1/9: Mighty forces aid us

1/9: Mighty forces aid us

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Click HERE to read a republishing of the article "Lion saves girl from abductors" by the Associated Press.

  1. Beutiful image of this young girl surrounded and protected by 3 lions. Thank you and happy new year to you

  2. I love this lift!

    Thanks Rob

  3. I like this lift very much; thank you

  4. Thank you so much Rob for this wonderful story. And the important point that what is usually seen as the agressor - the lion, actually is able to show that most tender love of Love. What an important lesson that is when we are faced with aggressive situations. The tender Love is always with ALL of Its creation - all are loved by Love. I really appreciated this Lift.

  5. Many thanks Rob for that inspiring lift. Yes. I'm sure we have all found ourselves in situations 'Where we feel victimized and seemingly alone against great odds and courageously trying to do the right thing!" And yet: "His might thy heart shall strengthen,/ His love thy joy increase;/ Thy day shall mercy lengthen:/ The Lord will give thee peace. (Christian Science Hymnal #77).

  6. Thank you so much for this, Rob! What a comforting and empowering promise. How marvelous to hear the story of the young girl and the lions, again. I love this.

  7. Thank You. Peter Mark, Great Neck

  8. Thank you for this wonderful illustration of how Divine Love does meet our every need.

  9. That was a beautiful Lift. Thank you Rob.

  10. Wonderful, thanks Rob. Zoe

  11. This assurance of God's presence is beautifully graphic in this description!
    Because I actually live in "lion country" (South Africa), I've always loved the metaphor of moral courage as the lion of Judah. Now I have a clear sense of "...the creator reflected in His creation", as stated in our Bible Lesson Sermon this week. Thank you, Rob!

  12. When a girl of 12 is saved in Ethiopia by lions, after being severely beaten by seven men trying to force her into marrying one of them, I don’t call this a miracle, her moral courage was in action.
    MBE tells us in Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures, the Christian Science textbook, “Moral courage is "the lion of the tribe of Judah," the king of the mental realm”.
    Neither the smell of her cuts, nor the fact that lions eat people, or the girl’s fear, deterred the lions from protecting her. Moral courage hold forth mighty forces to come to our aid.
    Cuando una niña de 12 años es salvada en Etiopía por leones, luego de haber sido brutalmente golpeada por siete hombres tratando de obligarla a casarse con uno de ellos, yo no llamo a esto un milagro, su valor moral estaba obrando.
    MBE nos dice en Ciencia y Salud con Clave de las Escrituras, el libro de texto de la Ciencia Cristiana, " El valor moral es "el león de la tribu de Judá", el rey del reino mental".
    Ni el olor de sus heridas, ni el hecho de que los leones comen gente, o el miedo de la niña, disuadió a los leones de protegerla. El valor moral convoca fuerzas poderosas a venir a nuestra ayuda.

  13. Thank you Rob for this great Daily Lift.

  14. Thank you. I found the Associated Press report of the Ethiopian girl guarded by lions. And then I found the report in Revelation 5: 5-6.

  15. Thank you Rob, for this uplifting example of the love of Love. One of my favorite hymn lines is from the lovely hymn From sense to Soul, and read ....'The loveliness of Love is all around. These words often come to thought when in sticky situations.

  16. Thank you Rob.What wonderful encouragement and assurance you bring for the start of the week.
    Yes indeed, God is almighty ,the only power ,the only reality !

  17. Thank you very very much for a wonderful lift today.

  18. No hay duda que siempre estamos protejidos en y por Dios, Él es nuestra proteción. Pero este acontecimiento tan glorioso de la proteción divina, amerita una profunda reflección a la humanidad porque hecha por tierra mitos ancestrales de convivencia y comportamientos la creación material crea sus propias reglas y estas se desmoronan por si mismas, "Un reino dividido contra si mismo que no puede permanecer"
    y la desmostración cabal de la totalidad divina que se manifiesta en lo más insólito como manifiesta este relato, una niña defendida por leones de la intolerancia y crueldad humana el mundo del reves podriamos decir con total convicción.

    Que maravilla el Amor divino que va más allá de cualquier acontecimiento humano y con infinita bondad restaura la justicia a veces de forma insólita como en este caso pero siempre ahí para demostrarnos que existe, es soberano y va más allá de cualquier creencia y circunstancia para proclamar la Verdad y hacer justicia. Esperemos que se le de abundante publicidad para que haga reflexionar al mundo.

    Muchisimas gracias, thank so much.

  19. Debí decir tambien que este ejemplo no sirva para irse hacia otros extremos que tampoco son buenos. ignorando el origen real desde donde fluye la bondad

  20. So beautiful!

  21. Good morning. Thank you for today's inspirational story about the lions who came out of the forest to stand guard over a young girl who had been accosted and beaten by 7 men. What a powerful image this creates....nature pouring forth her resources to come to the aid of humankind in such a loving gesture.
    The animal we think to fear-the great lion of the forest, coming out as a parent or friend to defend this young woman. It creates a story in my mind worth retelling. I am preparing for an international trip. Travel can bring unusual challenges. I suppose that is the reason for travel; to bring forth our own moral courage, to test our resolve; to turn fervently to God for guidance and protection, to test our faith and to give gratitude for the evidence of God's care for us. Thank you Rob Gilbert for sharing this lesson with us.

  22. Thank you for this wonderful Lift, perfectly timed for us today. I woke from a dream with a thought last night that we can never be manipulated by victims, or be a 'victim of victim thinking'! That 'lion' of moral courage is defending us at all times, watching over our thinking. I love the story of the girl, a great way to start the week!Thank you.

  23. What a beautiful lift. Thank you.

  24. WOW! What a wonderful story, lesson, thought, and lift. Thanks you, Rob. Good day to all :-)

  25. What a wonderful Lift, Thank you.

  26. That was so helpful, thank you.

  27. Wonderful, Thank you!

  28. Wonder-full! And moral courage carries stern resolve and highest purpose, too. Talk about expected good from unexpected sources. Maybe the lions were Faith, Hope, and Charity. Thanks, Rob.

  29. I find it both humbling and empowering to realize that the same great Love and Almighty God that saved the Moses and the children of Israel from the Egyptian armies; that saved Daniel in the lions' den; that saved Jesus on the cross, is the same Almighty loving God that is defending and leading us through difficult experiences. Our safety and victory is assured.
    In fact it is reality that is coming to our aid, defeating error and evil - the great reality that we are alone with God, held so safe in His arms, held so safe in Truth. Such realization breaks all mesmerism, no matter how big or scary.
    Thank you so much Ron.

  30. Rob - What a great message to start the week. Thanks for the wonderful "lift".

  31. Thank you for this Lift, Rob. When I was cycle touring through Malayasia one Saturday morning, it was very quiet and there had been no traffic on the road. There was thick jungle on either side of the road, and I became aware of the sound of a large animal panting not far off the road to the left. I hoped it wouldn't pay any attention to me, but suddenly out of the trees came a whole tribe of monkeys and swung down onto the road ahead. I knew I couldn't ride faster than the monkeys, but kept riding steadily ahead, when a timber truck roared past me, scattering the monkeys, and allowing me to ride into the next town. Soon after I arrived, some young men approached me and asked me the way I had come. I told them I had ridden along road. Their eyes got very big, "Oh, but Memsahib, there are lyrons in the jungle!" I said I knew, since I could hear them. I pointed up, and put my hands together and said "God protected me." They were very loud in their agreement and said "Oh Memsahib, your God does love you very much!" I was so grateful that the first people I shared this amazing experience with absolutely believed that only God could have saved me. There are no 'lyrons' 'lions' in Malayasia, but there are Sumatran tigers, although it was the monkeys that really spurred my prayer that day.
    Thank you Rob for this Lift, and Nathan and the team,; the BoL and lecturers, and the Daily Lifters, always ready to pray away the fearful thoughts.

  32. This Lift truly made me weep, just thinking of the quiet strength of the lions guarding the girl - much like the quiet strength of our Father-Mother who is always with us, guarding, guiding, and protecting us. This is such a needed message today, with bullying being such an issue in the press. It's lovely to know where true dominion lies.

  33. This is beautiful. Reminds me of Isa:11.6 Thank you for this Rob!!

  34. How wonderful Love protects all creatures! What a surprising beautiful lift. Thank you, Rob. Have a blessed new year. I like all lifts, every day. Thank you to the team!

  35. thats just lovely,thank you.,"and the lamb shall lie down with the lion",or maybe the lions were descendants of elsa!!! or the lions in with daniel!!!..nothing is impossible where God,s ideas and childeren are concerned.love and peace to all including our beloved animals all from God.

  36. A very timely and inspiring set of examples of divine protection. Thanks for sharing.

  37. What an uplifting lift, Rob! I work with children who are so called "victims and bullys" and this precious story and ideas are so helpful! God is guarding, guiding, governing all his children everywhere. Blessed day to you!

  38. Thank you for such an encouraging message. I know ...bullying... and have been. often at my place
    of work.


  39. Oh my, Rob, thank you for this. What a powerful image of Divine Loves protection. Mighty forces of divine aid can come in any form, our job is to know "God is our refuge and strength, a very present help in trouble."

  40. WOW ,, Fabulous .. what a help for me today! Thank you !

  41. That was very cool in deed. Thanks!

  42. Thank you for the reminder about the AP Story and the spiritual significance of the experience. It is also the lamb in the midst of the elders in Revelation 5:5-6.

  43. A very inspiring lift! Thank you so very much!

  44. Thanks so much Rob for this inspiring start to the week with the amazing story of the young girl being saved and protected by three lions. I just love this phrase "His arm encircles me, and mine, and all." It's from Mary Baker Eddy's poem "Mother's Evening Prayer" which is also in our Hymnal, Nos. 207-212. How comforting it is to be cradled in the everlasting arms of Love.

  45. Thank you, Rob, for this illustration of the power of moral courage. It takes moral courage to stand up for what we know is right. And this moral courage draws to us the protection of Divine Love. Recently I had read the following quote somewhere and posted it above my desk: "Hope only comes when you make a stand." Thank you for making this quote come alive for me!

  46. Thank you, wonderful....

  47. Oh, wow. That last statement -"moral courage calls forth mighty forces to come to our aid", says it all. Thanks so much.

  48. Thank you so much for this wonderful message. It really warms my heart.

  49. Thank you! So inspiring and so practical!!

  50. It takes no moral courage at all to wish that the Lions had eaten the abductors. But it does take a sort of moral courage to read the news of such child abuse and to hold to the facts of spiritual being! Our real consciousness (Soul) draws us upward. Rob actively prayed as a kid (a case of special interest to him), we too must expectantly recognize divine Love’s mighty power as inclusive and not limited to certain cases.

    Daniel was, in a sense, abducted for his moral stand to remain loyal to the God of Israel. “Understanding the control which Love held over all, Daniel felt safe in the lions' den,” S&H 514:27

    Hey Rob! A great lift... even a little kick in the behind.

    Margaret #30, wonderful example.

  51. Thank you. I had not heard this story, but together with your own it is so encouraging, whatever the bully we are called to face with moral courage.

  52. Rob,

    I love your inspirational lift!


  53. What a beautiful story you brought to us today, Rob! Thank you very ever so much! I'll share the inspiration which comes together with your words. "Innocence is found in me" says the hymn. Innocence was found in her, we'd say.

  54. Thank you.

  55. Rob, thanks for the reminder that His protection comes in a wide variety of forms...yet...when it does, we neeed to be still and let His Love, Spirit and, Thuth be the protectors... and live...!

  56. Thank you, Rob, for this most helpful Lift. It applies to all of us, whenever we think we're being bullied by anyone or anything. Just perfect!

  57. What a wonderful lift.

    I would like to express my gratitude for the gentleman that announces the daily lift. I look forward to hearing his upbeat greeting. It sets the tone for the earnest expectation of truth and the demonstration of daily inspiration.

  58. Rob...Just what I needed to hear right now! What a gently angel thought and a blessing...how comforting to be reminded of the protection of taking moral courage...THANK YOU!
    Evil in whatever form it might present itself (person, place, or thing) is a lie and liar! God, good is omnipresent, omnipotent and onminscient. Thanks again for turning on the Light with this lift, Rob

  59. Thank You! I will think of this all through the day and for a long time. To go to school everyday and trust God to protect was such a demonstration of your own moral courage. I love that the Truth is application to our every day life and at the same time there for us in times of unusual need like the 12 year old girl.

  60. What a quietly powerful thought. Reminds me of lessons learned in "God's Law of Adjustment" and an excellent reminder of the omnipotent power of God. Thank you so much.

    The article mentioned above is by Adam H. Dickey.

  61. Thank you so much, Rob. I really needed this.

  62. This is a super lift. Thank you! I just searched for this story about the girl and found this article. Here is the link: http://news.bbc.co.uk/2/hi/africa/4116778.stm

  63. WOW! This is truly incredible! Thank you for sharing, Rob!

  64. Very topical and needed--quite a story! I have a friend whom I call "the Lioness of the Tribe of Judah" for her moral courage in standing up to political "bullies" who carry out their own agendas without consulting the needs or wishes of their constituents. She gets the word out so that these things cannot be accomplished secretly, and she has been threatened for it. Thanks for sharing this timely and uplifting message!

    Also, the idea that innocence is protected by God is a valuable one, indeed!

  65. Bullying is always a painful experience, and can result in feeling helpless and full of despair and fear.
    At such times the confidence of the presence of "mighty forces" is needed, and giving this example of the three lions is a confidence builder. Thank you Bob Gilbert.
    There is a Bible story about these "mighty forces" when Elisha the prophet was ganged up on and bullied by at least 42 little children - that's how many needed medical attention after being mauled by two she-bears.
    See the story in II Kings 2: 23,24.

  66. Very touching. Makes me feel compassion for all those in the world who have felt powerless at times. I am sure your remarks will touch in cord in every heart.

  67. My husband is standing in the background listening to this lift today, chuckling
    with delight. What a wonderful story about PROTECTION!! Courage too!!! When
    we are standing our GROUND, without malice in our heart, just working to STAND
    and face error, we SURELY receive Love's wall of protection, and this story confirms. WOW!!! Talk about angels sent to help. "IT is ENOUGH to know that
    God is an every present HELP" Mrs. Eddy tells us in ANGELS in her writings on
    306 MW. The story COULD stop there, I always pause there, "and if we wait,
    never doubting, we shall have all we need every MOMENT"....Oh what a wonderful thing this TRUTH. Thank you Lord and DL, for all our Lecturers and writers for our
    publications, plus the Lesson Planners....What would we do without all of them?
    My Teacher took that a step farther, "What are we doing with this TRUTH?" Let's
    all keep doing what we do, and more. Thank you again DL...and ROBERT!!!! Heard
    you speak at KCMO lecture last fall and you INSPIRE!!! Thank you....

  68. Awesome lift!! Thank you

  69. So inspiring, Rob! Thank you! We keep hearing of more examples of how God's creation and His creatures are not carnivorous, but are impelled by divine Love. If it can be true about lions, it is true about the man of God's creation as well. We need to pray daily that the man of God's creating is not a bully, nor a terrorist, nor a brute, but rather man is divine Love's manifestation, and it is natural for the man of God's creating to love, cherish, and protect the women and children of God's creation. Thank you again, Rob! I love that story!

  70. WOW! What a special lift!

  71. Thank you, Rob!! One thing I'm taking from this Lift is how valuable our prayers are for all of creation. What if someone in Japan or Morocco or Canada was praying that day for the safety of young people everywhere, or, through prayer, was seeing through predatory behaviors, or perhaps might have been praying to witness the well-being and harmlessness of animals? I find it so inspiring to think of those lions responding to Principle and "aiding in the ejection of crime."

    I'm rejoicing in the dominion we have through prayer. To think that scientific prayer is encircling the globe is humbling and encouraging. And what a lovely resolution to your 8th-grade situation, too.

  72. Boy, did I ever need this today! Thank you so much.

  73. Thank you for this lift! Angels can appear in all shapes and sizes I suppose. :) I like the thought of God's lions protecting each and every one of us! Great way to start the day!

  74. Our supply and protection is always available when we see through the din of materialism, no matter what form it takes.
    Thank you for a wonderful lift today.

  75. Rob, I thank you so much for the helpful and useful lift and happy new year!!!!

  76. Your Lift comes just when I need it! Thank you for your comments today. My daughter and I are off to court tomorrow morning to face what seems like a giant in the form of a large corporation for false billing. We have been praying about a fair solution but have only been bullied. The Lift and following comments are so helpful and have given me food for thought as I prepare for our case. Thank you for including the story about the lions guarding the girl. God protects us in the most appropriate way and I am looking forward to a fair outcome at court - the court of Truth and Love tomorrow.

    Thanks to all who shared their comments. They are so helpful!

  77. Just the perfect thought I needed to carry with me today.

    Thank you


  78. Thank you!

  79. Thank you Rob for an inspiring and helpful lift.

  80. Les Roberts Shropshire England
    What a lovely message. SOOOO true.

  81. Thanks for a great lift.

    References to Daniel and the lions, remind me that it was Daniel's innocence and purity that saved him.

    Divine Love protected the lions also, as they safely escaped back into the jungle.

    There' a lot going on here folks.


  82. What a wonderful example of ever present love and protection. Thank you!

  83. P.S. Great music!!!!


  84. I love the picture on the front of the current Christian Science Sentinel. There is a very large dog looking down, down, down, at a very little puppy...who is bravely looking right up at the very large dog. The entire Sentinel has very inspiring articles relating to the subject of bullying. Thank you for sharing your personal experience and the good results of prayer and also the really wonderful story of Love protecting the young girl. Our prayers cannot help but be affective in helping others who have or will fall victim to such a practice for these young girls.

  85. Love this. Thank you. Reminds me of the firey furnace with not even the smell of smoke remaining, as in the Bible story of the three Hebrew young men. Yea!!! for God's lions. So grateful for divine protection for us all.

  86. Rob,
    Thanks so much. This lift was a WOW for me today! Divine Love is powerful and immediate and was right there to protect this girl and does the same for us, as we call on it for help.

  87. Thank you

  88. How inspiring our Prayers GOD responds even to animals (who are sensitive)
    protecting the innocent child WOW what protection surrounds us ALL Everywhere!
    Thanks for magnificent Life & warm 75 responses.

  89. Had never heard that AP story. Thank you, thank you, thank you! And for the analogy to your own story. We never know what shape the lions will come in! I will use this with others.

  90. Rob, Thank you so much for that wonderful Daily Lift! It was perfect.

  91. Such an inspiring story with endearing lion imagery. Mighty indeed with all the God love behind that force.

  92. The responses to the lifts are always so inspiring. I didn't have time in the lift to say that the bully not only stopped the bullying immediately, but apologized about a year later when we happened to meet on the street one day. As some of the responses have noted, I too have been praying for the rights of women and have found inspiration in what Mrs. Eddy says in Science and Health about man, "His origin is not, like that of mortals, in brute instinct, nor does he pass through material conditons prior to reaching intelligence." 63:6-9. From that I reason that error cannot impose on human development a period of brutality and sexual violence against women, that must be endured before mankind can know and do the will of God. Truth does not require cycles of time and development to mature fitness for knowing and doing right. Certainly, divine Love will call forth mighty forces to produce justice in this area wherever needed.

  93. Thank you Rob for that lift .. it can be put to so many situations ...

  94. Thank you Rob and everyone for sharing. thanks DL team, Nate you and your team do such a wonderful job. Also Thanks Christine #69, as I was the comments I too thought about Mrs. Eddy's assurance that God's ideas are not carnivorus. thanks Margaret 31, such an inspiring story. And #14, thanks for the note on Rev 5:5,6 and Jean 62 for the AP story reference. So much to be grateful for.

  95. Thank you.What a great sense of security comes from this lift.

  96. How cool! I've been praying about womanhood, manhood, and brotherhood. This Lift and your additional comments fill me with gratitude.

  97. Thank you for the vivid reminder of the strength of moral courage and the help that will be there no matter what the odds appear as.

  98. THanks! That was absolutely beautiful.

  99. Thank you Rob!

  100. When I was a young girl in junior high, there was a boy who was verbally abusive to me, I would come home from school in tears. One day my big brother asked what was wrong and I told him. The boy stopped bothering me and it wasn't until I was an adult my big brother told me how he went to this boy picked him up by the collar and told him to leave me alone. I was so grateful that he did this for me and I realized just how much my brother loved me. He didn't hurt the other boy, he just let him know he could if he didn't stop. I loved this lift/

  101. Inspiring Lift. Thank you!

  102. Thank you Rob !
    Your moral courage comes through crystal clear. We are all blessed by your unselfed giving.
    I like to think of courage as "coeur" (heart in French). Tenderheartedness, lightheartedness, having a strong heart- full of the vitality and power of Love. Those lions represented the power of Mother Love and supporting Fatherhood that is always present in a way that lifts us out of danger to the "Joy of Life" (from my Bible lesson this week on Life). Heartfelt gratitude! Leslee

  103. such a clear message! Thank you so much for this lift, Rob !

    Dear Melanie from # 76 - I am reading the new "We knew M.B.Eddy" book which is absolutely great! In it Mrs. Eddy at one point instructs her metaphysical helpers during the court case of the "Next Friends'" to work not against persons, or with a person in mind, but to know that Truth would always win. this so impressed me and I try to remember this in other situations: no person - Truth wins. Divine Justice has to be expressed and experienced. Just expect it! Principle and Love belong together. So you can be quiet and calm. Truth works for the righteous.
    Much love !

  104. Thank you! just what i needed to hear today:)

  105. I was feeling overwhelmed today and this helps so much. "Truth is always the victor." (Science and Health pg. 380) I'm now feeling very grateful that we have an infinite, totally unilimitable, God!

  106. Thank you, Rob!

    I am also grateful to all those who stand up to bullies.

    Obviously, others felt the same way due to all these responses.

    Keep up the good work!

    TRuth, Wisdom, Love, and Sincerity,

    Rob Scott
    Chicago, IL

  107. Your lifts encourage,inspire,and impel me to continue along the "straight and narrow" merci,thanks,and as always....God bless!

  108. Thank you, Rob, for this outstanding lift.

    As a child in Sunday School I loved the story of Daniel in the lion's den. I learned early of the protection of Divine Love. Your lift and the imparting of the story about the girl protected by lions fortified my knowledge and understanding of God's ever presnt and all powerful presence.

  109. To recognize our God-given spiritual-moral values, inot only for ourselves , but in others too. is a very good thing to start the year.
    This has been possible to me in some measure, only with the study of The divine Science, in the writings of Mrs. Eddy and its explanations of The Bible, and specially for what we gradually discover what we are to God, divine love as it`s in Isaiah 43:4 Since thou wast precious in my sight, thou has been honourable, and I have loved thee. (King James v.) and in Science and health pg. 475 Man is the idea of Love.

    My best wishes to all for a year full of divine discoveries in our real spiritual I.D. in order to share the Love which heals every ill and allows to share our real brotherhood.
    clarae. from Cuernavaca, Mèxico

  110. Thank you Rob. Not only is your message so clear and precise, also your post script added. Nothing is impossible with and of God. A beautiful example of "all of God's creatures moving in the harmony of Science....." Mary Baker Eddy, (Science and Health). Moving andf in harmony. That is all of us.

  111. Thank you for this, I just read Martha Sarvis' article from Jan. 9th Sentinel and she too was talking about Moral Courage, something I had not given much thought, but love to think about it now, as well as your wonderful lift!

  112. What a powerful lift. Thank you so very much.

  113. This touching account of innocency and moral courage protected by lions guarding,reminded me of an account in the Angeles National Forest, California. A family hiking were separated from their 5 year old boy. Searchers were called out but couldn't locate him. There was great fear because the temperature was expected to be below freezing that night, and he was in light clothing. The helicopters, and Sheriffs men gave up after dark. They took up the search, sadly the next day. Soon someone found the boy under a big tree. He was fine. They asked if he hadn't been very cold. He said that a big doggy had come and kept him warm all night. The Sheriffs men searched the site and found many hairs. The big doggy was a wolf.We all love these evidences of the Peaceable Kingdom with us, and look for more.

  114. Reading this lift was a treat this morning before work; and, tonight, reading it with all the added comments is perfect. Thank you.

    There is a great children's book telling the true story of a similar experience. It is "The Bear Who Heard Crying" (author is McKissack, I think). Both of these experiences give such a feeling of love and connection that can be experienced among all of us "loved ones."

  115. Oops, I googled that book and It's "The Bear That Heard Crying" by Natalie KInsey-Warnock.

  116. My grandchildren were outside waiting for me, and as i joined them i saw that they were throwing kicks at each other. I asked them not to act in such way, and my granddaughter shared that "even animals do that" ... "which animals?" "those with big curled horns, they bump and hit each other". Later, in the evening i read about a book about the "Jataka tales", a collection of stories about the Buddha's previous lives as he progresses on the path of awakening, and in those previous lives sometimes he is an animal, "but in each life he manifests kindness and wisdom". Hearing your lift Rob, and especially the part about the lions guarding the girl was an unexpected but timely gift complementing my earlier reading, affirming the appreciation of "good" in all around us AND challenging the stereotypical notions that sometimes we are too gullible to accept. Indeed Rob, your words are precious as i strive to understand and uphold "good" all around us. Thanks to you, and also to all those involved in bringing the "daily lift" so consistently and dependably with their gift of light and love, and accompanying music.

  117. Thank you. This helped me today.

  118. Wow! What a beautiful story --and amazed it's a true one! Thank you, Robert -- Anne

  119. what beautiful stories of our protection in Love. Thank You

  120. Thank you.
    I am facing a difficult situation.Your message gives me hope that lions will come out & help me too.

  121. When i don't get to the Daily Lift till late the day it runs, I often am just quietly grateful to come home to such shared joy and Love's gift. tonight I must say "Thanks, Rob and all who responded." It is a wonderful world we share.

  122. I loved the story of the 12-year old. I guess she experience what Mrs Eddy describes as entertaining "angels unawares". Those lions were here angels, her God-sent protection. Thanks Rob - very inspiring and affirming.

  123. I always like to tell the originator of the Daily Lift if it touched me deeply enough for tears to run down my face. My local paper prints long descriptions of criminal activity committed in my community. Your lift will help me to know the truth about the criminals and the victims and the uncontrollable desire in the heart of each thoughtful person to join me in nullifying this tendency toward error and evil.

  124. A Trinity of lions... Father, Son, and the Holy Spirit??


  125. I feel like mortal mind has been bullying me with one thing after another. This precious lift has given me the courage I seemed to have lost tonight. I will wait for my lions. Thank you.

  126. Thank you so much for these wonderful ideas. Yes, I am a day behind, but what a beautiful thought to know we have those lions protecting us no matter what the challenge. I will keep this image with me. I am so very, very grateful for this Lift.

  127. Mrs. Eddy uses Truth, Life and Love so often together (such as in the Daily Prayer) that the 3 lions might be thought of in these terms. When teaching Sunday School in our Christian Science church, I often refer to these 3 synonyms for God as our triple-ply protection., omnipresent and omnipotent, the master of every occasion.

  128. I am learning that moral courage comes in the letting go. I've been particularly thankful of late as demonstrations of protection continue to bless me in unexpected ways, reminding me that we live with infinite Good where mighty forces can always aid us. How blessed we are.

  129. Truth is stranger than fiction. Thank you all for your inspiration.

  130. The beautiful thing of it all... is that it is "The Truth" Thank you for the lift & all the additional inspiration from everyone else, WOW :)

  131. The great and vast beauty & strength in the "Truth".....is our real and very present protector at all times and in ALL situations :) What a beautiful story... thanks for sharing such an inspirational lift. I love your comment Janet_ Truth is stranger than fiction...how very true, too.

  132. Wonderful in every way.

    Warm thanks to #28, #124 and #127 for giving the lions names appropriate to their divine nature.

    31 Margaret, I love your monkeys shine story. :-)

    113 Janet, I will be sharing with many friends your recounting of the wolf protecting the little boy, as well as Rob's recounting of the lions protecting the little girl. They prove we not only have no reason to fear any creature, if our motives are harmless, but we have every reason to EMBRACE them with the same tender love that our Mother-Father feels for them.

    69 Christine: How true. And I would add that man is not made to bully, terrorize, oppress or coerce animals of any species into submission, either. Indeed, it is "natural for the man of God's creating to love, cherish, and protect the women and children [AND ALL CREATURES] of God's creation."

    God bless us all.

  133. Thank you.

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