10/12: True communication

10/12: True communication

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  1. Thanks so much for this wonderful lift - like an encouraging reminder from a friend. A few minutes ago, around 2:15 a.m. here, I was feeling bombarded by useless ideas, as you described. Then I thought to listen to today's Daily Lift before going to bed. Perfect.

  2. Dear Uli, Thanks a lot for this great thought "To take quite time each day, to lisen what GOD is communicate to me". ==> Mein Denken von einer Zielvorstellung lösen, GOD diese Zielvorstellung überlassen ==> danach zuhören und handeln

  3. “For a thousand years in thy sight are but as yesterday when it is past” http://bible.cc/psalms/90-4.htm. MBE tells us: “Intercommunication is always from God to His idea, man.
    A quiet time of reflection alone with God helps us clear our thought and frees us to listen for the ever presence of God. If we turn our heart to God we’ll begin to feel a true and lasting peace. God is communicating with us every moment and all we have to do to listen for His guidance is to quiet the material senses and listen carefully for His voice —might sound like our inner unselfish voice.
    ESPAÑOL: “Porque mil años delante de tus ojos, Son como el día de ayer, que pasó” http://bibliaparalela.com/psalms/90-4.htm. MBE nos dice: “La intercomunicación proviene siempre de Dios y va a su idea, el hombre” CyS 284:35
    Un tranquilo momento de reflexión a solas con Dios nos ayuda a limpiar nuestro pensamiento y nos libera para oir la presencia siempre eterna de Dios. Si tornamos nuestro corazón a Dios empezaremos a sentir una paz verdadera y duradera. Dios se comunica con nosotros a cada momento y todo lo que tenemos que hacer para oir Su guía es callar los sentidos materiales y escuchar con atención para oir su voz —puede que sea como nuestra desinteresada voz interior.

  4. Yes, I too am up in the middle of the night. Rather than entertain the liar and the lies, I will choose to listen to God and the right ideas. A great time to be still.

  5. Thanks so much for that, just what I needed to STOP listening to the wrong thoughts today

  6. I enjoyed all three of this week's English/German "Lifts", and have shared two with a bilingual friend. For the sake of those who are from mainline Christian backgrounds, it might be helpful to align the synonym Mind with the accepted and accessible biblical phrase "the mind of Christ", which from the point of view of Christian Science is "our Mind" no less than Jesus's Father is "our Father".

    Might some Lifts appear in Norwegian?
    Daily Lifts are recorded in the languages that members of the Board of Lectureship are available to lecture in. We do not currently have a lecturer able to lecture in Norwegian.

  7. Ulrike,Thank You,this a breath of fresh air, the reminder that our communication is always from God."The need to"I will listen for Thy voice"as in MBE's hymn "Feed My Sheep".

  8. A wonderful reminder of Mrs Eddy,s profound spiritual insight. THank you very much .

  9. Thank you, dear Uli. This is the very difficulty that I have been battling with, and just listening to your message has quietened my erroneous thought. You have made it so very simple and I love you for sharing this with us.

  10. Thank you, Ulrike. Rarely are seeming opposites equal to the same. Some comments Monday on intercommunication could sound like opposite meanings. Mrs. Eddy said it always comes from God to man, yet surely we talk to our Father. How can this be? God gives us our thoughts, so they are reflected back to Him as prayer.This means His thoughts come to us (1-way) and in 2-way prayer return to Him, still as His thoughts. We get what to say to Him, from Him. Man cannot originate a single thought on his own. Jesus said, "I can of mine own self do nothing. If I bear witness of myself, my witness is not true." (John 5:30,31) Telling God about physical needs and problems, is bearing witness of myself. I don't need to turn to prayer to talk about errors, but rather to hear, and yes, talk about truths. Prayer was important to me as a girl, but Christian Science taught me later how to pray more effectively, by affirmation and pure communion, not by informing our Father about my needs and hopes. In S&H pg.2, Mrs. Eddy asks, "Can we inform the infinite Mind of anything He does not already comprehend?" It is vain effort to speak to someone in language they do not know. If we try to tell our Father about diseases, bleeding, lack, hate, danger, etc. we aren't speaking His pure language that covers all that exists. I don't always offer a pure, proper prayer. As a student of CS, sometimes I "ace the test", though often I get a call for a one-way Parent/Teacher & child conference (Father to me).

  11. Many thanks Ulrike for reminding us that: "It is the all-hearing and all-knowing Mind, to whom each need of man is always known and by whom it will be supplied." (S&H 7:24). Intercommunication always means two-way communication. "Father, hear the prayer we offer; /Not for ease that prayer shall be,/ But for strength, that we may ever/ Live our lives courageously. (Christian Science Hymnal #55).

  12. Yes Ulrike, how true.

    " God is reflecting himself to himself and that reflection is man ".

    What more do we need!!!

    It is interesting to note that Light is mentioned twelve times (12) in Genisis 1 of The King James Version of The Bible.

    Thank you for your love and support for the whole universe = Uni=one verse=song=Onesong.

  13. Thank you for that wonderful reminder, I certainly will try very hard to Listen to what God wants me to do. Thank you again.

  14. This is just what I needed to hear today. Thank you so much. I love the picture too.

  15. Thank you.

  16. Excellent lift. Reflection allows us to separate the wheat from the chaff.

  17. Thanks so much for this very helpful lift! I love the thought that "from this divine source everything God knows is given to me" which makes me think of the definition of 'Intelligence' given in Science and Health (page 588) "Substance; self-existent and eternal Mind; that which is never unconscious nor limited."
    Therefore we don't need to be afraid that we will miss something needful, but can understand that our dear Father Mother God is speaking to us and leading us moment by moment to move forward and progress in every aspect of our lives.

  18. Thanks so much Ulrike! I awoke early this morning with heavy thoughts about seeming serious problems. Matter ideas weaving a web of complicated solutions and still ending up in a negative place. Your lift reminded me to stop, listen and connect to our Divine Source. All is well. Thanks again!! Happy Day!

  19. WOW! these Germans are rocking this week. "Everything God knows is given to me"--what an amazing leacy. And I love this idea of the lecturers inserting photos to give another support to the message. Thank you, Uli, for your example being quiet at the end of the day.

  20. Thank you, dear Uli! I feel like I'm in Germany this week! "Be still and know.......that I am God." What is God? How do you really know you are hearing God....?? I guess this is something everyone has to work out for themselves - a very personal revelation. Meditation is helpful to calm the thought, so is listening to meditative music. Dance and Yoga help to focus our thought and to let the body follow spontaneously. Trusting our own inner voice and thoughts and feelings, are also ways to know we are contacting God. Sometimes journaling in the morning and just sharing my thoughts and feelings with a Power Greater than Myself helps me feel connected to the Divine Source of my Being. Honoring and loving myself wherever I am on my Journey also helps me feel that God loves me no matter what! Talking out loud to God, even if I'm not really sure He/She is there or listening, helps me feel like there is Something that cares out there and that hears my every word. Sometimes just saying, "Please Help!" and trusting that I am heard and will receive the help I need, makes me feel like God is communicating to me. I must be willing to continually keep building my bridge of communication so that I can talk to and hear from my God!

  21. If Only I was surrounded by people like you! Then I say, God surrounds me with good ideas, thoughts,
    presence of Love, you are not isolated from persons with good thoughts

  22. Good Morning, Ulrike, and thank you, I liked your great Lift, and the photo of you in your garden! I also liked what Elena #3 said "that if we listen carefully for God's voice- it might sound like our inner unselfish voice." Also thanks to #10 Malcom for CS Hymn #55 and Peter #11 for his defining "Universe"- and for all the great "communication" going on today as a result of the Daily Lift!

  23. Thank you for the calming and uplifting message!

  24. Thank you, Ulrike, for this very perfect Lift!

  25. Thank you.

  26. Ulrike, this is obviously a great place to be aware of God as All-in-all. Actually it could be a home in Australia, with the gardens and the general ambience.
    We went to Hervey Bay this morning to be among the whales, resting there until November before they swim south to Antarctica for the summer. The babies, growing by the moment, and the mothers resting in the warm, not too deep water just offshore a little way. It was a still morning and there were whales everywhere! Mrs Eddy says "Spirit is symbolized by strength, presence and power. . . " It's so easy to perceive and appreciate their spiritual identity when they're so beautiful. Sometimes they roll over and just observe us with their big big eye, sitting on the boat observing them. The crew dropped a microphone over the side and we could hear them singing. They know we are their thinking relations: God expressing Himself as each of us.
    Thank you Nate, and Tami, the Lift presented in the correct format tonight! Wonderful! Thanks to the BoL, the lecturers and our wonderful Lift family.

  27. Hi Ulrike,
    Very enlightening. Your gargoyle analogy first struck me as humorous. Then I found a loose definition as a grotesque carved stone figure, designed to convey rainwater away from a roof and foundation, preventing erosion. Rather than being just a sinister figure, the gargoyle is a protection. How relevant that it is made of stone, steadfast and impervious to any error that would “reign” down on us to undermine our spiritual foundation in Christ.

    Remaining steadfast, calm in the face of an impending storm or simply at peace on a beautiful day, we find inspiration in this example. The permanence of God’s messages are received constantly, right where we are, without the need to run around smartly searching for them. And when we are unmoved (not influenced by error) and wait patiently for His clear direction, we can’t be confused by outside extraneous mental suggestions, even our own.


  28. I love the photo of you & your gargoyle friend and the reminder that God is always communicating to us.

  29. I just wanted to add a PS to my comment #22- I like what James 3:17 says about "the wisdom that is from above"... that it is.."first pure,then peaceable, gentle, and easy to be intreated, full of mercy and good fruits, without partiality and without hypocrisy." If the idea or answer embodies these qualities then it is an idea from God. Thanks again !

  30. Vielen Dank, Uli!

  31. Danke et merci infiniment for this DL in English/German/and French. Love your picture next to the calm and gentle gargoyle - I want one!! :) I have been thinking a lot this week that Love is the true communicator and your DL is such a sweet confirmation. I love taking walks just to be alone with God and listen to Love's voice. Much love, Uli!

  32. Wendy de la Harpe-10/12/2011
    What a wonderful thought, such a fresh idea of how to think of communication.Thank you.

  33. Thank you for the picture and the thought of taking time to reflect.

    In the 1950's a Christian Science lecturer quoted a Dr. Eric Fromm (sp?), as stating that Americans had lost the power of quiet sustained thought, and in turn this accounted, in his opinion, for the rise in drug and alcohol use.

    When I first heard this, I knew I had a choice. Our Bible Lessons, our textbook, periodicals, Newspaper and Other writings by Mrs. Eddy provide ample opportunity for this "Quiet Sustained Thought". I am most grateful for the Daily Lift, as it too provides cause for quiet sustained thought.


  34. Thank you for the wonderful llift and also the solution to the correct format for my reception of the Lift.. I don't know how it was corrected but thanks again Boston. all I did was call.

  35. Grateful for clear thougt of knowing God is
    as close as breathing. LOVING US &
    guiding us with exactly what we need.

  36. Thank you, Ulrike. I also, shared this week lifts with a friend from the Netherlands who speaks German. Hopefully he will listen! Very good ideas and thoughts :-)
    p.s. love the picture!

  37. Pure and simple message.Many,many thanks

  38. Great inspiration. Thank you.

  39. Listening, pure and simple. Being centered with God in Truth and Love. We will know what to do.

  40. Thank you so much, Ulrike, for your message and for your picture sitting in your garden with the little friend next to you! This is just like a visit with a neighbor. I loved this message. It is so enjoyable to hear your voice and your warm presentation with just enough intimacy to put a smile on my face when I see the little image next to you (since I love animals so much), while giving me a lift into independence and the direction to turn to God! Christian Science IS Wonderful to provide this Great Inspiriting RESOURCE OF GOODNESS!

  41. En un momento de mi vida con mucho dolor, pude sentir la presencia y la comunión con Dios el Padre y su Cristo tan patentemente! que era como si me tomara de la mano y me calmaba, su suave voz llenaba mis venas y recorría todo mi ser, sí "Un solo minuto de comunión permite percibir lo que será una eternidad con EL"

  42. Thank you for today's love-filled and thoughtful lift. I was reminded of the love shared with me by all those Berliners who were so helpful and kind to me during a visit some years ago. The friend I was visiting had to be away a few days on business so I was on my on. I embraced the time alone and reached out with great love and expectancy over those few days to find my "church family". Relying on God, Love to guard, guide and communicate for me and with me, I found my way to The Christian Science Reading Room, and Wed. testimony services. What a joy that service was to me. I couldn't hardly understand a word of German, but I did understand and feel the love and gratitude expressed by everyone attending. When Love is the communicator, no matter what the language, all are blessed. I love being reconnected with my German friends through this week's Lifts. Thank you to all who join in and to those at TMC who make it happen. Guten tag, y'all!

  43. Inspirational and true, thank you so much. I got home late to the lift today and it is so refreshing, the picture reminds me of the many little figures we too have in our garden. I love the way the birds pause too, as if they not only sense the quiet, but are equally inspired by it.I especially like the idea of reminding us that the only communication is from God to man. Very helpful, thank you. Great music again today.

  44. I start each day with a positive idea, many of which come from the Daily Lift. This one made my day. Dankeschön!

  45. Thanks Ulrike for your inspiration today and I loved the photo you shared, as well! Everyone's comments were SO helpful, too!

  46. Ulrike,
    Thank you! I just received what seems to be confusing news and your lift helped me settle down and listen to what God is saying about the issue.

  47. Yes, thanks for reminding us to take quiet time in this noisy world!

  48. Very inspirational, Ulrike, thank you. That quiet time alone with God, listening for His/Her angel messages is priceless.

  49. Such an appropriate reminder! Thanks for sharing.

  50. Danke, Ulrike, and also comments from the Lifters about remembering to be quiet. Sometimes when I am working with the classical radio station on, my husband will try to say something to me and I will have to say "sorry, I can't hear you." After turning the volume down, we carry on with our conversation. So it is with God - we need to turn down the outside distractions so we can hear Him. Jane in the U.K. #43 said it beautifully when she says "I love the way the birds pause too, as if they not only sense the quiet, but are inspired by it too." So we too must listen for His voice to be inspired. He is with us always

  51. Thanks Ulrike,

    This little poem of mine keeps me alert to the only communication that has value:
    It will always be so
    by Carlos A. Gonzalez ©

    I Stop,
    Then go,
    Then go,
    And it will always be so.

    I stop,
    To listen...
    Only to God
    As many times as I need to
    Then I go
    With His heavenly flow
    And it will always be so.

  52. Traducción de # 51
    En español

    Gracias Ulrike,
    Este pequeño poema mío me mantiene alerta a la única comunicación que tiene valor:
    Siempre así será
    por Carlos A. González ©

    Me detengo,
    Entonces voy,
    Me detengo,
    Entonces voy,
    Y siempre así será.

    Me detengo,
    A escuchar...
    Solamente a Dios
    Cuantas veces lo necesite
    Entonces voy,
    Con Su flujo celestial
    Y siempre así será.

  53. Thank you Uli,
    I am so grateful for the reminder that if the thoughts are of God, they are good. The other thoughts are of nothing and are nothing. How many times my head spins with nothing. :) Somewhere I read that as Jesus said, "Of mine own self I can do nothing" [John 5:30] we might consider not only his actions but also but his words.

  54. Thankyou, Uli, I did not read this until today, but it is right on time. I spend quiet time often, because I always find that communication from God. That communication this morning said clearly that I needed this Lift,and I did. My deepest gratitude.

  55. Thank you Ulrike. That quiet time of listening -- this is a good reminder!
    Loved seeing the picture of you and the stone gnome or gargoyle in your peaceful garden!

  56. Thanks for your lift to us. please help me with this one thing, how do i communicate with my higher self and be connected with divine mind.

  57. Liebe Ulrike, wow, das war so hilfreich!! Wir mussen nicht allein sein, indem wir uns von nutzlosen Gedanken bombardieren lassen, sondern wir konnen statt dessn zuhoren, was Gott uns zu sagen hat. Vielen Dank. Ich werde daran bestandig festhalten. Alles Liebe, Veronika

  58. Seeing you lends calmness to your message. Although materalist I feel your message and what a nice presentation for me to dwell on. Very much appreciated.

  59. Dear #56 Gideon, your higher self is your true self that wrote the question and your desire to hear divine Mind is from the divine Mind. Here are a few ideas to help you realize the communication from God to you is constant. Affirm your oneness with God and your ability to hear.Even if you don't believe it, pray stating that it is the truth. Realize that the Daily Lift, our Bible Lessons & literature are expressions of divine Mind that have specific ideas that resonate with each of us - that inspiration is also God communicating to us. Note any good thought, any comfort, any examples of supply, any appreciation of beauty, any kindness expressed by others and realize that each observance & feeling of gratitude is from God. Acknowledging these communications make it easier to hear when we are listening for specific guidance. Much love to you, Tracy

  60. Tracy, thanks for your comments. I found them very helpful

  61. Yeah! Thank you #60 smokymtns! I almost thought it was too late to comment, being two days later, but instead, I listened to that divine nudge to share and am grateful to know they were of help. I am growing in my awareness that God's communication is always in the moments of loving and unselfishness- that quiet impetus to comment when it didn't seem to make much sense and I wasn't sure I had time.

  62. danke für diese beruhigende bild- und tonbotschaft. wie lebendig doch die stille sein kann. hilft mir beim lernen mit meiner tochter: wenig dazwischenreden und viel lauschen und wissen, daß gott ihr lehrer ist,.

  63. Thanks Kari, that is an elevating lift.

    In response to
    (39 empty
     Take courage dear friends. Mrs Eddy says in S & H p. 284: “The intercommunication is always from God to His idea, man.” and in the Bible psalm 16:
    Thou wilt shew me the path of life
    Some time ago, one of our teenage sons 'went bush' in the Australian outback. My wife and I were concerned for his safety and well being.
    The term "to go bush" can mean to revert to a feral nature (or to "go native"), and it can also mean to deliberately leave normal surroundings and live rough, with connotations of cutting off communication with the outside world (From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia).
    Dear 'emty', we were also devastated. Days went by, weeks and months, without a word or a clue about what was happening to him. When my wife was showing signs of real worry for our son I began to pray, as far as I remember words like these came to me: “God is All-in-all and He loves all His children always. Our son is also a child of God, he is safe, protected and well”. One day, when my wife asked me, as she did almost every day, if there were any news, I said, no, but remember that he is a good boy and when he is ready he will contact us. Several more weeks went by, then one afternoon the telephone rang and our son's voice was at the other end, my face changed to an immense grin when he said something like, 'Hi dad, sorry I took so long, I will come home soon'. It is good to trust God under all circumstances.

  64. My eyes stayed on commenter #10, J.S. in Kentucky, especially when it was brought out that bearing false witness of one self, telling God of all the diseases one has, is actually telling a falsehood about oneself and therefore at that very moment separating from God's healing goodness. WOW! what an eye opener. I have read John 5 Verses 30 and 31 and never really paid much attention. That's why I can't wait for each Daily Lift. They really teach spiritual understanding.

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