1/24: Live like you're loved

1/24: Live like you're loved

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The song featured on today's podcast is "Tender Mercies" by Susan Mack. It's hymn 445 from the Christian Science Hymnal Supplement. This recording is sung by Christa Seid-Graham and George Clements and was recorded for your Daily Lift.

  1. What a great Lift, Suzanne. We are forever held in the arms of divine Love. This love sustains us, guides us, protects us, and brings a joy to our hearts that can never be taken away. It is with us through all ways, and means, and conditions. There is no better way to start each day than to feel that love, and no better way to continue our day than to express it and let our light shine bright because of it! What beautiful singing at the end of the Lift.

  2. Thank you my friend. I know this works, I have proven it - but sometimes I forget. Thanks for the reminder.

  3. This is one of those Lifts (one of MANY) that you can wrap around you and sail! I especially like this for first thought in the morning: "....acknowledging your place in God's arms and the original Love that brought you into being...it will never leave your side. Thank you Suzanne!

  4. This is a perfect answer to my night/day prayer! Thank you Suzanne.

  5. Sing with me, rejoice, God gives us a new opportunity to begin again every day, live like you know you are loved, know that you are the image of He who is your Father-Mother, your friend, He that is "altogether lovely." (Song of Solomon 5:16)
    "I awake each morn to a brand new day, singing Hallelujah, as I go on my day, for my heart is fixed on this one guarantee: the Love that is All holds me tenderly. Tender mercies are holding me..." CS Hymn 445

    ¡Canta conmigo, regocijémonos, Dios nos da una nueva oportunidad para volver a comenzar cada Día, vive como si ya sabes que eres la imagen de Aquel que es tu Padre-Madre, tu amigo, "todo Él codiciable."! (Cantares 5:16)
    "Me despierto cada mañana a un nuevo día, cantando Haleluya, mientras voy en mi camino, por que mi corazón está fijo en esta garantía: el Amor que es Todo me sostiene dulcemente. Tiernas misericordias me sostienen..." Hymno de la Ciencia Cristiana Nº 445

  6. Talk about perfection! What a lovely lift with the beautiful music...perfect for starting our day. Thank you, Suzanne.

  7. I like that thought so much, Suzanne. I drive with "traveling mercies" and now I have the guarantee that God's "tender mercies are holding me" --- how precious.

  8. Lovely message Suzzane Thank you so much.
    Dawn NZ

  9. CS Hymn 445 (Christian Science Supplement)

    I awake each morn to a brand new day, Singing Hallelujah! as I go on my day,
    For my heart is fixed on this one guarantee: The Love that is All holds me tenderly.
    Tender mercies, oh――tender mercies, Tender mercies are holding me.
    Tender mercies, oh――tender mercies, Tender mercies are holding me.

    So no matter the need and no matter the threat, I'm secure in Your love, no fear, no regret.
    Can there be a sweeter comfort, a grace more divine,
    Than the thought that Your Love is here and is mine?
    Tender mercies, oh――tender mercies, Tender mercies are holding me.


  10. ......."His arm encircles, me and mine and all", Mary Baker Eddy's poem, set to music (207). Thank you, Suzanne, for Love's message for all. It heals loneliness, sickness, fear, distress; anything which tries to disturb thought. Lovely finish with a tender message from our Hymnal Supplement.

  11. Suzanne, Thank you

  12. Many thanks Suzanne for this inspiring lift. Yes. We acknowledge our place in God's arms, in the Love ... that will never leave our side." "I awake each morn to a brand-new day,/ Singing Hallelujah! as I go on my way,/ For my heart is fixed on this one guarantee:/ The Love that is All holds me tenderly./ Tender mercies, oh tender mercies," (Christian Science Supplement #445).

  13. What a glorious thought to KNOW that we ARE loved thank you Suzanne for the reminder and MANY thanks too to Elena (5) for giving us the hymn number, so important as I for one hadn't come across these lovely words, I guess that they are in the Hymn supplement. LOVE to ALL.

  14. Wonderful message/Lift and great music ------- much appreciated, Suzanne & DL team!

  15. Thanks you so much Suzanne- that's lovely and most helpful.

  16. Our church just put up this verse from Science and Health, on our sign board, "The vital part, the heart and soul of Christian Science, is Love." It goes right along with feeling wrapped in God's love. Our entire city is wrapped in that love that never leaves us, infact the whole world.

    Thanks for this special Daily Lift.

  17. Thank you Suzanne for this reassurance that we are encircled in the Love of God and in His tender mercies. It helped to remind me too that the mercies of God are always tender and that mortal thought cannot usurp this word and suggest that matter can be tender or sore because in reality it has no real existence.

  18. Thank You for this lift. It seems so basic to know that I am loved by God.

  19. Thank you for this lovely Lift with its universal application. Through the Daily Lift the whole world has the opportunity to be 'treated' to an uplifting message which identifies every single individual as beloved.

  20. What an uplifting and powerful thought for today!
    "To live like I´m loved"!
    That´s what my Christian Science study has been teaching me to do.
    And I can assure you that this thought keeps me moving on softly in my daily routine.
    Thank you very much, Suzanne!

  21. The depth of this message reaches Heaven~~~Namaste.

  22. Thank you for this great reminder that no matter what Love is all around us all the time. We live and move
    and have our being in God Love. Many thanks to the Lifters. Have a great day.

  23. What a wonderful morning anthem, Suzanne, that Love is the Principle, the power and the outcome for our day right here and now. How good to include our families and friends everywhere in the all-embracing arms of our beloved Father-Mother, Good. And how great to have Desiree Goyette's song of gratitude included in this Daily Lift.
    Thank you Nate and the producers: I spent some time this morning reading through the Lifts on the Commandments and Beatitudes. Really worth printing in a separate brochure. Thanks to the BoL and lecturers, and to our Daily Lift family.

  24. Thank you for this beautiful lift.

  25. Thank you, Suzanne, for “Live like you’re loved … welcome Love’s presence as reality … live like you’re loved because you are!” I also appreciate “Tender Mercies!” What a wonderful way to be reminded of God’s love. I have been duly “Lifted” this morning. How wonderful to be Loved! BTW, special thanks for #1 martin vesely. I look forward to and appreciate the clear, succinct, and healing comments you share regularly. And thanks to all in this worldwide DL community of living testimony! How it blesses me! I rejoice in this way of sharing God’s love! This is Christian Science! :-)

  26. This is such a gentle and powerful message. Thank you Suzanne!

  27. Such an amazing and perfect way to start off each day! Thank you so much for this empowering and love-filled lift!

  28. Thank you.

  29. Thank you for this Lift for my day! And thanks to those who wrote out the hymn's words!

  30. Loved by God thanks Suzanne.....I  went to Starbucks a couple of weeks ago and found out how loved I was by God. I did what you said, starting my day asking God what to do? And clearly I heard to go to noon church service.  In church, I heard to go to Starbucks and get my computer work done.

    My iPad  was low on battery life but Starbucks has electrical plugs and so I attempted to put it in with the metal blind cord for the sunlight, that was hanging. Out flew sparks. None touched me. I was stupefied because I looked at my plug and it was burned. 

    The table over, saw the sparks and interrupted their meeting to tell me what to do. They said, "don't use that plug. And go to the manager and tell them. And throw away the Apple part from your  Ipad that is burned." Good points, but I looked at the long drink  line and decided to wait for the manager while reading the newspaper and thanking God I didn't scorch myself and hurt Starbucks.

    The manager thanked me for reporting my error. I was headed out the door as I didn't have battery life to get anything done. I was puzzled that God told me to go there to get work done and then had a blow up. However, the manager said she had an extra apple part someone had accidentally left and I could have. So, I got my work done and never lost a part (those parts cost money) all because God loved me. By the way, He never has favorites. He loves everyone in and out of Starbucks forever and ever.

    Sent from my iPad

  31. Love this message so much... and the hymn is the perfect compliment to the lift. I'm left wanting to hear more. Is it possible to add a link where we can hear the singer and her beautiful voice complete the entire hymn?

  32. Thanks Suzanne for this heart-warming and winning lift! All are blessed, and know they are blessed, that hear and heed it. What a joyous message to impart to all within the radius of this blessed thought.

  33. Thank you so much. Suzanne. What is so wonderful also this. Truth is true for each one even when they are not aware as yet. It provides comfort to parents. This thought is much appreciated.

  34. Wow! Thank you Suzanne for this wonderful lift. No need to even start that 'bucket list' because we awake each day anew, Love's child in Love's arms with Love tenderly telling us all Love knows of us. And we have eternity to live it!

  35. Thank you! I'll be singing "Tender Mercies" as I go on my way today!

  36. Wonderful DL! To start our day with sweet reassurance that we are loved. It´s like an angel message. As Mrs Eddy says: “When angels visit us, we do not hear the rustle of wings, nor feel the feathery touch of the breast of a dove; but we know their presence by the love they create in our hearts.” I will let it shine throughout this day and days to come. Thank you for the reminder and the music!

  37. A lovely lift Suzanne, thank you so much, and concluded with that beautiful hymn from the hymnal supplement, joyously sung. what a start to our "brand new day" !

  38. Cristo dijo: "sus pecados le son perdonados por que ha amado mucho" afirmando que el Amor es la base fundamental de todo lo real y debemos esforzarnos en amar de la misma manera que Él nos enseñó, para que el Amor sea nuestra Vida y nada quede fuera de él, ningún sentir amoroso le sea ajeno, y se llenará nuestro corazón de las más bellas melodias y el canto aflorará como un inmarcesible capullo que florece al ritmo de la sinfonía del Amor, para que nuestra vida sea un constante gozo de Amor, igual que el divino.
    Cantemos al Amor
    que gozo nos da
    para que la Vida
    sea un gozo más.

    Muchas gracias Suzanne los días se hacen más leves cuando recibimos la inspiración del Amor en cada mensaje diario de elevación.

  39. Thank you so much, Suzanne .... Your message to "live like you are loved" carries a lot of weight to me, because you exemplified that very love in a big way to my mother a number of years ago ... You were in her town to give a lecture, and due to a physical challenge, my mother felt she was unable to attend church or your lecture. Through the contact from a mutual friend, you volunteered to come visit my mother in her home the day of your lecture. Your loving outreach meant the world to my mother---she never got over the fact that you came to see her .... To help uplift her though and to reach out to her in that way. You were such a beautiful example to her (and to ME!) of "living like you are truly loved"-----and she felt that love being expressed to her in spades that day. Thank you from a very grateful daughter.

  40. As you began this lovely lift, the hymn Tender Mercies immediately popped into my head so you can imagine my delight when you brought it into your message. Love is so powerful, erasing anything unGodlike. Thanks so much! "Tender mercies are holding me" and everyone!

  41. What a great way to begin today! Thank you!

  42. "Live like you are loved -- because you are." Of course!! Isn't that just letting the mind of Christ be in us? Jesus knew he was his Father's beloved son - and so are we!! Thanks so much for this beautiful reminder of the good we can do and be when we remember this simple fact.

  43. Thank you Suzanne! A wonderful lift!
    Lots of Love to the DL Community!

  44. Thank you, Suzanne, for this special upLift.
    Just wanted to thank Susan Mack also, who wrote the words and music for hymn 445 (not Desiree Goyette as #22 had mentioned.). We sang it last night in church.
    Hugs to you all.

  45. What a great way to start the day, and stick to it! I read yesterday in a newspaper that New Year resolutions are dumped by most people on Jan 24th. It was a wake up call to me to renew my efforts to see myself and others as the loved children of God. Now I am going to walk the beach with that in mind.
    Thanks so much Suzanne for the kickstart!

  46. Thank you Susan for this lovely,helpful lift. I too will go about my day singing "Tender Mercies"! Can anyone tell me what CD this is on? The singing is beautiful!!! Love to all the world.

  47. Joyous thanks, Suzanne, for this happy, healing Lift - as well as to DL Team, Lifters, Susan Mack for words and music of Hymn 445, and the wonderful recording on today's Lift - beautiful proof of Love's embrace of all!

  48. Thank you for the lift! It will added to my favorites. Who are the lovely singers and is the song off a CD?

  49. thank you. I liked the music very much. thank you to Name for her comments. I will keep seeking, but I still haven't found a way to believe I am loved . I can't say why that is. It has been a life long problem for me.

  50. Perfect Suzanne for this loving, embracing thought which includes all the world; everyone close and far!

  51. What a precious message! It amazes me how these DL are so short, and yet they deliver such insightful, inspiring and clearly guiding words and music. Filled with gratitude to all in the DL team, to CS, and today especially to dear Suzanna, Maria

  52. Thank you.

  53. After a particularly 'rough' nite I awoke to your lift. I had not been feeling loved, watched over , and protected. Your lift has given me a dear start. Thank you and God for these tender mercies.

  54. Thanks, Suzanne! The Love in me sees the Love in You! Namaste!

  55. What a beautiful thought to start the day to "live like you're loved." Having spent many years growing up feeling unloved this message really reaches deep into my heart. I have ever since tried to be especially loving towards those who might feel as I had and as we live like we're loved we are loved - "Love is reflected in love."

    Hymn 445, words and music by Susan Mack, is one of my favorites in the Hymnal Supplement and I enjoyed the beautiful music following the inspiring message - thanks to all!

  56. What an inspiring Lift, with practical and immediate application for today and every day! Thank you, Suzanne.

  57. Thank you. Your comments remind me of a phrase I often express to myself; how do I look in the eyes of God's creation?

  58. Thank you Suzanne for your wonderful Lift. When I open my eyes in the morning I say out loud, thank you my beloved God and I smile most of the day. The lovely Hymn beautifully completes your Lift and makes me smile some more. Much love to you.

  59. Suzanne~~ Thank you for this great message - Something that will be giving a further sense

    of confidence in dealing with one's daily challenges. With continued loving cheer/jim.

  60. Beautiful, perfect message. Thank you so much.

  61. This is the supreme message that we all most need to hear. If we are held "in" Love, what is there to fear?? Deep thanks.

  62. Thank you... so true and beautiful

  63. Live Love gives new opportunities --no routine allowed! Thank you very much so timely.

  64. This is what I have been working on lately. Feeling God's love all the time. Thank you.

  65. Thank you, Suzanne, for reminding us all of our place in God's arms-we're always there and always loved.
    Susan's words and music are an extra lift this morning.Thanks!

  66. Thank you Suzanne. That was so beautiful.

  67. God loves us. There is nothing for us to think or do to make this so. It is with us all now.

  68. What a gift this is! :)

  69. Hymn #445 says it all. As we think of this Hymn, we release ourselves to fall into the trap of sorrow when things don't seem to go as we planned. BUT! Who does the planning? Not or never Mortal Mind, but God Good, the all knowing, all loving being. So let us live it, respect it, cherish it, for with out God Good, we are lost.

  70. Thank you, Suzanne, for another beautiful Lift.
    Wonderful to know of that tender Love, and to share it, too.

  71. What a beautiful thought . . . . what a perfect way to start the new day. And yes, I, too, am curious if this hymn has been recorded on a CD . .. especially by Susan Mack.

  72. Oh Suzanne, Thank you for this tender comforting message. Love's arms hold us, every one!
    and thanks #9 Elena for writing out the words to the Tender Mercies hymn!
    So nice to hear it sung!
    Love to all Tender Mercies holding us all!

  73. What a wonderful message. Thank you. And thanks to everyone who helped produce this LIFT!

  74. Beautiful, thank you !!!!

  75. Thanks for reminding us so sweetly of Jesus' and John's plain, simple, powerful message about God.
    Love loves us! And we love right back! Looking out from the arms of Love we love all naturally.

  76. THIS, to me, is the key to healing! When we see, know and feel ourselves totally loved by God, discord is dropped and perfect harmony restored. Have always appreciated CS practitioners whose tender mercies of love have touched me and quick healing has resulted. Thank you Susie, and tender mercies to you all!

  77. Love .. Thank You ! :- )

  78. Such a touching thought and idea to "Live like you're loved". Beautiful music. Very moving. Thank you.

  79. Thank you.To me this is the key to a good life...knowing you are loved...That God is the source....It blesses you and all....

  80. Thank you Suzanne, what a wonderful thought to start my day! And much needed this morning.

  81. Wonderful! Thank you.

  82. A thoughtful much needed message and so lovingly delivered! Thank you for this inspiring and encouraging Lift. It has me starting my day in the light of Love and living my day feeling Love.

  83. The Love that made us all and claims our hearts and thoughts, will help us all to feel that reality and express it. Kathleen (#49), I know the argument-- of not feeling loved--- because I lived it. But I found that starting to think from God's being and acknowledging the nature of God as infinite, intelligent Love that made its own idea and loves each one, helped me break the sense that I was separate from that Love Each of us exists as a cherished idea in the Mind that is Love, and God's true idea of us compels us to discover and acknowledge the real. You ARE loved. You will discover it is true, and I love that fact -- the inevitable discovery you will find. And thank you to each one who responds here and supports the world's search for real meaning in Love. Much love, Suzanne


  85. Thank you Suzanne, I agree with all of the comments above!! ... and for the information of Cathy J and #46 "name", and anyone else that wants to know, the Hymn #445 is on a CD titled "Let's Sing" disk #1 and there sung by Lisa Redfern. Of course, it is available at Christian Science Reading Rooms and on the internet as well.

  86. Loved the message; very inspiring to start each day this way. Also very grateful for the music at the end...one of my very favorites!

  87. Ahhhh.... Wonderful! What a great message to carry within and carry out as we go about our day, each day. Thank you for this beautiful truth and message!

  88. Like comment #2 says, even when we know that this is so important, maybe the most important thing, we somehow, sometimes forget. It's a bizarre notion that we ever could forget our Creator's love. But that's the challenge before us -- to remember it every minute. I found myself realizing this morning when I listened to this lift, that I needed your reminder. Thanks so much, Suzanne.

  89. Thank you for this wonderful reminder that we are all loved, what a joyous and healing thought for us and for the world!

  90. To #49 Kathleen: I, too, have struggled my whole life with not REALLY feeling Loved by Love or God. What I have found is that I've needed to go inside and really confront my demons of resentment, anger, unforgiveness and self-hatred - due often to things that happened to me in my childhood. Recently, I've been asking God to Heal My Heart, and the first things that come up are all the things that are blocking me from feeling God's Love. The Big One is forgiving people for their ignorance and sin. Then, I'm also working on expressing Love to others, no matter what, and not judging by the outward appearance. I am just now starting to feel a softening in my Heart.......a Healing in my Heart! I am so Grateful! Thank you God for always loving me.....even when I didn't, couldn't or wouldn't allow it in!

  91. Such a perfect lift!

  92. What a glorious lift for the day! I love the thought that the "Everlasting arms of Love are beneath, around, above. God it is who bears us on, His the arm we lean upon." from Hymn 53. The music at the end of your lift is so supportive and I do hope you do that often!

  93. Wow, what a powerful and deep message, thank you Suzanne!

    Waooo, que mensaje tan profundo y poderoso, gracias Suzanne!

    Waooo, quel message si profond et puissant, merci Suzanne!

  94. O my, So very Tender
    filled with expectancy
    Wonderful message of joy

  95. Lenore from Lakewood....."Every day a new story begins and YOU get to write every chapter." I added this quote to my journal to remind me that I have a choice. Today my chapter will be on God's love. Thank you for this special lift.

  96. Sometimes in the morning I open my journal book [in which I record qualities] while asking my Father-Mother what I need to focus on for the day. 'Mercy' was today's word. Part of the definition was 'close to grace'...unmerited divine love. Another part of the definition reminded me to turn from vanity...the belief of a world apart from God. How grateful I was to hear today's Daily Lift and read the beautiful responses to 'send me on my way'...in Love and song. Thank you all.

  97. This is one of my favorite hymns. Thank You Suzanne. I will sing it and work with it all day, knowing that
    I am loved, and in turn, I am loving all those I come in contact with. Love to You Suzanne.

  98. I will.

  99. I woke up this very morning with thoughts of uncertainty and worry about the future. Your daily lift immediately put those thoughts to rest and got me back on the right track. Thank you so much for this inspiring message.

  100. Re: this wonderful Hymn (Tender Mercies) it is recorded on a 'double' CD available from any C.S. Reading Room. Also by mail from Boston. I add my love and gratitude for these valuable, uplifting DL...they are helpful beyond measure!

    from Leslie

  101. The undeniable Truth boldly proclaimed by this Lift is a sunray of happiness! I particularly love the promise of "inveitable solutions." Kim (39) thanks for sharing that sweet experience. Dear Kathleen (49) and Lori (55) and anyone else burdened by the suggestion that God doesn't DELIGHT in His creation -- YOU -- be comforted. Just think of all the love pouring out from these messages -- love that embraces you, that you can take with you and keep and use. Then multiply that by infinity, and you have only a tiny, tiny inkling of God's infinite love holding us all, equally and eternally. Rejoice in that safe, sure knowledge and go peacefully forward -- always knowing you are LOVED, because God is Love itself.

  102. A great and important thought!I have always loved Susan Mack's song, too! Thank you!

  103. Life doesn't wait for fulfillment tomorrow. It expresses fufillment today. Thanks for this great lift.

  104. Sooooo wonderfully good. Thanks so much, Suzanne!

  105. The simple truth of your message is very liberating; i.e., we need only to accept that God loves us more than we could ever possibly imagine!
    Thanks Suzanne for your most inspirational and melodious LIFT!

  106. That was the most refreshing lift that I have heard in a while. It was crisp, to the point, and unequivocally LOVE.

    Thank you so much.

  107. Thank you, Suzanne.

  108. thank you, I am loved!

  109. thank you so much. we are Loved.

  110. Today's Lift felt like a warm blanket enfolding me when I read it first thing this morning. I have since listened to it many more times, each time feeling more and more loved. "And Love is reflected in love" -- enough love to wrap everyone in joy!
    Thank you, Suzanne. Thank you, God.

    Daily Lift Team:
    The quote above is from "Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures" by Mary Baker Eddy, page 17, line 7.

  111. "And not only yourselves are safe, but all whom your thoughts rest upon are hereby benefited." The First Church of Christ, Scientist and Miscellany, page 210

    Thanks, Suzanne, for this lovely, inspiring lift. As we move about our day, living like we're loved, we'll also be able to see others as loved, too!

  112. Oh, Suzanne, Thank you for a marvelous Lift. . Much love to you,

  113. Thank you! Thank you DL. Thank Mother Church. Thank you # 30 and the gathering of Angels Thoughts of today's Lift.

  114. 76 thanks-1john4:7,8 sue in nc

  115. I am loved-hooray. And I am loving to be a part of this loving community of learners and givers....thank you for including me as a well loved person today. With love, ME

  116. Thank you so much, dear Suzanne, for your heartwarming message of love; I needed it today very much! Yes, we all are unconditional loved and so we can express it every day through a smile for all our fellow humans. The beautiful song made the rounding up. Thank you very, very much. Aloha from Monika

  117. Thank you, thank you for this invaluable message and reminder. I'd like to say I truly felt the spirit of it this morning when waking, and followed through with making that immediate and correct choice (that I'm the loved of Love) vigorously and naturally, even though I did not listen to your lift until this evening. Thank you again.

  118. Bravo Suzanne Riedel ... Your messages are always so clear and helpful, nurturing every days steps along our Way; so individual yet so an echo of the WHOLENESS as we each carry it on. I do Thank You !!! Lee Ann ca/

  119. Oh, thank you very much Suzanne, what a great reminder to awake with joy and expectation of God's great Love. I will share this peaceful message and remember to share love each day.

  120. Our forever Leader writes, "Nothing we can say or believe regarding matter is immortal, for matter is temporal and is therefore a mortal phenomenon, a human concept, sometimes beautiful, always erroneous." Science of Being, Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures, page 277.

  121. This audio lift filled my heart with overflowing love. Thanks, God!
    Thank you for your unique & perfect reflection, Suzanne.
    And thanks to Susan Mack for writing that great song - a favorite of mine, and to the musicians - just lovely!

  122. Yeah for Love and for your reminder that we are each Love's expression.

  123. This is a super treatment targeting the hypnotic sense of "humanism" so popular today that can dismiss the need to become familiar with the teachings of the Bible. Thanks for cutting through the fog of the false basis of human understanding that man springs from varying degrees of good and evil that also claim to vary and fluctuate with human circumstances. Just super ... thanks.

  124. Thank you so very much.

  125. Thank you so much! It's exactly what I needed to hear right now :-)

  126. Thank you so much, Suzanne! I loved the hymn also - beautifully sung.

  127. Tonight I went out late to tend to some duties, even though I would rather have stayed in where it was warm. On my way home from the bus, I passed a high snowbank on the corner, brightened with carefully-drawn hearts and flowers, and a big sun with rays - and the words "Zenon loves Mama" neatly traced into the snow. This public expression of shared love lifted my heart- the idea came from God to the small artist, and from there to me- and now to you, thanks to this loving lift. "His arm encircles me and mine and all" ( from Mary Baker Eddy's- hymn that begins "O Gentle Presence". Mom used to sing this hymn if we had any challenges to meet, and a verse or two quickly comforted, with a sense of "peace, and joy, and power", straight from God. Another hymn in the Christian Science Hymnal tells us we are "the loved of Love". Thank you too, Susanne for travelling far to give lectures on this healing practice of Christian Science- God's love shining through you!

  128. As a young mother of four, I had a moment of pure despair self hate, as I got into bed. i shall never forget what happened next? I heard distincly a voice saying "you are not guilty" and I was swept up into loving arms and cradled with love . Of course I instantly fell asleep! At the time I was simpy dumdfounded, , Many years later I found christian science and understood! this lovely lift has brought this experience back I am sharing this precious memory , for all those .who feel unloved

  129. Beautiful, beautiful and so very powerful. Thank you, Suzanne. It is a beautiful, brand new day!

  130. I just love using the hymn.. And then the bound of having it sung so well.. Thank you!

  131. To #128 pamela France: What a beautiful example of the Christ embracing humanity. The message that broke through the despair was like an angel bringing a candle into the room. And what a blessing to your young children that healing must have been.

    Thanks, Suzanne, too--I always value your Lifts!

  132. Thank you so much Suzanne, for the nice lift.

  133. Thank you for this beautiful lift and for letting me hear that hymn sung so well

  134. Such a loving lift, including all the comments. Thank you.

  135. Thank you Suzanne. This lift is beautiful. I love to acknowledge that my life is in God and that my perfect place is in God's arms. The hymn was loving and soft.

  136. So glad you played the hymn. Beautiful! One of my favorites from the Hymnal Supplement. (=

  137. Alan - Boston, MA
    This is great. It is simple, meaningful, and gets us out of the mire of thinking too much about ourselves or worrying. The musical part is quite nice. Thank you!

  138. This is such a needful lift. I would really prefer a couple more seconds of lift than the music at the end, though. Thank you...

  139. I absolutely loved the music at the end! In fact, over the weekend I came back to this lift just to hear the music. This was an added bonus after a wonderful lift. Thank you so much for including the hymn!

  140. Thanks, Suzanne, for this timely lift. Reminds me of part of Mary Baker Eddy's spiritual interpretation of the Lord's Prayer, "And Love is reflected in love."

  141. Love to you for your beaautiful message, it has gone far.

  142. Thank you so much #3 Di Vanc says it for me and I am very grateful to all the Lifters and Liftees

  143. Great, musical lift, Suzanne! Thank you.

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