10/17: Use what you have

10/17: Use what you have

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  1. Thank you Ginny for making such an important spiritual point. Mary Baker Eddy says in Miscellaneous Writings page 69, "Science rests on Principle and demonstration. The Principle of Christian Science is divine. Its rule is, that man shall utilize the divine power." As we challenge mortal beliefs as they present themselves in our daily lives, not only are we using or putting into practice what we know to be true, and spiritually advancing, but we are also helping to defeat universally held beliefs. As the opportunities arise to "use what we have" gratitude opens the door to receive and demonstrate even more of the blessing bestowed on man.

  2. I love that ides of tasteing the daily bread..its ours..very cool..thank you

  3. Thank you Ginny, what a lovely simple message that we can all put into practice each day.
    I'm going to go out and do a favor for a friend that needs a little help today and I'll try to find a way of explaining your message to her.

  4. Dear Ginny,

    Thank you for that perfect Lift. Over the last few months, I have been positively reflecting on exactly that as it pertained to us growing up.

    I have come to realize two things. We ought not to look at whether the glass is half full or half empty but that there is a glass and we have enough. This was especially helpful as I went through a period of unemployment. Secondly that that glass is our talent. If the glass is represented as time, a small pool of finances, friendships, spiritual understanding, creativity, persistence, love, gratitude, patience, dog grooming skills, etc we all must put it to use.

    To this day, I feel a bit thrown off to hear someone talk about single parent families as if the children are at a disadvantage. My parents were divorced and I am very grateful that it happened. We leveraged our skills. We had to pull together and get the gardening, painting, plumbing, food preparation, roof repairs etc.done...but through it all, God was placed first.

    I quickly learnt that God IS my (and our) Father-Mother-God who knows all, has all, loves all & is ALL. Did I really need anymore? I was not a part of a single parent family..I was a part of a single-focused family; one that focused on God as the divine Source.

    If we are God's children then aren't we all part of a single parent family? I now have a sense my mother held to Phil 4:13 - "I can do all things through Christ, which strengtheneth me."

    Thanks for this reminder.

  5. Thank you so much Ginny, that was really inspiring. When I look to what I have rather than moaning about what I don't have I realise there I is so much to be grateful for.

  6. "Use what you have" and equally Important "Use what you are". This came to me after listening to your clear and uplifting message. Thank you, Ginny.

  7. Thank you Ginny for this useful reminder.
    I have enough - I could hold my bottle of oil and keep pouring as much oil as needed to meet the need of human and spiritual life.

    Thank you very much for this timely reminder - I needed it in work situation where due to competition, I was getting caught up in thinking, I need more - more skills, more influence, more networking to progress at work.

    But this lift helped me remember I dont need more, I have enough - and I have to use what I have - Christliness.

    Thanks again, dear Ginny

  8. Ginny, Thank you.

  9. Thank you, Ginny.

    I always enjoy hearing your personal challenges and how Christian Science brought you comfort and healing. It gives others hope as they find their way too.

    Yes, Give us this day our Daily Bread and put into practice what we already have and understand of God's Love. Amen.

    Truth, Wisdom, Love and Sincerity, to ALL mankind.

    Rob Scott
    Chicago, IL

  10. Thank you Ginny - a great lift

  11. Dear Ginny thank you, and all lifters too.

    As I listened to you my heart beat faster and my mind raced and caught on to the word 'leaven'. Yes! what we already have.. what we already know.. when put into practice produces spiritual fermentation and causes multiplication of demonstration in us, to others and and in everything we do.

    S&H 118:10 "Ages pass, but this leaven of Truth is ever at work".

  12. Thank you Ginny. I always love the "down home" way you fashion your Lifts, they really speak to the heart as well as the mind in a practical, not up in the clouds language we can really understand and relate to. And apply.

  13. In order to apprehend more we must put into practice what we already know.

    What we have been taught we know, the good we haven't been taught by parents or teachers we learned by reasoning, and that is one of the most powerful talents God gave men

    "God is not separate from the wisdom He bestows. The talents He gives we must improve" S&H 6:5

    "...unused talent decays and is lost" 323:18

    Day after day I am amazed of how much God has given us!

    Para poder aprender más debemos poner en práctica lo que ya sabemos.

    Lo que se nos ha enseñado ya lo sabemos, el bien que no nos ha sido enseñado por nuestros padres o maestros lo aprendemos razonando, y ese es uno de los talentos más poderosos que Dios le ha dado al hombre.

    "Dios no está separado de la sabiduría que confiere. Tenemos que aprovechar los talentos que Él nos da" CyS 6:6

    "...el talento que no se usa se deteriora y se pierde" CyS 323:19

    ¡Día tras día me sorprendo de cuánto nos ha dado Dios!

  14. Ginny, Thank you. I spent many years diligently studying and applying Christian Science,but under the misperception that the more knowledge I gained the better I would understand God=Love,but the knowledge on it's own did not seem to give me the peace-joy within, I so yearned for.In Science and Health, we read "This verifies the saying of our Master;"Whoever shall not receive the kingdom of God as a little child, shall in no wise enter therin." Also in Miscellaneous Writings"Love is not something put upon a shelf, to be taken down on rare occasions with sugar-tongs and laid on a rose-leaf.I make strong demands on love,call for active witness to prove it,noble sacrifices and grand achievements as its results.--------------As a human quality, the glorious significance of affection is more than words; it is the tender,unselfish deed done in secret,the silent ceaseless prayer; the self-forgetful heart that overflows; the veiled form stealing on an errand of mercy,out of a side door; the little feet tripping along the sidewalk;the gentle hand opening the door that turns toward want and woe,sickness and sorrow,and thus lighting the dark places of earth".As MBE in Misc 249,says " Love, What a word!I am in awe before it.

  15. Humility teaches grand lessons also; I recall the Woolworth 5&dime store chocolate bars.... the 5 and the
    10 cent bars... the 5 cent one tasted just as good as its larger cousin bar!!Smallness is not necessarily
    "lacking-ness"... its the size of your budget that is the issue! We are helped onward by realizing that more
    is not necessarily better but it can be.. appreciation is the issue, too. Appreciating what we have NOW is
    the pathway to the BETTER/BIGGER concept. My first car,(used one) had but 36 HP but was it a star in
    my eyes!! I loved that little dependable car and it met my needs for some time. some laughed at it but it
    meant nothing. My car used much less fuel and that was its virtue....... it's all a matter of perspective!!

  16. Thank you.

  17. Thank you.

  18. Thank you. I sometimes think "If I only understood more of Christian Science I could resolve this or that issue..." but your message made me realize that this type of negative thought does not need to be entertained. God gives me just what I need today (daily bread) and that I already have what I need to meet any challenge. Again, thank you for helping me to see this!!!

  19. Great lift...thank you.

  20. I absolutely love this lift. Thank you for reminding me that I already have all that I need and that gives me something to share with others.

  21. Thank You

  22. Thank you Ginny so much for your inspiring Daily Lift.

    Yes, " less is more. "

    All have a wonderful spiritual adventure.

    Love in Christ


  23. We all have our text book, Science and Health that Mrs. Eddy so generously gave us. Now a reminder to use these ideas, to open our hearts each day, and to express God's Love that we've so freely be given. Yes, using what we have on a continuous basis. This can only result in good.

  24. I was told by my brother a week ago that I was disinherited.
    I felt like a puppy abandoned on the side of a freeway.
    I cried and knew that God has freely given us all things, as Paul writes that "neither death nor life, nor angels, nor principalities, nor powers, nor things present, nor things to come,nor height, nor depth, nor any other creature, shall be able to separate us from the love of God," I also know my inheritance is spiritual as a child of God but somehow that did not settle the hurt.
    So thank you Ginny, because this lift caused me to look at what I have which is sooo great because that is all I really need. My son is coming home for a weekend visit, my daughter is doing her final exams and prospering and my loving husband is growing a successful business.
    No money could buy me these things.
    So thank you for clearing that unnecessary sorrow up.
    Much love

  25. Thank You!

  26. Many thanks Ginny for this simple reminder to "Put into practice what we already know and understand of God's [great] love for all." "O God, our Father-Mother, Life,/ Reveal in us Thy might,/ That henceforth we may live to Thee,/ In all our ways reflecting Thee,/ And know reality." (Christian Science Hymnal #206),

  27. Thank you Ginny. And Thank you for coming to Georgetown, TX on November 3rd. All look forward to your Christian Science Lecture.

    Getting back to the Daily Lift....Using what I have...I have a joyous heart, a quick smile and a fantastic Father-Mother giving me the fun I need.

    One more comment...last night at church we sang, " This is the day the Lord hath made". At first, in my thought I sang..."this is the night the Lord hath made" because it was dark out. But then the daily lift came to thought...and someone in Austrialia or elsewhere was having a day. I could see where day is ongoing.

    Mrs. Eddy puts it (pg 584 Science and Health)... Day...the irradiance of Life; light; the spiritual idea of Truth and Love. And so I was very happy to have been made constantly aware of this big world through the Daily Lift and that day is always here.

  28. That's it. Any 'destination' has to start with...the first step. What do I have in the house? "Be active, and, however slow, thy success is sure"....be faithful (with) those few things. (Misc 340:23).


  29. Thank you. How true , we don't really know how much we have until we start useing what we have both spiritually and materally. , such as food that may have been hidden in the freezer, our pushed back on shelves in a cupboard. God is our supplier. We just need to wake up and know that HE will suppy us with all good.

  30. Thank you for this great lift and thank you to all for your comments.

  31. Es mucho lo que tenemos, y mayor es la oportunidad de aumentarlo, desarrollando las ideas que Dios nos da diariamente. Cada acontecimiento en nuestra vida por pequeño que sea si estamos atentos trae desarrollo, y a veces los más pequeños son los más grandes, porque son las puertas que se van abriendo para que suavemente entremos por ellas, para cuando vengan los grandes desafíos estemos preparados y sepamos como proceder, y aun así será necesaria la absoluta convicción de la bondad divina, para que en lugar de tropiezo sean para adelanto espiritual.

    Realmente es muy inspirador, no solo los mensajes, que lo son, sino el compartir con todo el panel en una conjunta y diaria jornada de inspiración, tengo un profundo agradecimiento por poder compartirlo con todos.

    Muchas gracias Ginny muy inspirado como siempre.

  32. Thank you, Ginny! How freeing and comforting to remember to use what we have rather than waiting for the perfect metaphysical understanding in any situation. And what joy awaits when we see how those little things reveal more and more of that perfect understanding of this wondrous Science of the Christ. Thanks all!

  33. This lift and the comments are all sooooo helpful! And a thank you to Troy for bringing out the need to embrace in our thinking the "single focus" family and not to see a "single parent" home as a disadvantage! This uplifting view helps us all in that we can help others be uplifted who may be in that situation!

  34. My mother used to remind us that "we have what money can't buy, Love!!" Puts things in perspective. Thank you Ginny!

  35. I am so grateful to be a student of Christian Science and for all the vast loving support that is shown us through it! Thank you Ginny!

  36. Thanks, Ginny, for inspiring us to use what we have. It reminded me of an old saying "waste not, want not." I love what Mary Baker Eddy says in Misc. Writings, "God gives you His spiritual ideas, and in turn, they give you daily supplies. Never ask for tomorrow: it is enough that divine Love is an ever-present help; and if you wait, never doubting, you will have all you need every moment." (p. 307:1-5) And for Inge #24, line 5 continues with, "What a glorious inheritance is given to us through the understanding of omnipresent Love! More we cannot ask: more we do not want: more we cannot have. This sweet assurance is the Peace, be still" to all human fears, to suffering of every sort." Thanks also to Troy for reminding us of our single parent, God. My daughter was only one year old when her father and I separated and I tried to may our times together really quality time and we developed a closeness that continues today. I knew that God was her Father and she could never be separated from His love and protection.

  37. Love this ,,, thank You !!! :- )

  38. Great Ginny! Use what you have. What do we have? We have Love at our core, Truth in our understanding, Life as our expression, Spirit as our being, Soul as our consciousness, Principle as our law, Mind as our inspiration.

    Matt 25:14 Jesus teaches about the kingdom of heaven and likens it to a man taking a journey and leaving his talents (money) with his servants. When the man returns, he is very happy with those servants who increased the value of his money (interestingly he refers to this as “faithful over a few things”), and quite displeased with the nervous one who buries the talent to keep it safe.

    On the heels of Jon’s pure lift yesterday, I hear something about the blessing being poured out as intended to be used... and growing!

    Have I said thank you enough for all of you that put together these lifts? Legions of thanks.

  39. Wonderful daily lift Ginny! Thank-you and( the daily lift team) most kindly for the words of wisdom that are here daily to meet a need for everyone...

  40. Thank you Ginny and special thanks also for ALL the comments. Everyone brings to this spiritual table what he has to be shared and the result is such a great party! A party of love, truth, life, and with such creativity. Today's DL has been specially made for me as I had a great healing ten days ago but was still wondering about some minor issues that still needed to be healed. Instead I will rejoice in my daily bread and use what I have. Blessings to all.

  41. Thank you, Ginny, for your words of Wisdom and Love - always expressed so simply and practically! We can only demonstrate what we truly understand......sometimes it's as simple as the Little Children's Prayer: "Father-Mother God, Loving Me...." that brings me comfort, just knowing that God is loving me. I want to say "thank you" to #31 Nelly who faithfully writes her Comment in Spanish to each Daily Lift. She is using what she has! I agree with #14 Nomvula - it's not about stuffing our Heads with knowledge, but allowing our Hearts to open to God's Love, already Here. It's our Oneness with God - our Atonement - that gives us Everything we have! Happy Love to All!

  42. Really relate to what Brian (#18) says -- I have had that exact same thought -"if I only understood more". But even a spec of Truth about God & man can heal. It's a start and a wonderful start. We can cherish what we know about God, for this surely is the mustard seed, though very small, can produce blessings now & will keep flourishing. Thank you Ginny.

  43. Thank you for this lovely, clear message, Ginny!

  44. Thank you, Ginny. We need to value each of God's gifts to us every day. Too often we throw away the good we have discounting the value of God's gifts.

  45. Thanks Ginny for the lovely reminder that we already have what we need right now. We can work on what we already know and get that deeper understanding and be clear that God is good. Love and hugs.

  46. Thank you Ginny! I've always loved random acts of kindness but maybe it doesn't need to be so random after all. Kindness, love, generosity, consideration for others - these are qualities we should all express because we all have them. We shouldn't be surprised when someone is kind to us as it should be a regular occurrence! Using what you have is a great message. You don't need to spend money on someone to be kind; you don't even have to give them something. Just be kind - say hello, good morning, ask how their day is going. These are the simple things that can make a difference in someone's day! Always a wonderful reminder :) Today I pledge to use what I have to make someone's day better!

  47. Thank you Ginny. So many times I feel like I don't have enough, yet in reality, all that God gives me is all that I need. To me this means I have a loving heart and willing hands and God is giving me the opportunity to use these most important things for good.

  48. Thank You Ginny for todays wonderful lift and a hugh thanks to all the commentators that took the time to share their enlighten,expanding thoughts/ideas on it. All the commentators were really helpful, I particularly loved # 4. Great great lift this morning!!!!!

  49. Dear Ginny, how appropriate that you should touch on a subject that has been at the top of my consciousness for some time now. As always, the ideas you shared flowed from the fount of all wisdom so sweetly and naturally; and I was also especially reminded of the story of the talents in the Bible, and the lesson it teaches of using whatever we might have, in whatever capacity or quantity, in the most thoughtful and productive way we can, that it might pave the way for even more meaningful productivity in the long run. Using what we have builds the foundation for what is to come, and strengthens our resolve to be the best we can be in all things. Thank you, dear one, for another gem to add to my treasure chest.......and for others to add to theirs. :)

  50. Thank you Ginny for your thought provoking lift and giving all our lifter's the inspiration to share their feelings to it ( thanks Brian 18) thanks all

  51. Thanks Ginny!

  52. What a wonderful reminder that we already possess what we will need throughout this day because God keeps us fully supplied! Many thanks, Ginny!

  53. Thank you for the perfect lift and nugget of wisdom, Ginny! I will be carrying these thoughts throughout the day. Much love to you.

  54. Oh what a grateful way to start the day. The feeling of loving gratitude for all we already have materially and spiritually just permeates the lifts, so inspiring. Thank you all. Ginny, you are always so inspiring too. El Paso Patt

  55. Thank you Ginny, As always your Lift is exactly what I need right now. It will be in my thoughts throughout the whole day. Happy Happy Day

  56. I am conversing with those C/S who think they have to put into practice every thing that they learned from our Textbook right away or else the're not practicing. What a complete misconception of what the practice of C/S is. The practice of C/S is "Precept upon precept, line upon line. Here a little, there a little." Type of religion. If you have little understanding, put that into practice and as you do, you will understand more. C/S frees thought from all feeling of mortal pressure. You can only demonstrate what you know. So stop feeling guilty of what you don't know and get to practice what blesses the whole world, C/S.

  57. Thank you, Ginny, for “Use what you have … put into practice what we already know … God’s gifts, when used and expressed, are magnified … using what we have may be as simple as saying, ‘Thank you!’ …”

    and …

    “Gratitude is much more than a verbal expression of thanks. Action expresses more gratitude than speech …” (S&H 3:25).

    When I wield the “non-carnal weapon” of gratitude to take down the “strong holds” on me of worry, fear, and lack, my whole experience changes and, as you say, “God’s gifts … ARE magnified!” One way healing happens is when I become aware of how much more I have at hand than I realized or imagined.

  58. Simply beautiful, Ginny, just beautiful! Thank you:-)

  59. Thank you, Ginny, for this very beautiful, helpful, and comforting Lift.

  60. Thank you very much.

  61. Thank you. Thank you.
    This daily lift and the comments that follow are a perfect and easy segway into divine gratitude. I am so grateful. Thank you.

  62. Thank you so much for this wonderful Daily Lift, to remember to use what we just have!

  63. Thank you Ginny for this beautiful reminder that we have what we need right here and right now. We don't have to go buy something or study harder to become a "better" child of God. God's gifts are right here, right now. I look forward to eating my daily bread today and seeing the daily bread given to others.

    With gratitude,

  64. Thank you dear Friends for your comments and experiences. You are such a blessing to these daily lifts.
    Using what we have today and knowing that God's abundance of love and tender care will come into clearer view as we are grateful and practical with our recognized gifts, is one of my favorite ideas. So often the thought tries to persuade me that I don't have enough or know enough. When that comes I find such comfort in the idea that I can always love. I have enough of God to express. His love is sufficient and way more than we even know yet so I know enough to love even if it is in simple ways.
    You are each so loved and appreciated.

  65. Wonderful idea. Thank you!

  66. Thank you Ginny,

    Yes, use what we have. Be grateful for what is good and STOP COMPLAINING! I remind myself of that often as I get used to a new living place.

    And Yellow Springs Nancy #38 -- loved your answers to the question: "What do we have?"

    My gratitude is boundless for the daily inspiration from our lecturers and commentors.

  67. WONDERFUL!!! I have worked with that very line referenced from Science and Health! It makes so much sense! How could we put something into practice that we don't know? The beautiful provision that God, Love is always giving us what we need is such a comfort. Love doesn't put us in a calculus class when we only know addition. We always know enough, not only to apprehend more, but prevail over what is in front of our face. In times where we feel in danger or trouble, prayer is not giving us something we don't have, but is revealing to us what we DO have! We have enough, ALWAYS! Thanks beautiful Ginny!

  68. Thanks Ginny. A wonderful opportunity to step back and claim what we do have and know. Thanks for the lovely, lovely music. Thanks to everyone who shares.

  69. This is a reminder that everyone has what they need everyday and we should not see poverty of any kind. It prompts me not to worry over family members without education and jobs, but to know of Gods tender care and that I can share what I have unselfishly. It prompts me not to be wasteful and to appreciate every little blessing that comes our way. Thanks Ginny

  70. Thank you, Ginny! So important!

  71. Thanks. We have it All in LOVE.

  72. Thank you so much for reminding me I have what I need ....Divine Love....has met and will meet every human need......

    Daily Lift Team:
    From "Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures" by Mary Baker Eddy, page 494:10:
    "Divine Love always has met and always will meet every human need."

  73. Many, Many thanks Ginny for your lift today, and all the thoughtful comments shared by our DL family. Using what we have is truly the way to be the blessing that Jon spoke about yesterday. And what we have is always sufficient in each moment.

    Much gratitude to the entire DL team. The reach and effect of these lifts is inestimable.

    To Lois in WF who asked yesterday how to print out more than one page of comments- Simply highlight with your mouse all the comments that you would like to print, then right click the mouse and select the copy command. Then open a blank document in Word and right click again to paste the comments in the document. I do this often with selected comments I want to save. With the comments in the Word doc, you can then edit to save just what you want to either a file or to print. Hope this helps.

  74. Great lifts and comments this week. What a blessing to know that we are principally demonstrating that we divinely inherit daily our supply of whatever we need to grow and sustain- our daily divine bread- as proof of God's laws in action in our lives. What a great reminder to use what we have already received from that open fount- Love's promises are kept! Thank you all for the real lift!

  75. Thanks, Ginny. I want to share this with someone who is really worried about whether his family will have enough this winter for renting a home. This is right on point.

  76. Can I get the Daily Lift thro a telephone number?

    Daily Lift Team:

    Your Daily Lift is available by phone (NOT toll free) at 617-450-3430

  77. How true Ginny, Thank you. How welcome your good teachings and sweet comforts are to my
    thinking today!

  78. Thanks Ginny! This morning I woke with the thought that I have everything I need every moment--every right, healing idea and everything in the way of supply. When I've recognized that God meets everyone's needs abundantly--the evidence overflows. Two thoughts apply here: From hymn #9 by Violet Hay, "He knows the angels that you need, And sends them to your side, To comfort, guard and guide." God sends his blessings to inspire and uplift. And this from Miscellaneous Writings by Mary Baker Eddy, "The Psalmist saith: “He shall give His angels charge over thee.” God gives you His spiritual ideas, and in turn, they give you daily supplies. Never ask for tomorrow: it is enough that divine Love is an ever-present help; and if you wait, never doubting, you will have all you need every moment."

    Love the post by Kirstyn #46 and especially this part: "Today I pledge to use what I have to make someone's day better!"--which will be my goal today, too.

  79. Thank you Ginny for indeed my cup overflows with good, family, friends, Christian Science and more peace.

  80. Thank you, Ginny.Today's Lift is rich on so many levels. The comments it generated are terrific and like so often, there were too many I loved to thank specifically! However, I, like others must express gratitude for this forum and the blessing it is in my life and the blessing it is for our world! I know these focussed affirmative prayers are indeed leavening thought and continue to - notice how folks reach out to each other, how people refer to sharing the Lifts, or reference older Lifts, or speak of saving the present one to listen again; saving or printing comments ... this is an active ministry! Thank you, commenting community, for your interactive engagement of the healing messages expressed here and thank you Daily Lift team, lecturers and The Mother Church for making Your Daily Lift possible.

  81. There is a wonderful article in the November Journal entitled "Gratitude is not Dessert". As a newly returned student of CS I have always found that being grateful for what I have gives me an unending sense of joy and love.

    Even tho mortal mind tries to tell me that I need to know more to be a "good" Scientist - I know that I need to share what I have and be ever aware of what is available for me to grow in gratitude and love.

    The DL and the Scientists who share their understanding of God and his love for us are a priceless gift to all.

  82. Bless you dear friend for this comforting reminder. We always have enough, and our gratitude for that which we acknowledge surely brings more good and enables us to recognize it. (Remember when 10 cents would buy a can of food at the "bent can store?" Weren't we grateful for each of those simple provisions.)

  83. Thank you!!

  84. Good reminder, Ginny! We are looking forward to your talk here in northeast Ohio on the 27th!

  85. Thank you so much Ginny for your lovely lift today! I am reminded that one of the main differences between Christian Science and other Christian churches is the ability to "practice" God's divine Love not only for ourselves, but for everyone and everything our lives touch. For those of us wondering, "how can I manifest God's love more concretely in my life?", Mrs. Eddy says in "Science and Health": "The Principle of divine metaphysics is God; the practice of divine metaphysics is the utilization of the power of Truth over error; its rules demonstrate its Science"(p .111). "Be still, and know that I am God: I will be exalted among the heathen, I will be exalted in the earth. The Lord of hosts is with us;" (Psalm 46). Whatever understanding we have of God is always enough because God's grace is in infinite supply. God wants each one of us to only recognize His love, divine Love, and with infinite gratitude reflect that love. We are all God's children with individual infinite gifts to reflect.

    Thank you lifters for your many comments and the Daily Lift Team too, as always.

  86. Thanks so much for this lift, Ginny, and for your lovely comments part way through! I have seen many times how using what I have is enough, or gets me to the next step. We in western Maine remember your good lectures here!


  88. This is a sweet wake-up call for me. I have been thinking that a family member needs some new inspiration for a healing while I'm feeling impatient and sometimes acting with less than a loving attitude. This shows me that what I really need is to put my current understanding of God's love and care into practice. Will do!

    Thanks, Ginny and Lift family.

  89. I looked up the origin of the word "forgive".
    Old English forgiefan "give, grant, allow; forgive," also "to give up" and "to give in marriage;" from for- "completely" + giefan "give" (see give).

    The modern sense of "to give up desire or power to punish" is from use of the compound as a Germanic loan-translation of Latin perdonare.
    To me, this is such a transforming gift from God. He Himself has given up (forfeited) his own right to punish us! What greater love!?

  90. What an especially sweet Daily Lift, and what wonderful comments from all the Lifters. We are so fortunate to have our Father/Mother's love and each other's love. We have so much -- we are rich.

    Thank you, Ginny. Thank you, dear Mother Church.

  91. Using what we have is a loving a helpful thought humanly and spiritually, especially in these human times of financial challenges. Thank you .

  92. Thank you

  93. Thank you,thank you.What a wonderful reminder to shop in your own closet!!Keeping it simple is the best.

  94. Ginny, Thank you for a very inspiring Lift - to put into practice what we already know of God's Love.
    Sometimes when working on a challenge it comes down to adamantly declaring "GOD IS HERE"
    repeatedly until I accept that TRUTH and I know the problem has been deleted !!!!
    You lectured here several years ago and it was such a blessing for our community ! This led us to make
    copies of many of your articles in the periodicals and putting them in a binder for sharing in our RR
    Quiet-Study Room. This has been especially helpful for newcomers to CS - the gift that keeps on giving.

    And to # 73 Nancy : Thank you so very much for the info on how to print comments to the DL

  95. I've always loved the idea of fresh bread in terms of the Lord's prayer, but have never considered how tasty the bread might be - I like this thought a lot! Since we have the right to taste and see the lord is good, that means we have in possession all the right ingredients to do some tasty baking! I feel nourished - thank you!

  96. Thanks, Ginny, for reminding us to treasure what we have and use it well!

  97. I am reminded of the widow in Sidon who was asked what have you in your cupboard? And then the oil was multiplied and her needs were met. Thanks

  98. Hard to know which I appreciated more: Ginny's excellent Daily Lift, her additional comments (#64) or Nancy's (#73) useful directions on how to print selected Daily Lifters' contributions! In any case, kudos to the Board of Lectureship for providing the Daily Lifts, to the Daily Lift team for producing them so professionally, and to the dedicated readers for adding their helpful comments.

  99. Thank-you, Ginny, for your thoughtful Lift! Enjoyed walking by a lake today drinking in God's bountiful exquisite love expressed by/in nature. Rather than sharing a pie, I was able to share a heron with a photographer. He was busy taking pictures as I watched a heron fly across the lake and alight on a hemlock tree branch. The photographer (who I didn't know) was delighted when I pointed out the bird to him so he could take a picture. Grateful for this special moment of sharing/connecting in my day. Wonderful Lifter comments! Thanks so much DL team!

  100. Thank you for this beautiful & clear reminder.

  101. Thank-you, Ginny, for your thoughtful Lift! Enjoyed walking by a lake today drinking in God's bountiful exquisite love expressed by/thru nature. Rather than sharing a pie, (as suggested by Ginny), I was able to share a heron with a photographer, who I didn't know. As he was busy taking pictures, I saw a heron fly across the lake and alight on a hemlock tree branch. When I pointed out the bird to him he was delighted and immediately took a picture. Grateful for this special moment of sharing/connecting in my day. Wonderful Lifter comments! Thanks so much DL team!

  102. Thank you Ginny. I feel we have something in common,, and have been touched by your past lifts. No matter what I do, it isn't,t good enough for an adult daughter and like no.24, her attack has hurt me beyond belief. I
    I too have not felt relief from knowing God hasn't abandoned me so
    I like no.24, I am going to look at what I have, the love and support of a good man, a son who loves me and value's me and a God fearing faithful friend who prays for me and stands with me in my struggles to grow spiritually in spite of ,y having grown up with alcoholism and neglect. Thank you again and to those who comment

  103. Thank you Lori # 36 your understanding has shown Gods love encircling the earth thank you.
    You lifters all are my true family thank you all for your helpful comments.

    Kathleen #102 I truly feel for you and see that I have to work on forgiving my mother. What is helping me is Due 30:19'' I have set before you life and death, blessing and cursing: therefore choose life, that both thou and thy seed may live: that thou may love the Lord thy God, and that thou may obey his voice, and that thou may cleave unto him: for he is thou life, ''
    For every thought that crosses my mind I look at it as choosing either life (good, all power,action, not separate) or death (greed, hate, evil, reaction, separate, many powers, conflict, unfair, unjust, hurtful, disrespectful). Mostly my thinking has to be guarded against the worlds view of many powers and brought into line with Gods Divine love being all powerful. The best illustration is this definition of forgiveness I heard on an on line talk:
    Forgiveness is surrender to God, by letting God live us.

  104. Great reminder! Yes, how important is to see what we already have and it always ends up that we do not need much more! God has already supplied for all of our needs! Most important, they are abundant!

  105. Great!, How lovely message that we have all we need.

  106. Beautiful, thank you so much.

  107. Wow! Beautiful comments. To #102 and #103 above: I have been frozen out by a brother for about a year and a half. "Returning blessing for cursing" has helped me keep my head above the mist. He may not be showing love to me, but he can't keep me from loving him or praying for him and myself in the situation, and that is great (humble) power and comfort. I felt led to send him a nice birthday gift earlier this month, and even though I haven't received any thanks from him, I was gratified to hear from another family member that he liked what I had sent. It seems important not to be pulled off course by these humanly painful situations. Nothing should be allowed to distract us from the Christ road we're on, and we can just love, love, love as we go.

  108. Thank you very much for this inspiring daily lift!

  109. A wonderfull lift,,
    thank You!

  110. Thanks Ginny! Nothing like the present to practice.