1/6: Overjoyed

1/6: Overjoyed

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  1. Thank you Laura for sharing the warmth of this Lift with us on a cold winter day. Joy that has its source in God not only warms our heart and brightens our day, but transforms our lives, and those we come into contact with. It allows us to glimpse that joy is not a quality of material conditions, subject to what appears to be a variety of personalities, but, rather is inherent in our love for God and man, and the Fathers love for all of His creation. This joy has a spiritual foundation, is forever expressed, and can never be taken away nor subject to change. Thank you again, and also for sharing your beautiful voice.

  2. How beautiful - the perfect message for this day and one I just needed very much - thank you so much, I will go on my way indeed overjoyed and singing......

  3. That is really lovely. Thank you

  4. What a beautiful voice! Thank you.

    Being from Detroit I was scheduled to appear at the newly formed Motown Studios back in the 60s. My girlfriend and I had a falling out and so did not go. But it gave me pause -- and time to think. What did I really want? I went on to get a degree in education, but I often thought, how can I use my voice that God gave me? And just as you did I found many ways to express my joy. I train nationally on how to write grants and develop funding for schools and nonprofits. When I want to bring my audience back to me, I start singing just a few words and they all stop and listen. I have them back.

    I sing in Sunday School and Church. Sometimes I break out in song at home doing housework. It's so joyful to express God's gift that He so generously gave to me. God joyfully gives talents to all of His Children. We can be grateful and use them joyfully.

  5. Truly inspiring - "God is overjoyed over us"... A very sweet and awesome truth... Thank you for this musical, uplifting inspiration this morning

  6. First thing this morning I felt compelled to pick up a little booklet I have had for some time all about joy - and read a little bit from it. One thing that stood out for me was that a little boy was whistling, and somebody asked him what was making him so joyful. He thought for a moment and said words to the effect:- "Do you need a reason". The message was that we have joy included in us, and it is not dependent on any material conditions, but on God's ever-present goodness. It is natural for us to express joy at all times.

    I was overjoyed to receive this lift this morning, and to know that I can express joy under every circumstance. Many thanks, Laura.

  7. Thank you so much. I regularly find inspiration from lyrics of songs, coming to my thought when I need them. Mary Baker Eddy spoke of how we can be helped "be it song, sermon or Science" (Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures page 234) and I have often found that to include a pop "song". Whatever good thoughts, inspirations, we need, we are assured by Hymn 9 "He knows the angels that you need, and sends them to your side, to comfort, guard and guide."

  8. Absolutely joyful and that is just the way I feel about Christian Science because I am so blessed to have The Comforter so that I can bring joy to others by introducing them to Christian Science

  9. Laura, Thank you. Great singing and great Lift.

  10. Man, what a great lift and what a great voice you have, Laura. I could listen to you sing all day long, overjoyed.

    :::makes me all happy:::

  11. Thank you for this lovely lift!

    It reminds me that our Father/Mother God enjoys father/mothering US!

  12. Thank you Laura for this joyful lift! thanks too, to Pearl #6 for her story of the little boy who did not need a reason to be joyful. That joy is not dependent on material conditions but on God's ever-present goodness, and is therefore inherent in us at all times, is included in us. So grateful for these daily gems which help to dispel feelings of despair. I too, find such comfort in singing the hymns as they restore one's sense of joy and happiness. I love hymn 202 the first verse says "O dreamer, leave thy dreams for joyful waking, O captive rise and sing, for thou art free; the Christ is here, all dreams of error breaking, Unloosing bonds of all captivity"

  13. When I think on how much must our God love His creation to call us, His own children, I am invaded with a sense of security and pride of belonging, maybe as a 6 year old must feel when his dad comes unannounced to his 1st grade class — straight from the war and in uniform— just to see him.

    Lately many of us saw this kind of meetings in TV, the children are so overjoyed that they can’t hardly control the tears.

    So much love, so much protection! “Now unto him that is able to keep you from falling, and to present you faultless before the presence of his glory with exceeding joy…” Jude 1:24

    Imagine that, God joyous for us!!!

    Cuando pienso en lo mucho que debe nuestro Dios amar a Su creación para llamarnos Sus propios hijos, me invade una sensación de seguridad y orgullo de pertenecerle a Él, tal vez como se sentiría un niño de 6 años cuando su papá llega a su clase de 1er grado sin ser anunciado — directamente de la guerra y en uniforme—sólo para verlo a él.

    Ultimamente muchos de nosotros vimos este tipo de reuniones en la televisión, los niños están tan gozosos de que apenas pueden contener las lágrimas.

    ¡Tanto amor, tanta protección! “Y a aquel que es poderoso para guardaros sin caída, y presentaros sin mancha delante de su gloria con gran alegría…” Judas 1:24

    Imaginensé, Dios gozoso por nosotros!!!

  14. Thanks Laura. A truthful message w awesome references from cool places..

  15. Thank you for this overjoyed message for today and I love your singing. For me music is an open door to God. I enjoy it, that nearly 1/3 of the Sunday service hour is music, mostly singing, praising God. That's also healing.

  16. Great Lift to start the week, Laura. Thanks for your lovely singing and helpful observations. Thanks for your comments, too, Peter (7)

  17. Thank you for the blessing! The joy that God has over us is ours to express today.

  18. Cuando leemos el misterio de la piedad,pensamos es simplemente, ser piadosos, como que no hay misterio,. Sin embargo esa piedad la divina, tiene que ser de tal magnitud que soprepasa nuestro entendimiento, de la misma manera la alegría que viene de Dios lo sobrepasa, porque conlleva en sí misma la totalidad del sentir verdadero que solo Dios otorga a la humanidad, dando seguridad, amparo, en el conocimiento de su real alegría, que es la bondad del Padre y la bondad del hijo, y por ende la nuestra que es lo que produce la mayor alegría y felicidad.

    La mayor alegría es ir descubriendo cuan cercano está el camino que conduce mansamente a todas esas realizaciones que alegran el corazón con gozo verdadero.

    Muchas gracias Laura, causa alegría el compartir diariamente tan inspirados mensajes.

  19. Domo Arigato Gozaimasu

  20. Overjoyed to hear your faith filled message and voice on a rainny Monday morning. After a long vacation I am on my way back to the office. Thank you for the reminder . . . . Where we stand is not only holy ground , it is joyful ground as well.

  21. Yes, the role of the Christian Scientist is to bring joy to others through healing " "Love is true solace and giveth joy for sorrow, —/ O, in that light, all earthly loss is gain;/ Joy must endure, Love's giving is forever;/ Life is of God, whose radiance cannot wane." (Christian Science Hymnal #174).

  22. Thank you Laura,

    Beautiful Lift. I am loving all of the comments from the Lifters. I especially loved what Martin #1 wrote "joy is not a quality of material conditions, subject to what appears to be a variety of personalities, but, rather is inherent in our love for God and man, and the Fathers love for all of His creation. This joy has a spiritual foundation, is forever expressed, and can never be taken away nor subject to change."

    Pearl I loved your story. It is so key that we not feel we need a reason or season to express joy. I love waking up in the morning and feeling the crisp morning air. looking for the sunrise to see how that beauty is expressed. I would go to school or work just happy and sadly realized that people could not handle it. They always felt someone or something brought that joy into my life. Many did/do what they could/can to take away those objects or try to bring them down.

    Joy is from our divine Source and in reality neither object, person, place nor thing brings joy because joy is an expression of God; it therefore is ever with us. All we do is brand physical objects as joyful and attach ourselves to them. This is not the way to go because one day, we all have to give up the physical for the divine.

    Yesterday I had work on joy. I had reached a summit of joy and was expressing this to an individual in gratitude for them when they immediately tried to start an argument. I walked away in prayer.

    Joy is divine, ever with us. Thx.

  23. Thank you for this joyful Lift.

  24. what a sweet and simple lift. One that demonstrates how radically important it is to shift consciousness
    to the power of God's good intent for each of his offspring to BE JOYOUS and Celebrating the goodness that surrounds us. I too am learning to bring joy naturally into my life and thought throughout every day. Why? Because God wills me to it. It is my natural state. And this joy gives me the connecting adhesion
    or ability to stay connected to God's will for me, open, joyous, receptive. Thank you and love to this community of joyous claimers!

  25. "O gentle presence, peace and joy and power; O Life divine, that owns (with joy) each waiting hour," This hymn of Mrs Eddy's is one I sang to my children every night at bedtime along with 'O dreamer leave they dreams for joyful waking" (Thanks Rosemary!) You have helped removed all sense of false responsibility for my children, especially my 2 boys. One has been deployed to another base for a month and the other is not feeling well. I can, with joy, turn the fathering/mothering (thanks K in CA) of my children over to God who is their 1st and only truly Father and Mother.
    I cannot wait every morning to listen to the new Daily Lift and to listen to them all again on Saturday morning! Thank you Laura for this lovely and timely lift and the Daily Lift team, including those who comment, for bringing such joy to each and everyone of us daily! What quality you enrich our lives with!

  26. Thank you Laura for this lift!

  27. This is just the message I needed today. I must call again to have my car serviced. They just can't seem to find and correct the problem. I have been working mentally to know that God is in charge of the whole experience---but I was definitely not feeling joy. Now I am! Thank you.

  28. Thank you.

  29. Lovely Lift, Laura, overflowing with joy - thank you! And daily thanks to the DL Team, and Lifters all!

  30. I truly am "overjoyed" to hear your message this morning, to hear your lovely voice..speaking and singing..and feel totally uplifted as I begin this day!

    Being a singer myself, I admire your ability to break into song at just the right moment to get the message across with such love and joy.

    As always the comments are helpful as well. Thanks everyone as we share our joy with the world!

  31. Laura, I listened to your Lift many times, just savoring the message and your lovely voice! How important...and imperative it is to be joyful! (Truly it moved me to tears...tears of joy!) It opens the windows of heaven as our thought is opened to God and receptive to His directives! Your message affirmed that it is our THINKING that would try to limit us....and singing and music can lift us to see God's plan. I am so grateful for each Daily Lift and certainly for this one that I will keep close and listen to repeatedly!

  32. These Lifts and comments are a beatiful way to start the day and today's were especially touching. I love singing the hymns and 412 (not 202) is one of my favorites, "O dreamer leave thy dreams for joyful waking."
    "Londonderry" has been one of my favorite melodies and "O Danny Boy" a favorite song having my first grandson named Danny. Singing has brought me much joy and I even enjoy singing hymns silently to myself. And I have found music comforting when nothing else works.

    Thanks so much, Laura, for your inspiring message and beautiful singing, and to all who have commented!

  33. Such a nice message in words and in action as you share your voice with us this morning.
    So helpful to begin my day and go out in a series of activities with not just joy but "overjoyed" and

  34. Thank you Laura. Being Overjoyed to me is a Spiritual Blessing.

  35. Wonderful message! Joy is power, protection. Joy is God Himself, Herself! So many times, when I have awakened in a joyful state, and that feeling has stayed with me, wonderful healings and events have occurred. Really, joy is ever-present, because God is omnipresent. "In Him we live and move and have our being." What could give us more joy than that truth of our being. Thank you, Laura, for reminding us of our present joy.

  36. Thanks, Laura! And I feel overjoyed about the DL music this week!! In Christian Science we learn to always expect Good. Expectancy of Good is Joy realized! Often my spontaneous way of expressing my Inner Joy is to Dance - often breaking out in Dance around my Cottage or just in Dancing down the street when I run! "He's turned my mourning into Dancing again....." The Bible (somewhere....??) Love All!

  37. Thank you Laura. You have a beautiful way of telling us the message.

  38. Wonderful analogy by presenting the song and an inspiring message. Much appreciated.

  39. Laura you are so refreshing. I love how you share your Life with such sincerity. I agree with you about Joy and how we can be overjoyed not only with the idea that Divine Love fills our every thought with infinite Joy but that he fills all of His creation with a joy that keeps on developing Her real substance in new ways and with new outcomes. Thank you for being so unique, creative, and authentic. Thank you

  40. How often joy seems a fickle bird, in and out of our lives with no reason or purpose; then again, that joy-
    bird literally will come to a hand and expect some attention(as for instance, a food offering) and our heart
    soars with the bird as it leaves us!....
    But GOD OVERJOYED!! wow, what a possibility... Stevie Wonder, not even close!
    thanks for sharing your loving experience... we all can look forward to a better joy-FILLED life and better
    days in general. Thank-you Father-Mother GOD for your generosity and loving-kindness. I'm ready for it-ARE U ??

  41. Thank you Laura, for this beautiful Daily Lift. How good to know and continually remind ourselves that God has not put the whole thing on for just such a personal detail, but for everyone to know and understand that we are all in and of God, and His expression is overjoyed about His own reflection. This Lift is so applicable to our family since our younger daughter and her family have spent five precious days with us during the Christmas school holidays. We have been overjoyed every day they have been here, and only happy memories will return with them tomorrow. Thank you for this lovely celebration of family, friends and the giving and receiving of joy.
    Thank you Nate and Shannon; the Board of Lectureship; and our joyous Daily Lift family.

  42. Thanks Laura!
    Your message is a joy in itself

  43. Thanks Laura. AND Indeed Pearl, we don't need a reason do we. A line from a hymn reminds us, "Joy cometh in the morning...." Thanks for these lovely responses. This morning I started my prayer time with hymns from the CS hymnal on grace. WOW. The thoughts from these songs in our hymnal fit so well with your lift. Thanks.

  44. Lovely lift, thank you and Peter at #7 your words are so true. My little 5 year old grand daughter also teaches me a great deal about joy as she is filled with it every day.

  45. The thought of joy came to me as well this morning during this seeming 'cold spell' trying to hypnotise us with its low numbers. No man and no weather takes away our God-given joy and health.

  46. Thank you Laura

  47. Nice! Thank you, Laura.

  48. What a nice lift to start the week. Thank you Laura for your kind words of which all of us can benefit.

  49. I appreciate this lift, in part because I want to acknowledge all the joy I have in my life. Also thanks to No. 21 for reminding me that I should also be passing this joy along to others, not just claiming it for myself.

  50. Thank you for sharing your joy!

  51. Thank you for this Lift for the new year. What a theme to carry forward...and LOVE Stevie Wonder too! Keeping up with OVERJOYED feels so right!! Thanks again.

  52. GOODIE! Yes, "peace and joy and power". No small thing, just the opposite. Essential, needed, and always at hand, as the angels proved to you. Thanks for the precious reminder of the joy we are to God, God is to us, and we are to each other. ; - ) Over the top!

  53. Love this Lift that sings us upward to JOY! Thank you so much, Laura, for sharing the idea with your lovely voice. Troy (#22) & Pearl (#6) and Martin, always the 1st commenter, all helped with their uplifting comments ~ so very grateful for the DL Family. I was prompted, Laura, to look up the passage in Jude in The Voice Bible: Jude 1:24-25:
    Now to the One who can keep you upright and plant you firm in His presence ~ clean, unmarked, and joyful in the light of His glory ~ to the one and only God, our Savior, through Jesus the Anointed our Lord, be glory and greatness and might and authority; just as it has been since before He created time, may it continue now and into eternity. Amen
    Deeply grateful to start the day with these joyful thoughts (especially since the wonderful song, "Grateful" is singing in my thought!)!!
    Blessings to All!

  54. Thanks so much, Laura!
    Just wonderful!

  55. Thank you

  56. Thanks Laura for this lift, especially your sweet singing.

  57. I am overjoyed to know that God is always present and that we are one joyous family sharing in the expressions of his divinity.

    Thank you Laura and all the daily lifters.

  58. A couple weeks ago, the smoke detector in our church began to chirp loudly every minute or so during the service suggesting a low battery. It was on a very high ceiling and could only be reached with a long ladder after the service. It would be nice if it would just stop. Well, at least, there should be no interruption to the spiritual message of the lesson-sermon.

    But there it was chirp….. chirp…..chirp clamoring for attention.

    This may seem trivial, but the thought came to me that birds “chirp”. Their chirp is a song, perhaps a song of joy. I began to answer the chirps.

    The rest of the service went something like… “Our father, which art in heaven.. (chirp), JOY…hollowed be thy name. (chip), JOY…..

    At the end of the service I was absolutely kiddy with joy...overjoyed!

    Thank you Laura for a great musical rendition of Joy.

  59. I am inspired by music as well and was inspired by this podcast listening to your very musical voice and words. Thank you!

  60. Thanks Laura. Beautiful.
    Your song reminds me of a time I was healed of a headache while camping along Lake Superior. The words and melody of a hymn touched me, got me out of the sleeping bag and on my feet. It starts :
    "I love Thy way of freedom, Lord," and it continues "...In Thy clear light of Truth I rise ...And, listening for Thy voice,I hear ...I climb with joy .."

    And that's what I was able to do. Joyfully climbing over those big rocks! God's promise that His presence goes with me, makes fear cease, and gives peace! It is still with me as a joyful memory.
    This was hymn #136 in the Christian Science Hymnal.

  61. Your lovely singing message brings reminders to thought.
    My little adoptive canary's away of communicating, joyful chirping and silence; In Sunday school preschool class, the cd "G stands for God" childrens voices are playing in the background while busy and having fun learning about God. Both are a great source of enJOYment to the 3 of us!

    Humming "Thanks for the memory" with such warmth

  62. That was just lovely-thank you-it is what I needed to hear!

  63. Oh, thank you for this soulful massage - perfect for this day!

  64. Ah, what a power-thrust LIFT from the material gravity of doubt & fear.

    A friend regularly asks me "WHAT ARE YOU SINGING TODAY ?''
    Knowing that the song in my heart can alert my daily defenses or if a 'downer'
    it can seem to drown me in the bad dreams.
    What I am singing reminds me that JOY, like Gratitude, is not just the outcome
    after healing, it is the 'input', the affirmation that "God is overjoyed with us!"
    as Laura said.

    We can have 'power lifts' with a handy list of songs & hymns that buoy our daily JOY.
    E.g. Hymn 449, ''Amid the tumult & the strife, ... How can I keep from singing?''

    To Laura, & all the 'Lifters', I sing your praise, "Simply Praising Him" (Hymn 462).
    with bountiful gratitude.

  65. What a blessing to know that joy is an everpresent part of our being.

  66. "God is overjoyed about all of us.." This words touched me particularly - big thank you for this lift !

  67. Great message! You have a good singing voice, Laura. Keep it up.

  68. Wait, wait! Q: How can we ever be OVER-joyed ??
    Q: Is there a limit, a quota, a downward tipping point ??

    NAY, NAY ! There is only the 'enough-ness' we can celebrate.
    Joy can certainly flow without measure,
    a cup that runneth 'over'.

  69. Lets live with joy - it seems like such a little word but it is a powerful attitude to have and hold, especially knowing that joy comes from God to all of his beloved children. How beautiful - i love your singing, makes me feel like singing too for i am overjoyed.

  70. Thank you Laura for sharing not only this very inspirational message but also your very lovely speaking and singing voice. I feel joy just thinking of this.Mission joyfully accomplished.To all a very joy filled day.Thank you again Laura and to all who make the daily lifts possible and so enjoyable !!!

  71. A while back I discovered that if I put the phone on top of the piano, the music came across clearly on the other end of the line. Since then, I've called my mother each day to sing and play a hymn. Our choices are often those suggested by Daily Lift commentators. I'm so looking forward to sharing the joy from today's Lift and choosing a joy-filled hymn.

    When I saw that Laura would be presenting today's Lift I thought, I hope she sings! And she did. Thanks, Laura!

  72. Definitely a keeper. Thanks JD #25 for the idea to use the non lift Saturday to review the lifts from the previous week.

  73. Laura, so appreciate how you immediately applied "overjoyed." Many thanks for sharing your need and its resolution.

  74. Dear Laura: Thank you for your take on a Daily Lift, with song! Thank you for reminding me I want to be overjoyed as I walk my daily path, and why!

  75. Joy divine...thank you Laura.


  77. “A bird doesn't sing because it has an answer, it sings because it has a song.” ― Maya Angelou

    Thank you, Laura!!

  78. Thank you for this lovely Lift with its precious reassurance that God is overjoyed with us. Last week, a church member commented that whenever she saw my smile, she couldn't help but smile herself. This moved me deeply, and I give thanks to God for the complete healing of self-condemnation that often left me without a smile, but no longer has a grip on my thought! The words of Hymn 58 express my current self-identification: "Father, we thy loving children lift our hearts in joy today." To my dear fellow daily Lifters, may you feel the Father's love for you today, and every day, and lift your hearts in joy!

  79. Thanks for another great lift. Because these lifts are so inspiring the word is being heard. Wow you're over 10,000 listeners. That's really good.!!!

  80. Thank you so much for the reminder that God is overjoyed with us. It just fills me up completely, especially when I consider Elena's (# 13) example of a little child whose dad comes to his classroom just to see him. These are precious thoughts that I will "delight in" all day long! And thanks to all the other commenters for their added insights.

  81. "Would you rather be right or be happy?"

    Sometimes I ask this question of myself. Would I rather hang on to some bleak definition of a situation, or am I willing to let go of any prior mortal outlining in favor of God's present knowing of beauty, perfection, warmth, health, comfort, and companioning angels? Am I willing to stop being a caterpillar in order to become a butterfly?

    Just read a wonderful article in the 2nd Anthology of Classic Articles: "What You Think Counts," by Milton Simon. It's on page 98.

  82. Thanks for this lovely lift. I usually start my day listening to the Lift, but this morning we had no power for a few hours because of the cold weather - so I finally got to hear it - was worth waiting for.

  83. Wow! This morning as I was pondering the topic of the lesson for Wednesday testimony meeting, I was sure it was the effectiveness of praising God with singing and hymns. Now I know why!

    Christian Science hymns have provided me with endless healing ideas, and they are so effective. Once and a while other parts of songs have also given me a healing idea. I am so joyfully grateful.

    At a juvenile detention center where I was volunteering with our Institutional Committee, I was teaching the Bible and Christian Science. A "hard-core" gang member asked to see me. When I asked him what made him inclined to request a one-to-one visit, he replied, "Your joyfulness!" We were in tune from then on, and the staff noted his remarkable progress.

  84. Dear Laura, One would think that you have a background in vocal music. I applaud the way you incorporate your elegant musical talent for the Cause. As well as your message is so clear, Your understanding, along with your voice are beautiful blessings. Thank you for sharing them with us.
    And, Happy New Year :-)

  85. Recently returned to Christian Science and find my thoughts are so filled with joy every day that I'm about to burst. When, on occasion, something that isn't joyous tries to enter my thinking, I contemplate Mrs. Eddy's statement in MY, pg 210 about keeping our mind so filled with truth and love that nothing else can enter. I also find that if I stop the bad thought and think about what I have to be grateful for, there just isn't room in my thinking for anything but joy.

    Hopefully, some day someone will come up with a better word than "thank you" because it just doesn't seem to be enough when expressing gratitude for the DL, the Commenters, TMC and everyone else who makes this such a wonderful place to be.

  86. Thank you Laura! So much.
    And, I appreciated your reflection on JOY, Bill Kilgour!
    And each person sharing here.

  87. Yes, indeed, God love us and is joyful with/for us, that She made us, and She sings with us too!

  88. Stevie ends his song of love with the hope that 'You too might be overjoyed, over loved, over me' Isn't it wonderful that God fulfills this innate hope in everyone of being loved by being so overjoyed with each of his spiritual ideas? God 'who crowneth thee with lovingkindness and tender mercies' Psalms 103:4

  89. Thank you so much. I remember sitting in the dentist's chair some years ago and the dentist said I had a tooth that needed some work and could be painful - did I want some pain killer. I felt so prayed up and inspired that I declined the pain killer. As I sat there the rock song from the 60's "Your Love Is Lifting Me Higher" came to my thought and I just soared on those words and had the work done painlessly. We can be surprised by where our inspiration comes. God's love does lift us higher and brings us joy.
    Much joy and gratitude for your DL and beautiful voice!

  90. Thank you Laura for such a joyous daily unfoldment. I was happy this morning and then after your lift and all the following worldwide lift sharing, I am OVERJOYED and more flowing - WOW !!! What a marvelous starting of a "measured new year" that I say to everyone with joy - Happy Eternity !!!

  91. Beautiful message and lovely voice!
    Thank you very much, Laura !!!

  92. Thank you, Laura, for “Overjoyed … ‘and that’s what I feel about all of you …’ God is overjoyed about ALL of us.”

    Inspired by your beautiful voice singing and speaking these words of Truth and Love, I’m moved to share …

    We can be "overjoyed" with each other and ourselves, as God is "overjoyed" with all of us. To me, it means that if I can’t witness and even be “overjoyed!” with the “child-of-God” in “all of you,” including myself, I need to get to know you and myself better as God knows us – the beloved of Love.

    Although it doesn’t always seem that way, there’s no one, who was, is, or ever can be “God-less” or “God-forsaken.” Whether someone comes into my experience as friend or foe, through Christian Science, I’m learning to prove more immediately and frequently the healing power of Love.

    Thanks to your Lift, today, I’m convinced that Jesus was overjoyed to know the “child-of-God” (the Truth of our being!) in everyone committed to his trust.

    “Jesus beheld in Science the perfect man, who appeared to him where sinning mortal man appears to mortals. In this perfect man the Saviour saw God's own likeness, and this correct view of man healed the sick. Thus Jesus taught that the kingdom of God is intact, universal, and that man is pure and holy” (S&H 476:32).

  93. How wonderfully upbeat! Thanks, Laura.

  94. Thank you, Laura, and Lifter family for inspiration. I have been feeling a bit down and struggling to get UP. How great is the reminder that we are all encircled with God's undending joy for us and we reflect this - always. So I need to adjust my attitude to reflect my unending state of being joyful and not buy into any claim of lack of joy. Simply isn't possible! "Uplift your thought, with courage go"!

    Daily Lift Team"
    Quote is from Hymn 139 in the Christian Science Hymnal, verse 3:

    "Come, walk with Love along the way,
    Let childlike trust be yours today;
    Uplift your thought, with courage go,
    Give of your heart's rich overflow,
    And peace shall crown your joy-filled day.
    Come, walk with Love along the way."

  95. Day after day, and week after week, I am deeply touched, encouraged, guided, inspired and motivated by these Daily Lifts - all accompanied by the wonderful richness, variety and generosity of comments shared from around the world. With deep gratitude to all.

  96. Thank you, Laura, for presenting a new perspective to the word/idea of "overjoy." It's rather late as I read this DL….wish I had read it earlier. However, the truth it contains is something to keep in my back pocket…for sure!

  97. Thank you. I much needed this message today.

  98. U have a soothing voice! Thanks for sharing this message- especially the part about the world not knowing. God does!

  99. Thank you Laura for making it so simple for all. It needn't be complex. As in mathematics we learn that realization of the solution comes much sooner if one first reduces the factors to their least common denominator (LCD). So it is with those attributes which brings the everlasting joy to the moment that happiness does abound for all. May this be another of your joy-filled years, for joy cometh in the morning; that is when we first awaken to Truth.

  100. Really nice, Laura!
    Now for your CD. :-)

  101. A really good thought. Thank you.

  102. Sincere gratitude for this peace-filled angel message to be filled to overflowing with JOY, for a joyous day, each day.

  103. No matter how hard the problem, I must thank God for seeing it with the attitude of joyful anticipation. Joy, at finding the solution to the problem. Joy, for the ability of joking about it. And the realization that no matter how hard or how awfull, nothing of a material nature can take away the joy that God has instilled in me.

  104. Laura, you are my singing Minister, Daily Lifter, and Lecturer by the expression in Music! Many thanks and appreciation. What JOY!

  105. Thank you for this lovely lift and joyous singing. That song by Stevie Wonder a favorite of mine and recalls happy memories which came flooding back when you sang it. Joy is infinite and is felt in so many wondrous ways!

  106. Thank you, Laura, big fan of Stevie too! Very good reminder to express joy and love to all!

  107. Muchas gracias por tu mensaje es muy agradable sentir la música aunque no nos acordemos toda la letra revitaliza

  108. I loved what you said to be joyful in all things and each day.

  109. Thank you so much for the sharing.

  110. My wife, Daphne, is a follower of CS and passes along many items to me including "Daily Lifts."
    No long ago, I discovered a version of this song on the radio while driving thru the beautiful West Marin (CA) landscape. Later, I found that the Grammy award-winning Latin band that played this number would be appearing in a free concert nearby and we went to see them on our 45th Anniversary. We danced with joy. That hasn't happened in a long time. Here is that version. Enjoy. And thanks for the "lift." You're a good singer....


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