1/31: God's snowflakes

1/31: God's snowflakes

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  1. Thank you Chet, what a great analogy you have shared with us through this Lift. God showers His children each day with His thoughts and His love. These thoughts are a blessing to us and to those around us. They fulfill our daily needs. They are new each day. They provide us with what we need to know every moment of every day. They allow us to express the allness of God and to be a blessing and help to others. They blanket the earth. Thank you again.

  2. It's no wonder so many people love the snow, especially children. What a beautiful analogy, to think of every snowflake as a good thought from God. They really do purify and beautify the landscape.
    Thank you Chet.

  3. Thank you for this message/idea concerning God's thoughts.

  4. Thank you, Chet, for “God’s snowflakes …”

    How inspiring!!! After today, I’ll be inclined to think of “God’s snowflakes,” as a way to look upon any appearance of adversity or the forecast of adversity – weather or not! There is only beauty and good in God’s creation. Whatever “it” is, if “it” is at all, is from God / all-Good / Love-itself!!! / “the only powers that be” – ever!!! And even though, as with snowflakes, no "two" are exactly the same, the Truth is always the Truth and “man’s extremity is God’s opportunity” (S&H 266:13).

  5. They say that each snow flake is different, just like God’s thought, infinitely different!
    They say that the grains of sand are infinite, just like God’s thoughts, thoughts of infinite good. PS 139: 17, 18

    “For I know the thoughts that I think toward you, saith the Lord,
    thoughts of peace, and not of evil, to give you an expected end.” Jer 29:11

    We might not know what plans God has for us, we might not know what o where… but, why doubt that the Father of Lights will illuminate His children’s way and make everything all right?

    We can expect only good from your Father-Mother Love.

    Dicen que cada copo de nieve es diferente, igual que los pensamientos de Dios, ¡infinitamente diferentes!
    Dicen que los granos de arena son infinitos, igual que los pensamientos de Dios, pensamientos infinitos de bien. Salmo 139: 17, 18

    “!Cuán preciosos me son, oh Dios, tus pensamientos! !Cuán grande es la suma de ellos!
    Si los enumero, se multiplican más que la arena; Despierto, y aún estoy contigo.” Jer. 29:11

    Puede que no sepamos que planes tiene Dios para nosotros, puede que no sepamos qué o dónde, pero, ¿porqué dudar que el Padre de las Luces iluminará el camino de Sus hijos y hará que todo esté bien?

    De nuestro infinito Padre-Madre Amor solo podemos esperar el bien.

  6. True peace

  7. Thanks, Chet. This adds a new and better way of looking at the snow, which sometimes would seem to be bothersome and limiting. Great video too.

  8. I love what you said, Chet, about not missing any of God's thoughts. It's not about our ability to "get" them, as if we had a separate mind. It's more the inevitability of God doing all the communicating...giving us what we need. We can be at peace with that. A Christian Science practitioner once said to me "God's will is the only plan in place."

  9. Oh what a lovely thought, Chet, thank you so much. I love the idea that each snowflake was like a thought from God. Instead of seeing the snow as something which might endanger you and your family or impede your progress, you saw it as something which would bless not only you but all those traveling along the highway. Loved the video a well, Rosie

  10. Thanks Chet! Haven't been able to get to sleep, but this most beautiful lift gave me just the right thoughts from God that I think now I will softly fall into slumber!

  11. Thank you for that really beautiful lift, Chet! My husband suggested that in England we could think of the rain in the same way!

  12. Snowflakes dancing on the mental windshield. Thanks for reminding me that I don't have to limit the amount of good thoughts that I can accept.

  13. Many thanks Chet for reminding us of the countless angel messages from divine Love, that fill our consciousness every day. "How precious also are thy thoughts unto me, O God! how great is the sum of them! If I should count them, they are more in number than the [snowflakes]: when I awake, I am still with thee." (Ps 139 17-18). "Precious is the Love that healed us,/ Perfect is the grace that sealed us,/ Strong the hand stretched forth to shield us;/ All, all is well." (Christian Science Hymnal #350).

  14. A beautiful Lift Chet, thank you so much.
    I look forward to sharing it with others; and our wee Scientist later today.
    We haven't had snow so far this winter, but tons of rain!
    I am reminded of Mrs Eddy' s poem (help please Lift team)
    What if a raindrop such as I
    Should tarry in the sky . . . . .
    I do find your videos very helpful and this one is particularly beautiful ♥

    Daily Lift Team:
    Mary Baker Eddy quotes the first verse of a poem/hymn written by Jerome McCauley in her book "Pulpit and Press" on page 4, line 3. Here's the first verse:

    What if the little rain should say,
    “So small a drop as I
    Can ne’er refresh those thirsty fields,
    I’ll tarry in the sky;
    I’ll tarry in the sky,
    I’ll tarry in the sky,
    I can’t refresh those thirsty fields,
    I’ll tarry in the sky”!

  15. Chet, Thank you.

  16. Thank you so much Chet!! What a beautiful analogy and story about your drive and thoughts while driving recently in a snowstorm. Thank you so much...we love it!!

  17. What a beautiful example of seeing God in action ... reminded me of "Advancing spiritual steps in the teeming universe of Mind lead on to spiritual spheres and exalted beings." S&H 513:6

  18. merci beaucoup King , j'aime cette comparaison des flocons de neige aux pensées de DIEU qui nous viennent en abondance ....

  19. Thanks for reminding me that it's not my thoughts that govern me.

  20. Thanks Chet for the exquisite imagery - snowflakes, a drop of water, pebble of sand, and finally some rain for my Delta area - thoughts, wisdom always coming to us from God - just to be awake, listen and enjoy the abundance of gifts from God wherever we are. The video reminds me of four walls of videos taken on iiPads by David Hockney in England, and recently exhibited at the deYoung Museum - nature expressing unlimited power, protection and gifts of God for us all.

  21. Thank you for "the mental landscape filled with God's thoughts" - meets our need perfectly today! Danke.

  22. Yes, they fall on all of us and they have an effect on us, if we want or not ...a wonderful awakening effect ... thank you for sharing your inspiration! ...

  23. Truly inspired, the first and best thing I opened this morning.

  24. Hi Chet- visually impelling... I liked the music too. Endless snow helps me understand and feel abundance. God's thoughts are evidence of abundance! Very nice!

  25. Just beautiful. Thank you, Chet. And, just as we are, each snowflake is different never duplicated,
    unique and individually lovely. Together we make up the "brotherhood of man" as Mary Baker Eddy tells us in this week's Lesson Sermon.

  26. We don't get snow here, but today it is raining heavily and as I stare out at the rain with my cat by my side, I'm visualizing that each droplet is a thought from God, an idea, which is compelling me to move forward and accept God's abundance that is all around me. - Thanks Chet, I needed this lift today.

  27. Beautiful! Gratitude like snowflakes to you and everyone connected to these lovely lifts.

  28. Thank you,Chet for this thoughtful message.As God's ideas and thoughts are as innumerable as the sand on the beach or snow flakes that fall .So are they beautifully bountiful on our gloriously sunny and peaceful days here in the southern hemisphere.God's ideas and thoughts are in every sunbeam,snowflake,raindrop and in you too.Everything and everyone is God owned and special.

  29. What a beautiful lift - it really is about "exchanging the objects of sense for the ideas of Soul" - Mrs. Eddy,s definition of divine metaphysics. It is the way we understand things from a spiritual perspective and looking for the beauty and harmony of everything that God creates that brings it into our experience.
    I love that every flake is a thought from God - which can only be about blessings for everyone, and it transforms our thoughts and outlook on life.

    Thank you for this really inspiring lift - the beautiful picture on the video will remain with me. And thanks to everyone who enlarge on the lift - all are truly appreciated.

  30. Domo Arigato Gozaimasu

  31. Thank you for this beautiful Lift and for the idea that God's pure thoughts, infinite in number, not only bless us when we are first conscious of them but settle and remain with us to be the landscape of our understanding and experience.

  32. Thank you.

  33. Thank you so much, Chet, for sharing what was a clearly a 'snowflake' inspirational thought from God to you, to see the snowstorm as representing showers of blessings. Such beautiful ideas are ours to listen for at all times. We haven't seen any snow yet where I live, so - like Hilary (#11) I'll apply the metaphor to the raindrops, and see it as a prayer for the hundreds of people who live in flooded areas right now.

  34. this is so true about snow and divine thoughts that fill all space and mind and there's not room for anything else. Room for good.
    Thank you for this beautiful image to keep in our thought all day long.

  35. As my area struggles out of two unseasonable snowstorms with bitter cold, I have a new perspective on all that white on our streets and in our yards -- the accumulation of good from God in the form of ideas which in turn supply us with our every need. Thank you, Chet, for this truly uplifting expression. And thank you, Nate, for the Daily Lift series!

  36. Sin duda que los pensamientos de Dios son tan variados y copiosos como los copos de nieve, pero mucho más cálidos, no cayendo sobre nosotros, sino envolviendo a todos con infinito y cálido Amor.

    Mientras ustedes se congelan de frio por esos lares, aquí en Uruguay, nos asabamos de calor, y esos NO son pensamientos divinos, sino una de las tantas falasias del error, es muy oportuno desviar el pensamiento hacia lo real y armonioso, ni congelados ni asados, sino en una temperatura ideal, el pensamiento divino manejando el clima, entonces la serenidad, confianza y certeza será lo constante, y el clima será el ideal para todos.

    El mensaje de hoy si lo aplicamos puede depararnos la posibilidad cierta si dejamos que los pensamientos divinos caigan como copos sobre nosotros enbebiendo con deleite su sustancia,

    "El corazón del hombre, piensa su camino; Así vendrá tu necesidad como caminante. Mas Jehová endereza sus pasos" Proverbios

    "A veces somos llevados a creer que la oscuridad es an real como la luz". MBE

    Así lo mismo del calor y el frio, ¿Qué diferencia hay? ambos son creencias, que el pensamiento inspirado rechaza siguiendo los pasos del ungido, donde no hay ni frio ni calor extremo.

    Muchas gracias Chet, muy inspirada elevación diaria.

  37. What a great way to redeem any temptation to complain about this snowy Midwest winter! Smiling with you all.

  38. My goodness, what an enchanting Daily Lift from Chet today. Such an innocent take on winter in North America. Surely Mary Baker Eddy herself would be smiling at Chet's purity of thought, so akin it is it to her own.

    I recall one summer day, not long ago, strolling through a magnificent park in central Canada, filled with majestic, tall trees on both sides of the pathway. And all at once I was overwhelmed with the distinct sense that I was walking through God's great cathedral and the trees lining the path on both sides formed the archways leading up to the high alter. This vision was so intense, it is with me now forever, never to be forgotten.

    And I can't help but wonder if such glorious perspectives of a spiritual kind, accumulating as they do over the years, rather than passing fancies, in fact form the very basis of the structure upon which our spiritual understanding is built. We likely need these God-inspired, transformative perspectives as much as they need us. They provide the true currency of life in spirit, far more precious than gold.

    Thanks again to Chet for sharing his special vision.

  39. Very poetic vision, yet very inspiring and uplifting your message today!
    Thank you very much, Chet!!!

  40. And, each snowflake or raindrop, held up to the light, refracts, and the prism forms a rainbow God placed in the sky, His covenent, that He is would always be with us (Chapter 9 in Genesis). And, there are no grey areas in God.s rainbow of love. Thank you, Chet, for your parable.

  41. Beautiful! Thank you!

  42. Awesome "Lift" Chet!
    Clear, concise, powerful message combined with a beautiful video and music - perfect for sharing with those who may not be familiar with Christian Science!
    More PLEASE!

  43. Thanks Chet for your faith filled reflections and for creating one of the most beautiful and inspiring landscapes of Faith for our Daily Lift Community. May our eyes and minds be aware and expecting all the soulful ways in which the nature of God is demonstrated today.

  44. Thank you so much Chet for your wonderful analogy of snow flakes and God's thoughts. It is just more proof of God's ever presence.

  45. while r,eading this G.L. is raining so blessings and God's pure thoughts are pouring

  46. Great lift. I can remember a child's story entitled too many angels to count. The snowflakes (God's thoughts) are too many to count ( each by the way is unique) but can be enjoyed and uplifting,

  47. Thank you Chet for this inspired DL and thanks to all the comments so far! We don´t have snow where I live but we do have rain and lots of sun and we can apply the same analogy. I am preparing myself for a long trip and this morning I woke up disquieted, thinking of all the things I had to do before leaving. I immediately jumped out of bed refusing to entertain those thoughts and started to pray knowing that God would help me out of this false state of mind. After praying for a while I opened my mail to listen for the Daily Lift and there it was! The answer to my prayer, God´s thoughts pouring softly on me and each one of his creatures. I will appreciate every angel thought coming along the day. Blessings to all!

  48. Thank you Chet for this and all the thoughts you share with one another. Each snowflake, along with all the others, brings its own light of brightness to show man the sure way of Truth and Love, where before its seeming absence appeared to be formed as darkness. Just as each snowflake "sparkles" with the light of a new dawn, so does each divine idea or thought, i.e., spiritual man, illumine God's universe of spirituality, with brilliance. Thus, the way is never dark, with no doubts, no fears, no tears. Each snowflake is needed. Each one of us is needed. And each Godlike thought is needed, permanently.

  49. I remember when our tour was in Albuquerque and it snowed during the night, and everyone just wanted to stay there. They were all phoning to ask if they could stay one more day, or one more week! We had planes to catch, and school started at the end of January, but they were entranced by the beautiful snow just gently drifting down to cover the streets, and the land, and the buildings. We were certainly blessed with God's loving thoughts right then. God's thoughts blessing each and every one of us and our host families. with beauty and love and holiness. Girls from Central Queensland who had never seen snow, enjoying their first white Christmas!
    Thank you Chet and Nate and the production team; The Mother Church; and our Daily Lifters making snow angels and building snow men and snow balls. . .

  50. What a beautiful, transforming thought and view! I'll be thinking about snowflakes, raindrops, all small and great expressions of Creation as thoughts from God, pure and good, and their accumulation as we become conscious of them. Sincerest thanks, Chet, and all contributors!

  51. that is so beautiful,thank you Chet.snow is so magical,indeed God created it!!! Yes every flake a magical angel thought ,idea,from God.I love it.Some flakes we catch and so remain with us guiding us, others fall to the ground so we can contemplate them.all thoughts from God ,guiding us.
    hereit has been raining heavily for nearly 24hours,maybe we could say the same about every raindrop,a sustaining ,guiding ,angel thought from beloved God.
    love and peace and angel thoughts to all

  52. Thanks, Chet, for such a unique analogy of each snowflake as an idea from God and they just keep accumulating. Loved the video also and it reminded me of the many walks with my daughter through the snow and how peaceful it is at night. It covers the ground like a down-filled comforter.

  53. Beautiful landscape. Beautiful message.

  54. Thank you Chet for your analogy of snow flakes as God's thoughts. As a child growing up in Pgh. PA, I loved when it snowed, everything became very quiet and peaceful - just as God's thoughts. I would make snow "angels", God's messenger thoughts also. Thank you for reminding me again about the beauty of snow.

  55. How wonderfully timely and helpful. Thank Chet!

  56. Thank you, Chet! A beautiful message to take on the slopes as I go off to ski on freshly fallen snow and then fly home with more snow in the forecast! What a blessing!

  57. Thank you, Chet. Listening to your new thought feels like an epiphany to me, it opens a huge door for me to envelop God's Love in a myriad of ways. Thank you!!!!!

  58. What an inspiring message, Chet -- thanks. So grateful for the safety you all experienced while on the snowy drive. God bless you.

  59. I had a healing once of vertigo just looking at the snow and thinking the same thoughts of how each snowflake is unique and yet has the same purpose to show God's wonderful divine perfection. I was healed instantly and it has never returned.

  60. How absolutely beautiful! Thank you for sharing your inspiration and how we all are really surrounded by God's thoughts gently showering us in Her message of harmony and Love.

  61. Loved your analogy, Chet, of God's thoughts falling gently on our consciousness each and every moment! Are we catching them? Are we "seeing" them, are we "hearing" them? Snow can often epitomize gentleness, softness and purity. It can also seem to cause trials and problems in our human lives. How are we using God's thoughts today? It's up to us!

  62. Thank you Chet for a peaceful and insightful message as I gaze out our windows over new snow 'dunes' as they blow and drift and change daily. It is a miraculous scene. Snow, another gift of God's thought and creation, sometimes too beautiful for words, can often be something that unites us here in Minnesota, as we help each other out of winter predicaments through the winters. Appreciated also Joel (38) message as I have felt this too, walking through woods and around in the silence of newly fallen snow, I have entered 'God's cathedral'. What a great name for it. Great lift !

  63. "God’s thoughts are perfect and eternal, are substance and Life" (Science and Health p.286). I don't see snow where I live, so I will dwell on God's thoughts as my substance, pure and eternal. Thank you, Chet.

  64. Thank you for the beautiful thought filled Lift. Loral

  65. Thank you Chet. It's a wonderful landscape that God paints. Thank you for sharing.

  66. Beautiful Chet!

    As I was watching the video and listening to the lift, I was seeing the snowflakes as thoughts of "healing purity" embracing us all with "white garments of holiness" of God's uplifting joy of His presence.

    Thank you!

  67. Thank you Chet for your inspiring comparison about God's thoughts as a gain of sand and as snowflakes. And isn't it wonderful to remember that God presents us always with His multitudinous, myriad helper thoughts wherever we are, whatever we are doing? God's presence abounding; divine Love for us all!

    Thank you Daily Lift Team for another blessed week.

  68. Such a great perspective Chet....thank you!

  69. wonderful ...thank you. :-)

  70. Thank you for this unique video Lift! I love the idea of snowflakes (and also rain drops) as thoughts from God. How many thoughts pop into my thinking during a day. I pray for God's guidance every morning. Sometimes the angel thoughts that come are not exactly what I want to hear, BUT when I do not only listen but also follow this direction the most wonderful things take place in my life.

  71. I am looking forward to the next snow fall....of holy thoughts. So beautifully presented - i just love this lift today. thank you.

  72. I knew there was a reason I love snow. Having not been in snow for several years, this time in CT with snow has been a delight. Now I know why! " Metaphysics resolves things into thoughts, and exchanges the objects of sense for the ideas of Soul." (S&H 269:14) Your snowflake analogy did this for me today. Thank you!!!

  73. Thank you, for the wonderful lift, Chet. White thoughts from God, pure and in abundance, each formed in a special kind of lace to cover us and earth to be once more still and listen to the quietness of this pristine world we live in; listening to Gods message to us and recognize the beauty at that moment in time.

  74. Thank you for that lovely Lift, just a perfect way to see the snow! I've driven my share of snowy roads, and they can be pretty hairy! I never thought of the snow that way, though Mrs. Eddy does talk about our being like a drop of water one with the ocean or a ray of light one with the sun somewhere in Science & Health.
    Thanks to #28 Margaret - we're all God - owned and special - beautiful! And thank you #38 Joel, I've often felt those glorious spiritual perspectives when seeing the beauty and majesty of nature's settings!
    Love this Lift family!
    Judith from Reno NV

  75. We've had the second snowiest January in history in Indiana. More snow is forecast for next week. I wasn't eager for more snow. But Chet, you have corrected my thinking and what ever comes next week, I will face it knowing that every snow flake is a thought of God and I will catch an angel thought and probably lots of angel thoughts. LOL

  76. The image you presented to us is so beautiful. Thank you. I stepped outside last night to finally see rain, our first in southern Calif. since Dec. 19th. The trees were all clapping their hands. The snowflakes and rain droplets are each thoughts from God, like you said. We are showered with blessings!

  77. Thank you for a very beautiful Lift.

  78. What a beautiful Lift message- Thank you for it!

  79. What a simple, beautiful thought, and equally beautiful video. Thanks. I have lots of God's thoughts and lots of snow flakes here in Maine!

  80. Hi Chet, Loved the 'lift' today. Lots of right ideas. Put umbrella up in Torbay today!

  81. Thank you Chet. Obrigada Chat.

  82. Thank you for this beautiful message. It reminds me of Mrs. Eddy's statement that God has countless ideas and they all have one Principle and parentage.

  83. Wonderful thought! Thank you.

  84. Thank you.

  85. Thank you Chet for your beautiful analogy
    a KEEPER ...so peaceful and comforting!!!

  86. Thanks Chet. A beautiful way to look at a snowstorm; God's thoughts/blessings coming to us.
    Thanks too for the beautiful video and to our Daily Lift team for blessing us every day and the Lifters with their comments.

  87. II love snow and have been rejoicing in its presence the last weeks. Thanks so much for deepening and enlarging my perception of God's thoughts.

  88. Chet, what precious clarity you gave us with this visual metaphor. Indeed -- God is All! God surrounds us with wonderful thoughts numbering infinitely like grains of sand or snowflakes. And we can reflect them as beauty, goodness, loving kindness, intelligence, wisdom, answers to problems and in a myriad of other ways.

    "For in him we live, and move, and have our being." Acts 17:28 A blanket of goodness and angel thoughts dancing like snowflakes. We exist in God and never for one nanosecond are we lacking in any way! Such a wonderful, comforting lift.

    Yesterday I learned the company that provided most of my income was canceling my contract. But God had so lovingly and gently prepared me for this news that it came as a relief. The company had delayed in assigning me work for a month and I was finally no longer in limbo. I was free and saw unlimited possibilities. The communication with other work sources had already moved into place prior to getting the final news. Through my study of CS, the Bible and a few other "excursions" God recently had taken me on, I knew I was loved, cherished and protected. I've always been surrounded by these beautiful snowflakes. Now, as the next adventure unfolds like a snowy landscape, I'm wrapped in God's love -- seeing the snow glisten in the sun and beautiful, useful thoughts encircle me, gently falling like snowflakes.

    Infinite blessings for everyone. Wonderful, wonderful lift. Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!!!

  89. Soooooo Beautiful, Thank you for this Morning Lift, Chet.

  90. Hi there all. We get lots of snow each winter, and "cope"on those icy roads -- also praying as we go, like Chet did. But other days the beauty of sparkling snow or the fluffy mounds on houses and trees transforms the "ordinary" into the "beautiful". But this was great to hear how Chet thought of the snow -- not as a nuisance and a danger . It represents God's thoughts coming to us without stopping. That changes how I will look at our frequent snowfalls! Thank you Chet!
    And thanks to others, like Margaret # 48 for sharing the delight of Australians who had never seen snow before! Like little kids who can't wait to make a snowman!
    Thanks Daily Lift team for another week of inspiration!

  91. Thank you

  92. Thanks Chet. Your words as always are an invitation to see and be "beyond". And the visual effect of the sparkling motion of snow flakes truly and assuredly brought me "beyond" ... beyond the words to the eternal flowing and unfolding of Light. What a gift! Thanks!!

  93. Beautiful. Snowflakes are each unique---like each of us. We are ALL unique thoughts from God.

  94. Thank you, Chet, for this whole new way of looking at what can appear sometimes to be very troublesome snow. God's thoughts - I love it! What a blessing to all travelers, whether commuting or traveling long distance.

  95. Thank you so much:)

  96. I have also been led to pray about the weather this season, because of fear trying to creep in
    when considering the travel conditions. What came to me was the word ABUNDANCE.
    The abundance of God's love, God's protecting thoughts, God's power , God's control, God's
    beauty, God's peace, God's joy, God's bliss, God's allness. No room for fear here. As we
    "travel" (companion with) this abundance, we truly begin to know the atmosphere of divine
    goodness and love.

    Looks like we caught some of the same snowflakes(: Thank you Chet.

  97. Thank you Chet, what beautiful thoughts you have shared with so many...
    And so interestingly , snowflakes are utterly pure and unique, not one like another.
    Wow, thank you!

  98. Wow! Literally blanketed with God's thoughts! Thank you, Chet!

  99. Thank you Chet. Absolute truths in your Lift which are applicable to us all in a very important way today. Each person is truly precious to our Father Mother God and each possess unique qualities that are vital and precious.

  100. Thank you for those lovely and helpful thoughts. I also appreciate that there were no introductory comments to the "daily lift" which I find only detract from the message. Sebastian

  101. Well, most assuredly, "He knows the angels that you need, and sends them to your side" (CS hymn #9). Just last night, after yet another day-long snow, I struggled to find joy in the cold winter weather. And now this morning, through the simple purity of this Lift, I have a whole new point-of-view of snow. And though I still dearly love basking in the warmth, I truly cannot wait for the next flurry of snow, to be able to see this beautiful example--this angel thought from God--telling me/showing me the infinitude of God's dear thoughts.

  102. We have had no snow here in Scotland ,most unusual , this month of January, now I know why I am missing it

  103. This is a WOW for me! Snowflakes as God's ideas. It's so precious remembering that I (and each of us) can be conscious of every thought that's coming from God. Thank you very much Chet!

  104. Wonderful! I love this. And such a peaceful video. :) Thank you!

  105. Thank you Chet for this view of infinite ideas. And thank you Eleanor #31 for the view of how God's thoughts "settle and remain" with us. Settle...such a lovely word to describe how these infinite ideas define us.

  106. I will never think the same thoughts when driving through snow on a highway as I did before hearing this nice lift.

  107. Thank you Chet...That was a beautiful Lift...and I ALWAYS loved Snow flakes.
    Thank you to the team that puts this Lift out, too.

  108. As I watched today's lift, I replaced sand/snow with all the things that need to be done today...that seem to come down (like the snow) and threaten to overtake me. But just as you were able to see the snow as thoughts from God, Chet, bringing beauty and goodness, I thought of what Mrs. Eddy says on pg. 513 of Science and Health: "All of God's creatures, moving in the harmony of Science, are harmless, useful, indestructible." And I replaced "creatures" with "thoughts" and could see that all of today's tasks, all good and right, can't become useless or cause destruction, but can lift me up, blessing me and everyone, bringing beauty and goodness. Thanks for the lovely reminder to shift my perception, to turn thought around to what is really happening.

  109. Thank you.This outstanding video and impotant message is a gift to all.

  110. Thanks, Chet, for your ideas on how thoughts from God are always with us,filling the landscape of our consciousness! Mrs. Eddy often worked to know that weather conditions could be gentle and balanced and we can know this, too, for our Planet! Lovely week of Lifts and Lifters! Thanks and Hugs to All! xoxo

  111. Chet - great analogy, thank you - reminds me of the reign of divine Truth Life and Love - not rain, but reign - a friend told me when she was little she thought the prayer was using the word rain! So here in the PNW it is appropriate - since it tends to rain a lot - so much Truth Life and Love from above available for us all, drizzling upon us, just like your thoughts on the snow!!! Love it.

  112. Thank you for the beautiful analogy and video! The person giving the "sign off" at the end of each lift this week sounds so loving. Thank you!

  113. beautiful images - beautiful thought - I am lifted . . . thank you

  114. Perfect Lift; perfect sharing by the Lifter family. Thank you, Chet and thank you all!

  115. Chet, thank you for this inspiring lift for today. Thank you, also, Cynthia in Monterey for taking these thoughts and applying them to our everyday tasks which can indeed be ongoing blessings to us and those around us.

  116. What a wonderful concept of God's goodness. To think that just days ago you were out here on the desert taking us along the pathway to the Sermon on the Mount. Yes, those snowflakes are just like each grain of our desert sand. Thanks again - our Church and our community was so greatly blessed. Mary Lou

  117. I came back to give a shout-out for the guitar work! I often find background music distracting when I'm trying to listen to a speaker, but in this case it's just perfect...even healing. Thank you!

    Thanks for all the great and happy comments, too.

  118. Reading your comments and prayers this morning has been like watching snowflakes circle down from above. Thank you all! So grateful for this global community of THOUGHT!!! Having just returned from a lecturing trip to California, I can't help but invite everyone's prayers for rain in that state.

  119. Beautiful thought . . . thank you.

  120. Beautiful inspiration and video. Here in Brazil is no hot that our desire is to send you all some warm and get some cold from you! So, divine Mind is the cause of the universe and is aware of harmony, balance, joy, good, any where and is supplying whatever is needed with the right idea, love, grace, blessing!

    Thank you!

  121. Thank you, Chet, for this beautiful Lift! And, thank you, too, for inviting everyone to pray for rain in California. We did have a bit of rain this week here in the Sacramento Valley, and it was just wonderful. We are all very thankful, expressing gratitude ahead-of-time, for more good to come. We've seen 'drought' being resolved beautifully in the past and know this can occur again!

  122. Hermoso e inspirado Lift!!! muy agradecida Chet por este mensaje tan bello para Hoy. Tb agradezco el video adjunto.

    Maravilloso que cada copo de nieve sea diferente igual que los pensamientos de Dios !!!
    Y lo mejor, recordar que ' los pensamientos de Dios son infinitos- buenos y bendicen abundantemente a Sus amados hijos /as ' , en todo lugar del Universo.

    Gracias por los comentarios anteriores.
    Bendiciones del Amor para todos,

    Ma. Cristy

  123. Precious and lovely ! Thank you everyone!

  124. Thank you Chet for the wake up to God's infinite expressions. As I do my daily lesson, I look out upon my back yard which each day has a new scene and it is divinely awesome. I am very grateful that I have fellow scientists to share God's infinite thought-blessings. A cold piece of glass will suspend the snow flake, then one can see the Divine design....
    Thanks again, Chet, and all for your precious inspirations.

  125. Thanks for this beautiful lift - we have had so much snow here that I was getting a little fedup, but after your lift I feel much better about the snow - and it is always so pretty - thanks again to all for these lifts I really enjoy them.

  126. What a great lift!

    Thank you.

  127. I would like to quote from a lovely Christmas card I received from a dear niece "Like a gentle snowfall that covers everything in splendor and stillness--May the peace of Christ blanket your home this Christmas" . May the divine influence of Love andHealing blanket
    everyone the world over, whether stranded on a highway, in an airport , or in an unhappy situation. Be-Loved and accept Gods all inclusive Love.
    Have a "Super" weekend everyone.

  128. What a PERFECT analogy, filled with beauty and peace, Chet! Your addition of these videos with your
    insightful message really make for a powerful, lasting imagery and message. Having previously lived in
    CO, I can certainly relate to this..... so many times, as I walked through the snowy areas, I experienced
    this same sense of wonder and peace, and the enveloping Love of God's perfect idea and creation.
    As children, we often delight in the snow......now, as adults, we can also delight in it when we take this
    spiritual viewpoint. With deep gratitude for your sharing, Chet....

  129. Sincere gratitude for being alert to each beautiful 'snowflake' as a wonderful expression of God's abundant grace and beauty to be peacefully cherished. Warm thoughts of rain drops and snow flakes, each having a purpose to bless all. Peace and love, Carol

  130. What a wonderful analogy, Chet. Never thought of snow that way. I always loved the snow. Never found it hard to live with it or get depressed by it. Twice, I remember the protection from God in driving through snow. One day I was going down a big hill that went through at least 4 cross streets in a busy section in the Bronx N.Y.
    Not once did I hit a car, a bus or a person but came to a safe stop.
    The other time I was on a busy highway going to work and skidded all across the highway without getting into or causing an accident.
    All of us drivers were under God's protection. Snow to me reflects the beauty of God brightening the landscape. AND HOW COULD THAT BEAUTY BECOME DISTRUCTIVE? It can't.

  131. Here in Colorado I just came in from digging through about 10" deep snow down a long driveway, and covered in snow myself. My husband said, "Hey, have you listened to the Daily Lift yet?" What a beautiful thought to come inside to enjoy. Sparkling snow as a beautiful metaphor, in small snowflakes, or in the whole, covered, outcome,fills the entire landscape...as the comfort and healing of Mind, God encompasses every bit of the entire area of thought.

  132. Beautiful and very relevant to hear/watch this during a wonderful snowstorm in Colorado. Thanks, Chet!

  133. Thank you so much for this beautiful Daily Lift, Chet. This is so helpful for our lecture committee with all the wonderful planning and thoughts about advertising etc. All the wonderful thoughts are flowing and indeed more in number than the sand.

  134. Thank you Chet!! God's guidance and protection is always with us! I'd like to share a comment with you: In yesterday's Lift "Yeah, it's posible!, I commented that my brother in law had been unfairly dismissed from his job. My sister was really worried and phoned me crying, saying that they would not afford the loan they had taken from the bank to build their house! I told her that God was in control of the situation, and she had to bless the ones who had dismissed him, and that "Divine Love always has met and always will meet every human need" (S&H 494:10-11) Today, she phoned me saying that her husband was working again, and that his boss had apologised to him saying that all had been a mistake!
    I'd like to express deep gratitud towards the Christian Science, Mary Baker Eddy and all of you that have supported me with your healing thoughts!!
    Lots of Love to the DLCommunity

  135. Beautiful, fresh ideas and meaningful message.......thanks, Chet!

  136. How bouyant a concept and massive in effect! I have always thought of softly falling snowflakes as beautiful. Now I can think of them too as the numerous tangelic thoughts coming down from God. Thank you!

  137. The snow clings to the trees like a good thought stays.

  138. And no two "thoughts" are alike.....they are individualized to bring specific messages - and so are WE.

  139. Love the idea of all those thoughts from God that come into our lives and that we can recognize. And the video is great -- with the flashes of new snowflakes as they come -- new thoughts. Pretty cool.

  140. Lovely. Perfect reminder for many of us in colder climates to relax in God's ever presence and love, as you say, God's message to us as they come.

  141. Thank you, Chet, and fellow Lifters for such unique comments that I can picture as though I were there. In the Northwest, we don't experience snow as often, but we do have frost that can leave beautiful patterns of ice crystals everywhere. These too are individual and make such a lovely blanket of white. God's beauty is all around us and covers us with His blanket of Love. I am comforted by knowing that God enveloping wonder and peace touches us all in His diverse and perfect way.

  142. A beautiful and helpful Lift as we deal with winter storms. This message transforms the discomfort and inconvenience of snow falling to a feeling of being enveloped in God's thoughts. Thank you.

  143. Snow is this big quiet peace. Thank you!

  144. How very beautiful! Thank you for sharing. While it seldom snows where I live, I can still see the beauty and truth of snowflakes that fall around the country, knowing that God is present wherever the snowflakes are and we can know that divine beauty and protection are always everywhere present, even in the tiniest snowflake. Thank you again.


  146. As chrystals are different in shape, so are God's thoughts complete, unique, substantial, useful, and apparent when we watch for them. Thank you for this wonderful message.

  147. What a wonderful thought that turned a situation that could fill someone with trepidation into a feeling of joy and inspiration. maybe that blanket of snow can also be seen as a protection also...like the "blanket of Love" that God has us wrapped in.

  148. Thank you I thought I can learn to think of rain in a similar way. Lovely to have the video,:)

  149. Simple, useful inspiration. It reminds me of driving alone several hundred miles when it began to snow heavily and I thought "my husband, and mom I was going to visit, will be concerned for me". The simplest, clearest angel message came—"the snow and I are one with God." Thanks, Chet, for sharing the angels that came to you.

  150. I am always amazed at how the scenery is changed by a fresh blanket of snow, and we should expect to see the picture change for the good when we recognize the ever presence of God's thoughts supporting all creation. Minds change, hearts are softened, opportunities appear, needs are met - all by the quiet influence of divine Mind. His love is unstoppable! Thank you, Chet and all, for the thoughtful comments.

  151. Beautiful Lift! More reasons to love winter!

  152. Thank you Chet, you are an inspiration to me.

  153. Ahhh what a beautiful lifting up of the winter season and its snow. So grateful for your inspiring "Lift."

  154. What an inspiring lift Chet.

    I have shared it and people love it!

    thanks so much

    shel in Michigan

    (where we are expecting more snow (thoughts) from God today!)

  155. Great comparison w the passage from Psalms!

  156. Beautiful daily lift, thank you so much, Chet. I've just sent it to my two daughters that are in university. When they were little we used to have Sunday School because we live in a remote area of Northern Ontario and they were very receptive to Christian Science, now they are not physically with us, but our family is still together. These thoughts help me to give them a little reminder of what life is all about, Life, God. And... snowflakes, they loved them so much as children! We used to make snow angels, have snowball fights, they built snow forts and so much. But this is a total new way of looking at the snow, we certainly can relate to it, and this year especially, we have had so much snow, it is always beautiful to see a heavy snowfall, but now we are going to think of snowflakes as thoughts from God. And congratulations to the Christian Science team for coming with so innovative ideas all the time! Great use of the technological resources that we have nowadays.

  157. Thank you! What a wonderful way to think of God's thoughts as I am shoveling! I can be piling up God's thoughts as I pile up the all the lake-effect snowflakes!

  158. I am re-listening to this between shovelings. Twelve inches of heavy wet snow this morning in my part of Maine, when three to five were expected. Very helpful to have this good reminder.

  159. This is such a helpful LIft. I keep watching it over and over every week......:) Awesome!