10/10: Healing comes in a moment

10/10: Healing comes in a moment

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Hear more about the healing of William Randolph Hearst's son in the first 5 minutes of Brian Talcott's lecture How relying on God brings healing

  1. Thank you Brian for the great Lift and the sharing of the babies healing. Healing is the natural outcome of our awareness of God's ever-present love for us. Healing is proof of God's care. It is not simply a physical restoration but a spiritual awakening of our true being. The power of Christian Science not only heals but also makes us better morally and spiritually. When we are healed we naturally want to share these truths so others may be benefited. Many of the early practitioners and teachers who studied under Mary Baker Eddy were themselves seeking healing from a variety of maladies.

  2. Learning that William Randolph Hearst used prayer to meet his son's need is eye opening. One would not associate his hard-nosed reputation for being receptive to divine Love as a healer, let alone as a healer for his child. Thank you for sharing this factoid with us. I too have had special and immediate healing with my children. I would not raise children without Christian Science supporting me. Thank you for this reminder of divine Love's reliable care for our children. So very grateful...........

    Daily Lift Team:
    Please find more information about the Hearst's son's healing at comment # 48 or above in Brian's lecture.

  3. How long does it take to correct a thought? How long does it take to wake up from a dream? How long does it take to feel embraced by God's infinite love? Just a moment. It's the same with spiritual healing. it comes in a moment of understanding our true spiritual nature, of feeling our oneness with God.

  4. Great to hear your thoughts & experiences, as always It was a very helpful reminder that healing often does come "in a moment" of spiritual clarity. Thanks for sharing this example.

  5. Healing occurs the moment the deeper truth of God’s perfect love for His child is fully realized. (Brian Talcott)

    Healing happens at the turning point when the wholeness of God is accepted in consciousness and seeing as the only important thing in that very moment.

    Is like an awakening of thought when nothing else counts but God’s existence.

    The moment we can honestly say: God is All to me right at this moment… and nothing else matters.

    La curación se produce en el momento que la verdad más profunda del amor perfecto de Dios para su hijo es reconocida plenamente. (Brian Talcott)

    La curación sucede en el punto de inflexión cuando la plenitud de Dios es aceptada en la conciencia y vista como lo único importante en ese mismo momento.

    Es como un despertar del pensamiento cuando nada más importa, sino la existencia de Dios.

    El momento en que podemos decir honestamente: Dios es todo para mí en este mismo momento ... y nada más importa.

  6. Brian, Thank you.

  7. Thank you Brian I felt the healing comfort of your prayer myself as you spoke it today.

  8. thank you Brian, for that lovely Lift. I found when my children were young, they too , responded very quickly to the truth, also their own prayers were answered quickly. the expectancy was always there and it was natural to them that healing should occur.

  9. Many thanks Brian for this inspiring lift. Yes. "Healing occurs at the moment the deeper truth of God's perfect love for his child is fully realized "... if the healer realizes the truth, it will free his patient." (MBE Rud. 13:22) "The Lord will hear before we call,/ And every need supply;/ Good things are freely given to all/ Who on His word rely." (Christian Science Hymnal #342).

  10. Thank you so much Brian for todays Lift,Mrs Eddy talks about this healing moment in Science
    Health page 14 line 12 "Become conscious for a single moment that Life and intelligence are
    purely spiritual,etc, I had a healing in a moment,when I acknowledged that this was that moment,
    and I was free from pain.

  11. A reminder full of hope and encouragement .Thank you Brian .

  12. Thank you for this great reminder that healing can come in a moment.

  13. Dear Brian

    Thank you so much for your inspiring Daily Lift.

    Yes, it is having that childlike thought and not the childish thought that will always reveal His Healing.

    All have a wonderful spiritual adventure NOW, Then you have WON.

    Love in Christ


  14. And we are always in the moment of Love - Thank you Brian!! Good morning all

  15. In the face of those chattering false witnesses it takes more than courage to turn to the Truth...it takes total humility. I have always found healing in such 'a state' as total surrender to God and it would be lovely to just stay there! God's will is (as the hymn reiterates)....reality.

    Thank you for this truly lifting lift.

    Daily Lift Team:
    From the first verse of Hymn 206 in the Christian Science Hymnal:

    "O God, our Father-Mother, Love,
    Purge Thou our hearts from sin,
    That in Thy radiancy divine
    We may with eyes undimmed define
    Thy will, reality."

  16. Great "lift". Thanks Brian.

  17. I Loved It! Thank you!

  18. Thank you, Brian, for joyous Lift of God's ever-present love to greet the day and each moment. Thanks, too, DL team and Lifters all!

  19. So helpful. Thanks.

  20. Thank you, today I neded this Daily Lift too much, thanks and thanks!!!

  21. My mother used to say that every healing is instantaneous -- it occurs the instant we fully accept the Truth -- perfect God, perfect man.

    Am working with that idea right now to nullify a lie about man, and your examples, Brian, are encouraging me to see I am an obedient child, receptive to God's Truth and held in the arms of Love.

  22. Entiendo sí, que la curación se puede dar en todo momento, y puede ser instantanea, pero la curación verdadera, la que no sólo sana lo físico u orgánico, sino que sana el error que lo produce, sea de la índole que sea, puede demorar, hasta que el mismo se corrija, y fundamentalmente, que la sanación física sea un medio para erradicar un error mayor que es el que produce la enfermedad, por ello la importancia del estado de consciencia al que se llega por medio del esfuerzo de sanar, más allá del tiempo que lleve, ya sea instantanea o no, es lo que produce la sanación.

    Por esa razón, para mi la sanación verdadera es aquella que nos eleva a un mayor entendimiento, no me preocupa la demora, pero si me preocupa no lograr el entendimiento para llevarla a cabo, para mi sanar los males de la carne es un paso sí, muy importante para erradicar otros males más dañinos que suelen atacarnos y que son más dificiles de notar ya que no nos duelen o molestan, pero sí nos confunden y pueden extraviarnos del buen camino.
    "Cuando fueres a la casa de Dios, guarda tu pie; y acércate más para oir, que para ofrecer el sacrificio" Eclesiastés

    "La Ciencia apoya la armonía, niega el sufrimiento, y lo destruye con la divinidad de la Verdad" MBE y podemos agregar que, sustancialmente con el Amor, como así lo ha destacado siempre Eddy.

    Muchas gracias Brian, por el mensaje.

  23. Wonderful! Thank you for this message so full of inspiration and healing for us all! Beautiful!

  24. Thank you.

  25. Thank you so much for this wonderful Lift! Healing is possible right here, right now!

  26. Thank you, Brian, for “Healing comes in a moment … the moment the deeper truth of God’s perfect love for His child is fully realized …”

    This reminds me of an immediate healing I think was shared in a previous Daily Lift – maybe from a commenter.

    A little boy, encouraged by his mom to pray for himself, went to his room and came out again quickly – healed! When she asked him how he had prayed, he said:

    “God is. This isn’t. And that’s that!”

  27. "Let childlike trust be yours today."

    Daily Lift Team:
    Quote is from verse 3 of Hymn 139 in the Christian Science Hymnal:

    "Come, walk with Love along the way,
    Let childlike trust be yours today;
    Uplift your thought, with courage go,
    Give of your heart's rich overflow,
    And peace shall crown your joy-filled day.
    Come, walk with Love along the way."

  28. Thank you for this healing Lift! My thought was immediately lifted from what appears to be an inharmonious, fragmented situation at work to a moment where I could see that God's loving expression and talents shine through each member of this team. Each is a complementary and useful part of the harmonious whole, needed to accomplish a worthwhile project.

    Thank you also for the helpful comments from #3 and #16 and the inspiration shared by everyone!

  29. Thank you so much Brian for your insightful lift!

    How wonderful that William Randolph Hurst wrote about his son's healing also! His testimony in the very public newspaper, hopefully opened the hearts and minds of many disbelievers about the power of God.

    Yes, healing can 'come in a moment' particularly when we truly understand our perfection as reflections of God's perfection. As Mrs. Eddy says, "radical reliance" ...

    Thank you lifters and the Daily Lift Team also for your daily messages.

  30. Our son was healed in a moment from what appeared to be an earache when he was 2 years old. He was crying and holding his hands to his ear. My husband was holding him as I went to the phone and called a Christian Science practitioner for help. By the time I hung up the phone and went back to where my husband and son were, I found him the crying had stopped and he was happy and well. I was so grateful to see the immediacy of the prayers that declared God's perfect idea was right there.
    Thank you, Brian, for this reminder that we must be childlike in our thinking trusting our Father/Mother every moment in our prayers for our own healing, a patient, or our child. We all live and move and breathe in God, the perfect Mind - the only Mind.

  31. How sweet to hear this of a morning
    Thank you so much for setting the dawn in oreseoctive

  32. Thank-you most kindly for this awesome daily lift! Kathy- Saugatuck, mi.

  33. Thanks for such an inspiring message, Brian. Along with healing, solutions to problems can also come in a moment. I have used this statement from Science and Health page 14 line 12 "Become conscious for a single moment that Life and intelligence are purely spiritual, neither in nor of matter..." when presented with a problem that appeared to be beyond my knowledge to solve. Recognizing that God, and not my brain, is the source of my intelligence has helped me many times. I am so deeply grateful for Christian Science.

  34. Thank you, dear Brian! Although it sounds easy, and can be, to know the Truth in an instant and be healed instantaneously, I have found, as Mrs. Eddy says, "The warfare with oneself is grand."!!! For me, at least, it often takes a bit of inner wrestling (like Jacob) to find the willingness to Let Go of old, stale, outworn concepts that have been lodged in my Heart since childhood. Also, sometimes deep emotional hurts have taken such root that it can take quite a lot of willingness and prayer to God to soften those hurtful roots that are keeping the pain in place. Healing is such a personal Journey, but we are guided and cared for all the way by our Loving Father/Mother God! Acceptance, Trust, Gratitude, Willingness and Lots and Lots of Surrender and Letting Go! Much Healing Love to All!

  35. Thank you Brian for this very helpful Lift and to all for the inspiring comments. No amount of error voicing its non-existent selfhood has ever interrupted or can ever interrupt our forever harmony in God, our true Selfhood.

  36. Thank you Brian.

  37. Thank you so much for the reminder of the need for child-like trust in God. In Science and Health Mrs. Eddy speaks of the need for us to see the Truth through the pure eyes of a child where she states: "Willingness to become as a little child and to leave the old for the new, renders thought receptive of the advanced idea. Gladness to leave the false landmarks and joy to see them disappear, — this disposition helps to precipitate the ultimate harmony. The purification of sense and self is a proof of progress. “Blessed are the pure in heart: for they shall see God.” Thank you!

  38. I have experienced the truth you spoke of. Thank you for the reminder of this fundamental fact.

  39. Thanks so much, Brian, for sending out this beautiful, uplifting thought! So grateful for this provision ~ hooray for the D.L. Team and Family!!

  40. Thank you Brian for this beautiful lift....and thank you DL staff for focusing on instant and decisive healing this week! There is much that we can do to share CS....but the best, most effective way is demonstrating healing! Thanks again!

  41. Christian Science gives us the keys to the Kingdom: the NOW of heaven, health, wholeness. Our forever innocence is the present fact. Thank you, Jesus, thank you, Mary Baker Eddy, thank you, Mr. Talcott, and thanks to all of you who are working daily to demonstrate and share this precious Science.

    Loving all of you!

  42. Thank you for your tender and powerful Lift today. The perfect way to start morning. Question...why was there no mention in the body copy of our Leader or her seminal work Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures? If there was attribution at the close of the Lift, many will miss it as did I. For those who wish to dig deeper, how do they know where to go? Thank you.

    Daily Lift Team:

    Thank you for your comment. There is now a link at the top of the comments to Brian Talcott's lecture that includes the mention of the healing of Hearst's infant son and more information in Brian's comment # 47.

    Learn more about Mary Baker Eddy, the founder of Christian Science, at the Mary Baker Eddy Library. Now you can listen to her book Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures or read it online. Science and Health and other writings by Mary Baker Eddy can be purchased online at http://christianscience.buysub.com/.

  43. Thank you Brian, and all the lifters. The complete surrender and humility of letting go of the thought that I can have a mind separate from God, and that I could be apart from my Creator for even a second always lifts me up and opens my mind to the truth. Recently we have been doing some remodeling in the house, and I had always relied on my Mom's wisdom, as she had a paint and wallpaper store for many years, and then went into full-time designing. Her sense of what worked and her ability to mix color was always acknowledged as her oneness with the one Mind. She passed on five years ago, and I just felt lost without her when doing anything in this project, until one day it came to me that the one Mind that is her mind and my mind had never changed. At a paint store, I picked up a color strip that I thought might work in a room as an accent color, but then gave it no more thought. However, I was given the inner direction to go to another store, and there I met a man who had the wonderful sense of how to work with color as my Mom did, and when we had agreed on the color and I had taken it home, I suddenly thought of the color strip in my pocket, which exactly matched the color he and I had worked out. At first I was startled, and then just laughed, That color that I thought I had just randomly chosen was not so random after all. Of course, the one Mind is always available as I yield to it in deep gratitude and humility.

  44. Thank you so much, Brian. And equally children, even pre-schoolage children can heal their parents! God doesn't limit His healings to one specific age group, but whoever has His thought in mind is already primed and good to go!
    Thanks to Nate and the team, the BoL and lecturers, and the Daily Lift family.

  45. Just wonderful!

  46. "Take my moments and my days, let them flow in ceaseless praise..." Thank you Brian! After severely turning my ankle I turned to God with the simple prayer "Help!" And then I got very quiet and expectant. The sweet words that came were "neither shadow of turning" James 1:17. Within 5 or six steps I could walk normally again and spent the rest of the day climbing ladders while painting the house.
    This immediate "love of Love" lifted more than my work load - it has been a reminder of God's ever presence and care for me and all. Thanks to all the lifters. What "freedom we may know"!

    Daily Lift Team:

    Quote in first line is from Hymn 324 in the Christian Science Hymnal:
    "Take my life, and let it be
    Consecrated, Lord, to Thee.
    Take my moments and my days,
    Let them flow in ceaseless praise.
    Take my hands, and let them move
    At the impulse of Thy love."

    Quote in the last line is from Hymn 65 in the Christian Science Hymnal:
    "From glory unto glory,
    Be this our joyous song;
    From glory unto glory,
    'Tis Love that leads us on;
    As wider yet and wider,
    The rising splendors glow,
    What wisdom is revealed to us,
    What freedom we may know."

  47. In a moment, for practitioner, mother, and child. All three children of Father-Mother God.

  48. Thank you all for the dear comments thus far. Leah in comment #2 naturally assumed it was Hearst's prayer that healed his son. What I didn't have time to say was that it was actually an un-named Christian Science practitioner that a friend of Hearst brought to the house that healed the child that evening. You can read the rest of Hearst's story in Spiritual Healing in a Scientific Age by Robert Peel, page 124f. I also share that healing in my lecture, "How relying on God brings healing." The moment is always now.

  49. Thank you, Brian!

  50. Thanks so much, Brian!

  51. Thank you very much for this inspiring daily-lift.

  52. Thank you!

  53. Much needed lift Brian. Most healings we have had in our family were those that took a little while but the instantaneous ones occurred also. I remember one in my college years (a so-called fatal throat ulcer)came about when I suddenly became aware very clearly of extreme Intelligence and Love being very present...and anything contrary to that presence seemed as nothing, ignorance and folly. Hard to describe but it's as close to heaven as I had ever experienced. Thanks very much for the Lifts.....and the comments are very helpful also toward one's spiritual understanding.

  54. thank you brian

  55. This Lift reminded me of a healing of my little boy about 7yrs.This was years ago and he had full blown mumps and was in pain. I called a dear C.S. practitioner and she asked to speak to him. While he was on the phone his face shone and was just radiant. With in minutes the swelling went down and he became his joyful, playful self. I was absolutely in awe of this healing. I realized I saw God's love for his beloved son. Thank you Brian for your dedicated work in Christian Science.

  56. Wonderful Lift. #34, Bevi: yes to the points you have written about.

  57. Thank you.

  58. Excellent ! thank you :-)

  59. This is a lovely lift. It reminded me of a healing I had of an infected wrist and blood poisoning. I was in a lot of pain and very scared. I had been praying about it and had been cared for by a Christian Science nurse but then it had suddently flared up worse than ever. I called a local practitioner and as she reassured me of my perfection as God's chld I felt the pain and fear literally just fade away and I felt much better. When I put down the phone I knew healing was possible and had already begun. Within a couple of days there was no sign of the problem. Thanks for this reminder.

  60. I am so grateful and so fortunate to be able to listen to Brian Talcotte's Daily Life today.. and the additional love expressed and shared by all of the others who have sent in 'comments' doubles the 'blessing'.. one is healed simply by absorbing God's healing Grace, when reading these comments. We are all so Blessed. Thank you Brian and everyone who shared their love, experiences and healings.

  61. Thank you. I agree that sometimes it takes a lot of work to undue years of hardened attachment to what was erroneously drilled into some of us when we were just malleable children. I need to know how one. Is able to unclog those places to let in God consciousness .How can healing take place when one is confronted constantly with these chattering nay sayers.
    I realize this is a personal problem and my journey is also personal but if anyone has any Wisdom for me, I would greatly appreciate it.

  62. Thank you Brian for your description of quick healing of a child. Your description reminded me of a summer day at a lakeshore when my three year old daughter fell off a ramp and sank to the bottom.
    I reached her quickly and found her face up in about two feet of water. I picked her up but she would not breath until I wiped the water off her face with a towel. At which point she resumed normal breathing with no ill effects whatsoever.
    This Daily Lift made me picture anyone suffering as being "underwater" in false material beliefs, where breathing is impossible. They need to be lifted quickly into the "atmosphere of Love divine,..."
    C.S. Hymn 144 and 145:
    "In atmosphere of Love divine,
    We live, and move, and breathe;
    Though mortal eyes may see it not,
    'Tis sense that would deceive."

  63. Among the countless healings my mother cherished that took place during the growing up years of her
    three daughters was this demonstration of God's perfect love for me when I was 8 months old. I crawled
    across the floor to an open flame gas heater and put my arm into it. My father took me to a doctor who
    said among other things that I would never use it. My mother called her practitioner and they knew the
    truth: God's love is all power.

    Less than a month later there was no trace of accident. I have enjoyed playing classical piano,
    modeling, sports, etc. I am so grateful for Triumphant, divine loves allness.

  64. Fear not. Never for a moment can God be separated from His child. You were all witnesses to that fact.
    Thanks Brian!

  65. Wonderful and so very needed at this time...Bless you!!

  66. The familiar reminder of "Let go, let God" destroys any fear, doubt that the situation isn't already healed. We just have to accept God's wonderful care for us and gladly receive the perfect results. Love all the sharing from all lifters. What an upper! El Paso Patt

  67. Thank you so much Brian for the very helpful message.

  68. Dear 61, kathleen from Portland,Oregon – As I read your comments, these thoughts came to me, which I hope will be helpful:

    I’ve learned that no matter how long a closet has been closed and in darkness, as soon as the door is opened, the light floods in. I understand this as instantaneous healing. ( If it's been dark inside for 16 years, it doesn't take 16 years to open the door!)

    I've also learned no "nay sayer" is louder than the voice of God. Every thought that comes to us that's good and loving is straight from God. God’s thoughts come continuously and become easier to recognize, as we continue to learn the difference between the tares and the wheat. Follow-through is necessary. ( The wheat might very well be “our daily bread.” :-)

    I've also learned that there are no "personal" problems. What we experience personally, is global and historic human conditions "knocking at our door" (as in "opportunity knocking"), to teach us that we may learn how to apply Christianity with scientific certainty, to prove the only "powers that be" - God / all-Good / Love-itself!

    I wish you the best as you continue on your spiritual journey with your holy purpose unfolding by God's grace for God's glory and the highest good of all concerned.

  69. "Healing comes in a moment" when one really understands God's healing truths. Like the time my son had a high fever the day before my wife and I were going on vacation. Well! I thought to myself, I refuse to give material medica theories the right of way, and on we went to our destination resort in the Catskills located in upper NYS.
    The high fever went suddenly down and our vacation with our little boy was completely enjoyable just with that simple prayer of refusing to accept anything less than perfection and good health.

  70. This is so encouraging! Thank you, Brian.
    A very helpful lift.

  71. Tank you for this timely and tender message. It is much needed.

  72. Deep gratitude for this Daily Lift. Each moment is a precious opportunity to see the work of God as my, our perfect reflection as a child of God. Peacefully, Carol

  73. Thank you so much, Brian. And thank you Bevi (#34) for sharing your experience. I would like to say to Kathleen from Portland (#61) that yes, it is possible to wipe out the material record. In my case, it required both courage and humility to admit that I resented - almost hated - certain individuals from my past, and stubbornly refused to forgive them. All this time I thought of myself as a loving person with a good heart, which actually I am. But I needed to see these resented individuals as the children of God - my brothers and sisters - and to love them. I prayed a lot about this, and God helped me. (Please see Expunging the Material Record by Glenn L. Morrning, C. S. Journal, January 1962.)

  74. Thanks. Reminded me of the late night call for prayer for my grandson. Both mother and child expected and received immediate results. We just knew he was safe with Love.

  75. Thank you for this inspiring lift today! I also greatly enjoyed the accompanying lecture! Everyone should get on line and hear this wonderful healing message! I'm sharing it with all my friends! Thank you so much Brian!

  76. To #61 Kathleen: The way I have been able to "unroot" a lot of the damaging, deeply rooted thoughts and emotions that were planted in my Heart from childhood, is to pray and talk very personally to the God that knows my Heart and my Innocence. Also, to allow any painful feelings and emotions to come up and ask God to "Let me Feel what I need to Feel, so You can Heal what You need to Heal." God loves us so much and knows our Hearts and really wants us to turn our Lives over to Him/Her so He/She can remove anything that is standing in the way of our getting closer to Him/Her. Trust, Ask, Surrender, Let Go and Turn It All Over! Sending you much Love, Support and Prayers! Love You, Bevi

  77. Thank you for the reassurance, Brian!

  78. The Hearst story is in the new biography, A World More Bright, about Eddy. Nice message.

  79. Your comment about "convictions" caught my thought. The conviction of mortal mind vs. the conviction that man in God's perfect idea/expression. I will be pondering/praying w/this idea. Many thanks.

  80. Yes, Brian, healing can happen in a moment and as you mentioned sometimes it takes somewhat longer. In raising a family we had both. I'd like to add another aspect of Christian Science practice and prayer that is not so much recognized...its preventative power. There were no trips to the emergency room, no broken bones, no stitches, etc. And when I was young, my sisters and I also grew up in a home where Christian Science was our means of health and healing and we also received this protection and safety from harm along with numerous physical healings. I can attest to the fact that spiritual prayer is wonderfully effective in caring for children.

  81. Thank you Brian and all the comments. I could not hear to this DL yesterday due to an internet problem but what joy to receive it today! Words cannot express my gratitude. Most needed also... Blessings to all.

  82. Thank you for helpful comments Maggie and Bev

  83. Eleanor Mac Gregor, Santa Cruz
    Thank you so much.

  84. Wonderful!

  85. Yes, Brian, it can. Thanks for a much needed reminder.

  86. Thank you so much for that loving message of Gods love for us..sometimes it just takes a second for a healing isn't that wonderful .....I'm so greatful..

  87. I am going over these helpful
    Thoughts this morning and didn't want to neglect recognition NY thanking Nela for her insightful words so thank you

  88. the gospel states in john 14:13 if ye shall ask anything in my name i will do it the word ask in this line in strongs concordance is demand ie if you make a declaration in the name of jesus ie be thoe healed in jesus name peter in acts 3 speaks to the cripple in the name of jesus christ rise u and walk

  89. Thank You. That was beautiful. And thank you God for showing me this daily lift

  90. thanks Brian, for this actually healing thought!

  91. Thank you for this clear statement of safe and quick healing for children. I am so grateful for the practitioners who were called at night for fearful situations, and the child was quickly well and peaceful. It enabled me to be confident in healing many situations that came up in our large family as they were growing up.

  92. Thank you for this topic of healing small children. The quick restoration of health and peace gives the parents confidence, in their own ability to heal, and to teach their children.

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