1/26: Never separated from God

1/26: Never separated from God

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  1. “For I am persuaded, that neither death, nor life, nor angels, nor principalities, nor powers, nor things present, nor things to come, Nor height, nor depth, nor any other creature, shall be able to separate us from the love of God, which is in Christ Jesus our Lord” http://bible.cc/romans/8-38.htm.
    Sometimes we might feel we could use a team of specialists to free us from a challenge we are feeling trapped by, but we really are in a better situation that we think, our connection with God is unbreakable. There’s nothing between God and His image. No challenge, no lack, only LOVE.
    “Por lo cual estoy cierto que ni la muerte, ni la vida, ni ángeles, ni principados, ni potestades, ni lo presente, ni lo por venir, ni lo alto, ni lo bajo, ni ninguna criatura nos podrá apartar del amor de Dios, que es en Cristo Jesús Señor nuestro” http://bibliaparalela.com/romans/8-38.htm.
    A veces nos sentimos que podríamos beneficiarnos de un equipo de especialistas para que nos libere de algún desfío en el que nos sentimos atrapados, pero en realidad estamos en mejor situación de lo que creemos, nuestro conección con Dios es irrompible. No hay nada entre medio de Dios y Su imagen. No hay desafío, no hay carestía, solo AMOR.

  2. Beautiful message!

  3. This is a very clear reminder of our inseparable connection with God. Thanks!

  4. Thank you.

  5. Many thanks Josh for your inspired declaration that there can be no separation! Yes. "The Christ is the divine influence [always] coming to our [consciousness]." "Then the cheering sun will shine;/ So shall plenteous fruit be given,/ Through an influence all divine." (Christian Science Hymnal #97.)

  6. Oh, thank you Josh - the message is very direct, beautifully simple and therefore, easy to hold to.

  7. Thank you - I shall carry those lovely thoughts with me today.

  8. What a lovely thought. He guides me because He is always there.Thanks Josh.

  9. Thank you for your insightful message, Josh.

    I was also grateful for Jessica and Poul's rescue in Somalia on Wednesday, following their kidnapping last October by pirates. The US Special Forces operations rescue that included Navy SEAL Team 6 was precisely what was needed at the time to get Poul and Jessica safely on their way back home to their families.

    Josh's point that many people might enjoy having a team of specialists available to free them when they were feeling trapped by their own circumstances is valid. So is the fact that each idea of God has the divine influence of the Christ to impel it forward, and to protect it along the way. Man is an emanation of God, and this emanating force brings with it freedom and security, light and stability, and success to every operation of divine Principle. When we employ the Christ in each God impelled activity of our day, we can always feel the benefit of this divine presence that meets every human need.

    Every idea of God has its own special operations support. The question "What cannot God do?" is often asked, and the answer is that God is always able to impart goodness and wisdom, peace and order. The definition of grace is "the divine influence upon the heart, and its reflection in the life; including gratitude." As we pray each day to have our heart be influenced only by God, then the work for that day -the reflection in the life- has the support of infinite ideas that mirror God's presence and infinite care.

  10. Thank you Josh. We can never be separated from GOD LOVE'.

  11. Qué, no puede hacer Dios? Ser consciente del error y u oir al mal, y nosotros, ¿qué no debemos hacer? apartarnos de esa linea invisible e indisoluble que nos una a Él que es el Amor, el especialista máximo que conoce cada necesidad y tiene el mejor tratamiento el más seguro y efectivo la medicina espiritual que va hasta lo más profundo y corrige las supuestas falencias llevando muchas veces de la mano a hechos y logros inesperados, La sra. Eddy nos dice en CyS, " cómo podemos Comprobar irrefutablemente la Verdad espiritual que destruye el error material sanando la enfermedad y la muerte" porque el tratamiento espiritual va más allá de nuestro propio entendimiento, reconociendo y comprendiendo, "Que todo lo puedo en Cristo que me fortalece" Filipenses.

    Muchas gracias, thank Josh so much

  12. Thank you. What a wonderful thought and reminder that we are always jn the presence of God.

  13. Thank you so much Josh. This is beautiful! I'm going to carry this with me all day.

  14. The simple acknowledgement of this truth is so powerful and comforting that makes me feel really free and very glad!
    "We can never be separated from God, for we are all ONE in ONE!"
    Thank you Josh, for this important reminder!

  15. I love knowing that know one can be separated from God, that we are all wrap up tight in His Arms. Thank you.

  16. Thanks. This reminds me of something a friend said a long time ago, when I was going on a long car trip with another friend though winter weather. She (who had traveled thousands of miles for work) said, "I like to think 'God is Love, and I am in it -- every mile, and every minute.' I thanked her for the thought, but inwardly felt the words were childish, and I wouldn't think of it again. Instead, during the trip I came to feel it was a childlike prayer. I thought of the words, and the ideas behind the words, many times on icy, dangerous highways. We made it safely, with many lessons learned!

  17. Nancy from Upstate NY
    Thank you Josh for bringing those wonderful verses from the Bible back to my thought. I will put them in my toolbox and work with them today.

  18. Thank you for your truely beautiful straightforward uplift, straight to the heart. Thank you.

  19. Excellent !!! Thank You ! :-)

  20. What a great image: my little yellow study filled with a team of specialists bearing thoughts of strength, joy, courage and salvation! Thank you, Josh!

  21. "So God created man in his own image, in the image of God created he him;male and female created he them." KJV Gen: 1:27 How can you seperate what God created?

    Thanks Josh!!

  22. Thank you Josh for this lovely and comforting message.

  23. Thank you so much Josh. Of course it's all true, about not ever being separated from God. I have a book: "The Greatest Answer" by Margaret Lee Runbeck. It's a compilation of first hand stories of people during the Second World War, who, by their prayers to God were saved from bombing; from shipwreck; from crashing while flying through power lines in the dark of night. Because they believed in God, and knew even one Bible verse, they were protected, lifted from danger, led, fed, taken to a safe place away from that terrifying danger and were able to live with the tiniest amount of food. Young men, scarcely more than boys were able to survive for up to 130 days on a raft adrift in an ocean, remembering only a couple of lines from a hymn their mother sang. The book is still available and so inspiring, that every one could gain courage to just expect rescue, and why? Because they were certain that God loved them. Because they realized that it is impossible to be separated from God.
    Thank you Nate and the team; thanks to the BoL and the lecturers; and thanks to the "honest seekers for Truth" for their Comments to the world every day.

  24. We have the "A" Team always with us. Thanks for the lift.

  25. What a wonderful message to start the day with ! Remembering that through all, God , Divine Love is right here, right now, continuously being an Omnipotent flow and source of Love for us. Wow. Thank you Josh for the excellent reminder !

  26. Recently, I agreed to hire a specialist and as I did, I thought, Christ to Christ. Christ is in charge.
    Everything is being done properly. God bless the work! This lift is a good reminder of our oneness with God. Comforting.
    Did you notice that President Obama knew about the outcome of the Navy Seals operation at the State of the Union Address? He whispered "success" to the Secretary of Defense, as he leaned over Hillary. He might have gained politically by sharing this success with the American people in his speech, but he waited until all were safely home before allowing the announcement. Wisdom and forbearance is a quality of God that is good expressed in a President of the United States.

  27. Thank you to Josh, and thank you to #9 Peter J. for expanding Josh'es message of security and protection. And thank you to all the Daily Lift special forces team who bring us messages of freedom all week!

  28. I, too, was delighted to read the news of the rescue on the Monitor web site and was so grateful. I'm also very grateful for your inspiring message, Josh. I just love hymn #35 which begins, "I know no life divided, O Lord of life, from Thee;" and the second verse begins, "I fear no tribulation, Since what so e'er it be, It makes no separation Between my Lord and me:"

    "The Greatest Answer" sounds like a good book to read. Thanks Margaret Sunshine Coast Australia for the recommendation.

  29. Thank-you for the "God" sent message! Beautiful!

  30. Wonderful message! Thank you.

  31. The perfect antidote for fear. It is fundamental to healing. Thanks!

  32. Thank you for bringing that sense of unity with our Maker so clear, can certainly be put into practice anytime, anywhere under any situation.

  33. This felt like a wonderful hug...thank you! Just what I needed- to feel the embrace of Love.

  34. Thanks, Josh! Yeah Idaho!! Thank you for delivering this Lift in such a natural and humble, easy to understand, way...without "hecatombs of gushing theories, stereotyped borrowed speeches and the doling of arguments...."!! What a comfort it is to KNOW - thru the Bible's words and examples and thru our own prayers and listening and realizing - that as God's very own emanation or reflection, we can never be outside of His Love and Constant Care! God knows and loves each of us so very much! Know this and be Free! Love to All! XOXO!

  35. Lovely idea, the 'A' or 'angel' team perhaps, always with us, for we are never separated from God. Thank you too, Margaret (23) for the book reference.I have always been so impressed that political prisoners often write of he greatest love of God when incarcerated (a great example in the New testament is Paul) Prison can be mental as well as physical, and your message Josh, today is inspirational. Thank you.

  36. Thanks, Josh. You comforting message is a subject I have been thinking about. In "Unity of Good" pg. 24, 8-9, Mrs. Eddy writes "....God is All-in-all; and you can never be outside of His oneness." Thank you Nate and your staff, the lecturers, and all who share their thoughts each day.

  37. In this week's Bible Lesson, Mrs. Eddy writes on page 276: "Man and his Maker are correlated in divine Science..." One definition of "correlated" from myBibleLesson.com is "connected" which struck a note with me and I've carried it with me all week. Our connection with God can never be broken or severed, no matter our circumstances. How blessed we are.

    Thank you for your beautiful words, Josh.

  38. TThank you for the wonderful reminder of no seperation. We are always united with Father Mother God all harmonious, omnipotent, supreme, Love Life Truth Spirit Soul Priciple. Constantly receiving the angel messages.

  39. Thank you Josh!

  40. Obrigada Josh.

  41. Some time ago,I had written down something about being" in God's care'',but in some haste,I had written "in God's car''! When I looked at it again,I burst out laughing at the sweet picture before me.God was doing the driving and we-all His children- were safe in His care and He knew the direction and destination, and we were totally free and happy.What a feeling of love and comfort accompanied that recognition.
    I thought of it again today in listening to your loving lift,Josh.Thank you.

  42. Thank you, Josh. What a wonderful way to start the day...and go forward. Blessed.

  43. S overeign
    E ver-present
    A ngel
    L egion

  44. Thanks Josh. I needed that reminder. My relationship to God is completely unbreakable.

  45. Thank you Josh. A truly wonderful thought to remember every day. Psalms 91 has the verse "He shall give his angels charge over thee to keep thee in all thy ways". I always remember that line when faced with any challenge. It always brings my thought back to God and His love and care for me.
    To Nate and the Daily LIfe team a BIG THANK YOU for your work in bringing us this "gentle beam of living love',

  46. Thank you for reminding us that there is no separation from God, Good!

  47. THANK YOU! What a great thought for today and always.

  48. So nice to be reminded that we are never separated from God, thank you Josh.

  49. Thank you, Josh, for this lovely message; and thank you to the whole Daily Lift crew for providing these timely messages. How blessed we all are to have such a good way to start the day, or in the case of other time zones, end the day.

  50. Thanks for bringing the Monitor into this Lift. It brings the need for our prayers to our attention daily, and then lets us and the world know the good results, too. Great spiritual teamwork. Yea God, everyday!

  51. Thank you Josh, your "Lift" contained the perfect message for me today! The inspiration and information I need is right at hand... whew!

  52. I love it Josh. How so true. Be blessed always.

  53. I just adore you're concept of "a team of specialists....to help free us from whatever is troubling us"....I am going to cherish this idea today since the "team of specialists" is God; Life, Truth & Love. You have lifted me up, which is the intent of this daily provision; I'm in awe of the simplicity of the Christ which you have shared with humanity. Endless thanks:)

  54. Oh Josh, I don't think we can hear these ideas too often! It was so wonderful when heard about those two workers rescued, too, as proof that we are not forgotten!

  55. All held together in the heart of Love, we are un-separated from those we love.

    He will carry the lambs in his arms, holding them close to his heart.
    ~ Isaiah 40:11, New Living Trans.

  56. a beautiful message and very timely for me. Thank you

  57. Thanks so much, Josh. I will tell the Marine recruits that they too have a team of help at their right hand every where they go when they graduate and beyond. I have given them a little "pocket card". On one side there is "Divine Love always has met and always will meet every human need". (Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures, by Mary Baker Eddy.) and on the other side there are two verses from the 91st Psalm in the Bible. Some of the recruits are now looking to these helpful thoughts all through their hard training exercises to keep them on track! I love that they and we have all the good that has ever been demonstrated by mankind as a back up assuring us that God does help his children.

  58. A great analogy and wonderful way to start each day. Thank you and to all the other "comment-ers". Daily lifts are so helpful in redirecting thought and inspiring goodness.

  59. Thanks for your effective reminder of one of the most important things we can ever know: God's onmipotence, omnisience, and omni-presence. No way we can be outside of God's constant protection and guidance. Yeah!
    Thanks again and the thanks for the comments that are always so uplifting and insightful too. I treasure these lifts everyday.

  60. I love this thought that we have a team of specialists always at hand to rescue us from any situation, anywhere, anytime. I like to think of that team as legions of angels.......... loving, uplifting, encouraging, harmonizing, comforting thoughts from our Father-Mother God.

  61. My daughter is in India just now and I must admit I get concerned when I dont get a text. This Daily Lift has made me realise she/we are protected always through God's love. This is something I will hang on to as she has a lovely holiday in India and I look forward to hearing of all the wonderful things she has seen when she returns. Thank you.

  62. Muy sanador tu Daily Lift, Josh!!! agradezco muchísimo tu mensaje , da seguridad y confianza recordar la inquebrantable relación con Dios, nuestro Padre/Madre . Como lo expresa mrs. Eddy:
    'Las relaciones entre Dios y el hombre- el Principio divino y la idea divina, son indestructibles en la Ciencia ' (cys p 470 )
    En esta relación sagrada y única encontramos las respuestas a desafíos o desarmonías en nuestra experiencia de vida .

    Saber que sólo existe el Amor Infinito y c/u unido a este Amor , es un antídoto para calmar el temor y las angustias terrenales. Y esta liberación es requisito previo para lograr cualquier curación .

    Agradezco mucho los comentarios previos .
    Un abrazo grande y Bendiciones a todos, Ma. Cristy

  63. Thank you, Josh.

    This is a simple but powerful message that our unity with God is unbreakable. I also enjoyed your lecture on teaching our youth to defend themselves against mental ambushes with the Christ Truth.

    Having done volunteer work for suicide prevention our youth need to know they are not alone or unloved. You message today addresses this issue which includes the LGBT community as we are all God's children. As you stated each of us is loved and protected.

    Keep up the good work for the Christian Science movement by being an inspiration and role model for all our youth.

    Enjoyed today's Daily Lift.

    Rob Scott

    Chicago, IL

  64. Thanks, Josh!

  65. Un grand merci Josh. Tu fais du bon travail... I just had a disturbing set of news and your message is very comforting. I am going to forward it to my sister in Paris who also needs to be reminded of St.Paul's encouraging comments.

  66. just what I needed!
    thank you!

  67. Another wonderful thought to live by, thank you.

    A student of Mrs. Eddy's was having no success in healing a man injured by shrapnel. Mrs. Eddy thought a moment and responded, "you are laboring under the belief that there was a war."
    As I have pondered this over many years, I now understand that, if God is all good, there is no room for any inharmony at all of any sort -- ever.
    The media tries to sell war, inharmony, violence, mayhem, at an early age to our children. Our job is to return the merchandise for truth.
    Thanks to #23 Margaret for the recommendation of the book on those healed. Another interesting book on the subject is, "Hello Mr. God, this is Anna. It's about a youngster experiencing healing through her conversations with her Father-Mother God.

    with much love, and gratitude,


  68. That is a beautiful lift, Josh. thank you !!!
    And I love all your comments, particularly #55 KT = thank you for those wonderful quotes.
    Here in Berlin it is already evening. I like to get through all my e-mails first and then keep the lift as the last item to really enjoy. It is so inspiring and relaxing to hear and read all those precious ideas. thank you all! and bless you.
    "Everlasting arms of love are beneath, around, above; God it is who bears us on, His the arm to lean upon." this is Hymn No. 53, one of my favorites :-)

  69. THANK YOU! Just listening to the way you have expressed this lift is uplifting. And like so many others I love the idea of God's specialist at hand to handle it all! It was lovely!

  70. Thank you Josh for lifting me up this morning with the knowledge and understanding that the Christ, Truth is always right here revealing God's unlimited power to solve any challenge. I am so grateful that I was also able to impart this knowledge with my dear daughter who is struggling with some false belief with the son. I am so grateful to have these daily lifts to turn to each morning. From this weeks Bible Lesson I can relate: "By my God I have leaped over walls, and by my God I have run through troops."

  71. That's wonderful! Thanks.

  72. Saber que no estamos ni un instante separados de Dios, el Amor, nos fortalece para comprender la verdad y destruir el error, si Dios es por nosotros, quién contra nosotros?

    Great lift!! thank you so much.

  73. Thank you.What a wonderful truth...that we are ALWAYS in God's care.It brings peace,contentment and security.

  74. I love today's lift - for connecting the Truth with current event life situtions. Not pie in the sky philosophies, but knowing - NOTHING can separate us from God, ever! That powerful conviction is here for all of us. Thank you for these daily moments of inspiration. And for the community of seekers of Truth they gather.

  75. Very,very beautiful and full of truth for us all. Thank you so much!

  76. Thanks for a great lift, Josh!

  77. Thanks Josh. When confronted by what seem to be insurmountable odds I always remember that there is an unbreakable continuity in the relation between God, good, and man, God's image and likeness (meaning God and every single one of us).

    en español

    Al ser confrontado con lo que parecen ser insuperables adversidades siempre recuerdo que hay una continuidad inquebrantable en la relación entre Dios, el bien, y el hombre, la imagen y semejanza de Dios (es decir, Dios y cada uno de nosotros).

  78. translation of 72 Rocío.

    to know that we are not even for an instant separated from God, Love, empowers us to understand the truth and destroy the error, if God is for us, who can be against us?

  79. I am immensely grateful for the complete idea embodied in this Daily Lift. I came to it feeling distressed about several things, and the restfulness of the music and easy style of Josh's delivery calmed me down. By the end, I felt all wrapped in Love, with anxiety stilled. Thank you to all, including all the insightful commentators.

  80. A beautifully simple message eloquently and humbly delivered. Thanks so much, Josh, for this daily "gift." And thanks to the BofL and to Nate and the other members of the Daily Lift team for all the wonderful lifts over the past couple of years. i consider them to be excellent examples of "Church Alive."

  81. Excellent, Josh. Thank you so much!

  82. Thank you Josh for such a wonderful Lift today! It was so simple yet so good for you to tell this story. It was very helpful to me!

  83. And nothing can separate us from good. Together, these ideas are so comforting.

  84. Good is always present - such a comforting thought.

  85. I loved the references to a very favorite Psalm. Thank you, Josh!

  86. Thanks so much for sharing the clarity. I feel lifted.

  87. Thank you very much Josh for your very comforting Lift today! It made me think of the word "Immanuel" and what Mary Bker Eddy says on pg. 107 of Science and Health, where she speaks of Christian Science as.."This apodictical Principle points to the revelation of Immanuel, "God with us."- the sovereign ever-presence, delivering the children of men from every ill "that flesh is heir to."-Thank you also
    Louise #53, and the many other wonderful comments from Lifters around the world.

  88. Thanks a lot Josh, for the useful reminder.

  89. In two days I am going to the funeral of the father of my good friend. Interestingly, when I heard of his passing, I sent her a message that none of the family, including her father, could be separated from the love of Christ, as the bible assures us. This Lift is a wonderful strengthening of this idea. Thanks everyone!

  90. Josh, thank you very much for this awesome Daily Lift!! and everyone who commented: WOW what an additional boatload of inspiration!! (loved the SEAL acronym especially!!). thanks everyone!! - mark

  91. Thank you so much for the sincere understanding that is comforting many right now! I really appreciate these daily lifts that reach across time and space to uplift and heal.

  92. thanks a lot for a clear, concise and confortable message wich remind me the Best Only Way. PD.Thanks my friend Harrie Tiffany for sharing this kind of lecture with me

  93. Thank you Josh.
    please explane BOL sorry not to know already muxh love to every one.

    Daily Lift Team:
    BoL stands for Board of Lectureship.

  94. Kathy my thanks also to the BOL

  95. Every time I retire for the night, and every time I wake in the morning, I think to myself this simple prayer. Not only do I include myself but almost every one that I know. It works for me and it works for them, even thou they are not Christion Scientists. This is the prayer; "My spiritual identity is intact and can not be SEPARATED from God." If I pray for some one named Gaitree, it will go as, "Gaitree's spiritual identity is intact, and can not be separated from God." and so on and so on, all the people I know. The name mentioned is just for example.