1/4: Don't interrupt God

1/4: Don't interrupt God

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  1. Thank you Ginny for this helpful and important Lift. Since the line of true communication is always from God to man it is incumbent upon us to be good listeners, to be receptive to what God is telling us. In fact listening to mortal mind is like sending a "busy signal" to God. As we demonstrate control over our thinking we turn humbly to God by silencing the senses and be open to the one infinite, all-knowing Mind. Since Mind is ever active this communication is continuous, and in the words of Mary Baker Eddy, in S&H page 323, "We are either turning away from this utterance, or we are listening to it and going up higher."

  2. Thank you very much for this very important lift today!

  3. Keeping my 2 cents in my pocket. Thank you.

  4. Making many changes in my life right now has tuned me in to God's angels. I appreciate the reminder to stand porter at the door of thought and not interrupt God's angel thoughts guiding me. Thank you for the wonderful lifts.

  5. Thank you for the beautiful message.Just what I needed to hear

  6. Thank you so much for this message for today. I love your thought of letting God do the work. I have found it is so important to remind myself to listen instead of outline and this daily lift reiterates this. Letting God take care of the situation leads to better results than we could outline.

  7. I am so grateful Christian Science has given me the ability to daily do just what you have been sharing. It's so true and it is so contributive to the freedom and progress of others that we might have been thinking for them or about what we (ignorantly) thought they needed to do previously..

  8. Sometimes I feel I can help other people by translating what I think is right, what I beelieve this are God's ideas. Then I learned the lesson on my own by recognizing that God does not only sends angels to me, but to each one of us. I have to repeat this lesson every once in a while, when I want to speed the learning process from somebody else. My adapted the golden rule says: "Don't interrup others, if you don't want to be interruped". Each of us can find our way to walk with God and hear the message.

  9. How often do we pray for something but get no answer?
    MBE says, “That which we desire and for which we ask, it is not always best for us to receive” S&H 10:28
    Do we pray and wait to hear what God has to say, or we try to HELP God telling divine Mind what’s best for us to have?
    “Angels are pure thoughts from God, winged with Truth and Love…” S&H 298:28
    Shhh… Angels are whispering,
    Today’s lesson: Listen, don’t interrupt God!

    ¿Cuán a menudo oramos por algo y no tenemos respuesta?
    MBE dice, “Lo que deseamos y pedimos no es siempre lo que más nos conviene recibir” CyS 10:31
    ¿Oramos y esperamos oir lo que Dios tiene que decirnos, o tratamos de AYUDAR a Dios diciéndole a la Mente Divina lo que es mejor para nosotros?
    “Los ángeles son pensamientos puros que emanan de Dios, alados con Verdad y Amor…” CyS 298:31
    Shhh… Los ángeles están susurrando.
    La lección de hoy: ¡Eschucha, no interrumpas a Dios!

  10. The title of this Lift says it all! I'm soooo working on this. Thanks for this uplifting Lift! Thank you!!

  11. thank you for this lift, I really needed to hear this today.

  12. Thank you so much Ginny - gosh, how I needed that lift. In Mrs Eddy's lovely hymn 'Shepherd show me how to go', she wrote the line 'I will listen for Thy voice', lest my footsteps stray'. I am learning that that listening to God's voice, not out-lining what I think, or want the answer to be and - definitely - NOT INTERUPTING - is the way forward. Thank you again for this important reminder.

  13. Thank you, Ginny, for “Don’t interrupt God …” This fits in with an angel message that came to me recently, which is, “Mind your own covenant.” It came with the understanding that as I do, God will let me know if, when, how, why, where, and who needs me. By prayerfully minding my own covenant, I'll be about Our Father's business better by letting Divine Love rather than my own assumptions, lead me - no matter how good and sincere my intentions! In this way, limited human love coming from me, can increasingly become limitless Divine Love shining through me. I find that I love better that way! Come to think of it, there’s really only ONE Love and it’s Divine! My job? Align with the Divine. :-)

  14. Thank you, Ginny; this is the perfect message for me today!!

  15. Ginny, Thank you. God's love is uninterrupted, and uninterruptable.

  16. A great message, dear Ginny. Oh, how I need to know this as I pray & want to tell God when he already knows and is sending his angels to us with the answers.

  17. Thank you.

  18. Thank you very much, Ginny. Some late evenings or nights I find myself struggling with thoughts of several kinds, as you told about in your wounderful Lift. I always pray to send these erring thoughts away, as they cant`be thoughts from God and instead I must not interrupt God and let his angel messages in. Thanks again for this lovely, healing Lift!

  19. With a busy day and challenging weekend ahead, I really needed the reminder to listen to the angels! Thanks so much.

  20. Thank you for the lovely and true words.

  21. Thank you so much Ginny for this Lift! I found out one day that the lines of communication are always open. My daughter had driven to a convention in downtown Dallas. She called as she was leaving to get directions on how to get out of that area and home. My job allows me to have a trips program. As I am on the computer trying to direct her, she is reading off the street names. I realize she is heading in the direct opposite way she needs to go, straight into the 'bad' part of town. The last thing I was able to tell her before her cell phone died was that she needed to turn around and go the other way. This mom just about had a panic attack, my train of thought was I need to leave and get down there and look for her. And then I stopped and prayed. I realized God is her Mother, not me, and God was showing her the way to go, God's lines of communication are always open, they never run out of minutes or power. About 30 minutes later I received a phone call from her, she was at a store in the very north part of town. Miles from where she was when her phone died. I was able to tell her how to get home from there. What a joy that phone call was! To this day I am so grateful for this proof, as you say, of not interrupting God. What humility it takes to stop and be quiet and LISTEN. Thank you again Ginny and thank you to every commenter. I love the inspiration your thoughts bring!

  22. Thank you for this reminder to Listen and then follow through what God tells us. I have the answer to something that has to be done here at home. Many thanks to all..

  23. So powerful and so needed this morning. Thank you!

  24. Wow, How did you know that this was EXACTLY what I needed to hear!
    Thank you

  25. Muy interesante, dejamos que Dios obre o en algún caso debemos obrar nosotros ovbiamente guiados por Él, hay casos en que es natural seguir sin interrumpir Su idea, es sabio hacerlo, pero que decir cuando es nuestra la decisión dejamos que todo se desmorone o nos damos un baño de humildad y procedemos renunciando a aquello que nos parece lo establecido e intocable dejando todo en manos de Dios, siento que nosotros estamos aquí como colaboradores de Él y por lo tanto también tenemos que tomar decisiones, Cristo lo hizo y Eddy también no es fácil tomar decisiones cuando lo que está en juego es nada menos que el despertar a la humanidad a una comprensión de Dios y su infinito propósito, pero para eso estamos y no hay límite y sí... no debemos interrumpir Su obra, ¿Y cuando lo hacemos, cuando obramos o cuando no lo hacemos? Tanto Cristo como Eddy esperaban que superaramos sus pasos , eso quiere decir ir más alla de su propia enseñanza, que maravilla y que no será el despertar a tan memorable tarea, y sí podemos somos envíados de Dios.

    Muchas gracias bello como siempre el mensaje, Ginny

  26. Who are we when we think we can get out in front of God's wisdom? Great lift! Thank you!

  27. thank you ginny

  28. Thank you Ginny for this valuable reminder that God has no grandchildren and is the only communicator to his children. No middle man is ever needed. Hooray!!! "He knows the angels that you need, And sends them to your side, To comfort, guard and guide." C.S.Hymn 9

  29. Another wonderful Lift to think about! Thank You

  30. Literally a Daily 'Lift' of the 'burden' that isn't mine to carry.
    How about that! Instead perhaps, let me gently remind those for whom I am concerned, to listen to 'their' angel messages from God. I'll try to 'listen' better today, too. Thank you for such an interesting, and inspirational thought this morning.

  31. It's humbling but comforting to let human opinions - however lofty - yield to the Angels of His presence.

    Glad your humility brought you comfort; a wise example for us all to follow.

  32. Great example Ginny ! Jesus said this about that. “Blessed are they which do hunger and thirst after righteousness: for they shall be filled.” Matt 5:3

    When I make my short drive to work each morning, I chatter sort of non-stop while in the car. I enjoy singing a hymn with gusto, and several daily prayers. I talk with God directly sort of hoping I am communicating. I ask questions. Then, before walking into the post office, I flop open a hymnal or bible and enjoy a little bonus to ponder. I really had to laugh when #194 showed up recently.

    The voices that are worldly wise,
    With mortal modes in tune,
    Are mute in that transcendent hour
    When God and man commune.

    The angels had to pass me a note to get a word in edgewise. Was it my singing? I am putting more mute in my drive to work now.

  33. I needed that lift today Thank you Ginny

  34. What a much needed lift. So many times I think I know what needs to be done and try to tell God how and why. Then I remember that He doesn't need my help. He can do it all by himself!!!!! thanks for the reminder - I never thought of it as interrupting God before, so I too will keep 'my two cents' in my pocket.

  35. This is such a helpful reminder to be a listener, not an interrupter - both to God and to each of God's loved ones. Will go forward knowing Love's angels are communicating to each one and being communicated. I don't have to interrupt with my own interpretations, etc. Thank you, Ginny, Daily Lift workers, all!

  36. I will love your sharings forever and the blessings of your practice. Thank you.

  37. Having just read the article, Humility, in the Anthology of Classic Articles 2, the author, John Kenyon, also pointed out that humility means shedding "a ray of light" (on the subject) and not being a doormat ie: (doing nothing). He said that saying, "Just leave it all to God and it will work out" isn't enough. We do need to pray about the situation and not just put it out of thought. We need to acknowledge everyone's unity with the one Mind and their ability to hear the angel messages.

    This is exactly what you did!

  38. The angels and your message is so wonderful. I had some over the moon experiences and realized that you were on the same page as I was in life. I appreciate your message, that angels and God are there to help, an all in all Gift. Thanks again Ginny!!!

  39. Thank you Ginny. I read your lift right before I spoke with my daughter this morning. My guidance was from God and in turn hers was too. Starting the day close to God and these wonderful reminders has been a blessing in my life. I'm filled with gratitude.

  40. Many thanks Ginny for this great inspiring reminder. "ANGELS. God's [Love's] thoughts passing to man;" (S&H 581:4). I'm sure most of us have experienced this wonderful inspiring experience, since it is Love's way of speaking to each and everyone of us. "God's angels ever come and go,/ All winged with light and love;/ They bring us blessings from on high,/ They lift our thoughts above,/ They whisper God is Love." (Christian Science Hymnal #9).

  41. Thank you so much Ginny just what I needed to hear in these hours of great concern for dear family member. I also want to send a special Thank You to JD in Texas for sharing her story about her daughter. It is so true that what blesses one, blesses all and her comments sent a special blessing my way.

  42. Beautifully shared timely angel message by which all are blessed! A multitude of thanks! I needed that.

  43. To lean on God, not on my own sense of what is needed, helps me forget self. As the first line of the preface to Science and Health tells us, "To those leaning on the sustaining infinite, today is big with blessings."

    Thank you, Ginny. Thank you Bol. Thank you, dear Mother Church, for a wonderful week of messages to begin our new year.

  44. Being still and listening to those angel messages bring about amazing results to our days. Thank you for sharing that inspiring message.

  45. What a helpful original thought. Thank you. So berautifully explained too. I appreciate the daily lifts so much.. Thank you.

  46. Thank you so much. I will cherish my angels all day over same things that woke you during the night.

  47. PERFECT ! thank you . :-)

  48. Oh my goodness, thank you!

  49. Oh, thanks so much, Ginny! One thing that has helped me along these lines, when I'm worried about someone else's life and wanting to "help" them is: I remember that God really didn't appoint me as someone else's Guardian. He didn't say, "Bev, your job this lifetime is to take care of so and so." He really didn't. Instead He says, "Your job is to work out your salvation by staying close to me - by deepening your relationship with me - and I will direct your path. I'll let you know what to do and say." I've heard it's called, "Detaching with Love" from other peoples' business - or - just "Mind your Own Business." There's Your Business, My Business and God's Business!

  50. Thank you, Ginny, for this important reminder to get ME out of the way and to just let God be God in all of His/Her fulness, power, compassion, and love. I find it so comforting to fall back on that wonderful old truism that "there is no spot where God is not" -- which brings with it the natural assurance that, as you've said so many times, "God was there first!". Nothing can happen in our lives that isn't already under control and ready to be managed in the best possible way, if we are open to the angel messages that are ever in place to "comfort, guard and guide"....

  51. Such a wonderful lift, Ginny. I love it! I'm on your wavelength today. I woke up in the early morning hours, way too early to get up. At first, thoughts came flooding in about challenges and how I should deal with them. Then Bible passages came to mind (2Corinthians 5:6-8), "6 ..whilst we are at home in the body, we are absent from the Lord" 7 For we walk by faith, not by sight. 8"... be absent from the body and present with the Lord." I quit thinking and started listening, feeling God's presence and listening for God's guidance. I realized being present with the Lord was all I needed to do. I knew the right answer would be there for me in the moment I needed it. His will be done. The Lord's Prayer says, "His will be done on earth as it is in heaven." The thought came that "heaven" is simply getting out of the way to experience his will being done -- not my will or the will of anyone else-- the will of the one and only Mind, God. Being in heaven is being with God and we all have access to God in any given moment. He is always with us. In fact, (Acts 17:28) "For in him we live, and move, and have our being." Just listen and do what God says -- let God's will be done. Peace, be still. If God wants me to speak, I'll speak, If he wants me to do something, then I'll do it. I will know it by being absent from the body and present with the Lord. As you said, "Don't interrupt God." And there is such goodness, intelligence, power and yes freedom in giving up my will for God's will.


  53. "Let go and let God". Thank you for the wonderful thoughts this morning. To leave the things we are facing in God's hands and to let Love illumine and designate the way.
    Thank you to all who provide the Lifts and the loving commentary.

  54. Thank you, Ginny. Great good comes to us when we listen and don't interrupt the Divine. When travelling in a poverty stricken country many years ago,and looking over the beautiful countryside, a group of local workers, armed with tools of their trade, moved towards my husband and I. We were frightened by their belligerence, but I quickly prayed, seeing them as God's beloved children. I spoke calmly to them, telling them how we enjoyed their lovely country. The words came to me, unplanned, a gift of God, His angels meeting our human need. The workers quietly turned and walked away. God's work is done, complete, we simply reflect his goodness, kindness, compassion and joy.

  55. Thank you Ginny and thank you all!! What great reminders!

  56. Praying.....
    and listening go together.
    Instead of interrupting God, we need to listen more.
    Thank you Ginny.

  57. Come, gracious Spirit, heavenly Love, With light and comfort from above; Be Thou our guardian, Thou our guide, O’er every thought and step preside. (Hymn 39). Thank you so much Ginny and all lifters for the wonderful inspiration flooding in!

  58. Ginny, Thank you thank you.... Your message was poignant for me, addressing exactly what I needed. Your "interruption" of God's message today was absolutely the right thing to say!!!! Angels, thank you too!
    Martin, #1, thank you for the busy signal idea, an easy reminder for me...thank you to everyone else for comments that truly envelope me in comfort.

  59. Thank you. This is timely. I really needed to hear this today, and to read all the comments. I appreciate so much being able to wake in the morning and plug in to the Daily lift.
    often, I wake and feel directionless and this anchors me and helps so much.

  60. Because I, like many other commenters, need to put MY words on mute more often, I have a couple of little notes to myself on the edges of my computer screen:
    We aren't really praying until God is the only one talking.
    Am I listening - or just waiting to talk?
    More wag - less bark!

  61. It's a human habit to want to know what the other guy is saying to the other guy, basically to mind some one else's business. Then there is plenty of gossip going around. All of this doesn't do any body good. It's all hearsay. Actually it's a form of interrupting God, and what he (GOD) is trying to tell us. Oh! What we humans do when we're tempted to listen to gossip instead keeping our spiritual senses open. Our goal each day to be aware and not to interrupt what God is telling us.

  62. Thank you Ginny for this helpful thought. It comes at a time where I have a couple of friends that I wish I could help, but words don't get through. It's very comforting to know that they are already being spoken to through God's angel messages.

  63. This lift reminded me of the title of a poem I once found when wondering how to share "my" thoughts. It was "Let the Angels Tell them". (A quick look on JHS tells me it might have been in the 9-1-1981 Journal - poem by Jane Murdock) I have used this often and also remember the need to replace "them" with "me" many times. Thank you for all the "Lifts".

  64. "The intercommunication is always (ALWAYS!!) from God to His idea, man." (MBE) (my added ALWAYS!)

    As a parent I often feel the NEED to communicate MY ideas to my children. What a freeing concept this is, to let God be the Communicator--His/Her ideas are far superior to mine! Thank you for this marvelous lift, Ginny Ludeman, your lifts are always practical in the here and now.

  65. Thank you!!

  66. Oh Ginny, that was exactly what I needed right now as my own non-productive thoughts were trying to keep me from hearing God thoughts. I will kepp this with me all day today. love you,

  67. Thank You.

  68. thank you for ur informational and spiritrual message....vivian r lenzi

  69. Thanks so much Ginny for this beautiful lift....just what I needed this morning to remind me to "get out of the way" and listen. This really lovingly shook my shoulders!

  70. Thank you, Ginny!
    Just perfect!

  71. Wonderful message Ginny. Thank you so much.

  72. Thank you!

  73. Oh, Ginny! That is so perfectly beautiful! Thank you!

  74. WOW!! Thanks, Ginny and DLTeam, for the listening that prompted this great conversation! Have a great day of "aligning with the Divine," everyone!

  75. Every Daily Lift, of course, is relevant and timely, as they are based God's love and laws which are eternally and wholly relevant and timeless. BUT . . . every now and then there is a personal relevance so precise that, once again, in beautiful evidence of One Mind, illumination and clarity come to a seemingly tough situation. Ginny, your message today has helped to bring healing to an ethical situation that I've been praying about. My email stating my case was composed yesterday, "slept on" last night, but still I felt that this wasn't the right course. But then I listened to your Daily Lift before setting my feet on the floor. The phone rang, and after a very brief conversation the issues completely lifted and harmony has been restored. Thank you Ginny - I'm so grateful for your gift of this beautiful angel message!

  76. Thank you all for your precious comments and expressions of gratitude. Each is so vital to this message of God speaking. Your part in the lifts really supports and magnifies the messages wonderfully...
    Feels like campfire singing together..
    Love to each of you this New Year.
    God is speaking to you..you are precious, loved, and cared for perfectly...

  77. Thank you Ginny and all contributors with ideas I really needed to hear and listen to closely. I'm so grateful for the DL for all it does for all of us worldwide. The "Daily Lift" always meets us where we are and blesses our needs. Thank you DL team for your part in this gift which would not come to us without you all. Let's have a spiritually progressive new year!!!

  78. Love this Lift!!! The title will be carried with me as a reminder I bet it will curb my negative reactions by thinking "shhh, don't interrupt God! There's important angel messages needing to get through!" Thank you, Ginny, Lift team and all the great comments. I literally laughed out loud at #32 Nancy - I too, have discovered a need to practice more meekness during my morning prayers with God!

    Also, I want to share that just yesterday I was concerned for a friend that seemed unhappy and I felt I needed to do something - find out what was the trouble and "help" but divine Mind ultimately led me to the idea of this Lift - that my friend's angels were talking to and directing my friend. It helped me let go of the false sense of responsibility and I'm sure such a prayer blessed my friend. Over the holidays a similar idea that "Truth is the communicator" communicating directly to every individual, brought needed peace to family situations. This prayerful idea was shared at our Dec 23rd Wednesday Testimony meeting and was inspired by S&H 85:31 "...truth communicates itself but never imparts error." Thanks again, everybody, and have a glorious weekend!

  79. Ginny, how helpful! Thanks.

  80. Mrs Hay wrote, "God's angels ever come and go, All winged with light and love; They bring us blessings from on high, They lift our thoughts above, They whisper God is Love." (CSHymnal #9) How wonderful that in the quietness and stillness within our consciousness we can hear and be obedient to God's loving and healing directions. And God doesn't just give us some or a portion of His Christ. But the entire wholeness of His holiness, with every quality in abundance and in harmony with every other spiritual quality.
    Thank you Nate, this has been a bright continuation of eternity. Thanks to the Board of Lectureship and the lecturers; and to the awesome band of brothers and sisters who comment.

  81. Wow, this lift is so refreshing, Thank-you, I was thinking that we are all loved by God, but some of us don't listen. I know that all hear God and his angel thoughts and that, will heal, Thanks Ginny!

  82. Thank you Ginny. I am one of those mothers who tends to give MY advice/opinion to my children and others. Yes, trust God's children to their Father-Mother. And God will tell us if /when and what to say to them.

    And Texas Nancy #60 -- I loved your little computer notes. I have copied them to add to my e-post-it notes on my screen.

  83. What a great lift + all the additional comments!
    Yes, I've found that when I'm not singing & listening to what I call the 'I ME MINE' song...
    angel thoughts are more easily heard!
    Thanks Ginny et al!

  84. Oh Wow! Thank you Ginny for sharing this useful insight.

  85. Thank you, Ginny. I've been praying to not feel that I have to weigh in or "help out" in various situations when help is not being asked for. But I never went so far as to realize that this would be trying to interrupt God. Thanks for this more powerful reminder.

  86. Thanks, Ginny. This kind of puts an explanation point on angel message that has been coming into my thought lately. So grateful.. I am.

  87. Oh Boy! This is a great lift. How often I've been caught up trying to steady other people's altars, mentally or verbally, or been inadvertently put in that position because someone needs help. Every day I'm learning more about humility to turn to God, turn them to God, and mentally kneel together, TRUSTING God's presence, power, infinite intelligence, & Love, to reach each and every heart and situation. This is powerful prayer. What a joy to let go and let God! Thanks again, Ginny, and all involved in these blogs.xxox :))

  88. Thank you, Ginny. There is only one Mind and I needed a reminder of that with my own family during these holidays. I woke up troubled this morning, but you reminded me not to interrupt God and his angel thoughts to my loved ones.

  89. What a wonderful, encouraging message; I love it! Thank you so much Ginny!

  90. Number 76 is my message to each of you. But my smart phone somehow didnt get my n ame in it...sooo again...thanks and # 76 says it!

  91. A lovely thought, and so needed. I truly appreciate being reminded to have absolute trust in God's contol. Thank you for your thoughts.

  92. Thank you, Ginny, and thanks to everyone connected with presenting these wonderful Daily Lifts. My dear husband asks me to be SILENT and PRAY when he is in need of healing. This has challenged me, a mom of four, who over years has SPOKEN Truths to my children when they were challenged. He's right. A week ago, we were with beloved family, staying in my daughter's house, and he was in pain and was already in touch with a Christian Science practitioner. So I prayed silently to fill my thought with God's dear Love for him and all of us, me included. Before long, he felt much better and was able to join the family for a lovely gathering. Each day since, I have been putting us in that warm embrace of God's Love that doesn't need a thing from me but to rejoice in it.

  93. Thanks, Ginny.
    Sometimes we all want so much to do or to help, but our continual acknowledgement of His/Her Allness and knowing..."only God can talk" is often a far better blessing to help.

  94. Ahh Ginny, you bring to mind that lovely hymn 9, the second verse of which begins, "God's angels ever come and go, all winged with light and love". The same hymn ends with "and so our hearts find peace". What lovely gifts, and how grateful I am for the God that gives them.

  95. Thank you so much for this reminder, Ginny. What a weight lifted off us to know that God is always speaking to us, and we don't need to come up with the answers ourselves. Also that God is speaking to everyone, and we can all be receptive to it!

  96. thanks Ginny......good one for me today and I'm sure for all...take care

  97. Thank you for this timely message... Soo what I needed to hear right now! I need to stop orchestrating Gods plan and move out of the way... Trust in Good (God)!

  98. With a humble and grateful heart I thank God, you & the DL team for sharing this message today. Perfect timing, perfect words. -Linda.

  99. This is part of a poem by Holly Suhi, God, Love, is like a Shepherd
    who carries His lambs in His arms
    all the day long and all the night long l who never puts one down .and never lets one down.
    "My dear lamb," God said to me,

    "I have never asked you to be the Shepherd."

  100. As last years Christmas experience becomes a memory and we put away our decorations and presents, it is really cool to find that the Christmas angels hang around every day all year long meeting "every human need". Thank you Ginny.
    Thanks again for all the uplifting comments. Especially liked #63, jbs who referred to a poem by Jane Murdoch published in the Journal. I looked it up. It refers to the angels from the Christmas story. The last verse reads:
    "And should one refuse
    to hear healing truths from lips of men,
    let the angels,
    let the angels,
    let the angels tell them."
    Jane Murdock.

  101. A local church has banners outside which say "God is still speaking." Every time I ride by I mentally add, "So shut up, and listen!"

  102. Thank you Ginny.

  103. As there are 102 responses to your Daily Lift, it must have been a very helpful one. I concur. It was just what I needed to hear. Thanks so much!

  104. Thank you very much for this comforting message!

  105. Thank you so much Ginny, for the very helpful lift.

  106. Number 3 is keeping his 2 cents in his pocket. God's supply is multiplying as I am keeping my 2 cents in my pocket too. Thank you ever so much.

    From a former, recovered, previous interrupter to God.

  107. Thank you.

  108. Yes, it`s the truth and the right thing to do; To let Gods angels speek to us. I really like the the banners which say "God is still speaking" and the mentally add "So shut up, and listen!"


  109. Great reminder of who is sending the real message.

  110. Thank you Ginny. I was having some thoughts exactly like the ones you described, yesterday and last night. I will tell myself each time I find them . . to stop interrupting God!!


  112. thank you ginny , this is so helpful and much needed !

  113. Thank you, Ginny for this perfect message! It was made to order for me today!

  114. Wonderful... thank you for this lift today!

  115. Ginny - Hello and thanks for your loving message - as always you bring us back to the reality of God's love for us and his ever loving supply.
    YOU HAVE GIVEN ME MY NEW YEARS RESOLUTION - to be a better listener and not let my type "A" personality block out God's angel thoughts which I often do not allow to overrule my thoughts.
    As our daily prayer tells us " and may Thy Word enrich the affections of all mankind and govern them!"
    Than You and Happy "Loving" New Year!
    Ben J

  116. Thank you. This was beautiful. Just listened to it this afternoon, but spent the whole morning in humble, listening, kneeling, and knowing prayer. I'll take this beautiful message with me the rest of the day.

  117. Thank you, dear Ginny! Your thoughts are wonderful and I can use them right away. What a wonderful start of the New Year. Great!

  118. Thank you, Ginny. I love the idea of angels speaking to us, and especially when we listen.

  119. Thank you so much Ginny for your insight in this lift and thanks to all of the inspired comments here- especially the quotes from hymns- all were joyfully confirming as I recently found needed clarity from angel messages that rang so clear and so true as to bring me joy even in my seemingly sorrowful uphill human steps toward fruition in a dragon slaying situation.
    Listening- really listening, I receive the truth and feel fortified in my every step toward the blending of my spiritual and professional missions.
    I am so grateful to Christian Science for showing me the way to pray to hear the angels sing what I need to know to go forth to do my part in raising me to my highest consciousness and in evolving the consciousness of humankind as "one body we".
    How cool that we have such grand teachers as Jesus and Mary Baker Eddy! And how great that we have so many wonderful practitioners of this Science (or God's law) Jesus and Mrs. Eddy showed us.
    Thank you to all the Daily Lift angels! You are making a huge difference for the better.

  120. thank you Ginny, for the lovely reminder to always listen and love what we hear from our Father Mother God.

  121. Thank you for this lift - I am a mother who worries constantly about her children's safety. I am trying very hard to realise as one other person said in the comments - trust God to be there when you can't be and also to realise I am not here as a guardian to my children - this is a constant battle for me but this lift and the comments have been so helpful - thank you.

  122. We are never misled by God's Word(s) to us-whether in prayer, worship, or His written word to all of His children.

  123. I found it! "Let The Angels Tell Them" by Jane Murdock is in the Anthology of Classic Articles III, on p. 44.

  124. Wow, what a feast of inspiration, first from Ginny Luedeman, and then from the Daily Lifters! #21, thank you for your story showing the power of listening to God's messages. The humor in #32 and #60 and #106 is another good way to learn important messages. I also enjoyed the message of what heaven is in #51. To #54, what a great story of listening for God's gift of the right words to say. Finally, thank you Ginny for your follow-ups (#76 and 90). You summed it up beautifully when you said the responses seem like campfire singing together. That's exactly the experience I just had.

  125. What a brake! My daughter sent me this one and urged me to listen to it. I am grateful I did because it applied the spiritual brakes after I shifted the gears into a mode of how I expected others to act and behave. It reminded me about the story in the Bible when the Holy Spirit decended, and everyone "understood it it his own language," there was no explaining to do; the message was "self-explaining" and meeting each one's needs where she/he is in the strait and narrow path to God.

  126. Thank you

  127. Thanks, Ginny -- Good thoughts for after the Holidays!

  128. Thank You Ginny it was perfect as always and just what I needed. Your thoughts are so clear and your voice so uplifting,

  129. What a beautiful lift...and a wonderful reminder not to try to keep "tending the regulator'!!! A message that speaks to the hearts of us all....thank you so much!! God is in control....all is well!

  130. A belated thank you, Ginny. Perfect wrapping for a lovely experience I just had on an airplane last night.
    thanks everyone who has shared. Thanks again Nate and your team members.

  131. The angel messages are in a language that only God can interpret. Thank you.

  132. Thank you Ginny! Yes, God is taking care of everyone and every issue releases us of false sense of responsibility. Perfect!

  133. I love the angels that you speak about. thank you.

  134. Thanks,Ginny....
    Good thought

  135. I love hearing the angel voices that you speak of. Let go, let God.

  136. It was as if this angel message was meant especially for me! Thank you for listening to the message to share it!

  137. Thank you for this healing message. As I was reading these lovely responses, a phone call came through with a healing answer to a question.

  138. We are all precious, loved and perfectly cared for, thanks Ginny. I am always reminded by turning to my perfect Father/Mother I can truly rest in quiet adoration in knowing how perfect my Father/Mother's love is for me every moment and knowing this to be true for myself and it is also true for others.

  139. (121) Dear Caz, I had to work out freedom from fear for my 5 children. I see them as
    Safe in Science". Look up in the concordance several references to "..in Science" I believe it was part of a poem by Mrs. Eddy.

  140. Ginny, thank you so much for this wonderful lift. It has taken me some time to listen to it but it has supported so beautifully what I have been work with since Friday. Here in Australia in the state of Tasmania there have been devastating bushfires. Although I do not live in Tasmania and are no where near these fires it has brought back some fearful thoughts from previous experiences. I also had an overwhelming sense of responsibility as my mother, my sons family including 3 small grandchildren and my husband and I all live in fire hazard areas approximately 30 minutes apart. My concern was how could my husband and I keep all these people safe if fire was to impact on our area. After many sleepless hours the angel thought came - that I could trust God as the one Mind and know that his angel messages were speaking to all helping them to take the wisest path no matter that the material picture presented.
    Thank you for your lift which has assisted me to hold firmly to this angel message.

  141. Thank you, Ginny. This is an important reminder for me!

  142. Ginny,

    Thank you sooo much for that thought. And just the way you put it - not interrupting. I feel like I spend a lot of time worrying about others, especially in family and church and how they can be told of God's goodness and perfection. Your/God's answer is just right and I won't forget it.

  143. You are so right. This fits me to a T!!!!! Thank you Ginny!!!!

  144. As a First Reader one Wednesday evening, I once looked up from my reading and realized every one in the congregation had their eyes closed. I had to suppress a giggle--for the thought came to me, "OMG! what if their eyes are closed but they're not praying. Could they all be snoozing? Is anyone out there listening?" I immediately gave that thought the old heave-ho and insisted that--duh!--- they are not listening to me but God is the communicator and Her message is coming thru, "as the lion roareth". No surprise that people gave amazing testimonies that evening, many referring directly to passages from that night's lesson. Very humbling to know that God is the only one talking and people are listening. Cricket

  145. Hi Ginny, A friend mentioned your DL so I went back to hear it today! So glad!!! A line from a hymn came to mind "He knows the angels that you need and send them to your side..." Thanks for sharing this with all of us. Love, Chrissie

    The hymn quoted above is Hymn 9, words by Violet Hay
    Daily Lift Team

  146. Thank you !!

  147. Thank you Ginny This helps me with my children. Even though they are now adults I felt a sense of responsibility to tell them what to do and this reminds me that they have everything they need. Don't want to interupt God!!!

  148. Boy, did I need that message as I deal with some of the same thoughts you were dealing with after the holidays. Thanks so much, I really appreciate those ideas.

  149. Again, thank you all for your ideas and comments. I continue to think about the idea that we are all being spoken to and guided by God's voice... In every hour..
    Blessings to each who is listening for this voice..

  150. This is so precious and good, Ginny!! Yes, yes yes to trusting God, listening to the angels and knowing that all is well...no need for me to get in between God's angel messages and Her beloved!

  151. Muchas gracias

  152. A line from Science and Health (pg. 494) came to me yesterday, and stayed with me last night as I tossed about with worry: "... to all mankind and in every hour, divine Love supplies all good". It turned my thoughts away from me, and out towards all mankind, God's manifestation. All good. All the time. For everybody. Straight from God. An angel message for all.

    Thank you, Ginny.

  153. Thank you. This is just wonderful, and a perfect gift! Thank you!

  154. Oh, Ginny: thank you for this Daily Lift. I just got to my "Lifts" after a busy time. This idea of not
    "interrupting God" made me think and really made me realize that I do not have to take on false responsibilities for our families, church, the World---communities, schools. This thought is helping me think about how best to use my time. I really am working on this. I had so many plans for each of those areas of concerns and was overwhelmed when unexpectedly elected First Reader of my church in Redlands. I am learning not to "interrupt God" and His plan for me and mankind. I know that Mind is in control. Now, I must live it out in my life. And I am finding time to enter the "closet" and pray. Ann Botts, Banning, CA.

  155. Rita-New Delhi,India-2/5/2013

    Thank You, Ginny for the Daily lift. It frees us from a false sense of responsibility.Moreover human solutions and human will should not be interfering in the work of God.The spiritual thoughts that we receive are already the most perfect answers to our prayers