10/22: Noises off!

10/22: Noises off!

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  1. Thank you Lorenzo for this great advice. When we silence the chatter of mortal mind or what the world is presenting to us, we become receptive to what God is telling us. God is always with us providing the comfort and guidance needed to meet our every challenge. God's thoughts do not try to out shout mortal minds pleas for attention, but rather puts to silence the drama these beliefs are trying to create, by filling our consciousness with the calm, clear verdict of truth. The noise and brief attention that mortal beliefs were given are "reduced to its native nothingness", as we rejoice and give thanks to God. (full quote can be found in S&H page, pg. 91)

  2. Thank you, Lorenzo, for “Noises off! … a lot of thoughts try to overwhelm us … silence the noise of the world … seek God’s guidance … hear that still small voice …”

    This is a perfect Lift for me this morning because I’ve found myself “people pleasing” lately, instead of going to God first. Today I’ll be sure to focus on “noises off!” and “still small voice on!” In this way I can successfully demonstrate my gratitude for God’s guidance.

  3. Right on, Lorenzo! ....... just as we hide away from "just noises"/ just as we add filters to computer work/
    put on sunblock to go outside... so we must seek OUR Kingdom COME right here/ and here NOW.........
    no blockading of our spiritual journeying by the 5 senses testimony!! We seek continuity in our mental
    fields of labor and we deserve it; our prize is too valuable to lose sight of or be drowned out in the din
    of sensualism/commerce and whatnot. keep your eye on the "gold ring"! Happy journeyings to all

  4. Thank you very much, Lorenzo. So kindly and simply put. Just right to start the day. Love it.

  5. Thank you for this lift. Mental silence, stillness, quietness and awareness allow us to recognize God as our very own consciousness, and to realize that God is the Spirit and substance of our being. .

  6. That was awesome....I love listening for that still small voice...aaahhh once I had a huge discission to make do I shut everything off including myself and just patiently listened...it took a couple days. But it was the right answer...of. cource it was from God.. all is well..thank you for the insperation..

  7. Very appropriate for me and many others

  8. What an encouraging and meaningful lift. I'm learning daily to be quieter, shut out the static of mortal dreams and better trust the still small voice. It is not always easy. Sometimes when we do this it seems like we are all alone. But, what we are actually doing is uniting with all mankind in the truth of all of us. We are SO never alone. The quiet Christ thought touches all and we find ourselves happy and an important part of God's infinity. I really appreciated this lift. Thank you!

  9. Yes, what good advice ,Lorenzo, thank you so much for reminding us to listen only to God's voice, to quieten the clamoring of mortal mind suggestions ! Mrs Eddy's hymn, Feed My Sheep, makes it so clear,"I will listen for Thy voice, Lest my footsteps stray;"

  10. I am very grateful for this inspired Lift and vital reminder of the need to turn consistently away from the false to the true. Thank you to all as well for the inspired comments.

  11. Jokingly, my friend told me that the voices in her head didn’t let her concentrate in her homework.

    This joke made me think on how firmly I believe God talks to us constantly, communicating His Love. His guidance is the only constant in our lives; and is our choice to follow or not.

    Our connection is not always manifested as words, but as ideas, and they are only a thought away, to and can be found when we leave our human will aside.

    En broma, mi amiga me dijo que las voces en su cabeza no la dejaban concentrarse en su tarea.

    Este chiste me hizo pensar en cuán firmemente creo yo que Dios nos habla constantemente, comunicándonos Su Amor. Esta guía es lo único constante en nuestras vidas; y podemos elegir si seguirlo o no.

    Nuestra coneción no siempre se manifesta en palabras, sino en ideas, y solo están a un pensamiento de distancia, y pueden ser hallados una vez que pongamos nuestra voluntad humana a un lado.

  12. Thank you so much Lorenzo, It is evening here, and after reading your comforting message I will sleep soundly and at peace this night.

  13. Thank you, just recently I attended Primary Class and it was the most wonderful experience, I did not want it to end. When I returned home I was overwhelmed by everyday things that had been there before I went to class, and I have to say that I have been floundering ever since. When I clicked on this lift I immediately recognized that this lift could have been about me. I am so grateful that the answer has always been right in front of me but I didn't quieten the noise to hear the still small voice. Thank you again, kia ora from New Zealand.

  14. What a wonderful reminder to stay close to God and not allow any interference or "noises" enter our consciousness. Thank you, Lorenzo. I will work more diligently on what you have shared.

  15. Thank you.

  16. An encouraging reminder and appropriate message today . Thank you Lorenzo .

  17. Lorenzo, Thank you this ""Lift"sure hits the spot quenching my thirsting for "Peace and Quietness"

  18. Thank you for a timely and encouraging message .

  19. Nice Lorenzo, very settling! Thank you..

  20. Thank you. This is just what I needed, this morning to be reminded to turn off the chatter of mortal mind and listen for God's direction. Thanks to all the Lifters.

  21. The only noises that bother me are my own sins.

  22. Many thanks Lorenzo for your profound advice. Yes. "In the final analysis we all must trust our own communication with God [divine Love]." "Teach me thy patience; still with thee/ In closer, dearer company,/ In work that keeps faith sweet and strong,/ In trust that triumphs over wrong." (Christian Science Hymnal #234).

  23. Good advice. Thank you.

  24. How vital to turn off (tune out) mortal mind and to turn on (or tune in) the divine Mind. "Be still, and know that I am God: I will be exalted among among the heathen, I will be exalted in the earth. The Lord of hosts is with us" (Psalm 46). Thank you, Lorenzo, for the inspiring Lift and all contributors.

  25. How do we silence the material senses? That is the dilemma, any suggestions? Thank you for this informative lift!

  26. Thank you Lorenzo for this timely message. It came for me at a moment when I was being bombarded with doubt this morning.

  27. Oh, Lorenzo, what a very wonderful & helpful lift. THANK YOU !

  28. Thank you so much Lorenzo! As you say, it is so important to "silence the noise of the voice of the world" in order to turn to God first and hear God's voice.

    "The fundamental principle for growth in Christian Science is spiritual formation first, last, and always..." (MBE, "Retrospection and Introspection" p49).
    When in trouble during a day, I have found it very helpful to repeat Mrs. Eddy's words: "Matter has no life to lose, and Spirit never dies. A partnership of mind with matter would ignore omnipresent and omnipotent Mind. This shows that matter did not originate in God, Spirit, and is not eternal. The starting-point of divine Science is that God, Spirit, is All-in-All, and that there is no other might nor Mind---that God is Love, and therefore He is divine Principle" ("Science and Health"p275).
    This little phrase seems to immediately dispel the hold whatever mortal condition might be trying to impose. It stills the "noise of the voice of the world".

    Many thanks Lorenzo, lifters and the Daily Lift Team, as always.

  29. David Davis, Aiken, SC

    Thanks for the perfect way to start my day.

  30. Thank-you Lorenzo, you always state the truth in such a wonderful way!.

  31. "And there arose a great storm of wind, and the waves beat unto the ship, so that it was now full. And he was in the hinder part of the ship, asleep on a pillow: and they awake him, and say unto him, Master, carest thou not that we perish? And he arose, and rebuked the wind, and said unto the sea, Peace, be still. And the wind ceased, and there was a great calm." Mark 4:37-39. We learn from Jesus' example that when the "winds" of our daily lives become so great that they "fill us" with fear and doubt; that we should "rise above" the awful din and declare "Peace be still". We can "seek the calm" by denying the "wind", declare our faith and hold to the Truth of being. Thank you Lorenzo for a beautiful Lift.

  32. thank you lorenzo

  33. "Drop Thy still dews of quietness, Till all our strivings cease; Take from us now the strain and stress, And let our ordered lives confess The beauty of Thy peace." (Christian Science Hymnal #49) This is one of my favorite hymns and one I frequently sing silently to myself when events or problems seem to overtake me. It brings me peace and calm. I am so very grateful especially for our hymns which comfort and guide me. And thanks, Lorenzo, for instructing us to turn off all of the noises and listen to the still small voice of God.

  34. It's comforting to know what MBE tells us in S&H
    "Undisturbed amid the jarring testimony of the
    material senses, Science, still enthroned, is unfolding
    to mortals the immutable, harmonious, divine Principle, 
    — is unfolding Life and the universe, ever present and
    eternal." The key is to be 'undisturbed' , quiet, and know. Thank you, Lorenzo.

  35. Thank you for this message. Remember No 20, the sin that says it is yours is the noise. God never made it nor gave it to you. Reject it as the noise, and know yourself as God made you. Only God, good, made you good too.

  36. Thanks, #5 name. That is some wise, simple counsel about decision-making. How often am I unwilling to wait, wait, and wait some more, until I'm sure I've heard "the still, small voice." But how worth the wait! I'm learning to follow angels -- the highest quality thoughts-- moment by moment.

    Prayers today to see through the aggressive mental suggestion of every stripe. God is All. May our consciousness be at peace, untroubled, awake to good.

  37. Thanks. So helpful!

  38. I was struck by a glimpse of professional American football players as they were shown getting off the bus arriving at the ballpark for a big game. Nearly every one of them had earphones on. People trying to touch them for attention and autographs are put aside in preparation for the game. Are they creating their own quiet sanctuary?

    What was Jesus saying when he said “having ears, ye hear not”? Should we improve our listening, with noise canceling headsets! I think so!

    “In the quiet sanctuary of earnest longings, we must deny sin (noise cancel) and plead (sing along) God’s allness.” says MBEddy (S&H 15:16) Parenthesis mine.

    Thanks, Lorenzo for a team-winning suggestion.

  39. Thank you for this Healing Truth, Lorenzo! A possible answer to #24: By "pouring in Truth through flood-tides of Love." Science and Health, p. 201:17 I'm thinking that what Lorenzo is talking about is what Jesus meant when he talked about "Being IN the world, but not OF it." So grateful to be beginning to know the difference between the constant chatter of fearful thoughts and the still small voice of Love, the Christ always speaking to my consciousness. Studying and embracing Christian Science is the way I am learning to listen for God's voice of Peace and Love! The music is wonderful this week! Thank You!

  40. Lorenzo, thank you so much for the great "lift".

  41. I hear you!

  42. I can certainly relate to this one. I have often liked to refer to hymn no. 5, (among others) especially the first verse, "A voice from heaven we have heard, the call to rise from earth; put armor on, the sword now gird, and for the fight go forth. The foe in ambush claims our prize, then heed high heaven's call. Obey the voice of Truth, arise, and let nor fear enthrall.". Thank you for this practical lift today.

  43. ahhhh.. "the still small voice"...has always been and will always be there for us to hear when we turn the noises off!!!!! Thank-you most kindly for this very calming daily lift Lorenzo..

  44. Thank you so much Lorenzo. What a godsend this lift was for me. I woke up today at 4:00 a.m., too early and not enough sleep but with mortal mind chattering away and showing me terrible mental image pictures. I argued against the lying thoughts, but they were awful and overwhelming. As you said, the noise was so loud. Laying in bed was pointless so I got up and went online -- perhaps I could read something to quiet the chatter and give me peace. Perfectly timed, there was your daily lift, telling me exactly what I needed to do. I went into my closet, shut out the chatter and listened to the quiet small voice of Truth -- then went back to sleep. What an angel thought your lift was answering my prayer! Best of all, should I find myself in that situation again, your message is right in my mind, waiting to guide me. Again, thank you so much Lorenzo.

  45. Noise isn't all bad if it awakens one to what is attempting to have happen! The first time Jesus went to the wilderness to prepare for his mission, he found God as he prayed, and he found the evil liar as well telling him to take a leap off the cliff. The Bible tells us first he spoke out loud to the liar a resounding 'No' and the explanation for his negative reply saying, "It is written, thou shalt not tempt the Lord thy God." Familiarity with the Bible, the holiest writings of his day, is what saved him and gave him the words to speak and to pray to protect his mission. Mindlessly talking and texting people even though they seem to agree with us, isn't strengthening. Today we not only have the Bible, we have Mary Baker Eddy's original writings, Science and Health with key to the Scriptures and also her Prose Works. If we'll read those before and after mountaintop experiences, consciousness will be focused to heal.

  46. thank you! this fit beautifully for today. i will do kthat exactly

  47. Love that. Shutting the door to the noise and opening to the divine. Thank you!

  48. Excellent !!! thank you so much . :-)

  49. Thanks so much, Lorenzo, for the great reminder!

  50. Thank you, Lorenzo. I needed to hear this today! Very timely.

  51. Mark 15: 2-5 I am reminded what Jesus did when facing Pilate's questions to him. Did Jesus argue with him? Did Jesus try to explain to Pilate and go into deep discussion of what he was trying to do? NO! He kept his mouth shut and shut out the material din that was accusing him and prayed to know what to say and when and if to say it. Jesus knew exactly what to do for he got his direct orders from God himself, and Jesus followed through and with greatest success.

  52. Oh, yes, yes, yes! Thanks. I needed this.

  53. Thank you, Lorenzo. Just the message I needed. I have found that earthly noises distract me from listening to God.

  54. Muchas gracias Lorenzo - muy práctico y sanador!!!

  55. Thank you so much for this inspiring lift. To #24: It seems like a dilemma because that's what mortal mind would like you to believe! If I could give you an example: one summer I had the opportunity to stay iin a cottage on Lake Ontariio and sleep on the covered porch, but the locals would come to the beach every night (as I found out that they had for years) to drink and talk loudly which prevented me from getting to sleep. I was very agitated and annoyed (clamoring of mortal mind) until I realized that being in this state of mind was not right. I knew that the opposite was true, that I lived in a state of harmony in the consciousness of Mind. It sure didn't seem like it, but every time any thought of aggravation about the situation would come to me, I would immediately say, "No, I am not listening to you. I know that the Law of Harmony governs me." I had no idea how this would be resolved, but I just continued to claim that peace WAS there because God, good is everywhere. Two evenings later, I realized how quiet it was, and nobody came for the rest of the summer. I was so grateful because I had refused to listen to the clamorings of mortal mind and thinking that I had to have the answer. Sticking with the Truth, or what God knows, will always bring peace.

  56. Thank you Lorenzo and everyone who has shared. I'm reminded of a line from hymn 221, last stanza, "Thy kingdom God within us, shows forth Love's sweet control..."

  57. The still, small voice is always voicing good, its voice is always the most clear, and the most tender. It will always comfort, guard and guide, and we can let go into it, releasing all our fears and all the noise in exchange for it. I am so grateful for this lift, the lecturers, the support team and all the lifters.

  58. I needed to hear this! Thank you so much.

  59. To #24 - To silence the material senses, I do a couple of things. The first is to be in the moment - notice little things going on around me and not let my thought propel me into the future. The other thing I do is to express gratitude for all the wonderful things in my life. This changes my focus and fills my thought with all the good that God has made available for his children!

  60. "Be still and know that I am God" (Psalm 46) is like an OFF switch to those chattering voices that try to disturb your peace.
    Thank you Lorenzo for reminding us that we need to quiet our thoughts and listen to the angel messages that God sends. They will never lead you astray.
    Thank you DL team. I loved the music that gave us the moments we needed to think on the message.

  61. Thank you so much, Lorenzo, for this transforming Lift. As we quieten thought - to listen for THY voice so we are able to hear the quietness and tenderness of our shared moments with God, the One Father-Mother, Good. Sometimes it really takes serious application before we are ready to listen. On the other hand, we can just turn to God and whatever we need to know will be right here at once. Both ways are the best way.
    Nate, is that a sitar you have? I love the tone of it. Thanks to all who bring this amazing Daily Lifts. I was looking back through some of your Lifts just today, Lorenzo. Really great. And thanks to all the Lift family for inspiring comments.

  62. This is right on Lorenzo! Thank you very much.
    And I am grateful too for the comments -- so many ways we can silence the
    storms and "harsh noises of our day." Like Jesus command to the turmoil and noise "Peace be still."

  63. Muchas gracias querido Lorenzo!! hermoso lift!

  64. Thank you. It was exactly what I needed to hear this morning!

  65. Thank you very much for the message

  66. So helpful. So good to remember. So basic to building our conscious recognition of our pre-existing relationship to God. So quieting and peace-bringing. Thank you Lorenzo for this reminder of a potent strategy we can exercise at any moment to connect with that "kingdom of God" already within that speaks to us when we silence the "world's din".

  67. Wonderful Lift! Always and in all ways one Mind is teaching us. It reinforces a thought that came to me before hearing the Lift, that we naturally stop paying attention to something when we know it is false and it has no power. Next thought: then watch to see when error appears to get my attention. Ask why do I think this needs my attention? Do I attribute some ability or reality to it? Dear God show me the spiritual clear specific truth that explains why this has no power. Like in the statement by MBE that "The greatest wrong is but the supposititious opposite of the highest right." When error holds no interest for us it will leave our thought. Thank you all for sharing your insights and healings.

  68. A helpful message and much needed advice. Thank you.

  69. Thank you so much. Your Lift was a God send this morning.

  70. Thanks...that was nice.

  71. The mental chatter often pushes us to think that we are in charge and, without our input, a situation will not be solved. Recently I have been holding to the truth that God is governing and if I stop my efforts and stand back, and wait for Him, I will behold His solution. Three time in the last few days I have clung tightly to knowing God was the only one governing. Three times I was happily surprised by the solutions of which I had no part. Trust. Watch,. Pray to know God really is all there is. I am so grateful for the teachings and practicality of Christian Science as discovered by Mary Baker Eddy.

  72. Wonderful, simply wonderful !! We ALL need such a message continually.

  73. Thank you Lorenzo. I was in the throes of tears right before I tuned into this lift. I am giving gratitude now to our Father, Mother God for knowing what I needed to clear out the tumult in my thinking. Special thanks to the following as well: #30, 58 and 59.

  74. Thanks Lorenzo Rodriguez from Miami, Florida; Dennis Dooley's favorite prayer is "be still and know that I am God" and "thou wilt keep him in perfect peace whose mind is stayed on thee"!

  75. Thanks again Lorenzo and thanks #41 for suggesting the hymm. Perfect!

  76. Thank you!

  77. thank you for this reassuring lift.Shut out those erroneuos thoughts!Turn to God and His HARMONY:love and peace to all

  78. What a "treasure chest" the Daily Lift is to me. Thank you Lorenzo and all the clear thinking people who participate and share their light and inspiration with me.

  79. Thank you so much...when we do this, we can experience such a peaceful, quieting feeling. Thanks to all the comments! They are so helpful!

  80. Sincere gratitude to the Daily Lift, Lorenzo and the responders who found a sense of PEACE as they
    remembered to quiet the outside noise. Today I will only listen for the sound of peace and love.

  81. "And thine ears shall hear a word behind thee, saying, This is the way, walk ye in it, when ye turn
    to the right hand, and when ye turn to the left." Isaiah 30: 21 Thank you Lorenzo.

  82. Thank you Lorenzo for this timely Lift, it is very good!

    24, yes sometimes it is difficult for me to turn off the chatter of things not of God, good, so what I do:

    I put on earphones and turn on something spiritual, ie: eBibleLesson, hymns, or any other spiritual the Daily Lift...sometimes listening over and over again until my "closet" door is shut ALL the way. lol

    Thank you Daily Lift Team and all who so lovingly put this on for us, and to all contributors! Love to all.

  83. Thank you.

  84. Ah, Lorenzo . . .along with so many others I will say, "This is just what I needed." Nate, the music was especially supportive of the message today, especially after Lorenzo spoke, . . the announcements, and then a bit more music. . .very contemplative and uplifting.

    Dear Lift community, I am so grateful for each and every one of you . . what a wonder-full sense of family you give to me. Heartdeep thanks.

  85. Thank u Lorenzo. We really need to deliver that consciousness of still small voice, Angel thought.....

  86. Sometimes the noise we hear is a cry for help. A stray cat was treed by 3 dogs in my neighbors yard. The tree abutted my rock wall. I attempted to coax the cat down to where I could reach it but it could only come down so far and wouldn't come completely down. After spraying the dogs a few times with water, they quit approaching the corner of the yard. The cat wanted to come down but just wouldn't for some reason. It remained in the tree for 24 hours during over 100 degree heat. I would occasionally check on it and tell it verbally that it was God's perfect idea completely in God's loving care and that the right idea of what to do about the situation was in God's hands. My husband and I came home the next day about 5 p.m. and the cat was down drinking water on our back patio. It was completely tame, purred as it was being held. We couldn't keep it for our own at this time, and through prayerful work, approached a fellow church member about adopting Treetop. Treetop is now called Oreo and has a loving happy home with the member who has had cats in the past. Oreo will be an indoor cat because we discovered she was declawed which had put her at a disadvantage in coming down the tree. So as we sort out the good noise from the bad, wonderful things happen. Thanks lifters for sharing your inspiring unfoldment. El Paso Patt

  87. Thank you, Lorenzo.

    Martin, #1, wonderful! God does not out-shout noise. Intrinsic to God is spiritual peace which, in its oneness, makes no room for anything else. That is divine power. I will carry this thought with me today, and put it to use.


  89. Thank you so much for this
    Really helpful x

  90. Thanks very much! for this reminder of my forever treasure!

  91. Thank you so much, Lorenzo. What I am learning now: Sometimes I do not hear correctly what I take to be God's voice - maybe, because I am asking for answers I do not really need - but when I give situations over to God's government, things always work for good. No exceptions.

  92. Truly an important Lift!! Shutting out all mortal mind clamoring, the very intent of which is to wear one down...

    90 Carol...this is indeed a "forever treasure".

    Thank you, Lorenzo!!

  93. True. Last week unforeseen disappointing work circumstances made it seem like I had insurmountable problems. I had stabbing stomach pains and couldn't sleep! ☺ One of the Daily Lifts helped me free myself from hypnotic fear and the "problem" actually opened the door for improved new opportunities. So you are right that we cannot hear God while we allow fear to captivate us. Infinite possibility is our birthright from our Father God who would do anything for us.

  94. A friend sent me this to my timeline. Just what I needed - a reminder for what I already knew but lost sight of it.

  95. Thank you Lorenzo. A fabulously clear and most helpful reminder of how to pray. The Dsily Lift is truly our Daily Bread. Thank you, once again.

  96. Thank you Lorenzo,

    This is a lovely admonition!

  97. Carol, Switzerland
    Many thanks dear Lorenzo for this helpful daily-lift.

  98. Awe, to listen to the still small voice - thank you Lorenzo.

  99. Oh what a needed message. Thank you Lorenzo.

  100. I thank you so much for the sharing Lorenzo.

  101. This brings me much needed peace. Muchas gracias, hermano Lorenzo.

  102. Thanks.
    I recall reading in a CS periodical that an alternative translation, rendered in the King James scripture as "a still, small voice", reads: "the sound of gentle stillness".

  103. Thank you,Lorenzo, And all of you who add your wonderful comments. Loved the story of Treetp/Oreo also

  104. Thank you for help toward serenity!