1/7: Timeless celebration

1/7: Timeless celebration

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  1. Thank you Mary Alice for this wonderful Lift. As a perfect spiritual idea we forever express the timeless and eternal Christ. We learn in Christian Science that time is no part of eternity. Our immortality is a spiritual, indisputable fact. We celebrate this each and every day as we recognize ourselves and others God-given dominion over the limited mortal concept of time and space - and because this freedom comes from God it is for us to demonstrate here and now.

  2. Thank you for you words of truth for 2013.Wisdom Strength and Power.

  3. The more I sacrifice the so-called material life, the more I find a "freer breath,"(S&H) the more "I run with patience," the more "I press toward the mark for the prize of the high calling of God in Christ Jesus." (Philippians)...the less time and space are a factor in my life of laying my "earthly all on the altar of divine Science" to drink "of Christ's cup now," to be "endued with the spirit and power of Christian healing."(S&H)

    Thx Mary Alice
    Thx DL community

  4. Thank you!

  5. Time goes by so slo...wait! It ain't necessarily so! Two songs (sort of) brought together by the ideas you shared. Thank you!

  6. Wow! How wonderful! Thank you.

  7. Mary, Thank you

  8. "The objects of time and sense disappear in the illumination of spiritual understanding, and Mind
    measures time according to the good that is unfolded. This unfolding is God's day, and "there shall be no night there.""S&H 584:4
    That tells me that the revolutions of the earth around the sun have no power over God's day!
    All the days belong to God.
    There is no power to make me age, to control my temper or to affect the harvest. Time has no say in an universe governed by God!
    This is to celebrate!

    "Los objetos del tiempo y de los sentidos desaparecen en la iluminación de la comprensión espiritual, y la Mente mide el tiempo de acuerdo con el bien que se desarrolla. Ese desarrollo es el día de Dios, y "no habrá allí más noche" CyS 584:3
    Eso me dice que las revoluciones de la tierra alrededor del sol no tienen poder sobre el Día de Dios!
    Todos los días le pertenecen a Dios.
    No hay poder para hacerme envejecer, para controlar mi caracter o para afectar la cosecha. El tiempo no tiene voz en un universo gobernado por Dios!
    Esto es para celebrar!

  9. Dear Mary Alice,

    Years ago when working at TMC, this statement was used when sending out letters to members of loved ones having passed on. It has stayed with me all years.
    "Man lives in God's eternal day; a day of forever unfolding good."

  10. Many thanks Mary Alice for this timeless reminder, that the unfoldment of love and intelligence takes thoughts and moments, not space and time. "Our God is Love, unchanging Love,/ And can we ask for more?...Our God is Mind, the perfect Mind,/ Intelligence divine;/ Shall mortal man ask Him to change/ His infinite design?" (Christian Science Hymnal #269).

  11. Thank you so much! Wonderful Lift!!

  12. thank you Mary Alice.I absolutely agree.There is no time,only the everpresent NOW.......the second behind us is gone and the second before us hasnt begun ...there is only the NOW. the eternal ongoing now.this is a freedom from time in itself......just to live for every new moment,every moment of God with us.
    love peace and harmonious now to all

  13. El espacio infinito donde Dios gobierna, sin tiempo ni límite, y sí ajeno a todo lo material y mortal, por el desconocimiento de Dios del mal hace posible nuestra propia comprensión en la seguridad que hay Un solo lugar donde reina el Amor divino y es en la consciencia y desde ahi se expande en un sentir espirtual que nos absorbe por completo y nos permite al igual que cristo y Eddy dar ejemplo de que es posible apartar todo lo material y errado en procura del Bien supremo donde hay Un solo sentir y Un solo Amor y una sola forma de proceder para acceder a ese lugar sin tiempo donde reina el Amor y nada más entra en El.
    "Como se asombraron de ti muchos, los reyes cerrarán ante él la boca, por que verán lo que nunca les fue contado, y entenderán lo que jamás habían oido" Isaías. Y entenderán que hay Un solo camino el Cristo y Un solo hecho irrefutable el Amor, como ya lo entienden muchos expertos en historia antigua, que es más fácil aceptar que Cristojesús realmente existió que negarlo, hay más argumentos a favor que en contra y esto visto desde una perspetiva humana material, donde ya comienza a penetrar la luz y que no diremos desde la perspetiva espiritual, una confirmación absoluta sin duda alguna.

    Muchas gracias Mary Alice.

  14. Thank you Marry for your very good message.

  15. thank you mary alice

  16. Thank you, this is just what is needed now. We all have time to do what needs to be done now. God is ,,AL. Many thanks to all.

  17. Wow! That was great....Thanks! You have helped me reset my thoughts on timelessness....

  18. Thank you,

  19. Mary thank you so much. I love this concept of limitless immortality. No measurements or boundaries, just "Truth's expression of Truth." That revelation of Love's love, for me, is still as fresh and breathtaking now as it was all that while ago.
    Thank you Nate and your production team; the Board of Lectureship and lecturers; and the Daily Lift family.

  20. Thank you. Time is certainly a very earthly human error in an attempt to counteract eternity.

  21. Great, inspiring ideas to start the day. Thank you Mary Alice.

  22. A "timely" Lift for the now of today and every day! Thank you, Mary Alice, Daily Lift team, Lifters all!

  23. Wonderful! Thank you :) xx

  24. Thanks so much for this timely (no pun intended) message. Time is no part of eternity which is where we live. Mrs. Eddy states that time is measured by the amount of good that is unfolded. I just love what Wendy #9 shared, "Man lives in Gods eternal day, a day of forever unfolding good." I have copied it down to retain.

  25. Thank you so much for this message.

  26. Thank you, Mary Alice! I remember one time when I was jogging I heard very clearly in my thought: "Rejoice in everpresent Good!" I knew that thought didn't come from me, so it must have come from my Divine Mind or God, Good, Love. If God doesn't know a mortal sense of time, then why are we recognizing it? I have been struggling lately with a sense of wanting to "move forward" i.e. - to move somewhere different - any place but here! Am starting to realize that the only real movement forward has to start in my own consciousness - maybe, just maybe, with being satisfied and "Rejoicing in everpresent Good" - right Here and Now! Blessings of the Nowness of Good to All!

  27. Really excellent! Thanks so much ...

  28. You have tapped into something very much in thought now, showing that unfolding good is the fact of newness. So why not celebrate?! Loved the U S A with firmness, too. Thanks all.

  29. Alan Alda's 2013 challenge to scientists is to answer for an 11 year old the question, "What is time?"

  30. Thank you. I really needed this to see that God is good "unfolding".
    I listen usually three times, but today listened a few more times, because as I listened more deeply, your words registered more deeply.
    I am so grateful for your words. How would I accomplish this renewal of mind, that is so necessary, of and by myself.... impossible, but your message tells me that good is coming every moment from God.
    This is so encouraging.Bless you and all who participate here in Our Daily Lift.

  31. Timelessness equals agelessness and the dropping of all those limiting mortal beliefs.
    Thank you Mary Alice, and all the Daily Lifters who bring inspiration! Joyous day!

  32. Such a beautiful spiritual truth, very helpful... thank you so much!

  33. Thank you.

  34. Thank you, Mary Alice, for “Timeless celebration … unreliable nature of the material concepts of what we perceive as time and space … overcoming these material concepts … through spiritual understanding of God and the universe. Jesus proved it … ‘Mind or God measures time according to the good that is unfolded…’ … timelessness … the eternal now … this unfoldment brings ongoing renewal and perpetual celebration.” I’ve discovered that “living in the now” takes great spiritual discipline. Christian Science is invaluable. It gives me answers I can apply and prove for myself. How do we exist – spiritually or materially? We exist spiritually. If “spiritually;” then, what do we do, in the material realm, with a linear timeline of a human history – the history of all humankind and its present and its future? Learn spiritual existence and prove it from the spiritual paradigm Jesus explained and demonstrated. Helpful references: “God requireth” (Eccl 3:15); “expunged” (Ret 22:1); “experience” (S&H 66:15, 296:4); and “as children” (Mis 110:5). From my studies, so far: In Genesis, we have a spiritual identity with dominion over an “Adam and Eve” material existence. The Old Testament is replete with examples of a history of humankind with material cause and effect scenarios, including consequences of choosing as sovereign, Spirit, matter, or varying degrees of shared power. The New Testament brings us Jesus, exemplifying spiritual dominion over the material realm, as we can, here and now.

  35. I enjoyed your message/reminder. Thanks

  36. Such a precious, wonderful lift. While listening to your lift, I realized that yesterday and this morning, I had started viewing today as one that involved some burdensome tasks, largely because I didn't have as much time as I thought I needed. My goodness! What a mesmerism and that view was of course so completely false! By the end of your lift Mary Alice I was rejoicing, full of joy and loving the day, wondering what goodness God would unfold next. Thank you so much for sharing your angel thought!! Thanks to all the lifters too for their insights.Thank you Frank #5 for your song "It ain't necessarily so" which just makes me smile and quietly singing now. .And like Lori #24, thanks for pointing out how wonderful the quote was from Wendy #9, "Man lives in God's eternal day, a day of forever unfolding good." Indeed, "Timeless Celebration"is what this day is all about.

  37. Dearest Alice, that was just amazing, I love listening to you and the special and unique interpretation you are always able to impart, and to Steve, #3, thank you for those beautiful, meaningful quotes, filled with such reverence.
    Everyone, wishing you blessings in each moment....

  38. How pertinent is this message, today and every day. Not just “Happy New Year” but Happy New Now! The effective response to the broadening focus on aging, gerontology, is the eternal NOW—no chains to the past and no rocks in the road to the future, only the perfect and complete NOW. Thanks so much for this truth.

  39. This lift exudes a measured calm, logic, and settledness that echoes the spiritual stillness of life in Spirit, free of time. Thank you for the glimpse of the eternal now that it has given me.

  40. Just this past Saturday, I opened a discussion based on Mathew:21-21, which Jesus brought out that one can move mountains just by thought alone, also Moses's opening the Red Sea by understanding God's power and Elisha's picking up an ax from a bottom of a lake, just by thought alone. I equated all these spiritual feats with Science Fiction writers, who maybe not realizing it, was showing that man really has dominion over the face of the earth. Man is not limited by any so-called material laws. If any one wants to read it. It's by merry1. This person also mentions the above Daily Lift.

    Link to discussion mentioned above
    Daily Lift Team

  41. Thank you. Right on target.

  42. Thank you! "I'd say time is the capacity for change. And change is the manifestation of time. Brian Greene. CSJ- July 205
    "Late in life, Einstein came to believe that time is not merely relative, it is unreal-a view
    point he expressed in a letter to the widow of a friend who had recently died." CSJ- July 205

    Mary Baker Eddy recognized that there is something infinitely faster and more consequential than the speed of light: CSJ- July 205

    Our eternal youth is reflected from Soul.

  43. I appreciated your "Lift" today. It hit the spot.

    And, I especially enjoyed the accompanying "Are Brick-and-Mortar Churches Passé?" (which can be found by clicking on the URL directly above the "Lift" video).

    It is a well presented treatment of today's on-going discussion of "to virtual or not to virtual" and gives a solid presentation that both methods of reaching mankind have their place in today's environment and that both methods of sharing Truth with the world can work in harmony with each other to speed this beautiful activity of Church.

    Thank you

  44. Love this ! Thank you !!! :-)

  45. Thank you

  46. What a "timeless" Daily Lift! -- sorry, couldn't help it, just the first thought that occurred to me!
    LOVE seeing those letters after your name, Mary Alice!


  47. Find something to celebrate every day! every moment!

  48. Thank you Mary for your Daily Lift. It hit home for me!

  49. A wonderful messgae for thinking about a new year which is really an episode in the eternal now. Thenk you for reminding us celebrate all th good that is now.

  50. Thank you, Mary Alice!

  51. Excellent wide open out of the box thinking--love it!

  52. Thank you for this really fantastic lift!

  53. Thank you so much, Mary Alice. I will be thinking about this beautiful message all day!!
    Thank you also to all my " lifter" friends!!
    Love the comments!!

  54. Fascinating thought and yet so spiritually natural. Thank you Mary Alice.

  55. Celebration includes joy and gratitude and love, and I've included a line from the Church Manual in my daily prayers: "Gratitude and love should abide in every heart each day of all the years." (pg. 60).
    Instead of a special festivity celebrated one day a year (in this case Easter), this by-law encourages the celebration of joy, gratitude and love as a daily activity, becoming a part of our character, our being, or permanent identity and therefore - a timeless, constant celebration!

  56. Thank you,Thank you.....I to have a fasination of time and space,your lift puts the Spiritual point of view in the proper perspective......thanks also to the lifters comments,...love to all

  57. I loved your clear, crisp delivery and presentation of the idea of time. The ntire Lift, the way it was presented adn the timless thougths that went into it, demonstrate its message! Also this frees us form the strict tightness we can sometimes get in our study. I love your expanisve thoughts and timeless freedom offered here. Thank you for this validation of Christ Truth ---that we can follow in our own demonstrations without fear of being considered off the wall, out of line, or in any way breaking rules. SO freeing.....wheeeeeeeee Merri

  58. Thanks Mary Alice. This reminds me of the line from hymn 170, "...And know from God's exceeding grace release from things of time and space..."

  59. I keep thinking "Be Still and know that I am God. " Being still is stopping the moment. If you watch the seconds go by they seem to go very slowly. If your rushing time races by. I loved this lift. I too have been facinated by time travel stories and have thought of all the things Jesus was able to do. Thanks Mary Alice.

  60. thank you Mary Alice for sharing this profound message.

  61. Mary Alice, imagine releasing oneself from the thought of time. Indeed, time is a convenience we use in the U.S.A. but is not used in some cultures. Space is infinite, too. Each of us, therefore, is at the center of the universe. What gives meaning to all of this, as you have pointed out, is lifting our thoughts to God. Jesus was a gift to us. God was the giver. God, through Jesus Christ, gave us a simpler way to understand healing, for example. Now and then we need to stop and realize the positive consequences of positive thought. All of this begins to make sense as we struggle with uplifting our thoughts. And, as we do they become clearer and clearer.

    Thanks for helping us to understand this!


  62. Thank you so very much Mary Alice! We all live in the "eternal now"----"never record ages" (MBE). This last is a hard one, since the materialists require a recordation of age on nearly every official form. But we can negate this requirement every time it comes up with the statements above. Time cannot touch us, ever. With love and appreciation for the Lift team.

    Quote above is from "Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures" by Mary Baker Eddy. Page 245:17
    Daily Lift Team

  63. What a fascinating discussion you have inspired Mary Alice! Daily I try to understand more deeply and keep in the forefront of my thought, that all was finished and complete and 'behold it was very good', and that completeness appears to us continuously and seamlessly. Mary Baker Eddy explains this appearing as, 'Unfoldment not accretion' -- eternal truths unfolding to us, not being caused by us. The more we have the mind of Christ, the more we realize our place and privilege as the eternal witnesses of God's kingdom come.
    As always,you're a blessing to the world, Mary Alice
    Much love to you and all

  64. Thank you so much Mary Alice for your helpful lift.

  65. Happy New Year everyone. I so enjoy this lift about lack of limitations in regards to man and time. Our relation is to God and Love removes all barriers. I hope that this thought will permeate my thought and help me to be guided without the confines of time. As I gain in years, I see how 10 years in retrospect can feel like one year and my perspective of time seems to loosen and expand or at the same time diminish. Isn't time just like that??? I am happy and I feel loved and cared for...that puts me firmly in present time-full of appreciation for the good around me and an open heart to what may come. All the best in the New Year and thank you for this lift. Donna Allen

  66. Mary Alice, many thanks for your clear, understandable diction in giving us this thought provoking message. Thank you to all who responded with their helpful unfoldment of the subject. My gratitude and love runneth over.

  67. I have been thinking of many of the ideas you have so beautifully articulated in this wonderful "Lift". The aspects of eternity has to be understood without the limitation of time and yet even that seems to be understood within the framework of time. The problem is we have this limited vocabulary that wants to dictate what we can understand. Thank heavens for Divine Science that does away with these limitations and "reveals" the Truth. Thank you.

  68. Thank you, Mary Alice and all contributors.
    To me, the description in Revelation of the Holy City as having "no night there" means having none of the earthly darkness that we experience (pain, fear, sin, sickness, death), but also that it is without time, for how could time be marked without the day-night cycle? How wonderful that Mrs. Eddy gained the understanding of timeless, spaceless perfection of being and perpetual unfoldment, not as some far-off heaven to hope for, but as present reality to recognize and prove! "Til time and space and fear are nought,/ My quest shall never cease" (Hymn 136, CS Hymnal)

  69. Thank you!!!

  70. Thank you so very much, Mary Alice, for helping to clarify time. The perpetual unfoldment of Good from God today and everyday is so very reassuring. My husband and I have been struggling with decisions needed to be made and keep praying for answers. If "man lives in God's eternal day, a day of forever unfolding good", as quoted above, then we just need to roll with living each day and trusting in that unfolding good. No worries - be happy and secure in God's constant Good unfolding. Love it - and as #57 Merri says above "SO freeing - wheeeeeeeeeeee". Rejoice and give thanks!

  71. Hey, Mary Alice, I can't thank you enough for these great thoughts. I've been struggling with "counting down" until my son returns from duty in Afghanistan. You Daily Lift shows me that I need to stand firm on the truth that he is already home and that time has nothing to do with his experiencing good, with his closeness to God. Many, many thanks.

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