joy !!! Worldwide !

  144. This lift surely illustrates the hymn, A grateful heart a garden is where there is always room
    For every lovely Godlike grace to come to perfect bloom, as shown in the many lifters' blooms
    of rejoicing about it! Clapping for God in our hearts is a wonderful activity! Thanks so much.

  145. Thank-you, Mark for your heartfelt & inspiring Lift while communing with the beautifully clapping Quaking Aspen trees. Recently, I was driving to a shopping mall and all of a sudden at an intersection, steam started billowing out of the hood of my car. I also noticed a mild burning smell. The traffic light changed and I was able to quickly find a parking spot at the mall --- grateful! Phoned BCAA road service and the tow truck driver arrived very shortly after my call --- grateful! We left my car at the closed dealership and the driver kindly offered to drop me off at a Skytrain station --- grateful! At one of the stops, a woman pushed a little girl in her stroller onto the train. I smiled at the toddler and immediately, she was overflowing with joy & laughter. After the lady safely positioned the stroller, the little girl turned to me, smiled and in a warm & happy voice said, "Hi!". I responded-in-kind. (The woman seemed surprised by the toddler's lively & friendly behaviour.) As we travelled along on the Skytrain together, no more words were exchanged between us. At my stop, I got up to leave and as I walked past the little girl, again she turned, looked at me and brightly said, "Bye!". I responded-in-kind. This experience reminded me of the lines from Mary Baker Eddy's Hymn #30 "Love": "And life most sweet, as heart to heart Speaks kindly when we meet . . and . . part." I felt buoyed-up as I continued on my way home --- grateful!

  146. (#145 comment continued): Thanks again, Mark for the very important and helpful Lift! When I went to pick up my car after it had been repaired and was just about to drive away, I felt gently impelled to look in the trunk. Two snow tires were missing. The service consultant cheerfully went to look for them and they were quickly found. Grateful that the tire situation was realized & corrected before driving away from the car dealership. As always, wonderful Lifter comments! Merci beaucoup DL team --- terrific music and beautiful video!

  147. What a glorious picture of Nature! Seeing the sunlight shining through leaves at the tops of eucalypt trees many years ago, gave me a very clear picture of the life-giving identifying qualities of Soul. Maybe those leaves weren't all physically perfect to human view, but the light shining through gave them their true identity and fulfilment of their God-given purpose - to express their Source.

  148. Great, I loved it! Thanks :)