10/16: Honoring parents

10/16: Honoring parents

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  1. Thank you Mary for this inspiring Lift. The love and respect we have for our human parents comes from the same source that our Father-Mother God has for all His creation: forever reflecting the utmost tenderness and compassion.

  2. Thank you!

  3. Thank you Mary, this morning for this expanded outlook so well put into words with a lovely voice !

  4. It's so good to know that our Father-Mother God is lovingling looking after my parents!

  5. The 5th Commandment help us leave the past behind.
    By seeing God as the Father-Mother of us all (and remembering we didn't come with instructions either) might help us honor our mom and dad, and to remember that they had to rough it too.
    If we cherish our Father-Mother God as the source of all good parenting qualities, we'll find a spiritual maturity that helps us honor them with greater freedom.

    El 5to mandamiento nos ayudará a dejar atrás el pasado.
    Al ver a Dios como Padre-Madre de todos nosotros (y recordando que tampoco nosotros vinimos con instrucciones) podría ayudarnos a honrar a nuestros mamá y papá, y a recordar que ellos también la pasaron duro.
    Si apreciamos a nuestro Padre-Madre Dios como la fuente de todas las cualidades de ser buenos progenitores, hallaremos una madurez espiritual que nos ayudará a honrarlos con mayor libertad.

  6. Many thanks Mary for reminding us there is a special maturity in honoring our Moms and Dads. "That which was first was God, immortal Mind, the Parent of all." (Un 35:15). "Come before Him with a song./ In His hand is all the power of nations,/ Sing to Him, ye joyous congregations,/ Psalms of gratitude and praise/ Unto God the Father raise." (Christian Science Hymnal #73).

  7. Mary, Thank you

  8. This was especially helpful for someone I am helping. Thank you, Mary. And thank you to the youngster who did the credits after. Hearing her sweet voice reminded me of the privilege we all have to cherish children by reflecting the Father-Mother that is the real Parent.

  9. Thank you Mary, What a joy it is to feel so LOVED and cherished by our Heavenly Father and to know too that everyone is held safe in that dear love. As Psalm 139 says "Whither shall I go from thy Spirit?" LOVE...we simply cannot get outside of GOD'S love..no matter what temptations would try to make us believe otherwise! Much LOVE to ALL JUNEX

  10. Many thanks your yur insightful and fresh view of the fifth commandment, Mary. I appreciate the idea that we can redeem some of our views about our parents even if they are no longer with us.

  11. Thank you!

  12. This is a really great Lift, Mary, and thank you so much. It's a lovely gift. I may have accumulated more self-justification than most people, but when we come to this place, it's so sweet to leave some of those self-defeating burdens behind. Mind you, it was easier after going through the earlier steps of self-forgiveness to be able to come to where I move forward. It was such a tough time for our mother, and I know for sure that God had His eye on her all the time, especially when that lady sat opposite us on the tram into town. Black sailor hat, and black velvet ribbon around her neck with the cameo, with the gloves, the handbag, and the black button boots. I can still see her, as clearly as if it were right now, leaning forward to prod my mother on her knee and telling her that what she needed was Christian Science. She brushed aside all my mother's resistance, and repeated that she must come to church. And we did. And some of us still do. I often wonder if the angel was the great woman of Shunem. I was three at the time. My mother had behaved scandalously by leaving her husband! But God was her Husband, and took wonderful care of her through all the lean years. Through all the tough times. How could we not honour our beloved parents? I met my father when I was 30, and that was wonderful too. God blesses and provides for all His children.
    Thank you Nate and the team; the Board of Lectureship and the lecturers; and the Daily Lift family.

  13. Thank you Mary - you answered a question I've been asking for many years.
    As a child brought up in the Jewish faith, the Ten Commandments were an important part of our culture and so I tried to stick closely to them. I could never understand why this Commandment kept coming to me as I couldn't see how I could honour parents whose marriage was unhappy and not an example to my siblings and me. Today's Lift finally put that to rest! I now realise that the little voice that spoke to me in the form of that Commandment years before I discovered Christian Science, was God calling me to His parenting. Thank you and God. I'm so very grateful for your Lift today.


  15. Thank you and all the Lifters for their thoughts. they are very helpful and inspiring.

  16. In 1968 we were standing in the gravel courtyard of a small non-denominational school, and when Eugene's father visited, it was Charlie Chaplin.
    Principle, Mind, Soul, Spirit, Life,Truth and Love are incorporeal definitions of Father and Mother, God.
    The more we understand and image or reflect these synonyms, the more we honor them. (Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures, by Mary Baker Eddy, page 587 defines God.)
    Thank you for the reminder to Honor our only Father-Mother.

  17. Thank you, Mary, for the reminder to take a moment to cherish my lovely parents who have been gone a long time now, dad 24 years and my mother 8 years.Those losses were very difficult for me and I thank God, my true father-mother, who nurtured me through some painful moments. Deepest gratitude for my mother who took my sister and I to CS sunday school every week which gave us a strong foundation in Christian Science. I so appreciate these daily lifts and their inspiration, including this community of deep thinkers, thanks to Nate and his team!!

  18. Honrrar a padre y madre es honrranos a nosotros mismos, sin dejar de reconocer que la familia humana como dijo Cristo Jesús no es la real ni la verdadera.
    Ello no nos exime de sentir amor y honrrar eso es lo maravilloso, cuando comprendí que la familia humana es otra de las tantas alegorías que debemos rechazar no amé menos a mi familia humana ni a la humanidad sino más, porque comprendí que el Amor divino que escapa a esa creencia se hace presente allí mismo donde la creencia humana pretende usurparla, con la verdadera familia que es espirtual no material.
    La Verdad nos hace libres de amar aún aquello que pretende atraparnos en el error para en un hecho sublime derrotar al error con el Verdadero Amor.

    Muchisimas gracias Mary

  19. This is just the thought I needed as I always felt honor should be earned and deserved and obeying that commandment was the hardest one for me. You have given me fresh inspiration and since my parents are long gone, it's never too late to honor them.

  20. Thank you. When I first saw the title of this Daily Lift, my first thought was to pass it by, cause this commandment brings up so much. Then when I listened, I realized that I would have lost out by not listening in. I have alot of emotional baggage from an absent father and wayward mother.
    I seek God's will now and realize that this healing and spiritual maturity, is God's will for me.
    I especially like the thought that God is still caring for my deceased parents, irregardless of how it may seem to me. So thank you again.

  21. Beautiful thoughts to put into practice toward parents who might now need our loving support.

  22. Thank you, Mary, for this healing Lift. I, too, find reassurance in knowing that not only is God my true Father Mother, but He is there for my parents, also, mothering them with care and love. I am so grateful.

  23. How good it is to get this message on the anniversary of my mother's death!

  24. Matt 23:9 "Call no man your father upon the earth, for one is your Father, which is in heaven."

    Ever since it occurred to me that my mom n dad are children of God, just like me and my brothers and sisters and cousins, and all moms n dads and siblings and cousins, all people; this revelation has freed me up to love more fully, compassionately, to be way less harsh, more gentle, less judgmental, more patient, supple, less competitive; to honor my Father-Mother God, His kingdom, His people, and how He dwells among us.…

    Thank you DL community!

  25. Beautiful! To hold on to any hurt, grievance, regret or worry is to dishonor our Father Mother. So if I'm fretting over my parents (or anyone for that matter) in any way, I'm ultimately dishonoring God. I love God too much to do that. This was a great wake up call! Thank you!

  26. Lovely and healing truths for ourselves, our parents, each one in our Father-Mother God's universal family - "held in the gospel of Love" (S&H 577:4). Thank you, Mary, Lift Team, all, with abiding gratitude ...

  27. Thank you for this wonderful lift, it is such a beautiful reminder that we have one parent and creator. We are all God's children and part of the universal family. It is so comforting to think of God's tender mothering and of God's protective fathering. God loves all his children equally and is committed and devoted to each one, which is cherished and precious to him/her. We inherit all good from this loving parent and are a part of a perfectly functioning family. I love the Bible verse which reads in part "He sitteth the solitary in families." How special that Jesus called God Abba or pa pa in the Greek. God is the perfect mom and dad!

  28. Thank you, Mary, for “Honoring parents … ‘Honor thy father and thy mother’… all my parenting needs … divinely met …” Honor? We loved each other; but my parents weren’t always at “their best.” But then, in the day-to-day “mortal realm,” who is? Actually, it was they, who taught me to appreciate, instead of judge each other. I honor my parents and we honor each other, as together we all honor and worship God – everyone’s Divine Parent. Follow and encourage the “highest and rightest.” Honor isn’t worship. To honor my parents is being respectful to them; being grateful for them (even under their “mortal realm” struggles that I will never fully understand); and obedient– all the time? As a young child – yes! Unless it was illegal or immoral, I must be obedient. My parents understood their parenting as a sacred trust. They prepared me to increasingly, then fully assume my right and responsibility for how to be. They expected me to measure what I think, say, and do in obedience to God’s laws. Live according to my conscience. Build a good life, pleasing to God. Learn from trials and triumphs to be as God’s child on a daily basis, experience-by-experience and getting better every day. Question everything, while looking for and finding God in everything. Trust God, no matter how “mortal realm” things seem. God is Love. Pay attention. Follow through. Just Love. Thanks, Mom and Dad, for introducing me to Our Father-Mother! A sacred gift to me, your grandchildren, and great grandchildren!

  29. Thank you Mary! My parents were learning just as I am and now that they are gone I know they are in God's care. Can't wait to see them again and thank them for doing their best for me.

  30. I know my dear patents would want my brother and I to think of them in this way . Thank uou

  31. It's clear that honoring this commandment more universally would break cycles of unhappiness. The idea rises above the belief that parents must be perfect in order to honor them. I love the thought of seeing our human parents as being loved and guided by God as are all of us.

  32. Yes indeed, Mary, how true for us all, whatever our individual upbringing. God as everyone's Mom and Dad. There are no children of God's children, right? We all stand in that direct relationship to the divine.

  33. Thank you.

  34. Mary thank you, what a great honour it is to listen to your daily lift as well.

  35. I was born with a physical handicap during the period in which the medical profession advised my parents to put me away in an institution because it was felt that I would grow up as a vegetable, not able to do a thing. Most parents of that period in history followed their advise. My mother and father didn't fall for it, even though, at that time, my mother had no idea what C/S was (25 years after I was born, she found C/S), she adamantly denied the MD advisement. Through their understanding of God's supreme power, I became, with the physical handicap, a successful, husband, father and photographer. I have to honor them for honoring God first.

  36. This is great for expanding our sense of family and heritage/inheritance, for prayerfully supporting, forgiving, loving fellow Christians and Christian Scientists as brothers/sisters with the same divine Parent. Even if they vote differently or sing off key. We can evermore more humbly and trustingly obey our heavenly Mom/Dad teaching us how to get along better and be a stronger family better blessing our neighbors. To stop imagining vain things about ourselves/each other or "others", falsely labeling and prophesying, erroneously influencing and being influenced, being hypnotically put to sleep/moral death with a smug snug club of clones, neglecting the homebound or poor or outwardly materially rich but lonely, wrongly assuming motives, too busy to help if she doesn't have a ride to church or if he needs some help around the house. Stop mentally rolling our eyes when so-and-so speaks or holding our nose when he comes in with soiled adult diapers. We can thank and praise our single Parent for perfectly matching us with the very individuals coming into our lives/church that we most need for our own spiritual and personal growth and improved practice loving and spiritually reasoning. Honoring our Father's protection, provision, and purpose for us. Cherishing and expressing our Mother's tender grace and delight in each of her beloved children she sees as eternally perfect. Enjoying obeying God and helping our brethren, learning from our older and younger sisters/brothers.

  37. Thank you.

  38. Thank you. I have been thinking,praying about this just recently and I am so grateful to Spirit for bringing it to my attention. I obviously needed to know that my dear parents and all parents are perfectly parented by our Father Mother God. How important it is too acknowledge that fact and thankyou Mary for reinforcing this message.

  39. Thank you! Yes, Christian Science has helped me to see that all of the good qualities from my mom and dad were from God, showing me His/Her love and care for us; and whatever was not good, as not part of them or of our Father, Mother God. Kindness, nurturing, support, strength, self-discipline, humor and love are the spiritual qualities I cherish to this day, that I saw expressed in our family.

  40. Thank you Mary for this freeing "Lift". Thank you to the DL Team too who bring these loving insights to our attention.

  41. So grateful to hear this Daily Lift, as it is my precious parents' wedding anniversary today. Although not religious, their devotion, constancy, generosity, unwavering support and wisdom for the family and for us, children, made it soooo easy for me to later come into and accept the loving GRACIOUS God, as our Father-Mother. For that, I am eternally grateful.

  42. Thank you so much for the beautiful thoughts today Mary. As soon as I opened my email and saw Honoring Parents as the subject, I immediately knew I had to pay attention to your "angel" message this morning. I have been struggling at being a step-mother to a teenage daughter. When the illusion presents itself that she appears to be dishonoring me, my tendency to think that a human-will form of parenting is going to change her can immediately be replaced by knowing there is one Divine Mind, Father-Mother, governing her as well as governing me and my husband. I will continue to work with this line of thought today and express true gratitude for my own dear parents who fearlessly raised me in Christian Science. The spiritual foundation they helped supply has been a wonderful blessing for me throughout the years.

  43. This is a profound way of thinking about the way we were parented. It has helped me very much. Many thanks for such an inspired Lift.

  44. Thank you for the reminder that my mom gave her children Christian Science. That was her greatest gift to each of us and her five living children still love it!


  46. Heidemarie from Germany

    MANY THANKS for your lift and also to this loving voice of the little one, she has such a special kind of humor at the end.

  47. Thank you Mary. Having a pure sense of God as Father-Mother of us all, brings us all into family, into Oneness with the Divine and shows us our immortal heritage as sons and daughters of God. Thanks everyone for sharing. Lovely music.

  48. Thank you, Mary! Especially for the reminder that our parents also loved and cared for by our Father Mother God.

  49. The commandment doesn't read "Honor thy father and thy mother EXCEPT... where we put in a hardship. It took me some time to realize this, but when I did even the hardship largely disappeared and was not repeated in my family life as an adult. Since there is no material past, we can get past it!

  50. Don Beatty Very nice! Thank you.

  51. Thank you.

  52. Very helpful... thank you!

  53. Thank you MARY. ...
    This is good.

  54. So helpful!!! Thanks so much for this pure message.

  55. Very helpful, Mary -- Thank you.

  56. Thank you. It really is an intergenerational & cross-generational perspective...past, present & future. Well worth pondering.

  57. Many thanks, Mary . . . delightful and inspiring.

  58. Wonderful! Thank you.

  59. So helpful as I transition from being a full-time parent back to full-time office work. It all applies! There is never a need for regret over what did or didn't happen in the past. We can all thank God for this day and the fact that creation is ever appearing! I love this reminder to change the mental channel whenever tempted to deem myself permanently molded by any past experience. Spiritual progress is the law for all of us. Knowing this is a huge stepping stone to freedom from past baggage of any kind.
    Thank you, Mary!

  60. A great lift, Mary. So much to think about. We must also honour [honor!] our own expression of that parenthood, too...... Thank you.

  61. Thank you for this lovely lift.

  62. Thank you ever-so-much, Mary, for the tender love expressed in this, your lift today. We all have but one and the same parent: Father-Mother, God. Always loving each of us. Guarding and guiding, upwardly.

  63. Thank you so much, some very important ideas that help to heal. Beautiful.

  64. Thank you Mary. If we need counseling go to the commandments. You make one realize if you need direction, advice, guidance, it is all there because of the commandments.

    It is the spiritual maturity that enables us to follow this counsel, you are right. Thank you. And added thanks for the release concern when declared, " Mom and Dad were being parented by a loving Father Mother God, as well. And they still are." Nothing has changed nor will change, God loves and cares for our parents, forever. And he handles tough choices they made, with spiritual understanding, and we don't have to involve ourselves. It is between them. There's a boundary and respect is always required to not step over it. Very much appreciated your kind sharing.

  65. Hello Mary! A late comment, as I am just catching up on some missed DLs. I have been at peace with my own parents for many years, being able to look back at them with much gratitude and joy, and with insights gained through my own years. However I do see application of your message for my own parenting. Having brought my family up in what can only be described as a disfunctional marriage, I often find myself watching them now, wondering if this one is making the same mistakes, or that one following an unwise model, or another resentful over a perceived injustice. This has led me into much prayer and spiritual progress over the years, but I find your message so freeing, and simple - God is their parent, was, is and always. Full stop! Time to let go!

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