1/9: Important decisions

1/9: Important decisions

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  1. Thank you Rob for this very helpful Lift. With the understanding that Christian Science gives us we never have to accept what the world is telling us. Any opinion based on sense testimony is false: whether it is beliefs that are commonly held, are in the majority or even termed "expert opinion". Christian Science always gives us a choice and allows us to rise above the material to the spiritual, never having to accept anyone else's distorted view when we know the spiritual reality. Mary Baker Eddy says in S&H page 481, "The various contradictions of the Science of Mind by the material senses do not change the unseen Truth, which remains forever intact." This allows us to not only navigate successfully through what appears to be a "storm" but to help others we meet along the way.

  2. What a beautiful thought.
    The storm never lasts but the peace reigns forever. Rise above the storm and the peace is there.
    may the Peace of God reign in all of our thoughts throughout the coming year.
    Thank you all for these wonderful Daily Lifts.

  3. Thank you for this reminder that perfect peace is always present and ours for the deciding! Blessings abound!

  4. Thank you Rob,such a comfort in these times

  5. Thank you so much for this grate Lift, it helps me a lot. Martha from switzerland

  6. A storm?
    God doesn't do that.
    God derived Peace?
    A thought on which to be stayed.

    Thank you for these thoughts.

  7. Encouraging - thank you for making the Way so clear!

  8. In a broader sense, how well these ideas also apply to weather conditions and climate change as both are shaped and influenced by consciousness. Thank you, Rob.

  9. Awesome lift this morning, thank you!

  10. Thank you.

  11. Thank you Rob. This was something I really needed to hear today. I was about to enter into someone's storm when my laptop suddenly gave a ping and told me that I had a new Daily Lift. I immediatly tuned in to what you were saying instead of entering in to that storm and now I feel at peace and feel most grateful for your timely reminder of how Christ dealt with the storms of every nature.

  12. This message is so simple but so effective! I really needed to hear this as I am often finding myself and others in a storm. Just to know that peace is ever present is something I will hold in my thoughts. Thank you so much, Rob!

  13. "Thou wilt keep him in perfect peace, whose mind is stayed on thee: because he trusteth in thee" Is.26:3
    In every dire circumstance we could make a serious decision: or we take in the fear of those who tremble for something that hasn't happen yet, doubting that God is by their side, or bring them into our own God given perfect peace ―that envelops us all.
    Jesus said, "Peace I leave with you, my peace I give unto you: not as the world giveth, give I unto you. Let not your heart be troubled, neither let it be afraid" John 14:27

    "Tú le guardarás en completa paz, cuyo pensamiento en ti persevera; porque en ti se ha confiado" Isaias 26:3
    En toda grave circunstancia podemos tomar una seria decisión: o aceptamos el miedo de aquellos que temen por algo que aún no ha ocurrido, dudando que Dios está a su lado, o los traemos hacia nuestra propia paz perfecta, otorgada por Dios ―que nos envuelve a todos.
    Jesús dijo, "La paz os dejo, mi paz os doy: no como el mundo la da, yo os la doy. No se turbe vuestro corazón, ni tenga miedo" Juan 14:27

  14. Thank you for that inspiring thought

  15. Thank you, thank you, thank you. I have been praying lately not to let me get involved into storms that are not mine but this is a totally different approach. Instead I should awaken to my inner peace and thus bring the others into my peace, the peace of God. I am so grateful for this DL that words cannot express it. Blessings to all the team and the comments.

  16. What a simple but strong and helpful Lift - thank you so very much

  17. Wonderful Truths shared. Thank you, Rob. Choice is so important in our daily work for ourselves, our patients/friends, our world and the world.

  18. I LOVE this!!!! "Either he could enter into their storm or bring them into his peace." What greater love could we share than to "bring them into our peace"...our understanding of our inseparability from Principle, Spirit...

  19. WOW. So profound. Let's all bring the entire Middle East into our peace. The peace of the Christ is so available and so precious!!! We have that God-given authority! Our Savior is glorified. I pray for the expansion of grace over the Middle East and our thoughts, in our lives, our parents and children's lives, for our country and for all mankind: receiving that peace is present and active.
    Praise God for this blessing!!!

  20. Thanks!
    "The storm may roar--without me!"

  21. What a fresh perspective! Thank you for that simple reminder, a wee gem!

  22. Thank you, Rob.

    Awesome message!

    Truth, Wisdom, Love and Sincerity, to ALL mankind.

    Rob Scott
    Chicago, IL

  23. Thank you so very much for this timely message. I realize I am often tempted to "enter into the storm" - but I'll stay with perfect peace instead!

  24. The decisions we make are so important, but if we make the wrong ones we will be led to learn from our experience and get back on track with our Shepherd.

    Hymn 258 begins:- "Oft to every man and nation comes the moment to decide, in the strife of Truth with falsehood, for the good or evil side....." and v.2 begins "New occasions teach new duties...they must upward still and onward who would keep abreast of Truth......"

    Mrs. Eddy says somewhere that if we make a mistake, we can at once change our course and do right - or words to that effect. So we need never despair if we seem caught up in a problem through a wrong decision - we have our Saviour with us to guide us safely home.

  25. Thank you for this inspiring message. We can also include others in our peaceful sense of health and right activity right where they may believe they are subject to the storms of sickness and sin. It comes down to what we choose to be governed by: the harmony of God, Truth, or the chaotic, vacuous belief in something beside his Allness.

  26. Perfect - thank you.

  27. Thank you Rob - isn't it wonderful how we get the message we need at just the right time.?
    I love these daily lifts, so thanks to all who help to bring them to us and I also love the online lectures. They have brought me many helpful and healing ideas. Please keep them coming.

  28. Thank-you, Rob, for this wonderful message/Lift of perfect peace! Such a clear, decisive and positive explanation.

  29. Thanks Rob,
    What a wonderful way to awaken this morning with your DL and begin the day. Its beginning not with stormy thoughts of the yesterdays but with the gentle peace of God's ever present love.

  30. Rob, these profound ideas are exactly what 'the world needs now'! I savored every word and agree with your message! You conveyed your concepts beautifully! Thank you!

  31. Thank you for that great reminder. The storm can not touch us or any one when we place our selves in God,s care. The weather report mentioned that flooding is expected in the lower part of the States but God is there taking care of things.

  32. Muchas gracias Rob, sincerarmente hoy necesitaba este mensaje cualquiera que sea la tormenta que tengamos que enfrentar, si confiamos en Dios el resultado siempre es el mismo paz, y comprensión de que no hay situación que no se corrija confiando todo a Dios, aunque ruja la tormenta del error con Él estamos a salvo siempre.

  33. Thank you sooo much, Rob. This seems to open dimensions of a whole new universe of goodness, joy and spiritual power. I will have to rehear this lift a lot. Thank you.

  34. Thanks for beautiful lift. A great message to learn to keep peace in every storm. Thanks again.

  35. Thank you.

  36. For me, this is one of the best lifts I have read!

  37. thank you rob

  38. Love it Rob, thanks so much and thanks to #1 for his expanding ideas.

  39. Rob, thank you for the lift. I needed to hear it today.

  40. Thank you, Rob, for this healing lift...so very clear and "calming!"

  41. Thank you Rob. Our "atmosphere of Love divine" (where we live and move and breathe) is certainly peaceful and blessed. In Christian Healer - Amplified Edition - there are many instances of Mrs Eddy asking her household to pray for gathering storms. Sometimes, though everyone present was praying, there was no improvement. Mrs Eddy said they were looking at the storm too much instead of praying to God, and within moments of her prayer the clouds would break up and the sun shone through.
    Thank you Nate and your team; the BoL and lecturers; and the on-the-job-for-peace Lift family.

  42. Many thanks Rob for these inspiring thoughts. Yes. "Bring them into our perfect Love derived peace." "Love now is dawning over every nation;/ Showing true brotherhood, publishing salvation,/ Love bids all discord cease./ Conquering hate, enthroning peace,/ Love, Love alone is power." (Christian Science Hymnal #179).

  43. I just love this simple, yet profound comment Rob. Thank you so very much!. I love the idea that it is WE who make the choice moment by moment.........."Storm" or "Peace". Wow, a great and very clear idea for me to carry with me no matter where I go. I am so very grateful for these wonderful Daily Lifts.

  44. Such a good example of why we keep reading these Bible stories over and over. There is always a new message to be found. This is a new one for me, and I thank you for it.

  45. PEACE, BE STILL. FEAR NOT. "He that dwelleth in the secret place of the most High shall abide under the shadow of the Almighty. Thanks for this reminder!

  46. Thank you, Rob, for “Important decisions … Jesus … had a decision to make, either he could enter into their storm or bring them into his peace … we have a decision to make …” Lately, I’ve been considering “storms” in my own experience, not as the usual challenges threatening health and well being; but instead, as opportunities to prove the dominion of Good over evil, Love over fear, Spirit over matter. From now on I’ll be asking myself, “This storm or God’s peace?” Then, I’ll practice being still to listen for God’s guidance and protection. I've already learned from experience that as I keep my thought open to establishing God’s peace where a “storm” seems to be, I discover the best possible solutions. Like with Jesus! Unceasing prayer. Unwavering obedience. Hmmmmm ... calming storms. The weather forecast for some regions is for lots of rain with possible flooding. In other regions, there are still serious drought conditions. Such imbalanced weather conditions don't reflect Principle. Yesterday I thought, "With today's technology, scientists should be seriously studying how we might redirect the weather for better balance." This morning I remembered, “Prayer as ‘technology" by Lyle Young from The Christian Science Journal, May 30, 2012. “… have you ever thought of prayer as ‘technology’ itself? …” A definition of technology is, “The application of scientific knowledge for practical purposes.” The article goes on to explore and explain Christian Science.

  47. Thank you for this lovely lift. How simple it all sounds and is certain wisdom and yet how many times in the past I made the wrong choice and increased the storms? I know better now because I did have to make that conscious decision to choose peace every time and gradually that became my habit. Thank God for our inner guide towards peace, harmony....a gentle outcome. There is no gain in choosing to feed the storm. Higher ground is gained always by a choice for peace. I am emotionally stable, grounded and my joy a constant because I choose peace over conflict. Occasionally I still make that poor choice and I am reminded of just how much we are required to be on our toes at all times. Hymn 1 "Be thou o God exalted high and as Thy glory fills the sky...so let it be on earth displayed , till Thou art here and now obeyed." Peace on earth. Good will to men. Have a good day you all. With love, Donna

  48. This healing Lift inspired me to consider another Bible truth, "Great peace have they which love thy law: and nothing shall offend them" (Ps 119:165). Gratitude to Rob for this inspiring Lift, the Daily Lift Team, Lifters, seekers - and peace to all!

  49. Thanks so much, Rob, for a much needed inspiration. In my empathy for others, I tend to get drawn into their storm and suffer along with them. Although I always share helpful and uplifting thoughts and pray I need to stay above the storm and center my thoughts only on God. Thanks again!

  50. Thanks, Rob. I needed that reminder.

  51. What a clear, powerful and effective way to approach family, friends, neighbors — and many media reports. Your sharing has met a specific need in my experience. And that simple message will endure for all time. Thank you for sharing.Mrs. Eddy would applaud because your lift coincides with her thought, "Your decisions will master you whichever direction they take."

  52. I am in God's care~I am at peace!!
    Thank you Rob for your message today and for all the helpful comments!!
    Love and peace to all

  53. Wonderful, Thank you !

  54. Best Lift I have ever heard! Grateful! And I won't forget it!
    Never enough exclamation points!

    PATRICE in St Louis

  55. I LOVE THIS! Thank you for the wonderful reminder. I do this when anyone tells me of their great storm. People know I'm a Christian Scientist and I feel they tell me about storms because they know I will only give them truthful ideas about themselves in language they can understand. I've always been thanked for it. I love the way you put it in this daily lift. Much gratitude for this daily lift and those we get each day.

  56. I love this, thanks so much Rob!

  57. Excellent! Thank you!

  58. Thank you, Rob! Such a sweet and simple insight from a familiar Bible Story! I think this is what Mrs. Eddy expected us as Christian Scientists to do - to garner the spiritual inspiration from the Bible and not just to get the surface story. I thought of C.S. Hymn 160 - 163, "....For storm or shine, pure peace is thine,....." I have a choice to make each day....."What State do I live in....Idaho, or the State of Peace?" I can choose to live in Peace as my State of Consciousness, through knowing the Truth of where I truly do abide......in Heavenly Love. Thank you for this wonderful insight! You have blessed me and so many today! XOXO

  59. Thank you for this perfect lift. Living in an area prone to hurricanes has challenged me the past several years. I will remember this next time fear wants to feed the storm. The responses were also perfect for me today. Thankful for all of them.

  60. I like it... I will not be "sucked" in to anothers' storm, but will share my peace and calm. Or as # 20 Dick so aptly put "the storm may roar without ME"! Thank you so very much- a very clear and most practical "lift"!

  61. I love it....thank you!

  62. What a practical and needed way to exemplify the Master today. Choose his peace and love for ourselves and others. Choose heaven on earth. Thank you!

  63. A very profound message with a profound effect. Thank you so much, Rob!

  64. Such a clear, yet simple, statement for guiding our thinking!
    thank you so much.

  65. Beautiful. Thank you!

  66. This truthful outlook is so very helpful and very timely for me because I'll be seeing a friend today who needs comforting... thank you very much.

  67. I so needed this today.

  68. I LOVE this ! Wisdom bids us all to not enter into another's "storm" , just as ...If I opened the door of my wonderful Florida home, and saw that a storm was raging ... or seemingly even approaching ... wouldn't I SHUT the door? Absolutely! And I wouldn't go open windows OR engage with it, OR let it pour onto my beautiful floors/spiritual foundation either! :) So it is with ALL presentations of ANY error. A short phrase right in the middle of today's LIFT must not be overlooked, "...and it proved to be healing." Job38:11 reads, "Hitherto shalt thou come, but no further: and here shall thy proud waves be stayed." We are a beach town and live on a river. One evening, our iphones began beeping with tornado warnings. Undisturbed, we began creating a lasagna, but my hubby did step out the front door (he later told me he saw "strange" cloud action approaching) I felt led to step out back. I could not see the sky because I was under a huge oak, but it sounded like a locomotive just on the other side of our jungle-thick hedge. I literally HELD UP MY HAND, firmly UNmoved, and quoted that verse "..NO FURTHER.", picked up my 2 cats, went in and shut the door. We met in the living room, and immediately, all was totally quiet. We returned to cooking, had a great evening of lasagna and a DVD movie, and didn't even"check the news".The next day we learned that a tornado had made a path next to us, taken off a roof or 2, but no injuries. I worked to un-see even that!

  69. So important ...
    Thank you Rob!
    We must guard our peace constantly.

  70. Thank you so much Rob! And I always appreciate the comments by others. Grateful to the team who puts these on. Thanks.

  71. This Lift is life-changing! It's a keeper. Thanks so much, Rob.

  72. Thank you. This is very centering, and an excellent way to consider our practice, today.

  73. Thank you Rob! What you've explained about storms is perfect! It's a perfect way to protect ourselves from "foreign storms" that come to our lives, and the example of Jesus in the Bible that you presented fills me with peace and love and teaches me that every time a "foreign storm" comes to me, I can rely on Jesus teachings!
    Lots of Love to the DL Community!!

  74. Thanks Rob. "God is Spirit" And we are the reflection of this Spirit. We are unhurt forever from any kind of storm. We are always saved wherever we are.

  75. For me, this is perfect, protective armor against the "storm" of news reports today about the flu. Thank you.

  76. After all the other previous wonderful and insightful comments, what can I say but - FANTASTIC!

  77. Thank you Rob! Perfect message for remaining serene and staying any storm. Thank you to everyone else too... I am always amazed by the collective love and wisdom of this world-wide group of Daily lift listeners! I am so grateful to you all.

  78. The clarity of this beautiful metaphor is so powerful. You've given us a wonderful perspective Rob. "Enter into their storm or bring them into our peace." "As we work to keep our minds stayed on God,feeling something of that perfect peace...somehow, in an appropriate way, we can bring them into our God derived peace ." This correct view extends beyond your own peace of mind and blesses others. “Whatever blesses one blesses all” (Science and Health, p. 206). Like Lori #49, my empathy for others sometimes draws me into others' storms. Lately it has been a great challenge to stay with God's peace. At times I "hear" other people's thoughts and have not always made the right choices about what to do with these perceptions. This is such a wonderful viewpoint, which of course is God's view. By staying with God, we help bring others to God's perfect peace and harmony. So many wonderful insights from all the lifters too. Thank you also to #41 Margaret Sunshine Coast Australia for reminding us of that section in Christian Healer where students were praying to dispel the storms and Mrs. Eddy brought God's peace. In Miscellaneous Writings, Unity of Good, Rectifications, Mrs. Eddy talks about rectifying mistakes and calls it reversal or revision. She says, "by seeing it in its proper light, and then turning it or turning from it." Let's not enter the storms but turn them into peace.

  79. I needed this reminder today so much -- thank you for the perfect timing of perfect peace!

  80. Awesome!!!!

  81. What a profound angel message. I had prayed to God when I awoke this morning for a message of Truth in regard to the storm of another, and then I read today's Daily Lift and find my prayer answered... it is as Isaiah has it, "before they call, I will answer." Thank you so, so much. Thank you too for your inspired lectures.

  82. This was so helpful today. It brought me into Christ's peace and out of my own mental tossing sea. It also is a wonderful explanation of Christian Science treatment!

  83. Wow! That was a perfect insight for me today. Gods timing is Perfect. Thank You. This is exactly what I needed to hear right now.

  84. Thank you.

  85. Oh! What an inspiring Daily Lift this was. Son simple and yet so hard to grasp. The human looks at the news and hears all the horror in it, hears a friend or relative complain about something, takes it all in and throws up his hands because one thinks that he/she can't do something about it. When all that has to be done is to know that God never caused it, created it or knows anything about it. This is basic to healing of anything. Questions: Did God create it? Does God know about it? And the answers is NO! Then I don't have to accept it.

  86. Thank you, Rob, for your great Lift!
    So well said, and so very helpful.

  87. Wonderful ideas. Thank you

  88. Interestingly, I posted some thoughts on Peace this morning...before I listened to this Daily Lift. I just love it when manifestations of one Mind are so clearly shown to me.

    ... my peace I give unto you: not as the world giveth, give I unto you. Let not your heart be troubled, neither let it be afraid” ( John 14:27)
    Peace is more than the absence of strife, conflict or war. Peace is, from the Hebrew word shalom, more a completeness, a bringing together into wholeness. It is well-being embracing individuals and nations, all of creation. For me, there is comfort and serenity in this definition.
    The Greek word for peace, eirene, is about the conceptual power of protection. It is serenity. More, it is exemption from rage and havoc. Exemption! Here is exciting power!
    Peace belongs to each and every one of us. It is within each and every one of us. The trick is to recognize the truth of that, to know it, accept it and to live it. Peace does not belong confined to unspoken thought and passive inaction. It needs animation. It screams quietly for attention.
    Let these concepts brew in your consciousness. Let them steep until your being is effused with certainty. May 2013 be a year of peace, tranquility and motivation for you.

  89. This is an eye opener! AND so practical! Thank you, Rob!

  90. Thank you for lifting me up to understand there is no storm I need to tell God about so he can then jump in and protect the innocent. There is only His peace, love, grace. The more I think about and talk about the storm only disturbs me and those perhaps that join me in the storm. I know better. I thank you for throwing me the line to lift me out. I can actually feel the peaceful warmth that I know means healing has taken place. I am so grateful for this beautiful Truth.

  91. Such a powerfully simple thought! it puts me in mind of an Ivimy Gwalter article in which a little girl is surprised to be turned away from a friend's house because her friend was sick and she could """catch her illness," according to the friend's mom. Upon returning home, the child asked her mother why she should get sick from her friend and her friend not "get well" from her? She later came back to that thought as a Christian Science practitioner who realized the logic in it again years later.

    "Pure peace have they that love thy law and nothing shall offend them"! The only thing that can affect another is the buoyant spiritual reality and joy in our own consciousness. I'm so grateful for these simple and profound thoughts shared daily and for the team that puts them together!

  92. Wow, Rob what a wonderful analogy. Why would we allow ourselves to be drawn into another's storm? I think that we sometimes forget who we truly are and that our inherited harmony is never in danger to be lost. Thank you for your great Lift.

  93. Thanks so much for this thought about important decisions, protection and assistance, -
    often it is so easy to get and keep peace when listening to "God`s decisions" for us, already established in Mind - and clear, if we are being alert to see the storms in their unreality and are receptive to listen.

  94. What a simple but perfect message! Thank you!

  95. At times my strategy for staying out of other people's storms has been to distance myself from them...even keeping myself a bit on the periphery. But another strategy might be to hold the "still center"...Leadership through the calm and stillness of silent prayer. Mary Baker Eddy writes of "stationary power."

    Some tents have a single pole at the center...like a principle or a centering purpose (not a person). People--including children--can join hands as equals around such a pole...holding up the edges of the tent, rather than the whole tent.

    Thank you so much for this stupendous Lift!
    I live in a very medically minded community and will
    have some grand opportunities to share this..

  97. I recently sensed that I was becoming part of another's storm and was considering backing away
    from the situation. Last night I decided to put my hand in God's hand and wait to see where
    he leads me. First stop this morning is your "Daily Lift," where I see that I can bring them into
    my peace rather than backing/running away. I liked your use of the word appropriately and know
    it will guide me in the right way to do this.

  98. As a child living in a volatile household, I learned to "keep the peace" by being still and quiet while others ranted. Your inspiring lift tells us how to bring healing to any situation by bringing others into the universal, God-empowered peace, so the storm is stilled for all! Wow! Thank you!

  99. Rob, What a wonderful Lift and I enjoyed reading every one of the comments as well. Thanks, "Lift" team, Readers and Rob!!

  100. Thank you! What a great analogy -- applied like a parable to our day and all times.

  101. God is a God of peace; thanks so much for the inspiring lift; how important to learn and practice, not to enter into other's storms...!!! but to bring them into our peace!!

  102. Thank you so much Rob. This is my third day going over and over with 3 people how I do not want to be in their "storm" but come in the "sunlight" of my thinking. It has been a bartering endeavor.

    This is just what I needed as I stand firm for Good.

  103. Waking up from a bad dream is one thing. We don't have to fear it or wonder where it came from.
    Neither the dream nor the dreamer were real or God made, but the opposite of error is true.
    Where is the true model, the pure, the perfect, the peaceful?
    Thank you Rob, we can always make the decision to look for the absolute reality, and find peace.

  104. Good morning and thank you for the beautiful, wise, counsel. I will strive to do that. (=

  105. Thank you so much.

    As a prelude to this Lift (although not knowing it) I awakened this morning with the words of hymn number 154:
    "In thee, O Spirit, true and tender I find my life as God's own child; within Thy light of glorious splendor I lose the earth-clouds drear and wild." It goes on to say "Thy love and truth are everywhere" so all others are free from pain, sorrow and anxious thought or load of care.

    I was just coming through someone else's "storm" that I had unwittingly entered, and so this Lift wa/is very helpful in being more alert. and helpful to that person.

  106. This lift was perfect for me in dealing with a family situation. Love it and put the message on a sticky note so I can make this thought a habit.

  107. Yes...,it is easier to get caught up in others storms, not to mention inventing our own drama some days. I had just read Isiah 41 verse 10 befor I listened to this beautiful lift. Thank you Rob.

  108. Thank you for this! I have shared it with 3 people who I thought would find it helpful. They loved it.

  109. Wow, it's still midmorning and there are already over 100 comments! Rob, your inspirations inspire me. I had never thought about the idea that Jesus was making a decision when he rebuked the storm. It made me realize how we are constantly being faced with such decisions. Do we accept the false evidence or keep our minds stayed on God? Mary Baker Eddy in this week's lesson declared that "We are Christian Scientists, only as we quit our reliance upon that which is false and grasp the true." That fits perfectly with this lift. Having thought of myself as a lifelong Christian Scientist, that statement woke me up this week to realize that the criterion for being a Christian Scientist has nothing to do with time or experience and everything to do with making the decision to stop believing in the storms and believe only in the truth of ever present peace. Thank you, Rob and for all the wonderfully helpful comments too.

  110. Thank you for such a lovely thought.

  111. Enter "their storm" or bring them into God's peace...so beautifully powerful. Thanks so much, Rob.

  112. "Enter their storm or bring them into our peace." A decision that can bless many. I never thought about it that way, and am grateful that you have. Thank you for this helpful Lift.

  113. Thank you Rob for the beautiful lift. Shows why we must stand guard over our every thought.

  114. Thank you Rob! This is terrific!

  115. Thank you so much Rob, for the important, helpful and wonderful ideas

  116. So simple, clear and healing. Thank you!

  117. Wow. I have learned so much more about the potential of this idea since I shared it this morning in the lift. The Lift family does that. It takes an idea and expands on it in wonderful ways,. Thanks.


  118. Thank you, Rob.
    I LOVE this message and will
    work with it now.
    Loving regards from Auckland...

  119. Why do metaphysical ideas need to be complicated? Well, they don't. Rob Gilbert's Lift is an example of simplicity in articulating an important spiritual idea, and that must be why the response to this Lift is positive. I sure needed it today!

  120. Hi Rob! Thank you for this important Lift. It is exactly what I needed for today. All the comments were so helpful, especially #88 and #91.

    I am so grateful for the DL. I look forward to starting each day with the inspiration from it. Thank you!

  121. This truly is a gem!
    Thank you, Rob, for reminding us that, like Christ - peace is ever-present. And we have the decision/.the choice: We can "choose you this day whom ye will serve," (Josh 24: 15) - Why is this decision important? "Know ye not, that to whom ye yield yourselves servants to obey, his servants ye are to whom ye obey," (Rom 6:16). But the decision can be easy too. For this lift makes clear - stormy messes - "God doesn't do that" (thanks #6 - Frank!). Christian Science reveals there is really only God-derived peace. But we must awake and keep thought stayed on God.
    "I have set before you life and death, blessing and cursing: therefore choose life, that both thou and thy seed may live: That thou mayest love the Lord thy God, and that thou mayest obey his voice, and that thou mayest cleave unto him: for he is thy life," (Deut 30: 19, 20). It's worth it! What blessings right thinking brings us and all!

    P.S. I played this DL for the 2 housekeepers that came today, and gave them DL cards with subscription info. One was ready to put the AP on her phone right then. They were delighted - and said they surely need uplifting each day. Thanks all DL team and all who comment!

  122. Thank you Rob. I haven't heard that phase used by someone since I went through class many years ago.
    " Don't be pulled into their storm but invite them into your peace." How wonderful to hear it used again and quite refreshing.

  123. Thank you Rob

  124. I liked this a lot. This kind of message is appropriate to forward to people of any denomination. I remember my mother saying, "When we still the storm within, we can still the storm without." I like your wording even better.

  125. What a great perspective this DL gives us for dealing with the situations we encounter daily. Thanks, Rob.

  126. Again, as all the fellow Christian Scientists before me, a big , huge thank you for such an inspired message and help ! Like Lori Nr. 49 my empathy for others leads me sometimes into their storm ! Now, with your clear message - I will listen to it many times more - as I was struggling with the idea of error trying to oppose the Truth , I know that error, not only has no power, but it is all about me,making the right decision!
    Thank you so much for this daily gift !

  127. Clear, concise, and so very helpful - thank you and to the DL team too. A 'stayed-in-perfect peace' New Year to all!

  128. Thank you very much for this important,inspiring spiritual point of view.It is so helpful to be reminded to stay calm no matter the storm.My test came during the recent storm Sandy in NYC.I just kept knowing"God is completely harmonious,no matter the circumstance".This simple truth was very helpful to me..and others.I am thankful for class instruction.

  129. Addendum:
    This is an extraordinary lift. A triple Wow! this is a gathering of angels messeges right from The Kingdom Of Heaven. Thank you DL, Rob, and all lifters. I will keep today's Lift for long time.
    Many many Thaks!!!

  130. Just what was needed today - a true lift!

  131. this is so helpful, Rob. THANK YOU for thinking this way and sharing with the world. ! !

  132. A wonderfull thought that reaches everybody.

  133. Love this reminder of the simplicity that is in Christ! Thank you.

  134. Thank you Rob, even though I only got to hear this lovely lift a day late, I must tell you how grateful I am for the thought of not entering another's storm but rather bringing them into our peaceful, calm thought.A dear niece phoned from overseas in great distress and told me of some very unfair treatment she had received. I longed to take her in my arms to comfort her. Your message of Jesus calming the storm, which incidentally was part of my reading at our Testimony Meeting last night, was the perfect answer. We do not have to enter another's stormy dream, but rather rise above the turmoil and see them as separate from error's attempts to drown God's precious, much loved child. Today I am going to keep thought peaceful and calm, and bring my niece into those thoughts, and see she has never been anywhere other than God's kingdom.I will start with the 91st Psalm which tells us that "the Lord is our refuge and fortress, in whom we can trust" and the 23rd Psalm assures us that we dwell in the house (the consciousness of Love) forever. Thank you rob, once again for your timely message.

  135. Reminds me of what I learned long ago ... "Don't get into their dream!"

  136. This is SO helpful ... who isn't faced with storms and Jesus provided us with the answer. We only have to put it into practice. Thank you for this mini profound sermon .

  137. I absolutely love this and was so helped by it. Thank you from the bottom my heart Rob

  138. Thanks Rob, just wonderful!!!

  139. I love how we are ennabled "to know that as in heaven so on earth, God is omnipotent
    supreme" in this lift. We are all lifted into the calm as with our Master and his disciples.
    Thank you so much, Rob!

    Quote is from "Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures" by Mary Baker Eddy (p.17)
    Daily Lift Team

  140. 2nd Submission – 011013 “… either he could enter into their storm or bring them into his peace … people bring to us their storms …” This morning (the day after this Lift), a TV news program reported a serious outbreak of the flu. In thought, I prayerfully likened “the flu” to “their storm.” Then I realized that belief in contagion about impending and rampant threats to health and well being, is one of those opportunities for a “storm or peace” decision. We can decide to “bring them into his peace.” Mrs. Eddy explained and showed us how. When, just like now, much worldview declares that a storm is a storm and there can be no peace from or within it, Mrs. Eddy proved as sovereign, only one God/Good/Love, itself! And thank you so much, #91. SiouxZ – 1/9/2013 for the great example of “bringing them into his peace,” while reminding me of the Ivimy Gwalter article about the little girl, who, “… asked her mother why she should get sick from her friend and her friend not ‘get well’ from her…” I'm inspired be even more mindful to establish “his peace” – our health and well being in my consciousness, so that when I refuse “their storm,” I’ll have a safe place (ark) to be all together under God’s guidance and protection, in “his peace.” Once a Christian Science practitioner, after hearing about “my storm,” calmly said to me, “It’s only a suggestion. You don’t have to take that suggestion.” I chose not to take it. I was freed. Healing happened. Mrs. Eddy explained and showed us how.

  141. One of the best Lifts ever!
    Have listened several times and will save.
    Thanks SO much, Rob.

  142. Thank you for this wonderful healing message, and for all the DL's additional comments.

  143. Answering 2 days later - FANTASTIC lift. Thank you so much. Will listen many times again

  144. This came at exactly the moment needed that reminded me to make the right choice to keep calm myself and truly benefit a loved one and friends (and who knows how many others this stand and right thought may have benefited)

  145. What a beautiful lift! Thank you : )

  146. Thank you for this gift! What blesses one blesses all.

  147. Thank you for the inspiration and wonderful sharing by fellow lifters.

  148. That was beautiful...Calm and peaceful...Thank you so much

  149. Once again, you have imparted a wealth of good thoughts and ideas. Love every thought you share. Thank you.

  150. Very helpful message and comments..thanks so much! I often jot down helpful thoughts from Daily Lifts in my C S Quarterly Bible Lessons to review during the month as I study each Lesson.

  151. Loved it

  152. What a great lift. This is the best one I have ever heard. It is so simple yet so powerful.

  153. thankyou for a wonderful lift and thanks yo every comment. they have greatly opened my thoughts and my heart. Blessings to all

  154. Thank you. This has brought me a great sense of peace today. It has reminded me that we can bring peace to any situation and we don't have to be disturbed by storms that present themselves. Luke 17:21 "Neither shall they say, Lo here! or, lo there! for, behold, the kingdom of God is within you."

  155. Astonishingly practical. I've used this countless times in the past week and a half and sheltered so many people, situations and yesterday even a dog in my peace. It's delightful!

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