10/2: Spiritual peace

10/2: Spiritual peace

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  1. Thanks Frank! Knowing that we're FILLED w the Christ, solves all human desire to know what's going on internally, bringing spiritual peace and an ability to move forward…

  2. Jesus inner peace allowed him to listen to God, though not in an audible voice.
    When he heard that his friend Lazarus was dead he didn’t hasten but lingered two days longer where he was, knowing that time was not going to quench the light in Lazarus, that Lazarus’ connection with his Father couldn’t be broken.
    We too can search for that spiritual peace, that connection with our Father, and trust that nothing and nobody can separate us from our God.

    La paz interna de Jesús le permitió escuchar a Dios, aunque no en voz audible.
    Cuando él se enteró de que su amigo Lázaro había muerto, no se apresuró, pero se quedó aún dos días más dónde estaba, sabiendo que el tiempo no iba a apagar la luz que había en Lázaro, que la conexión que Lázaro tenía con su Padre no podía romperse.
    Nosotros también podemos buscar esa paz espiritual, esa conección con nuestro Padre, y confiar que nada ni nadie nos puede separar de nuestro Dios.

  3. Many Thanks Frank for this great reminder that "Jesus always remained in a state of inner peace and serenity." "And the peace of God, which passeth all understanding, shall keep your hearts and minds through Christ Jesus." (Phil. l4:7) "Warfare shall forever cease,/ So God's children all shall dwell/ in joy and peace." (Christian Science Hymnal #157).

  4. Thank you so much for this "LIFT" on ever present Peace within us Mark. How often does someone amongst us say "This is just what I needed to hear right now" I didn't think I especially needed this as I could not believe ever that death was the end of "life" as we know it, but as I listened and then read our loving friend Elena Shidelers comments, I realised that I have been unduly "mourning" the passing of one or two dear friends and wishing I could have done more to help them. Thank you Elena I love the idea that "Time cannot quench the light" and I can begin to trust that my beautiful friends are still as lovely as ever in the kingdom of LOVE. much love to ALL JUNE

  5. Thank you for this wonderful Lift. that we to can have that inner peace with in us.

  6. As Mrs Eddy states in her hymn Christ my refuge v4, and o'er earth's troubled, angry sea I see Christ walk, and come to me, and tenderly, Divinely talk.

  7. Thank you for this lovely Lift Frank. I heard some news lately that tended to disturb me but then I thought: I am happy because I am God´s reflection; and while I was reading and praying something came to me that I want to share. I am able to impart health and happiness and this is the rock of my life. Wow! I do not remember where I read it but I always associate peace with happiness and health comes as a result of this so if I am at peace, feeling the inner peace that comes from God, I can face all the challenges that come to my experience to be healed. What a beautiful reassurance of spiritual peace. Special thanks to all the comments that always bring a fresh insight.

  8. Thank you!

  9. A wonderful thought, to know that our peace does not depend on news reports from a material world, but on God's unchanging harmony! Thank you. (I would like to hear this in German, but for some reason could not access the German version.)

  10. Just what is so sorely needed today - peace everywhere at home, in our country (politics) and the world. As Hymn 277 so beautifully puts it: "O Thou God of peace, be near us, Fix within our hearts Thy home; With Thy bright appearing cheer us, In Thy blessed freedom come."

  11. A friend used to encourage, "be a moving center for peace." The peace of God is here, and is within each one of us, as we go about our work today. Thank you for your message, Frank.

  12. With gratitude to Frank and TMC for making these wonderful messages available!

  13. Thank you for this heavenly Lift, Frank, and to all who deliver it. The peace of the world Jesus promised.
    Mary Baker Eddy wrote a poem about God which begins: "O gentle presence, peace and joy and power. . ."

  14. Thank You so much, this gives me understanding how to remain calm and peaceful when a seeming emergency attempts to take place. Just last night my step- father said isn't it time for everyone to go to bed when I thought we should be up and doing. I misjudged him and know that he was being the Christ for us. What a blessing !

  15. Thanks for the wonderful "lift", Frank,

    There is no spot where God is not...! This is a simple truth I learned in Sunday School...it this is great peace...for where He is...there is liberty...PEACE...! I am truly greatful for the simple, easy to remember, truths that were inparted to me as a child, growing up in the "atmosphere of Love, divine...! What a joy to have HIS peace and liberty...100% on hand...!

  16. Thank you, Mark, for this calming reminder that peace is always within. And here is the quote that #7 mentioned from Miscellany 165:15-21:

    Goodness never fails to receive its reward, for
    goodness makes life a blessing. As an active portion of
    one stupendous whole, goodness identifies man with
    18 universal good. Thus may each member of this church
    rise above the oft-repeated inquiry, What am I? to the
    scientific response: I am able to impart truth, health, and
    21 happiness, and this is my rock of salvation and my reason
    for existing.

  17. I'm so grateful for this spiritual nourishment so early in the morning...feeding the world with peace.Thank you Frank.

  18. Thank you, Frank, for “Spiritual peace … the Christianity that Jesus demonstrated is based on a joyful message … another reality exists that’s available to everyone, a reality of complete peace … deep inner serenity … guides you, despite any adversity in your life … find solutions … with the peace and power of Christ … communicating directly with you … now.” I’ve learned through Christian Science of the importance of praying for oneself first thing in the morning, throughout the day, and last thing at night. Unceasing prayer. To the extent that I do, I successfully establish and maintain that spiritual peace, you describe, and experience the blessings of the “joyful message” that Christianity is up to any challenge. It’s what Jesus, as well as His loyal disciple, Mrs. Eddy, proved. It’s the basis of healing the belief in sin, sickness, disease, and death. Think about it. What’s more important than that? Really? Daily experiences then, become an adventure in proving “the peace and power of Christ.” Living out from spiritual peace and its healing power is what I understand as The Way. I’m grateful for Christian Science - for the spiritual strength it offers in bringing down historic and global strongholds against God/Good/Love with the Truth of being. Our weapons are not carnal! It only seems like there are two realities; but, there is only One. We, Christian disciples, have been called to prove it - to align with the One. What an honor! And we have all we need to succeed.

  19. Thanks you, it is so comforting to know God is always right there.

  20. to # 7 Marita
    It's from First Church of Christ, Scientist, and Miscellany, page 165, by Mary Baker Eddy.

    "Thus may each member of this church rise above the oft-repeated inquiry, What am I? to the
    scientific response: I am able to impart truth, health, and happiness, and this is my rock of salvation and my reason for existing."

    To me it became the most important explanations for "my reason for existing." And it is the basis for peace and independence. Thank you, Frank, for the Lift.

  21. Thanks Frank. Such an important topic. AND Marita #7, I think the place you may have read that line is in Miscellany, page 165:20-22, it's in one of Mary Baker Eddy's Collected pieces. She gives that line in response to the question, "What am I?" Answering, " I am able to impart truth, health, and happiness, and this is my rock of salvation and my reason for existing." Thanks for the reminder.

  22. No hay otra paz que la espiritual, no puede haberla ya que hay Un solo Dios, Una sola Vida, Una sola Verdad, Un solo Amor y este Es infinito, y esos son los Únicos caminos de paz, la triunidad de estos atributos divinos, inmarcecibles porque son de Dios, que contrarrestan en grado absoluto las pretenciones que pueda haber otra paz fuera de la señalada y vivida por Cristo Jesús, y de la que aprendemos en Ciencia Cristiana, fuera de ahí la paz es un mito.

    "Mi paz os dejo, mi paz os doy" la Suya la de >Cristo, cimentada en Amor, reflejada en la Vida y probada con la Verdad que nos trasmiten sus dichos plenos de bondad, para que la paz esté con nosotros siempre.

    Muchas gracias Frank, !Vivamos Sí en paz, en la paz de Cristo Jesús!

  23. This lift, for me, is... a prayer, a reminder, an inspiration, an affirmation, and so uplifting! I am blessed! Thank you, Frank.

  24. Thank you so much, Frank.
    Your timing couldn't be more perfect.

  25. Thank you Frank for this reference to the peace that comes when
    "o'er earth's troubled, angry sea" we
    "see Christ walk, and come to me and tenderly, Divinely talk"
    (poem by Mary Baker Eddy).
    It reminds me of an experience I had when dealing with vandals. See:A lesson from the daffodils
    And last night I learned of a man named Lawrence Anthony, (The Elephant Whisperer), who learned how to bring peace to rogue elephants.
    Finding this peace that comes with the presence of the Christ is a life changing experience.

  26. Frank thank you, spiritul peace incorporeal and pure.

  27. Thank you.

  28. Thank you for this calming, peaceful lift ...knowing the Christ is always present and ready to show us just what we need.

  29. Thank you so much. Right on time for me to hear this. Inner peace that is untouched by anything not of God. I am most grateful.....The 'secret place of the most High'. 91st Psalm

  30. Just beautiful, Frank. Thanks to Lifters, too, for such deep and thoughtful comments.

    Mary Baker Eddy wrote: "We own no past, no future, we possess only now." She italicizes "now" and goes on to say that we don't want to lose the "reliable now," again italicizing "now." This is from an artcle called "Now and Then" in Miscellany (page 12).

    Loving you all.

  31. As I prepare for a large interactive production piece in San Francisco I was feeling a bit overwhelmed. Thank you for this wonderful lift. I know that Christ is present and ready to show me just what I need to do. Thank you for the reminder.

  32. I love this Podcast, just like in this weeks lesson,,,Jesus "walked in the day," not in the night.

  33. Sincere gratitude to Frank and all. We are all able to be peacemakers. Hugs of peace and love.

  34. Thank you! Amen!

  35. Danke schon

  36. Thank you for the reminder of peace & serenity,
    I'm starting something new & know God goes
    before me to prepare my need bountifuly..
    listening for his direction.

  37. BEAUTIFUL! Thank you

  38. I love this, too. Always the perfect message for the perfect day.

  39. Thank you.

  40. Thank you Frank, I have been giving some prayerful thought to the concept of "equanimity". Like the hymn, "the storm may roar without me", without "me" being emotionally part of the tempest. The "still small voice" is heard only when the senses are stilled. I read Gary's #25 article about daffodils and was further inspired to see how overcomming reactive anger, that has also at times tempted me, brought not only peace or equanimity to him but like the pebble thrown into the water seemed to ripple out bringing a higher sense of community involvement, thus being able to see more activities that unfolded to bless the neighborhood.

  41. Thank you.Very inspirational to be reminded of "our reason for being".Responders very helpful too.

  42. Thank you Frank. This Lift demands me to pause and ponder what I know of Jesus. To think of how he met challenges. Pondering actually begins the practice of feeling peaceful. It would be hard to react angrily, or feel disturbed while I focus on not just Jesus' works, or even his words, but on how he mentally met each hour, each need reaching for him, each threat, and how he must have mentally treated his thought of whatever came at him, so he could keep his peace. He wasn't so detached from other men that he didn't have a need to treat his thought, because we have Bible evidence he had emotions. He wept, he groaned, he hungered, he was thirsty, he experienced anger and doubt, he had to escape. Instead of piling on truths, good as that is, this pondering may be the best treatment for me. The Lift itself is a piece of the peace it starts. I'm playing with words, not to make light of the significant message, but to help me remember to ponder this subject often, to collect more pieces (healing and/or inspirational moments) of spiritual peace. We can have the same peace, for that was part of Jesus' works, and he said we could do his works. Here's one way to do greater works, because he did this on his own with our Father, but we have his example as a guide and reminder also. (John 14:12). #25 Gary, Thanks, Packed when I moved, I'll try to find your article. Far from RR, I keep my own library.

  43. I love it Frank xoxo

  44. Thank you! A wonderful reminder that I can find and maintain this peace, as well as expect answers, as I continue my job search.

  45. Excellent!...and inspiring!.... Whenever we're confronted with thoughts of turmoil, we should think on Jesus...... and think of his "Peace be still"..... and know that we have that peace... ours for the absorbing.......

    Thanks .....

  46. Thank you Frank....The Spiritual power of peace and serenity

  47. I love that a 2 minute message can bring out inspiring, thought provoking,peaceful,hopeful ideas from all my new beloved friends!!!
    A big thank you to Frank and all who take the time to respond!!!
    We are so blessed!!!
    Love to all

  48. I turned to God as peace, today, by asking to feel the strong calm, currents of Divine Love. I had read about it on the daily lift, a lifter had shared. The pressure to get much done, in a short span of time, with people waiting, was tense to me.

    The first meeting was with a Christian Scientist, and I know she was praying, as I said " I did the Bible lesson" but still no peace. When she realized I had to across town next, she understood.

    Then the peace just started to flow like the strong calm currents of Divine Love. My day like other Lifters has more things needed to be done. But I look at the evening's list and have peace that I can get across town in traffic calmly.

    The Bible is right...Ask and you shall receive "Peace". Thanks, Frank for this daily lift.

  49. Thank you for this message of senerity. It is much needed for these busy days.

  50. Yes, that incredible sense of peace comes when we are deeply connected to God, FEELING His/Her presence; for me, that happens when I deny fear, anxiety, pressure a place in my consciousness...and when I am kayaking in the earlly morning on the still, reflective waters of a mountain lake.

  51. Thank you Frank and all the Lift family,
    I have a ways to go to more consistently demonstrate that "...peace that passeth understanding...", and I often think of this verse (Jer. 29: 11) "For I know the thoughts that I think toward you, saith the Lord, thoughts of peace and not of evil..." Being a peacemaker in the world, walking with inner serenity, feeling the deep calm of spiritual reality wherever I am and whatever I'm doing is an ongoing goal.

    25 Gary -- I really related to your article from the April 8, 2008 CSS.

    Much love -- and peace -- to all.

  52. Many thanks for the upbeat message. Just what I needed.

    I was pulled from my usual start to the day which is a peaceful study of our lesson-sermon. Two different friends with difficult circumstances needed help. Knowing that God has the "response-ability" I was very peaceful that our loving Mother-Father would provide the guidance and peace-full answers needed. And so it turned out. One of the friends even received a comforting call, right in the middle of our conversation.

    In the meantime, I have had a full day, accomplishing more that usual. Such is the law of Love.

  53. Thank you. Very pertinent to today, and comforting.

  54. Thanks so much, Frank. I did so appreciate your reference to The Christ message some time ago when you wrote for the Journal page, "Notes from the Road", which are written by lecturers. Something you said has stayed with me all through the year. I was away from home with "an assignment from God" for the whole summer. At some points when the going was difficult, I would wonder if I should have accepted the assignment, your words would come back. You wrote, "the Message carries the messenger". It always assured me that I was protected by the Christ which sends us out to bring God's word to the world. It is never us being the "doer" but the Christ in us, "our hope of glory" for God.

  55. This peace-filled Lift is powerful! Thank you, Frank, most encouraging.

  56. Thanks for a wonderful lift!

  57. Thank you what a great way to start my morning. Peace be with us all. This is a possibility when we realize the truth of being as Jesus taught us and Mrs. Eddy defined for us giving us the knowledge to go forth and demonstrate this great truth hear and now how restful I am for this daily reminder.

  58. Thank you for your inspiring thoughts. I was reminded of Jesus' words to his disciples prior to his arrest (see the Gospel of John). He told them that nothing could take their God-given peace from them. He told them that the "prince of this world" could find nothing in him to respond its suggestions. Thanks for the wonderful Lift to begin my day.

  59. The era that Jesus lived in had it's ups and downs just like the era we live in today. With all the scientific and technical breakthroughs of today giving us conveniences that weren't in Jesus's time, we still have happenings that can upset us. But we also have another help, and that is the science of Christ that MBE discovered in 1866, that enables us to overcome all kinds of disturbances. We have C/S that teaches us how to lean on God and his absolute love for us. This is what gives us Spiritual Peace.

  60. Thank you for this Lift and inspiring comments. Peace experienced in our individual moments and in our world are always in my daily prayers.

  61. I loved the thought of another realiity despite the stormy outside circumstances . The reality of Peace, and the Christ consciousness. Thank you so much Frank. Your thoughts truly are a lift!

  62. Thank you so much for the great lift.

  63. Thank you Frank, I am going to keep this Lift as a reminder.

  64. It's always great to be reminded about peace! Thank you.

  65. Each time I listen to your Lift I get a glimpse of "another reality" and the truth of our being, of our oneness, of our Christliness, and feel deep peace and serenity--and confidence to face all challenges through the power and presence of Life, Truth and Love. This has made a huge difference in my life, and I never want to let go of this divine perspective. Much gratitude and love!

  66. Thanks, Frank. I have been sent this while waiting to get reconnected with the Daily Lift which I have been without for several months. We are loking forward to your visit to Perth next week.
    This contribution is a lovely one for inspiration.

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