10/25: Call 91:1

10/25: Call 91:1

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  1. Thank you Elise for these reassuring Truths. Safety and harmony are not limited to a certain time or a specific location. When we are in the "consciousness of Love" they become tangible realities to us regardless of our circumstances. Mary Baker Eddy says in S&H, page 573, "Accompanying this scientific consciousness was another revelation, even the declaration from heaven, supreme harmony, that God, the divine Principle of harmony, is ever with men, and they are His people."

  2. Thank you, Elise, for “Call 91:1.” The phone number to call, “In case of emergency…” I never really thought of going immediately and specifically to Psalm 91:1 in that way. What a great emergency plan! Thanks to your “wake up” call, I went straight to my Bible this morning and read, “He that dwelleth in the secret place of the most High shall abide under the shadow of the Almighty.” I smile in gratitude with the realization that help is not only on the way, it’s already here! Actually, I’m not going to wait, “In case of emergency…” From now on, 91:1 will be part of my prevention plan, too - my daily prayers! Thanks again, Elise.

  3. Thank You for this lift,

  4. Just lovely

  5. Since the tragedy of 9-11-2001, the number 911 it's known the world over as the number to call for an emergency to those dwelling in the US.
    Sadly this reminds all of us that human help not always arrives on time.
    Long before this event, the Bible told us in Psalm 91:1 that “He who dwells in the secret place of the Most High shall abide under the shadow of the Almighty.
    Let’s chose to dwell in our consciousness: God always arrive on time.

    Desde la tragedia del 11 de septiembre del 2001, el número 911 es conocido mundialmente como el número a llamar en caso de emergencia para los residents de EEUU.
    Desgraciadamente esto nos recuerda que la ayuda humana no siempre llega a tiempo.
    Mucho tiempo antes de este evento, la Biblia nos dijo en el Salmo 91:1 que "el que habita al abrigo del Altísimo morará bajo la sombra del Omnipotente." .
    Elijamos morar en nuestra conciencia; Dios siempre llega a tiempo.


  7. This is fantastic! Thank you for this different way of looking at 911. Wonderful.

  8. I love it ! thanks you Elise.

  9. thank you Elise!

  10. What a wonderful blessing you have given us in your message! It Uplifts us right up into the
    arms of Divine Love where our sure protection always exists for us. And Ps. 91:1 -
    what a wonderful reminder. Thank you!

  11. This is the Psalm Mom had us learn when we first learned to read. This was the one I reached for in the middle of the night as a little girl...when I was working through any problem....the 91st Psalm. I still do.
    This is a wonderful sharing, Elise. Thank you!!

  12. I join my voice to this chorus of thanks. Thanks! What a lift for this day!

  13. This is the psalm Iwas lead to during a difficult time. Time and time again it had changed my thinking. It is 4 am and I turned on my computer for some reason because I was feeling fearful and had been having a poor night's sleep, and there it was! thank you, Elise!

  14. Thanks, Elise! For those in the UK, the number is 999. Try Psalm 99:9: 'Exalt the LORD our God, and worship at his holy hill; for the LORD our God is holy.' So, call God at his holy hill - and lift up your 'eyes to the hills, from whence cometh' your help....?

  15. This Daily Lift has made me think of the "universal solvent of Love"...what a treat!

  16. thanks Elise. Magnificent! I remember reading it. Also I found that somebody mentioned somewhere God's phone number:
    God's telephone number is, ISA 65:24

    Isaiah 65:24 (King James Version)

    And it shall come to pass, that before they call, I will answer; and while they are yet speaking, I will hear.

    en español

    Gracias Elise.¡ Magnifico! Recuerdo haberlo leído. También encontré que alguien mencionó en alguna parte el número de teléfono de Dios:
    El número de teléfono de Dios es ISA 65:24

    Isaías 65:24 (Versión Reina Valera)
    Y antes que clamen, responderé yo; mientras aún hablan, yo habré oído.

  17. Many thanks Elise for this powerful reminder. Yes. "We are always wrapped in the power, safety and protection of the Almighty God [divine Love]." "Assured and safe in Love's protection,/ Great peace have they, and unsought joy;/ They rise from sin in resurrection,/ And works of love their hands employ." (Christian Science Hymnal #381).

  18. This Psalm is the prayer I have prayed for the last several years every day, personalizing it by using the pronouns "I" and "you" for God as appropriate. "I dwell in the shelter of the Most High...""" It is an amazingly powerful statement that helps one face fears and tribulations and reassures one of the support of God in the most harrowing circumstances--plague, most feared obstacles (in the psalm, "the great serpent" or cobra and the lion, enemies, etc. It talks about being lifted up on angel's wings and ultimately the preservation of one's life, being delivered and honored, and having long life and salvation. All of this if one "dwells in the shadow of the Most High, rests in the shadow of the Almighty..".and if one acknowledges His name and calls out in times of trouble. Stating these words for me is a way to call upon God each day and to remind myself of His great protection. Thank you for reminding us all of this Psalm.

  19. Thank you,yes, Ps 91.1 is a big help. I read it just about every day. as It is very comforting.

  20. Let me add my thanks to you and the 91.1 writer. I'll keep that number on "speed dial" so I don't have to look it up. And, it's a good number to call to Avoid emergencies too!!! Dwelling in that secret place, nestled in the feathers of Divine Love, we are protected from adverse conditions.

  21. Thank you for this wonderful lift.

  22. Excellent! THANK YOU!

  23. Thanks Elise. It is such a wonderful healing! Recently my 7 year old granddaughter appeared to be seriously injured. The first thought that came to me was to call 911, and as quickly as the numbers came to me I realized that God is the only rescue squad I need and I prayed Ps 91:1. I knew I was safe comforted by his unconditional love and protection. God is my only protector and healer.

  24. When my mother gave me my first Bible, she showed me how to find the 91st and 23rd Psalms. I remember where I was, siting on the floor of my mother's living room while she prepared to have breakfast that Sunday morning long ago. The secret place of the most High is secret because it is where we try on thoughts to see if they fit, or to see if they are coming from God, good. It is desirable to try on shoes for the fit, color, style, and so forth, and for some trying on running shoes for the same reason. I live across the downtown street from a store that sells only running shoes. I see them in the window every day. The store is successful because they allow consumers to try on shoes and get ones that work exactly for them. But one of my friends told me the doctor was going to give him some drugs to try on, to see what happens, and then if that does not work, he would then prescribe something else, not knowing what would work. In Christian Science, we do not do that. We do try on shoes, but not drugs, because we work only from the standpoint of the purely mental.
    We think about what thoughts come to us and then accept or reject them on the basis of purely mental action, since God is All-in-all and man is the perfect image or likeness of that goodness. Some may run without shoes, and that is also fine, but most of us probably wear good foot gear for running, walking, riding, skiing, None of us runs without thoughts, and that is where we stay in the secret place.

  25. Also, Psalm 46:1

  26. I love it Eise. Thank you. I have called Ps 91:1 many times over the years. I am so greatful to know that this can be done and be effective both for ourselves and for our children.

  27. Thank you Elise!!!

  28. Thank you Elise! Psalm 91 is part of my study everyday and now it is even more special.. And thank you to #16 for God's phone number!

  29. Very comforting to know that as long as our thinking dwells in God, we can always feel safe.

  30. Thanks, Elise, for this reminder. That idea of calling 91.1 in the article in the Monitor really stood out to me when I read it. When praying with Psalm 23, I often state, "and I will dwell in the house of the Lord, the kingdom of heaven, the reign of harmony, the secret place of the most High, for ever."

  31. thank you and thank you to those who added to the dailylift. I use to read the psalms alot, for some reason got away from the practice, but have returned. this lift touches me. There is such comfort in it.

  32. Thanks Elise!!
    Refreshing Perspective...when dealing with any 911 situation, personally or for the world.
    Loved Psalms 91 & 23, since learning them, as a CS Sunday School student,....and will read them both with fresh eyes again,...today!
    A comfort, to be reminded that God; The Almighty, is always there before us...& His Love +++ infinity more powerful...than all else!!!

  33. Sincerest thanks for this healing Lift! I was led to look up references to the many times Mary Baker Eddy referred to Psalm 91 in her Writings, as well as its mention in biographies, etc. about the Discover and Founder of Christian Science. I was also reminded of a testimony at a Wednesday Evening Meeting referring to the verse, "For he shall give his angels charge over thee, to keep thee in all thy ways" (Psalm 91:11). The testifier said she would remind her children of this verse, but often used an "instant" version, "Angels Charge!" as they ran off to school or elsewhere! I use (pray) this often for myself, family, all! Abiding gratitude for the boundless gifts of Church...

  34. On page 368 of Miscellaneous Writings, our Leader quotes a poem by Lowell, "...And, behind the dim unknown, Standeth God within the shadow, keeping watch above His own." and in the same Volume, Mrs. Eddy says, on page 134, "He who dwelleth in eternal light is bigger than the shadow, and will guard and guide His own." Sometimes bigger is better.
    Thank you for the Lift before I head out this morning. I will be calling the Daily Lift phone number later this morning to hear it again. 1-617-450-3430. I don't know what will happen today, only that it will be good.

  35. Thank you, Elise for having for today's Daily Lift, "CALL: 91-1" it came from 10/3/2012 Web issue of the CSM. I wanted to comment on it then, but couldn't. Now I can. I found interesting when the telephone company's of the USA and properly other countries picked 911 as their call for help logo. I never thought of it that way until I read the religious article dated above. It's actually a prayer not for as much for physical help as it is to know that one is never separated from God. What a coincidence, OR IS IT, in the sight of God?

  36. Driving to work this morning Hymn 99/100 came to mind (He that hath God his guardian made...) and I sang it all the way. Then I came to work and got a chance to listen to the Daily Lift and got a nice surprise! Thank you so much for this continued inspiration and for everyone for your uplifting remarks.

  37. Thou wilt be held in perfect peace whose mind is stayed on thee . . ..thank you for this beautiful reminder.

  38. Thank you.

  39. What a wonderful thought! This is the perfect reminder for any occasion. And I like the "instant" version shared in #33: "Angels charge!" I noticed recently in the definition of Angels found in Science and Health on p.581, that it includes "...the inspiration of goodness counteracting all evil..." I had previously not considered how very active the role of angels are, that they are not just lovely thoughts from God which sit there until we decide to use them, but that they are actively doing battle, "counteracting all evil." It will be fun to remember this with "Angels Charge!"

  40. What a timely message for me. Our neighborhood watch sent out an email this morning about a driver that has been watching one of the young girls from her bus stop in our area and tried to stop her. She ran and got help and the neighbor called 911. We are to be on the look out . This was so comforting to know at this very moment.

  41. Almighty! I like that, too! Thank you!

  42. Thank you Elise. This, along with the 23rd Psalm, has been my first to go to since I first learned it as a SS student. Both are very comforting and will meet every need.
    It's good to be reminded that we need these affirmations every day.

  43. It's still morning and I came back to this love-filled community to read the comments, which always expand on the Daily Lift, and so inspire my thought even more. Thanks, everyone! Thanks, especially to # 24 Robert... for, "We think about what thoughts come to us and then accept or reject them on the basis of purely mental action, since God is All-in-all and man is the perfect image or likeness of that goodness." Yes! But until I read that, I considered dwelling in the secret place under the shadow of the Almighty as more of a kind of hiding place from the world's "stuff." Where I could rest a bit. Retreat. Be ministered unto. All that is true at a level; but now, thanks to you, I'm understanding that “place” more as an opportunity for establishing/re-establishing the "clear sense and calm trust" (Science and Health, 495) of God's allness through that "purely mental action" of sorting through and choosing Godlike thoughts, followed by words and actions that represent those Godlike thoughts. So, it's not a "place" as much as a "state of mind." Actively, scientifically, applying the Truth of being to the world's "stuff!" When our thinking is aligned with the One Mind, God, Love itself, all Good, our confidence is in the Lord and the Christ is our strength and we know it! All is well! Healing happens. Thanks, Robert! ( And thanks to your mother, too! :-) 91:1, like # 20 Pat C…shared, is now on my “speed dial!” And, #33 Christine, I'm already using, "Angels Charge!" Thanks all!

  44. THANK YOU, Elise, Ps. 91:1 willl reach the far corners of the earth and beyond.
    No need for fresh batteries, cell phones, computers, etc. etc. Right where we
    are since that is where God is ! .Even in Arkansas!

  45. Thank you Elise for this reminder of Ps. 91:1 being thee emergency scripture. Thank you also commenters.

  46. wow, thank you, ditto to Nela in that I was seeing it as more of "hiding" also. and your amplification of no.24 Roberts comment, really touched me. I need to stop being a victim of my own mind. Bless you

  47. Amen to the Daily Lift!!! Such comfort!!! Thank you for the reminder. My Mom knelt beside my bed every night and had me repeat the 23rd Pslam after her. So glad she did, and I know it by heart to this day. Love to All!!

  48. Absolutely excellent! What I think about calling 911 has been changed forever.

  49. What a FANTASTIC analogy to the mortal suggestion of 911 as the answer to any so-called emergency!! A real keeper, and a great little nugget for Sunday School teaching, too! Thanks very much, Elise.

  50. Thanks to Elise for this healing response when help is needed. This metaphysical response can be applied to every day experiences. (I hear an emergency siren as I write this). The "secret place of the most High" is the spiritual sense of identity which is unseen by the material senses.
    David, who authored many Psalms, and eluded many attempts of King Saul and his large army to capture or kill David, also referred to King Saul as "the anointed of the Lord" and would not harm him. We also need to "learn of the real and eternal" and the "universal harmony" of the "shadow of the Almighty".
    "Let us learn of the real and eternal, and prepare for the reign of Spirit, the kingdom of heaven, - the reign and rule of universal harmony, which cannot be lost nor remain forever unseen." (S&H pg. 208).

    Divine Love will reach an emergency faster than any ambulance.

  51. I have come to regard the 91st Psalm as the Old Testament's "Lord's Prayer"---that is, it meets every human need.

  52. Thanks for this lift. Last week I went on Gateway Bible and read a number of tranlations of Ps 91. I loved Wycliff's that talked about "goblins going about". I also was filled with a new understanding of why this psalm meant so much to Mrs. Eddy. She must have felt so wrapped up in God's love and protective care. It is no wonder she included it as one of the 5 Bible foundation "stones" of CS. (The other 4 are the first chapter of Gen., 10 com., Sermon on the Mt., and Rev.)

  53. Thank you Elise. Your messages are always clear and to the point. I particularily like the correlation
    you've drawn with 91:1 and 911.

  54. A friend shared with me her definition of emergency that brought imediate healing to the situation:
    emergency = Emerge and see So do call 91:1 and emerge and see.

  55. Thanks #14, Seeker, for 99:9! That is excellent too...worshiping at His holy hill = secret place of the Most High = inquire in His temple = sure rescue..

  56. Thank you for this powerful lift,

  57. Thank you, Elise, for your 91.1 message. When I was in Christian Science nurses training, we were told that we could think of the word "emergency" this way: "emerge-and-see" what God sees, is doing, and being. This certainly gave me a more inspired way to give aid and nurse those who needed help. Since then, when I hear sirens on emergency vehicles wailing away, I'm reminded to turn my thought to God being every present, ever-active, and that all is well. Thanks to the team who sends us these daily lifts and for the lovely responses.

  58. Thank you Elise for this revelation.
    I enjoy everyone's comments, which open out even further ways to look at the topic, thus to enhance my own understanding.
    Perhaps a gentle difference, tongue-in-cheek, maybe to say 'God's protection is free, but Angels charge !' Just kidding !
    I love the unhindered responses, from all over the world, which clearly demonstrates the universal efficacy of Christian Science, and shows the debt we owe to Mary Baker Eddy for her persistence, against all odds, in founding Christian Science; writing and determinedly causing to be published the Textbook 'Science and Health With Key to the Scriptures' ; then not only healing and teaching from it, but also establishing ...' The structure of Truth and Love...' [S&H p.583]., which bases this wonderful podcast.
    Thank you for your perceptive comments, Elise, and everyone !

  59. Dear Elsie,
    What an incredibly inspiring message. Your guidance back to that verse gives me a clearer feeling of how, during the past three weeks, I narrowly escaped two random accidents of trees falling near me. During these weeks I have been speaking in our Wednesday evening testimony gratitude meetings of the protection I experienced. I was pondering a bit about how this happened without me specifically praying for protection. Next Wednesday, I will add a p.s. to my previous testimonies -- because of my daily prayers and gratitude, I was in the kingdom of God. What a watershed moment!
    Deany Brady, Sunnyvale, CA

  60. Thanks so much, Elise. Ps. 91:1 is one of my favorite Bible verses as well as Ps. 91:11. Knowing that each one of us, no matter where we are, is safe, loved, protected in God's Almighty Kingdom can help lift thought out of darkness into the Light of Divine Love.
    I look forward to attending your lecture in Lodi soon.

  61. What a great reminder of help at hand. Thank you.

  62. Dear Elise thank you for this healing message that we all belong, we all are, in God's kingdom; we are each led, welcomed, comforted, recognized, treasured, protected, nurtured, purified, refreshed, renewed, strengthened, healed, we regain our sight, and find our wings, in the sweet secret of the narrow way..

  63. Dear Elsie,

    Thank you for your powerful message. I start my day with Revelatiom Chapter 8 "And when he had opened the seven seventh seal there was a silence in heaven" Heaven is our dwelling place all day long.

  64. What a wonderful message!! Thank you so much, Elise To be in that secret place of the most High, nestled in Divine Love, I can't think of a better place!!!
    Love to all

  65. Thank you so much, Elise. I will use that along with the 3 short prayers for texting God, which I use often.

  66. Thank you Elise for this powerful and comforting lift.

  67. What a double blessing I received from this morning’s Daily Lift! After listening to the Daily Lift in English, I was impressed to listen to it in Spanish. Immediately memorable comforting thoughts of my Mother came into my thoughts, as Psalms 91:1 was one of her favorite Bible verses. The Spanish version of this text is a little different and instead of “the secret place of the Most High” it says “al abrigo del Altísimo”. The word “abrigo” jumped right out at me. The word “abrigo” as a noun means ‘coat’. As a verb “abrigar” means “to wrap up warm”. As a participle “abrigado” means “covered up, sheltered, protected”. Then, I thought about of the words “under the shadow of the Almighty”. In Spanish the expression “bajo la sombra de Omnipotente” (under the shadow of the Omnipotent One) can also indicate “under the protection of”. As I mentally combined the English and the Spanish, I envisioned myself dwelling in the atmosphere of Good all wrapped up warm & sheltered under the protection of our Omnipotent God who is our All in all. What a powerful and comforting thought! As I went through the day, I knew I was I was secure and nothing could get take me out of that warm & safe protection where all is perfect & harmonious. Thank you so much for the inspiring message!

  68. Thanks Elsie, and ALL the
    expanding thoughts!

  69. Love your title! Thank you, Elise.

  70. I've always loved, and USED this Psalm during my life, ever since memorizing it in SS many yrs. ago. Thanks for the reminder!

  71. What an inspired use of the platform of The Daily Lift! Taking an absolute truth and putting it into totally operational usefulness might be an actual definition of T D L . Did I not read that when Mrs Eddy first visited privately the original edifice of TMC she recited this Psalm?
    Very beautiful and useful! Thanks, Rocky

  72. thank you ELise. What a helpful short prayer reminder. God, the almighty! The All, mighty.

  73. Thank you Elise! I love this idea and shared it with my kids today.

  74. Awesome! Thank you for this powerful lift!

  75. Yes!!!

  76. Thank you Elise for the expanded ideas in regard to the "secret place." I loved this part: "The 'secret place' is the kingdom of God; the kingdom of health and harmony come to earth. This secret place is known to God and all God's beloved creation but unknown to the materially minded." I don't recall hearing it said in quite this way. Thanks again! <3

  77. That's Great!

  78. Very Good Lift Elise!!

  79. Lovely and powerful - shared it with my son. thank you.

  80. Thank you.

  81. Thank you. So well appreciated.

  82. Thanks #14, Seeker, for 99:9! That is excellent too...worshiping at His holy hill = secret place of the Most High = inquire in His temple = sure rescue..

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