10/1: The quality of God's thought

10/1: The quality of God's thought

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  1. It is all around us, God's thoughts, His perfect work, and we are included. We are the very expression of God's being. In fact, the Bible tells us that we live and move and have our being in Him. And knowing that God was satisfied with His work really tells us all we need to know. Through expression and demonstration we are joyfully proving this continually-uninterrupted good in our lives and seeing it all around us. The quality of God's thoughts are pure, perfect, and holy. Thank you Mark, what a great Lift.

  2. Wonderful! God the artist!

  3. Wonderful!
    Thank you.

  4. WOW! Such an inspiring thought. Thanks Mark!

  5. Thank you! This Daily Lift is just nice, really nice with its richness, richness of thought, thanks.

  6. Thank you Mark. And we can expect to receive nothing but the finest quality of thought, care, everything when we turn to God. It's so comforting.

  7. Indeed! "The loveliness of Love is all around". - - from Hymn 64 from the Christian Science Hymnal.

    Thanks for this thought and for the imagery.

  8. the work of the artist is to point the way back to god

  9. Thank you, very helpful

  10. "It's the quality of God's thoughts that show in you and me."

    THANK YOU, Mark.

  11. Thank you, Mark, for this beautiful Lift. Wonderful!

  12. Jesus of Nazareth taught and demonstrated man's oneness with the Father, and for this we owe him endless homage” S&H 18:3

    We might sometimes look in the mirror and appreciate God’s heir, it will do us a world of good.

    “For this Thy gift unspeakable,
    The beauty of Love's holiness,
    We lift our hearts in grateful song
    And would be always praising Thee.” CS Hymn 45:3

    “Jesús de Nazaret enseñó y demostró la unidad del hombre con el Padre, y por eso le debemos homenaje eterno.” CyS 18:3

    Podríamos a veces mirar en el espejo y apreciar al heredero de Dios, nos haría un mundo de bien.

    “Belleza de Tu santidad,
    Precioso y dulce don de Amor
    Por eso a Ti cantamos, Dios,
    Acción de gracias y loor.” Himno de la CC Nº 45:3

  13. Thank you from the middle of the Middle East. Just the right message for right now.
    Thank you so much!

  14. Oh yes, Mark thank you.

    There is only the One thinker and that One is Mind, God. Through the inspiration that God gives to man, the artist is able to produce the work of art. To also do, perform, invent anything for the beneficial use and enjoyment of mankind comes from Mind's inspiration.

    Christian Science Hymnal 95 "He leadeth me, O blessed thought, O words with heavenly comfort fraught. Whate'er I do, where'er I be, Stil 'tis God's hand that leadeth me.."

  15. Thank you Mark for that precious lift.

  16. What a forceful incentive to try and be better, to express God more clearly .Thank you, Mark !

  17. Thank you for this lovely and thoughtfuly Lift.

  18. God is owesome we can see him in creation .

  19. Thank you.

  20. God, divine Love, is the original 'expressionist'!

  21. Christ viewing is that discernment, a quality from his Love to us, ours to reflect. Great views from you Mark and from all those at the DL and our wonderful lifters.

  22. Such a basic thought, and yet so all encompassing. I love it!

  23. Wonderful! Thank You!

  24. Thank you Mark, for your wonderful Daily Lift.

  25. This is wonderful- to know that the quality of God's thought, the qualities of GOOD, are what is showing in us. I will yield to this today. Powerful!
    Thank you so much Mark!

  26. Thank you so much Mark for this beautiful message. Much love

  27. Thank you Mark. Just loved seeing Monet's water lilies used in a daily lift. I have made a pilgrimage visit to the Orangerie in Paris many times to see these paintings and if I lived there I would go once a week. These pictures were Monet's gift to France after the First World War.
    The galleries that hold them are more like a chapel, a quiet place of such focused beauty and the pictures encapsulate such peace and tranquility.

    Perhaps someone can find out where this comes from but I have a saying attributed to Mary Baker Eddy and I love it --
    'Have you never realized that if a man has beauty in himself, he can put beauty into anything?"

    Daily Lift Team:
    We asked the Mary Baker Eddy Library research area about the quote and they shared that "Mrs. Eddy said this to William Dana Orcutt, who wasn't a Christian Scientist but was involved with the publication of her books for many years. He mentions this in his book Mary Baker Eddy and Her Books, on pages 45-46."

  28. A beautiful way to start today and every, day. I shall look forward to seeIng God expressed in his works of art. Thank ,you Mark

  29. Thank you, Mark, for sharing this lovely thought from God.

  30. Simply beautiful spiritual scientific Mind

  31. We are as God created us and masterpieces each and everyone. Artfully done Mark, thank you.

  32. Yes, Mark, and fun too, of course. Fun and happiness are as natural as love. See the young unweaned calves left in the care of an elderly aunt while the mothers go to graze for the day, before coming home an hour before sundown to feed their babies. Have you ever watched calves frolic and play? Or kids running down a hill, kicking their heels when they get down to the bottom of the slope? You can see the sparkle in your cats eyes when they're ready to race down the hall full pelt, and young puppies struggling with an old boot or the spray from the hose. When it rains, you can see the trees tremble their leaves with joy and gratitude. And yes, who doesn't recognize who the Artist is, when a baby recognizes its mother and dad. God has the most wonderful sense of humour and fun, and you can never use too much light relief.
    Thank you Nathan and the YDL team; our TMC must certainly smile when they see the family come together each day in happiness and health.

  33. It made me glow inside. I m God's thought glowing.... How lovely that feels! ....Thank you so much! I

  34. Thank you Mark for your clear words about God as our spiritual maker, guide and inspiration. As reflections of God, God's children, we cannot help but be and impart "God's thought". Mrs. Eddy says that another word for God in Anglo Saxon was good ("Miscellaneous Writings" p13). God. good, is daily, hourly, forming us "...into higher and holier consciousness"("Science and Health p419).
    Thank you for your lift this morning!

  35. What a beautiful video to accompany an inspiring message - thanks so much! The quality of God's thought is always beautiful and perfect and so are we as His reflection. The reflection can only mirror the original in every detail.

  36. La cualidad y sobre todo la calidad de los pensamientos divinos, es sustancial para nuestro sustento, y para dicernir lo falso de lo verdadero. Y el dejar que Él vaya delante en pensamiento y en ideas, entiendo que es lo más sabio que podamos hacer.

    Cristojesús, así lo hizo, El entendió su tarea como nadie, renegó de lo superfluo, humano y material, para dedicar todo su esfuerzo a servir a Dios, su Padre, y ese sentir es el que sigue vigente a traves del tiempo y aún a traves de la maraña de ideas adversas que pululan en el pensamiento materialista y que frena muchas veces las buenas ideas que oimos en el lugar secreto del corazón recéptivo y que confunden oscureciéndo el pensamiento y así desviar la consciencia hacia otras realizaciones que no condicen con las que Cristo realizó. Lo Suyo fue muy simple, tan simple que no necesitó escribirlo, porque se escriben con hechos de un sentir verdadero que va más allá de las palabras y así ha quedado demostrado, y puede seguir demostrándose, renunciándo absolutamente a todo lo humano y material, para servir a la Verdad, con Amor.

    Así lo dice la Biblia y lo corrobora, Mary Baker Eddy, en la Ciencia Cristiana.

    Muchas gracias Mark, por el mensaje.

  37. Many thanks Mark for this inspiring lift. Yes, "God [Love] expresses in you and me the intelligence, consideration, perspicacity, and thoughtfulness that are divine qualities." "Sweet hour of holy, thoughtful prayer,/ Thy peace and calm may we improve,/ And in God's healing service share/ The truths revealed by His dear love." (Christian Science Hymnal #322).

  38. Beautiful and inspiring DL with the quality of God's thought expressed to us all. Thanks for the day start!

  39. Yellow Springs is a small community which cherishes nature and the arts. A land trust field just north of the berg features a field of sunflowers which are in full bloom right now.


    I drive past this several times during the week and love to see the people immersing themselves in sunflowers, photographing one another. (Apparently sunflowers evoke a certain amount of kissing) Yesterday as I drove by, I saw many people photographing something… it was a single baby’s face showing among the hundreds of sunflowers. The child was smiling ear to ear and completely delighted. One of the most interesting things for me is the number of artists that set up large canvasses each day. Glancing at their work, you can see each individual’s expression of the field. Some focus on a single flower, others the entirety; some go into detail, others just give an impression of sunflowers. It is the same field… yet so many renditions!

    I love the art, but nothing beats seeing the original. “Man, in the likeness of his Maker, reflects the central light of being, the invisible God.” (S&H 305:6) Sunflowers all around us! Just as you say, Mark.. God expresses in Man the divine qualities. I say, be the baby!

  40. Dear Mark
    I loved your message.
    It's a very clearly expressed way of communicating the idea of reflection which Mary Baker Eddy reveals to us in "Science and Health".
    Thank you so much.

  41. Thanks so much, a truly beautiful Lift.

  42. Good morning to you! Thanks for showing us lovely images, ideas, representations, illustrations of divine Love loving us all around. Yes, we are surrounded by proof of God's dear presence and power. I love knowing it for the world as truth and love everywhere, even when and where it seems absent.

  43. Thanks, Mark, for this thoughtful and thought-provoking lift. It is a lift!

  44. Perfect! So beautiful. Thank you!

  45. Thank you Mark! Most beautiful! We are truly a blessing and are blessed indeed. Let us never forget.

  46. Thanks. Yes, seeing the quality of thought manifest in all we see.

  47. When we think of God as the artist, the painter, it is natural to think of ourselves as His painting, His art!
    We glow with His radiant hues of goodness, perfection, harmony. We don't even have to do anything but reflect this image of perfection. How wonderful!
    Thank you, Mark. Thank you, dear Mother Church, for our daily wonder.

  48. Thank you... This up-lift brings out the peace and peacefulness of God, and God, Spirit's, spiritual consciousness, when we make no concessions to the turmoil of the mortal mind / Adam dream / illusion.

  49. Thank you Mark for this very lovely Lift!

  50. Thank you so very much, Mark. What a blessing these daily lifts are and how much this one speaks to me in word and vision. The most beautiful presentation yet for all the world to see and know. Thank you, Thank you. Thank you!

  51. Thank you, Mark, for this beautiful Lift, even when just listening.

  52. The quality of our thought distinguishes the difference between the true and the untrue. The human body is just a structure. It's like a well made Automobile. It represents the maker, if it's shoddy, we don't buy it. If our thoughts are on sin, disease and death, we stay clear of those individuals. Only God like thoughts attract us.

  53. Thank you, Mark, for “The quality of God’s thought …”

    I love that you chose in the video to share not only details of Monet’s masterpiece, but also “ordinary” scenes from the masterpiece of everyday life. God is all-Good and Love-itself! and we in that image and likeness. We each are God’s masterpiece!

    The quality of God’s thought is not compromised by the quantity or variety of how God’s thought is witnessed and expressed. As we gratefully live up to/out from the rights and responsibilities of our “image-and-likeness” status, we can prove that compromising quality doesn’t have to be an option. Instead we can choose consecration of our thought to be at one with God. There is not one quality of God’s thought that any of us lack. Each of us IS God’s thought - complete and perfect! God's masterpiece!

    “…one must acquaint himself with God, if he would be at peace. He must be ours practically, guiding our every thought and action; else we cannot understand the omnipresence of good sufficiently to demonstrate, even in part, the Science of the perfect Mind and divine healing” (Ret 28:4)

    “Casting down imaginations, and every high thing that exalteth itself against the knowledge of God, and bringing into captivity every thought to the obedience of Christ” (II Cor 10:5).

    “… we solemnly promise to watch, and pray for that Mind to be in us which was also in Christ Jesus; to do unto others as we would have them do unto us; and to be merciful, just, and pure” (S&H 497:26).

  54. thank you mark

  55. I am in a beautiful place to really feel the beauty of this video. As I begin my morning here in the city of roses,, it seemed to resonate within. You have brought a peaceful thought . what a good way to start the day. Thank you very much.

  56. thank you Mark, I love Monet's work and when I look at it I see God and know that God is the beauty and the light! So unique and so wonderful just like each of us!! I love the quality of God's thoughts that lift us higher. So grateful.

  57. Thank you for this wonderful spiritual interpretation of art,artists and their relationship to our Father Mother God.

  58. Thanks Mark...the all encompassing MIND
    and WE his healthy perfect reflection

  59. Thanks Mark - a happy reminder of our
    inclusive perfection with GOD as our

  60. What warmth, light, and love from the One Mind, God, reflected by you, Mark, and all!

    An inspiring morning (and all day) blessing. Thank you!


  61. I have always marveled at God's creation, flowers, trees, animals and weather. Some times I forget that people are also beautiful expressions of God's creations, even when
    they seem to be acting far from His grace. I'll be more alert now to see His beauty in everyone.
    Thanks Mark for this beautiful lift, and thanks #38, Nancy, for the comments about the sunflowers. They are one of my favorite plants, but I don't grow many since they are also the favorite of deer who relish them as a meal instead of admiring their stately beauty.
    Thanks Daily Lift team for all your work and also the commentators for your insights.

  62. Thank you , Mark !!!

  63. Did I ever need this lift today. Thank you, Mark, for reminding me of God's healing beauty all around us. When dealing with a problem, it's sometimes hard to get it into the background of thought and let God's healing love take over. But that's what has to be done and of course healing takes place. El Paso Patt

  64. The truth really comes through in this lift--I can feel it and see it.
    Thank you, Mark and DL team!

  65. A favorite painting...special memories of viewing the original...thoughts from God...a quality Lift! Thank you!

  66. Quality isn't quality if only in name or image. Quality exists, however, and is not dead, even if not found in the usual, expected, or traditional places.

  67. Yes! Thank you Mark!

  68. Today, I will remember to look richly, to look beyond posture for example that at first tells me, "She is ruining her spine"; to look beyond shirt tail that at first tells me, "He gave up hope" and instead see the thoughtful consideration that is going on there and reflecting his maker. And so on... I will watch and rewatch today's lift, considering, relearning, seeing Precious God, knowing The Best is more than a painting that has achieved fame, more than an architecture that is classic, more than whether one says ain't or replaces doesn't with don't. There is a book, "Your God is Too Small"; it isn't my God, it is that I am too small and I pray for these tatters to fly away so that I may see.

  69. God, the ultimate artist! What a perfect description of our Father-Mother- Creator.
    And we, reflect His "quality of thought"

    "Eternal Mind the potter is. . .
    And man does stand as God's own child,
    The image of His love.
    Let gladness ring from every tongue,
    And heaven and earth approve."

    From the first line through the last verse of Hymn #51 (Christian Science Hymnal) Adds to and sums up your message Mark.

    Thank you.

  70. Thank you Mark!

  71. Bless you, Mark--what a heavenly way to look at the relationship between each of us and God! Besides, it's always been one of my favorite paintings, hanging in the St Louis Art Museum for years! The luminous quality of light shows through so clearly in it. It's doubly beautiful to think of it in the way that you described our relationship with God. Thank you so much!!

  72. Lovely, Lovely Thoughts in Pictures, Mark! So grateful we have Christian Science to guide us in making the transition from Matter to Spirit, to "look deep into realism instead of accepting only the outward sense of things." Science and Health, p.129: 22-24. Art is God's thought expressed through us. Mrs. Eddy was such a Nature Lover and she was able to portray the beauty of Nature in her writings so as to impell spiritual understanding. So Happy to live in a world of Spiritual Beauty! Love to All!

  73. Thank you, everyone, for all of your inspiring insights! It's wonderful how simple and deep the truth is. In Science and Health, Mary Baker Eddy explains that, "God's thoughts are perfect and eternal, are substance and Life" (p. 286).

    Throughout the day, it's kind of fun to watch the hue and quality of God's thoughts as they appear in you and the people you happen to meet.

  74. As we all are that perfect expression of God, it is vital that we see ourselves and love ourselves as God sees and loves us, just as He created each of His ideas, then we look out from and see as He sees, love as He loves. How blessed we are to know this through Christian Science. Thank you for 2 wonderful, clear, healing Lectures in New Orleans this past week-end, then this Daily Lift.

  75. Dear DL,
    This is my singing thought. I'll do 4 stanzas. It makes me want to do a " jig".

    Thank you Daily Lifters
    Thank you Daily Lifters
    Thank you Daily Lifters
    ALL DAY LONG!!!!!

    Thank you Mother Church
    Thank you Mother Church
    Thank you Mother Church
    ALL DAY LONG !!!!!

    Thank you Lovely God
    Thank you Lovely God
    Thank you Lovely God
    ALL DAY LONG!!!!!

    Thank you FUN Mark
    Thank you FUN Mark
    Thank you FUN Mark
    ALL DAY LONG!!!!!

  76. A baby's smile says it all. Thanks to all.

  77. like to think of that barry mantilow song " I write the songs that make the whole world sing......" is'nt God thee composer and we the instruments that perform this harmonius duet with God? each needing each other to play the harmonies of the universe.to catch the overtones is when we really connect with God.....inharmony is when we dont practice the rules of christian science and become lax. are you practicing each day to become a better exspression of this beautiful Love song? a song that all will flock too to hear

  78. I am so grateful to our Father-Mother God for His faithful expression. The Lift helps me to understand my spiritual embodiment and each Lifter has contributed to my improved outlook today.

    Thank you, Mark and everyone who makes these possible.

  79. How absolutely lovely! Thank you, Mark, for this wonderful Lift, and thank you DL team for making these Lifts available every day.

  80. Mark,
    Loved your daily lift, because when you write, when you lecture, or give a daily lift you speak in parables, just like Jesus. God has created man in his image and likeness, beautiful. Thanks again

  81. Thanks, Mark, from New Mexico!!!! As I drove through the SW part of Santa Fe today, there were huge fields of yellow daisy-like flowers--solid fields of yellow-- and I marveled at the beauty of God's world and His love for all us! Then I listened to your Daily Lift! What a treatment!


  83. So beautiful!!

  84. Such a sparkling, ingenious Lift into the dazzling Truth of God's expression----us! Thank you,for helping me see it and FEEL it! --Merri

  85. God has boundless love for me, but I limit it. God has given me undying beauty, but I hide it.When I embrace that I am the perfect reflection of God's love and beauty, the chains of ugliness and hate disappear and I am lifted up to a higher plane! I soar like the eagle!

  86. I am very grateful for this up lift. Thanks so much.

  87. We are the individualized animated paintings/poems/prose/compositions/choreographies of God..

  88. It is difficult to describe the transforming experience that was mine when I stood in a low lighted art museum in Paris, France, transfixed by the beauty of Monet's "Water Lilies" with tears rolling down my cheeks in appreciation of the perfection of the beauty he gave us in his view of water lilies.
    May we all see that beauty in all of God's creation.

  89. Today I have been inundated with negative comments about our country's politicians---how selfish and short-sighted and inane they are, how each one should be spanked. I needed your reminder that each one of our politicians is God's masterpiece, expressing the quality of God's thought, not lacking one quality of God's thought. Instead of feeling depressed about our Congressmen's seeming inability to compromise for the nation's good, I'm sticking with your very timely Lift . And as MBE points out in this week's Lesson, "We must look deep into realism instead of accepting only the outward sense of things." While it appears we are in a colossal stale-mate, I'm holding on to Mind as the source of all movement, taking us in the right direction, blessing all creation. Amen.

  90. Beautiful. Soul exposed.

    Thank you, Mark

  91. Beautifully done!
    Thank you,
    Richard Zellersl

  92. This was an excellent Daily Lift. I loved the comparison of the beauty found in Monet's painting to the beauty found in God's art, man. And I enjoyed reading all the Lifter's imaginative adjectives in describing Mark's helpful comments: "beautiful, sparkling, inspiring, rich, thoughtful, clear, lovely, wonderful," etc. I agree with them all! Finally, thanks to BofL and the Daily Lift team for continuing to do such an excellent job in providing these daily gifts. They are much appreciated.

  93. Thank you Mark for this so perfect message, just what I needed so much today. A reminder of God´s marvelous, beautiful, harmonious, eternal creation.

  94. Thank you Mark,
    What a beautiful video....& such an wonderful lift....

    So often we are busy 'going somewhere' or 'doing something' we don't stop to 'just be'...
    This morning I had my first cuppa on the verandah, where normally I take my books, or an article to read....
    Today I didn't & partly because my dog was lying right across my legs, I didn't go inside to get them....
    The saying 'Sometimes I sits & thinks & sometimes I just sit' came to mind !

    I soon noticed a couple of young birds literally playing 'tag' around the base of a tree - it was hilarious, just like a situation comedy where two people try to avoid capture around a table...
    Then two Rozellas flew across my line of sight, their bright colours like streaks of primary coloured paint across the luminous new Spring Greens of the trees...

    Then another young fledgling 'floated' from a low branch, testing his new-found ability to fly...
    I felt a 'part' of all this abundance & life....I didn't need to 'do' anything to be part of it, except 'be' & I realized that I was of course not only 'surrounded by the quality of God's thought, but included in it' as the 'expression of God's being'... always.

  95. Yes, appreciating the beauty in peoples and our surroundings is communion with God's creation.
    when we are challenged by error as sickness, dark memories, temptations,,,, and feel our foundation shaken...it is time to take a firm stand as the God's Child and remind ourselves who we really are.
    Created perfect, pure, eternal spiritual being with a dominion given by our Almighty Father.....

    it is the time to express it by acknowledging the Truth in details about God, about ourselves, reject error
    and keep Watching what is going on between our two ears.....day n night.
    The Truth, only the Truth

  96. Lovely thought and very comforting. Thank you.

  97. Loved looking at "Water Lilies"while you talked about it!

  98. A very inspiring and refreshing Lift - thanks Mark!

  99. Thank you for this Lift. Thank you too for the view of the sun flowers in Yellow Springs, Ohio

  100. Thank you! Boy, it's so wonderful how these Daily Lifts reach around the world. Yesterday, more than 7000 people watched that video on Youtube!

  101. Perfect Illustration of True Sight xoxo Thanks, Mark

  102. Thank you. 40 years ago I sat in a museum surrounded by Monet"s Water Lillies. I had the most wonderful time in the present of God. The peace I felt that day comes back to me each time I see this mural or picture. Thank you for the joy I am feeling right now.

  103. I loved the image shared in the painting. Made me think of the loveliness of Love all around and how infinite its nature is. Thanks for your response.

  104. I'm late, but I just wanted to add my thanks for this "straight to the heart" message. I loved its simplicity and radiance. I love that the quality of the thought of the Artist (God) shines through His work (that's us!) I'll be looking out for that in every man from now on. Thank you.

  105. Thank you so much for this beautiful Daily Lift.. I love doing artistic things. I found a long time ago that we can not be creative just by human reasoning. We have to be flexible and wait on God to guide our thoughts for the perfect results. If we chose the wrong way God will not allow us to continue in that way but will lead us to the correct way. Then all of his wonderful spiritual qualities will be expressed in our finished piece of art.

    Also, thank you for bringing these beautiful pictures for all to enjoy. I have never seen them before and your words along with them was a great inspiration to me. I am sure there are many more individuals who have never seen these either. Thank you for all of your other Daily Lifts that I have read too. I have all of my Daily Lifts saved in a file folder in my computer. They are precious to me.
    Love, Jan Van Hook Fairfield, Ohio

  106. Oh, my goodness! Thank you so very much Mark! and thank you #27 PeterD for sharing that extra special background on Monet gifting the paintings to the people of France following WWI! Just catching up on my Daily Lifts. I'll just sit and enjoy four or five lifts all at once and it's utterly amazing! Thank
    you again for such a glorious glimpse into the window of beauty! I'm a watercolor painter and art of any kind is in the beholding business/this flower/this tree/this bridge and really seeing what is the essence of it.