10/16: Prove Me now!

10/16: Prove Me now!

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  1. Wow. Great lift. You should play for the Dodgers, you keep hitting home runs, right out of the matter/time box. As Christ consciousness, we seek nothing for ourselves. We know that all that the Father has is already ours, and our whole life is pouring forth God's grace to this world.

  2. Thank you Jon for this beautiful Lift filled with light and hope! Mary Baker Eddy says, in Unity of Good page 37, "Because God is ever present, no boundary of time can separate us from Him and the heaven of His presence;" These are not just beautiful words but through our understanding of Christian Science we are awakened to a life more spiritual, a life far beyond the comprehension of the material senses. A life hid with Christ in God, but accessible to us here and now, in our time and for all time. Thank you again.

  3. Wow❗️ That is BIG. Out of the box. Thank you, thank you.

  4. Thank you, such meaningful and powerful words.

  5. Thank you, Jon. I will go back to this and ponder. It is an important message. I love that I am the blessing! Proving God is my joy.

  6. Fantastic! Absolutely wonderful.

  7. What an exquisite thought, that WE are "Infinity's Child".......it brought to mind part of the definition of 'infinite' -- Subject to no external determination. I bet 'Infinity's Child' is not subject to external determination either.........so grateful Jon, thank you dear for all you do. Love this :)

  8. Thank you Jon
    Great insight and very helpful to me!

  9. Thank you for your wonderful explanation and interpretation of God pouring out His blessings to us. I've never thought of it that way; I do appreciate the new found understanding and knowledge. Every day I'm am learning something new for which I am most grateful. Thank you again for what you shared. Looking foward to your lecture in Milwaukee on October 20th.

  10. Infinatelys child...wow !!! Pour you out a blessing...I love your thoughts on that..I've never thought of it like the way you expressed..I love it.thank you my friend for your awesome ideas..

  11. Such a wonderful help, John. To know that we are the blessing, is such an uplifting thought.

  12. Hello Jon. Thank you so much for this lovely 'Lift'. Just right for me this morning - and others too, I guess.

  13. Wow ... Jon ... you never fail in expressing the "isness of God" ... I have taken the liberty of typing your message out and will take it with me today ... the dynamic nature of God is expressing Itself abundantly, joyously as US. Blessings.

  14. What a lovely idea! Me? A blessing! Yes of course!

  15. “What manner of love the Father hath bestowed upon us, that we should be called the sons of God…” 1 John 3:1
    God loves me, God is ready to give me goodies beyond imagination!!!
    That is not conceit, is recognizing my heredity; infinity's child doesn't fit a world of limit.

    You, me, they, we all are that beloved child, and it matters not how others behave or what they believe, we each have a direct line to our Father-Mother God, and we each must answer for ourselves (here or in the hereafter.)

    “…prove me now herewith, saith the Lord of hosts, if I will not open you the windows of heaven, and pour you out a blessing, that there shall not be room enough to receive it” Mal. 3:10

    “Cuánto amor nos ha dado el padre para que seamos llamados hijos de Dios…” 1ra de Juan 3:1

    Dios me ama, Dios está dispuesto a darme cosas buenas más allá de la imaginación!
    Eso no es vanidad, es el reconocimiento de mi herencia, la hija del infinito no se ajusta a un mundo de límites.

    Tú, yo, ellos, todos nosotros somos ese hijo amado, y no importa cómo se comportan los demás o lo que creen, cada uno tiene una línea directa con nuestro Padre-Madre Dios, y cada uno de nosotros debemos responder por nosotros mismos (aquí o en el más allá.)

    “Probadme ahora en esto, dice Jehová de los ejércitos, si no os abriré las ventanas de los cielos, y derramaré sobre vosotros bendición hasta que sobreabunde” Malaquías 3:10

  16. Thank you, Jon, for this heavenly interpretation of Mal.3:10. It truly opened my eyes to a beautiful new way of understanding this scripture. I am keeping this one forever as a daily guide. Heavenly! Thank you for this Lift. It is a great blessing! Love, Marilyn

  17. Jon, Thank you.

  18. I have never thought of it that way. God's blessing is Me and you and Jesus. Given and created from our Divine Mind and Father in heaven.

  19. Thanks, Jon. This is a block buster.

  20. WOW!!! What a wonderful new view - me as God's blessing! Thank you for this truly inspiring insight!

  21. Beautifully apt and I thank you so much, and to the BoL and all the lifters who make this such an inspired page.

  22. I was going to say WOW! and I see that everyone else is saying WOW! Well WOW! anyway.

  23. Dear Jon, Thank you for this transcendant living, loving Truth: that I am Infinity's Child. I shall hold and hug that wonderful facet of Love as I go on my way, today!

  24. How comforting, beautiful and terrific. Thank you soooo much!

  25. Yes ! Thank you Jon for a rousing and spiritualy invigorating reminder of our our REALITY and ROYALTY .

  26. Thank you sooo much!
    Your message is most elevating and edifying!
    Immensly helpful and uplifting!
    You opened a treasure box, and everyone will be infinitely richer by taking it in and never forget the jewels
    one contains.
    Bless you
    Karin Staehler, Switzerland

  27. see also Science and Health p. 258: "God expresses in man the infinite idea, , [infinite blessings] forever developing itself, broadening and rising higher and higher from a boundless basis". Also " Man is the expression of God's being [or blessings]" 470

  28. Many thanks Jon for this dazzling reminder. Yes. "Spiritual interpretation reveals God's viewpoint." "When God [divine Love] is seen with men to dwell,/ And all creation makes anew,/ What tongue can half the wonders tell,/ What eye the dazzling glories view?" (Christian Science Hymnal #384).

  29. Absolutely wonderful thought - that God is pouring US out AS His/Her blessing. This not only takes all personal sense out of ourselves but pours that blessing on our fellow man and creatures. I will endeavour to keep my consciousness open to let those blessings of Love pour forth, and try and maintain this spiritual consciousness continually.

    Great inspiration - many thanks Jon - and to all contributors to expanding this idea.

  30. Dear Deborah 22

    WOW, WOW, WOW, Jon certainly knows how to give one a spiritual breakfast.

    Yes, God is in the details.

    All have a wonderful spiritual adventure.

    Love in Christ


  31. Thank you Jon. Thank you God for your Reflecting presence expressed through ideas and thought lifting human consciousness unto Heaven here and now.Proof positive God Is. Thank you again Jon.

  32. So wonderful! thank you !

  33. Magnificent, Thank You.... I shall not forget. Bless you for sharing.

  34. Thank you, Jon and all Daily Lifters.

    I hadn't thought about it that way too, that WE are poured out as the blessing..

    S & H 68:27 Christian Science presents unfoldment, not accretion; it manifests no material growth from molecule to mind, but an impartation of the divine Mind to man..

    I want to equate this pouring out with the impartation of the divine Mind to man which then results in us presenting (showing) Truth's unfoldment..

  35. Thank you for this wonderful Lift that will stay with us for all time.

  36. Thank You Jon. That was wonderful!

    Chrissy C.

  37. Thank you so much, Jon...me, you and All a blessing??


  38. Thank you...great lift!

  39. Well, Jon, what an amazing perspective, or rather vision ! That the blessing is not for me, but that I AM the blessing to be poured out! This is something to really think about and to let it fill my consciousness! In the German Bible it says: "... ob ich euch nicht die Fenster des Himmels öffnen werde und Segen herabschütte in Fülle" which means that God will open the windows of heaven and pour down blessing in fullness.
    Thank you so much for gifing this very scientific interpretation!

  40. Jon, I love your Daily Lifts und therefore I love you too! Thank you.

  41. Thank you Jon, what wonderful way to express it. I had also never thought of myself as the blessing being poured. I loved all the comments. EAch one added to the original idea. If I am the blessing then I must softly give in to God´s plan for me and for all humanity. AS the Hymn #52 last paragraph says:
    "God's will is done; Love's kingdom come;
    The Potter's work is plain.
    The longing to be good and true
    Has brought the light again.
    And man does stand as God's own child,
    The image of Love's love.
    Let gladness ring from every tongue,
    And heaven and earth approve."
    Special thanks to all the team. Blessings to all!

  42. thank you Jon ...

  43. What a gem! Thank you!

  44. Thank you Jon! You have given a cup of cold water in Christ's name, as Mrs Eddy says.

    And Jesus lifted up his eyes to heaven and said, "Father...glorify thy Son, that thy Son may also glorify Thee." As we look to our God, understand and demonstrate this, what a wonderful oneness that He pours out to us, as us. And the beauty of holiness is revealed..whatever that takes in our individual lives..

  45. Dear Jon, I think you are hearing one resounding, unanimous WOW! I also have never thought of myself as the blessing God is pouring forth! But I am! And to think that everyone I meet, no matter if their thought of themselves is one of illness, disability, age, etc, is also a blessing God is pouring forth from Heaven! What a transforming thought if today we held each politician worldwide as the true blessing they are! Let us see God's government in action and every one involved as being poured forth from Heaven a blessing to the world. Infinite, selfless, innocent. To paraphrase a song seen recently in TV commercials..."This 'infinite' light of mine, let it shine!"

  46. just the best

  47. I have to write again and share with you a Poem by DORIS PEEL from her book: A gathering of Angels.

    Morning Psalm

    Daily I am His delight.
    Daily He rejoices in
    His handiwowrk -
    all fresh, all bright,
    all wrought of elemental light
    to be what He beholds as me:

    His song, sung out in world this day!
    His theme in play! His act of joy!
    Love laughs. And I -
    O it is laughter
    that I am! His poem, His psalm!
    In sight of Him
    how fashioned of gladness
    I must be! How lark-on-wing
    a thing - that He
    daily should thus
    delight in me ! His poem, His song
    sung out, His theme! His everlasting
    act of joy.

    Dear Jon, isn't this the same line of thought of your wonderful thoughts about Maleachi. Great !

  48. I Loved It! Thank You!

  49. Sin duda hay un camino abierto, una senda a transitar, apoyados en ese infinito Amor, que da siempre más de lo que recibe, y sin embargo siempre está ahí dando, atento, dispuesto, entiendo que si amaramos apenas un 10% de lo que nos ama Él, despertariamos al mundo, a una comprensión continua, elevándola por sobre si misma.Agradezcamos, y entremos por esa puerta abierta, que nunca se cierra, salvo que nosotros la cerremos, por falta de amor.

    Muchas gracias Jon, por el mensaje.

  50. Jon, fabulous!!! Thank you

  51. Simply beautiful and powerfully healing! Thank you, Jon, and all!

  52. "Infinity's child doesn't fit a world of limit" - Wow, what a powerful spiritual interpretation of Scripture and one that has brought such light to my consciousness. I'm so grateful for you sharing your inspiration with us all.

  53. The sweetness of your inspiration coming from Soul,enlightens the Universe, and the thought that God is pouring us out as Truth and Love reflected is simply a glorious to carry all day! Your stating, as we are poured out we cover infinity with our web of interconnected Light in which there can be no darkness helps us respond to Christ's call -- the call: " Come Forth". Powerful,Jon , Thank you! Thank you all.-- Merri

  54. A big Amen to all of the comments thus far and thank you, Jon, for a fresh view of a familiar quote from the Bible (Mal. 3:10). God does not pour out a blessing on us, we are the blessing of God.

  55. My first thought was WOW, and THANK YOU. Now pairing, pondering, praying this immensely powerful lift/gift with "Shepherd, show me how to go,...." how to be and see blessing today. Thank you, dear Jon and all this team and lifters. WOW.

  56. Wow! beautiful powerful lift! thank you!

  57. Thank you, Jon, for this "meaty" and healing lift with so much to think about and acknowledge!

  58. Wow! This one speaks to my heart. Thank you!!

  59. Great Daily Lift to start my day!!! Thank-you most kindly Mr. Benson.

  60. Thank you.

  61. Another WOW!! Thank you, Jon.

  62. Thank you!

  63. Thank you Jon. Each day before we lift our head from the pillow, we can know it's not the physical body that is our being, but the weightless infinite idea of Love never separated from God for one moment. We pray to prove this in all we see and do each day. It is God moving us about the universe spiritually that is the real. Nothing else is real but God and his ideas filling all space.
    Thank you so much!

  64. This is wonderful indeed, that as we "prove" God (understand our relationship with God), we'll experience blessings beyond measure, with no limit. The realization we already are God's blessing would naturally allow us to see ourselves as God does -- embracing all joy, peace, harmony, with no sickness, no sadness, no death! This is the way I'm interpreting your beautiful Lift with the passage from Malachi, which has always been one of my favorites. Thank you Jon, and everyone for the insightful comments.

  65. This is such an inspiring message. I love it. Thank you for sharing.

  66. Much gratitude, Jon, for this fantastic Lift! Excellent Lifter comments. Thank-you, DL team.

  67. Jon thank you so much for such powerful words!!!

  68. What a beautiful angel idea we all met today. And now we can meet the day, not thinking that we must grab up the blessings and hoard them in a bank account, or purse, or even hide them in our hearts. We are the pouring out of God's blessings, our true being glimpsed anew through the windows of Heaven. What need is there to struggle, or toil, when all along we are the blessing.

  69. Oh how I needed this! Thank you for helping clarify my thought :)

  70. Thank you. You certainly are a poured out blessing for mankind! This speaks to our being a reflection rather than an absorption.

  71. What a glorious message for this day! Such a broad & abundant sense of God's 'pouring forth of good' to His man. Thank you dear Jon, for reminding us that we are that man.

  72. Thank you for this important insight and reminder, Jon. Great lift!

  73. This inspires me way beyond former views of this verse so I see it as not about getting but about giving, which we, as reflections of divine Light (Love), naturally do -- because it's our true nature.

    And "giving does not impoverish us in service of our Maker" -- which is the key to a healthy economy. (Quote from Mary Baker Eddy)

  74. What a lift! A leap from earth to the stratosphere. Thank you many times over.

  75. This hit the right button for me this morning. Thank you!

  76. This is a diamond. May we all keep this message shining and expressing forever.

  77. John, I was raised in a Baptist church so every now and then it shows. My response to this lift is "PREACH"!

    Thank you so very much for the powerful and inspirational lift for today.

  78. What a great new insight! Pour you out as a blessing. That we are the blessing. Thank you for this inspirational thought.

  79. Oh, Jon, how marvelous that you received God's viewpoint of the Bible verse, Mal. 3:10. Actually, if the Bible IS God's Word, then we really should All be reading it from God's point of view. I never really understood before how Mrs. Eddy could say she got Everything she wrote in Science and Health from her deep and spiritually interpretated study of the Bible! Now, I'm beginning to get a glimpse! So that also means that what she wrote in Science and Health is also God's viewpoint - and we should read it from the standpoint of the One Mind! Yahoo! If God is All and we are One with that All then we can only know what God, our Heavenly Father, Divine Mind, knows! God Bless Us All! Thank you!

  80. I'll just add another WOW! - and my gratitude.

  81. WOW ,,,, so needed this message . WOW !!! Thank You !!! :-)

  82. What a great shift of thought! "Pour YOU out (as) a blessing!"
    A whole new view of that statement ...thank you so so much!!!!

  83. Prove all individuality as MY being expressed. Whoa. Then what happens to judgment and criticism? Gone! What happens to the "goodies" for which we tend to compete? Unimportant.

    Today's assignment: Prove all individuality as MY being expressed. This is how we find our lives being poured as a blessing.

    Thank you, Jon, for letting your life be poured as a blessing.

  84. I'm in AWE. If I'm a blessing then so is everyone I meet a blessing. A world filled with Love overflowing. Thank you so much Jon, and thank you to all the commentators to have expanded on this great message.
    And thanks to the Daily Lift team who are not only blessings, and are blessing us everyday with these Lifts.

  85. What a clear exposition of divine subjectivity. I know I can always count on your work to deliver the only correct starting point, Mind's point of view. Thank you.

  86. We receive blessings from God every moment. We ARE His blessings, so how can it be otherwise!

    The beautiful poem by Doris Peel that Anni from Berlin (#47) gives us this morning is also found in a lovely book titled, "The Gentle Art of Blessing" by Pierre Pradervand. An article of the same name -- The Gentle Art of Blessing -- same author, is also in the December 20, 1999 Sentinel. Blessings abound!

  87. Thanks so much, Jon, and for all the good comments. Anni from Berlin #47, thanks for the double dip! I have reread the poem you put in your comment in my copy of "A Gathering of Angels" by Doris Peel. So many big thoughts expressed in her dynamic verses.

  88. So deep, so precious is your message,I had to listen to it three times.
    Your words touched me profoundly.
    I can't thank you enough for that.
    Thanks for being yourself such an enormous blessing, demonstrating the truth which your Daily Lift brought to the world today.

  89. Thank you so much Jon for your insightful lift this morning! Your understanding in the phrase, "pour you as a blessing" makes certain that God is the only and infinite power who pours us out daily, hourly, minute-by-minute reflecting Father-Mother divine Love.

    Thank you lifters for your comments and the Daily Lift Team too; thanks to all.

  90. W hat a beautiful

    O utpouring of Love

    W e each are daily!!

  91. What a revelation as I heard today's D/L. That we are a blessing to each other. Isn't that something? As we are blessed by God, we bless others. That's what truly is going on. Any thing else is just a mortal lie, inconceivable of Truth like all this falseness heard on the media. God's viewpoint is also our viewpoint.

  92. Thank you, Jon, for this very blessed and blessing Lift!

  93. I have been agonizing about a stupid comment I made yesterday. Your message stopped this train of thought in its tracks. I am the blessing and cannot express words that cause harm to myself or
    anyone. My thought has been truly Lifted! Thank you so much. I can look forward to a day "big with

  94. What a poignant reminder to read all the Bible from the inspired view. Many thanks for this explanation, illustration. I am happy to view my fellow man as the blessing in addition to myself as one.

  95. Wow.....what a great lift and wonderful perspective!! Thank you for sharing your spiritual insight on the often quoted Malachi verse. I will think about it all day!!! Again, thank you!!

  96. Add another WOW. Thank you for this beautiful wake up call. In pondering this Lift, the thought came to me that when a new baby arrives most everyone accepts / realizes this child is a Gift from God. What happens......somewhere along the line we begin loading that child down with material labels, limitations, etc.. Each one of us was that Gift from God....that beautiful blessing. We accepted and even added on our own judgmental criticisms as we continued our journey. And, look at us now. We are grateful beyond words, but surprised to hear / learn that "we" are (always was) that blessing...that Gift from God. Mrs. Eddy alerts us about those sneaky little foxes. Wow, I really "bought the farm" and entertaining those foxes. Thank you for putting me back on the "right" side. I am immensely grateful, dear Jon, for this beautiful wake up call. Thank you to our Board of Directors and the Daily Lift Team for giving us this opportunity to grow.

  97. So deep and beautiful.Thank you so much.Lots of food for thought.This lift can make us feel specially cared for when we feel a little down.Thank you again Jon.Love to all.

  98. Thank you, Jon, for “Prove Me now! … spiritual interpretation reveals God’s viewpoint … Mal 3:10 ‘… prove me now … saith the Lord … if I will not open you the windows of heaven, and pour you out a blessing, that there shall not be room enough to receive it.’ … I’ve asked for too little … God’s ready to give me … riches beyond imagining … spiritually, I hear God saying, ‘Prove Me infinite … prove Me the ONLY … My being expressed … you as I know you … as a blessing, so big there’s no room in matter or time … the expression of My consciousness … Infinity’s child doesn’t fit a world of limit.’”

    Demographics limit us. The Truth of our being, as stated in this Lift, frees us.

    “It matters not what be thy lot, So Love doth guide” (Po 79:1).

    “The depth, breadth, height, might, majesty, and glory of infinite Love fill all space” (S&H 520:3).

    “God is love” (I John:4) and “… behold, now is the accepted time” (II Cor 2:6).

  99. Jon,
    Thank you. You have turned our thought from the inward sense of life to the outward sense of Life, from getting to giving, with all of our God-given potential. This will bless many people.

  100. Amazing new insight! I love the idea that we are the "action" of God -- God pouring us out as a blessing to humanity and as the exact reflection or expression of Divinity. Thank you for this powerful new view of a favorite Bible promise!

  101. Well I think the word of the day is Wow! I share the sentiment the others have in thanking you Jon for this new way of looking at this verse, us as the blessing. I had to listen a couple of times to get it and then all of a sudden it occurred to me, "If I am God's blessing, am I acting in accordance? Am I acting as though I am worthy of that accolade?" YOu know, it makes me more aware of the "human" thinking and makes me more accountable to what I am accepting in my thought. NO, I am not starting as a mortal trying to strive to be better, to be loose of the mental burdens that I seem to be dealing with. I am above that! I was made to be above that and if I am God's blessing, then I better act that way. WOW! What an epiphany I am just having. Thank you so much for leading the way to such a wonderful expansion of my thinking. I needed that!

    Thank you to the BOL and the commenters as your ideas have helped build my new found awareness.

  102. Thank you very much Jon.

  103. Nothing further needed! Wonderful message. Thank you.

  104. I thought transparency was good enough. Remove the shutters and open the windows. I am coming out.

  105. Thank you, Jon. This daily lift has meat in it that I will chew on for weeks. Thank you for this profound spiritual inspiration.

  106. What a beautiful thought and way to start each day. Am ready for pouring.

  107. Thank you dear Jon for this infinitely lifting lift. It started Violet Hay's hymn 448 playing in my thought, filling it with new fuller meaning: "Lo they that follow after good, By them God's word is understood, So they prove him, Praise and prove him!" Let us prove Him, Alleluia!

  108. My prayer today is, to really understand this Lift, it is beautiful.

  109. Powerful!

  110. My first reaction to this lift is "WOW!" It was interesting as I scrolled down to add my comment that a number of other listeners felt the same with the same expletive. Thank you, Jon, for this powerful message.

  111. I'm so happy to understand this spiritual idea and to see so many others get it so quickly and completely. A real flame of Love.

  112. No more to say than what others, dear friends, all have already said. WOW and huge gratitude to Jon.
    A joyful day to see God's blessings everywhere in you, in me and in all.
    Humble thanks.

  113. Love this interpretation, Jon--it makes the only sense. Demonstrate and you become a gift to the world!!

  114. Oh, thank you so much! I could add another Wow! Since I am a blessing, I am like one of the sun's rays shining on whoever goes into the path. So, I can bless whoever crosses my path today with a shining blessing and then that person (ray) can do the same. A pouring out of God's blessings will certainly make the world a better place!

  115. Wow!

  116. Pure Truth. Pure Love. So grateful for Christian Science.

  117. Wow thank you for this glorious Lift reaching, reaching every living being for eternity. This is a holy place for all to be. Heartfelt gratitude this special day for you, Jon

  118. Thanks so much Jon for the spiritual interpretation of this wonderful verse from Malachi. What a blessing that one could be to bless others. Once again thanks very much.

  119. Thank you Jon

  120. A true perspective. Thank you

  121. This "Lift" moved me to tears of beautiful, grateful, joy. Amazing grace to see us poured out as a blessing. That idea, image is proof of the grand and simple fact Love. We dance in it, laughing, as we are poured over the unfolding bliss of knowing how much God loves us all. Hugs to you for your writing and delivery. It gives us a smile all day and a tiny tear of patient peace... all all is well.

  122. In my human experience for many, many blessed decades I have never heard such an expression or description that so immediately touched me and so clearly, and yet that I wanted to hear again and again to grasp and ponder every drop of beauty. I really have no adequate words for how this Lift resonated within me. Thank you more than all the stars in the universe.

  123. Every time I see a new baby I have such a wonderful feeling of love. Now I know everyone is a blessing being pour forth from Divine Love and we should see it every day. Pouring forth my gratitude for your thoughts and love. Makes you feel glorious!

  124. Thank you!!!!!!!! Yep!
    Cheers of thanksgiving and love,

  125. "I'll pour You out as a blessing!" Oh, what a promise for each of us every day..thank you so much for this stellar lift, Jon! I'll be sharing it with my mom during our visit today!

  126. Thank you Jon for this amazing interpretation. And then, thank you JRS #93 because you woke me to the idea that I could demonstrate Jon's interpretation in correcting a "stupid" mistake I made yesterday. Knowing I could express divine Love, I made a correction to yesterday's misstep and all is well. Perhaps we might say that taking this step demonstrated the beginning of Malachi 3:10 when God says to "bring all the tithes into the storehouse."

  127. Joy and thanksgiving! So grateful for this, Jon.

  128. WOW! This opened the windows of heaven to me.

  129. Wow, this is very lifting! Thank you!

  130. Thank You so much Jon

  131. What a beautiful though that we ARE God's blessings being poured out! From now on I will start all my days knowing I am Gods blessing, as each of us are.
    Much love to you!

  132. Infinite gratitude Jon for this breathtaking revelation coaxing us to understand the possibilities of the
    Christ spirit within shared. This exquisite powerful and mighty promise is underpinned in Ezekiel 34:26
    "I will make them and the places round my hill a blessing; I will cause the shower to come down in his
    season; There will be showers of blessing." Thank you.

  133. Oh my! This describes perfectly our sweet God, our loving, lawful, life-saving, life-giving Principle. It opens the "flood gates of Heaven" as our leader promises the understanding of our spiritual heritage will surely do. Thank you so much for once again rearranging my thinking!

  134. Thank you Jon. Deus ama a todos infinitamente e incondicionalmente.

  135. Dear Jon, this text has been a favourite of mine for many years. Thank you for illuminating yet more spiritual meaning in such a wonderful way.

  136. Such an eye-opening Lift. The message of being what God is pouring out has completely changed my perspective and understanding of that verse. Thank you very much.

  137. Thank you Jon, I hope to bless many today with this treasure you have put out. Much love to all.

  138. Thank you, A light, I'm not a mortal, I'm a blessing!

  139. Jon, thank you so much for this Daily Lift, which truly does lift me and others as all of the comments show! Your inspiration regarding us being poured out of God's blessings brings lots of light and inspiration for all of us and all mankind.

    I love these quotes by Mary Baker Eddy in Science and Health:

    "God's being is infinity, freedom, harmony, and boundless bliss" P. 481: 3-5

    "Man reflects infinity, and this reflection is the true idea of God." P. 258: 11

    We are poured out His/Her blessings by the reflection of His/Her being expressed in us. Your daily lift gave me new inspiration regarding these quotes in addition to the Bible verse that you quoted.

  140. Yes, WOW is the only way to describe the power of the ideas expressed in today's Lift. Very deep. Very absolute and true. For each one of us. This is the antidote of "not feeling good about oneself". We each are God's blessings with a unique purpose, and infinity in which to Prove it. Thank you.

  141. Thank you Jon, for this amazing uplift.
    I now have a new view of myself and everyone. God's blessing.

  142. John,

    Obviously "hit the mark" by the # of responses! Wonderous new approach enervates me now and underscores the fruitage already ripening in my experience!! Bushels of gratitude,


  144. Thank you so much Jon. Methinks that the Soul-inspired earnest yearning and listening that brought forth from God this beautiful revelation, is an illustration of the power that brought forth from God --in answer to Mary Baker Eddy's persistent, profound yearning and deep searching of the Scriptures-- the incomparable revelation of "all true knowledge"--Christuan Science, the promised Comforter. And just think! These treasures of His Word are waiting to be revealed to our yearning hearts through our deep searching of the Scriptures and its "Key"--Science and Heath. How incredibly wonderful. How incredibly good God is.

  145. I lazily listened on my phone while still snuggled in this morning. When I heard the message, I sat up and listened again on my iPAD. It is sooo inspiring, wonderful, joyful!! Thank you Thank you!! I am typing this message from my computer as I am at my desk gently taking it all in again!! Child of infinity...:) :)

  146. db...I must hear that again...

  147. Thank you

  148. Thank you Jon for a very inspiring Lift ! Mal 3:10 " prove me--pour you out a blessing , that there shall not be room enough to receive it" has been a favorite for years ! And thanks for so many inspiring comments.

    29 and #45 I am copying your comments -- some great ideas I need to really focus on -- when I have

    to hit the "mute" button while watching TV !!!

    DL team : At present I am able to print only 1 page. PLEASE consider making it possible to print all

  149. Thank you.

  150. Great message and reminder, Jon. Thank you.

  151. Thank you. I appreciate this message so much.

  152. Another wow and deep thanks for sharing such an important insight! Thank you also to all who have shared their thoughts! And, thank you to our dear Board of Directors, Board of Lectureship, and all who support the Daily Lift site, for the amazing gift to our movement! We are so fortunate to have such a rich "spiritual meal" daily! This lift has brought much joy to clear a day that had a little cloud in it!

  153. I just love your closing statement "Infinity's child doesn't fit in a world of limit." Fantastic prayer!

  154. Thank you!!!

  155. Thank you very much

  156. Every time I hear you, i become a bigger fan. Great thoughts and very heartfelt delivery. You are a real treasure, Jon. Thank you so much!

  157. Thank you Jon and thank you #93 and #131. If I am God's blessing TO MYSELF as well as others-this is something to ponder on and delight in. Through CS, I am gradually breaking down the self- imposed barriers that prevent me from liking myself. Scary, but wonderful!

  158. SPECTACULAR! What unique and refreshing spiritual insight was revealed to you as the reflection of Mind, Jon, and what terrific proof this Lift is regarding what it means to SPIRITUALLY interpret/understand the Bible! Thank you soooooo much. This one is a keeper to ponder over and over.

  159. Love, love, love it! Will work with the powerful spiritual insight and listen to it over and over again!

  160. W


    Thank you, Father-Mother, God!
    You know I sure seemed to need this.

    "Divine Love always has met and ways will meet every human need." -Mary Baker Eddy

    Jon: you are Love's pure Light!

    (As are all of God's ideas!)

    What a divine and mighty Truth!

    Sue from Scotts Valley, CA

  161. Thank you so much Jon, for the helpful message.

  162. Oh. my. goodness. Have listened to the Lift, and read the 148 comments posted so far. And all I can do is add yet one more "Wow" . . .and echo 122's thanks as much as all the stars in the universe . . .the addition of Doris Peel's poem, and mention of Pierre's book on Blessing, just expand this LIft exponentially . . ."infinity's child doesn't fit a world of limit." I am speechless. Will just let all this inspiration continue to open me up from the inside out . .

  163. Dear Jon,
    Mahalo (thank you); this spiritual thought uplifts my perception!
    Looking at Malachi, I note that the promised blessing is the result of something that we are asked to do. (There are many such request/benefit pairings in the Bible.) In this case, it occurs IF we fulfill God's request that we fill up his storehouse with tithes and offerings.
    I would love to see a discussion of how, spiritually, we may do that!

  164. Sincere gratitude for this message of pouring peace-filled blessing on each one we encounter, each one our thought touches. Much love.

  165. Another WOW.... what a treasure you are to reveal these thoughts to us.....
    thanks and thanks again

  166. Jon Benson I thought I'd heard them all till NOW! WOW! THIS IS INCREDIBLY GREAT!


  167. Thank you Jon for a very inspiring lift. Malachi 3:10-"--- I will open you the windows of heaven, and
    pour you out a blessing , that there shall not be room enough to receive it" has been one of my
    favorites for years. And thanks for so many wonderful comments. I am copying # 45 JD in Texas'
    comments to read --- when I hit the mute button while certain politicians are speaking on TV !!!
    Thank you for a wonderful alternative !!!!

  168. Jon,
    Another WOW!! I listened very early this morning to your lift and it was so freeing. I had a busy day-away from the house but I couldn't wait to get back to listen again. Such a magnificent idea to be poured out as a blessing. What an inspiration. Very humbly thank you.

  169. The seed within itself, Infinite Love powerfully reflecting Love's infinite image, reverberating, harmoniously resonating, without effort, rippling spontaneously out to the world, amplifying itself with each lifted thought, each risen re-thought, each grateful heart, and each WOW. Thank You each and all! "Give us this day our daily bread". "Feed(ing) the famished affections".

  170. Thank you, Jon! I like "goodies

    Thank you, Jon ... I like "goodies"!


  171. This is a very profound idea. Thanks. Ann

  172. Lovely Jon - thank you.


  174. WONDERFUL! Thank you so much. :)

  175. Thanks so much, Jon, for this 'freeing' Lift!

  176. Wow! This is a message that will stimulate repeated reference - a real growing point! Thank you.

  177. This is wonderful and so profound! Thank you Jon!

  178. AWESOME! We are all, everyone of us, AWESOME!! So we can let go of the mortal, carnal claims, let go of trying to fix anyone, help them. Know who they truly are, who we are, and watch God in action! Love this!!! Thank you so much I am grateful and for all the responses. What a way to start a day. Thank you!!

  179. It's typed out. Comments that expand it are copied. But the light I feel, the smile I am smiling cannot begin to explain the richness of this message. 70 were sent by Jesus to bring the Word. At this point the 177 are knowing that they and everyone else are expressing it. Our proper perceptions change the world. Look out world! :) You are being transformed by Truth. There is only one Mind, one Love being expressed every moment.

  180. I just had to comment on how wonderful these ideas have been for me. I have returned to it again today to get an extra uplift this morning. What a blessing! What treasures! Thank you!!

  181. Your inspired message brought me to tears of gratitude. "pour you" all of us out a blessing is a powerful truth. Thank you.

  182. Such a blessing to have your insights. Had to listen again. Proof galore!

  183. We are each a ray of consciousness, God's thought of good being poured out into the world. Thank you, Jon.

  184. I love you Ben for what you gave !!!
    In my consciousness, it was like a sky glowing with seven suns !
    I do thank you !

  185. THANK YOU John for such a divinely inspired uplift

  186. Thank you for a most revealing and helpful spiritual interpretation. It is indeed a wonderful way to think about the Malachi citation.

  187. WOW WOW WOW exactly what we need
    to know about ourselves & EVERYONE!

  188. 188 ditto's. Terriric Lift and wonderful comments from grateful listeners. Thank you Jon.

  189. Thank you, Jon! My 2nd with you. What a take, an interpretation on this! Wonderful.

  190. Wow - this is a very very very special lift.....
    (Did I say VERY special!)
    Definitely going straight into my 'keepers' file as there is much to ponder & imbibe in this....

    'I' am part of the blessing as an image of God.....Wow....

    Thank you Jon.

  191. THANK YOU, I have been thinking of this the last few days, and then heard Malala on NPR. The person giving the story said that she had been concerned as a young teen about being short, afraid that she would never grow or be able to do things, and here is what Malala says now: "I asked God for an inch or two, and he made me as high as the sky. Now I can really reach people." And I got what it is to be poured a blessing.

  192. Thank you SO much for this wonderful Lift- one of the best ever I think. And it has stayed with me! So many of the members of our branch church have commented on how much it has helped them over the past few days. We all express so much gratitude, Jon.

  193. Thank you for this profound and touching lift. The spiritual impact has resulted in my seeing how "the windows of heaven" open, pouring out infinite blessings as Love's spiritual child, my identity and as all of His creation, when God is proved, affirmed, demonstrated as the only Mind, Love. A property my husband and I were interested in buying, seemed to be beyond our financial reach. Understanding that God, Love was continually pouring out infinitude as home to all and that time, space, location, material structure, nor bank accounts could determine, contain, limit, nor withhold it. A few days ago, the sellers drastically lowered the asking price that opened the way for us to come to an agreement. Our realtor marveled that this was a "miracle". No, this was a result of "Prove Me". How grateful I am for this lift!

  194. WOW! Thank you so much!
    With love from Graz/Austria

  195. I am just catching up on 3 weeks worth of daily lifts and this one is superb - a great lead in to thanksgiving, and a follow up on a beautiful Association day address that I attended.
    I just had to add my belated thank you, Jon.

  196. I've come back to this... amazing UpLift of the eyes to the windows of heaven. Thank you, Jon.

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