10/26: You are still intact!

10/26: You are still intact!

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  1. And THAT'S the Truth! Thanks for the reminder of the abundance of that universal solvent of Divine Love.

  2. Thank you Brian for this healing Lift. No matter what challenges come our way the light of the Christ shines eternally in our lives. There is a statement in S&H, page 150, that always reminds me why we study Christian Science:"but erring, finite, human mind has an absolute need of something beyond itself for its redemption and healing." And why Christian Science is so effective: "Metaphysics is above physics". When we put into practice the beautiful and powerful truths you just explained, a line from the C/S Hymnal (pg.148) comes to thought, "Bright skies will soon be o'er me, where darkest clouds have been."

  3. What an excellent, clear metaphor! Thanks so much, Brian.

  4. Most helpful, thank you Brian. that sense of completeness or wholeness is brought out so clearly in Mrs Eddy's definition of man in the chapter on Recapitulation in Science and Health, where she says that man "is the compound idea of God, including all right ideas" She does not say "all ideas" but "all right ideas" so anything which is not right, discordant, inharmonious, sickly is not included in man's complete, perfect, and intact selfhood. As we strip away all the false beliefs which try to attach themselves to man we shall see what is really true, just as that bell was found to be intact when all the debris was cleared away. Thanks again for a wonderful Lift!

  5. When we feel sunken at the bottom of a sea of errors, incrusted in our consciousness by time and moral weakness, in that very instant we must remember that God sees through us, to the depths of our being.
    Right there where we see only doom, our Father, divine Love, sees His image, “unfallen, upright, pure, and free” S&H 171:5
    “Let us labor to dissolve with the universal solvent of Love the adamant of error, — self-will, self-justification, and self-love, —which wars against spirituality and is the law of sin and death.” S&H 242:15

    Cuando nos sentimos undidos en el fondo de un mar de errores, incrustados en nuestra conciencia por el tiempo y la debilidad moral , en ese preciso momento debemos recordar que Dios ve através nuestro, a lo más profundo de nuestro ser.
    Allí mismo donde solo vemos perdición, nuestro Padre, el Amor divino, ve Su imagen, “erguido, puro y libre” CyS 171:5
    “Laboremos por dissolver con el solvente universal del Amor la dureza adamantina del error —la obstinación, la justificación propia y el amor propio— que lucha contra la espiritualidad y es la ley del pecado y la muerte” CyS 242:15

  6. Brian, thank you so much! Could not sleep because of a physical problem. This daily lift came in and it was just what I needed. The daily lifts are so timely.

  7. "…the universal solvent of Love."
    No error of any kind can outlast or withstand divine Love, the Principle of the universe, and so the "children are free."

    Thank you Brian! Thank you DL team! Love to the DL community…

  8. Thank you, Brian, for your precious morning gift. I suck it up like a sponge - so needed. we are all whole without any injury whatever happened in the past or just now which does not come from our GOD.
    And Nate, thank you for your great article in the sentinel of 29th October - so needed as well - big hug! Am still busy with translating several words into German, in order to understand your article completely.

  9. Very healing Lift!! Thank you!!

  10. A very timely and powerful thought for today . Just the encuragement and inspiration I needed in these wee hours . Thank you Brian, much blessings to you .

  11. Dear Brian,

    What an inspiring message for us to keep within us, certainly it will remain "intact." This is one of my favorite words.

  12. Many thanks Brian for this great reminder. Yes. "We are permanently whole and forever intact". "In Thine own image we may see/ Man pure and upright, whole and free./ And ever through our work shall shine/ That light whose glory, Lord, is Thine." (Christian Science Hymnal #12).

  13. Dear Brian,
    Thank you for this wonderful visual metaphor -- I know it will carry me along through many challenges!

  14. Thank you Brian, so helpful and timely - even SELF condemnation can be dissolved away

  15. Have just signed up recently for the free daily lifts via e mail. Nothing starts the day off more peacefully than a bowl of weetabix, piece of toast, cup of tea and a daily lift :-)
    I guess I'm not coping with life very well at the moment but these short little messages are lovely and getting up in the morning knowing one is waiting for me on my computer has brought back something worthful in my life. It's a fresh start, thank you x

  16. thank you so much Brian,it,s so reassuring to hear these words as we work on physical problems that s
    eem really encrusted.we must hang onto the fact that there is NO encrustation,its just not there never has been and never will be.as God,s solvent of Love shows us who we really are. pure and perfect living in beautiful eternal harmony,where nothing unlike God can reach us.thank you again,love and peace to all

  17. Thank you so much, Brian, for this healing and uplifting Lift. It is so appropriate for something I have been praying to reverse to see the reality of what is really going on. Well, good is certainly going on, and Love can see through and reveal the whole and holy spiritual idea where it would seem to be chaos and catastrophe. I love that you said, "The first step in gaining freedom is to realize that beneath all the problems, God sees us as whole and forever intact, like that bell." Isn't it so great, Brian, that even after all those pretend years the TONE of the bell still rings true! Clear and vibrant and reverberating right through fogs and fantasies! And as we see it perfectly, it always stays perfect.
    Thank you Nate and the team for a really great week,: mega thanks to the Board of lectureship and the lecturers: Jon Benson is right here at Wynnum this very weekend! How good is that! And thanks to our always at the end of the phone family of Lifters!

  18. Lovely!

  19. Thank you Brian, how encouraging to know that no matter how encrusted our lives seem to be with matter/error/lies, Divine Love only sees us as Her precious child. Divine Love does not have to look through or past the encrustations to see her child. Mother Love just DOES NOT SEE the lies! The "universal solvent of Love" proves they have no substance at all. And isn't it wonderful that this solvent is universal? It is there when and wherever we need it. Even in the remotest, darkest places, Love's light shines dissolving ALL error. And it all starts with 'God is Love.' #15, Polly, you are God's precious perfect child and that means you are precious to ALL of us! Let the dissolving begin!

  20. Thank you, this is very timely and something I needed and will certainly will relie on. The hym #12 I will copy and put on my wall where I have many hyms I can refer to quickly. Many thanks to all.

  21. Thank you Brian, I have also been dealing with a difficult situation at work where I have to face apparent discordant relationships between a group of persons and just yesterday I said to myself: I quit, I give up, I can´t cope with this... But then I get up today and when I listened to this DL, a new light was shed on the situation. I will certainly apply the universal solvent of Love to this "seeming huge bell of error" and the perfect spiritual man of God`s creation will surely appear there, intact, innocent, calm, at peace. A great metaphor. Blessings to all who work for this Cause.

  22. Si estamos conscientes de nuestro ser espiritual nada ajeno puede tocarnos o hacernos confundir porque si bien moramos en un cuerpo material el ser Es Espiritual, ¿pero como separamos esa supuesta unión entre la maeria y el espíritu? Simplemete negando la materia y aferrándonos a la Verdad que el ser ya es, no que será en un futuro, y esa es la mayor defensa para toda situación, aún aquellas que nos atrapan entre el deber humanitario y el deber para con Dios y de como escapar de esa supuesta contradición, y he encontrado que la certeza de que somos espirituales no materiales y que afirmando nuestra confiaza en Él la tarea se complementa y encontraremos los espacios para cada una sin dejar de hacer ninguna porque nuestra tarea es esa justamente como dice la Biblia "Hacer esto sin dejar de hacer aquello" en una plena comprensión que las angustias ni los errores humanos no los trae Dios por lo tanto no existen.

    Muchas gracias Brian, Muchas gracias Daily Lift. Intactos sí, inmarcesibles sí y como Cristo puros, cimentados en el mismo Amor.

  23. Thank you. A powerful message within a very clear analogy and beautifully presented.

  24. Claim of suffering from error being dissolved by "the universal solvent of Love" as I write. So grateful for this lift at this time, Brian, as it is the perfect reminder that no matter how crusty the appearance seems, only good is happening to me; clarity is my true state of being, as the bell rings true, so do I in thought. Love's light dissolving all darkness; "YES, I WILT BE MADE WHOLE!" Am already whole as Spirit sees me, pure and beautiful and fully alive.
    This lift restores, bathes me in God's tender care. At peace.
    And so very grateful.

  25. I am grateful to you Brian for giving me today's "Lift". Your chosen words are perfect and clear. I am "Lifted" by your thoughts and by all of you precious folks who work to give us this wonderful "service". Thank You!

  26. As simple as that! It couldn't be any clearer.

  27. How wonderful to be able to really know this!

  28. Thanks, Brian, this was just the thought I needed for today as well as all of the comments. And thanks also for your article in the Sentinel - very inspiring!

  29. Thank you for this endearing analogy..

  30. Thank you, Brian, for sharing these truths with us all. These thoughts are so loving, kind and clear. So useful for living everyday with the knowledge that Love indeed is the liberator from any sense of "crusty" burden. Thanks and so much love and appreciation to all who bring us these "lifts" each day. Invaluable.

  31. I understand that barnacles will attach themselves to hulls of ships in salt water. In time past those barnacles would have to be scraped off by hand. Then it was found that ships sailed into fresh water they would automatically come off. So we need to sail into fresh water, the kingdom of
    Spirit and our false beliefs will dissolve.

  32. Perfect! Absolutely perfect! Thank you, Brian, for this healing message.
    To all ... have a lovely and loving weekend :-)

  33. Thank you for that wonderful message that I needed to hear, and it's a good message to hold onto!

  34. thank you. I couldn't rest last night It was a strain on my psyche. I have had few nights as difficult as last night. So, listening to this "lift" was very timely. Thank you so much

  35. What a lift, Brian! Thank you! Reading the comments is also a big lift. It's an inspirational meeting, literally right at our fingertips!

  36. A beautiful lift. Thank you, Brian.

  37. Universal solvent of LOVE! What a wonderful reality. Thanks for the reminder.

  38. These ideas help me so much and what a wonderful complement to this week's Bible Lesson. Deep gratitude to you.
    And Nate - to you for your fine article in the Oct 29 CSS as expressed by Uta #8.

  39. What a great analogy! Really beautiful and helpful! Thank you!

  40. Thank you, Brian, for “You are still intact! … dissolve the encrustations … ‘with God all things are possible’… ” A Christian Science friend of mine often says, “See the Christ through the crust.” I love it especially because I recognize that it's The Way to behold oneself and each other! Have a blessed weekend everyone!

  41. Excellent!! Muchas gracias, Brian!!

  42. You have such a clear thought, you always make things so clear....I just love you!

  43. Thanks so much! I had been pondering the affirmation of "the universal solvent of Love" this morning. How nice of you to come along with that beautiful illustration. No, our issues have not been around 300 or even 100 years. How cool is that!

  44. That was a wonderful lift, a reminder that I am and forever will be intact mentally physically with no dissolution ever from God!

  45. Thank you for this very,very healing lift.Thank you also to all who respond.It too is helpful.

  46. Thanks Brian, We're intact and precious as God knows us to be. thanks everyone and thanks for the great music this week.

  47. Thanks Brian!
    Some dissolving to do -- God's creation is revealed INTACT.
    And Polly, you're right -- nothing starts the day off better than Daily Lift -- (and breakfast!) :-)

    Thanks to the Board of Lectureship, Nate, the band, the Lecturers for another great week of Lifts!
    Every one of these lecturers give something substantial to lift up our consciousness!

  48. "O, gentle presence, peace, and joy, and power; O, Life divine, that owns each waiting hour; Thou love that guards the nestling's faltering flight, keep Thou my child (#15, and #34, Polly and Kathleen, and all)on upward wing tonight!"

    Mother's Evening Prayer
    Mary Baker Eddy

  49. Thank you much........wonderful, so uplifting!!!

  50. Not only have we seen the ship's bell you speak of (in a local science museum's recent exhibit) but we have met the men who brought the bell up. Little did I imagine that the Whydah's bell would be such an apt subject for one of our Daily Lifts! And I can vouch for the fact that the bell is free of encrustation--a terrific example of Brian's point about INTACT being.

  51. Thank you Brian. It is so good to know that I am still intact no matter what appears to mortal eyes. Love certainly is the answer to seeing all the good that God created.

    And thank you Patricia #31 for showing us that the process of 'cleaning up' need not be difficult, when we use the solvent of Truth.

  52. Thank you.

  53. Well this message sure rings true!!! Thanks so much, Brian!! I so appreciate the daily lift family. Very special,enlightening,inspirational and keeps me focused on the Truth.
    Love to all. Have a great weekend!!!

  54. Love the analogy, Brian. And thank you, Patricia, for offering the information about fresh water that naturally removes barnacles. These Lifts and comments always give us so much to ponder and pray with!

  55. My spiritual identity and individuality is always, and forever will be complete and always intact, never outside of God's infinite love and protection. Error can scream blue murder, like a really spoiled child, and if the parent is attuned to it's rants and raves, can never get away of being and doing the right thing. God never made a spoilt child, neither put us in a position where our identity could ever be separated from him.

  56. I'd like to add a clarification to my comment #28 - I was referring to Nate's article in the Sentinel of October 29th sharing his wonderful experiences and effective healing prayer.

  57. Dear Brian,
    I woke up this morning feeling 'encrusted with some physical problems" and will work on dissolving those with the Solvent of Love to see that I am intact just as God created me. This is a wonderful Lift, so needed today. Many thanks to the commentators who expand on this thought. I learn so much each morning when I open my Daily Lift.
    Thanks Nate & team for your love through the music and care you give these Lifts.

  58. Thanks, Brian, and all Lifters today. I really felt the love and forgiveness in this Lift. After a week of heart-searching, it's refreshing to find out that maybe I've been a little too hard on myself. Your "freshwater" Lift restores me to the gentleness of the Christ. Divine Love is the "universal solvent" that best removes crustiness, not chipping away at oneself with chisels and hammers!

    I really loved hearing that the name of the ship was still there. Its true identity could not be stolen, covered up, or buried at sea.

  59. I am grateful for this lift and all the comments of others, who are equally inspired or moved to respond. Thinking of the beautiful bell that emerged from the encrusted materials and ourselves emerging from material outworn thinking into cleansing healing spiritual ideas.

  60. Dear Brian,
    Thank you for this wonderful Lift, reminding us that no matter how encrusted we may have become being buffeted in the sea of mortal error, the universal solvent of Love is right at hand. As Elise Moore suggested in her Lift yesterday,"just reach for Psalm 91.1 for deliverance." How sweet it is to stay in the consciousness of love!
    Deany Brady Sunnyvale, CA

  61. Thank you so much Brian. I need this very much. Have a wonderful weekend all expressing what God wants you to be.

  62. Thank you for this lovely lift. The whole Daily Lift, with the original words of the Lift and the enlightened responses and affirmations of everyone round the world, is a very powerful message of Love for us individually and collectively. If we live in the atmosphere of Divine Love, we are already part of the solution not the problem!

  63. Well done. Your loving presentation of the idea just melts away the crust of mortality.

  64. A powerful anlaogy and very freeing. Thank you.

  65. Thank you Brian for this clear illustration of the action of the solvent of Love, Spirit to dissolve all the errors of material sense, leaving only the beauty and usefulness of one's original identity. Thanks to all the comments who get the picture and add their own perspective.
    We have a "Women's Circle" (recovering alcoholics) group that rents our church building one night a week, and in welcoming them in last night I noticed they had a bell on the desk. This lift gives me a new metaphysical definition of the bell.

  66. Brian, that was a wonderful analogy...so clear and easy to "see". Thank you for the comforting message and the comfort communicated though your voice.

  67. I will remember this lift. A beautiful, clear and healing message Intact, not touched. Thank you all!

  68. Wonderful message... thank you so very much!

  69. Just a follow up~~welcome to Polly #15 and all new daily lifters. It's a great worldwide loving family.
    And who'd a thought I'd be googling Weetabix, and finding out its Britians best selling cereal!!
    Love it!!! FYI~ I had rice chex with my Daily Lift. Love,Jen

  70. Thank you! If only everyone knew this truth!! Love to all!!

  71. Thank you!

  72. This lift is right on target. I have been divorced over a year now and still very connected to my past partner in many ways. Recently I recognized a need to go deeper in letting go of past wrongs. Of all things he initiated a Healing Call to be heard about the past. We have the level of calm and respect that means we can do this now. I am looking forward to doing this work and finding wonderful support from this lift and all the responders. Thank you so much. With love and appreciation and humility for the way things work!

  73. Thank you. These Lifts are so good and so often hit the spot so perfectly. This one was right on for me. I am giong to listen to again. Like the bell, when a cleaning takes place we find the real man is still there ,shining in all his manhood.

  74. This Lift came to my heart as pure Truth, and has been beautifully amplified by the 73 comments posted so far. Thank you, one and all, for this clear, pure thinking. I do believe the sound of this bell ringing can be heard around the world.

  75. This is so good. Thanks so much!

  76. Such a great message. I'm so grateful for the healing support of the Daily Lifts.

  77. Such marvellous words of inspiration.I am that "bell" and with God all the rust will soon vanish.Thanks for the reminder of encouragement.

  78. Thank you Brian...so...beautiful!!!

  79. Thank you so very much Brian, that was so beautifully inspiring and uplifting. I thank you very much for it.

  80. thanks for this lovely, timely lift!

  81. Three Cheers for your Church in Canada, #65 - for renting your church to the Women's Circle - Recovering Alcoholics! WooHoo! Way to Go to share your Church with your Community! We need to see more of this!

  82. Meaningful example so lovingly presented it heals.

  83. Thanks so much. I really needed to hear this right now.

  84. Thank you, Brian --- how picturesque your talk was!

  85. A perfect message for a friend seeking spiritual help- Thank You!

  86. Very helpful parabel/picture - many thanks - herzlichen Dank!

  87. thank you brian

  88. Helen Robinson, Sacramento

    Brian - Thank you so much for this very helpful Lift, so clear that divine Love removes the encrustations of false beliefs no matter how much "time" appears to have to have gone by. What a great gift! Thank you again.

  89. Your message was such a wonderful reminder of the Truth. I was feeling weighed down by the issues of several friends but realized after hearing your "lift" that in reality their issues have no truth to them and can be dissolved with the universal solvent of LOVE. It is my job to see them that way- free and joyous. And to be joyous and grateful myself for an all loving God.

  90. Thank you for this precious lift - i need it....

  91. Thank you to everyone who has commented so lovingly and positively to this wonderful Daily lift from Brian. It's just what I had need to hear, though I didn't know that right away! I shall keep this on my P.C. and read it over whenever I have the need for some truly practical help, which is quite often!!!!!!!!!!

  92. thank you Brian, the bell could also represent music and the sound of rejoicing. I think of Paul and Silas singing when in prison, rejoicing to God and the earthquake freed them of their chains. that bell sound of rejoicing and singing and song. Good reminder that is who we are. Already FREE. Kathy

  93. Excellent lift. Thank you!

  94. Beautiful! Thank you, Brian.

  95. Thank you.

  96. What a great way to reveal our real identies! Thank you!

  97. Thank you so much Brian for the great reminder.

  98. "…the universal solvent of Love."
    No error of any kind can outlast or withstand divine Love, the Principle of the universe, and so the "children are free."

    Thank you Brian! Thank you DL team! Love to the DL community…

    Add'l comment

    "O, gentle presence, peace, and joy, and power; O, Life divine, that owns each waiting hour; Thou love that guards the nestling's faltering flight, keep Thou my child (#15, and #34, Polly and Kathleen, and all)on upward wing tonight!"

    Mother's Evening Prayer
    Mary Baker Eddy

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