10/10: Double rainbow

10/10: Double rainbow

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  1. Perfect, PERFECT, lift! Having our own blessed rainbow, our own experience with God, we aren't responsible for and can't interfere with anyone's rainbow! We can help other's look up to see their own, because we are going, Ahhhh! over seeing our own! So cool. Thank you!!!!

  2. I remember seeing a gorgeous double rainbow over the mountains of Las Vegas what a site!
    A rainbow is a biblical symbol of God's ongoing commitment to care for the earth and all that are on it. A promise that includes our safety and supply as well as our purpose, guidance, health, companionship and home.
    "He who promised is faithful" Hebrews 10:23
    The Christian Science Hymnal # 269 reminds us: God’s promises are kept.

    Recuerdo haber visto un hermoso arco iris doble sobre las montañas de Las Vegas, ¡qué vista!
    Un arco iris es un símbolo bíblico del compromiso contínuo de Dios para cuidar la tierra y todo lo que hay en ella. Una promesa que incluye nuestra seguridad y provisión, así como nuestro propósito, la orientación, la salud, el compañerismo y el hogar.
    "Fiel es el que prometió" Hebreos 10:23
    Nos recuerda el himno 269 del Himnario de la Ciencia Cristiana: Promesa que Él cumplió.

  3. .…just beautiful, Robin, thank you!

    I love that God covenants with us individually and collectively, and that "His mercies endure forever."

    I once saw a triple rainbow after a storm, and I was working w a German woman at the time where I worked, and she called it a dreifacher regenbogen, so beautiful, so meanibgf

  4. Thanks Robin, this was lovely.
    Yes, they are not actual things, just optical events and we see our own version of a rainbow from our own unique vantage point. Taking that another step reminds me of a car bumper sticker I saw this week which I liked, it said "Don't believe everything you think!" A good lesson for me to clear out my own unique material vantage point and realign myself with what God sees and what God promises all of us.

  5. We each get what we need. How lovely.

  6. 'Behold! I am with you always - even unto the end of the world!' - This is the assurance of God's promise, when I see my rainbow. And, yes, each one who 'sees' his/her rainbow, receives this assurance - even though the promise of it is for everyone, for 'whosoever will' come to the Light!

    Hmm, isn't it also metaphorical that we only see the rainbow when we "look up"!!

    Thank you, Robin, for your Lift, which evokes these lovely truths of God's unceasing care for us.

  7. Robin, Thank you,

  8. Many thanks Robin for this lovely inspiring lift. Yes. "Each of us has our own rainbow...God's promises are kept." "'Twas Love whose finger traced aloud/ A bow of promise on the cloud." (MBE. Christian Science Hymnal #30).

  9. Thanks I needed a rainbow this morning.

  10. Me too - Beautiful and thank you.

  11. Thank you. I shall not not want to miss that event. In the poetic language of the Bible, a thunderstorm sounds and looks like "The noise of a whip, and the noise of the rattling of the wheels, and of the prancing horses, and of the jumping chariots." (Nahum 3;2.) What seems stormy, the destruction of evil, is really a promise that the storm is a place of refuge for those who "Behold upon the mountain the feet of him that bringeth good tidings, that publisheth peace!: (Nahum 1;15.) The storm is really a double rainbow, or promise that "affliction will not rise up the second time." (Nahum 1;9.) Thank you for this promise, as seen in the double rainbow...The Lesson this week says that "God can be trusted to keep his promise." (Hebrews 10;23.) The Comforter is here, and the Lion of the tribe of Juda is also the Lamb whom we worship "ten thousand times ten thousand, and thousands of thousands;" which means "for ever and ever." (Revelation, chapter 5.)

  12. Thanks Robin for this Lift. My version of a rainbow came when I was on a cruise ship in very rough seas. I found myself a spot facing a big window looking out to sea. I was feeling a bit queasy and just then a spot on the ship was shown to me where spray was being made due to the ship rocking up and down, The sun was shining and in the spray a rainbow kept forming every time the ship lurched up and down. I was reminded of Gods every present love and spent the day thinking about the Noah story in the Bible. I had a great trip and even though we experienced turbulent waters quite often that week I was fine.

  13. I concur with Erik and Jana, I didn't know I needed a rainbow this morning! Thank you for this wonderful promise of supply. A promise I can depend on being kept!

  14. Ah, Robin, thanks for that beautiful image. How settling it is to recognize that we each have our own rainbow, our own view of the continuous range of spectral colors that comprise God's ever-present light. And, collectively, we comprise God's rainbow, don't you think? Together we reflect the full spectrum of God's light refracted by the prism of spiritual law into Love's myriad hues.

  15. Lovely. Thank you

  16. Thank you, for this wonderful Lift lifting our thoughts above the turmel of storms and knowing that God is always with us every moment.

  17. No recuerdo haber visto un arcoiris doble, pero si puedo decir que lo he visto en todas partes que el agua está presente, en los lugares más insólitos y todos bellos.
    Tomándolo como ejemplo que nos dice: Que Dios está en todas partes en lo más bello cielos y en los más sencillos charcos.

    !Qué maravilla! y a la vez no es maravilla, es realidad que supera todo hacíendolo doblemente posible y mucho más que eso infinito.

    Muchas gracias Robin, por el inspirado mensaje

  18. Special, as always! Thank you!

  19. thanks for ur kindest reminder as regard to our rainbow colors

  20. The perfect reminder of His Love. Thank you!

  21. Thank you for this wonderful lift.

  22. Alan - Boston
    Thank you Robin for this lift. How lovely to realize that God keeps his universe in harmony, supplied with all things, as each of us demonstrates this in our own experience.

  23. Thank you, Robin - we saw a lovely rainbow between the house and the trees the day my sister
    passed. Very beautiful and comforting for her family who had been discussing rainbows the day before.

  24. Thank you!

  25. We had some wonderful rainbows, Robin, in Central Queensland where I lived for 50 years. With nothing to the horizon to obstruct the view, they were huge arches and very beautiful. In the northerly and easterly skies, they were simply so spectacular we'd just sit there lost in admiration for as long as they lasted. The second bow of the double rainbow is always reversed. Many people had never seen a double rainbow so they were clicking away on their camera, if they had one.
    Thank you Nate and the producers; the BoL and lecturers (we'll be seeing you at the end of the month, Jon); and the Daily Lift family of double rainbow gazers.

  26. I'm so grateful for your lift today. Thank you.

  27. Thank you, Robin, for “Double rainbow … a Biblical symbol … each of us has our own rainbow … God’s promises are kept.” I love your saying that we each have our own rainbow. I never thought of that before. Actually, the same rainbow, experienced differently. I do believe that our individual and incomparable earth journeys represent each one's own covenant with God. Each is on a sacred journey, guided and protected by God, calling us always to His guidance and protection – our own place on the “ark.” Genesis 6:18, “… with thee will I establish my covenant; and thou shalt come into the ark …” and from Science and Health, page 581, “ARK. Safety … temptation overcome and followed by exaltation.” I have learned from the disciples, who compared themselves with each other; as well, as from my own temptations to compare - that I must mind my own covenant. I know God keeps His promises. Am I doing my part? And how? Mark 10:15, “Verily I say unto you, Whosoever shall not receive the kingdom of God as a little child, he shall not enter therein.” Jesus, The Way shower, modeled the behavior of “a little child” through His unceasing prayer and unwavering obedience to Our Father. That’s how! Whether it’s a rainbow or a double rainbow – what a beautiful reminder that there's room on the ark for all of us! In spiritual fact, we’re already there! Seeing a rainbow, I smile. All is well.

  28. Thank you, Robin. Soooooo much to ponder and to reflect upon ... most helpful in realizing each has his own rainbow ... individuality.

  29. Thank you for this Angel thought.

  30. Thank you for today's Daily Lift. It was very inspiring and timely. My wife and I saw a beautiful double rainbow over Lake Huron while vacationing last week, and we talked about the spiritual lessons it teaches.

  31. Thanks Robin...needed that!

  32. Beautiful... thank you!

  33. Thank You, Thank You, Thank You!!!! This lift was just what is needed for Today!!!! Thanks Again!

  34. What a lift , God is always with us and we ourhis reflection. Thank You for helping us to remember that.

  35. What a perfect start to the day! Thank you so much for this helpful lift. (And Jackie in Boston, thank you for sharing the bumper sticker. Another good reminder!)

  36. Thanks Robin. Obrigada.

  37. Interesting that the rain falls on the (so called) good and bad alike and the visual expression is unique to each individual, but the "Bow of Promise" Mrs.Eddy refers to (God's promise to every one of us) is infinite, permanent, unchanging. We are all embraced in God's arms and I'm sending everyone a virtural hug as my promise to reflect His image and likeness.

  38. What a lovely promise made for each (and all) of us. Thank you and thank you everyone for commenting.

  39. When I moved to the mountains of New Mexico many years ago I had just recently lost both of my parents. But that summer I saw many rainbows, including double ones, and they were to me a promise of God's love, care and protection. Yes, God does meet each one's need right where they are.

  40. ---and isn't there that brilliant rainbow arching out in Mary Baker Eddy's poem, "Mother's Evening Prayer,"
    (Hymns 207-212) "---when heaven's aftersmile earth's tear-drops gain---" " heaven's aftersmile," as Light transforms tears to glory,--and peace.

    I'm forever grateful for God's constant gifts !! (^_^)

  41. I love thinking of God's keeping His commitment to us, and to the whole universe. That's awesome to consider. Thank you, Robin, for your comments. I will be on the lookout for rainbows today!

  42. what a great way of put is it. It like God song of each us. How simple. A raindow, his song, His promise His Love of each of us.

    Great Lift
    Judy Gordon

  43. The Bible mentions many signs showing that God is caring for his creation. But one unique sign after a rain is the rainbow reminding us to always know that God is a good God, not a God of revenge, or punishable destruction, but a God of Love and Safety. That thought can do wonders for our world.

  44. Thank you. I appreciated so many comments reiterating the Lift text and those adding their insight and experiences - wonderful. Have experienced some stormy seas recently and #11 Robert's comment was very helpful. God's presence experienced individually is also such an important prayer for all.

  45. Thanks so much Robin.
    This is a heart-message, and touches us all . Individually!! with our own experience of the rainbow(s).
    I too look for rainbows after rainstorms and it always reminds me of the Ark and the promise of God!
    Makes me smile.
    And that's the effect on me right now!

  46. Thank you for your thoughtful, intelligent lifts!

  47. Thank you Robin. This morning my wife called me in to hear your Lift. I knew why when I saw the title.
    Years ago when we were both in college (different schools) we found that our time in college had ended and each of us was no closer to finding a marriage partner. Both of us it turned out were praying in earnest to find the one to marry. Anyway, here is what happened on our first date. I lived near the ocean and went across the street to get a newspaper to see what movies were playing. Spread across the horizon over the water was a wonderful crisp rainbow. There was a rainbow in the sky the whole way as I traveled about a half hour to get to her house. As I neared it there was a golden glow. I was literally following the rainbow. After I met her parents, I said I thought she would enjoy seeing the rainbow. So we went outside....to find there was now a DOUBLE rainbow.
    Of course, ever since, rainbows have been special to us for their beauty and the promise they inspire.

  48. I like how you brought out that every one sees the rainbow(s) from his own viewpoint.
    This made me remember the rainbow I saw in Hawaii. My son and I were making a helicopter
    tour of Oahu, and passing through a shower along the north shore we could see a rainbow below us.
    Leaning out, (the doors were removed), I could look down and see the rainbow formed a complete circle.
    Rainbows are always curved but I had never thought of them forming a circle and immediately a statement from Science and Health came to mind "The circle represents the infinite without beginning or end;...represents good, the self-existent and eternal individuality or Mind;...." (pg. 282)
    Thank you so much Robin for bringing up this subject of the rainbow, and the opportunity to remember and share my experience.
    No one has ever found the "pot of gold" at the end of the rainbow because they have no end. From a higher viewpoint they are circles. The gold is in our ability to understand the covenant - our unending relationship with God.

  49. Tremendously USEFUL analogy and TRUE! Many thanks.

  50. Thank you.

  51. I too needed a rainbow this morning. God told me personally that when you see my rainbow it is a sign to you that I will always keep my promise for your life to you. So when I see a rainbow, I get so excited that the people around me become silent. And when I see a double rainbow, to me that is like a rainbow with an explanation point! It also means that God is not a destroyer, but a protector.
    Thank you so much.

  52. Thanks Robin...I needed that"Gods promises are Kept"...

  53. Robin thank you, God's colours violet, indigo, blue, green, yellow, orange, and red.

  54. Thanks Gary #38. In Indian lore, they always knew the rainbow seen from above was always a circle and the Native American Religion always uses the circle as their sign of the great spirit, the dance in a circle and , the way they arrange their villiages in circles and on and on with the sign of eternity and everlasting life. Mary Baker Eddy mentioned the beautiful lake as the smile of the great spirit in her writings. Our skies here in Idaho are spectaculare and the double rainbows after every rain. That circle does represent our unending relationship with Divine Love.

  55. . . . . as beautiful as it is useful! Thank you !

  56. Thank you, Robin, for that beautiful metaphor of the rainbow. We don't often realise this, but the rainbow -- which appears from the ground as an arc with two ends -- is actually a complete circle, as may be seen when flying above the earth. It gives added meaning to the metaphor to realise that Life, like the rainbow, is not a broken arc with a beginning and end, but a whole circle with no beginning or end (cf. Science and Health by Mary Baker Eddy, 282:3). We can see the complete circle when we rise above earthly thinking and gain a higher, more spiritual perspective on Life. But even as an arc, the rainbow is a wonderful symbol of God's 'promise' -- that Life is indeed something higher and more complete than presented by the material senses.

  57. Aha, Robin, beautiful observation! When you see another bright double rainbow, look inside the inner brighter bow. The sky there should be brighter, because that's where most of the light is reflected back by spherical raindrops. Then observe the fainter, outer bow, and note the reversed order of colors. I've wondered if there is a metaphysical interpretation of this faint bow with colors reversed. Could it be another example of the inverted image.

  58. Thank you Robin AND all the inspiring
    comments WOW!

  59. This Lift, expressing yet one more way that God as Light communicates with us, and all the comments so far, picking up on and expanding Robin's thoughts, is touching me very deeply. Beyond what I can find words for. So I just say thank you . . . THANK you, all of you.

  60. Thank you, Robin and thank you all.

  61. An "optical event" describes so much of what we see. Thank you for this insightful Lift and the reminder that God’s promises are kept.

  62. What a beautiful concept and helpful way of thinking. Thank you. It speaks to us in our own spiritual language.

  63. I've so loved reading the collective contributions here. I had thought the rainbow was a complete circle, but I couldn't find it confirmed in my brief net surfing, so I'm grateful for those who've seen the complete circle, for the circle metaphor in Native American lore, and all others who pointed this out. #46 of the match literally made in heaven between Tom and his wife got me choked up when I read it to my husband! So tender. The reversal of colors in the fainter bow is indeed a phenomena that could offer symbolic meaning, and I liked Dave's musings (#57). I had wanted to include something on "moonbows" (that happen in moonlight) and "fogbows" that happen with fog, but the"mistbow" from Margaret (#12) gives the wonderful illustration that we can see these beautiful bows "of promise" anywhere. Thanks to everyone for the expansive comments.

  64. "Double rainbow" A double portion of God's love for all.

  65. Thank you Robin,I`m so grateful for your lift today is my prayer, unity in S&h
    Mary Baker Eddy, write "The ray of infinite Truth, when gathered into the
    focus of ideas, bring light instantaneously.."

  66. Thank you,thank you,thank you...will always think of this lift when I see rainbows.

  67. God's promises ARE kept! Thank you!

  68. My appreciation for such an inspirational lift; THANK YOU ROBIN!

  69. Your daily lift gave me such a colorful boost. Thank you so much.

  70. Beautiful and wonderfully full of meaning in a truly spiritual way. Thank you

  71. Wonder-full lift with awesome comments. Thank you and blessings to all.

  72. Thank you.

  73. Thanks for these upLIFTing ideas. Seeing a rainbow is always an awesome vision. To have the presence of Mind to see its spiritual significance is a parable. Thanks, too to Pam #40, for seeing the link to Mrs Eddy's hymn, "when heaven's aftersmile earth's teardrops gain". (Hymn 207). I'll always think of this now as the "bow of promise on the cloud" (MBE, Hymn 30).

  74. WHEW!..... That's a beauty of a lift........

    Thanks, Robin......

  75. Thank you so much Robin.

  76. Thank you, Robin! What a good time my imagination, with God's help, had!

  77. Reassuring to be reminded that God is keeping His promise,
    Empowering us to keep our promises as well!

  78. Thank you - I feel really revitalized :)

  79. Robin, thank you for yet another of your inspiring perspectives and messages...better than a pot-of-gold!

  80. A circle.......I did not know that. It is always whole and complete (as we are) whether we can see it or not.
    Love the lift, thank you so much.

  81. There was a single rainbow over our area as I looked east one day while walking our two dogs. As there was no rain around , I was surprised , especially at the length of it, for it spanned the entire landscape! I called my wife out of the house to see it and we both stood in awe. We were both reminded, so visibly, of God's love for all mankind.

  82. ROYGBIV....the 7 colors of the rainbow equals the 7 synonyms for God which in turn equate to God's promises mentioned above in another response to your message today: safety, supply, purpose, guidance, health, companionship, home (7)......God's great promises indeed!

  83. Listening again (and again) to this Lift and sharing it with others. Beautifully inspiring and helpful - thank you, Robin, and all!

  84. Each morning, I always like to read the last comments from the previous day's lift before I start a new Daily Lift, so that I don't miss any of the comments! The comments that follow each lift are always so helpful to me, and so many have wonderful messages which are just what I need to uplift my thought. I am especially grateful I did that today as I love what CMR #82 said. Great inspiration to hold onto and remember! Thank you to all who make these lifts available for everyone, to the CS lecturers who give them, and to all who share their thoughts so beautifully.

  85. Maravilloso Lift, querida Robin!!! Muy agradecida por tu inspirado mensaje para hoy. Nunca he visto esa maravilla de un arco iris doble , pero sí cuando veo un arco iris después de una tormenta en el firmamento - siento mucha alegría en mi corazón. Lo percibo como una promesa de paz , esperanza y bienestar en el Cielo para c/u de nosotros . Este símbolo bíblico es augurio de todo lo bueno .

    Agradezco los comentarios previos .
    Un abrazo grande y Bendiciones del Amor para todos, Ma. Cristy

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