1/25: What it is!

1/25: What it is!

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  1. Thank you Norm for this spiritually powerful Lift. To mortal sense Christian Science turns everything up-side-down, but to spiritual sense it turns everything right-side-up. Or, as Mary Baker Eddy (who says it much better than I do) in Science and Health page 298, "To material sense, the unreal is the real until this sense is corrected by Christian Science." Armed with this logic the incurable become curable, the hopeless become the hopeful, and the unloved begin to know the tenderness and strength of God's ever-present love. As long as we remember Mrs. Eddy's words, from S&H pg. 269, "The testimony of the material senses is neither absolute nor divine." we will be well on our way to recognizing the spiritual reality of all things.

  2. What a great way to turn around and rethink that old saying, "It is what it is"!
    Thank you, Norm, for sharing your fresh insights that help us turn around habitual thinking and acceptance of discouraging situations. Love your encouragement to "look deep into realism instead of accepting only the outward sense of things"!

  3. Thank you!!

  4. We must question all that has been handed to us..Mrs Eddy says, “In a world of sin and sensuality hastening to a greater development of power, it is wise earnestly to consider whether it is the human mind or the divine Mind which is influencing one.”

    And when dividing wisely this consideration, Mrs Eddy also observes, “We cannot fathom the nature and quality of God’s creation by diving into the shallows of mortal belief. We must reverse our feeble flutterings — our efforts to find life and truth in matter — and rise above the testimony of the material senses, above the mortal to the immortal idea of God. These clearer, higher views inspire the God-like man to reach the absolute centre and circumference of his being.”

    This usurpation of mortal belief, challenging what matter would try to say, might seem risky, but Mrs Eddy assures us, this is the path to Truth: “Waking to Christ’s demand, mortals experience suffering. This causes them, even as drowning men, to make vigorous efforts to save themselves; and through Christ’s precious love these efforts are crowned with success."

    This is our life in God, this is what it is..

    Thank you Norm, I am grateful for this Lift and for my fellow Lifters and their precious comments..

  5. ARN ~ Salinae ~ Spiritual sense is Spiritual man's Conscious, Constant, Capacity to understand

    GOD; LET this be our DAILY Guide to everyday living......... GOD is working out His/Her Purpose!

    All is well, therefore...remain calm and reflective..Imbibe the divine and perfect purpose given us.

  6. "We must look deep into realism instead of accepting only the outward sense of things." S&H 129:22
    Too bad that, although we know our eyes are easily deceived, we still believe the evil we see and are shaken by it!
    We must learn to look further than our noses, to question our own judgment and not always believe our own eyes.
    We no longer believe the sun rises or sets because we know the earth rotates, then why do we believe the all powerful God will wink for a second and let error take over His children, when we already know we are His image and likeness?
    "[Jesus]He plunged beneath the material surface of things, and found the spiritual cause. " S&H 313:23

    "Debemos examinar profundamente la realidad en vez de aceptar sólo el significado exterior de las cosas." CyS 129:23
    ¡Qué pena que, pese a que sabemos que la vista engaña fácil, aún creemos en el mal que vemos y nos estremecemos por ello¡
    Debemos aprender a mirar más allá de nuestras narices, a cuestionar nuestro propio juicio y a no siempre creer en lo que ven nuestros propios ojos.
    Ya no creemos que el sol sale o se pone pues sabemos que la tierra rota sobre su eje, pero ¿por qué creemos que el Dios Todopoderoso pueda pestañear por un segundo y permitir que el error ataque a Sus hijos, cuando sabemos que somos Su imagen y semejanza?
    "[Jesús] Penetraba por debajo de la superficie material de las cosas y encontraba la causa espiritual." CyS 313:25

  7. Thanks Norm for this wonderfully re-assuring lift to help us see what is actually there as Jesus did.

    Sometimes the temptation comes to begin a sentence about myself with the two words "I am ..." and finish it with a statement that could not possibly be true of God. So I try to remember that my "I am" must be the reflection of His "I AM" and that helps to keep in my mind that I am approaching knowing about myself what God knows about Himself.

    Incidently there was a Christian Scientist who lived on the south coast of England who arranged for these words to be carved on his gravestone: "I am"-- not "I was"

    Quite a thought.

  8. Many thanks Norm for this inspiring reminder. Yes. "There is [only] the spiritual reality that is flawless and safe and permanent." "We must look deep into realism instead of accepting only the outward sense of things." (S&H 129:22). "O perfect Life, in Thy completeness held,/ None can beyond Thy omnipresence stray;/ Safe in Thy Love, we live and sing alway/ Alleluia! Alleluia!." (Christian Science Hymnal #66)

  9. Thank you, Norm. Just what I need today. Seeing it as it is in the Kingdom of Heaven, now!

  10. Norm, Thank you

  11. Is it what I see? or is my perception of what I think I saw or what I think the other means with that action or face gesture? Sometimes it is hard to let God show me that we are all part of divine Life! If I believe that God is my Spiritual Parent, then I know I have this special connection. God loves me and I may go thru life with this wonderful conviction I am loved, I am protected and so are the other. And if I have the feeling something is missing or not working out as expected, I just have to turn to my Parent-God, I am not alone to solve problems arround me. The prayer sais: "thy will be done", so I have to let divine Life work in all ways and get in touch with all of us. How patiente is God, when He sees me keeping my personal opinion, till I turn to Him and how patient may I be if I accept Love is everywhere for each of us. I will use the reminder KISS: Keep It Simple & Spiritual.

  12. Hi Norm, and thank you for the wake up call. I have found myself using that exact phrase, "it is what it is" without realizing I'm accepting error in the truest sense of realism as we learn in CS. Really appreciate your lift as Truth.
    Good day, everyone!

  13. Thank you Norm for your love

  14. In a certain case I recently thought: well there is no way out of harmony. So to say, I have no choice than to be healed. And this proved to be true! It is what it is!! There is no alternative. Thank you so much, Norm, for this loving reminder!

  15. Oh YES !!!

  16. Thank you so much mr. Bleichman, this was just the message I needed to hear.

  17. Thank you for this Lift. There is so much substance in it I had to listen to it four times to make sure I had heard everything and taken it inl. The use of the word 'It' is interesting, as it sometimes denotes the threatening and mysterious, as in B movie titles such as "It came from the deep"!. How wonderful to know through the Christianly Scientific identification of God as Divine Mind, the only true and infinite Mind, that there is no "unknown" to God, and no-one unknown to God. There is no "It", only the ever-loving "I Am".

  18. Thank you for this very inspiring Lift and thanks to all the Lifters thoughts. Have a great uplifting weekend.

  19. Thank you for this very inspiring Lift and thanks to all the Lifters thoughts and have an inspiring weekend.

  20. The perfect thing to start my day....... great reminder and Lift! thank you SO much

  21. thank you norm

  22. Thank You for this lkift. I love the idea that God is self existant reality.

  23. Another Lift with inspiring and helpful spiritual ideas to put into practice right away in our lives. Thanks, Norm!

  24. Thank you from me also - it is good to reflect on who the "I" is in "I am that I am". There is therefore only one ego - the Ego-God, and we His expression - so we are what He is by reflection. Christ Jesus said "If I be lifted up from the earth I will draw all men unto me" - so we must lift up our understanding of "I" as the one I AM reflected by man as our true identity.

    Thank you for all the helpful comments, and particularly Tony (No. 7) which is so helpful and inspiring - I loved the inscription.

  25. Thank you Norm. We need not tour museums to find the one work unflawed from the ages. The perfect view -that already is what it is- is the untainted masterpiece right where each one always resides. Simply, willingly, open the door of thought to the shining light of Truth.

  26. Thank you for this great daily lift...!

  27. Thanks Norm, Good to know we do not have to accept the outward appearance of things.. As St. John says in 1st John chapter 3: "Now are we the sons of God, and it doth not yet appear what we shall be: but we know that, when he (the Christ) shall appear, we shall be like him;for we shall shall see him as he is.And every man that hath this hope in him purifieth himself, even as he (the Christ) is pure" So anything which appears to be real, unless it is of the Christ, Truth, is just not the truth about the sons and daughters of God and can be cast aside as an illusion.

  28. I love the simple yet grand ideas I get each morning from the Daily Lift. They "keep" me on tract during my day...........today I will be thinking each time I think of "me" as..........."I am" (me) MUST be the reflection of "I AM" (God). Wow, now that is a GRAND idea to stick with through supposed thick and thin!! Thank you so very much Norm and all of you "Daily Lifters". You are the BEST!

  29. Thank you.

  30. While praying about a situation this morning, I realized I thought I had something to fix. Then this favorite quote came to mind:

    "Entirely separate from the belief and dream of material living, is the Life divine, revealing spiritual understanding and the consciousness of man’s dominion over the whole earth."
    Science and Health p. 14

    Of course there isn't anything to fix. "In Him we live and move and have our being." In Him we live the "Life divine". "The spiritual reality that is flawless, as Norm says." Right now. Always.Thank you, Norm. Thank you, Father Mother God!

  31. That,s VERY GOOD!! thank you Norm for thisencouraging and inspiring lift.love and peace to all

  32. Thank you Norm for your deep and clear insight of what really is!

  33. Wow Norm you brought to my attention that I use that phrase, too often, usually out of deep frustration, when I'm feeling there are limited answers, looking to matter for solutions. I will be alert to see the true spiritual reality and expect healing. love the message! Happy day/evening to all!

  34. Thanks for a PERFECT mini Lecture. God certainly is ALL THAT IS.


  35. If your lift today was a sandwich, it would be pastrami on rye. Absolutely inspiring! Thanks.

  36. Our Pastor Emeritus tells us, "We should remember that the world is wide; that there are a thousand million different human wills, opinions, ambitions tastes, and loves; that each person has a different history, constitution, culture, character, from all the rest; that human life is the work, the play, the ceaseless action and reaction upon each other of these different atoms." Miscellaneous Writings 1883-1896, page 224.

  37. Beautiful fresh ideas helping us to "look beneath the veil." Thanks Norm.

  38. Diriamos en español ¿Qué es eso? materia, sensación material nada e irealidad... no es, y lo que Es es espíritu no materia, por lo tanto hay una sola realidad f,uera de ella nada hay, solo ilusión creencia, error.

    "Muchos pensamientos hay en el corazón del hombre; mas el consejo de Jehová permanecerá" "No será visitado del mal" Proverbios

    "La Verdad de la Mente muestra de manera concluyente cómo es que la materia parece ser, pero no es" Ciencia y Salud, MBE

    Que bueno que hemos aprendido que no hay realidad en la materia, y eso gracias a la Ciencia Cristiana y su fundadora que nos ha hecho comprender la realidad del Bien y la nada de la materialidad, en una valiente demostración con hechos irrefutables de esfuerzo propio para discernir tan grande Verdad que nos eleva hasta hacer posible todo rechazo a la mentira, despejando la senda del engaño que lo humano pone ante nuestra vista y poder discernir lo real de lo falso.

    "Dio él su voz, se derritió la tierra" Salmos.

    Muchas gracias Norm, que bueno poder constatarlo cada día en una elevación permanente.

  39. Outstanding, Norman!!!

  40. Love it! Thanks so much!

  41. Thanks for this inspiring message! I love the thought that "our spiritual reality is flawless". Having just studied the Bible Lesson and now with this icing on the top I am ready for a wonderful day!

  42. Such an uplifting lift! Thanks so much Norm. What is, is God and you pull people out of the apathetic resignation manifested in the statement, "It is what it is" to see the higher truth that God is what "it" is, not the illusion. Also, what a great reversal of thought #14 Susanne from München. I just love the idea that "there's no way out of harmony." Even though the world is busily resisting harmony by believing a disease or accident is real, it simply is not real at all. Good has already prevailed, always was, always is, and always will be the only truth. #1 Martin Vesley, I always look forward to see your response to the lifts because they are such gems. Thanks so much everyone for sharing your insights. I can think of no better way to start the day!

  43. A gem! Thanks.

  44. I loved this Lift! The humor at the end makes it so easy to remember what's true: "I AM that I AM ultimately IS what it IS!"

  45. The lift today was very helpful. I also appreciates Susanne's comments in number 12 and Kathleen's in 30.

  46. Norm, you hit the right buttons in my consciousness and "Lifted" my thought higher. Just the right touch, and I am so appreciative. Thank you, Thank you..

  47. Very clever! And helpful...thank you!

  48. Oh buckets of thanks for this insight into negating that saying "It is what it is." It has become such a common saying. I so appreciate your explanation of healing that negative type of thinking and knowing that the material picture is not what is-- nor what has to be! God's creation as seen in Genesis 1 of man in God's likeness is what is--I AM THAT I AM is what is...joy, health, peace, is what is....

  49. Thanks, Norm! What a wonderful way to Look at Reality! Asking God to help change my perception can often bring Healing! Just a simple prayer of: "Please help me to see this differently" can often shift a firmly held perception! I also feel it is good to see the evil or sin that is presenting itself and not just use human denial to shove it out of sight. As Mrs. Eddy so often says, to paraphrase, we need to face evil or sin head on and not allow it to smoulder until it bursts into flames. I think she says something to the effect of error wants nothing more than to be left alone! We need to be willing to wrestle with error until we see the truth. Thanks again for this inspiring UpLift! Much Love to All! xoxoxo

  50. Wow... Amen and thank you for this powerful thought! I'll be listening to this again and again!

  51. Excellent.....I am that I am is what it is! I love it! Thanks

  52. Wonderful lift! It made me think of a time several years ago when our 2nd Reader was reading the parable of the tares and the wheat. There was a special inflection in his voice when he read, "and there appeared tares among the wheat." The word "appeared" and the way he said it immediately brought the thought to me, "Judge not according to appearances, but judge righteous judgment." I immediately saw the word "appear" in a new light, which was confirmed later when I asked him if he intended to read the passage the way he did. He said, "No, but I felt something was happening!" He later looked up the word translated "appear" in the Greek (the language of the NT) and confirmed the meaning in this passage as "dazzling", something misleading, untrue, etc. Now whenever I hear the word used in phrases such as "it appears that....." I can immediately get through the appearance to the reality that comes from the "great I AM. Thanks Norm.

  53. WOw , Wonderful !!! Thank u . :-)

  54. I loved your conclusion, "I am that I am ultimately is what it is."
    What a good antidote to "It (error) is what it is."
    Recently at a birthday party a friend who is somewhat familiar with my views on sickness and disease was teasing me on the subject of colds which were prevalent. I found myself answering, "It's not right to ignore these things, but it is right to find other ways (than drugs) to dismiss them and blot them out."
    So the words "dismiss" and "blot out" were on my mind this morning as I heard the Daily Lift,
    and I found this gem in an article titled "Science of Mind healing" by Mary Baker Eddy,
    "By the love of God we can
    cancel error in our own hearts, and blot it out of others." (No and Yes, pg.7)
    Then we are left with the harmony that really is.

  55. Absolutely wonderful and uplifting.Thank You.

    It is so reassuring to know that only "I That I Am" - ultimately - is what it is!

  56. Thanks, Norm. You've made the practical Truth obvious and unforgettable.

  57. Awesome! That truth removes error at the root. Thank you, Norm!!

  58. Perfect Lift. Thank you,

    Wonderful way to start the day.

  59. Brilliant! So beautifully thought out and articulated. Many thanks.

  60. Now that is taking it to the top, Norm. And we will keep it right there today; God is and evil isn't.
    So there! That is it for all time for everyone everywhere. God is All. Love rules. Yea, God!
    And thanks to all who deliver this Good News to the world.

  61. Dear Norm, you're a man of great wit and humour, and thanks to you we shouldn't take ourselves so seriously we forget about the delightful outbursts of pure unrestrained joy and laughter, which usually banishes most of the mist. Seriously, do any of us really get taken in by the suggestions of the serpent, or the rattling of the bones? No! Of course we don't! Otherwise we wouldn't be writing our daily gratitude journal in among our comments.
    Thank you Nate and the production team; all the lecturers; and the great and marvellous Lifters who bring us joy daily,

  62. Thank you! What a wonderful clear and insightful daily lift.

  63. Beautifully expressed - thank you, Norm! A recent solo at The Mother Church included this line, "God is, this is enough to know." We can mentally sing this spiritual truth - and all that it includes - to counter the discouragement and resigned acceptance of mortal mind's lies - and bless all! Daily thanks for these Lifts, Lifters, and so many healing Church gifts!

  64. I like that a lot. "I am that I am- is what it is" would make a great bumper sticker!

  65. Thanks. A great thought-checking idea for me and I know for many others.

  66. Thank you.

  67. Thank you very much for this clarification! This saying has become extremely common. I believe was popularized by Eckart Tolle, author of The Power of Now. Within the context of his teaching in is more like a way to get mortal mind to shut up for a minute in order that inspiration or a solution can come through or a kind of agreeing quickly with thine adversary but it can -- perhaps too be often, be construed out of context as merely giving up. So again thank you for this clarification -- I really like it!

  68. Wow - this is great. Thank you so much! I totally agree with comment no. 41.

  69. Thanks, Norm!
    An inspiring, helpful, and perfect Lift.

  70. "it is not what it's not." Does accidents happen? Not to God, it doesn't. Is there strife in the world? A resounding NO! based on God who is Love. Are there diseases going around? How could there be since God Good never made it, caused it or know about it. Well, " it is what it is." Since God is the creator of all that is perfect.

  71. Thank you, Norm. We have all heard that phrase many times and perhaps even used it ourselves. I will remember this wonderful Daily Lift the next time that expression pops up in conversation. I am so grateful to all those who provide these daily inspirations of joy and Truth !

  72. Thank you so much for today's lift!

  73. Norm, this is a strong message!
    Need to do some plunging beneath the material surface of things now, today. Yes!
    And #7 Tony A good marker on a gravestone I AM, not "I was..."
    So helpful to read all the comments,
    always! This is a good place each morning to have conversation with spiritual thinkers!

  74. Love this reminder of where thought needs to be each day in order to help and heal. God IS, and THAT'S THAT. This is the basis of our salvation from sin, disease and death. Jesus practiced and proved it, and told us to do the same. How awesome is that?! We can go out each day without fear or timidity to stand on this platform and pray, "Thus saith the Lord," and know that all really is well. Thank you, Norm, for this wonderful Lift.

  75. Loved your awakening perspective on a common response to human conditions. Thanks for sharing.

  76. Thank you Norm..thats wounderful to know it isnt always what it is but what it is is God and what he made that is..awsome...

  77. I SALUTE you, Fellow Pioneers, for responding to Norm's Daily Lift today with such joy
    and childlike acceptance. These are the thought qualities which will keep us on the Path
    of divine Truth, Life, Love! (Not that we could ever get off it...and that's What It Is!!)

    Our God is so Good, to give us a way (CS) out of the darkness of belief into the glorious Light!

    Oh! We ARE out!!!!!


  78. So beautifully and creatively expressed, your words inspire me to comment for the first time. It's immensely encouraging that we don't have to accept what appears to be, even if majority opinion would say so, even if medical diagnosis has name for 'it'. I love it that right here, right now, what is true is Good being I AM. Heartfelt thanks.

  79. Wow. Thanks for the reminder of WHY I have never liked that statement "It is what it is". It is NEVER the right thing to say OR think, because God has the final say, has made us fully perfect, complete, and pure.

  80. Thanks Norm. AND thanks for all these precious responses from all over the world. This lift and all the comments are helping me see through the false appearances of claims of tribalism, nationalism, aggressiveness, personal power that seem to be rattling around in the news. thank you everyone.

  81. Thank you, Norm, for “What it is! … ‘ It is what it is’ … a spiritual reality that is flawless and safe and permanent and we’re included in that reality … the basis of Jesus’ remarkable healings … ‘I AM THAT I AM’ is ultimately ‘what it is.’” … and we, in the image and likeness of I AM, God’s own children. Both Jesus and Mrs. Eddy, following in Jesus’ footsteps, accepted this one (and there’s ONLY one!) reality! God’s laws are sovereign over any and “every ill that flesh is heir to.” Healing happened. Healings happen. Miracles? No. Proof of the power of I AM – "as in heaven, so on earth." Jesus called us to follow his sacred example. Mrs. Eddy, as she followed, called us to follow the Sacred Exemplar. That’s what it is! As a Christian Scientist, I’ve enlisted. What an adventure! :-)

  82. Thank you so much Norm, for the beautiful lift.

  83. At the Transportation Museum we see hundreds and hundreds of cars each year when they come in for car shows or for the annual museum auto auction in August. People do things to their cars that make them different from anything that originally came off the production line, and you hear the expression "It is what it is" because that is the only way to describe it. Interesting that the museum conservator's job is to keep vehicles in the condition in which it is received, that is, "as is."

  84. Thanks Norm. And thank you Christine #47.
    Yes! God Is.

  85. Thank you! That is great and goes right along with my prayer today for the earth. Yesterday, I saw the documentary "Chasing Ice" about the fast receding glaciers. I'm so grateful for divine Science. It handles all destructive claims and enables us to dig into the truth of creation.

  86. Norm, wow what a gem! So many thanks!

  87. Soooo very good! Thanks bunches, Norm.

  88. Very inspiring Norm.

  89. What a relief to remember this!! God is what really is and anything that doesn't match up with His/Her nature is illusion to be dispensed with. And God IS all that is. Great reminder, Norm! This dissolves today's cynical attitude--"that's just the way it is--what am I supposed to do about it?" and makes us responsible for what we accept as the reality of what we are surrounded with.

    Thanks so much for this way to detect and remove the mask and see reality!

  90. I would like to comment on #49 and further clarify it by quoting directly from Science and Health:

    "To prove scientifically the error or unreality of sin, you must first see the claim of sin, and then destroy it. Whereas, to prove scientifically the error or unreality of disease, you must mentally unsee the disease; then you will not feel it, and it is destroyed." Science and Health, p. 461, l. 26 - 30.

    On this same page, above the lines quoted, Mrs. Eddy explains in further detail when it is important to see or acknowledge what is and when it is important not to admit what seems to be.

  91. Thank you for this affirmation of truth regarding man's perfection from the beginning of creation which can never change. God saw everything that He had made, and, behold, it was very good.
    Thank you once again, Norm.
    Have a perfect weekend all.

  92. This is exactly what I needed this morning -- to be reminded that error isn't and Truth is, is permanent, flawless, and safe. Thank you. I've already played this three times!

  93. Thank you Norm for this inspiring and helpful Daily Lift! I am getting so much out of these Lifts, and love getting them each day in my e-mail. It's a perfect way to start my day and I'm grateful for all of the comments which are also so helpful. I have also enjoyed sharing these Lifts with others. Mary Baker Eddy wrote, "What blesses one, blesses all..." in Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures. This is certainly true with these Daily Lifts and I am very grateful for them.

  94. Ah, what is better, the Lifting voice -or- the endorsing echos. 'Doesn't matter; it's all a fruitful dialogue, a seedtime and harvest, an insight and its ripples, a treatment and its healings.
    What rewards come to us all by 'keeping abreast of the times' -- using the best ways that tech-Knowledgey can share our voices, inspirations & fellowship. God blessed the world -- no exceptions!

  95. Really helpful to see that I AM WHAT IAM is the answer to "it is what it is." Thank you for this uplifting thought to remember there is no helplessness in the Great IAM.

  96. Thanks for correcting this over-used mis-statement! with some very helpful ideas!

  97. Norm, --- fantastic --- such high quality 'common spiritual sense' --- perfection: in-all-its Love/love, wisdom, compassion (etc.) --- is 'the new normal' --- another everyday expression people often say ... Much thanks for all the comments, DL Community! DL Team, you're great!

  98. Thanks, beautiful Norm!!!

  99. Last night while brushing my teeth the thought came to me: "What it is or what it isn't." It seemed to be out of nowhere but it got my attention and I thought about it. It boils down to "reality or unreality." And I applied that thought to situations I'm working on: either this condition is real or it's not. I'm not working to make something that's inharmonious but real, unreal! It can't be "inharmonious but real." Its real (and harmonious) or it's unreal. Period. It was a short but sweet thought process. What a happy surprise to see the subject line for Norm's Lift in my inbox this morning! Great lift! Thank you Norm, and the entire team!

  100. This really is what is! - a perfect rebuttal to this often heard phrase, "it is what it is."
    Thanks so much Norm

  101. This is quite, quite wonder full. Today, I will spiritualize the material picture.

  102. Thank you, Norman, for these words of inspiration. Only yesterday I heard the above title at least three times in one very short conversation from a woman describing her situation. It was such a depressing moment - almost no uplifting end in sight. Your mini sermon has definitely given me a lift.

  103. What great inspiration from Norm and all of you who have shared your comments!

    In Spanish there's common saying nowadays that's somewhat similar to: "It is what it is" = "Es lo que hay!"

    To me, it connotes: lack of supply, lethargic thinking; giving in to negativity and discord.

    A verse from Mrs. Eddy's hymn #304 comes to mind re: the need to "BREAK EARTH'S STUPID REST."
    "Thou wilt bind the stubborn will, wound the callous breat, make selfrighteousness be still,

    Gracias Norm!!

  104. I have seen a lot of inspiring and witty billboard signs on churches, this would be a good one, "It is what it iis" instead know , "I am that I am". Thank you Norm for this inspiring uplifting idea.

  105. We all need to be reminded of this! Thank you!! Exactly what I need now!

  106. This was just plain fantastic! I am so glad to hear this over and over again because that expression is what I hear almost every day. Thanks a heap for such deep clarification and insight!

  107. Big thanks to all who have commented so far today.
    As usual, you've lifted the Lift higher for everyone.

  108. BAM! You said it, Norm! Thanks for the hearty spiritual breakfast this morning!

  109. You did it again... Simple, clear and perfect. Thanks Norm for your wonderful insights.

  110. Norm, your message rang true...as clear as a bell...crystal that is...! Similarly, the ultimate physical body...spirtual body... message from Paul in 1st Corinthians 15:35-58 totally aligns with your most insightful lift for today.

  111. Such a Lift! Heartfelt gratitude to you, Norm. Glad you shared the reality of "IS" which is this antidote to that hopeless phrase. Will share this on...

  112. God. The great I AM; this is what it is. Period. This is reality. This is our reality. All good. All being.
    Thanks so much Norm and daily lifters!

  113. Thank you for the very inspiring Lift. And all of the Love and Truth in the comments have been wonderful.

  114. Thanks for the healing message! It reminded me of a four year old's treatment who said; "God is, this is not, and That's That."

  115. Yessssss- - NORMAN.....you've described
    CS succinctly - ALL comments too
    are a treatment yahhhh!!

  116. "It is I, be not afraid" J.C. much love thank you Norm.

  117. I am that I am is a much better saying that it is what it is.... Let us get back to the facts of being and know who is in charge of the big it. He has the whole world even it in His hand. Good job brother.

  118. Beautiful Norm! In a few words you have summarized the message of Christian Science.

  119. Hey, Norm.
    As inspiring as always. Thanks for this reminder!

  120. Thank you, Norm....I remember hearing that expression, "It is what it is",5 years ago from my sister-in- law when my bother passed away....I didn't understand what she meant and she probably said it 10 times a day. I'd love to email this daily lift to her.

  121. Wow, what for a profound message of truth! Thank you very much for the needed reminder. Blessings to all. Aloha from Monika

  122. Thank you so much for this beautiful Daily lift. Just what i needed right now to shift from what seemingly appeared as an awful reality to knowing "I AM THAT I AM"

  123. Perfect message for my current situation, thank you Norm most helpful and timely.

  124. Wow~outstanding, absolutely outstanding!!
    Thank you Norm and all my lifter friends!!
    Wonderful comments!!!
    Love to all

  125. OH, I hear this every day here-- and now....with this clear, insightful idea of how to transform thought immediately..bam! thank you!

  126. Great lift, thanks! Specially liked the reference to even 'unfulfilling' situations.

  127. Thank you Norm; exactly what I needed to know; I'm going to listen to it again as soon as I submit this comment.

  128. Very alert. It woke me up. It did seem a fitting saying for so much of today's practices. It's time to refudiate that belief. Mortal man is not working, God is at work everywhere. Thank you for being so alert and waking me up.

  129. How easy it is to let the little things go. I think I may have heard myself say those five little words a time or two. No more.
    Thanks, Norm

  130. Thank you, Norm, for reversing this thoughtless comment to a positive response.

  131. Thanks Norm for studying Christ and sharing your insight. Loved the lift!

  132. Cool! Thanks, Norm. The way you said it made that important information very clear.

  133. I am most grateful to God for all these daily lifts that help us soaring upwards ... Thank you so much.

  134. Thank you for this good message. Like you #79 I disliked the statement. But now I can see IT for what it really is. This will stay with me and I am sure with all of us when/if we hear those words again as we will know what they truly mean. SO good ... I feel so blessed.

  135. Thank you so much Norm, for this very straight, clear, to the point statement of Truth. This is so helpful. Maybe there's some truth to that much joked about statement, "It all depends on what "is," is."

  136. We were talking about "it is what it is" this morning at work. What a day! This Lift was much needed and sure puts it in perspective. Thanks so much.


  138. What a wonderful lift. So clear and straight to the point. Thank you so much.

  139. Or as they used to say in Brooklyn, it ain't !!
    ank you Norman

  140. Reminds me of one of my favorite healings: I jumped up to get a note pad in order to joy down some thoughts in response to a request for prayerful help. I knocked my toe against a heavy chest in front of the couch and it was very painful. I rejected this instead of saying "oh well or it is what it is" and proceeded to my desk. The toe complained loudly with the first step, but during the second step, a warm glow appeared in the toe. When it left, all was well. I never had another moment of pain, no bruise or soreness. So, it is what God says it is > perfect, whole and beloved (being loved 100%).


  142. ''What is" as in 'it is what it is' appears to be what 'everyone is doing'. The reality of man, God's creation, is in 'what Mind, God, is doing.'

  143. Love it.... just perfect for me today! Thank You Norm

  144. Look at all of this gratitude. Your lift has touched deep within, Norm. Thank you so very much. I'm thinking about who I can share this with. Love to all!

  145. Oh, This lift is a pool of blessings. Thanks a bunch!

  146. Norm u really nailed it! So clear and articulate. Thanks a ton for reminding me of what really is!

  147. Thank so very much Norm,
    for this spiritual inspiration today I realy needed something like that lift.

  148. Norm:

    Such clarity is so much appreciated, because have struggled with the comment because I did not accept it and now you have given me the right direction. Thank You!

  149. Thanks, Norm! That's an excellent reminder about how those "buzzwords" and commonly-used expressions can enter our thought insidiously, if we don't "stand porter at the door of thought," - Science and Health 392:24

  150. Thanks Norm!

  151. Thank you, Norm, for clarifying a thought that has been in the back of my mind for a while. That quip "It is what it is" is used a lot these days, and the thought stops dead in my mind every time. Now, you have given me a new idea to ponder each time I hear the phrase. It is deeply reassuring.

  152. Thanks, Norm. What a great uplift. I am that I am I am is the perfect and only correct answer,

  153. What it is is succinct! Always a man of few words. Thanks!

  154. God created everything in perfect harmony. The huge universe is perfect, there is no mortal thought to change that. That is what it is. So it is with our bodies. Let the truth destroy any false mortal thought and we will see we are perfect in God's image.

  155. Can never hear enough about "I Am"! Thanks.