10/12: Nature teaching God's love

10/12: Nature teaching God's love

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  1. Thank you for your Daily Lift on the phone, 617-450-3430 and in the October 15, 2012 Christian Science Sentinel, page 23 and christianscience.com/daily lift as well.

  2. Thank you Shirley for sharing the beauty and majesty of this breathtaking view that accompanied your lift. When we see things through our spiritual lens it becomes evident that we are surrounded by the beauty and majesty of God and that all of Gods ideas live and move in harmony with one another. As Mary Baker Eddy says in S&h page 209, " Nearness, not distance, lends enchantment to this view."

  3. A beautiful reminder of God's love for us. Thank you.

  4. WOW! Shirley! Seeing you up there in a world of mountains makes me quite envious! But for one who lives in such a flat land, I did have my share of mountains wherever I travelled, including down and up the Rocky Mountains by bicycle! And yes I agree on the beauty of the earth, the sky, and under the water. We get such a feeling of infinite Love's love when we see the Pacific Ocean spread out to the horizon and on and on beyond with the whales on their migratory route from the north to the south for summer. Beauty abounds in nature's gifts.
    Thank you Nate and the production team; the BoL and lecturers, and we're coming to a time of lectures here; and the Daily Lifters poised for take-off right now!

  5. What a joyful, expansive Lift! Yes, nature's beautiful reminders of God's love for us are a wonderful part of our heritage as God's ideas. Thank you for sharing your lovely photos and your inspiration!

  6. Genesis, the first chapter of the Bible, is my favorite because it teaches that God created everything after its own kind, but He gave us the privilege of creating us to His own image.
    He gave us the power to reason, to love and be loved, and because we are His reflection we have the power to impart all that.
    Our Leader saw this and she said, “I am able to impart truth, health, and happiness, and this is my rock of salvation and my reason for existing” My 165:20
    Génesis, el primer capítulo de la Biblia, es mi favorito porque enseña que Dios creó todo según su especie, pero a nosotros nos dio el privilegio de crearnos en Su propia imagen.
    Nos dio el poder de razonar, de amar y ser amados, y por que somos Su reflejo tenemos el poder de impartir todo eso.
    Nuestra Guía vio esto y dijo, “Yo soy capaz de impartir verdad, salud y felicidad, y ésta es mi roca de salvación y la razón de mi existencia” Miscelánea 165:21

  7. Thank you, Shirley, "one stupendous whole," we are, "the compound idea of God, including all right ideas," and Creation around us augments, magnifies, and manifests, these 'right ideas' of God's..…

    ..…only and ever love to the DL community!

  8. How wonderful to be reminded that God loves us. And how wonderful to see that The Mother Church loves us so much that it shares with us, in such a loving way that love!

  9. Lovely!

  10. Thank you so much Shirley for this beautiful daily lift. It reminded me of one of my favourite hymns, no 45. The second verse reads
    "Such tender beauty, Lord, from Thee
    Is shed abroad o'er all the earth;
    In bird, in sunbeam, light and flower
    Thy grace and goodness may be seen."

    So pleased and grateful to be reminded that God is happy with me.

  11. I just attended a women's retreat in Yosemite, to enjoy God's wonders there.
    This "Lift" was "spot on"!

  12. What a great reminder of the goodness of Love! Providing images of nature is such a sweet loving act in itself. Just yesterday I have been working with photography by Tim Flach, which ties in beautifully with what you have been sharing. A photographer, who has made it his life purpose to bring out the beauty, strength, individuality of animals in his art.

  13. Many thanks Shirley for this gentle loving lift. Yes. "God's love [and beauty expressed throughout all of nature] is always big enough for us all." "Still, still with Thee when purple morning breaketh,/ When the bird waketh, and the shadows flee,/ Fairer than morning, lovelier than the daylight,/ Dawns the sweet consciousness, I am with Thee." (Christian Science Hymnal #317).

  14. An inspiring depiction of Truth in action – loved it, thank you Shirley, a great way to start my day!

  15. Thank you!

  16. God's creation is just breathtaking. Every season is filled with beauty and charm be it snowy, frosty winter giving a rest to soil and seeds and plants; springtime with unfolding, coming up of all these little proves of God's Love throughout the year. Thank you for every inspiring lift, every day.

  17. Thanks Shirley for this inspiring message. AND thanks to everyone for sharing. Thanks for adding the pictures DL team. Thanks to folks for sharing their favorite hymns. I'm thinking about a line from hymn 217 also, "...so shall the wide earth seem our Father's temple..." and, 340, with this line "...there's a wideness in God's mercy, like the wideness of the sea." And, 117, "Holy, holy, holy, Lord God Almighty, All Thy works shall praise Thy name in earth, and sky and sea."

  18. God's creation is always there to remind us of his everlasting LOVE! THANK YOU! I LOVED IT!!!!

  19. Dear Shirley,

    I loved your lifts - both audio and video! We have so many lessons to learn, and cues to take, from nature teaching God's love. Whether on a mountain, a high plain, or the flat ground at sea level, we have so much to learn from God's palette.

    When I traveled to Tunisia, then Libya, Egypt, and Italy, I found so many provisions of God's love for his idea, man. The beautiful outdoor markets filled with colorful fruit, grains, vegetables, olives, and figs speak of God's provision for man.

    Tunis, Tripoli, Benghazi, Cairo, and Luxor all had beautiful markets, filled with music and laughter. The ruggedly tanned faces of the people enthusiastically running their market spaces - with gratitude for customers, and balanced with a wonderful supply of goods, communicate a kind of timeless bounty from the earth's largess.

    Decades of dictators and military rule have challenged their peoples, and now once past the Arab Spring of a year ago, with political uncertainty and fragile alliances, the crops still continue to grow, supply, and satisfy.

    Politics and policies need to normalize, and government needs to come from the people, and not from the tribes. The New Century, a poem by Mary Baker Eddy, has the line: "'Tis writ on earth, on leaf, and flower: Love hath one race, one realm, one power."

    Nature will translate God's messages needed for today, and feed the hearts, and peace will again be won.

    Thank you again, Shirley!

  20. Thank you so much for this beautiful Lift. If God is happy with us what is there to fear?

  21. Love this new format of the video with the message.

  22. Wow, Nicely done. i enjoyed your presentation and message.

  23. Splendid !

  24. Thank you, thank you, thank you!!! And thanks to the lovely comment # 19 from Peter and to all this big family that share these truths every morning.

  25. Thanks Shirley for saying "God's Love is big enough for all of us" I am worried though, about an adolescant Californian Quail who lives nearby, and has been cast out from the flock because there aren't enough females. My heart goes out to him,when he's harried by the dominant males; Later , sitting alone in a tree, calling for a mate. I have a comforting Mantra, that God is watching..I pray this is true.

  26. Los científicos dicen que el color está en nosotros, podriamos decir que la naturaleza también porque está en la consciencia, nuestros ojos ven belleza, imponencia y tambien, desastres, pero cuando viene la serenidad vemos un río corriendo suavemente por intrincados roquedales, y mansamente, sin prisa pero sin pausa forma lagos, ese es el pensamiento inspirado que tú mensaje trasmite, la Biblia nos dice: "Qué Él no está en los desastres, que es como un silbo suave y delicado" y agrego que acaricia el alma mostrando la belleza que nos rodea.

    !Tú majestuoso roble, desde lugar tan elevado, cuidas de la tierra,
    y desde encumbrada altura, derramas sombra protectora" Poema, MBE

    Muy bello, muchas gracias Shirley.

  27. Thank you for the wonder filled images and mirrors of Gods most beautiful reflection of love.

  28. “…. the crude forms of human thought take on higher symbols and significations, when scientifically Christian views of the universe appear, illuminating time with the glory of eternity.” S&H 502:14

    The Indians caught some glimpses of the underlying reality, when they called a certain beautiful lake "the smile of the Great Spirit." S&H 477:26

    Love the universal tour – starting from the mountain top! Great weekend all.

  29. Thanks Shirley - an excellent and welcome reminder of God's world beyond my desk!

  30. Thank you!

  31. What a beautiful video and inspiring message - thanks so much to all! And thanks for all of the comments with references to the hymns I love and to Peter #19 for sharing his experiences and thoughts.

  32. Wonderful ! thank u ! :-)

  33. Thank you for your wonderfully inspiring lift. I received a letter from my son yesterday. He ended it with "Pray for me, mom." He is being detained in jail (since May) because of his mental illness and disturbing the peace in the little mountain town in which he lives. He loves the outdoors, its freshness and beauty and was so looking forward to his time with nature this summer. As I prayed for him this morning, I could not finish the prayer with any measure of peace. However, your Lift did the trick. Oh, from the first picture to the last word if spoke to me and my son as if God was saying, "I am with you wherever you are."

  34. Every morning I'm humbly blessed to see spectacular sunrises over our great inland ocean, Lake Michigan. (I wish I could add a picture of the sunrise this morning!) I will never look at a sunrise, the lake, clouds, gulls, etc. the same way after your beautiful Lift--now all I'll be "seeing" is God's love shinning on, embracing and blessing one and all. And as you pointed out, we see this love everywhere in God's universe!!!
    Thanks to all for another deeply inspiring Daily Lift.

  35. "Arctic regions, sunny tropics, giant hills, winged winds, mighty billows, verdant vales, festive flowers, and glorious heavens, — all point to Mind, the spiritual intelligence they reflect." (Science and Health, p. 240)
    And all point to Love, our divine Father Mother, embracing us in beauty and light.

    Thank you, Shirley, Nate and the BoL for another week of inspiration.

  36. Thank you Shirley,
    I saw the power and presence of God filling all space, giving us confidence to know in God's universe of Spirit we walk with God along the way, and oh it is a holy day!
    What a beautiful week this has been, thanks everyone!

  37. I love your lift today. I sometimes go outside on a clear night and look up at the sky and feel that same gift of love God has given to ALL of us. I think of God as the conductor and we are all the orchestra. There is nothing besides God and Her work expressed everywhere. We know it, see it and feel it when our thought is one with Love.

    I see it daily in Maine as look across Penobscot Bay and watch Osprey build a nest at water's edge on our property and Eagles fly by and seagulls soar high above me. No matter where we are, we are blessed by God’s presence.

    Thank you for the photos of the beauty in Colorado and the inspiring lift!

  38. Beautiful imagery - & very solid, comforting ideas!! Am sharing this with my children, who love the beauty of nature - and the lessons it can teach us.

  39. Beautiful! Thank you!

  40. thanks Shirley - Your lift reminded me of how loved I am - how loved we all are - and that reminders are all around us in our natural surroundings wherever we are!

  41. Shirley,
    Really awesome imagages, and, inspiring thoughts....thanks!

  42. Thank you Shirley for sharing with us your lovely words and the beauty and majesty of the Colorado landscape! I grew up in the countryside, surrounded by the beauties of nature, and I remember that my grandfather used to teach me to appreciate and respect nature; he always said: "God governs it".And now I can add: "God loves us"
    Thank you and Lots of Love to the daily lift community!

  43. Beautiful, Shirley, and Lift Team--it does put all things into perspective to realize that God is happy with what He makes...He is happy with me...and mine....and all. I love that. How comforting to know that God has time for every idea in Her creation...to tenderly care for and uphold each single idea from the bird to the mountain goat to the lovely lady climbing that peak in magnificent Colorado!

  44. Thank you, Shirley, for applauding God's creation. Last summer at different times I found two insects no longer active on our step. I couldn't identify them, and they were beautiful! I heard God saying, "See how amazing each of my creatures is!" A couple of days later as I was reading by the shore, a mate to the one that looked liked a bi-plane with spotted ethereal wings lighted on my page. I felt so honored. Earlier, I might have shaken it off. Instead I appreciated this lovely little creature. Eventually, it just flew off.

  45. Thank you Shirley and to everyone else.... Just beautiful, perfect imagery and an equally outstanding message!

  46. Shirley, Thank you for your beautiful message. May i share your message with some anglicans friends?
    Thanks again.

    This Lift can be shared with anyone. Rest your curser on the video at the top a bar will appear and the "Share" option will appear. Click on this and you will be given a choice of how to share (e-mail, embed, etc).
    Daily Lift Team

  47. Thank you for another wonderful Lift and great video. What is so interesting to me is how it had surprising elements that jolted mortal mind's assumptions. Seeing the beauty, I expected inspiration from seeing nature, but was also treated to the sweet gift of "surely God is happy with us" and the important reminder that our "own little worlds are just not big enough." Tom McElroy has a lecture about how we can change the world and he, too, brings out that idea of self absorption blinding us to the big picture, making even our view of God too small and personal. I was also humbled by the expanse of the comments shared. Greatly moved by citations and hymns and #19 Peter's inclusion of the beauty of the market scenes that broadened our world view. The value of these Daily Lift broadcasts is immeasurable. Thank you.

  48. Thank you so much! Loved it! As I look out my window and see the golden and orange and red leaves I can also hear the message that this is really God saying He loves His world, including me, mine, and all those struggling to feel this love. What came to thought was a line from one of Martin Broones' songs, The Perfect Man which says "His presence shall be felt again His law cannot be turned aside". And neither can His love. Thank you.

  49. Beautiful video, precious message. It helps me feel the warmth of God's love. Thank you so much!

  50. Thank you Shirley. There remains no doubt then, why when we take our vacations, we either flock to the wilderness, the mountains or the beach, to be ONE WITH GOD. Where our troubles flee and we become at ease and at peace.

  51. Beautiful ! thanks you so much, Shirley.

  52. Thank you for the wonderful lift. As I was reading the first chapter of Genesis one time it occurred to me that the statement "God saw that it was good" was not only just seeing but "making sure" that it was good. Sometimes we are told in our jobs to "see" to something or "make sure" that we are doing our job. In the same way God made sure (saw) that His creation was not only good but "very good." I was so grateful, and still am, for that assurance of God's all encompassing love for His creation. He "saw" that it was very good.


  54. Thanks for sharing the mountain messages from God with us Shirley. So nice to have the audio and the video. It really widened my view and my understanding!
    I live where I often enjoy seeing mountains, and the deer, birds, flowers...God's handwriting, and message of GOOD -- loving the whole creation.
    We all can feel God's love and care -- wherever we are -- even in a jail.
    God made all His children and all His creation free!
    Love to all this amazing Daily Lift community
    The Board of Lectureship, Nate and the band, the producers, and all of you who listen, and who share your comments. Thanks!!!!!

  55. Lovely reminder, thank you Shirley.

  56. We are so blessed to have these daily lifts!! Thank you, Shirley. Just beautiful!!!
    Love to all

  57. Thank you for this most beautiful Lift. Today in the UK we have glorious sunshine, and I have driven through twisting country lanes underneath large trees still abundant with green leaves. It was so uplifting that I sang hymns of joy throughout my journey. Upon my return home I opened my Daily Lift, which I had been unable to open before my trip - it just wouldn't come up on my computer. Now I am pleased that this was so, as my uplifting experience in the country lanes made the lift even more precious.

  58. I just emailed this to Shirley but then realized I could also post it here
    BBC piece along the same lines.

  59. How magnificent Shirley.

    33 As you look at the morning or evening sky think of how infinite God is and this beloved idea, son of Mind, God, reflects this infinity; so "far above all mortal strife".

  60. Thank you, Shirley, for your beautiful Lift!
    The mountains of Colorado remind me of the same each time I visit there.
    God's allness and God's goodness, which includes all creation.
    So grateful that God's message of love is everywhere!

  61. Where I used to live, there were multi-colored leaves appearing during Fall.
    Where I am now, we have colors of Easter in the Fall. Yellow Chamisas and
    purple Asters, along with shaking Aspens golden in the mountains. But, there
    are also, scrub oak which provide orange splendor. The beauty of different
    seasons and different places throughout the world reflect the Love and care
    of God for all mankind. Thank you for the acknowledgment and reminder of

  62. We have been hearing Daily Lifts all about us, but thank you Shirley, for including also the Animals, Trees and the vast mountains, lakes that are also symbols of God's vast and beautiful creation. As a child I and my mother would spend the summers in the mountains above the town of Liberty, NY, at a bungalow colony. I discovered a path one day through the heavy thick woods behind the colony that lead to a most beautiful clearing that held a view on a clear day of the town of Liberty and beyond. WOW! It was quiet, and you can literally focus on thoughts of God there without any interruption. It was just breathtaking.

  63. Thank you, Shirley, for “Nature teaching God’s love … God’s way of saying to all of us, ‘See, I love you’ … the whole universe is loved by God …” I’m inspired to consider this morning, just how big “my world” is! And if God loves the whole universe; then I, as God’s image and likeness, include the whole universe in my loving. It’s in my nature. Wow! “The admission to one's self that man is God's own likeness sets man free to master the infinite idea” (Science and Health, pg. 90).

  64. "A picture is worth a thousand words".This video and message digs deep into the soul of man and inspires endless 'truths".Thank you very much for this exceptional lift.Thank you also to the "Lift Team",and responders.

  65. What a wonderful way to start our day ,calm,
    peaceful, thankful & joyous.
    Thank you for this reminder & powerful inspiration.

  66. what a beautiful reminder of God's all encompassing love for our world - this lifts one out of one's self. Encompassing humanity and all nature with God's pure Love is a joyous privilege!

  67. I too live in the mountains and can appreciate the gifts of beauty that God brings us.
    That beauty is not just in the trees, birds, animals that live here, but in expessed by all of God's creation. Recently I had siding put on my house to cover the woodpecker's misguided handiwork and the workmen expressed such love for me and the house that their beauty outshown the finished job. God's beauty is not only in nature but in the expression and action of His children. We are loved by God and that love is expressed one to another.
    Thank you Shirley for your beautiful lift and to all the production team and all the commentators.

  68. What an AWESOME DL, Shirley!!! I love that idea that "God's love is big enough for all of us!" That's going to support my prayerful work today. Thank you so much.

  69. When we heard this ranch was for sell in 1989, it was such a beautiful part of nature we hocked everything we had and have spent the most wonderful 14 years living and working in God's garden. Hills, valley, river, streams, trees, fertal crop land, lush pastures, nature, dog, cats, horses, cattle, fish, birds, and wildlife adorn these suroundings. It is such a wonder to share it with guests that come from local and far away places and observe their appreciation of God's Goodness.

  70. I was just about to check the stock market, and the headline news from the Huffingpost on my AOL internet page....when a little voice said...."forget that! You need the Daily Lift more!!!" Well, I almost did not listen...as I usually have done the Daily Lift much earlier in the morn, along with my other studying, but because my house in up for sale right now....the past 6 weeks have thrown me (seemingly) way off my normal, daily routine. I am learning very quickly that God is always right here with all the answers, both big and little, even though we can feel "thronged by the multitudes" of mortal situations. I had been working with Genesis 1 this morn from S and H (pg. 501-502), and it was so helpful, but being obedient and listening to the Daily lift was just what I needed at 9:15 am here in Calif. It put the finishing touches on the 1st chapter for me, and the beautiful video was like a tiny mental vacation or break to enjoy nature and the animals that we all love so much. Thanks much, Shirley.

  71. Thank you.

  72. What a beautiful lift, I loved it! How easy it is to get absorbed in the little things- but God made everything, and made it good! Look around :) Sometimes taking the time to look around can see hard- but what a loving reminder that God's the creator, not us! Thank you Shirley :)

  73. Thanks so much, Shirley and a shout out to Peter(19) and Brooks(58). All one family, we!

  74. Occasionally,I allow my imagination and thoughts to guide me as to the magnificence of GOD.No life form can function without the "love of God"


  75. Wonderful! Your message made me think of the first verse of Psalm twenty four:" The earth is the Lord's, and the fulness thereof; the world, and they that dwell therein." Thank you for this beautiful lift.

  76. Loved this lift! Thank you Shirley!

  77. What an uplifting message, truly I am very moved... Peter # 19 says it more eloquently than I can
    Thank you for sharing your love and inspiration.

  78. Loved your graphics and words together, Shirley1 THANK YOU.

  79. I think God might be pleased with the Green Revolution (movement).

  80. Shirley,
    Like you, I love climbing mountains, taking long walks, kayaking in the early morning on a beautiful reflective lake, because I, too, find a beautiful closeness to God - actually FEEL His Presence andLlove. It's because it's conducive to deep prayer that I so value these activities. As do you, I heartily recommend a close relationship with nature, ...It clears out lots of unwanted thoughts (cobwebs) and puts us right where we belong - in God's loving Arms!!!

  81. Thank-you for the beautiful lift! Driving home a few minutes ago, I was loving and appreciating the wonderful trees around my neighbourhood/home. Their vivid, detailed and colourful majesty --- a gift from God!

  82. Thanks so much, Shirley. I, too, feel God's love in the beauty of nature. Great lift!

  83. Thank you!

  84. Thank you, thank you, Shirley for this beautiful reminder of God's awesome care for all of his creation and our place in that creation. Especially important to me was your reminder to get out of ourselves. "Absent from the body and present with the Lord" (Mary Baker Eddy) and all of His wonderful care.

  85. Alan - 10/13/12
    Thank you for this simple message with great power. It helps us get further out of ourselves and look to the beauty around us; yes, the simple beauty of trees and now, the changing fall colors. I often go to a nearby park in the early morning to simply enjoy that beauty and the quiet of it. Thanks.

  86. 25Janine, New Zealand: the bird is blessed by Love - and by YOUR love, and you are blessed by, and for, it. #33 NC and CA: the same goes for your son and you. But perhaps ask your son to close his eyes and see that the mountains, the outdoors are there with him - he can't lose them because they are with him, now and forever, and they can't be taken away from him, no matter what. Let us trust that 'The peace of God that passeth all understanding' IS with us all, no matter what the challenge we are facing. Thanks, #58 Brooks from Boston, for the link to Britain's 'national treasure', David Attenborough. And thanks so much for the up-lift, Shirley. We can surely see why Jesus related to the natural heritage, whether mountains, sparrows, or lilies, etc, etc, and was at one with his environment, out in a boat - even in a storm.

  87. THANK YOU!!!!!!

  88. Just wonderful - thank you.

  89. THAT Was AMAZING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  90. Thank you Shirley!

  91. Dear Shirley, A real 'Lift" and a wonderful reminder of our great fortune to be alive in God's Garden! May we all remind ourselves daily of our many blessings. Thank you!!

  92. There is a poem which says: "You are closer to God in a garden than anywhere else on earth" - or words to that effect.(I can't recall the poet). I don't have beautiful mountains etc. near to me, but I have always found that if I am troubled about anything, if I go out into the garden and see and feel the beauty of everything around me, I feel a whole heap better. In fact, on one occasion it actually brought me a quick healing.

    Thank you for this beautiful lift and all the lifters - and I loved the David Attenborough clip.

  93. Thanks Shirley. I was just this morning wrestling with the idea of God character as infinite from our Lord's Prayer. Your illustration of God's true nature reflected in lovely and lively images of His/Her vast creation prove easily tangible to man's spiritual awareness of our God as Love ... without measure of joy, harmony, diversity, practicality, and beauty. I am reminded of how divine Love is shed on us all, warmly embracing each one of us ... and including every one of us as beloved and essential ideas completing Her spiritual creation where "in beauty, gandeur, order, His handiwork is known." (hymn 329)

  94. Thank you, Shirley, for this beautiful lift exalting God's beauty and love. I am grateful to have lived for many years amid natural (and humanly-enhanced) beauty. Appreciated all the lovely, inspiring comments. A special thanks to #19 for your thoughtful comments on the larger world and for alerting us to see beauty (Soul) expressed everywhere. Also to #69 PILGRIM in Kansas for the lovely, appreciative description of your ranch. I would love to be a guest at your ranch, if I knew how to contact you.

    33 nc and ca, I send love and my prayers to you and your son. I remembered part of a poem, "To Althea from Prison" by Richard Lovelace (17th. Cent.) I looked it up; it's the last verse:

    Stone walls do not a prison make
    Nor iron bars a cage;
    Minds innocent and quiet take
    That for an hermitage;
    If I have freedom in my love,
    And in my soul am free,
    Angels alone that soar above
    Enjoy such liberty.

    Sorry to add my comment so late. Hope a few (including #s 19, 33, and 69) still read it.

  95. Very beautiful... thank you very much!

  96. Maravilloso Lift Shirley !!! Igualmente hermoso el video que lo acompaña . Nos muestra el gran Amor de Dios por Su creación entera . Recordé el himno 45 - Himnario CS - cuya primera estrofa dice :
    ' Tu nombre muy glorioso es, en todas partes, oh Señor. La tierra, el cielo, el mar, la luz, son obra de Tu gran amor.'

    Mrs. Eddy escribió: ' Toda la naturaleza enseña el amor de Dios hacia el hombre ' (cys p 326) .

    Agradezco tu bello mensaje y los inspirados comentarios previos.
    Bendiciones y mucho Amor para todos, Ma. Cristy

  97. Hello,
    no, it´s never to late to comment. I always come back to see ALL the answers, insights, explanations. It is such an enrichment! Thanks for the video on the beauty of the country side. Thank you.

  98. Thanks for a wonderful Lift. I was away all weekend.

  99. Thank you for this post, which begins to open our thought to the universe and nature as the objects of God's love. If God loves the birds, creatures, trees and plants, shouldn't we also embrace them in our love? Now more than ever we need to not only appreciate but actively care for God's entire creation, not just ourselves. I hope to see more lifts on creation care. Thank you for this..

  100. That was more wonderful than words can express...thank you so very much!!!

  101. What a wonderful lift - and awe-inspiring pictures! Thanks so much for taking time to do this.

  102. Sent this to my 6th grade granddaughter because it was so clear and uplifting and precious. And she loved it, too. She said, "That was great! Thank you." I say the same thing.

  103. Nature is the beautiful shadow of Heaven. She is beautiful and can inspire our hearts to Christ, though she is just a inkling of the true majesty of paradisaical life!

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