10/10: You are hooked

10/10: You are hooked

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  1. I too love and am grateful for being hooked on God, good and the freedom gleaned from Christian Science.
    Thank you for sharing.

  2. God is our individuality and our life. Because He lives, we live!! I'm hooked on that fact!
    Thanks so much for that powerful reminder, Frank.

  3. To the question, "Do you believe in God?" MBE answered — firmly convinced— God was the only power in her life. She must have amazed her contemporaries. Un. 48:5.
    In our textbook, Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures, our Leader gave us 7 synonyms for God that clearly define the individuality we reflect: "Principle; Mind; Soul; Spirit; Life; Truth; Love. She taught and proved throughout her life, that God is all substance, the only real substance.
    We might get hooked on drugs or other bad habits and no matter how much trouble they bring we don’t’ seem to be able to shake them off.
    Let us accept God’s qualities as our own and see ourselves as His image, we’ll be hooked only on TRUE SUBSTANCE.
    ESPAÑOL: A la pregunta, “¿Cree usted en Dios?” MBE respondió —firmemente convencida— Dios era el único poder en su vida. Debió haber asombrado a la gente de su época. Unidad del Bien Pág. 48:5.
    En nuestro libro de texto, Ciencia y Salud con Clave de las Escrituras, nuestra Guía nos dió 7 sinónimos para Dios que definen claramente la individualidad que reflejamos: “Principio; Mente; Alma; Espíritu; Vida; Verdad; Amor. Ella enseñó y probó através de su vida que Dios es toda sustancia, la única sustancia verdadera.
    Puede que nos pegamos a las drogas u otros malos hábitos y pese a cuántos problemas nos traen, pareciera que no podemos despegarnos de ellos.
    Aceptamos las cualidades de Dios como nuestras y veámonos como Su imagen, nos pegaremos solo a la SUSTANCIA VERDADERA.

  4. I like the mention of individuality. And also that being hooked is like being drawn to God.Peter Mark, Great Neck, NY

  5. Danke Frank, sehr gut, sich dessen bewusst zu sein!

  6. Thank you so much Frank. Love it. Your thought just picks up on a lecture I heard on Saturday. Perfect!

  7. I love this lift! thank you! I have thought so often of how to express more love. Your lift reminds me that I do not have to strive to be more loving; I express God's love naturally, as I am God's reflection now! I love the quotation from MBE in Unity of Good. Thank you!

  8. Thank you Frank for this great beginning to our new week. I am quite unashameably hooked, and the anger that my mother's spiritual habit seemed to rouse in her family, has not manifested itself in my family. The question "Do you believe in God?" is much easier to answer than it used to be. This dependancy requires absolute honesty, wholehearted lovingkindness and forgiveness. Great non-stop exercise!
    Special thanks to Nate and his team who coped with the problems some of us encountered last week, and they're back today, but at least I know how to go to Tools and choose the Compatibility View. Bravo team! Very well done! Thanks to the BoL and lecturers, and the hooked Lifters online.

  9. I so appreciated your Daily Lift Frank - it has quite lifted me out of and beyond all the matter-based thinking that has been trying to 'hook' me, and back into God's unbreakable hook.

  10. Thank you, that is great to be hooked on God, that we can depend on each and every moment.

  11. Many thanks Frank for reminding us that God [divine Love] 'is my individuality and my Life.' (MBE). "What wisdom is revealed to us,/ What freedom we may know." (Christian Science Hymnal #65).

  12. That was just perfect! I'm hooked..

  13. A perfect asnswer to the recent message in geman news: a new disease "over 500000 are hooked to the internet". Yor Daily Lift a perfect answer to the media. All "... intercommunication is always from God to His idea, man." S&H 284. So following your message - man is hooked only to the "universe-wide-web" of LOVE. Thanks Frank for your inspiring lift.

  14. A freeing dependency... I'm hooked on that too!!

  15. Thank you, Frank- your Lift was a good awakening this morning! It reminded me that we are already connected to GOD, although our Daily reading of the Bible Lesson, and metaphysical treatment reinforce this, even before these important activities take place, we are already hooked to God (Principle, Mind, Soul, Spirit, Life, Truth, and Love) by reflection! I also liked the music, Nate and DL Team, thank you !

  16. Catching, holding, pulling… yes, we are hooked on and by God. He’s got us - hook, line, and sinker!
    But your fun Lift also alerts us to the contemporary use of “hooked” as addiction and obsession. Our thoughts cannot be dominated, obsessed, or addicted to anything which is harmful to man. God hooks us off this stage with Love. Being loved by Love dissolves all desire to struggle for satisfaction elsewhere.
    Yep, we’re hooked!

  17. What a comforting and inspiring idea to start the day with! Thank you Frank!

  18. Danke, Frank! So thrilled to have this be a "German Week" on the Lift! I have learned that the only Being I am allowed to be "Co-dependent" with is God! And my understanding of God is that He/She is also "Co-Dependent" with me - we are united as One! God and Man Co-exist and therefore I am always dependent on God for all my needs and they are already met, just by virtue of our "Co-dependency"! I can't make a move without God and God can't move without Me! What Freedom! I can truly "Let Go and Let God"!! I'm Hooked!

  19. I live because God is my Life! I am grateful for being hooked on God, good and the freedom, protection, and guidance it brings from the onslaught of aggressive mental suggestions that
    bombard me during the day. "Prayer with our waking thought ascends, great God of light, to Thee; Darkness is banished in the glow Of Thy reality." (CS Hymnal 287:01). Thank you, Frank.

  20. Thank you, Frank. I love the idea of a complete dependency on God, Spirit - "because He lives, we live!" What a great way to start the day.

  21. Thank you.

  22. Thank you so much Frank, for the great, helpful and powerful message.

  23. Thank you for this lift. Our book club at the Reading Room is reading Gillian Gill's book on Mary Baker Eddy. This book, though it is a challenge for me to read, gives me more appreciation for Mrs. Eddy. Gill points out so often that Mrs. Eddy was "hooked" on God from an early age and never let go. Our librarian obtained a book talk by Gill that shows how much she admired Mrs. Eddy for her persistence and courage. What a model Mary Baker Eddy is!

  24. Thanks for your lift to me ! since God talks and i can talks God moves, i can moves since we co dependecy with God

  25. Such a freeing message sent out to the world this morning. Wow! indeed.
    In the universal language of Love. Danke, Frank and all.

  26. Dear Frank,
    It marvelous the way you share another use of the word "hooked." That is really the way one should see himself - hooked on God. Thank you for this "Daily Lift."

  27. Thank you Frank! I have noticed that the more I depend on God, the more I need to depend on him - if that makes sense. And the less that other things that used to give me comfort do so now.

  28. "I need Thee every hour"...
    Thank you, Frank!

  29. Thanks, Frank! That was really beautiful and so sweetly expressed. I appreciate too the quote you reminded me from Unity of Good!

  30. What a joy to be hooked on God !! I love the idea, it makes me feel complete. Thank you so much Frank. I loved to hear it in German too. Much love to all.

  31. If I may be permitted to expand upon comment #13, the definition of intercommunication means two-way communication, a sometimes overlooked fact. I love it!

  32. Perfect!!!!
    Love and Blessings to All God's Amazing Children....

  33. In the first chapter of the Gospel of Mark we read that John the Baptist baptized Jesus, who then spent forty days in the wilderness, where he was tempted by Satan ( but did not get "hooked" on any of the suggestions)- Jesus then walks to the sea of Galilee, where he recruits his first disciples, Andrew and his brother Simeon (Peter), whom he tells to leave their nets: Mark 1: 17 reads: "And Jesus said unto them, Come ye after me, and I will make you to become fishers of men." James and John, the sons of Zebedee, also leave their fishing and follow Jesus to Capernaum, where he preaches in the synagogue and heals a man with an "unclean spirit", to the amazement of all. Simeons' Mother-in-law is then healed of a fever by Jesus.

    What Jesus taught his disciples about being "fishers of men" inspired Mary Baker Eddy to "search the scriptures" for the spiritual Principle, or law, underlying such healing, which Christian Scientists practice to this day-- as modern fishers of men. In the absolute, man and woman, as expressions of God's idea, or reflection, don't need to be "hooked", or fished out of a sea of dependencies, since they are,ideally, at one with God. 476-477 Sc&H: "Jesus beheld in Science the perfect man, who appeared to him where sinning mortal man appears to mortals. In this perfect man the Saviour saw God's own likeness, and this correct view of man healed the sick. Thus Jesus taught that the kingdom of God is intact, universal, and that man is pure and holy." ( MBE).

  34. Danke, Frank! Indeed our true dependency is in God, through God, with God. It is God period.
    Made me want to reread Unity of Good.

  35. I remember years ago a lecture called Riding Easy In the Harness. The harness is God's infinite presence. It was liked hooked. It is actually a wonderful protective and sustaining place to be.

    Thank you Frank!

  36. LOVE being hooked to Peace, harmony, joy, health, PERFECTION, GOD
    thanks for the message.

  37. Thank you Frank for a great lift to start the week. I love the idea of being completely hooked on God, good and that because he lives, I live. One of my 'hooks' I like saying to others (especially when asked my age) that I am ageless, birthless, deathless... I said this to my then six year old grandson when he inquired of my age and his response, "does that mean you are 99 grandma." I laughed and said that meant I would live forever, to eternity and he was in awe.

  38. thanks very much for the calmer,more settled music today...I know it's difficult to please everyone, and I'm sure you know that not everyone responds to jivy,fast-paced music...to encourage profound,meditative thought, the calmer music is often an assstance. thanks..and thanks always for uplifting daily lifts.

  39. Thank you Frank, and Bev from N. Idaho.

  40. I am hooked on Daily Lifts and I thank you for providing me with my dose every weekday.

    But I can't read the whole comments page as before : they are loose and cut by the column on the right, which is incomplete as well. I tried various solutions, but without success. Can you help me ? I am too hooked to miss that ! Thank you for your great work.

  41. Thank you for the reminder of how grateful I am for being 'hooked on God' for the past 33 years. Especially the freedom from drugs and alcohol. A new student of The Bible a passage jumped out for me. "In his image and likeness". When I was under the influence, I was 'different', and it occurred to me, "why would I want to change, in any way this perfect image and likeness? Within a few months, I had 'forgotten' all about this negative behaviour.
    Then I was "HOOKED" and continue my gratitude to God to this day.

    Thanks to the daily lift team and to those who make the Daily Bible Lesson possible, as well as the United States Post Office.


  42. A note to #31 and #13 Communicate as well as:

    Commandment, as in commanding respect is also a two way street.


  43. Thank you for the lovely clarification that total dependence on God brings us a freedom we could not otherwise know. "Ye shall know the Truth and the Truth shall make you free."

  44. A friend once said something to me which fits very well to today's topic:
    Each one has a God-shaped hole, that only God can fill.

  45. Thank you for today's message. I am reading it after just viewing a soap opera and it's a good reminder not to get hooked on soap operas either - only on God.

  46. Hope

    What a wonderful dependency, to be totally addicted to God. good, the all in All.

  47. Thank you, Frank, for quoting Mrs. Eddy on her faith in God. A school teacher begged us to get medical care for our son's severe epileptic symptoms, I explained our approach & certainty of healing (he was healed in CS). She concluded we must have a lot more faith than she had. I realized, she had "more" faith, for she had faith God could (not would) heal, and faith he might not. She had faith in the power & tenacity of disease (later diagnosed for school) , we did not. She, and many Christians have faith in many threats and expectations, while, in Christian Science, Mrs. Eddy showed us God alone was our help, and met our every need. If any reading this, think we're a cult, she did not make us accept, she showed and taught, and we quickly found it demonstrable. Even some students who depended on CS treatment, urged us to seek medical help, because he was under age (then 17). No disease is harder for God, and age is not something to put faith, or have lack of it. Length of illness doesn't matter, time deserves no faith. Type of dis-ease is not a factor. A "minor" problem responds to Truth same as serious needs. A coat rack has many hooks to choose. For real life, I'm hanging all I have, and myself on God. #33 Ruth, Thanks for reminding how hooked relates to being fishers of men. All we need for this, is supplied by God, so our "fishing" work is hooked by our divine Supplier.

  48. Great lift frank.Thank you.Fran,Belgium # 40 ,I had a simular problem.The DL team suggested using mozilla firefox and it now is perfect.Its a free download.Enjoy.

  49. I enjoy the great new take on being "hooked"!

  50. Great Lift Frank! I enjoyed it very much!

  51. Really liked this fresh way of seeing our dependency on God, we're hooked. Thank you so much!

  52. There was a time when I had the impression that I was hooked on material things. I learned in Christian Science that I can be hooked on spiritual things instead, and the only connection or link that I can have in reality is with God, good, and with nothing else. Thanks Frank, for a very inspired message.

    En español

    Hubo un tiempo cuando tenía la impresión de que estaba enganchado en las cosas materiales. Aprendí en la Ciencia Cristiana que puedo estar enganchado en las cosas espirituales en cambio, y que la única conección o vínculo que puedo tener en realidad es con Dios, el bien, y con nada más. Gracias Frank por un mensaje muy inspirado.

  53. Thank you for the lovely Lift.
    I sighed a great sigh of relief when I listened to this reminder that it is God that is all...because I needed to be pulled back to that understanding. Yes, that is so. God IS all. And when we know that, everything is changed and transformed in the light of that understanding. We turn towards and open ourselves up to the Divine Mind, to God, open that door and let that light and understanding shine in and lead us. Then are we walking in the light and that is our place of being. That is where we can live.

  54. Thanks

  55. Thanks for this motivating message. I'm going to share it.

  56. How are we hooked on God. Well I'll tell you. OUR SPIRITUAL IDENTITY. We really aren't mortal though mortal mind may whisper it to us. My prayer for myself and who ever I'm thinking of is; "My spiritual Identity is intact, and can not ever be separated from God."
    That's why we're hooked. It's our spiritual Identity that we're hooked on.

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