1/7: Appropriate angels

1/7: Appropriate angels

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  1. Just what I needed, thank you.

  2. I love this lift. We can be still and listen to the wonderful messages from these ever present angels.

  3. Thank you, Leslie. You provided such a loving, lovely lift. It is so comforting....and it is very nice to hear you, again.

  4. Thank you Lesley. This links so beautifully to Laura's 'lift' which I played a little earlier. We're in the middle of a big thunder storm and both of your angel messages lead me to Science and Health page 276. Mrs Eddy writes,"Harmony is the somethingness named Truth.

  5. Thank you, Lesley, for this comforting angel message to start the day. I love the verse "He shall give his Angels charge over thee, to keep thee in all thy ways" .

  6. Thank you so much. There seem to be so many channels open to us. Information overload, artificial intelligence trying to anticipate what we need, should have, and sometimes hilariously wrong. Instead of losing focus, and feeling fragmented, we have the one custom message that we actually need and want by being quiet, and listening. Should not a people seek unto their God? The angel message is tailored just for you.

  7. Lesley, Thank you. The angels of God are always blessing us.

  8. In the 1st chapter of the Christian Science textbook called “Prayer”, MBE begins by giving us peace of mind: “…your Father knoweth what things ye have need of, before ye ask Him.” Matt. 6:8

    Further on in the glossary of the same book she defines:

    “ANGELS. God's thoughts passing to man; spiritual
    intuitions, pure and perfect; the inspiration of goodness,
    purity, and immortality, counteracting all evil, sensuality,
    and mortality.” S&H 581:4

    We connect with these angels when are alert to God’s thoughts and let Him guide us.

    En el primer capítulo del libro de Texto de la Ciencia Cristianna llmado “La Oración”, MBE comienza dándonos paz interna: “…vuestro Padre sabe de qué cosas tenéis necesidad, antes que vosotros le pidáis.” Mateo 6:8

    Más adelante en el Glosario del mismo libro define:

    “ÁNGELES. Pensamientos de Dios que vienen al hombre;
    intuiciones espirituales, puras y perfectas; la inspiración de
    la bondad, de la pureza y de la inmortalidad, que contrarresta
    todo mal, toda sensualidad y toda mortalidad.” CyS 581:4

    Connectamos con estos ángeles cuando estamos alertas a los pensamientos de Dios y dejamos que Él nos guíe.

  9. Many thanks Lesley for sharing this beautiful angel message. Yes. "Angels are God's [Love's] representatives." (S&H 299:11). "All unafraid I wait, the while/ Thy angels bring release,/ For still Thy presence is with me,/ And Thou dost give me peace." (Christian Science Hymnal #136)

  10. Thank you Lesley; what we need when we need it is always within earshot..

  11. An angel message from across the pond delivered to the world. Yes, we all have those moments when God's Word is delivered immediately, precisely, and with such love. I found myself recently telling my God, "You really do know everything!" No wonder we love God and his angel messages. And yours, Lesley. Thanks to all who work to do the presenting and delivering of such great good.

  12. Thank you, Thank you very much Lesley!

  13. Domo Arigato Gozaimasu

  14. Thank you Lesley for these reassuring ideas, which we all need so much. Thank you too, to all who respond with such love. LOVE to ALL, June....UK

  15. What an absolutely wonderful and appropriate message from Isaiah , Lesley. thank you so much for telling us about that lovely answer to prayer. "He knows the angels that you need, And sends them to your side,..." HYmn No.9 v.3 thank you so much for this lovely lift.

  16. I think angel thoughts are with us all the time we just need to tune in thanks for that lovely lift a lovely example.... Gillian UK

  17. Thank you so much for this comforting lift and for the lovely example of just how "He knows the angels that you need and sends them to your side...."

  18. Thank you so very much for this lovely Lift that we can hold on to this very COLD day.

  19. Thank you for this powerful lift ,

  20. Thank you.

  21. I awoke with "image and likeness" just singing non-stop in my head today. The choir of angels repeating this holy message were an answer to prayer. Today has been a glorious day. Thank you so much for this appropriate 'uplift', Lesley. It is a keeper.

  22. Thank you for the lovely lift - I love the idea of God's angel thoughts meeting our need - it is so comforting. Dilys UK.

  23. This was just the message I needed today. Many thanks.

  24. Lovely Lift! Thank you.

  25. Thank you for your angelic message which will warm many hearts with hope today.

  26. Thanks for reminding of our hidden connections.

  27. Thank you! This "appropriate angel message" came in the form of an 'acrostic antidote' and healed me instantly of a burned finger:
    P eacefully
    A cknowledge
    I nfinity
    N OW

  28. Thank you, Lesley! I had a similar experience shortly after my husband passed on. I was struggling one evening with grief when, very quietly, an angel thought came to open up my C.S. Hymnal. It opened to hymn 200, and I read the first verse: "O daughtrer of Zion, awake from thy sadness; Awake, for thy foes shall oppress thee no more; and bright o'er thy hills dawns the day star of gladness; Arise, for the night of thy sorrow is o'er." Wow! I was comforted right then and there and was able to go forward with poise and grace. I am so grateful for Christian Science, for these wonderful Daily Lifts, and all the angel messages that are with us always!
    Thanks again.

  29. How helpful and healing to have this beautiful Lift. Thank you so much!

  30. Thank you, Lesley, for this lovely, comforting Lift! I was reminded of the words, "He knows the angels that you need, And sends them to your side, to comfort, guard, and guide" (Christian Science Hymnal, No. 9). God's blessings - here, there, everywhere! Thanks all!

  31. "Appropriate angels" I never thought of angels being appropriate or inappropriate. God's thoughts are certainly always appropriate and always available to guide and guard us. I have had many instances of these angels in minute as well as life saving events in my life and am so grateful when I have listened and acted accordingly.

    Thanks so much, Lesley, for bringing this inspiring message.

  32. Love this angel message you sent to us today. Thank you.

  33. Beautiful reminder. Thank you.

  34. Wonderful message. Thanks, Lesley

  35. Good message and timely reminder, Lesley. Thank you. And thanks to Jan in comment no. 6 above. I love being a member of this awesome Daily Lift family!

  36. Hi I wrote that I need prayers for my anxiety and sleepiness nights I have never experienced deliverance I pray for strength and wholeness mentally thank you for your message Susanna

  37. Thank you.

  38. Such a wonderful ideas to ponder I just needed to listen to this message.
    Thank you, thank you, thank you.

  39. Thank you sweet Leslie from England! Learning to Be still and Listen......I am finding this to be one of the keys to Healing in Christian Science! I am wondering if these angel messages are the same as "....a divine influence ever present in human consciousness and repeating itself....." (Science and Health, p. xi, l.16) ?? How do I improve my ability to hear God's Messages? How do I cultivate more Trust, Love and Understanding of this God who is Ever-Present Love?

  40. Thank you for this uplifting message. I had a similar experience many years ago when a close friend passed away. She had no immediate family, and had spoken with me during her illness about what Bible passages she wanted read at her funeral. I was hopeful that she would recover and never paid much attention to her comments about passing, nor did I make note of her Bible request. When she passed and I was working with her pastor on the service to be delivered at her remembrance, I was just beside myself that I had not written down her requests, nor paid attention to remember them. My heartfelt prayer, wanting the ceremony to be what she wished for, resulted in the angel message suggesting I look at Isaiah 54. It was exactly what she had requested to be read at her service and the pastor marveled at how beautifully and accurately it was a reflection of her life. It was her favorite passage, an angel message to her, that was also delivered to me by the Mind that loves and cares for us all.

  41. Thank you for this angelic lift! It was perfect!!

  42. Thank you soooo much ....This is such a wonderful program ...this was a reminder to me of what I needed to do every morning ...to open up my bible and talk to God...much love to you all in Boston.:-)

  43. Thank you so much Lesley for practicing and sharing this healing.

  44. Thanks!! What a wonderful experience!! Thanks for sharing this with us/

  45. This is a beautiful lift . ..angel messages are truly pure thoughts from God and a perfect "message" for me this morning . . . and Linda #40 - your sort is particularly beautiful. Thank ou for sharing it. I am so grateful for having been led to Christian Science and the beautiful message delivered.

  46. Much thanks.

  47. Thank you, Lesley, for “Appropriate angels … ‘Angels are pure thoughts from God winged with Truth and Love’ … listen for them … get mentally still and expect to receive the spiritual idea or insight … ”

    Never before have I heard the word, “appropriate” to describe angels. ;-) And yet, it’s such an appropriate description!!! ;-) God’s “pure thoughts” coming to us are never inappropriate. They always fit perfectly to meet the need of the moment, proving that God is a very present help (Ps 46:1). Only the thought that is not good or that is unloving is inappropriate and so is not from God.

    Recently a young child told me that God doesn’t talk to her anymore. I knew what the answers would be; but she, too, had to know - actually to be reminded! So, I asked her if she ever has a good thought. “Yes.” Then I asked her if she ever has a loving thought. “Yes,” again. “That’s God talking to you.” We both smiled. Angels! As Mrs. Eddy noted, “God’s thoughts passing to man” (S&H 581:4).

    I continue to “listen for them,” and so I am visited by angels every weekday and can revisit them whenever I choose. No matter how you contribute to make them the blessings they are, thanks to you all for these Daily Lifts. Appropriate angels - every one! ;-)

    Dear 36 Susanna Cambareri, Anxiety and sleeplessness? As God's beloved, we're free to claim only the good and loving thoughts that come to us. Know that you can rest safely, always in Love's embrace. "Hold thought steadfastly ..." (S&H 261:4).

  48. Thank you Leslie, I'm smiling with you at the immediacy of the angel responses. Thanks to those who share. AND thanks to the production team for putting these on. A beautiful lift.

  49. A very helpful message. Thank you.

  50. How dear and comforting to be reminded that Love knows how to give each one of us just the message we each need. And that includes you, dear Susanna #36. God, in Her infinite Love, is wrapping you in just the angel thoughts you need right now.

  51. Thank you Leslie, it is a great comfort to be reminded that Love is right here, Love knows my need, Love knows how to meet my need and Love knows how to tell me what I need to know.

  52. Dear Daily Lift Team and other Friends, Thank you, thank you for these Lifts. I can't tell you how many times they have helped me through situations. I feel so loved and supported. Bless all of you and have a wonderful new year.

  53. What a wonder and thank you! I have often thought, that we too can be God's angels for each other, when sharing God's thoughts with each other out of love. Thank you for this daily lift. Just what I needed to hear this morning, after waking up with a kink in my neck. Now, I am expecting only good the rest of the day for this daily bread, so thanks!

  54. Thank you!

  55. Perfect messages from Soul. What would we do without them?

    Thank you Leslie and all Lifters for sharing the warmth and healing power of these always appropriate communications. Unlike the traditional concept of miracles (one to a customer), we can always expect God to inform us of the needed truth. These messages are our guardians moment to moment.

  56. What a beautiful lift! It reminds me of "Seek and ye shall find." Thank you so much!

  57. Thank you Lesly. It is always a precious blessing to hear angels speaking and even more of a blessing to be aware of them communicating with us.

  58. To Susanna, #36:

    Sometimes when my thought needs quieting, I just sit still and pray this little prayer (author unknown):

    Be still and know that I AM God
    Be still and know that I AM
    Be still and know
    Be still

    God is always sending angel thoughts to each, and you can be assured that they will deliver you from any false belief that you are less than perfect. You are RIGHT NOW his precious, spiritual idea made in His/Her likeness, having all that you need every moment. God bless you.

    Thank you, Leslie, for your comforting message and to all who comment and the DL team.

    Daily Lift Team:
    Here's the title and author of this poem:
    "Essence" by Julia A. Karr from the February 19, 2001 issue of the Christian Science Sentinel

  59. Angeles, pensamientos alados, que son mensajes divinos, y que sin duda están ahí al alcance de todos. Sí ahí, en nuestra propia consciencia, como esperando, que despertemos a oir sí, a estar atentos, ya que sin nuestra atención se dificulta la conección, ya que entiendo, que debe exirtir reciprocidad, porque allí es donde se fundamenta y se manifiesta, y eso es lo bello que exije nuestra atención, porque Él está atento a que oigamos, toda Su intención es una comunicación permanente, que trascienda nuestros descuidos, y para ello están los ángeles que nos susurran con bondad lo más conveniente para nosotros.

    Dijo Jehová: "Me estaré quieto, y los miraré desde mi morada" "Al tiempo de la tarde, he aquí la turbación, pero antes de la mañana ya no existe" Isaías
    "Nuestro Señor y Maestro nos dejó los siguientes dichos como luces vivientes en nuestra oscuridad" MBE
    "Lo que a vosotros os digo, a todos lo digo, Velad" Marcos

    Muchas gracias Lesley, los ángeles nos guían permanentemente.

  60. Sincere gratitude Lesley for this uplifting message to " be still and listen for the angelic peace that fills our heart with love and healing." peacefully, carol

  61. Thank you Lesley...for this inspired message...I've been learning to do this each morning...getting still...asking God what it is I need to know...then opening the Bible, Science and Health, and the hymnal and really looking for that message, feeling Love speaking to me through the word...it's also very helpful when others call for healing support...to just ask God what it is I need to know...If I get really still and shut out the mental chatter...the answer is always there...I'm so grateful for all who pray each day for this understanding to be know...much love, Kirsten


  63. Thank you for your warm dear and appropriate message today. What a blessing Mrs. Eddy left with us to know God and expect and appreciate that Mind of God always with us, we don't have to find another path or look for another.

  64. Dear Leslie, What a lovely message about angels, as my wife and I are about to take off on a church-related trip. We will take the angels now with us, as you have told us all so beautifully.

  65. Thank you, I was healed , of a very bad sore throat,by that same bible passage, when it was read from the desk during a Wed. evening church service. Gone right there, never to return. We are so Blessed in Christian Science.

  66. Thank you Lesley..

  67. So very true and was demonstrated over and over again during the building our our church from 2002 through 2005. I was asked to chair the building process. I had never before built any kind of structure. I knew that in order to succeed we must first pray, then listen and that there must be complete harmony during the building of the church. We were lovingly guided throughout the three years and there were so many demonstrations, even one that protected us from a fire when the framing had just been completed. We were able to take a piece of undevolped land, requiring a special use permit, site contractor, engineering firm, civil engineer and architect along with the helpful guidence of a very special lady with the City Planning & Development Dept. We also were able to abandon a street on the side of the property so both the church and it's neighbors benefited and put in place a reimbursement agreement for the water and sewer lines we built and have already received money back from this effort. The landscaping was done by an adjacent neighbor who still keeps an eye on the property(he was recommended by the landscape architect). All this was accomplished by listening to the angel messages from a loving Father, Mother, God. I am eternally grateful to have been part of the building process and to witness this beautiful demonstration unfold.

  68. Thank you Lesley. And thank you lifter #11 for the reminder of the universality of Angels. There is a Gospel song written by Richard Smallwood entitled "Angels" that expresses the healing presence you embrace in this lift. In part:

    Unseen hands, guiding me...
    Healing hands, holding me...
    Wings of Love encamped around me
    So I will not fear,
    For I can feel their presence hovering near.
    Nothing but, Angels watching over me....

    Eddy calls them "celestial beings" coming to us. What a wonderful and comforting presence of how God's thoughts come to His idea, man. I love it!

  69. I find it very hard to go back to sleep when something awakens me during the night. Years ago, I would get up at 12 midnight or 2 or 3 in the morning and watch TV. But just a year ago, I realized that this was not the way to go to have a good nights sleep. Now I pray and think of all the passages from the Bible and Mrs Eddy's writings and low and behold their Angel messages bring me a good and restful sleep. She was right when she wrote that rest comes mainly from holy work.

    Daily Lift Team:
    From "Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures" by Mary Baker Eddy, page 519, line 28:
    "The highest and sweetest rest, even from a human standpoint, is in holy work."

  70. How Lovely! Your lift met a specific need. I feel so peaceful now, because I know that the 'Appropriate' Angel will be there to fit my need so perfectly. Thank you ever so much and deep gratitude for the Daily Lift team.

  71. I am so grateful for the spiritual idea of angels we learn about in Christian Science. So much more than the symbols with wings however lovely they are. Angels, or "God's thoughts passing to man..." (Science and Health p. 581) are unlimited in number and everywhere present and always good, health giving and near 24/7!

  72. Thank you very much, dear Lesley for this beautiful and so inspiring daily lift! Angels are my favorite companions. They are so gentle and they are clear - and serious!

    Something for those who talked about not being able to go to sleep, here is something MBEddy said which I found very very helpful; it is on page 61, line 3 the whole paragraph - of Retrostpection and Introspection. It is much muc better than TV! :-)

  73. Very helpful. Thanks.

  74. thank you lesley

  75. For no apparent reason I awoke today with Milton's line going thru my mind: "Look homeward, angel, now"..., but with "now" as NOW. I took this as a message from an angelic messenger ("angel-" means messenger rather than message, but ultra-modern MBE anticipated McLuhan's "the medium is the message). So, without digressing, I looked to issues of hearth and home. Home = heaven = harmony, and this uncovered the basis of a nagging thought that was disrupting all three. I'm grateful to have learned thru CS to pay attention to these spiritual promptings. The other half of Milton's line, then, could go as a consequence that didn't have to happen: "...and melt with ruth." Thank you for this timely and practical lift.

  76. Wonderful!

  77. Thank you.Beautiful,comforting "Lift".

  78. Thank you so much to all of you for these loving and helpful comments. Particularly noticeable is the evidence of a deep listening attitude - the open door to Love's messages of truth. Bevi, # 39, wants to know how to improve her ability to hear God's messages. I think it helps to realize we are inseparable from divine Love, being the very image and expression of this Love. It's the very nature of Love to communicate to us what is true, right at the point of our need to know. Recognizing our closeness to Love makes us expectant and accepting of Love's clear and pertinent ideas. How to cultivate more trust, love and understanding of ever-present Love? I think this is an ongoing question for all who are striving to grow spiritually. For me, the answer is to be grateful to God for every evidence of good of which I become aware. I often need to remind myself to do this, but each time I do, trust, love and understanding of Love are re-confirmed and strengthened just that bit more.

  79. Thanks. Praying to see the nothingness of a throat problem tonight. Very helpful.

  80. Thank you. Such a comforting message

  81. Lesley, the angel I needed today to help another is your angel message. Thank you!

  82. Dear Lesley,

    What a beautiful testimony & demonstration. Real proof of God's love and direction and care.

  83. Angels...so many angels...and so many times have they come to my thinking...guiding, instructing, giving hope, bringing healing, helping with decisions. I'm grateful they are always available, but I do need to remember to ask, then to listen, then to follow the ideas that come gently into my thought. I've also found it very helpful not to argue with these good suggestions, not to reason humanly, but to do what that loving, whispering voice brings to mind. Blessings, happy activity, and solutions always occur! Angels are available to every person, wherever they are, whatever the situation, even me, even you.

    Once when my husband needed to be cleared of a false accusation, I opened my Bible for help. "Behold, I send an Angel before thee, to keep thee in the way, and to bring thee into the place which I have prepared." Exodus 23:20. The person who did the wrong thing admitted it and made plans for restitution. My husband was completely cleared, and continued in the employment of that company with the full respect of the owners. Years later we still say to each other, "Angels are with you!" in remembrance of the power of Truth, through angel messages, to help in every situation.

  84. What joy to hear this. Thank you. Love and blessings Romée.

  85. Listening for angels instead of looking for them! Love that! Thank you, Lesley. Lovely lift!

  86. Thank you
    , Lesley, for this beautiful and comforting Lift - and to all who have responded.
    Thanks to Richie #68 for the gospel song. I looked it up on YouTube - such a joy-filled song!
    And to Lowly wise #75 for sharing the beautiful way you used Milton's "Look homeward, angel."
    And to Lesley again in #78 for your thoughts on how to better hear God's messages. Gratitude - yes, it is powerful!

  87. Loved it! Like to hear about angel thoughts. Thank you!

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