1/31: Health is spiritual

1/31: Health is spiritual

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  1. So specific and helpful. Health then, is as here and now and forever as Love - the Love that not only is of God but IS God. Thank you for this Lift.

  2. Thank you Evan for this very important Lift. Health is spiritual! It resides in and proceeds from the Divine Mind. Our body represents the outward condition of health or sickness depending on the thoughts we are entertaining.The absolute spiritual reality is that the Divine Mind governs every function of the human body. Mary Baker Eddy had a clear understanding of this when she stated, in S&H page 425, "Consciousness constructs a better body when faith in matter has been conquered. Correct material belief by spiritual understanding, and Spirit will form you anew."

  3. Thank you for this ,Evan.

    Truth, Wisdom, Love and Sincerity, to ALL mankind.

    Rob Scott
    Chicago, IL

  4. Thank you kindly for your great insight regarding that life and health are spiritual concepts as they they are going together. Also I love so much your reminder that Love is unchangeable in thought and in action and therefore is not dependent on the strength of our body. Your CS talk on Spiritual Diet was also so inspired and uplifted putting down all incorrect view on substance as matter. Your lectures here in Melbourne were absolutely unforgettable events bringing joy to all listeners. Thank you again for being so generously minded.

  5. This is really uplifting!
    Just what I needed for today.
    Thank you very much!

  6. Thanks Evan. Isn't it amazing that such a simple Truth is so difficult to grasp? Is it because this Truth is free and available to all? "The joy that none can take away is mine - - I walk with Love today".

    Daily Lift Team:
    Quote is from Hymn 139

  7. King David, the Psalmist, saw health as spiritual, as the natural state of man, "O Lord my God, I cried unto thee, and thou hast restored me." Psalm 30:2
    I too cried to God; in the middle of the night, in the middle of the day, day in and day out ―I had been dealing with the sickness of the big name for quite some time.
    With the CS practitioner's help I learned that all I ever needed was God.
    One day I looked back and the big affliction had been gone for days.
    This is when I learned not to call anything bad, 'mine.' God didn't give it to me, (if He did, I couldn't ever lose it, right?
    That is how I discovered that health is spiritual.

    El Rey David, el Salmista, vio la salud como espiritual, como el estado natural del hombre, "Jehová Dios mío, a ti clamé, y me sanaste." Salmo 30:2
    Yo también clamé a Dios; en el medio de la noche, en el medio del día; día a día ―estuve lidiando con la enfermedad del gran nombre por bastante tiempo.
    Con la ayuda de una practicista de la CC aprendí que lo único que yo necesitaba era Dios.
    Un día miré hacia atrás y la gran aflicción que me aquejaba hacía días que ya no estaba.
    Entonces fue cuando aprendí a no llamar 'mío' a nada malo. Dios no me lo dio, (si me lo hubiera dado no podría habermelo quitado, ¿verdad?
    Allí fue cuando decubrí que la salud es espiritual.

    Sonya from Bulgaria

  9. Thank you a great lot, dear Evan for this absolute and very helpful devine Truth - am very grateful for Christian Science and for MBE!

  10. What a clear and efficient thought ! It's such a clear and easy thought ! Why do we complicate our life ? Yes we are the Perfect and Complete SOUL, the PERFECT AND COMPLETE DIVINE INDENTIY! Let's wear the Christ lens to see nothing but PERFECTION, HEALTH, FREEDOM, ABUNDANCE, PROSPERITY §
    Thank you so much to you Evan, to DL and to the whole community all over the world. TREMENDOUS !

  11. Thank you for your inspired message. "Man is not material but he is spiritual" S&H

  12. Evan,
    Thank you

  13. Thank you Evan. You have made it so clear that our health lies in God, Spirit, and not in matter. It prompted me to realise that if I could not show my love temporarily through arms or lips, this would not affect the condirtion of the love that I was holding in my mind and in my thoughts. Why then should I accept that the condition of my health can be affected by a material appearance which never produced spiritual health in the first place? It is why we celebrate spiritual health rather than a sense of physical well-being..

  14. I saw the film Les Miserables recently, and I love the line "to love another person is to see the face of God"

  15. This is a wonderful Lift, thank you Evan! I have been catching up on a few I had missed and they are all so uplifting.

    13 Jan your comment reminds me of a quote I saw yesterday "Inspiration is God seeing herself in you"

    I have a challenging trip next week related to work, change is needed and I am so fearful I can't facilitate the change. listening to these Lifts and reading the comments is helping me to put my thoughts in order and back on course.

    Thanks to ALL


    Shelagh :-)

  16. "mythic-matter" cannot express an iota of REAL FREEDOM which is our forever gift from Almighty
    GOD, our Father-Mother MIND....it is rootless and mythical, mortal mind in motion. How much more
    should be accept Jesus' words..... the Kingdom of GOD is within, within reach daily for each of us to
    accept and be benefited by. Being free indicates no impure relationship with a mythical-substance!!
    And GOD saw every thing that he had made, and, behold, it was very good (Gen. 1:31)
    ARN /Salinae

  17. Dear Evan, thank you for the AHA! moment this morning. Recently in deep prayer and searching, Joy spoke to me in a brightness, saying "I have you, and you have me, no matter what human circumstances would appear to be." Immediate healing resulted. This morning your lift spoke to me that "Health has me, and I have health, regardless of human appearances." Don't you love those subtle shifts, a "change of base," that open thought to the simplicity and perfection of Christ. Thanks to Tony, #12 for clarifying that health is above mere physical well-being with its vulnerability to ill-being. Today is a day of celebrating spiritual health-with great joy. Love to all.

  18. Thank you, Evan, for confirming that we all indeed have healthcare, free and available to all of us, if we are willing to think. "The time for thinkers has come." (S&H: p. vii; 13)

  19. Exelente artículo...***

  20. Marvelous Evan, thank you, a brilliant message for all today!

  21. Thank you, for the clear and beautiful expression of health and love! God's love include's it all we only have to be open to believe/receive and be thankful.

  22. Infinity is wholeness everywhere. Health everywhere. It is not possible to lose health any more than we could lose the infinite. Thank you for this lovely Lift affirming our spiritual status as God's reflection. Thank you to the DL community for all the comments. Each one contributing is much appreciated.

  23. That is so beautifully described Evan. Thank you. I guess it is one of the most common questions about Christian Science from the non--Scientist and even the Scientist often wrestles with it as well. Really helpful illustration

  24. Thank you Evan for re - minding us this tremendous gift we have been given by God's infinite Love.

  25. Many thanks Evan for this very inspiring preview of next week's Bible lesson on Spirit. Yes. "Health is spiritual just as love is spiritual, in the thought coming right from God, the source of all life and intelligent action, freely available to each and everyone of us." "Health, hope and love in all around I see/ For those who trustingly abide in Thee [divine infinite Spirit]." (Christian Science Hymnal #7).

  26. Our Leader writes, In Science, body is the servant of Mind, not its master: Mind is supreme. Science reverses the evidence of material sense with the spiritual sense that God, Spirit is the only substance; and that man, His image and likeness, is spiritual, not material. This great Truth does not destroy but substantiates man's identity, -- together with his immortality and preexistence, or his spiritual coexistence with his Maker. That which has a beginning must have an ending." Miscellaneous Writings, page 47.

  27. You put that so simply and so clearly and yet was such a powerful message.
    Many thanks and love

  28. Thank You for this lift. I love the Idea that health is Spiritual, and that it is of God.

  29. What a great lift! Thank you so much.

  30. "Everything is the result of thought"...."Where the mind goes, the body will follow" Thank you Evan for the lovely reminder to keep on the right track with our thought. Much appreciated, Love to all.

  31. Thank you for reminding us that health is from God. All good is of God and that is all we can express.

  32. Perfect timing for me... thank you for this inspiring lift!

  33. THANK YOU!

  34. thank you evan

  35. El sentir lo espiritual es lo que hace saludable, Cristo sanó en base a su sentir íntegro de fidelidad a su Padre, que otra cosa que su sentir ha trascendido el "tiempo" no son sus palabras que han sido interpretadas y en algún caso tergibersadas en tantos cambios en las Escrituras que han habido a traves del tiempo y de distintos opiniones y creencias, ese es nuestro legado inmarcesible que no cambia de enfermo a sano sino que ya es sano por su propia ecencia si apartamos nuestro pensamiento de lo humano y solo lo afirmamos en lo divino los males desaparecen eso fue lo que sanó a la mujer que tocó su "manto" no fue su manto obviamente todos lo sabemos, sino Su sentir y ese sentir fue trasmitido por la reciprocidad de ella, como dice Eddy: "Reciproclamos el Amor" de otra manera no hay total sanación quizás fisica pero no total como sanaba Cristo y también Eddy y muchos más también lo hacen en Un hecho inconstastable mejorando y sanando moralmente a las personas base fundamental de la sanación ya que sin ella no hay sanación verdadera por que sanar el cuerpo y no la moral nos deja ciegos de la peor ceguera la ceguera de lo espiritual.

    "Y así asombrará él a muchas naciones" Isaías, y sí esa profesía se ha cumplido ampliamente, para eso vino para hacernos entender cual es el camino y lo practiquemos.

    Muchas gracias Evan, generalmente no se lo que dicen los mensajes pero siento el Amor que hay en ellos, y gracias a todos los que colaboran compartiendo el sentir.

  36. Thank you for bringing our tho'ts into alighnment with what is true of God's spiritual idea, man. We are that tower of power, reflecting, in every way, His goodness and love. MBE writes in Mis. Writings.....
    "Thus founded upon the rock of Christ, when storm and tempest beat against the sure foundation,you,
    safely sheltered in the strong tower of faith, hope, and Love, are God's nestlings; and He will hide you in His feathers till the storms has passed."


  38. Thank you Evan . As usual you have gone right to the heart of Spirit , yes indeed mater has no heart , This is a healing uplift for the world .and for me .Spirit is the heart of being , our existence .

  39. Thanks for that wonderful Truth statement of our health spiritual. You reminded me of how grateful I am to you and all the other Lecturers who bring this special Daily Lift freely to us all, worldwide!Thanks to those who help bring your message every day to us also. A truly special gift.

  40. Beautifully explained. Health is spiritual, like love. Its source is God. It is no more in the body than love is. But a properly functioning body expresses the thought of health. Thank you.

  41. Thank you Evan, and to #2 " our body is the outward condition of health, depending on the thoughts we entertain.

  42. That last bit...and it is free to all. How the world needs to have spiritual economy, universal availability, with its spiritual health.

  43. Thank you.

  44. utterly inspirational! Thank you - again spiritual thought so simple and beautiful

  45. Just wonderful! Thank you so much Evan. This Lift really hits home with me. How grateful I am for your spiritual insight and the love in sharing. I will listen to this over & over!

  46. Thank you Evan, you always state things so clear and with such understanding. Makes me believe I can get it too.


  47. The comparison you made, between the infinite spirituality of Love and the infinite spirituality of health, made it all so clear. Thank you! It was just what I needed this morning.

  48. thank you Evan. sin, disease, death is not of Divine Love.be yee perfect as i am perfect. i am the porter of my mind. as i think so i am.health is spiritual. i am a spiritual being.my family , friends,and all my human fellows are spiritually heathy because our father-mother God is complete goodness.

  49. Many thanks...again, Evan for this so all encompassing thought of our dear Father Mother. Reviewing my list of God qualities I have placed under the synonyms for God, and which are aiding me in my understanding of Him. interesting to note how many are clearly ways we experience health. I so needed this refresher this morning. " Thanks be to God for his unspeakable gift"

  50. This is a good one! So deep and yet so simple!
    Thanks for this thought to ponder today.

  51. Dear Evan, this was so concise and helpful and true! Actually, health is guaranteed as the substance of our spiritual DNA, which I like to refer to as Divine Native Attributes). Health is synonymous with Wholeness, so we can all rejoice with the Psalmist from moment to moment and "Arise and sing, for thou art whole." We are programmed for perfection from everlasting to everlasting! How wonderful. How great is our God!

  52. Thanks Evan for beautiful lift.

  53. Thank you Evan. So true, health is a spiritual thought, without superstructure of material form, nor is it a changing, unstable belief concocted by an errant sense of reality. But health is expression of the ever-governing divine Principle, Life, Truth, Love--all substance, the one and only cause and effect. Like mathematics, it's universe is infinity composed of identities we name, know and celebrate as integers or numbers. They, too, are without physical form, but live in thought expressing the qualities of perfection and exactness. When the human belief misuse, or errantly misplace, or assigns the wrong function to even one of them, then the error needs to be uncovered and the work reconditioned, realigned, reconciled to mathematic's principle. So now acquaint yourself with God, man's governing Principle, and you will be able to divest yourself of fear, uncertainty and trust true reconciliation with your one parent, Father-Mother, God. Correcting concept is being conceived anew. That is being born again. Your true being revealed as God knows, care for, and loves us in His eternity. "He has made all things beautiful in His time." (Ecclesiastes 3:11). This forward movement from sense to Soul we need not fear, for we will find that we were never out from under His umbrella.


  54. Thank you Evan. This a wonderful simple explanation to understand Christian Science particularly to readers who may not yet be at that stage. Blessings to you.

  55. Thank you, Evan, for “Health is spiritual … originating in Spirit or God, the source of all life … available to each of us.” I deeply respect all those sincerely devoted to healing and yet I have found that medical healthcare systems seem to emphasize disease management more than health care and then not all systems are available or accessible to everyone. In fact currently in our town, even the charity hospital is being threatened with closure due to lack of funding. “Man has ‘sought out many inventions,’ but he has not yet found it true that knowledge can save him from the dire effects of knowledge” (S&H 196). Life is great, if you’ve got your health. Right? And today’s Lift reminds me that there is no "if." We DO have our health. It’s intact. It comes straight from God/Spirit - “streaming health!” Christian Science keeps us in tune. It’s certainly a different way of considering health than is generally accepted; but, that God is the only source of our health is both Jesus approved and proved. Christ’s Christianity is ever-available and immediately-accessible to each of us in meeting all of our needs, including health. “It is as necessary for a health-illusion, as for an illusion of sickness, to be instructed out of itself into the understanding of what constitutes health; for a change in either a health-belief or a belief in sickness affects the physical condition” (S&H 297). Having no other gods but God/Spirit, frees us to explore health as the Truth of our being.

  56. Thank you Evan and everyone for sharingl. AND these encompassing truths are just as powerful when substituting the concept of safety (etc) along with health. I'm thinking of that little boy in Alabama and all the children of the world. Our safety/ health is Spiritual, our intelligence, our reasonableness, our security is Spiritual and isn't in person, place, or conditions. Music is lovely.

  57. Well said Evan! Real health is a fact of Life. And, Life is an unwavering expression of divine activity.

    We that have experienced dramatic healing have realized that some fundamental consciousness of our being has been divinely improved. God in action. Right on Elena #7. Thank you.

  58. another "keeper", one I shall go back to time and time again Evan. DL Team, hope you keep all these wonderful lifts forever available so I can find them later. Thanks to all :-)

  59. This is so very clearly illustrated, thank you Evan! Thank you all for the comments.

    Shelagh #15 this is a wonderful Sentinel Radio Program you might find helpful.
    January 26 - February 1: How to make work, work — #1304

  60. A very present Divine Health, Thank you so much Evan.

  61. Evan, what a revolutionary way to look at health. I remember once in one of your lectures you saying that endless life (which we have as God's children) means endless, infinite health as Life and health go hand in hand. That certainly demotes the idea that we are healthy when "young" and then face years of decline. That's as mythical as believing the earth is flat. I feel such gratitude this morning for all spiritually healthy thinkers: David, our dear Master Christ Jesus, Peter, James, John,Paul, etc. etc. and modern day thinkers, Mary Baker Eddy, and all who are swimming against the current of modern thought. Not always easy but the rewards are great! Christ healing is free to all but as Jesus found out in his home town, receptivity to the message is key. I pray for that receptivity for all mankind. Thank you, Evan, and lift team, and lifters.

  62. Thank you so much Evan for sharing these thoughts and thank you all, especially Sunshine!

  63. Thanks for the timely reminder. What you say applies equally to happiness & supply.

  64. I've noticed an increase in newspaper and media coverage on the subject of health. But the coverage usually includes the lengthy descriptions of diseases and their symptoms, and how these symptoms may be treated with material methods. Lately I've noticed one of those recommended methods is meditation, which I think is a step of progress - especially if the meditation is on a universal law of Love instead of a personal material body.
    On the other hand Christian Science publications, including Mary Baker Eddy's textbook on health, Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures will give the name of those same diseases only for the purpose of showing how the power of the divine Mind, Spirit, God, replaces the disease completely with a sense of health and a higher spiritual sense of being.
    Thank you Evan for this description of spiritual health and its effect on the body.

  65. Thank-you, Evan, for this very clear and much needed Christianly Scientific Uplift! As usual, terrific DL community comments. Thanks DL team. Love/love to all.

  66. Thank you Evan!
    And thanks to all the Daily Lift team, Nate, the lecturers, th producers and musicians, the Board of Lectureship. And what a privilege to be able to have conversation with this world wide family of the Daily Lift.

  67. A simple and profound lift! Thank you,Evan, for putting me back on track!!

  68. I've listened to this Lift several times and so appreciate the simplicity and clarity in sharing a profound, foundational truth. I'm applying this spiritual concept in my prayers today - not only for health but for home, family, church, everything! Thanks, Evan, for this Lift and for all the articles on your site, Spiritview. Thanks, too, Daily Lift staff, sharers, prayers all!

  69. Thank you. A very clear thought, and very helpful.

  70. Thank You.....BEAUTIFUL

  71. Wonderful and thank you. Such pure inspiring thought.

  72. IThank you Evan for this very helpful and clear lift. I am also grateful for learning these truths through the teachings of MBE in Science and Health with key to the Scriptures and her other writings.

  73. Thank you everyone. I'm glad to read the Lift was helpful. Health is a right of everyone.

  74. Thank you!

  75. Really helpful! Thanks to all who contributed to this topic!

  76. Thank you, Evan, for that clear view about health. And thank you to #7 Elena for sharing her healing of a so-called big name health belief..

  77. What a wonderful lift for the day and everyday. Thank you Evan for this thought of my true health, it really is spiritual Spiritual. How perfect!!

  78. Thank you Evan for the wonderfully clear lift today. I'm so grateful for these daily lifts because they really do lift our thought higher each day. It is also wonderful to know that all of us "Know the Truth" and unite in sharing our love for God.

  79. Thank you

  80. Profound!

  81. Thanks Evan...Health,Freedom,Peace and Love all Spiritual,...this is knowing the Truth..you aced this one..........

  82. Thank you for this clear understanding of health.I appreciate all the comments also.

  83. Thank you.

  84. Thank you ! "Health is spiritual, as Love " is so clear for me now ! Thanks a lot for this great inspiration making Truth so evident ! Wonderful !

  85. I had computer problems this morning and was unable to access this Lift. I'm so grateful that I persisted, and though late, found great inspiration in the message and the comments. Thanks to all!

  86. A perfect, "angel thought" explanation. Thank you sooooo much!

  87. Beautifully put - thank you.

  88. Absolutely wonderful! Reversing the common misconception that health is physical and realizing it is spiritual. Wow! Is that powerful. Oh Evan, you've done it again with your pure insight that makes truth so simple and easy to understand! Great examples using expressions of love like hugs,etc. and physical attributes like a healthy heart, etc. You've given us another one of those gems that in a moment where mesmerism tries to fool us, we can say to ourselves, "No way, error -- health is spiritual." Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!

  89. Thank you, thank you, thank you.

  90. So simple.
    Right to the point.
    "Truth is always the victor" Mary Baker Eddy

  91. Thank you, Evan, for sharing with us your very clear understanding that health is spiritual.

  92. Smiles of gratitude

  93. Thank you so much! I woke to this daily lift and what I need most, understanding. All day I thought that it. Spiritual health!

    Molly from freezing mn

  94. ARN/ Salinae.......thank-you all team lifters/commenters...

    T together
    E everyone
    A achieves
    M more !!

  95. THANK YOU!
    Just want I needed to hear today!

  96. Let me add my thanks for that very valuable insght.

  97. Dear Evan,

    thank you for this beautiful concept - for me a whole new way of looking at 'health', like a missing piece in a puzzle just found. Thank you very much!

  98. Words can't express or describe how grateful I am for your prayers in support to this message that came to you and sharing to us. What I mean in short is the same as "...and may Thy Word enrich the affections of all mankind, and govern them!" [Daily Prayer written by Mary Baker Eddy]. After hearing you say in this context that health is spiritual and coexists with Life it made an impression within me. For months I have been diligently praying, fasting from mortal mind supported by a CS practitioner. I felt I have yielded to the Truth and I know how it is that health is spiritual but I still am not getting the final healing I have long accepted as the truth. I've been studying some of your blogs and learned a lot too. Now upon hearing this DL the illusion that surfaced to be healed just struct me tonight. I believe this is it! Thank you so very much Evan.

  99. Thank you indeed for a truely great lift! one day late

  100. Thanks Evan! When things get tough the Tough get going to the Book Of Psalms. Thanks for pointing out Psalm 30. "If ye listen to my Word, ye my deciples you will be, and you shall know the Truth, and the truth shall make you free" Also from the Bible

  101. Thank you for sharing, very helpful to think of health this way!

  102. Thanks, Evan. This is a very nice explanation with "lay words" that will enable me to share it with around 90 friends who are "hungering and thirsting" for a higher understanding of God as our natural/normal health, continuously--"A very present help in trouble."


  103. What a clear explanation if true health! Thank you Evan!!!

  104. Health is purely spiritual and can not depart from that fact. It is spiritual because health comes directly from God who is Spirit itself.
    When we base health coming from taking the right medical pills, it is only a mythical sense of health since it is based on the idea that man is material. Any idea of being cured by this mythical sense becomes evident when we fall back to the same disease once "CURED," so called.

  105. Very clear explanation. Thank you for this insight.

  106. Your Spiritual Thought Process is most rewarding as I am struggling with several issues and I am working through them on medical treatment I have been receiving.

  107. I really did like this. I don't always get to listen to the Daily Lifts but when I do, I just love what is being said. There is some great practice of CS going on in the world, and I am truly grateful for that. I am so grateful that for myself, I have learned not to judge anyone, but rather, to keep loving. I have had the greatest privilege in helping someone over the past year by loving them, knowing the truth about them, and have truly seen such an uplift brought to this persons experience. Yet, when I have had a conversation with others close to me, they knock this individual, saying "he has too many problems, why would you love him? " Hmmmm...... But isn't it Christian Science to love everyone?" LOVE HEALS. And LOVE ALONE as Mrs. Eddy says, is Life. I am grateful that I have gotten to this realization in my experience. Thank you for the practice of Christian Science, that is true practice. I am grateful.

  108. thank you for this explanation.

  109. This beautiful explanation of health healed me! My daughter had stayed home Thursday with a cold and I felt one starting up. We were both healed of those symptoms Thursday night as I listened to this lift, read the comments, and listened again. As I listened and understood, my nose went from stuffy to breathing clearly in a moment, and everything got better from there. My 7-year old daughter was fine too Friday morning, and able to go to school and have a fun weekend. Everyone was surprised at how quickly she recovered. Except me!

  110. Thanks for your healing lift! Love what Mrs Eddy writes "Realize the presence of health and the fact of harmonious being until the body corresponds with the normal conditions of health and harmony." Thanks and love to all the contributors as well.

  111. What a healing way to think of health. Thank you for this inspiring Lift.

  112. Thank, Evan --- Right on!

  113. Thanks, Evan, I appreciate the simplicity with which you shared this healing message!.

    If it's immortal Mind behind all right functioning of man, then we can never fail! As Paul says, let our "hearts be comforted, being knit together in love."(Colossians)

    And as long as our hearts are harmoniously knit to each other in the Spirit of Jesus Christ eating "with sinners," following his path, then we can partake of that divine Heart, and sing "A louder song, sweeter than has ever before reached high heaven," which "rises clearer and nearer to the great heart of Christ."(S&H)

    And we can glimpse "the morning stars" when "they sang together, and all the sons of God shouted for joy.."(Job)

  114. I don't remember whether or not I made a comment when I first received this Lift. I have kept it as "a keeper" to refer to over and over until I feel I really "get it". Not that it isn't clear and simple, but it also very deep and important, something so necessary to healing of the physical--which of course is really just opening thought to what really is.

  115. Wow!! Thank you Evan and to all shared comments. Very helpful and healing. One of my favorite lifts, and a keeper!!

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