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  1. Thank you Kari for this so-important Lift. When we obey the impulse to do good, truth is demonstrated. As you stated, always within the range to hear, and as we learn in Christian Science, the line of communication is always from God to man, we must put ourselves in the best position to listen, and then obey. Since God knows our needs then prayer is in fact listening. This may take practice on our part, but we will find it well worth the effort. Thank you again.

  2. Thank you for this enriching Lift.
    It is so essential and enlightening to be still and to listen to the still small voice within.

  3. Kari. Such a beautiful gentle start to our day. 'Our Father Mother-God, all-harmonious,' speaks to our consciousness when we are peaceful in thought. [Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures page 16]

  4. The still small voice is the voice of Truth that speaks to us as His children, is the Holy Ghost and Christ operating within our consciousness, purifying and healing us.

    We are God’s image, His very expression, and we cannot avoid receiving His silent influence.

    No need to do long prayers to hear this voice, His voice is within us, always communicating us His permanence, guiding us and protecting us just as it was with Elijah. 1 Kings 19.

    La voz callada y suave es la voz de la Verdad que nos habla a cada uno de nosotros como Sus hijos, es el Espíritu Santo y el Cristo operando dentro de nuestra conciencia, purificando y sanandonos.

    Nosotros somos la imagen de Dios, Su misma expresión, y no podemos evitar recibir Su silenciosa influencia.

    No es necesario hacer largas oraciones para oir esta vos, Su vos está dentro nuestro, siempre comunicándonos Su permanencia, guiándonos y protegiéndonos como lo hizo con Elías. 1 Reyes 19.

  5. Many thanks Kari for this inspiring reminder, especially during Wednesday evening testimony meetings. " Truth is as "the still, small voice," which comes to our recognition only as our natures are changed by its silent influence." (MBE N&Y 1:!) ... purifying and healing us. Yes. We all receive His silent influence. "But sweeter far the still small voice/ Unheard by human ear,/ When God has made the heart rejoice, /And dried the bitter tear." (Christian Science Hymnal #54).

  6. Kari, Thank you.

  7. Thank you from the heart!

  8. Domo Arigato Gozaimasu

  9. .Thank you. Yes we do need to be still and listen for God to direct our ways.

  10. Thank you Kari. Your lift reminds me of the time when I learned the lines of communication from God to His idea are always open. My daughter had been to a convention at a hotel in downtown Dallas. She had never driven in that area before. She called me to tell me she was done & was needing directions on how to go home. She had exited the hotel onto a one way street. With my job I have access to a trip planner so I pulled up her location on the map & was attempting to direct her on how to turn around. But by the time I located her on the map she was always past where she I was directing her. She was headed toward the 'bad' part of town & her phone was dying. Before the phone died I was able to tell her she needed to turn around & go the other way. Mom panicked. Mom wanted to jump in her car & go find her. Mom stopped & prayed putting my daughter in her rightful place of God's hands. The thought that came through loud & clear is, 'the lines of communication are always open'. I knew I really had to trust that. 30 min later I got a call from her. She had turned around & was at a drug store on the opposite side of town. I am still in awe at how she got from point A to point B. It could only have been God's communication. I told her how to get home from there. All was well.
    This AM as a toothache tries to displace her harmony, Truth's voice is being heard with concise clarity. Thank you for this timely lift. I am eternally grateful for every Daily Lift.

  11. Thank you.

  12. How comforting is to hear your inspiration today!
    As you remember us what Eddy says that "truth is the still small voice uttering itself", I´ve just felt that kind of divine communication telling me I am one with God and so is everybody around me, and that I don´t need to be upset with anything that tries to include me in a material life, full of lies about the real man.
    Thank you so much!!!

  13. I never like getting the “silent treatment” from a friend when I was a kid. You know, when you are cut off and ignored on purpose. So, it is easy to think when we are not getting our way that God has done the same thing.

    Of course, horses can show us a thing or two here. I have seen a horse dance when the most humble, inexperienced, innocent child climbs aboard. The same horse seems dull when a more self-centered rider takes the helm. No words, no decibels are exchanged… only attitudes.

    Mrs. Eddy concludes a letter to Mrs. McKinley after her President McKinley was assassinated. My290:26: “I knew that Thou hearest me always,” are the words of him who suffered and subdued sorrow. Hold this attitude of mind, and it will remove the sackcloth from thy home.”

    Perhaps there is something in all of this which suggests our attitude counts when we think we are getting the silent treatment from God. It has been my experience that silent Christly inspiration comes with the humility, trust and some degree of patience to listen. That is loud and clear to me!

    Thank you, Kari, for the reminder that it is not all about decibel levels!

  14. In the words of our leader Mary Baker Eddy "I will listen for Thy voice, Lest my footsteps stray; I will follow and rejoice All the rugged way." Hymn 304
    That voice of truth is constantly speaking to us, never silent but active, an infinite communication and we have the ability and the spiritual capacity to listen, to respond and to follow. Just like the #9 JD wonderful example.
    Thank you so much Kari for your inspiration.

  15. Thank you, Kari!

  16. Thank you for the message how the Holy Ghost communicates to each one and certainly not through suggestion of evil.

  17. Thank you, Kari, for sharing so clearly this vital and healing truth which is going forth to bless all! Daily thanks for these Lifts, the DL Team, Lifters, and all the healing work of Church.

  18. Thank you for these very clear thoughts. It reminds me how often Science and Health mentions silent prayer. The statement about Truth coming to our recognition as our natures are changed by its silent influence was most helpful! Again, thank you.

  19. Thanks, Kari

    This is just what I needed!

  20. Thank you so much, Kari. I really needed to be reminded that the "lines of communication are always open from God to man." Sometimes we do know, but we just need to know that we know! Doubt can in no way come between our beloved Father-Mother and His precious children.
    So good to be reunited to my brave little laptop! Wonderful to be back in touch!
    Thank you Nate, and the team; The Mother Church; and the vigilant and always conscientious Lift family.

  21. Wonderful lift for a Friday, thank you!

  22. Thank you for your message. We can be grateful for the angel messages we get from Divine Truth. However when I worked for a prominent industrialist CEO at his request and was able to pick up well right from where his vacationing assistant left off, he never said a word of praise or thanks. I knew I did a good job and didn't need the praise. I also knew if there was a problem, I would have heard about it, so nothing said meant to me that all is well -- not excommunication! Quiet only means God is happy with us, so be grateful.

  23. I really needed this after certainly turning the volume up too loudly last night in a discussion just before going to bed and then spending the night trying to tune into God. This message was so timely and perfect - thanks so much!

  24. The only voice I hear is God to Robin, God to Robin, the only voice I hear. When God speaks all the earth is silent. All the clamoring of earthly lies are completely and permanently silenced.

  25. Thank you, Kari, for “No volume required … to hear God’s voice … … is certainly not about decibels … each one of us is in perfect range of God’s voice … each one of us receives his silent influence.”


    Every good and loving thought is God speaking to us, whether as a silent “angel” message uplifting and comforting consciousness; through the voices of others and every other “sound” around us; in print, on-line, and every other "sight" around us; as a human sense of silence, a whisper, or a shout - we have an ongoing opportunity to recognize the Truth of being. We are always under God’s guidance and protection, being called forth to behave how God made us to be – in the image and likeness of all-Good, Love-itself!!!, the “only powers that be!!!” Divine authority is always giving us permission to exercise our right and take our responsibility to follow Love’s leadings – and I’ve noticed that Love is always leading. ;-) I’m getting better at silencing the babblings of mortality, so that I can hear what Life is communicating to me. I’m paying closer attention to “God’s voice” and so receiving more immediately and with greater frequency, God's "silent influence!!!"

  26. Thank you for I King 19:12 after a shattering stall experience this week.

  27. Thank you Kari for this lovely reminder.
    "The "still, small voice" of scientific thought reaches
    over continent and ocean to the globe's remotest
    bound. The inaudible voice of Truth is, to the human
    mind, "as when a lion roareth." S&H p 559
    Thanks for all the lovely comments.

  28. Thanks for a beautiful reminder of how near and dear God's voice is to each one of us .

  29. Thanks Kari. I had a situation this week that seemed to me to be insolvable. I was told I needed a required legal yellow fever vaccine for travel, no way around it. It seemed overwhelming, I humanly worked my way through my options none of which seemed good until I decided to just listen for God's direction and not to take any human option. It came to me to call a number I had been given that seemed unlikely for help but I called anyhow, with a good outcome. How humble it makes me feel to know I am always looked after, I just need to quietly listen for that message and put it into action even though it goes against the human reasoning.

  30. Thank you so much. Lovely message as we turn down the volume on other voices that are here today, gone tomorrow--weather conditions being among them.

  31. Thank you Kari, Yes, we must silence our voice in order to hear what God has to tell us and we must be ready to obey. I look forward to hearing the DL´s every morning and I am never disappointed. These quiet moments help me through the day. When reading the Lesson Sermon I underline the messages that seem directed to me and try to remember them along the day trying to be alert to God´s voice. This is sometimes not an easy task when you read the papers or hear the news but we know that the greater error seems, the sooner should we discover its nothingness. Blessings to all this huge family around the world.

  32. I hear this Message, loud and clear. Thank you for this Beautiful UpLift, Kari! I used to wonder why I never "heard" this "voice" everyone was talking about. I have come to realize, that for me, it's not really a "voice", but more often a gentle presence, a soft reassurance, a tickle, a nudge. In our C.S. Bible Lesson this week we read about the difference betweeen the arrogant Pharisee's prayer and lack of listening and the humble publican's acknowledging his need of spiritual growth and thus being willing to hear God's message to him. I find it so comforting to know that the Christ, God's message, is always speaking to us in our consciousness - if we only be still and know...........!

  33. Thanks you dear Kari for this lift today,, knowing that we can listen to his voice and be at one with God hear from with in..and His ever present voice to reflect....... Thanks again

  34. WOWZA !!! That was just perfect for what I'm dealing with right now...I'll just LET that still small voice in ...and know theres no need for raising the volume...it don't help!!

    Great LIFT !!!

  35. What a soft but strong 'still, small voice' you bring to us today, Kari, to gently remind us that this is how God, Love, speaks to every one of Her children, no matter where they are!

    When our son was three, the neighbor's lamb died, and he became worried that he would die. I tried to explain, but it didn't satisfy him. Then I prayed for an idea to help him, and a question popped into my thinking. I told him, "Why don't you just go in your room and talk to God about it."

    He did, was gone about one minute, came back and began playing again, saying nothing to me. After a bit I asked him, "Did you talk to God?"

    "Yep," he said, and continued playing happily.

    After a bit more time, when he didn't volunteer any more information, I asked, "What did God say?"

    The child answered, in a simple and cheerful voice, that God had said, "Don't die."

    That was the end of the worrying. What simple and powerful answers God gives us when we ask and listen!

  36. Short, powerful, enlightening and Uplifting! Thank you, Kari!. And thanks too, to Malcolm # 5 for those healing words from Hymn # 54- it showed me a true revelation of what it is that really hears God's voice.

  37. Yes, "just as our natures are changed" is a super reminder to me that getting out of the material world of things and noise, that I can get a handle on hearing and listening to the "still, small voice" from God. Thank you Kari and everyone. All the "lifts" are blessings from "above". Thanks to MBE for "meta" physics, the Science of the Christ. Love to you all.

  38. Thanks! So helpful. Since the lines of communication are always open, it seems to me that means that perfect seeing, hearing (all that spiritual sense is) must be fully functional at all times.

  39. Nice and clearly explained. Thank you so much!

  40. Thank you for this gentle reminder that our Father-Mother God is always loving us and communicating with us through this everlasting care and love for each of us. It is reassuring to know that we each can know what we need to know each moment, Just as the sun is always shining each day whether we can actually see it with our eyes or not, God's spiritual, gentle, consistent direction is always with us and we can feel it each moment. We do live and move and have our being in Him, counseled by His still small voice. What a joy!

  41. Thank you, Kari, for the beautifully inspired Lift.

  42. "Each one of us receives His silent in put." Thank you Kari!

  43. Kari, sas efcharisto
    Christos anesti!

    M. Theocharis

  44. Thank you for this Daily Lift.. That is when I hear God, when all the senses are silent He speaks : )

  45. Thank you Kari.
    So right -- to hear that still, small, voice in spite of the noisy environments --
    we can feel its presence and divine influence!
    Thanks to everyone who puts together these Daily Lifts! Be assured -- they do LIFT up thoughts and lives, daily! This too is the voice of God speaking to human consciousness, and we can hear!
    And thanks for the insights and experiences from all the comments, including #36 Arline and #34 Nancy.

  46. Thank you, Kari, for this marvelous Daily Lift. We need only shut out the material senses and hear what God has to tell us. It's always there.

  47. Such a wonderful lift Kari -- so true that the still small voice requires no volume. God's communication or "voice" can manifest in an infinite number of ways, whatever is appropriate for our needs. There's a wonderful Sentinel radio chat that talks about the still small voice at http://sentinel.christianscience.com/audio/sentinel-radio-edition/2000/how-god-shows-us-a-way-out-of-trouble-program-021

    God's communication is constant. To "hear" God, you must clear away mortal thought. Sometimes the still small voice is an angel message. Sometimes I've heard a voice in my head. Other times God's communication is more like a spiritual intitution that moves you in a particular direction. I know when I'm close to God and I'm moved to say something, the wisdom "pouring out of my mouth" is really God speaking, which recquired transparency on my part to make that connection. In whatever way the still small voice manifests, you experience the presence of goodness, love, great clarity and a calmness that all is well.

    Yesterday was a tough day for me and I awoke early this morning stewing over a web design problem. I felt a tightness in my throat and realized I;d not been listening to the still small voice. Immediately, I became aware of goodness. Goodness occupied more of my mind during my morning walk and even moreso after hearing this lift. Thanks so much to Kari, the BOL and all the lifters. Thse lifts are precious gifts for all of us.

  48. Wonderful, Kari! And I love also where we read in Science and Health, "The intercommunication is always from God to His idea, man." That we don't need to inform the all-knowing Mind, but as you expressed, to listen for the still small voice of Truth.

  49. "...each one of us receives His silent influence."...WOW! God as Life is expressed through each of us - His/Her divine individual reflection - spiritually...and nothing can stop this action! This Truth brings freedom! THANK YOU Kari for this profound lift and the comments it generated.

  50. What a privilege and joy to be a witness to the power of the word of God! Thank you Kari. The word often first comes to us silently, and we find the wisdom and courage to give voice to the words, "God loves you!"
    Nela, #25, closely describes this experience or phenomena which brings practical and sometimes dramatic results.

  51. Les contaré, como yo lo siento, es como oir la consciencia, ya que voces no oimos, es más bien un sentir, una trasmisión no audible, sino a travez de estar conscientes de la presencia divina, que está ahí permanentemente, para responder a cada necesidad y que está indisolublemente ligada a la comunicación que genera el verdadero sentir cristiano, que es la pasarela que conduce al entendimiento de una realidad pura que Es comunicable, si estamos atentos a ella, y manifiestamente suceptibles a "oir".

    "No temas, porque yo estoy contigo, no desmayes, porque yo soy tu Dios, que te esfuerzo" Isaías

    Toda comunicación verdadera viene de Dios dándonos entendimiento, para que no desmayemos en el esfuerzo.

    También MBE, nos señala la conveniencia de escuchar los mensajes divinos, de estar en quietud para "oirlos" estar conscientes de que esa posibilidad es real.

    Muchas gracias Karí, buen cierre de semana, que deja un paréntesis para reflexionar sobre los inspirados mensajes, "oidos"

  52. You are so right, Kari, and I've heard this still small voice lately when I'm painting a portrait from life.

  53. Thank-you Kari for this comforting lift.

    It is so good to have you back with the daily lift comments group Margaret Sunshine Coast Australia. I so appreciate your thoughtful and often thought provoking contributions to the days uplift. Thank-you. Keeping a goodly thought in mind for you and your fellow Aussies.

  54. Once again, a knock-out Daily Lift! I am reminded of the many times that the everpresence of divine Love has spoken to me, sometimes to save, sometimes to heal, sometimes to give direction, and sometimes to answer prayer. Every time, without fail, the recognition that it is Love communicating is immediate, positive, comforting, leaving no doubts or fears, only supreme gratitude and awe for God's goodness and care for His/Her children.
    When my older son was small, he came to me one morning all upset because he couldn't find some item that he needed. I told him that if he were quiet, and really listened, God would tell him what he needed to know, as everyone and everything in His kingdom was in its right place always, and He knows all. And since He already knows all, we include everything we need to know too as His children. I gave him an example of how I had been helped by these ideas. All of a sudden it was as if a light came on in his eyes, and he turned around and went straight to the "lost" item. We both rejoiced, and thanked God for His tender care for all His creation.
    Thank you, Kari, for this outstanding Lift. And as always, thank you daily Lifter family for the thoughtful comments. And special thanks to the Daily Lift team! Much love and happy uplifting day to you all.

  55. "only as our natures are changed"—thank you Kari for reminding us of this essential point.

  56. This was an astounding DL —  powerful in the truth it conveyed. Kari, you were certainly hearing and expressing these thoughts straight from Mind through your individual expression of Mind. Thanks for listening so well to God's voice, and for sharing what you heard with all listening to this Daily Life!

  57. Amber, # 22, "Quiet only means God is happy with us, so be grateful".
    What a special insight! Sometimes all we need to know is that we are
    in our right place, and can rest in the quiet knowing of this fact. Being
    grateful, and patiently waiting on God to direct our steps brings an inner
    peace that satisfies. Thank you Kari, and Amber.

  58. The sharing of actual demonstrations of situations through prayer was exceptionally more than usual. Thanks to all of you sharers. You really make the truth come alive. Isn't it wonderful how God talks to us in so many different ways that we can hear and understand if we silence clamoring error and really listen.

  59. Oh, Cari, thank you for making me more aware of the power of Christ.

    It inspires me to solve problems with a lot more "pray" and a lot less "say." Only the silent anointing of the Christ, Truth reaches the heart, while words, unless God-ordained and expressed, reach the outer ear!

  60. Thank you Kari for this very timely and beautiful Lift indeed.
    Also thank you #47 Lyn for the link to other testimonies on healing through listening to God.
    I loved it and in the end the Hymn Oh Gentle Presence Peace and Joy and Power by MBE was played and I am wondering who sang it? I have never heard this version before and I have been holding this hymn dear to my heart right now. If anyone knows please let me know!
    So grateful for Mary Baker Eddy, Christian Science, Christian Science Practitioners, all the CS publications and this
    inspiring Daily Lift series. They are all blessings in my life. Thank you all!!

  61. I am in AWE of the wonderful ideas expressed in this DL especially. Every day they seem to speak to a needed answer for me. Thank you, Kari, for this wonderful example of our Father/Mother's constant care. Great gratitude also for the DLifthers....you are all so helpful!

  62. Thanks, I listened to this lift three times with the clarity at the end "you are in God's hands".

  63. Dear Kari and all who have shared; thanks, thanks. this is so relevant and timely. All the comments are so rich and sincere and helpful. Thanks.

  64. Thank you, Kari, for the beautiful reminder to tune out all the loud voices around us and tune into the still small voice within us.


  66. Thank you to Marilyn #38 for connecting God's always-open line of communication to that of sight and hearing. This is a very healing thought for me.

  67. Thanks so much, Lyn for the link to the Sentinel program with speakers expressing their experiences of listening to the still small voice. And to #60, Tahoe, the voice sounded like Bob Moline but maybe someone else can give a definite answer. I just loved the story by Nancy, #35, with the response "Don't die."

  68. Don't you wonder why God seems so far in the background, so quietly doing His work one needs to be looking for Him. Beyond words heard in the thought, He speaks through problem solved and physical healings, relationships reconciled. Every time I say, 'God, where is that object I don't see or can't find,' my eye goes immediately to the object. Divine Mind, God, never loses anything, and in that way He says, 'Can you hear Me now?'

  69. Thank you for inspiring me to examine my experience in conscious knowing or understanding God's perpetual expression of Himself. The thoughts come;...then words,..."and the Word is God."

  70. Thank you.

  71. I like this very much. Thank you Kalliroi.

  72. Good thought, Kari! Thank you.

  73. Such a beautiful lift! Thank you! 'The words of wise men are heard in quiet...' from Ecclesiates

    For #60...I don't know who sings the hymn, but that version is in the hymnal (#207-212), I believe, but I cannot tell you which one it is, as I cannot read music that well. I'm sure I've sung it in church!

  74. Thanks Kari,lifters and team...I have listened to this at least a half dozen times.....

  75. The new job was deafening. Six air compressors running all at once near by. A rock radio station blasted to drown out the air compressors. I couldn't hear the supervisor in what he wanted me to do. It was colder inside than outside, too. I heard myself shouting, "Got any ear plugs?" He did. Now, what was God saying to me? This: "Be still and know that I am God." All other distractions disappeared in consciousness. And then I heard God ask, "Aren't you grateful? " Yes, I am grateful for a new start, a new job. And knowing that God is all. Knowing this has changed my view of the divine Presence. Thanks Kari.

  76. What a beautiful thought! So inspiring! I love Christian Science.

  77. A beautiful message, so articulate and meaningful. it is just what I needed to hear to better hear God. Thank you.

  78. ThANK YOU

  79. Thank you, Kari, and #13! I have been praying to "hear" God's directions. This lift will certainly help me open my thought and change my attitude to become more receptive to God's silent influence. Thank you!

  80. Thank you very much! I like this thought.

  81. I will listen. Thank you.

  82. The still small voice is heard in conscience only and not through a loud speaker. One must be quiet and still completely apart from the material uproars surrounding one. It leads one from the temoral to the eternal. There are no condemnations if one has to use material means such as material medica if there is a consciencious effort to go to the eternal where relying on God only for permanent healing. It's a step by step process as depicted by Jacob's ladder. The higher the step up is one's spiritual understanding.

  83. thats very helpful and lovely.thank you .To think that every time we witness truth or become aware of it .
    ..that that is God talking to us is wonderful.