1/3: Stay filled up

1/3: Stay filled up

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  1. Thank you Evan for presenting and illustrating this spiritual truth. We learn in Christian Science that when we keep our mind filled with Truth and Love there is no room for anything unlike God's nature to displace our peace and joy. In fact, Mrs. Eddy speaks of these "good thoughts" as acting as an armor and a safeguard against mortal concepts such as sin, sickness and the belief of death. These God-filled thoughts are the signs that say,"No Room Available-Do Not Disturb"!

  2. Staying filled up FULL is indeed strong advice, Evan...thank you for promoting this no-nonsense idea!
    Seeking God minute by minute is one way of keeping this protective zone around our thinking and no
    turbulence being possible, actually IMPOSSIBLE! GOD is our OMNIPRESENCE! All is MIND and there
    is no such thing as "matter"/turbulence/vacuum/void...but we must be BUSY.. keep your 1-800 line open
    to the Creator, F-M MIND! He/she wants you to feel His/her Presence...be filling you with good ideas,
    life-preserving energies, inspirational actions,exalted prayers,universal thought..whatever ;keeping you
    busy and happy in Prayer-Ville!!.......

  3. So well done, Evan! This is the type of Ad we need on TV! Thank you for a delightful and practical demonstration! Studying the weekly Bible Lesson, going to Church, listening to JSH-online, reading the C.S. Monitor, reading the Periodicals......all keep me filled up....instead of all shook up! Happy Friday! Onward and Upward, soaring into the New Year!

  4. Oh my goodness that is such a wonderful demonstration of how to be full of love and God. Thank you so much for this video and uplifting Lift....so PERFECT! Happy Eternal Allness!!

  5. Domo Arigato Gozaimasu

  6. Great lesson, and Evan cracks me up!

  7. I liked your description of keeping your thoughts filled up with goodness and love. I will practice this helpful idea throughout the week. Thank you.

  8. Ha ha ... it doesn't get more graphic than that! Thanks Evan.

  9. Very helpful Evan, many thanks!

  10. Thank you for a joyful illustration of keeping our thoughts abolutely filled with Truth and Love, so that sinful and sickly beliefs cannot enter them. - And No. 6 - fill up those cracks with Truth and Love iimmediately!!!!!

  11. Another beautiful and easy to remember analogy from who else but.......Evan!!!

    Thanks so much!

    I will spread the word, for sure.

  12. Evan, Thank you. Having only space for God - very helpful.

  13. And it came at just the right time. I seemed to be riled about a "nothing" Thank you

  14. Good one Evan!!
    Love it!

  15. HAH! So cool. Doesn't get any clearer than this:) Great one. Thanks.

  16. Merci Evan... shake up !!!
    C'est le bon réflexe pour pouvoir discerner ce qui paraît impossible
    C'est la bonne méthode pour comprendre le chemin qui nous est tracé au-delà
    des limitations humaines matérielles
    C'est le bon moyen pour diserner la belle réalité que chaque coeur pressant parfois confusément
    Et mes plus cordiaux messages
    Jean-Pierre Sermet CS, Peseux (Switzerland)

  17. Thank you, Evan.

    Good illustration. I felt like this was a tutorial.

    Just what the practitioner ordered.

    You used one of my favorite quotes from Mrs. Eddy:

    Beloved Christian Scientists, keep your minds so filled with Truth and Love, that sin, disease, and death cannot enter them. It is plain that nothing can be added to the mind already full. There is no door through which evil can enter, and no space for evil to fill in a mind filled with goodness. Good thoughts are an impervious armor; clad therewith you are completely shielded from the attacks of error of every sort. And not only yourselves are safe, but all whom your thoughts rest upon are thereby benefited.

    Mary Baker Eddy
    The First Church of Christ,
    Scientist, and Miscellany, p. 210

    Truth, Wisdom, Love and sincerity, to ALL mankind.

    Rob Scott
    Chicago, IL

  18. Before knowing CS I would drown in a glass of water, my life was a turmoil, even about small things.

    Mrs. Eddy teaches, “…keep your minds so filled with Truth and Love, that sin, disease, and death cannot enter them. It is plain that nothing can be added to the mind already full.” MY 210:2

    Imagine that, if our minds were constantly full of good and healthy thoughts, we would realize that we already have access to all of God’s qualities—ready to use.

    Mind’s understanding
    Spirit spontaneity
    Principle’s government
    Life eternity
    Truth’s permanence
    Love’s obedience


    Antes de conocer la CC yo me ahogaba en un vaso de agua, mi vida era un torbellino aún por cosas pequeñas.

    La Sra. Eddy enseña, “Mantened la mente tan llena de Verdad y Amor que el pecado, la enfermedad, y la muerte no puedan entrar en ella. Es evidente que nada se puede añadir a la mente que ya está colmada. ” Miscellánea 210:2

    Imagínense, si nuestra mente estuviera constantemente llena de pensamientos buenos y saludables, nos daríamos cuenta que ya tenemos acceso a todas las cualidades de Dios —listas para usar.

    Entendimiento de la Mente
    Espontaneidad del Espíritu
    Gobierno del Principio
    Eternidad de la Vida
    Permanencia de la Verdad
    Obediencia del Amor

  19. Me divierto mucho la demostración Evan . Gracias. Continuo aprender como llenar mi corazon con amor y todas cosas buenas. La vida es buena porque aprendo lecciones importantes de espíritu. Es muy importante tener este oportunidad hablar con otras personas sobre estas tópicas. Gracias por todo. Feliz ano nuevo con la espero que vamos a llenar nuestras vidas con las cualidades de Dio....ser amable, paciente y hablar con articulación! Bueno!

  20. Thanks, Evan, for this practical and fun Scientific classroom demonstration. Let's see more!!

  21. Very simple and very pactical. Thank You, Evan!

  22. Nice illustration and energy Evan

  23. This is very timely. A true " lift " thank you.

  24. Thank you for this great reminder.

  25. I had to illustrate this for myself and got a jar out and filled it 3/4ths and sure enough it was pretty turbulent when shaken. If there was ANY room above the water, there were mini-tornadoes. Only when it was 100% full, that the water refused to be shaken or stirred! I will do this with my Sunday School class for sure. Thanks for the super powerful idea!

  26. Wonderful lift Evan. And a perfect fit. It doesn't get any clearer than that.

  27. Thanks.. what a wonderful way to explain that powerful truth!

  28. Sin duda que es sustacial tener nuestra consciencia tan llena de verdad, que sea imposible que se filtre otra cosa en ella. ¡Excelente y muy inspirado tu ejemplo, Evan!

    Los pensamientos conscientemente, sustancialmente adheridos a la verdad de tal manera que sean como una continuidad de sí mismo, para que ellos se manifiesten en obras, entiendo que sirve de poco tener buenos pensamientos si no son hacedores de verdad. Podemos estar pensando bien, y a la vez, servirnos utilizando metodos humanos-materiales, y sin darnos cuenta estamos erocionando esos buenos pensamientos, porque ellos deben estar acompañados por una irrestricta continuidad, como asidos fuertemente de la mano, juntos en un mismo sentir de pensamiento-acción, porque digo esto, porque es fácil confundirse, pensar bien, pero usar protector solar, o una aspirina para el dolor. Entonces confundimos al pensamiento, que tiene que ser como el frasco estar lleno sin dejar entrar nada, porque de lo contrario sin darnos cuenta dejamos que el espacio que queda sea ocupado por lo ajeno entorpeciéndo el total entendimiento. He estado muchas veces confundida, pero siempre he procurado corregirlo con pensamientos inspirados, solamente, y es posible tan posible como cierto, y por ello estoy profundamente agradecida a la C.C. que nos enseña a tener el frasco lleno, sin espacio para el error.

    Muchas gracias Evan, muy bueno el ejemplo, visual.

  29. Thank you SO much, Evan!
    This is a fantastic demonstration of why we should keep our minds filled up with Truth and Love, leaving no chink in our armour (to mix metaphors). What a lovely simple idea to teach in Sunday School, too!

  30. AMAZING lift, Evan !
    Thank you so much for sharing :)

  31. wonderful lift - thank you!

  32. What a great Lift, Evan, and so graphic, especially at Christmas when the false suggestions of every kind of storm, especially those around the kitchen table, start brewing. But Mary Baker Eddy knew exactly how to handle whatever would like to threaten us with predictions and prognostications. Nothing but storms in teacups! Keeping our thoughts filled with ideas of Love and gratitude is the impervious armour of Love, against which nothing can avail.
    Thank you Nate and the team; the Board of Lectureship and our already calm and untroubled Daily Lift family.

  33. Thank you so much Evan! I can`t remember how many times I was saved from being sunk in a turbulent sea of hopelessness by this very truth!
    Thanks for sharing!!!

  34. Thank you Evan -prima example!

  35. Thank you Evan,

    Thanks to the Lifters as well. There are so many with beautiful comments that I have to say Thanks to All. Evan the video was excellent and clear, filled with enthusiasm and Truth. Loved it!

    Rob thank you for quoting the full text of that statement; it is a statement I lived by for many years and now need to frame it to keep it at home.

    Seven years ago today and 7 years ago yesterday were new journeys for me. I lost a job seven years ago yesterday and 7 years ago today I would have been filled with all sorts of emotion especially fear and sadness.

    Interestingly enough yesterday at least five or six people came to me with discussions around pending job losses and at no point did I even remember what happened 7 years ago; it was only after someone called me all cut up about a challenging divorce that I told them sometimes our challenges are not really about us but about others who can benefit from the lessons we learn. It was at that point I remembered what day it was.

    I told the lady that just as I was busy with right activity and had no time to focus on the past she too will reach that point and be a staff for others to lean on. She and I laughed together as she said she had not thought of it from that point.

    The one thing that was common with all of the discussions was that God was recognized as being in control and that we must leave things with Him. Thoughts are filled with this knowledge.

    Again, thanks Evan and Lifters.

  36. Thanks so much, Evan, for the very clear visual demonstration of staying all filled up and reminding us that when we keep our mind filled up with only good there is no room for any sort of error to enter. And thanks, also, for all of the thoughtful comments.

  37. Thanks, Evan. So clear and good.

  38. Many thanks Evan for this great quotation which came at just the right time, since the East coast snow storm has me temporarily trapped in Chicago on my way back to New York from Colorado. "Beloved Christian Scientists, keep your minds so filled with Truth and Love, that sin, disease, and death cannot enter them. It is plain that nothing can be added to the mind already full." (MBE My 210:2). "Happy still, in God confiding,/ Fruitful, when in Christ abiding,/ Holy, through the Spirit's guiding;/ All, all is well." (Christian Science Hymnal #350).

  39. Wonderful Lift, Evan, thank you! A profound truth simply and joyfully illustrated and truly uplifting - one to cherish and share! Thanks to the DL Team and Lifters all!

  40. So good. So timely. Great illustration. Today I have a 2 hour drive, a service, a 2 hour drive back home. My object will be to keep thought "filled with Truth and Love" all along the way.

  41. Thank you Evan for this good, and much-needed Lift and analogy- It's just what I needed!

  42. Evan, your illustration was so simple yet so profound. I also enjoyed reading through the comments of others who viewed this Lift. Two comments particularly impressed me --- the one saying, "This is the type of Ad we need on TV!" and others mentioning using this with Sunday School Students. Thanks so much for both the Lift and the comments.

  43. Good one Evan; happy new year to you and all

  44. Perfect, Evan. Just what I needed today!

  45. Great!!!

  46. Thank you for this powerful message, Evan! Your joy and excitement always shines through to the receiver. I am totally uplifted as I begin this new day!

  47. You are sooooooooo right there! Thanks for a great lift today and lifters all !

  48. Thanks Evan.

  49. Oh, Evan…What a wonderful lift with your demonstration being so clear and understandable! Thank you:-)

  50. That little demo was quick and effective. I'll keep that in my thoughts today! I found it especially helpful after watching the documentary TRASHED with Jeremy Irons, which depicts what we are doing to this planet by throwing away plastics and putting toxin waste in the air, water, food, plants, animals and ourselves. Yuck! That's a tough one to see through and heal.

  51. What a lovely illustration, Evan. Thank you for the spiritual lesson the two jars gave us. to stay calm and filled up with truthful, loving thoughts on the one hand and not to get agitated, confused by fears and predictions as a result of thoughts not filled to the top with goodness, on the other hand. thank you Evan. All blessings to you, all the dear Lifters, and those responding to these great Lifts each day,Nate and , well... everybody, a happy and prosperous New Year, filled to the brim!!!

  52. This was so easy, fun and straight to the point that even my youngest grandchild would "get it." Thank you for your bright smile too!!

  53. Yes! your lift is speaking to me today and i will follow it.

  54. thank you. I listened first then was able to get the video. It is a good reminder to fill up on spiritual food. I enjoyed the video

  55. Wonderful !!! thank u . :-)

  56. Wonderful!!!
    Thank you!

  57. Thank you Evan and thanks to everyone who has shared. Such heartfelt responses. Thanks DL team for keeping these lovely lifts coming.

  58. A clever illustration of a important Christian Science concept. Thanks for a great lift!

  59. Thank you, Evan, for “Stay filled up …” I love the video!!! Inspired, I was led to Hymn 65 in the Christian Science Hymnal:

    “From glory unto glory,
    Be this our joyous song;
    From glory unto glory,
    'Tis Love that leads us on;
    As wider yet and wider,
    The rising splendors glow,
    What wisdom is revealed to us,
    What freedom we may know.

    The fullness of His blessing
    Encompasseth our way;
    The fullness of His promise
    Crowns every dawning day;
    The fullness of His glory
    Is shining from above,
    While more and more we learn to know
    The fullness of His love.

    From glory unto glory,
    What great things He hath done,
    What wonders He hath shown us,
    What triumphs Love hath won.
    From glory unto glory,
    From strength to strength we go,
    While grace for grace abundantly
    Doth from His fullness flow.”

    We, all of God’s children, can rejoice and be glad in this day (Ps 118:24) filled with “the fullness of His blessing … the fullness of His promise … the fullness of His glory … while more and more we learn to know the fullness of His love.”


    “Christian Science saith to the wave and storm, ‘Be still,’ and there is a great calm.” (Ret 60:14).

  60. Very clear and indisputable! Thanks!

  61. Hey, Hey! New music. Way cool. And a visual to show us the benefits of being filled up full with good.

  62. So much needless turbulence goings on in this 21 Century, when all one has to do is to keep thought on a spiritual uplifting path, turning what seems to be a unhappy turn of events into a happier one. I have to do it all the time since I am bed bound. WHO CARES? Every one except me. I have never gotten a better understanding of how C/S works when I able to move about with the greatest of ease than I do now. I have all the time to study and full my thoughts the way taught in C/S, with Truth and Love constantly.

  63. My oh my, have the Daily Lifts been life-changing so far , into the New Year, or what !

  64. Thank you, Evan.
    Filled up full!

  65. There's a reason why this is called the Daily Lift! What a great way to start the day! Thank you, Evan, and the Daily Lift team for the efforts and inspiration.

  66. Good illustration, from one of my favourite quotes. I noticed it also pointed out the cause of the tirbulance was empty space, representing the nothingness of error. God fills all space.
    Thanks Evan.

  67. Evan, thank you so very much for this joyous, enthusiastic and thought-provoking lift. Not to mention fun. I, too, loved the comments following: Bevi's about us needing this type of ad on TV, Elena's list elucidating the active qualities of God that we all express and Troy, I so appreciated your comment about our challenges not really being about us but about others who can benefit from the lessons we learn. It reminded me that when the so-called storms appear to human sense and we see through them to the Truth of being, healing happens, not just for us but for all of God's creation. Every demonstration of the power of God goes out to bless us all! And we can rejoice and glorify Him/Her as the people who were witness to Jesus' healings did. A joy-filled blessed day to all!

  68. That is a useful thought, or Lesson, for every day.

  69. We Love you, #60, Tobias! You are definitely Bound for Enlightenment! You Go!

  70. Great one! Protected by the constant absolute fact, the Mind of God, the atmosphere of Divine Love, no room for other theorized causes. All things here and now are made of the substance of Divine Love.

  71. A good graphic lesson for every day--thank you, Evan. And thank you, too for that wonderful healing blog about saving your wife. It's been inspirational in so many ways!

  72. Thank you, Evan, for “Stay filled up …” I love this video lesson/lift!!!

    Inspired, I decided to dig deeper ( or reach higher ;-) into the idea of being and staying filled up. I found Hymn 65:2 in the Christian Science Hymnal:

    “The fullness of His blessing
    Encompasseth our way;
    The fullness of His promise
    Crowns every dawning day;
    The fullness of His glory
    Is shining from above,
    While more and more we learn to know
    The fullness of His love.”

    We (all of God’s children!) can rejoice and be glad in this day (Ps 118:24), as we grow forward, filled with “the fullness of His blessing … the fullness of His promise … the fullness of His glory … while more and more we learn to know the fullness of His love.”


    “Christian Science saith to the wave and storm, ‘Be still,’ and there is a great calm.” (Ret 60:14).

  73. Love this happy visual, and how it serves as an illustration of your excellent article in the February Journal that arrived yesterday. This Daily Lift reminded me of where you said in the article: "Evil challenging God's goodness is like darkness challenging light. The effort is futile." I am finding that idea, along with this new visual, to be very helpful and inspiring. Thanks to your sharing, I am feeling much more "filled with Truth and Love", and joyfully looking forward to continue pondering and practicing this message and all the inspiration that is coming with it. What a gem; thanks so much for sharing!!

  74. This came at a perfect time for me, many thanks!

  75. Great analogy. It reminds me of the book in the Christian Science Reading Room that illustrates being "filled up full with thoughts of God".

  76. Such a powerful analogy and so well presented! Thank you so much Evan, and thank you to all of the posters for your comments, to Nate, and the DL team.

  77. Excellent illustration of how to keep our thought in the right place Evan. Thanks a lot!

  78. Keeping my mind filled with truth and love . . . thank you!

  79. Thank you Evan, just what I needed to hear this morning! And so absolutely true! Thanks also to the faithful lifters with all of the helpful and insightful comments. Especially loved your listing of synonyms for God and qualities, Elena #14. Thanks to all, and glory to God!
    Judith from Reno NV

  80. You are welcome! And thanks for sharing your thoughts. I will work to keep my thought all filled up with truth and love today right along with you! No more room for tornadoes to brew... Happy day.

  81. Wow, what a great illustration!! This really speaks to me because I'm often the glass with space at the top - more frequently than I like to admit. This lift is very helpful to me, thank you Evan sooooo much! Ever grateful.

  82. GOOD STUFF! Thanks!

  83. Thank you so much, Evan. This is just what I needed. The visual was fun and so helpful.

  84. Amen to all the comments so far . . . and a hearty Thanks to Evan for this Lift. Such Big ideas from two little jars :)

  85. Thank you so much for this gift.

  86. Thank you.Your video was excellent,and message perfect!!

  87. Someone wished me "Happy Eternity" this morning, I like that idea, it goes beyond happy new year into reality!

  88. This reminds me of Jesus' story of the person who merely swept the room clean, and then even more demons came in. Empty spaces in our consciousness are an invitation for various little foxes to set up housekeeping. And this is one of the ways that what is often called "meditation" differs from Christian Science. Christian Science doesn't strive for, or even tolerate, a vacuum. Seeming vacuums are already filled with Divine Love. We need to be conscious of that.

  89. Thanks for reminding us, "my cup runneth over." Constantly being renewed!

  90. Thank you for the lift today and the reminder to keep our thought filled with the goodness of God.

  91. Shake it Evan!! :)

    That's a great lesson that I won't forget and can practice immediately. I already try, but the clarity of this demonstration really helps to make the idea available every moment. And I love that statement by Mary Baker Eddy. Thank you very much, Evan.

  92. Keeping our consciousness filled with good will allow a well spring of God's good to flow into our thought continously. God is doing the pouring and we are experiencing it. No space between God and us. Great example!!! Thanks Evan

  93. Great illustration, Evan...that's the Truth that heals!!:)

  94. Evan, This is really a wonderful example for keeping our thoughts filled with divine goodness. Thank you over and over again for your message prsentation. And happy new year to everyone.

  95. Terrific! Using physics to demonstrate METAphysics! You're a treasure, Evan.

  96. Thank you Evan - What fun to watch you demonstrate the lesson and catch your energy and excitement. The Daily Lift is bringing Christian Science to such a current presence where all of God's children can listen and see truths being shared from Love. I am able to share the Lifts with my family who have been very cautious about Christian Science and they are appreciating and enjoying them. Thank you Nate and your team, Thank you Mother Church and Thank you Divine Mind for continuing to create new ways of sharing the truth of being filled with God's goodness.

  97. Adding my thanks, and sincerest gratitude for your joyous delivery, Evan.
    "What Our Leader Says" [Miscellany 210] is one of my daily prayers. "Nothing can be added to the mind already full." Well you certainly illustrated that point very clearly!

    Mrs. Eddy also writes, "The way to extract error from mortal mind is to pour in truth through flood-tides of Love." [Science & Health p 201:17] So staying filled with Spirit displaces anything else that claims to take up space in our consciousness.

    Thanks so much!

  98. Thanks so much for this healing, graphic presentation. - one that I truly need. I have put 2 little jars of water in my office and another 2 in my bedroom. I don't even need to shake them, just viewing them gets me back on the right track --- and with a smile.

  99. Thank you Evan. Such a clear and simple message. A lift that will stay with me.

  100. Thanks Evan! A fun example to look at, and a practical lesson to take away!

  101. Thanks very much Evan for a wonderful lift!! I'll put more effort in keeping my thought "so filled with truth and love" Your enthusiasm always shines!!

  102. WOW! What an elegant and simple visual to demonstate this Truth! Muchas Gracias, Evan! THIS
    example should be used in every Christian Science Sunday School......can you just imagine if you were
    a "child" seeing this demonstrated? It would lock it into your consciousness for a lifetime! Come to
    think of it.......adults would certainly benefit, too.....as we all have today! :-)

  103. Whoa, your expression really meets the need, simply and directly...makes so much sense and truly works.

  104. Last night I felt I was in that tornado you showed us , still tears this morning but seeing more clearly, and now your fine reminder has appeared to give me another nudge towards complete healing! Thank you very much for such a cheerful and graphic demonstration of your point!

  105. My spiritual glass was full of divine love yesterday when I visited a memorial service for a dearly beloved server from an IHop restaurant. Virginia had always waited on my friend and me on a Wednesday morning for breakfast almost once a week for the past two years. She shared appropriate pictures of her family with us, even met a few of them at IHop, and she loved the Dallas Cowboys. She choose to be buried in her Dallas Cowboy shirt. That choice of hers helped the mental atmosphere at the service so much because those with whom I talked were lifted mentally with smiles as they told delightful incidents about her love for the team through the years. It was a pleasure to have taken part in celebrating Virginia's life. My glass was full.

  106. Thanks so much for sharing the inspired daily lift and wake up us to work to keep our toughts all filled up with Truth and Love! Mario Vicencio Sao Paulo, Brazil

  107. Evan! Thank you for illuminating my thoughts on the attempts of "ms" to bespoil my peace of mind! Very good illustration of the mechanism(s) to userp ones peaceful frame of mind. I'm forwarding this one! Thanks again Evan.

  108. Well it's 21:00 hours in the UK now and the demo works with different size drinking tumblers with a hand over the top as well as glass jars with screw tops and really good shake!. This 'good exercise' has also calmed my thought after a busy day. Thanks Evan.

  109. Thank you Evan. In My., 210-7. " Good thoughts are an impervious armor; clad therewith you are completely shielded from the attacks of error of every sort. And not only yourselves are safe, but all whom your thoughts rest on are benefited." . our helmet of salvation is the Mind of Christ. Our breastplate of righteousness is the love of God. Our shield of faith is the knowing that God is all-in-all and that evil has no power or reality. Our sword of the Spirit is knowing the truth that we are Gods children, made in His image and likeness..
    I am so grateful for these daily lifts! Love to all

  110. Thank you so much.

    This Daily Lift is a great visual of the "filled up-ness" that I have learned is just flat critical and necessary, to put it dramatically. I have to give myself a chuckle, then think no wonder --- I have been full, just not filled up to overflowing daily. And on some occasions did not know how much fuller I could be or needed to be.

    The glasses of water are such a great metaphoric example because as I have learned the glass can be full, yet if not topped off or overflowing (filled up completely), the storms do seem like major surpises of "whatttt?"

    Cheers of thanksgiving,

  111. Hi Evan,
    Thanks for this! The visual was very effective. Also the low-res allowed me (with my slow internet service) to view it without stopping every few seconds.

  112. Right on time to shape our New Year Resolution. The truth is unshakable, the presentationi superb. Thank you immensely for this reminder.

  113. This really made me lifted up my thought. Thank you so much.

  114. This really made me lifted up my thought. Thank you so much.

  115. How very true! We needed this reminder. Thank you so very much!

  116. What a wonderful way to remember to fill our thoughts with Truth and Love! Thank you!!!!

  117. Great illustration! Thank you, Evan.

  118. Thank you for this wonderful illustration of Mrs. Eddy's beloved message. I witnessed a healing years ago, while holding that passage constantly in thought.
    My supervisor at work swore almost constantly, it bothered me and others in the office. I began praying, knowing divine Mind was governing us all. When driving to and from work, I prayed, "holding thought steadfastly to the enduring, the good and the true." A couple years later, several staff came to me when I left for maternity leave, saying that many of them had noticed that our supervisor no longer swore and knew it was after I began working with her.
    After praying about harmony in the workplace, I had no longer been bothered by the unpleasantness, and hadn't really noticed when the healing resulted.
    Our prayers do make a difference, even when we may not realize it.

  119. Thank you Evan for bringing to thought that profound statement of our Leader.

  120. What a good example and convincing visual. Thank you. Just what I need for myself and to share with a friend.

  121. The video not only made this Daily Lift instructive and practical, but unforgettable. Appreciated it! Thank you!

  122. Wonderful, I love the way you put it. So easy to understand and so powerful. Thank you for all of your lectures and Daily Lifts. So enjoyable to watch and listen. Jan Van Hook Fairfield, Ohio

  123. Just Lovely! What a Great message!

  124. Thank you Evan for such a beautiful way to explain this Truth. Being filled with Truth and Love nothing can shake our inner calm.

  125. That was a fun daily lift, but so true. Thank you

  126. WOW!! Adding my gratitude may seem superfluous, but this was just the thought I need as we begin the weekend. Thanks so much for the wonderful illustration, Evan. And thanks, too, to the DL team for the placement ~ with this Lift remaining up for the weekend, it gives so many of us time to ponder all this GOOD! So grateful to each responder adding to the joyful chorus of helpful thoughts. What a blessing to be a part of the world-wide DL family!

  127. Thanks Evan for clear,concise and unforgettable way you expounded the truth. It's a great gift for the new year 2014.

  128. Thank you, Evan. This wonderful illustration is very clever and effective and gave me a big smile. A friend told me about your story on a walk yesterday. She is a newbie to Christian Science and was so excited to tell me about your illustration and how it helped her that I just had to watch your video too. Thank you for your exuberance in teaching the simple but powerful "truths" of this precious Science. I will smile all day thinking about this idea and being filled to the brim and running over with God's goodness. Happy New Year!

  129. Evan, I love your enthusiasm for the TRUTH! Thank you. I'm going to use this idea with my Sunday school class Sunday.

  130. Evan,
    This reminded me that, "God don't make no junk." We are filled up full with thoughts of God.

    Daily Lift Team:
    Wikipedia says: "God Don't Make No Junk (1994) is the name of the first album recorded by the American group The Halo Benders."

  131. I like the visual concept. There is only one reality but often two perspectives;one true, one erroneous and an illusion. Nothing to struggle with. Endless prayer. Where do you want to live?

  132. Thanks, Evan! That was wonderful and a great way to remember it!!!

  133. I thought I would add a final comment here.

    Evan reminds me of the kind of teacher who makes an impact in a very good way on the student.

    Why ???

    Because he makes teaching fun and helpful for the student so they can understand apply in their daily life.

    The day this was posted I had an opportunity to demonstrate this particular exercise.

    It worked!

    Thank you and thanks to everyone responsible for putting the lifts together and getting them out to us lifters.

    What a great idea this is . . .

    Thank you all you lifters too as it just builds up the goodness every day.

  134. You gave us a wonderful demonstration as to why we should keep our thoughts positive and not allow the negative to creep in..

  135. Very practical reminder - thnx Evan!

  136. Love this Evan. Wish I'd seen it a few weeks ago before getting "all shook up" over an event that seemed to take place. I'll remember and apply it from now on. It just gave me such a chuckle to think of being caught up in that vortex/tornado.
    Also thanks to *18 Elena for the lovely synonyms of God's qualities. I missed SOUL though, maybe Soul's balance would be good? I know I could have certainly benefitted by remembering that one!

  137. Waow, what a clear message, I must try to keep my mind busy praying. No more turbulences.
    Thanks a lot Evan,

  138. oh yeahhhhhhhhhhhh, super duper, and a jaunty little musical piece to happily end the lesson. Thanks Evan and the DL Team.

  139. Thanks Evan for this wonderful daily lift message. It illustrates how effectively good thoughts protect us from agitation. It has come to me on a very needed day. I will always remember this amazing example. Thank you! Rosa Carvalho, São Paulo, Brazil.

    In Portuguese: Obrigada por esta maravilhosa mensagem de estimulo diario. Ela ilustra o quanto são eficientes os bons pensamentos para proteger-nos de agitação. Esta mensagem chegou para mim num dia muito necessário. Eu vou sempre lembrar este admirável exemplo. Obrigada!

  140. I had not expected to see a whirlpool in the shaken jar, only air bubbles. I know that a mind not filled with Truth and Love leaves room for aggressive mental suggestions, but I hadn't realized that it also allows for agitation. When "my cup runneth over," then "the storm may roar without (outside of) me" but my thought will be undisturbed.

    Great Daily Lift, Evan! Thanks! They say a picture is worth a thousand words, and I'll remember the image of that jar with the vortex in it for quite some time.

  141. Thank you.

  142. Very helpful. Thank you.

  143. Thank you for your visual message
    It was really surprising to me to see the turmoil in that half empty jar
    What an inspired idea!
    I'm going to share your lift with family and friends

  144. wow - so clear and easy and so helpful - your daily lift makes a hit! Thank you!

  145. Thanks for the inspiration, Waldo!

  146. Thanks! That was exactly what I needed today !

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