10/25: Multi-think

10/25: Multi-think

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  1. Thanks for this lift. I like to think that to pray without ceasing means to live consciously in the awareness that God is the guiding and sustaining principle of our life. This inner transformation affects our entire outer experience. We can't add God's grace to our human experience, but we can exchange our human experience for our spiritual identity. As Mrs. Eddy said, "the habitual struggle to be always good is unceasing prayer."

  2. Thank you John for sharing a deeper understanding of holding in thought our oneness with the divine Mind as we go about our daily tasks; tasks that often seem to demand our entire attention and best efforts. Establishing our understanding of God first and foremost lays the foundation for the work to be lovingly accomplished. However, leaving God in a sense, at the starting line, keeps us from fulfilling our tasks to the highest level of acknowledging and glorifying Him, who is the very source of all good, in fact the source of all our abilities.

  3. Nothing TOO complicated in MIND....All-knowingness is not an abstraction but a reality of OMNISCIENCE; we can only do that of which we know and love but that ability is of REFLECTION and
    there is no inherent limit to the LAW of REFLECTION..... WHAT CANNOT GOD DO?? We all are HIS/
    her reflections..capable of all GOOD/ GOD's GOODNESS......... let it happen!....... thanks,John for some
    input on all this musing.....

  4. Great thinking, thank you, John

  5. Thank you, John, for “Multi-think … pray without ceasing … develop the ability to multi-think … prayer as a part of multi-thinking involves a consciousness of the goodness of God’s presence and our oneness with God at the same time that we’re accomplishing another task … a process of putting God center-stage … ‘as I hear, I judge' …”

    I love it!!! It sounds like multi-thinking is about applying the “still small voice” to the “noise!” by living out from the “quiet sanctuary of Spirit!” as we exercise our freedom to walk on "holy ground" every day as our holy purpose continues to unfold. As we consciously go about Our Father's business, multi-thinking invites consecrated multi-tasking by God's grace for God's glory and the highrest good of all concerned.

    What a great wrap-up of this week’s Lifts! Lots of nourishing food for thought, building spiritual muscle and strengthening this body of Christ!!! :-)

    Have a blessed weekend, everyone!!!

  6. Terrific! Excellent advice, thanks John

  7. Dear John,

    Thank you for this Lift. I find it interesting that many of these Lifts seem to deal with topics that have been in thought for that week. At the start of this week I had been going for a walk and was pondering a lot about being at one with God.

    As a small child I wondered how God could be everywhere. As I studied Christian Science more I recognized that we "live and move and have our being" in God (Acts 17:28) that meant we were in Him. That helped. I still searched for more.

    Reading Science and Health by Mary Baker Eddy helped with the visualization a bit more (p 361:16) "As a drop of water is one with the ocean, a ray of light one with the sun, even so God and man, Father and son, are one in being." That certainly helped with the visualization.

    Fast forward many years to the present. As I continued my walk, I began to see that we are with God as a thought is with its Thinker hence there is no separation of man from God.

    All of a sudden the perfection of man was not just seen but fully understood. How can a pure thinker have an impure thought and how can that thought be separated from its thinker? As a child, I saw us as being made by God...almost just as you would have an assembly line. Naturally my thought progressed.

    We exist because God exists and we are a natural extension of our Maker..again as a thought is an extension of the thinker..hence we ARE perfect.

    We really do need to "multi-think". THANKS John.

  8. Thanks John...
    I once went to a lecture years ago where the title was "Do we think...or just think we think" And I read eleswhere that Mary Baker Eddy wrote "God is working t(hinking) and nothing else can" Spiritual man (our true identity) however DOES reflect the Mind of God and as we work to understand that and seek to REFLECT the intelligence and wisdom of this infinite Mind...we find our thoughts...and actions will be at one with that Mind. When we need an answer to any human challenge which would try to suggest there is no answer...we can STOP and affirm that we have "THAT mind which was also in Christ Jesus." Quite soon we find that ideas flow...and an answer comes that leads to a healing solution. Jesus proved it. Mary Baker Eddy confirmed it. And it's being demonstrated today with any sincere seeker of Truth.

  9. Multi-Thanks John

  10. Thank you John for this teaching,encouraging , and enlightening lift on how to spiritualize thought(s) .

  11. For years friends called my mom “a one band woman”, she had a demanding job and a part time job —and a daughter that never gave her a break.

    She managed to keep so busy; yet always saying we can still ‘pray all the time’.

    She had a consciousness of the goodness of God’s presence, God was always the center and circumference of her being.

    We all have access to a ‘multi-thinking’ by seeing the spiritual opposite of every negative thought.

    Por años los amigos llamaban a mi madre “la mujer orquestra”, ella tenía un trabajo exigente y un trabajo de tiempo parcial —y una hija que nunca se le dio un descanso.

    Se las arregló para mantenerse muy ocupada; pero siempre diciendo que aún podemos "orar todo el tiempo".

    Ella tenía conciencia de la bondad de la presencia de Dios, Dios fue siempre el centro y la circunferencia de su ser.

    Todos tenemos acceso al 'pensar multiple’ "al ver el frente espiritual de cada pensamiento negativo.

  12. Thanks John.

  13. Dear John, you said it so beautifully clear and simple what I am daily about to exercise, so thank you so much for this supportive confirmation - and thank your dear team - also for this weeks most suitable music to the leaves dancing down before my window - wunderbar!

  14. Wow! after this lift could we add "deep"think!? thank you John for expanding the meaning of "ceaseless prayer"...as you say it takes continual practice.

  15. A matter of application based upon the foundation of God ~~~By the second.

  16. Thank you.

  17. Thank you John! Great message.

    We have the ability, as God's complete reflections, to know God is in control at every level of thought, even while many things are going on. It is exhilarating to open up thought, enter into "our native air of insight and perspicacity," (S&H) and Multi-think. I think of Jesus when he walked on the water to join his disciples at night who were in the middle of the Sea of Galilee; talk about Multi-thinking!!: maintaining a high sense of his Father enabled him to walk on water, walk in the dark in the right direction to the boat, overcome the storm, quell the fears of his disciples, save Peter from sinking, get into the boat, and be immediately to the other side, defying a mortal sense of time and distance!! Wow..

    When I was in the Army, going through the Platoon Leadership Development Course (PLDC), we spent about a week out in the field down in Fort Hood, Texas. The cadre who ran this school, as do all the cadre at the many different training schools in the military, really drove home constantly the idea of Multi-thinking. We all had our specialty duties in combat exercises, but, during the "engagements" in the exercises we each had multiple things we had to assess, respond to, be available for, as the needs of the platoon arose. No matter how crazy things would get, or impossible they seemed we always had to be thinking on multiple levels. And it's amazing what all can be thought about and the tasks that can be executed while under duress.

    Multi-thinking, putting on the whole armor of God, as Paul says, whereby we quench all the fiery darts of the wicked, disseminating the gospel of peace, finding salvation, knowing the Truth, standing for righteousness.

    Love to the Daily Lift community!

  18. Many thanks John for this inspiring reminder. Yes. "We need the constant awareness of God's [divine Love's] ever-presence, no matter what the task." "The present hour allots thy task,/ For present strength and patience ask;/ And trust His love whose sure supply/ Meets all thy need abundantly." (Christian Science Hymnal #6).

  19. Well, now, lieber Hans, this is not "just" a daily lift but to me it feels like a rod for "the Way". You are so right: I have experienced it again and again that in the middle of doing something totally different, suddenly there comes like a voice from heaven the message that opened the door for a solution and / or healing. Do you know that Haendel has a beautiful aria: "Meine Seele hört im Sehen..." My soul hears when seeing..." Isn't this the "multi-think" or even multi-feeling you talk about?
    Herzlicen Dank!

  20. Another wonderful insight. Thank you John.

  21. Thank you for this very inspiring Lift and reminder to always keep our thoughts with God. Let God do it not mortal mind.

  22. Great Lift. Thank you for this terrific insight.

  23. Thank you.

  24. MULTI-THINK . . .the bridge connecting heaven on earth. Love your message and will keep it present with me today as the God consciousness leads the way.

  25. Thank you, John. A wonderful Lift to wrap up the week. On Saturdays, when we have no new lift, I like to look back and re-read the lifts for that week.
    Additional inspirations come to thought.
    Have a good, a Godly, weekend and let God do His work as we rest in Peace.

  26. Thank you John for your important lift to remind us to keep stalwart with our "multi-thinking". I love the comparison between multi-tasking and multi-thinking because we all know of what multi-tasking consists, even if we have not yet used multi-thinking.

    Yes, if we "put God first" and keep God first, we will always be "multi-thinking" and this "multi-thinking" is the most important part of maintaining our oneness with God.
    Mrs. Eddy states in "Miscellany" p.348:
    "God is Mind, and divine Mind was first chronologically, is first potentially, and is the healer to whom all things are possible."
    And on pg 493 of "Science and Health" she says:
    "Divine Love always has met and always will meet every human need."
    When God is first, everything else falls into place.

    Thank you lifters and the Daily Lift Team too for this week's lively lifts.

  27. Thank you!!!

  28. Very insightful and profound and practical. Thank you!

  29. Wonderful , very needed ...thank you ! :-)

  30. Thank you John. Just what I needed!

  31. What a creative and original idea - multi-thinking. Thanks, John. It's something I've done (but not labeled it as such) usually by singing hymns silently to myself while doing other tasks. This has been an especially inspiring week - thanks so much to all!

  32. Sin duda por muy ocupados que estemos, siempre hay tiempo para el pensamiento receptivo, estar conscientes que sea cual sea la tarea a realizar debemos estar en concordancia con el pensamiento divino, y eso determinará nuesra acción porque seremos guiados a realizar lo correcto en cada oportunidad, hay multiples tareas, pero hay Un solo pensamiento real que guia, Dios.
    A veces nos cuesta estar conscientes de él, cuando somos atrapados por pensamientos engañosos de individualidad, como separados, independientes, suficientes por nosotros mismos, hasta que nos damos cuenta de la importancia de poner a Dios, cómo primera opcción, en la multiplididad, sí, pero del pensamiento divino, que nos guiados a transitar al unísono con Él y no separados, como peregrinos o extranjeros en esa también multiplicidad de pensamientos a veces erracticos que nos confunde, sino como integrantes de un solo pensamiento Un solo Ser, que obra en extricta justicia.

    ¿Aman los Científicos Cristianos a Dios tanto cómo aman a la humanidad? Pensar en la persona significa que no se está pensando en el Principio. MBE
    Entiendo que dejar que otras pensamientos nos invaden y separen de Dios es una forma de pensamiento mundano, la entrega debe ser total, para que sea afectiva, y demostractiva del Amor, para que domine el pensamiento, como Cristo Jesús así lo hizo, poniendo a su Padre siempre por delante, en pensamiento y acción.

    Muchas gracias John, por el mensaje.

  33. Great John.As the Ocean is in every waves.

  34. Perfect, John. There's joy and peace when working in God's'

  35. What a great way to put it, John! Multi-thinking.

    If there were a monastery in our area, I am sure my parents would have delivered me. I managed multi-tasking very well (or so I thought), but sometimes thinking, not to mention multi-thinking was out of the question. Fortunately, this was not a permanent condition.

    Eventually we get tired of being tossed around the material scene. Spiritual intuition says, “had enough?” and we begin multi-thinking. We visit our spiritual sanctuary more often. We step out into a rainy day and hum “a glorious day is dawning”, in a private joy, because spiritual enlightenment trumps any downpour. Sometimes our mouth parrots popular opinions, but almost immediately we multi-think otherwise and dismiss the mistake with something more true. … things like our government is God’s governance. Sometimes the correction comes so fast, we actually hold our tongue. That’s got to be multi-thinking at its best, eh? Maybe multi-thinking is just divine Mind in operation. Just line me up with that! That’s my prayer.

  36. How beautiful is this lift and the comments! Your sharing is so helpful and bring such rich ideas today and every week day! Much gratitude to John and to all the contributors to these lifts-- Have a lovely weekend!!

  37. Thank you so much John. There was a time when I wasn't paying strict attention to God and to the fact that it is God Who's thoughts reflect Margaret. And rather than rebuking, He has been instant in overcoming seemingly overwhelming problems and difficulties. Like the return of my travel wallet with ticket, travel cheques, passport and all the rest. And the opening of a window, that I knew I had locked, to gain entrance into a room. Like providing our family with four beautiful babies. And bringing visitors to our home every day to discuss God and goodness when we lived in a remote and isolated area at a time when even God seemed remote and was never talked about by most people. I can see so clearly now that God has always been the One directing, protecting, and leading me forward with loving thoughts and calm, quiet thoughts and actions.
    Thank you Nate and the production team; The Mother Church and the BofL, and the family of Daily Lifters.

  38. I love your concept of putting God center stage. Having done much theater work over the years, I can really relate to center stage. Your lift is very helpful as I multitask and multithink with God center stage today. Thank you!

  39. Powerful concept to keep in the forefront "God is the thinker and actor" (always) not me.

  40. Thank you!!! Loved this lift. Loved the comments. "Line me up" is my prayer also.

  41. Such a wonderful lift John - so expansive. Multi-thinking speaks to the infinite -- all is possible through God and when we maintain awareness of our existence in God, we are infinite goodness. When we falsely see ourselves as separated from God -- beings trapped in mortal bodies -- existence becomes finite and limited. God made us in his likeness and image, which means that we exist in Him and all the abundance and capabilities that the Infinite offers is ours. For it is God's "good pleasure to give you the kingdom." (Luke 12:32) The kingdom is a state of consciousness, a spiritual awareness. And we already have or are the greatest gift of all -- being made in God's image and likeness. To me, praying without ceasing is realizing our true spiritual nature in every given moment -- just know who you really are -- who God made you to be.

  42. So simple, but so profound. I'm very grateful for this beautiful insight you have shared.

  43. Thank you John. I always look forward to your deep thinking and inspiring lifts. The clarity and depth of the topics always are so helpful. So very grateful for your understanding of God.

  44. Thank you, John, for these deep and inspired thoughts on true Prayer, keeping God front and center in thought! I understand now why Mrs. Eddy required Christian Science Practitioners to have no other Job in the world, besides giving Healing Treatments. Deep, focused, concentrated, healing Prayer requires a lot of mental discipline. Our multi-think needs to move on into demonstration or healing of physical ills. We need to expect, demand and demonstrate Physical Healing - Here and Now! Mrs. Eddy wrote Science and Health to give to the world the tried and true spiritual method of healing that Jesus used to end physical suffering. When we truly multi-think, we have multi-demonstrations of physical healings! Great Week of LIfts! So Grateful! Happy Weekend to All! Much Love!

  45. This is so inspiring, so actual, relevant, and practical. Thank you John!

  46. As Jesus said, "I can of my own self do nothing" and "The Son can do nothing of himself, but what he seeth the Father do." So we can gratefully know that God is the Thinker, and we are His thoughts. What purity and constancy of being!
    Thank you, John. Thank you dear Mother Church.

  47. John, I loved these comments and the explanations. They explained the "getting it" in the multitude of ways that Truth expresses us and to us daily messages of how to be, but seen in the many ways of how to do all things through Christ which strengthens us. I loved the spontaneity of your message. Thank you. Nan in NYC

  48. Wonderful!!! Merci bien, John. I was just thinking this morning how simple Christian Science is meant to be. When Newton (?) discovered the law of gravity, it didn't become more difficult for objects to fall. The laws of healing are already here, constantly working, just like gravity. Our glimpsing of those laws doesn't make our lives more complicated, but we're in a better position to trust ourselves to the law of divine Love.

    Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures says: "There is no power apart from God. Omnipotence has all-power, and to acknowledge any other power is to dishonor God" (Eddy 228:25-27).

  49. To #37 Margaret: Your gratitude is palpable. Thank you for that overflow. I rejoice with you!

  50. Thank you John and everyone for your thoughts. I was just thinking about this yesterday while doing a task that would fall in the repetitive and not having to think very hard about doing it category- and the thought came to me "well, you can pray and know God's presence while you're doing it" and that was that! A boring job became a fun task and made my day go much smoother and more quickly. Thank you!

  51. Thank you!!

  52. Good for you, John, and so many thanks. Yes, we can rub our tummy and pat our head at the same time. More importantly, we can dwell in God and be in the world but not of it at the same time, as Christ Jesus proved. We are always in and of God, which makes our daily tasks not only do-able, but supremely natural.

  53. Thanks so much John for this illuminating Lift. It hit right on the mark with what I have been praying about of late. Divine Love does meet the human need in "ways wonderful" as through this Lift.

  54. Good morning, John. Many thanks as I multi-think my way thru this day bright with the sunlight that "glints from the church dome, glances into the prison-cell........." ( S&H p. 516).

  55. So glad for the music that comes after the Lift - it gives me time to cement in the idea stemming from the Lift.


  57. That's so multi-helpful! Thanks John!

  58. Thank you so very much John also thanks to all for
    your helpful comments. I am so grateful to be a part
    of Christian Science and for so many ways The
    Mother Church provides for the goodness and
    greatness of God to be seen and understood. Will
    keep in practice. Love to all.
    and all ness
    allness of God to be discussed and seen.

  59. I love the thought that "God is the only real thinker and actor." I will hold to that today. Thanks!

  60. Really! When you come right down to it multi-thinking is easier than multy-tasking. As you put God first: Thank God, I can accomplish this problem in Chemistry, or Thank God, I can clean this house and have dinner ready for my husband's guests, the task becomes easier because God is being thought of first instead of the task. Thinking if the task first or even only, worry sets in, stress sets in and then one has to worry if sickness sets in. Multi-thinking first of God before the task, automatically takes care of all that.

  61. SO true!! - in all thing when we lose ourselves, we see Him, the All-in-all, doing all, moving all harmoniously!! Thank you John for the lovely and powerful Lift!!

  62. Multi-thinking is a marvelous concept. It's is worth the practice. Thank you for this profound thought.

  63. How many times have I washed dishes and been thinking of something entirely different than the task at hand? Many, but now I have a definition--multi-thinking. Is petting the cat while writing a letter multi-tasking? Just kidding of course. #52, you really summed it up perfectly. Thank all you lifters for a blessed week of healing insights. El Paso Patt

  64. Thoughtful . . . . merci.

  65. This is really great, John! Thank you so much!

  66. That is a great insight and very helpful! Thank you! Shirley

  67. Very timely and relevant, thanks for the lift! I will practice this today !

  68. "Multi-think - praying without ceasing - putting God center stage" - thank you John!
    There was also so much good in the comments, such as: "Holding in thought our oneness with God as we go about our daily tasks (#2 Martin)." "How can thought be separated from its Thinker! (#7 Troy)"
    These ideas are so timely - in this day of expectation of multi-tasking. I have been feeling the pull of many seemingly worthy projects - most of them church related - but still pulling thought from the consciousness of good, God alone - needed for healing and hearing. Just yesterday, while driving, I was "prayer-talking" with God, and found myself reciting a little declaration in song: "All I can do, is re-flect YOU!" The fog lifted a bit, and I saw my way. A friend I was praying about was simultaneously finding a harmonious solution to a very sticky task - a working out that no one could have imagined, but blessed all. Today's Lift gives me even MORE clarity on how to continue to multi-think with the one Mind! So grateful!

  69. Thank you for this wonderful lift, John. It really hits the mark for me as I often feel overwhelmed with the human footsteps. I will listen to this one again...and again. It has been a long time since I have commented in these daily lifts, but I almost never miss a lift (even if I catch up later). I'd like to take this opportunity to thank all of the DL community (including lecturers, Nate and crew) for your spiritual insights each day. Special thanks to Troy (#7) and Steve (#17). I always love what you share.

  70. Thank you John for this positive look at multitasking, and thanks to all the multi spiritual views of such thinking. Thanks especially to Fujiko: "SO true!! - in all things when we lose ourselves, we see Him, ...." This is the inspiration I need to meet the needs of the day. When we see Him (the Christ man)
    He gives us the answers and ideas we need to move things "all harmoniously!!". Feel the power?

  71. Yes, #52. And thank you, John.

    Come to think of it, why would anyone choose to dwell in the belief in matter unless it be to continuously wipe out its constant errors. At some point in our progress towards Truth, illusion won't be found.

  72. Thank you, John. I'd never quite heard that insight about praying without ceasing. It came at the right moment -- I can certainly start practicing that immediately.

  73. Thank you so much for sharing these very helpful ideas. Helps me so much with something I've been striving to understand better.

  74. WOW! Thank you, John, for your deep insights. And thank you, my dear fellow Lifters, for sharing so many gems today! The thought and the Thinker cannot be separated. Relating the discovery of the laws of gravity that didn't make it harder for objects to fall to the laws of Love that make healing natural and not more difficult. So many wonderful things for me to apply as I go about today's tasks. Virtual hugs to one and all... And especially to our Father-Mother God!

  75. Thank you--- perfect--- I truly have felt my learning for the last nine months has been exactly that, I do not live or plan to be part in monastic life, yet how do I be in the world and not of world, stay on purpose with my talent and skills as God 's plan has outlined. Related to this multi-think for me in learning is "wiser than serpents". For me to be "wiser than serpents", to is the very purity of learning totally on God, listening to and trusting those Angel messages --- thus not picking up the first doubt.
    Cheers of joy and thanksgiving!

  76. Thanks!


  78. Thank you John and to all lifters for the inspiring comments. It surely comes as no surprise that when we try to work problems out on "our own" and "forget" to listen to God, Divine Mind, that we suffer (I know I do) and I liken that suffering to a "perfect chiding" HYMN 154 in the Ch. Science hymnal, and Mrs Eddy reminds us that "Hell is self imposed agony", and it's all down to trying to go it alone...it simply doesn't work. Much love to ALL and many thanks for all the encouragement we get day by day from these "lifts".

  79. Thank you John. This Lift is a keeper and will be revisited often.

  80. FANTASTIC! Thank-you, John!!! Great supporting & extending Lifter comments! Thanks, DL team! Beautiful music!

  81. Love that you say, "God is the only real thinker". And our prayers for others (and ourselves) should be God-caused and God-provided, rather than "self-generated thinking". There's a book title I like called, "Thinking is the enemy". So if God does all the thinking, realizing and expressing there is to do, than our
    thinking as practiced by humans is not only over-rated...it's really the practice of being unconscious without knowing it. Revelation is consciousness.

  82. I love having this put into words, as I have learned to "multi-think" as a way to pray throughout my day. One time I complained to God that praying constantly was just too hard. The answer came that I had to think something, so why not something spiritual??? This reasoning halted my complaint and sent me in the right direction. Been there to the best of my ability ever since.

    I had jury duty recently. It was a medical law suit. I prayed my way through it all from 7:30 to 3:00 knowing that I was there for this good reason. I was not chosen, but felt that I accomplished my appointed task.

  83. This was terrific. Thanks!

  84. John, this is a wonderful lift. WOW.....So helpful and clear. Thanks to those who have shared as well.

  85. Have to add my word of thanks for John's wonderful insight on real prayer--a constant sense, feeling of oneness with our Father/Mother and for the many affirmations and responses by the commenters. Very much appreciated

  86. Thank you for the coping ideas for this crazy, multitasking world!

  87. Your Lift is wonderful.
    You demonstrate the Mind which is God in action through what you are telling us.
    One Mind, God; one creation, us. One thinker, God, His reflection, us.
    Thank you very much

  88. Thank you John, Good lift for the unfolding work. As Jesus said' "In my Fathers house there are many mansions....."

  89. Thank you, John, and all contributors! Yes, God, the central Thinker, and all creation infinite thoughts!

  90. Thank you. I love the writings of Paul.

  91. I sat down and read the letter by Paul. I have always loved Paul's writings, and he wrote so much.
    We know that when we call on a practitioner, we always get right thinking, as in this lift. Thanks.

  92. What a LIFT! It illuminates the truth about the statement," I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me". We should constantly be aware of the goodness of the Lord. Thank you Lord for Godly people like John, whom you have anointed to help us think right.

  93. Thank you...Amy

  94. Sincere thanks to all lifters of this week

    Your ideas of Truth beamed me out from a material perception to a spiritual consciousness of "I AM".


    The power ball jackpot has no value and no use in that range of thoughts.

    Bless all.

  95. I held to those thoughts all day yesterday, and truly a glorious day did dawn. Your inspirations are always so original and thought provoking.

  96. It is at all times such a relief and such a victorious assurance to be filled with God's thoughts, Mind. Then no worries, doubts,admonitions can enter in. Our thoughts are not deceived by so called mortal experts and medical specialists.God is the healer and the certainty of this reigns supreme and inviolable.
    It is when we are at our most vulnerable, and this is different for each of us,that we can let go and let God. We can float softly into the safety of His entwining arms and receive His love, protection and guidance.

  97. The risen Christ, Universal Truth, carries our thought up and the Holy Ghost becomes the only reality everywhere. It heals.

  98. Dear John,

    Thank you for taking the time to convey this thought process I need to get better at. You are right, it is challenging. Today, I was given my neighborhood picnic. I accepted based on the gratitude of my neighbors.

    Then I was given a request to go to another ex neighbor's picnic. To me one is enough. But this "show and tell" was so important that I had to multi think a lot. Thanking God to see her appreciation being reciprocated as for 15 years when living in my neighborhood she didn't feel loved like she is feeling 20 minutes away.

    There is not one neighborhood better than another. But there is God, center in each. And God showed me, His kindness would pace me through picnics in one day as long as I multi thought on Him. And I was refreshed not exhausted.

  99. It's God, divine Mind that gives us our thought and our prayer. Understanding isn't cultivated by a human brain or ego, it's the Mind of Christ and it's something to which one yields.

  100. Thanks John, an excellent and appropriate lift. In these days of IT driven multi-tasking and
    instant communications it's so easy to overlook the fact that the core communications centre
    is God. In the beginning was the Word - so God should be the programme that we always
    be sure to keep running. Your lift has provoked some great comments - particularly appreciate the
    one from Nancy in Yellow Springs. (Your versions in German and French given an extra dimension too.)

  101. oh ja - thank you John - that is a key to much!

  102. Inspiring words about keeping God center stage while performing the tasks of our lives. Welcome to this phrase - new to me - "multi-thinking." Studying Jesus' actions and commands in scripture and agreeing to Paul's entreaty to "Pray without ceasing" are central to deepening our consciousness of God's ever-presence. Thank you, Father, for lovingly guiding us and sending fresh thoughts and words that all can understand.

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