1/8: Being a witness

1/8: Being a witness

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  1. Thank you, Josh. Your Lift is simple, perfect, and profound. Like Jesus, we all have the privilege to "bear witness unto the truth." (John 18:37)

  2. That is so very helpful. Thank you.

  3. Perfect...beautiful...and freeing..."in the beginning God" and "it was very good"...thanks for the reminder...blessings abound...thanks so much for sharing

  4. It is interesting that Josh mentioned his listening before he perceived the value of witnessing. "Listening for the inspiration of the Infinite" is one of the essential elements of spiritual healing and Josh has obviously developed that skill. Thank you, Josh, for all you are doing to help us see beyond the "mist"and awake from the material, mortal dream.

  5. Thank you for articulating the simplicity of being a true and faithful witness for who man is created. I was thinking along those lines tonight while working on several loads of laundry when the idea that each of us IS designed to magnify or in simpler terms express Good's nature. We're not the source of the power. We reflect the power. So it's not some personal talent we either have or don't have. We have all what it takes to reflect life, truth, and love. However, we do need to defend our right to not have our defense stolen from us, by not taking the quiet time to mentally listen to ideas from God rather than the fickle chatter of negative thinking as you pointed out. I was on the last load of wash before turning in for the night; it was in the spin cycle and noticed the dial had moved without me paying specific attention; but I wanted to see it actually move and I realized I needed to stay focused on the dial if I wanted to witness it turning. I had a running list of tasks on my mind; when the thought came: if your only job was to watch this dial turn or watch the clothes spin, the only way to be successful is if I actually do the witnessing. I realized I had allowed my attention a second of distraction and missed a notch in the turn of the dial. Then I asked myself how long are you willing to be a witness? I'm willing to stand here as long as it takes to see the job through. So it is with our defensive prayer to recognize our's and others' God-given natures. Thank you!

  6. Thank Josh. Such a lovely lift to start the day with. I shall be a witness to all God's works all day long. Dilys UK.

  7. Josh, Thank you.

  8. Thank you! This realy is a lift!

  9. That just hit me! Know that God has already done what is necessary.

  10. Thank you for this Lift! How sweet our Life is when we cherish the understanding that God is the Creator, the One who propels all being and action. So great to hear these tender truths in everyday language that brings to us, in usable nuggets, the grand, scientific truth of our God's establishment of and connection with us! I'm taking a moment now to thank our Father-Mother, God, for making us aware that "God is Love" and that we are all members of one body, with Christ as the head of it all.

  11. Thanks Josh! How simple! It's a shift in thought from a false sense of ego, self, to the right sense of Ego, God; seeing as He sees..

  12. Merci beaucoup Josh! Simple and so strong in the same time.
    Thank you so muuuuchhhhhhh

  13. Thank you. Simplicity is often the most profound spiritual food. And this totally hit the mark.

  14. I've been struggling with flu symptoms for days, but now I realize that I was thinking they were real and they are not. I know too that God has already done the work and like Josh said, I have to acknowledge that this is the case.
    God made us all perfect to reflect Him and nothing can come between us and God. Thank you for this reminder!

  15. Thank you Josh.for the Lift.

  16. Thank you I love that. I'll be a witness today.

  17. Very beautiful ! thank you!

  18. This is great, thanks Josh :). It really IS just about "letting" God ...

  19. Thank you very much Josh , we are the very first to be convinced of that in order that it works !

  20. Thank you Josh. You showed us that sometimes we make it difficult, what really is simple.

  21. Thank you Josh for the timely presentation of a powerful scientific fact, as explained by Mrs Eddy in Misc.Writings pg 82;27- pg . 83 ; 6 : ".... Mind.........is the divine intelligence or Principle holding man forever in the rhythmic round of unfolding bliss , as a LIVING WITNESS to and perpetual idea of inexhaustible good ,"

  22. Dear Josh,

    It is simple when we turn everything "over to God". Thank you for a beautiful experience and sharing.

  23. Thank you Josh, this "simple" Truth is so helpful,and reminds us that we are NOT trying to heal matter, but instead we are seeing Man just as GOD made him, Spiritual and Perfect NOW!
    I've often wondered exactly what Jesus meant when he said "The time is now"...he must surely have meant that it's always Perfect now in the Kingdom of Heaven...Divine Mind, where in Truth we ALL live. Love to ALL June M.

  24. Thank you Josh. I was worrying over my children, but no more, its been done! I woke up!

  25. last night i was at a meeting and finding it hard to witness to the true nature of one of the people. she was so loud and insistent and talkative. But I kept on trying to see her as God sees her until I could appreciate her story telling qualities and laugh heartily at the stories. In the end, i was very appreciative of the kindly qualities of all these people. And went home satisfied.

  26. Dear Josh

    Thank you so much for your inspiring Daily Lift

    May one share with all of you, the the breakdown of the word KISS





    Yes, how simple it is to do the healing work in Christian Science when we get "my body" out of the way, and bring in, " the body ".

    All have a wonderful spiritual adventure.

    Love in Christ


  27. Thank you for this reminder to be a witness to the Truth we are perfect now.

  28. That is SO clear - simply and BEAUTIFULLY stated, Josh. Thank you so much. Love Mandi

  29. Thanks so much, Josh. Reminds me of the first healing I had in Christian Science, as a 21 year old skeptic, of a cut on my foot. The cut instantaneously vanished - I couldn't even find it on my foot. I could not understand what had happened - almost thought I had imagined the whole thing, except for the blood stains that I had to clean up. I guess I was a witness that day - I need to keep that up! Thanks again.

  30. Many thanks, for that brilliant but simple idea. We can start off grateful!

  31. Many thanks Josh for bearing witness to what God [divine Love] has already done. "Faithful witness bear of Thee;/ Binding up the broken-hearted,/We reflect Thy radiancy./ So may deeper consecration/ Show Thee forth in healing's sign,/ Till through joyful self-surrender/ We in Love's pure likeness shine." (Christian Science Hymnal #109).

  32. Thank you Josh for this reminder of who is really doing the work. Acknowledging that my role is as a witness and not the doer, shifts the responsibility and burden. This reminder is just what I needed today. Thank you!

  33. It used to be the case that if standing as a witness in a Court of Law you had to put your hand on the Bible and say something to the effect of:- "I swear to tell the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth, so help me God". I think that this applies to us all as followers of Christ, and to know that the whole of Truth is in God's hands, and that we are instructed to acknowledge this in all things, and we can know that God will help us when we really desire to be a witness to the spiritual facts which heal and bless mankind. "Salvation belongeth to the Lord".

    Thank you very much, Josh for reminding us of this great fact, and to all the lifters for your invaluable contributions. I am needing to put this witnessing into practice right now and at all times - and it does take practice.

  34. Si tomamos nuestro origen espiritual como real y nos sostenemos en él sin duda Dios está con nosotros, en nuestros desafíos sean de la ídole que sean, para ampararnos y sostenernos inmarcesibles apartados de ellos, demostrándolo, siendo un reflejo perfecto, que no yerra, ya que no hay error en el Bien, siendo esa certeza, nuestra seguridad y fortaleza.

    "No temas porque yo esroy contigo; no desmayes, porque yo soy tu Dios que te esfuerzo; siempre te ayudaré, siempre te sustentaré con la diestra de mi justicia" Isaías

    "La Ciencia revela la vida como una esfera completa. La Ciencia revela al espíritu como todo" R. e I. MBE

    Muchas gracias Josh

  35. Thank you Josh! Simple, profound and yet so powerful. The comments are also always good to have other perspective. I´ve been worrying lately about a healing that is taking some time...and today´s DL has put me to think over it. As Neuma #5 said: "How long are you willing to be a witness? Well, I am willing to stand here as long as it takes to see the job through". I will bear witness to the truth of God´s creation and be sure that I can absolutely expect to see healing. Words cannot express my gratitude for being part of this great spiritual family. Blessings to all.

  36. This great point separates CS healing from all other forms, including faith healing, etc. From the practitioner's perspective, medicine uses material means to heal a material problem & faith healers use spiritual means to heal a material problem. Mrs. Eddy discovered & proved that Spirit is all and "To begin rightly is to end rightly." SH 262:28 In our treatments, from what premise do we begin, Spirit or matter? Material sense presents its claim of a material problem, but it is not CS to think spiritual Truth to resolve the problem. We know this intellectually, but are we staying clear not to be deceived in practice? A CS practitioner once told of a patient asking for treatment for feathers that she saw growing on her arm. When the practitioner looked and saw none he said, "Madam you don't have feathers growing on your arm." But what if she had come in showing him a skin condition all over her arm? Would he have such clear conviction that she had no such issue? If so, he was "starting rightly," according to Mrs. Eddy. There is no matter, no skin condition; it is nothing but the "ancient belief" of intelligence & reality in matter that "deceiveth the whole world." Feathers or skin condition, it's nothing but mental delusion. Delusion is healed by mentally knowing what Mind sees, only (divine Science). Josh started aright, God's work is done & real CS treatment is to know Mind is always present as our Mind, bearing witness of His perfection as each individual man.

  37. Thank you so much. I loved the beauty and simplicity with which this profound truth is explained.

  38. Dear Josh, EXACTLY what I needed to hear today. The simplicity, where I make it such a struggle! THANK YOU so much. I love your delivery too.

  39. Thank you for that simple and direct message from God: "I've already done the work, your job is to be a witness to it". I love that, and to have that quote from the Bible in the book of Acts: "Ye shall be a witness unto me" is a simple direction for us to remember in this day of God's unfolding. I am knowing that as I prepare my CV today for the next gift of employment that God has already in store for me. As He has shown me in previous jobs I have done.

  40. Thank you for this timely message and reminder of the Truth. The spirit realm has no conditions, disorders or diseases . . . .knows nothing about judgement, good or bad, but gently leads us back to eternal grace and divine being. Healing takes place in the faith of the healer. . .. "Not by might (physical) or by power (mental), but by my spirit saith The Lord ." On the human realm we want to help and yet the greatest healings take place when we witness divine spirit unfolding the miracles before us.

  41. As always, your comments always give me a strong truth to rely on through the day. I love the natural and logical and straightforward way you explained this idea. Thanks Josh.

  42. Thanks Josh, Similar to Judy # 28, I have had healings that happened so quickly and complete that afterwards I couldn't remember whether it was my left foot or my right, my right hand or my left that had been the problem. My job as "witness" came so quickly I almost missed it. These "Lifts" are so helpful and what a wonderful way to start each day. I have been saving them for quite some time and now have close to 400 saved and enjoy referring back to them. A BIG "thank you!" to all the Lift team and comment contributers.

  43. Just the reminder I needed this morning. Thanks so much

  44. Thank you for that message revealed in many ways here.

  45. What a gem of a Lift! Thank you, Josh!

  46. Thanks for your timely message. I'm getting ready to visit a dear friend who is in the midst of a major medical issue. I've been stressed how to pray, what to do. Thanks, you've helped me see, it is done already and I will go and give witness -- with a smile and a light heart. Thank you.

  47. Thank you.

  48. Thank you. I needed to hear this today.

  49. Thank you for the simplicity and peace of this lift. I will carry this idea of being a witness to what God has already done.

  50. My how profound and yet simple your message is. We are just witnessing what God has already done. "Be still and know that I am God" and know that what needs to be done is already completed - I just have to be a witness not a performer. Thanks so much, Josh, and all who have contributed their experiences and thoughts!

  51. Josh, a great lift! Basic and simple. Thank you so much for sharing.

  52. I love this lift so much. Thank you!

  53. Thank you!

  54. What a simple prayer but powerful! Thanks Josh.

  55. Thanks Josh for the uplifting message. The comments have also been wonderful. Recently as I have been praying about a situation the thought came to me," all you have to do is love." As you have said God's work is done, we just need to bear witness to Life, Truth, and Love. Thanks again.

  56. So beautifully expressed.
    Witnessing is such glorious work.

  57. Josh, I am so grateful for your inspiring lift. You went right to the point and raised my consciousness to be a witness (reflect or see) to what God has already done. Thanks to all of the lifters and their comments especially #14 Joy ... acknowledging that God has already done the work and #35 E.L. ... "delusion is healed by mentally knowing what mind sees."

    Sometimes the slightest arrangement of wording triggers a renewed inspiration of understanding. I am so grateful.

  58. Right to the point message. Thanks for the terrific lift,

  59. Thank you for this powerfully pure
    healing message. It supports an angel thought I received this week while praying about a healing. It said to me,
    "Nothing can prevent God from being
    God; supreme, all powerful, always present and all knowing. And by reflection, man cannot possibly vary
    from being His perfectly precise, complete image and likeness". It was
    freeing. A feeling if peace and joy replaced a belief of fear regarding symptoms, as I gained a clearer understanding of my relationship
    to God in this fresh way.

  60. Many thanks Josh!

  61. Thank you for the fresh inspiration today. I love to be reminded of all truths!!

  62. Wow, so simple, but soooo enlightening! Is healing really that simple? Yes. This lift makes me realize that when we yield to & acknowledge God's perfect man now - not force a healing, not try to "change" anything (because in reality there is nothing to change, since all is perfect) then we'll see the perfection that always was & will be forever. Thank you Josh, I love this lift!

  63. Thank you Josh for this beautiful, honest and very strong experience of being a witness. Great !

  64. Thanks, Josh, from Beautiful Idaho! A very spiritually-minded friend of mine used to say: "Everything's
    already been worked out!" And your Lift says: "And it's our job to see it!" The more I study C.S., the more I see that it really is so much a disciplining of thought. I've been struggling to see that my mortal past has never really been the reality and therefore can have no influence on my present experience. As my practitioner friend says, "You've never been a Mortal." Yikes! Now THAT's something to strive to be a witness to! Happy clear seeing and knowing to All today! xoxo

  65. The work is already done! Of course, we aren't changing anything with our prayers, but bearing witness to the absolute now perfection of God's creation, then the human comes in line with the divine! I love this Josh, that you bring out the naturalness and simplicity of Christian healing. And that WE aren't doing the work, God already has!, Josh, thank you so much

  66. Thank you Josh.

  67. This is so clear and beautiful and true. Thank you...

  68. So clear. So beautiful

  69. Thank you Josh. This is a so helpful. As it says in Hymn 51, "His will is done, His kingdom come" we just have to be a witness to it.

  70. Thank you for this beautiful lift...I'm so grateful for the way the directors at the Mother Church have provided these Daily Lifts and Daily Thoughts and so many other,what I would call, 21st century computer-generated means of reaching and uniting the world-wide family of students of Christian Science. It's an enormous blessing,and I am grateful.

  71. As I join others in prayer for a missing 16-year old in the Boston area, this message is especially helpful. We are here as witnesses to his safe recovery and present perfection. We are witnessing God's plan in action, not endeavoring to see a lost boy found, but knowing -- witnessing -- that no one is lost in the kingdom of heaven. This act of witnessing helps all who are lost or missing. Thank you, Josh.

  72. Wow! Explained so wonderfully and so humble. Thanks you so much Josh. That really helped me understand things a little better.

  73. Thanks Josh, very cool presentation of the Truth.Being witness to the awesomeness of God. Great lift and thanks again .Today I shall be a witness to all the good that is already here. Kathy

  74. Thank you, Josh, for sharing this illustration of the simplicity of the Christ.

  75. I have always had a hard time demonstrating heallings for myself and others that when I heard today's Daily Lift that brought out the Truth that all good was already done, all I have to do is be a witness to it. Instead of finding fault, see the good of every thing. The washing machine doesn't work. Don't think of that. Just thank God that I have a washing machine and that I don't have to physically hand wash all the clothes. Just thanking God like that. For the simple things. Getting into that habit will harmonize my life better. Things will become easier. Be a witness to the good and the true and then it will become more a part of my experience.

  76. Thank you, Josh! Your Lift really hit home for me. I have been serving on a jury for the last 2 months in which a boy was accused of murder. As you said, my job every day was "to bear witness to the Truth" and I did, faithfully, and so did all of my fellow jurors. We were not allowed to discuss the trial with each other or anyone else but when we went into deliberations at the end of the trial we all saw the Truth of the situation in the same way and voted Not Guilty. All the lies could not convict this boy. Just like our healings--all the lies of materiality cannot convict us. We are Not Guilty of being a mortal, we are spiritual, created in the image and likeness of God.

  77. This was so helpful to me! Thank you.

    I was thinking recently that C.S. Practitioners are the most disagreeing people in the world--that is, disagreeing with whatever tries to mesmerize thought into believing in evil, illness, harm of any kind. But this Lift points out that they're also the most agreeing people: humbly willing to agree with the ALWAYS-ALREADY goodness of God's sole creation.

  78. My purpose for today...to be a witness to what God has already created, which is only good. Thank you, Josh!

  79. I think this is why Jesus was able to give thanks BEFORE mortal eyes could see the hearings. He knew his job was to just see what was already true, what God had already done. Thanks, Josh.

  80. Fantastic!

  81. Thank you, Josh, for “Being a witness … your job …”

    What is my job? Going about my Father’s business and witnessing what God / all-Good / Love-itself!!! / the ONLY power has, is, and will continue to do. So, my job is to live out from and in the Truth of (our) being.

    The Ten Commandments makes it clear: “Thou shalt have no other gods before me … Thou shalt not make unto thee any graven image … Thou shalt not bear false witness …”

    Christian Science is my on-the-job guide and guard. Science and Health, the Christian Science textbook makes it clear in many ways, including the glossary definition of God, that having no other gods and so bearing no false witness, is quite doable through devotion and discipline. In fact, it’s the Truth of (our) being that makes us free from “every ill that flesh is heir to.” And so, healing happens!!!

    A while ago, I realized that when I bear false witness, which is basically agreeing with the matter-based definitions of God’s creation, I am as and serving “the accuser” – a false god claiming its own power.

    I was so grateful to find a way to check and reverse this way of thinking and to do my job better as a true witness, when I found this in Science and Health (568:26):

    “A louder song, sweeter than has ever before reached high heaven, now rises clearer and nearer to the great heart of Christ; for the accuser is not there, and Love sends forth her primal and everlasting strain.”

    Amen. ;-)

  82. That was what I needed to hear. Sometimes I don't know how to tell non CS folks how to turn to God. I need to be a witness to what he has already accomplished.

  83. Such a simple and wonderful insight Josh! We are witnesses, yes! The material world is full of effort and "trying." The instant you "try" you are in doubt about spirituality and become materially minded instead of being spiritually minded. God is the creator and no effort is involved with His creation. God just "is' and "does." His creation is perfect along with being fresh and new in every instant.

    A few months ago when I received an instant healing of an excrutiating pain in my eye, some time afterward the angel thought came to me to understand the common thread between this healing and an injured hummingbird was healed. I realized the state of consciousness was so simple, so light. "I" wasn't "doing" anything. There was a complete lack of effort or existence of matter. When I let go of all effort, in that split second, the healing manifested. A wonderful article by Mark Sappenfeild called "Beyond the Loaves and Fishes" http://journal.christianscience.com/issues/2012/7/130-07/beyond-the-loaves-and-the-fishes also describes this witnessing. Thank you so much for the wonderful lift and to all who shared their insights and perspectives.

  84. Thank you Josh. Obrigado Josh.

  85. Thank you Josh. And thanks for all these comments.Walking in His countenance we are His witness. Thanks.

  86. Thank you, Josh, for this inspiring Lift this morning.

  87. Very helpful thoughst and just what I need today. Thank you.

  88. Yes, God's work is done! His kingdom come! This is the precise message I needed today to settle an anxious heart (which in reality doesn't belong to me or anyone!)

    Blessing to all the up-Lifters today and everyday. Whatever I read gives me heart and sustenance for the day.

  89. What a profound, yet simple Lift. Thanks, Josh, and the comments today are so "uplifting", as well! It is a privilege to be part of this special community of people who are seeking (and finding) God.

  90. Thanks, Josh. I recently learned that a dear friend in another country has disappeared, apparently abducted. How wonderful to be reminded by this lift that my role is to be a witness to God's work in her situation. Any feelings of inadequacy on my part are just mortal mind's attempt to let fear and worry distract from my witnessing God's omnipotence and omnipresent care. This has really helped me focus my prayers.

  91. Thank you Josh! I remember singing a song in high school about being "a witness for my lord". But now I know what, as MBE would call it, was the "practical import" of that phras. It was great to hear your message and I will put it into practice!

  92. Lately I've been working with the idea of overcoming obstacles. I identified with your obstacle after agreeing to pray for your friend with the cut hand when you faced the feeling "I felt a little bit unqualified...." But all such obstacles only exist in mortal thought, which has no ultimate reality. The qualification and authority are in the word of God - "Be a witness to what I have done." - which resulted in the removal of pain and subsequent healing.
    Thank you Josh for this clear example of how to remove obstacles to healing!

  93. This is the perfect definition of Christian Science practice.
    Bearing witness to God's perfect spiritual creation of ideas.

  94. Lenore from Lakewood.....Thank you, Josh! What a simple, yet powerful lift. Yes, God has already done the work.....our job is to share this good news. Oftentimes I listen for God's guidance when I need to write a letter or give a speech - God has already taken care of it, I just need to listen. I remind myself of Moses when I face a "mission impossible".....

  95. Love it, Josh. How God tells us about Himself and ourselves: simply a witness.

  96. Thank you, Josh. Love this idea: "I've already done it. You just need to be a witness to my perfect work."

    How great is that???

  97. Wonderful to hear this Josh. Yes, it's so simple. Thank you remembering that we are all "witness".

  98. Simple, absolutely, but utterly profound and perfect--thank you so much for reminding us!! Seeing what God has already done is so fundamental to healing and knowing who WE are, too.

  99. Thank you Josh and all the Lifters this morning. So clear, so comforting and this really defines what our role is as "healers".

  100. Thanks, Josh, Just what I needed!

  101. Deep gratitude for this statement of Always, Already, perfect ready to be a witness to Truth, with a sense of great peace.

  102. There is some construction work being done in my house and I've been concerned about how it will be done expenses etc. It was such a relief to hear that God has already done the work. All that is needed for me to do, is bear witness! Thank you so much for this perfect timely lift.

  103. Thank you Josh for this great and marvelous lift
    also equally all the inspiring comments.
    Mortal mind would attempt to take God out of the
    drivers seat and take over instead of letting Him
    control His perfect creation as always. The more
    seemingly serious the situation the more willing we
    should be to know that God is in complete control.
    Without him we would be helpless.
    I am grateful to be a part of this family.
    Love to all.

  104. Thank you Josh!

  105. Excellent message in its simplicity, Josh....THANK YOU! Just as Jesus gave us the perfect example
    of simplicity in his healing work, KNOWING the healing was already done, you, too, have shared a
    wonderful example how, when we "get ourselves out of the way," GOD is .... had done....the healing.
    I had a similar experience recently, and stopped to listen to Divine Guidance on how to proceed...
    and the perfect answer came. Today, I shall look forward to "being a witness."

  106. Beautiful way of putting it!!

  107. Thank you, Josh, for this very inspiring lift.

  108. Wow Thank you Josh. That is simple and powerful.

  109. Thank you Josh for the unfolding gift that your message gives today, the opportunity that witnessing is for all of us as we move forward in our understanding. Thank you to all Lifters for heartfelt sharing and thank you to Nate and the Daily Lift team that lovingly supports this international family unfoldment.

  110. thank you josh

  111. Thanks for your leadership.

  112. God bless you Josh for reminding us that God does the work and we are the witnesses. Just right for my Wednesday evening testimony. My morning included some Christian friends blessing me. Today's 'lift' has given the opportunity to share what God has done and is doing 'for God is All-in-all'. See S & H with Key to the Scriptures by Mary Baker Eddy p 468 lines 10 - 11.

  113. Very clear. Thank you Josh.

  114. Thank you for this daily lift. It is a wonderful proof of our prayer for others being effective and blessing by just listening to God for each step .

  115. Thanks for lifting the burden. God's work is done! Thank You.

  116. Yes, as you so completely explain, we are NATURAL WITNESSES to what GOD has ALREADY DONE:
    made His/her image and likeness, man just so perfect and intact that no injury(cut ,pain or whatever) can
    intrude upon our pure sense of GOD's ultimate purpose for all of us... just to be perfect witnesses to what
    has already BEEN DONE! Thank you Josh for showing the simplicity which is in Christ! amen!
    And what a great crowd of witnesses we make...global/individual/all races,peoples,backgrounds!
    GREAT Cause for GRATITUDE!!

  117. What a great Lift and great healing!

  118. Thanks for this. I love the reminder of just how practical healing can be.

  119. I have listened and relistened - read and reread these DL comments. So thankful to all. This DL has been a blessing to myself and I'm sure to many others across the globe. Thanks, Josh.

  120. How good of you to share your insight and revelation!

    Thank you kindly,

    Beverly Joyce SHM

  121. Josh, yet another strong example of how beautiful God's
    response to our humble prayers. Thank you!

  122. Thank you Josh! I find this to be your most powerful lift to date. The pure angel thoughts and the simplicity of the Christ.

  123. Thank you, Josh, and thank you, Neuma (comment #5), for such a good analogy about focus on witnessing! I love that!

  124. Thanks for the honesty — feeling unqualified; the simplicity — listening;
    the doing — witnessing to what God has already done.

  125. Josh, this is a fantastic uplifting message. Thanks for sharing how simple it is to see God's power right here, right now. I had a similar healing that was so simple when I began to pray for myself. I quieted my thought and asked God what I needed to know. Immediately I heard very clearly, "What makes you think something is wrong? I made you perfect." That was the end of it and I knew I was healed of 'thinking' there was something wrong to be healed. I had been created in God's image and likeness and that was the fact. I rejoiced in that beautiful message and had a glorious day.
    Thank you again!

  126. Even though so so many people have said Thankyou Josh for this wonderful lift I too must add my gratitude
    Have thought about being God's witness a lot and the thought has come that actually we ARE what we are witnessing...God's spiritual image and likeness.....we are not just watching what God has already done (though it seems like that) we are that creation............." Ye ARE my witnesses, saith the Lord".....there seems to be no separation there.
    Much love and gratitude to all who made this DL possible

  127. Thank you, Josh! We must remember -- Don't make it hard!

  128. Thank you, Josh, and all the terrific Lifter comments that have allowed me to move forward in my understanding. Sometimes, the most elementary idea will exoabd our thinking. As I have been reading all of these comments, I realized that bearing witness is letting go of feeling the need to control timing. If we bake a cake, we put all the ingredients together and put them in a pan and into the oven. We don't then have to personally decide how long the ingredients will need to interact for the cake to actually rise - they already have the timing in place, and the process is completed. Just like our interaction with the timing of God's work that is already done, we just have to be patient and wait for the perfect concept to be complete. Whether unemployment, selling a house, finding new friends, being successful at work or parenting, etc. the ingredients are already there and we just need to be a witness by waiting for however long the enfoldment takes. Thanks to all for so many wonderful examples of how to be a witness to God's work that is perfect and complete, right here, right now, by removing ourselves from feeling the need to help Him.

  129. josh, it's late in the day, but I have to thank you - and the lifters forthe revelation this has been to me.

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