10/1: In His hands

10/1: In His hands

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  1. What a lovely voice combined with an inspirational Lift. Thank you. Christian Science allows us to witness the infinite power and presence of God in our individual lives. Mary Baker Eddy states in S&H on page 55, "The promises will be fulfilled."

  2. Great to hear you singing Ginny! Your joy shines through.

  3. Thank you Ginny for the lovely lift. I especially cherish the thought that "Love is the substance of every moment". That is a truth that everyone can know.

  4. Thank you, Ginny. I also learned that song as a youngster and felt the love our Heavenly Father has for us. As I grew older the idea of the whole world was even more poignant and satisfying. The so called "natural disasters" were under his dominion, and life became eternal in my thinking. This is so satisfying.

  5. Thank you for your this important reminder about the Science of Christianity, or Christian Science, and how it is available to us not only in every hour, but in every what, who, or where, as well. Your beautiful singing voice was a lovely added treat!

  6. Mrs. Luedeman, thank you for your inspiring and loving thought.

  7. Just love hearing your voice and wonderful, loving ideas on these daily lifts!

  8. Lovely to hear your singing. Thanks for the reminder of the song and it's message.

  9. Many thanks for this delightful and meaningful message.
    I'm not a member of Christian Science but I have been introduced to these concepts, and I believe and accept the "down-to-earth", real life explanations of the Bible teachings that you offer.
    Best regards.

  10. Many thanks Ginny for this inspiring lift to start the week. Yes. "The God of the whole world is Love." "Of peace on earth, good will to men,/ From heaven's all-gracious King;/ The world in solemn stillness lay/ To hear the angels sing." (Christian Science Hymnal #158).

  11. Beautiful, how uplifting, thank you

  12. Wow, Ginny, think how many people are going to have this tune running through their thoughts today- singing, humming, contemplating and praying with this simple, but powerful truth that Love as God, is holding all of us in His hands, right now. How healing, how sweet, how powerful, how kind.

  13. Ginny, thank you for this beautiful song and beautiful ideas. What a wonderful thought to start the week with!

  14. Thank you for that harmonious reminder from class instruction; "Inexhaustible divine divine Love" (Science and Health, p.494.) Mrs. Eddy also tells me that no member shall advise against this; (Manual, p.87.) Also love the rousing blend of voices and the sound of hoof beats leading to and from the lift. I will be thinking on this. God is Spirit, so my only needs are spiritual.

  15. Thank you!

  16. Thank you Ginny, so lovely to hear your voice and to be reminded of that lovely song. I used to teach it in Church of Scotland SS, the kids loved it and the primary classes my boys went through would often sing it in their school Church services too, wonderful!
    Robert #14 I love your comment, "God is Spirit, so my only needs are spiritual" this is so thought provoking I am sure I must have heard it before and yet this morning feels like the first time I've really HEARD it! I am gardening all day today.
    My son's usual gardener isn't able to help today so I will have ample opportunity to ponder this Lift and all comments so far, in relation to me and mine and all . . . . . ." in (Her) hands"
    Many thanks to Nate and BoL, it would be a good "Lift testimony" to hear how the whole Lift idea came about someday.

  17. Thank you, dear Ginny, for reminding us anew of this bright song of Truth; it has long been in my spiritual toolkit and serves as a great comfort and assurance when the 'other stuff' tries to creep in!! Much love to you, always!

  18. Love being the substance of each moment - beautiful to contemplate ... Means support to reform and do right as well as protection from outside attacks.

  19. Thanks, much appreciated. John

  20. Thank you!

  21. Music has helped and healed me many times. Thank you Ginny!

  22. Thank you SO much!!! :o)

  23. Divine Love truly does meet every need! The thought came to me yesterday to work on 'subterfuge' in light of the US trained Afghan soldiers turning on those that trained them. I went to bed last night just knowing that this mornings lift would answer my prayer. And it did! So simple, so right on target! And yes, thank you Robert, #14, for the thought, "God is Spirit, so my only needs a spiritual." Our desires are spiritual as well! There is no lower power, no subterfuge, no contingency where Divine Love does not correct and guide us into all good in a way we can understand and respond to. There is no spot where God is not! Principle fills all space, even the 'remotest bounds' with a pure desire to be and do good. We are all truly 'in His hands'! Thank you Ginny and all the commentors! You inspire me and meet a need every day! I am truly grateful! I can't wait to share this Daily Lift with my son!!!

  24. This message puts us all on our tiptoes to see, hear, and feel God's tender care for man. Wherever our thought extends in the whole wide world, we can know that it is already "in His hands." Thank you, Ginny

  25. I am a singin' with you, Sister!....He's got the Christian Science church in His hands....He's got all the other churches in His hands....He's got the TRUTH that's makes US FREE!

  26. What a wonderful thought to start the day. To know that God has us in His hands and will never let go.Thanks Ginny once again for your lovely thoughts.

  27. thank you!!!

  28. Wonder Lift and so nicely expressed! I will remember it all day. The music is so inspiring... And thanks to all the comments. God bless you all.

  29. Thank you Ginny.
    I finally got to know the simplest way to explain Christian Science to others. You said: "The Science of Christianity" which to me means the "Knowledge of Christianity". Most people would associate science with knowledge and therefore it becomes much simpler to explain that Christian Science is about. Knowing Christianity. What is stands for and what it brings to all those who truly understand it, that is: the knowledge of God and his Truth, and the love and freedom that come with this knowledge. Strange that this hit me in a lift that does not directly talk about this.

    Thank you.

  30. Thanks so much, Ginny, for your beautiful singing of "He's got the whole world in His hands" and the reminder of this lovely thought which is so greatly needed for the world, our country and each individual.

  31. Thank you Ginny--knowing that Love is the substance of every moment is just what I need right now. This morning, I was lead first to turn to the article you wrote "God Got There First" to remind me that nothing is on my shoulders, that God shoulders it all and then I opened the lift and here was this wonderful message from you! I'll hold this wonderful thought throughout this day, no matters what comes my way.

  32. Thank you!

  33. Hello Ginny,

    That was lovely, The signing and that song, I wish it would become part of our hymnal. I too grew up with that song and in Barbados you sometimes hear it sung quite a bit.

    You have mentioned before how your family were all together and then one day it just seemed to have fallen apart. My parents got a divorce many a year ago and it was weird because many of the kids would say I was from a broken home when there was absolutely nothing broken about our home. A few of the smarter kids realized the type of relationship we had at home and were actually jealous because my mother was always around helping, guiding and loving us

    I was even more shocked to have taken on a new job in an international organization to have the Head come to me and say that children like me need therapy because we are at a disadvantage having grown up with one parent. She kept bringing me into her office daily telling me those words and in October of that year insisted I go and see a therapist because of my disadvantage.

    I told her that through Christian Science I discovered who my real Father was - God - and that He is everywhere, has all power, is in possession of all knowledge, all love & controls all. I could not ask for a better Father. When sitting an exam, He is there, when I feel alone, He is there and when I am in need He is there. He is there for us ALL!

    If it took my parents getting a divorce to discover who my real Father was, it was worth it. Thanks!

  34. Love the reminder that God is taking care of everyone "in his hands" no matter where we are. Thanks Ginny!

  35. En Sus manos, bajo Su amparo, Eddy dice: "bajo tu ala tutelar seremos en el bien alondras que para anidar la misma rama ven" es de un profundo contenido tanto el mensaje como la reflexión de Eddy, imaginemos todos en Sus manos, bajo Sus alas, sintiendo lo mismo, trasmitiendo el Amor como lo hizo Cristo Jesús reflejando el infinito Amor de Dios, tomados de la mano siguiendo el mismo camino que con tan amoroso esfuerzo nos han legado Cristo y la Ciencia Cristiana, para que estemos en Sus manos de hecho y en Verdad.

    Muchas gracias Ginny, que bello que la humanidad despertara cada mañana sintiéndose en Sus manos.

  36. Thanks for the memory of that, the truth.

  37. Hey, Ginny – I would love to stand in front of you at church during hymns! I am certain I sing better when a great voice is near me! Isn't that what is called a good "halo effect"?

    “Love never loses sight of loveliness. Its halo rests upon its object. “ S&H 243:3 The real deal.

  38. 29, Ola - I find just listening to the Lift prompts me to be still and hear other important things. Bonus Lifts! You know, BL... not just Board of Lectureship... but Bonus Lifts! --- which is probably the purpose of the Board of Lectureship. See!

  39. I like that song!

  40. I am not a Christian Scientist but I am seeking a loving God and I appreciate this concept of God. It is difficult to undo a rigid church/school religion of an entire childhood/adulthood, and even harder to feel worthy of such love, but oh how I long for it. thank you Ginny.

  41. Thank you, Ginny, for “In His hands … the God of the whole world is Love … ‘Divine Love supplies all good’ …” Reminds me of a time when I was responsible for a difficult project. I prayed about how to proceed and moved forward. Somewhere in the middle of it, I became aware that it was not going well at all. The threat of failure loomed large. I was really disappointed with the people, who weren’t “on task.” With the due date approaching, I thought in a near-panic, “How did this happen? This is out of control. I’ve lost control.” And then came the angel thought that I didn’t have to worry. “You don’t have to be in control. All you have to do is know that God is in control and to do your part as God guides you.” I realized that I had begun the project with God; but I hadn’t continued the project with God. I had taken it over. Now I “let go and let God.” I helped in re-defining and re-grouping in some areas of the project, as I was prayerfully led and continued with my particular part. No more disappointment or near-panic – just trust in and obedience to God’s guidance. The project was totally successful and God’s plan worked out way better than mine had been expected to. What’s even more important is that I recognized everything IS “in His hands.” I love Bible verse, “… he performeth the thing that is appointed for me: and many such things are with him” (Job 23:14). I don’t have to work “my plan” harder. I have to work smarter by following God’s guidance. After all, God IS God.

  42. Love is the substance of each moment.....I love it, thanks!

  43. Thank you!

  44. Thanks for the msg today and would like to congratulate you for your beautiful voice!!

  45. Thank you. I was just beginning to pray about everything I see today to be holy, created by God and in His care. A small bird flew into my window with such a thud. I went out as I have done before and held him and told him how God is caring for him. After about five minutes of holding and talking and rejoicing in His care the nuthatch flew away. I came inside and heard the DL about being "in His hands", Indeed!

  46. Thank you for a wonderful way to start our day and week.

  47. Thanks Ginny! lovely to hear you singing :)

  48. So nice to hear your warm loving voice, Ginny. This was one of my grandma's favorite songs and I remember learning to play it for her on the piano ... good memory of love embracing all. I too love the idea of all the people happily humming this tune in their thought today!

  49. So many times in a problem time the simplest things are what work most effectivly..Thank you

  50. Tiffiny from St.Louis
    Thanks for your inspiring message this morning! It is so comforting to know that we are all in Gods hands wherever we are and no matter what situation we find ourselves in... God is parenting the whole world every moment! :)

  51. In the last couple of days I found myself at two different times listening to people who are completely stressed out by politics and world affairs. I wish I had thought to tell them your message of today that God has the whole world in His hands. I did suggest that prayer was the most effective thing we can do toward stability and peace, but the words of this song just seems to put world affairs in proper perspective. How lovely to have this Lift waiting for me this morning!

  52. Thanks Ginny! We are all in his hands!

  53. Thank you so much Ginny for your very heartfelt message...WELL DONE!

  54. Thank you for the daily lift today.

  55. Thank you, dear Ginny, for your beautiful singing Lift today. A reminder of God's promise to all Her children of Her forever love and care.

  56. What a beautiful way to start the day, Ginny! Thank you for this reminder of God's love for each of His precious ideas! Feeling much love today!

  57. What a lovely joyful way to start the day. Thank you!

  58. Thank you, Ginny for your voice and for your lift. It is so important to know that God truly does have the world in His hands. It makes it so much easier to turn to someone and to realize that even if they seem to have wounded us, we can remain unchanged and untouched by their comments or seeming slights. God sees all of us as innocent, something that has helped me greatly in times when someone's actions have seemed to impact the life of my family and many other lives so intensely. Further, because as Mrs. Eddy says, "Divine Love alone corrects and governs man," We can leave it all to God.

  59. After reading #33 Troy from Barbados about your and Ginny's situations, I want to share that I had the same kind of experience. And thanks, Troy for your protests of Truth in overcoming any stigma that comes with being a "child of a broken home." I had a wonderful childhood! And then surprisingly, my parents separated when I was in my early teens. My whole world fell apart. Very scary. I, like you, turned to God/Love/Good, proving God’s ever-presence and accessibility. I knew it as a child. Was it true in my teen years? If I made it to my adult years, would it be true then, too! Yes. The Truth is always true. That was the BIG BLESSING, I found in "the curse of the broken home." During those teen years, I established and held fast to my identity as God's own child, in the image and likeness of Love and Good. Instead of being bound by demographics, I welcomed being "spiritually-wired!" with Godlike qualities! It was/is my right and responsibility to “be,” accordingly. I decided I needed a moral code, so I turned gratefully to the Ten Commandments; the Golden Rule; and Jesus’ example of applying God’s laws to the human condition. I never would have chosen the “broken home” condition; but I learned that our Mother-Father God never “falls apart.” We never have to “fall apart!” Actually, my teen years were great. I even graduated high school with honors. "Child of a broken home?” Spiritually impossible! No family configuration is truer than God having us (each!) in His hands.

  60. I'll keep this with me today, (and share it) thank you Ginny!

  61. Well, World, you've had your treatment! Thanks so much, Ginny. I'll hold this lift at least all day......

  62. Thank you and also for the singing part !

  63. Ginny, thank you for your beautiful, comforting message this morning. It couldn't have been a better one for me this morning!! Could you supply some informatin on where the article that #31 referred to titled "God Got There First"? I'd love to look it up. It was also a treat to hear your beautiful voice in this Lift today.
    Much love to all and much gratitude too!!

    Daily Lift Team
    Here is a link to Ginny's article "God got there first."

  64. Encouraging song, "He's got the whole world in His hands"!
    When we relax in the constant Love of our Father-Mother God, and accept His care, whatever seems to have been doomed to fail simply vanishes and we receive the multitude of blessings that all along have been waiting for us.
    All past mistakes don't amount to a hill of beans when (along with the Jesus) we say "Our Father".
    ¡Que alentadora es la canción, Él tiene al mundo entero en Sus manos"! (Enlace acá)
    Cuando nos relajamos en el Amor de nuestro Padre-Madre, y aceptamos Su cuidado, lo que parece haber sido condenado al fracaso simplemente desaparece y recibimos la multitud de bendiciones que siempre nos ha estado esperando.
    Todos los errores del pasado no equivalen a una colina de frijoles cuando (junto con Jesús) decimos: "Padre Nuestro".

  65. "He's got the whole world in his hands!" is a great introduction to the healing power of Christian Science.
    What a great idea, a spiritual concept anyone can start with, and a pleasant voice, thank you Ginny.
    Who is the "He" that holds the world in his hands?
    It is the "Father-Mother God, all harmonious, adorable One" (as described in Science and Health pg. 16)
    He keeps his world free from global warming and brutal tyrants.

  66. Yes, God does have the whole world in his hands, and if we really knew that, wouldn't we all be happier. To know that God heals strife, that God heals sickness, that God heals economic downfalls. If we all could only know that, all of us, every one on this planet. Life for all of us would be better. Not only to know it, but also to practice it.

  67. Thanks Ginny, What a great song to sing while in the sunshine riding my horse today. I love starting my day with these wonderful Lifts.

  68. Thank you Ginny. What a great way to start the week -- or end the week -- or realize in the middle of the week -- we are in God's Hands...always.

    I, like so many others am uplifted with joy by that song and am tempted to clap my hands and sing along.

  69. Thank you Ginny, I and all who have heard this Lift will be gratefully singing today. To #40, Kathleen, you are on a good and right path and God will not fail you. He drew within you the conscious, constant, capacity to understand Him and as you seek Him, you will find Him. My sweet son has said since he was a child, "if it is not good, it isn't from God, and I do not even need to think about it". Maybe this will help you stay with God, all good, and allow yourself to grow out of whatever needs to be outgrown. You are the blessed child of the infinite Father Mother God who is supplying all your needs and thoughts......one Mind. Thanks again for all involved in giving us this Daily Lift, my heart is full of GRATIUDE for Christian Science, which was so lovingly given to the Whole World!!!
    Pura vida, CayDee Kittredge

  70. Troy#33 and Nela#59 Thank you for your testimonies!
    I asked for one from Nate and then had the blessing of two :-)
    My little granddaughter (3.5yrs) is from a "broken home" but she loves CS and Gentle Presence Hy 207, she really listens to the words and asked me the other night what ". . . . and loss is gain" means(vs 3.) I was so grateful to be able to tell her that when we feel los-t and sad and pull closer to God we gain happiness, she said "yes, God is my breath and inside me, making my tummy feel happy"
    Young children have such a pure uncluttered idea at times don't they?

  71. Oh, I like that song, too! Thank you!

  72. Ps. 31: 15. "My times are in thy hand" (from this weeks's Bible lesson) Loved your singing, Ginny. Thanks to all the Daily Lift comments and the BOL. We are so grateful!

  73. Ginny, thanks for that wonderful LIFT (Love It For Today). I too love that song "In His Hands He's Got The Whole World". That generational song still echoes throughout the world today. Christians or non, I thought it was powerful and can be sung joyfully. And Ginny you do have a beautiful voice. What an infectious way to start our day. Now, I'm going swimming and will probably be singing that song all day long and sharing it with others!!!! Again thank you Ginny.....you make my heart sing!!!!
    Si Yu'us Maase (God Bless You in Chamorro language from Guam)

  74. What a wonderful simple but powerful message. What's so comforting to me is that God is with us every step of the way no matter how big or small the issue!!!
    Thank you, Ginny. You're a treasure!!!
    Love to all

  75. Thank you Ginny, beautiful song and wonderful message.

  76. Darn, I was singing, "Smoke on the Water," in the 2nd grade…

    Thank you Ginny for singing out…

    JD, always great to hear your updates in and parallels to Afghanistan, what wonderful experiences for your son, esp w CS in his pocket like it is…

    40, Kathleen, we're all pulling for you, and available to you, as you journey, and gravitate Godward…

    …and thank you Kathy from Maryland, #56!

    And thank you DL Team and thank you all commenters for this lovely Community…

  77. What a treasure of a lift! Raising up our thought not only in words but in melody as well...reminding us in such a lovely way that we can never truly be let down, but are always held safely and securely in the everlasting arms of Love -- guided, guarded, and governed by the One who's "got the whole world in His hands"! Thank you, Ginny. So much love to you........

  78. I've just read an email informing me of the passing of a beloved caregiver after an auto accident last Friday. I was tempted to be angry at God, "allowing" her life to be cut short when she was so wonderfully caring for so many people, and what will all those who were depending on her do now that she's no longer there. Then, I saw today's unopened Daily Lift - "In His Hands" and knew the Truth even before I clicked on it to listen . . . . . My friend and her patients remain so lovingly cared for "In His Hands." It was Love that guided her every action and there is no interruption in that activity. Love expressed - that was/is Cathy and Love remains to provide for all. Much gratitude, Ginny, for Love's angel message today.

  79. Thanks Ginny. I like this sweet reminder that there are holy, uplifting songs - old and new. And that divine Love is the substance of each moment. I love hearing the singing voice that you have practiced since you were a little girl and the praise of God's love that you have also practiced -- even through trials. And now with this Daily Lift, as always, your practice blesses the world. You urge my own practice with your example. Even though I've never thought of myself as a singer, I'll sing today - and I'll pray and praise God today. And thanks to you, too, nela 41. for pointing out by your example how in His hands there are no failures or disappointments; there are humility, courage, strength, solutions and comfort all together for everyone. I'll work with those ideas in mind today, too.

  80. Thanks Ginny, you express the comforter so well.

  81. What a powerful message and I felt that firsthand this morning. My grandson who has been introduced to Christian Science ideas, listened to this lift after he mentioned having pain in the neck. Upon hearing this lift and singing along with you Ginny he said that he no longer felt the pain. Thank you Ginny and thank you God. I am so appreciative for these lifts, that are always so inspirational and encouraging.

  82. Thank you, Ginny, for this joyous reminder! My agenda for the day is now set, with God at the helm this time!!

  83. So many blessings pouring out of today's Daily Lift. Thank you for listening, Ginny!

  84. Thank you.

  85. Dear Ginny -

    Thank you so much for this wonderful lift! I share in the wonderful comments that have already been shared about this being healing for the world and the stresses of the world that seem to be so real. Each one of us needs to pray daily for the world and these daily lifts are such a perfect avenue for that.

    I also want to thank Troy and Nela for their comments regarding children of broken homes. I have a niece going through some real struggles lately and it seems to be stemming from abuse and a broken home. I loved hearing your insight into this and will use your ideas in my prayer for my niece.

    Thank you all so much!

  86. Ginny,great lift from a great voice...also Wanda the three "G"s,that I use daily....

  87. Perfect, Ginny! So love hearing from you!

  88. Thank you Ginny for sharing this morning! Joy (#71) - thanks for pointing out the connection with the line from this week's Bible Lesson "My times are in thine hand". We often say "in good times and in bad" but if all of our times are in God's hands...can there be bad ones? NO! When I consciously place my times (or moments) in God's hands I notice how productive, peaceful, fluid the results yield. I am not always successful at practising this in thought all the time but if I feel I've slipped...I just get right back to work, mentally giving God guide my moments. We are all residents of the "whole" world that God has in his omnipotent hands. Big Hugs!

  89. I often think of how we are held in His arms and kissed, as someone told me, and to me that is so filled with Love.

  90. What a lovely and practical message through the verses of this song. Your voice is such a reasurrance of joy and love; one can't help but feel God's presence shining through. Perfect!

  91. Thank you so much!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  92. Thank you Ginny, My preschool students always loved singing this song, as a reminder to be filled with

  93. Thank you, Ginny. I had been searching for ways to pray more effectively for the world. This song will be my start. Also, thank you for singing in your lovely voice.

  94. Ginny, I too liked the "in his hands..." song from an early age and was inspired anew by your C.S. application of it. (Wished that I could sing it as well!)

  95. Thank you Ginny, I will echo many of the comments from other listeners, when I say "what a beautiful voice and such an uplifting thought that we are all in God's loving hands. As Kristen #12 says she is sure many will have that lovely song running through their thoughts during the day. I have found myself humming the melody many times. helping to remind me of the message which lay behind it. I was hoping you'd sing the rest of it !! Much love Rose in Cape Town

  96. 40-Just remember that the God we worship is an accepting God-there is nothing we can do to win His favor-His love-except to ask for His help no matter the issue, the problem-He is ready and willing to hear all our prayers-there might be small victories along the way to let us know that He is always with us.

  97. Thank you.

  98. Thank you Friends for your kind comments, your heartfelt sharing and your loving ideas which are so vital to the broad success of these lifts.
    God indeed has each of you and your loved ones in His/Her hands..

  99. Hi Ginny: You hit on one of my favorite songs---would love to hear you sing the whole song someday. Thank you for your thoughts. I am really working---praying and studying to be able to explain and share the science of Christianity that heals as Mary Baker Eddy gave to us in her writing of The Christian Science Textbook SCIENCE AND HEALTH WITH KEY TO THE SCRIPTURES. I know to explain it by healing is the best way, in other words, to demonstrte this Science. Ann Botts, Banning, CA

  100. Thank you, Ginny, for the Lift, and your beautiful voice singing to us. Desperately reaching for healing, a line from Mrs. Eddy's CS Hymn #207 kept coming. "His arm encircles me and mine, and all." It's not hard to understand God keeps the world & universe in thought. My husband said I had a ten-track mind, for I'd be thinking of at least ten unrelated things at once. God, the only Mind, is unlimited. It isn't as complicated as it would seem, for all problems people have, all environmental problems, are not, and don't need fixing, so God is able to keep perfection, for there is nothing else. Size & numbers that boggle mortal thinking, don't exist. Today with joy, I'm keeping truths I've collected, and will just snuggle into His perfect hands, where everyone else is. Instead of for myself, I'll pray to know all "out there" have the needed understanding, a key word in the Lift. A definition of "understanding" is "Power to understand". That would be God-given dominion, power. Our lesson-sermon has "understood, understand, understanding" in 6 S&H citations.Synonyms "knowing,knowledge, perceives, evidences (to discern), were given in 4 others. Other citations showed need of these. The Bible has 5 citations using these & similar terms such as: understand; wise; light(perception), see (as in understand)perceived, and knew.. I'll pray to understand God meets everyone's need. #9 Noreen, thanks.for sharing.#25 name, Amen! #40 Kathleen, Nothing to undo in Perfection!

  101. Thanks so much Ginny. I'll just echo what everyone else has already said about your beautiful voice, beautiful song choice, and beautiful thoughts. For me, this is a very inspiring Daily Lift, since it is so comforting to think of being sheltered and protected in His hands.
    And thanks to BofL and the Daily Lift team for this uplifting series.

  102. So wonderful! Thank you, Ginny

  103. Well-said, Ginny -- I do love that song --- And your voice, Thanks for singing us a reminder.

  104. I have listened to this LIFT many times today and have just been able to read all the comments. Yes, thank you Ginny, after hearing you tell your story in a lecture you
    gave in Kansas City, I was very happy to hear your lovely voice singing....I would love
    to have pursued a singing career too. Lucky Gal, you.

    Really happy to read all the good feedback from everyone and it uplifted me to
    DIG DEEPER into MAN and Cat today. My little Cat is missing, but FATHER/MOTHER
    GOD knows where he is and he is DWELLING in LOVE'S SAFETY and will be home soon. THANK YOU ALL, THANK YOU FATHER & GINNY and the LIFT CREW. Can't start my day without all this TRUTH AND LOVE!!

  105. And thank you Ginny for your heartfelt singing :) :)

    This reminds me of another lift where you talked about how Truth is like music on a radio station. And if you're on another station, hearing static, the static can't actually touch or affect the music. I just picture the world in God's hands as a giant, connected song.

  106. Thank you Ginny. This is so helpful today for me to remember that the whole world and each one of us are in God's hands, and not our own. Therefore, I have no burdens, the cares of the world (politics,elections, economy) are not on my shoulders, and I can let go and know that "God is working His purpose out" through each one of us and that is all I can see and know. What a relief!
    Much Love,

  107. I, too, have always loved that song. In fact, a guest soloist sang a version at our church several months ago which the congregation absolutely loved. Thanks for reminding me of it!

  108. I am delighted and elevated. Thanks for a clear lively message. Your voice makes me feel like dancing and so timely too. I was experiencing a pain on the side of my leg and I got up and danced! No more pain. Thanks Ginny and all the staff and commentators for such an inspiring program.

    en español:

    Estoy encantado y elevado. Gracias por un mensaje claro y animado. Tu voz me hace sentir ganas de bailar y tan oportuno también. Estaba experimentando un dolor en el costado de mi pierna y me levanté y bailé! No más dolor. Gracias Ginny y a todo el equipo y los comentaristas por un programa tan inspirador.

  109. Ginny, prepare a singing lecture, please! Some talking/ideas, some singing. That would be a most inspiring expression of Soul's beauty.

  110. AMEN!

  111. Such a safe place to be. thanks

  112. Thank you Ginny for bringing this wonderful song back into my life - it's been years since I've heard it. And thank you for the inspirational lift. It reminds me of someone my mom used to say when I was a little girl - I didn't need to be afraid because even if, on the off chance, I did fall out of God's hands, the only place I could go would be his lap!

  113. How Lovely! Thanks and love to you Ginny and all who have shared your thoughts and inspiration.

  114. Pam- 10/2/2012

    Remember when, 20+ years ago, (June 7, 1992) that all-embracing song of Love's care for all His creation, was the solo in The Mother Church Sunday service? Sung by Osceola Davis. Heavenly!!

    With deep gratitude for this--and all--daily lifts.

  115. Today is Wed. , Oct. 3 rd and this is the first chance I have had to listen to my Daily Lift . . . .thank God for this message and for you too Ginny . . . I feel restored and reminded that Divine Love brings good to all. Hope it is never too late to say thank you

  116. Lovely message and lovely voice! Thank you for the wonderful message and helpful comments from listeners!

  117. Wonderful message... thank you!

  118. Beautiful! I will listen again. (=

  119. Thank you so much Ginny. So beautiful!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  120. Thank you for sharing all the good all the time!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  121. Thank you Ginny..lovely thought and lovely voice. Much gratitude to Nate for the link to the sentinel article also.

  122. I came back to hear this one more time. It is really helpful to keep this song in mind as we pray for those on the East Coast. Thank you Ginny.

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