1/29: The real world

1/29: The real world

  1. "...I kiss the Cross and wake to know/A world more bright."

    Mrs Eddy's poem

    Thank you John
    Can't wait to read the comments from the DL community..

  2. Thank you John for this beautiful and inspiring Lift. Mary Baker Eddy says in S&H page 516, "The substance, Life, intelligence, Truth, and Love, which constitute Deity, are reflected by His creation; and when we subordinate the false testimony of the corporeal senses to the facts of Science, we shall see this true likeness and reflection everywhere." This is where mans oneness with his creator goes from the conceptual to the real, tangible and demonstrable. This is the Kingdom of God within us. This is living the Life divine. This is our real world..

  3. Beautiful!! just beautiful - thank you John!!

  4. Thank you John for sharing the beauty and purity of goodness with us through pictures! Very inspiring. It's a good day!

  5. Thanks for the reminder that the world in which we step up every morning is our home, peopled with good's creations, and that it is permanent. I will keep in mind that this steady state is what I am "entering" every day.

  6. Very wonderful visualization to accompany the lift. Thank you so much for both.

  7. After a long week of snowing, the morning air is clear and the change in the familiar scenery, spectacular!
    A resounding silence.
    Even the children's old forgotten wooden horse looks amazed of the beauty of the scene. God's beauty and peace, ―God's real world― is seen reflected ever where.
    "Thy kingdom come", announces the Lord's Prayer.
    In a morning like this one we can certainly "see" MBEs vision, "Thy kingdom is come; Thou art ever-present." S&H 16:30

    Luego de una larga semana de nevar, el aire de la mañana es claro y ¡el cambio en la familiar escena, espectacular!
    Un silencio rotundo.
    Aún el viejo caballo de madera olvidado por los niños parece sorprendido de la belleza de la escena. La belleza y la paz de Dios, ―el verdadero mundo de Dios― se vee reflejada por todas partes.
    "Venga Tu reino", anuncia el Padre Nuestro.
    En una mañana como esta uno ciertamente puede "ver" la visión de MBE, "Tu reino ha venido; Tú estás siempre presente."

  8. Many thanks John for this inspiring reminder that: "God's [Love's] kingdom is already here. A world created by Good. Our real home!" "Pilgrim on earth, home and heaven are within thee,/ Heir of the ages and child of the day./ Cared for, watched over, beloved and protected,/ Walk thou with courage each step of the way." (Christian Science Hymnal #278).

  9. "A picture is worth a thousand words" as the expression goes. What a glorious illustration of the beauty of Soul, the activity of Life, the orderliness of Principle, the perfection of Spirit, the tenderness of Love,
    the completeness of Mind and the picture of the Truth in which we dwell.

  10. Sometimes a Lift will touch your thought and heart with such inspiration...this is one of them!! Thank you!!

  11. Thank you for this lovely Lift showing us that our real home is peaceful and beautiful. God oversees our real home perfectly, so that we can live in it as the carefree children he knows and loves; and the troubled sense of having to tidy, clean, fix, guarantee - or even find - our home can just melt away.

  12. That was lovely, thank you

  13. I love that message of realizing we are right now living in God's kingdom, in a world of good! Thanks John!

  14. John,
    Thank you

  15. So simple and yet so forceful reminder of god's goodness and power. Thank you,I love to wke up in the morning and My New World.....Christine

  16. Thank you John for lifting my thought so early in the day to realise that there are not two worlds;the world of man and the heaven of God."This is the day which the Lord hath made,(I) will rejoice and be glad in it."

    There is no suggestion that I have to find this day first.I cannot be beyond this day or waiting for it to arrive. If there is only the beauty and the harmony of this day then I do not have to get back to this day in the real world. I am already within it since Mrs Eddy tells us "there can be nothing beyond illimitable divinity"

  17. Poetry of Soul. Many thanks.

  18. What a beautiful lift! I really feel that I can go out into the world and behold only God's creation this morning and every morning. I'm going to keep this on my laptop as a reminder that each day is a gift from God and that we can really see how how the "Thy Kingdom Come, Thy will be done," -lines from the prayer, works for us every new day.

  19. I too, looked out my window this morning - but my view was my neighbour's tiled roof - and was thrilled to see a blue sky. Sapphire blue! And the pavers out from the back patio were dry! O joy! But the joy was there before I saw the blue sky. the joy was from reading 1 Corinthians Chapters 13 and 14, and the many expressions of love and kindness. And from the inspiring Lesson Sermon on Love. It's so wonderful to actually see what we are looking at as perfect reflections of God, Good. It does take some practice, but it makes all the difference all day long.
    Thanks to you Nate and the producers; the Board of Lectureship and the Lecturers; and the Daily Lift family.

  20. Thank you

  21. Many thanks for the lovely lift - we have blue skies here too, along with clouds, winds and swelling seas all reflecting Soul. Thanks for the daily uplift.

  22. Thank you so much.

  23. Thank you for this lovely Lift. Where I am now we get very little snow. This Lift Is very inspiring. Many thanks to all.

  24. Thank you John. That was very beautiful.


  26. thank you john

  27. El mundo material puede presentarnos bellas escenas y lo hace, pero esa escena inconmensurable que trasmite el espíritu es única y trasciende desde el pensamiento inspirado de la idea divina de un estado de consciencia que va más alla de lo que a nuestros ojos presenta la visión que relatas y que nunca he visto pero debe ser bella a los ojos como tantas otras, el lugar donde vivo es cercano a un río y los amaneceres son grnadiosos y las noches de luna también pero son instantes que luego desaparecen, cuando corro a buscar mi cámara para tomar una foto... ya se fue, de tan fugás y engañosa que es la imagen que el mundo nos presenta.

    "Esta apariencia mortal es temporal, nunca se une con el ser inmortal, sino que finalmente desaparece" Ciencia y Salud, MBE

    "Subirá cual renueva delante de él, y como raiz de tierra seca; no hay parecer en él, ni hermosura; le veremos, mas sin atractivo para que le deseemos" Isaías

    Bellas palabras del inspirado escriba que señala con acierto donde esta la hermosura por eso es tan dificil aceptarla por que se presenta sin atractivo, sacrificio, renunciamiento desprecio a veces por negarse a aceptar tal engaño, todo lo material desaparecerá y el espíritu reinará, en el Uno original.

    Muchas gracias John, congratulémosno que estamos en la inspirada idea que eleva.

  28. thank you

  29. This is weather at its best, beautiful and harmless. Good link to the Lord's Prayer. Thank you for reminding us about the good waiting for us on this "day the Lord has made".

    Daily Lift Team:
    See Psalm 118:24 and Hymn 342 re "This is the day which the Lord hath made; we will rejoice and be glad in it."

  30. Thank you John for the beautiful lift and the illustrating photos.

  31. Thank you, John.

    (Christian Science Hymnal, No. 64),

    I reach Mind’s open door, and at its portal
    I know that where I stand is holy
    I feel the calm and joy of things immortal,
    The loveliness of Love is all around.

    Truth, Wisdom, Love and Sincerity, to ALL mankind.

    Rob Scott
    Chicago, IL

  32. Thank you John for this beautiful reminder that we can step each morning in a world of purity peopled by God´s creatures. Lovely!

  33. Thank you John for the very beautiful lift and video. It is a great way to start fresh this morning.

  34. "La Substance des choses qu'on espere et l'evidence de ce qu'on ne voit pas"

    Merci beaucoup egalement de nous offrir ce message en Francais.

    Daily Lift Team:
    Re quote see Hebrews 11, verse 1.

  35. "A picture is worth a thousand words", but in these peaceful shots of a beautiful winter wonderland, they silence all words and whisper God's presence leaving us in awe of heaven on earth. Thank you John.

  36. Dear John, Many thanks for your lovely DL. Unfortunately U tube is shut off
    so I could not see the video. However, I can just imagine the new world all pure and clean and just lovely as God made it...
    Every early morning I see the Dawn which promises God's glory from moment to moment.. Thank you so much.

  37. Yes we must constantly hang onto and outreach for the beauty of the Lord.Its marvellous isn,t it.Thank you John for sharing this beauty with us,it brought tears of gratitude to my eyes.Have a beautiful day everyone,seeping ourselves in Gods GLORY.love and peace to all

  38. Thank you John, for this wonderful and blessed daily lift. You show us how to see and step in the real home every morning, independent of the material situation.

  39. Thank you, John, for “The real world … God’s kingdom is come … it’s already here … peopled with Good’s creation …” When I go forward into my day with an expectation of all Good unfolding, uninterrupted (God’s kingdom being revealed), I’m better prepared to witness and express Good. “This is the day which the Lord hath made; we will rejoice and be glad in it” (Ps 118:24). And which day is not “this” day? :-)

  40. Beautiful, simply, Beautiful. Thank you.

  41. Dear John, this is so inspiring. As Mary Baker Eddy once stated to one of her students (I believe it can be found in We Knew Mary Baker Eddy and hope I am quoting it correctly!), "Love, Love, Love. Be all Love. Be nothing but Love. It will heal everything. It will raise the dead."

    And this divinely natural activity of Spirit, Love, which we are all created to express, will reveal all the beauty, joy, purity and present perfection of which you, John, have spoken here. Thank you.

  42. Good one John! We northerners love that morning surprise when we wake to a whitened world. What a visual aid!

    It is the amazing experience of waking up to a new view, isn’t it? Mrs. Eddy captures this in Hymn 253 with “wake to know a world more bright” where a whole “white-winged angel throng of thoughts, illumed” arrive.

    I love the idea that white, seen as purity, actually includes every wavelength of visible light. It is not a lack of color or just one color, but is the whole range and complete. Paul was halted by transforming light. Now that was a visual aid! He saw more completely God's kingdom and his color pallet was expanded from that moment.

  43. Thank you!!

  44. What a hope-filled, wonderful lift, John--thank you!

  45. Thank you John!!!

  46. Thy kingdom come.
    Thy kingdom is come; Thou are ever-present.
    (Science and Health, p. 16)

    We are always in Gods' beautiful kingdom, the only place we can be, the only home there is. And it's
    filled with beautiful adventures unfolding moment by moment.

    Thank you, John. Thank you, BoL. It IS a beautiful day!

  47. Tuned in today's Lift on this overcast day and rejoiced at the beautiful message and comments! Began reading the Bible Lesson, looked up, and saw a glorious red cardinal sitting on a branch outside my window! It's still there as I share this expression of gratitude for God's gifts of goodness - here, there, everywhere! Thank you, John, DL workers, viewers, all for helping to lift the veil each moment of each day to reveal God's kingdom - here and now!

  48. I like what you say, "the real world -- God's Kingdom -- is where we belong." This idea of belonging is so important to each one of us. It is so very good to be in God's Kingdom, right now. Thank you, John.

  49. Thank you very much, Hans! This is so clear and beautiful. I too love snow when it covers everything and makes it all look so smooth, so pure, - and so still!

    And I love it when cars have to slow down because of the snow, and when I walk over the fresh snow it gives me the feeling of purity. To me Snowing seems to be like grace. I didn't earn it - it comes like a gift. Alles Gute für Dich!

  50. Thanks so much, John, for both the beautiful video which brought back fond memories of taking long walks with my daughter in the evenings of the first fallen snow when all was so peaceful and quiet, and the inspiring message that the real world is pure and peaceful.

  51. Realization is a wonderful feeling. Understanding is even better! Thanks so much for this awakening lift John.

  52. "I awake each morning to a brand new day, singing allejuiah" ....(from the Hymnal supplement)....although my vista is desert, I see a stunning promise in the fresh rain, rousing the dormant seeds in the desert to bloom into a cacophony of wild flowers in a few weeks (sounds a bit like the definition of Church in the glossary of Science and Health, doesn't it?) . Love the diversity of Soul's manifestations.This lift just washed me clean! Thank you, John, and team and lifters. This is a beautiful community of thinkers!

  53. Thank you John for your wonderful message. When I got up this morning, still dark and looked outside, there was plenty of sparkling new snow and my first throught was of duties, i.e. to have to shovel the driveway. Your Lift is a pertinent reminder of the beautiful Kingdom of God reflected by the lovely overnight snow and the shovelling will be a great joy. Thank you for setting my mind into proper gear.

  54. Lovely. Thank you.

  55. Thank you John for your pertinent Lift today. When I got up this morning, still dark and looked outside, seeing plenty of sparkling new snow, my first throught turned to duties, i.e. shovelling the driveway. Then, hearing your Lift, the reflection of the beautiful Kingdom of God outside became quite clear. Thank you for setting my mind into proper gear.

  56. Beautiful John, simply beautiful. Thank you so much for opening our eyes to this lovely world full of goodness and peace. Acts 17:28 "For in him we live and move and have our being." Good is all around. Just let our minds and hearts experience it. See it and accept it as reality. Isn't it wonderful that there is nothing to fix? God's work is already done.

    Yes, Kathleen #46, it's "the only home there is." The creation of good is fresh, alive, ongoing and never-ending.

    Thanks to all for sharing your wonderful insights.

  57. Beautiful! Thank you.
    LOVED the sound of the falling snow at the end! I do miss the peace and stillness of falling snow...

  58. It's true! Thank you, John. And today there is fog, another kind of beauty, softening the material edges and revealing another glimpse of Love's creation.
    Thanks also to Nate and all the nameless ones giving us this gift.

  59. Thank you for this Lift and all the commenters. I love to see where everyone is from. This truth is circling the globe and it will bless it!

  60. Thank you John for opening my mental door this morning. Pristine!

  61. I was one of the fortunate one's to see on TV and Life Magazine's special issue of the first Moon landing. I remember one of the Astronauts mention that his first sight of Earth saw only the beauty of it, not one speck of the strife that one reads about in the news media; the blueness of the oceans and the greenness of the land mass. He viewed the real world from way up high above all error.

  62. A beautiful lift, of our beautiful Estate. Thank you.

  63. Beautiful video which so clearly supported the idea in your words. Love takes us all the way into the ever-fresh and perfect kingdom of God, with no sad yesterdays and regrets. It reminded me of a favorite poem by Ginny Luedeman, "Self-forgiveness", which originally appeared in the Christian Science Sentinel of July 18, 2005. http://sentinel.christianscience.com/shared/view/vriw47mo50?s=e

  64. Beautiful. Thank you.

  65. Yes, John, snow does "cover a multitude of sins", -- dirt, trash, mess. That sparkling white transforms everything into newness, brightness, beauty. Thanks for the invitation to go out into God's new day and see what really is, because it is REALLY THERE.

  66. How Lovely and how beautifully you translate "things into thoughts," John! thank you.

  67. Thank you.

  68. My heart leaped to the beauty of this message, a message I work to live moment to moment, day by day and suddenly to see it come alive in such an awesome and magnificent manner is this! Such a blessing!!! Thank you, John, for embellishing this image on my mind forever more.

  69. Thank you! Beautifully expressed. This reminds me of the article in the first edition of the "Anthology of Classic Articles", "Our Father's Demand — Unself Mortality". To see every day, more and more that "we live, move and have our being" in God, good, the kingdom of heaven.

  70. Thank you John and everyone with your wonderful comments.

    And a special added attraction in KC, we have RAIN. Thunder too! Wow, what a wonderful day it is. GRATITUDE for the Lord's Prayer and our Hymn's, oh those
    wonderful HEALING Hymn's.

    WE HAVE IT ALL!!! Thank you Lord God.

  71. Thank you John. What a beautiful video, what a beautiful message.

  72. Thank you John. Each morning when I open my kitchen curtain my view in this mountain area of Idaho is always different, sometimes snow, sometimes fog, some- times the sun coming up, and much later in the year, flowers. Truly it is God's Kingdom. Now each morning this task will be accompanied by "thy kingdom is come, thou art ever-present" and will remain with me all day.
    The video was beautiful and my thanks goes out to all on our DL team that brought this to us.

  73. Such a simple, pure, clear, strong message. The images married perfectly with the words. Thank you so very much.

  74. I have a son who really rejoices in snow in winter and your interpretation of the snow covered world adds the real dimension of a greater meaning that resides in the pristine beauty of snow. Thank you John Tyler from me and Matt.

  75. This Daily Lift brought an instantaneous healing needed in my heart and consciousness for as long as I can remember. Growing up in Christian Science, I've had many other healings, and been a member of The Mother Church, several branch churches, and I have lived in different parts of the country, I've had nice employments and friends. Always I found sweet places to live, work, etc., and based the demonstrations of finding those places on the spiritual fact of dwelling/working in God's kingdom. Yet, I've always felt that I had to defend my very reason for being anywhere, or simply just that I even existed at all. That although I might be living somewhere, be in a family, in a church, or in a job. .still I didn't really BELONG to a life.. This morning hearing this simple expression that we are in, of and actually among Good's creations, and that is "our real home, where we BELONG, where we live every day" simply healed that feeling of being at a loss --- of being extraneous. That false sense dissolved as I listened several times to your message. I now feel that I do live with God/Good, that I am a necessary expression of Him, and BELONG to Him to reflect His purpose for me wherever I am. I shall continue to ponder the deeper meaning of this revelation -- this spiritual gift and lift Thank you.

  76. I loved it! It fits so well with thoughts of "purity" which I have been cherishing. Thank you.

  77. Yesterday I awoke to sunshine and blue skies, temperatures in the 70's and the entire day I felt like I actually were in the Kingdom of God. After weeks of below freezing temperatures it was a welcome relief. The analogy you give is beautiful and the scenery makes it all seem so surreal. I remember years ago when we were going home for winter break, I wished that I could capture on camera the crystallized look of all the trees after a winter storm, just beauty and splendor all around. As I walked across the campus, it was so beautiful I am sure I was in the kingdom of heaven then. Thank you Jon and daily lift team.

  78. Thank you for this really beautiful lift today!

    The daily lift of today, I gratefully think is in accord with this Truth from heaven on our real world right now.
    Some dear friends of mine have shared with me this practical idea when claimed to be ours.
    It is said that or it seems in some parts of the world that this truism is not real, but The Christ is leading every heart on earth to discover that it is.
    From the Love I´m sure is in our hearts.
    Cuernavaca, Morelos México

    The quote above is from "Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures" by Mary Baker Eddy (p. 473:8)
    Daily Lift Team

  80. A grateful day!

  81. I love snow, it makes everything so beautiful, as does being the reflection of God!
    Thank you for the visual, so lovely!

  82. No matter where we are we can always see the beauty and hear the joy of Thy kingdom.
    Thanks for that beautiful video to watch and that joyful message to hear and the fun of throwing these snowball comments.

  83. Thank you for the beautiful lift and to all who shared. I love to see the different footprints of God's creatures in the virgin snow - birds, rabbits, badgers perhaps, foxes - and of course, our own precious pussy cats and domestic creatures. All God's creatures dwelling in the harmony of Science being harmless, useful and indestructible. (paraphrased from S &H by MBE). All the real creation so lovely manifesting God's glory.

  84. Thank you for your beautiful video and your understanding of "good".This truth communicates itself...how wonderful,how inspiring.

  85. John,

    Thank you for the reminder to go inside the closet of prayer where this everyone-belonging world is revealed.

    To #74 Suzanna: "[...] ye are no more strangers and foreigners, but fellowcitizens with the saints, and of the household of God" (Ephesians 2:19)

    Love to all the rest of the DL community, too!

  86. I awoke this a.m. to a blanket of snow covering the landscape out side my window feeling the Kingdom of heaven. here in Santa Fe. Your magnificent photos & message reinforced the beauty & purity...thank you sooo much and ALL the worlds lifters comments!!!

  87. This lovely Lift, with sparkling comments from around the world, warms my view, while the radio warns of wind chill that feels like -44 c. I am alerted to lift consciousness to the beauty of this day: grateful to be inside, appreciate those who dress for the weather and head out to work- and for the brave pigeon God cares for too, roosting on a sunny branch with feathers fluffed out. Mary Baker Eddy writes: "Divine Love always has met, and always will meet, every human need"(creatures too!)... . Thanks to Nancy for pointing out that pure white light includes all colours- is not lacking in any way. As we grow in understanding that our Life is purely spiritual,gradually, matter-centred "fluctuating" conditions and events lose their seeming influence over our consciousness of being -- and our experience and reflection of what Life truly is-- but with no attendant loss of true beauty or joy. This week,tiny rainbows sparked from flakes of new-fallen snow as I walked to a friend's memorial service - an "angel" message"- reminding me that the radiance of her ultimate identity is continuous in God, Love, and that Love provides context and cause for her uninterrupted being to continue, beyond any mortal sense of life. Love also cares for her family and friends, in ways they can understand humanly, like the warmth provided a small pigeon seeking out the sun.

  88. Absolutely beautiful... thank you so much for this inspiring message!

  89. Thank you for the helpful message. Also, thank you Suzanna. I too know where of you speak. The lift and your comment bring to mind a brilliant snowy New Year's Day. I'd walked home from a neighborhood baby sitting job. When I walked into our house, my Mom was doing some of her very good baking. We both commented on the beautiful morning and the warm sun cominginto the kitchen. Mom and i weren't awfully close, but we shared a joyful sense of beauty. We even loved reading poetry out loud together. Now all of that was really a sign of the kingdom of God present inside us and outside us. The love of beauty and the sharing of it are what I always want to remember about the dear woman who introduced our family to Christian Science through her healing of polio when she was a young woman. Those beautiful memories outweigh and even demolish the things that don't deserve being remembered. They are not of God's kingdom. And thank You, Father-Mother, for "feeding the famished affections". S&H pg. 17

  90. thank you, I loved this video, it was so inspiring and uplifting. We are not of this world, We come from Spirit, God, Nate Talbot said this in a video he made for this daily lift not too many months ago and that has stayed with me. your lift reminds me of this Truth. we are not of this world, We come from spirit, God.

  91. Michelle from Tyne & Wear 29/01/13

    Thank you for this lovely Lift John. Video amazing. All ye people, raise the song, Endless thanks to
    God belong; Hearts o'er flowing with His praise Join the hymns your voices raise. (Hymn 72).

  92. 74, Thank you for speaking up.

    This morning I discovered why I enjoy watching "Antique Roadshow". I am not particularly interested in antiques, however, in so many cases it is just a great joy to watch people find they own something of great value that they just had sitting around. Ha! just like your "find". Really makes us happy too!!!

  93. Thank you. The pictures were great. Snow is beautiful. We also have desert beauty, and here tropical beauty.

    74, Suzanna spoke well that the belonging is felt inside.

  94. Thank you, John. A beautiful reminder of the beauty of the Lord. I also love the snow scene . It is so beautiful to wake to when it sneeks in in the night. Thanks for reminding us that God is here!

  95. John, what a beautiful message, and beautifully delivered. The visuals are so appropriate and so meaningful. Thank you for the whole package!

  96. I've just read all the comments re-John's message and lovely video for today (and every day) and how heart warming they are. THANK YOU John and MUCH LOVE to ALL.

  97. "... a world peopled with Good's creation(s) ..." -- SO very much in these ideas from today's Daily Lift -- a very Good/God-like/Christ-like way to look at, view, perceive the people we share this planet Earth with ... Thank-you, John, SO very much for this message/Lift! Wonderful comments! Thanks DL team! Love to all! (Of course, we need to include the animals & plants etc. in this 'peopling' .......)

  98. Such a wonderful and fresh view of God's Kingdom.
    Very much appreciated as we receive the changing season.

    Thanks, John!

  99. "Peace on Earth" it surely is! Comparing it to a sparkling Australian dawn on a beach at high-tide - no trace of yesterday's footsteps on the sand remaining. As Mrs Eddy says in Science and Health ""Love, redolent with unselfishiness, bathes all in beauty and light.""

    Thank you for your beautiful lift.

  100. So beautiful, thank you!!

  101. Thank you John and thanks also to the other lifters.

  102. Thank you, John, for that very special, inspiring message. Your message made my day. Many thanx.

  103. The beauty of Gods' world is right! Just as were your words regarding the lovely filming!! WOW! Thank you for sharing with us all. Audrey

  104. Beautiful!! Couldn't help humming 'What a Wonderful World' by Louis Armstrong after seeing the video! Then I looked out and saw a delightful scene! Ducks floating away on large pieces of ice on Lake Ontario having a wonderful time! Surely the best things in life are Free!!

  105. Thank you John for that lovely lift - just a beautiful thought - yes, our real, permanent home where we belong, as well as the home of those who have passed on from our sight. Thinking of this gave me such comfort. Thank you!

  106. Eileen - 1/29/2013

    Look closely at one of the trees and see how the snow has accumulated on each branch. The wrought iron gate and the delicate pattern of snow revealed. Only God, All Good, could present such perfection.
    Thank you, John, for sharing God's exquisite beauty, which reminded me of my childhood years growing up in Massachusetts when the winters were abound with snow. God is omnipresence!

  107. Such peace, and healing. Merri

  108. Loved it! Thank you John.

  109. Beautiful, Thank you .

  110. Oh the beauty of the oneness of Mind! I missed the DL yesterday - but today rose early and enjoyed the sunrise on the lake - the crazy warm weather causing mist to rise from the ice, and puddles all reflecting the pink increasing light. I loved considering God's day, eternally unique, and all good and beautiful. Then this Lift put me and all right where we all belong - the Kingdom of Heaven - which appears exactly as each of God's ideas need.
    The loving, inspired comments always lift my day too! Thanks especially to Suzanna (74), Ruth (87), and Judith (89).

  111. Thank you for this abundant dose of reality!

    This is a lovely metaphor for the sense of present reality, of goodness, which we all have access to every day.


  112. John--thank you so much for your DL about snow and living in our real home. I don't see much snowfall
    where I live but I really enjoy it as a skier. I am in the process of renovating my home and was praying
    early yesterday morning to overcome discouragement at not being able to find a certain color key item for one of the projects. The inspiration I received was that God knew my needs and I could trust His leading. Then I read your DL about our world and real home being in God's beautiful kingdom. I went forth during my day with a sense of positive expectation. That evening on my way home I decided to return some samples I had with me. And there was what I wanted, newly arrived, on display and very much as as I had visioned it some months ago!

  113. This is a superbly gorgeous message on all fronts. Thank you for showing and telling us of the endless beauty of our real home. Greatly inspiring!

  114. Thanks, John. Not just another snow job, but a refreshing perspective.

  115. WOW! and thankyou. The "simple" Truth is profound!

  116. Oh - so inspirational - just absolute perfection!!

  117. Thank you John. I have to agree with Desley - The "simple" Truth is profound. It feel warm and loved by Goodness - God! Thank you

  118. thank you John. and all who commented.what a wonderful world - so many different places and views of beautiful scenes. we love the lovely variety of trees that we look at in the native garden next to our home.
    lots of Gods creatures too that come visiting - beautiful native parrots, cockatoos,kookaburras possums and occasionally native ducks! yes,what a wonderful world

  119. Thank you for this special video lift that touched my heart. I have watched and listened to it several times and was especially grateful for the silence at the end of the video. That stillness spoke to me, still speaks to me. All is well. All is well. The thoughtfulness in preparing the video including John's message, the photo selection and progression and the choice not to have music at the end but to provide a moment of awe filled silence was and is so meaningful to me. "And we know that all things work together for good to them that love God. . . . " Grateful too for all those who comment who contribute so much to the healing message.

  120. Oh! What a wonderful lift. Thank You

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