1/23: Up, up and away

1/23: Up, up and away

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  1. Thank you Elise for this important metaphor for spiritual thinking. Raising our thoughts above the mortal sense of existence allows us to gain a spiritual view of the universe, and to demonstrate the healing power of Truth and Love. Staying in this realm enables us to consistently practice Christian Healing. Although balloon rides eventually come back down to earth we can not only mentally hold our position, but continue to rise above earthly thinking, forever enjoying the view.

  2. Oh! my, dear Elise....thank you very much. What a marvelous uplift you provide. I am extremely grateful for your beautifully crafted message. Love to you....and all.

  3. Many thanks Elise for this very uplifting "lift". Yes. "We are lifted by the Christ, by Truth and divine Love to higher spiritual views that lead us to health and harmony." "Lead us, O Christ, thou living Way,/ Nor let us from thy precepts stray;/ Lead us to God, our heavenly rest,/ That we may be forever blest." (Christian Science Hymnal #39).

  4. Thank you!!

  5. Lifting our thoughts to God expecting to receive only good (without even trying to 'guide' Him to what is best for us) must be like flying in a hot air balloon, not knowing where we'll end up.
    God's ideas of His goodness and power lifts us up until the focus is no longer on the earthly material things, but we are seeing higher views, and our problems become almost nonexistent.
    Is time to let the Christ take over, we don't know where this journey will take us, but one thing is sure,
    " if I be lifted up from the earth, will draw all men unto me" John 12:32

    Elevando nuestros pensamientos hacia Dios esperando recibir solo el bien (sin siquiera tratar de 'dirigirlo' a Él a lo que es mejor para nosotros) debe ser como volar en un globo de aire caliente, sin saber adónde terminaremos.
    Las ideas de la bondad y el poder de Dios nos eleva hasta que ya no estamos enfocados en las cosas materiales de la tierra, sino que nos hallamos contemplando un panorama más elevado, y nuestros problemas se van haciendo inexistentes.
    Es hora de dejar que el Cristo asuma el control, no sabemos dónde nos llevará este trayecto, pero una cosa es segura, "si yo fuere levantado de la tierra, atraeré a todos hacia mí" Juan 12:32

  6. Dear Elise,

    the wording you used, "being upright", "lifting our thought", "filling our thought with spiritual inspiration", immediately reminded me of the Christian Scientists daily prayer: "let the reign of divine Truth, Life, and Love be established in me" (Manual of the Mother Church, Article 8, section 4). In the new German translation, "be established in me" literaly reads "become uprighted in me". So with this daily prayer, Mary Baker Eddy (the founder of Christian Science and the author of that Church Manual) makes sure we allow our thought to be filled with spiritual inspiration, so that our thoughts may be lifted and as a result we can be upright, each and every day.
    Thank you for that analogy!

  7. Thank you Elise for helping to answer the question:

    How do I "Arise,Arise and Shine?"

    I find that the story of Noah also helps. The only effect the storm had on the ark was to raise it higher and eventually Noah saw the end of the old world and a new world forming. The other interesting point is that most pictures of the ark get the windows in the wrong place. The Biblical ark had only one window and that was in the roof so that Noah could only look upwards.

  8. Thank you so much Elise. Uplifted by the Christ, higher and higher. Inspiring!

  9. A great metaphor, thank you!

  10. This for me is my own moment of uplifting by that invisible higher power that we can not see but just feel.At least am comfortable in the knowledge that MIND, the all-knowing and LOVE is in control of my balloon-LIFE.

  11. "On a clear day, you can see forever" goes the familiar song. Thank you, Elise, for "lifting our thought higher" above the clouds or mist of doubt and fear to see this "new view" of us and all mankind.

  12. Fascinating to hear that Noah's ark had only one window - I didn't know that. A lovely LIFT, literally, x

  13. Thank you.

  14. Thank you for a most inspiring Lift.

  15. ARN ~ As a youthful wild-fire spotter in my mountain look-out I surveyed the lovely woods and country-
    side; at any sign of fire, I was quickly able to spot its location and help send firefighters there. I felt so
    useful and needed. My viewpt. never changed but only I had it; I was privileged to use this viewpt. to
    help save the forests and animals.. that role has never left me and I daily seek out where I can use my
    spiritual viewpt. to prayerfully assist mankind to quell discord and reestablish harmony. How blessed
    we ALL are in our role as followers of CHRIST and Divine Science !!! Let's just concentrate on this
    challenge and HEAL our fellow man hour by hour, day by day !! Amen!

  16. Elise, Thank you

  17. Thank You for this lift

  18. Thanks for a rather invigorating and uplifing message .

  19. Thank you for this lovely lift. It reminds me of Mary Baker Eddy's elucidation of God as expressing in man "the infinite idea...rising higher and higher from a boundless basis" (Science and Health p 258) We are all included in this divine activity.

  20. Evidentemente no es lo que vemos lo que nos inspira sino lo que sentimos, sentimos a Dios a Cristo y a la Ciencia divina y eso nos eleva para hacer de nuestro transito un camino abierto a la Verdad, impregnado de Amor, que conduce a la Vida eterna y "En los cielos mismos afirmarás tu verdad", Y en tu justicia será enaltecido" Salmos 89.
    "La Ciencia divina que trajo a jesús ante la presencia humana será comprendido y demostrado" Ciencia y Salud . MBE
    Nada hay que pueda elevarnos más que esa comprención que eleva siguiendo ese orden infinito donde no hay error que pueda impedir la elevación del pensamiento hacia realizaciones espirituales que conducen al Bien armonioso.

    Muchisimas gracias Elise por tu inspirado mensaje en un sentir verdadero que nos acerca al Bien.

  21. Thank you for this LIFT today.

  22. Thank you Elise. This DL reminded me about an article I read a long time ago in one of the CS Publications regarding Forgiveness and the balloons. It referred to the weight that must be left on earth in order to let the balloon ascend. If we really want to have more spiritual views we must let go of human regrets and sadness that weigh down our hearts and be ready to forgive and ascend happily in our spiritual journey. This will certainly have a healing effect on our lives. Blessings to all the DL family.

  23. Wonderful... such a beautiful analogy! Thank you for sharing this lifting thought!

  24. Mrs Eddy says:
    “Mortal man can never rise from the temporal débris of error, belief in sin, sickness, and death, until he learns that God is the only Life. The belief that life and sensation are in the body should be overcome by the understanding of what constitutes man as the image of God. Then Spirit will have overcome the flesh.”

    Wonderful Lift Elise!

    Love to my fellow Lifters..

  25. What an inspiring Lift, Elise, and thank you so much. Every idea of the Christ is inspiring, but sometimes we are simply lifted to a great height effortlessly, and sometimes we do have to work for ourselves, or ask someone if they will pray with us until the healing thoughts are in control. I was in a building at one time, with a view from a big window, and silently four balloons, a koala, a kangaroo, and two colourful balloons simply floated past. They certainly lifted my thoughts. Others who were there at the same occasion hadn't even noticed the balloons float past!
    Thank you production crew; the BoL and lecturers; and the highly elevated Lift family,

  26. Dearest Elise,
    You have brought back a beautiful memory of a hot air balloon ride I took many years ago with a friend who was moving to Israel to be closer to her two daughters and their families. Before she left we did everything she had wanted to do and might not have the opportunity to do again. This included driving out to Paris, CA and taking a hot air balloon ride. We were in one of many colorful balloons taking off in the early morning sunrise and it was a spectacular event. Although I never saw this dear friend after she moved, we kept in touch through letters. As Mary Baker Eddy says in her spiritual interpretation of the Lord's Prayer, "And, Love is reflected in love" (Science and Health p. 18), This dear friend was in great need of love before and after her move and I was able to give her comfort and support by sharing thoughts of God's love. God's Love is universal and free to all. Thank you God, Mary Baker Eddy for sharing her discovery of Christian Science, and to The Mother Church for all of the many activities provided including these Daily Lifts.

  27. A most inspiring lift. Thank you. Up and away!

  28. Elise, As always, your messages hit the mark. Thank you so much.

  29. Thank you!
    I now feel lifted and grateful...

  30. thanks Elise, what a great concept I will think about that balloon as I walk this morning, and thanks to Marita # 22 for her additional insights, and Tony #7 for the ark explanation too.

  31. II, too, have taken hot-air balloon rides and loved the uplifted feeling and the new views they offer. I also use the same quote about being lifted up from the earth when I travel by air, especially at the first lift up off the earth. Thank you so much for the reminders!

  32. Thank you.

  33. Thank-you, Elise, for this spiritually uplifting message/Lift and very clear explanation of the spiritual symbolism & its application to our daily life. No.10 (Aston Emile, Kenya): "...balloon-LIFE..." --- love that turn-of-phrase, but more importantly, it's packed-to-overflowing with spiritual power & meaning! Joyous day to everyone.

  34. Thank you, Elise, for “Up, up and away! … with spiritual inspiration … focus … no longer on the earth … experience the freedom …” I’ll be working specifically with these uplifting ideas. “We shall obey and adore in proportion as we apprehend the divine nature and love Him understandingly, warring no more over the corporeality, but rejoicing in the affluence of our God” (S&H 140).

  35. thank you for this wonderful lift - I am working on these ideas. I have just also been reading an article that talks about 'yielding to the third degree' . Yes let us lift our thoughts higher today and we will not be let down....

  36. Excellent !!! thank u ... :-)

  37. Thank you #15.

  38. What a great way to be uplifted and inspiration to keep our thought filled today with fresh new views and a clearer understanding.I'm so thankful to start my day this way.I'm grateful for the way 'The Mother Church , its members and friends , share with me via the internet, JSH on line,Reading Rooms,Branch Churches,Christian Science practitioners and teachers. Gratitude and appreciation ,a great way to lift off the ground.

  39. Thank you. "Arise in the radiant dawn! Arise
    In the warmth of tender Love!" Elise Nevins

  40. What an inspiring Lift! Just what I needed today. Thank you, dear Elise.

  41. What an uplifiting reminder. Thanks for this and thanks for all the wonderful comments. I'm reminded, by your lift of lines from hymn 136, "I climb with joy the heights of mind to soar o'er time and space; to know as I am known and see God face to face, " These lifts are so much fun. Thanks. Thanks DL team.

  42. A great tie-in to citation in this week's Bible lesson ..."Spirit imparts the understanding which uplifts consciousness and leads into all truth." When listening for God's way, we're always lifted to healing.

    When my daughter was a little girl, she heard, but couldn't see, a hot-air balloon outside her bedroom window. She ran to me and with a frightened voice said, "Mommy, there's a giant breathing outside my window." Explaining to her what was happening in truth, she totally calmed down. How reassuring for each of us to know there are no "giants" of fear, pain, or discord of any kind as thought is enlightened by spiritual understanding and higher views.

    Thank you Elise, and #22 for a very helpful message. Love to all the DLs!

    The quote above is from "Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures" by Mary Baker Eddy.
    Daily Lift Team

  43. Thanks Elise...all of us lifted by the Christ, This is so good,

  44. Oh my goodness, what a wonderful lift Elise and thank you too to Martin, Malcolm, Elena, Tony (loved the comment about the ark!!!) and to all the rest of the wonderful DL family!!! It is funny how I feel a kinship with all of you and look forward to reading all of your comments, and, as I am sure you all understand, one gets familiar with how you all individually respond, it is just so rewarding!!!!

  45. Thank you Elise!
    A great idea on how to be lifted up, up and away!
    So interesting to read of others' high-view experiences too. Like #15 -- being high up on the mountain to see and protect the forest from fires. And Noah -- good example too.
    And Elise, wasn't this a Muppets song for children (maybe 40 years ago)?
    "Up, up and away, in my beautiful balloon...."

  46. Wonderful thoughts to cherish-- vivid example to hold on to! Thank you Elise.

  47. This is perfect for what I am working on this morning. Thank you Elise and daily lift team.

  48. Thank you Elise,
    I had the beautiful experience of being lifted above the countryside when my husband and I were given a hot air balloon ride for our 40th anniversary. And the feeling is not the same as climging to the top of a mountain either in a car or on foot, or soaring thru the air via an airplane. The balloon lift is gentle as one is lifted higher and higher to float over the landscape. The balloon lift is a good analogy because as we look upward in our thought to higher views, God does not whoosh us up and away or make us climb a mountain in order to reach the heights of mind. The "ride" is gentle and gradual as we grow Spiritward.

  49. Thank you, Elise. What a wonderful illustration of how good, spiritual thoughts lift us above the fray to see and experience God's goodness. Also loved Tony's comment about the ark. Thank you, all!

  50. Thank you,
    In an article from a pamplet entiled "Enriching Our Affections" called "Our Posture in The World"
    Thomas McClain finishes this article with this paragraph. "And I,if I be lifted up from the earth, will draw
    all men unto me" Our need is not to draw anolther unto us, or to our church or even to what we may call our understanding of the Christ. Our need is to lift up the Christ that we may be drawn to the
    Christ ourselves, and see our brother where we are.

    In the first part of the article, Mr. McLain spoke about when the focal point of his prayer was
    Christ Jesus saying,"If I be lifted from the earth will draw all men unto me." " but without thinking deeply
    I assumed that if I lifted up the Christ in my own c onsciousness this would draw men unto me.
    Of course this not what Jesus said "
    As stated iin Mr. Mclain's paragraph which started this comment, "Our need is to lift up; the Chfrist
    that we may be drawn to the Christ ourselves, and see our brother where we are."
    Thank you, Elise Moore for mentioning this quote of Christ Jesus.

  51. Thank you, Elise, for an inspiring "Daily Lift." I have just recently discovered this lovely participation with other students of Christian Science who share their views on the D. L. topic. Today's topic reminded me of an elderly woman I worked with who requested from her daughter a hot-air balloon ride as a birthday present, which she thoroughly enjoyed! This woman has since passed on and the D. L. message somehow made me think of her and put a smile on my face. Thanks to all for sharing!

  52. As I listened to today's Daily Lift, I am reminded of the Bible Story of Jacob's Ladder. He was terrified of meeting his brother Esau, after what he, Jacob, had done to him. In his thought God revealed the ladder of escape, so to speak. Each rung represented a Truth of God's loving protecting power, until finally Jacob's receptivity to Truth destroyed his fear and received his brother Esau with gladness. Up, Up, and away, Jacob left his false scense of fear.

  53. Thanks for this lovely lift and for the buoyant comments. Just what I needed today. Love.

  54. Very yplifing Lift in every way. Thank you.

  55. Thanks for the lift and comments. An online definition of soar is to "rise with little apparent effort." Some sports performances look effortless. I like to watch birds riding the winds with such freedom and grace. One of Mrs. Eddy's hymns starts "Brood o'er us with Thy shelt'ring wing, Neath which our spirits blend like brother birds that soar and sing and on the same branch bend.." Nice to know that noone is tethered to matter, because man is the free expression of Soul.

  56. Thank you....and all.

  57. Lenore from Lakewood.....How well I remember my experience last October when my husband and I took a balloon ride in New England......how can one describe the fall colors of the trees followed by the sunset..... Yes! you describe it perfectly today.....the incredible transformation of raising our thoughts to a higher spiritual view. Certainly a glimpse of God, so close! Thank you.....I am grateful.

  58. When we are lifted up and feel God's inspiration, we can then safely return to earth and share the good news. Be advocates for this enlighted Truth. thanks for the metaphor.

  59. Thanks Elise, looking forward to continuing the upward divine adventure.Z

  60. This lift was such a pleasant trip and I enjoyed and savoured each and every comment - which included recalling some of my spanish! "And I if I be lifted up....."

  61. Wonderful daily life, Elise, and I thank you !! I'll listen a few more times before the day is over.

  62. Querida Elise and dear Daily Lifters, one and all (those who labor to share, and we who receive),

    Many thanks! I just read about FlashMobs, and this Lift brought me back to the idea that, like FlashMobbers, we individually receive these healing ideas (and from the Bible Lesson, periodicals, etc) in order to go out and act upon them, not necessarily knowing what specific effects they bring to our world, but with the certainty that in recognizing the Christ as man's true nature, our innocent selfhood, by "reaching forth unto those things which are before" (Phil. 3:13) we are cleansed and cleansing, lifters and lifted.

    Love to you!

  63. Thanks Elise ,and as usual the comments were most useful....

  64. Thank you so much for this Daily Lift. Es maravilloso esta comparacion con un viaje en un globo. Gracias!

  65. I listened to the Daily Lift twice. Thank you for the encouraging words. When we listen to God, we are all harmonious and find peace for ourselves.

    J'ai ecouté à ce Daily Lift deux fois. Merci pour votre message encourageant. Quand nous ecouterons à Dieu, nous serons en harmonie et trouverons un sens de paix pour nos-mêmes.

  66. Thanks Elise - A great lift! and thanks to commenters also. Such happy and buoyant thoughts :-)

    44 Joy - I believe a pop singing group called the Fifth Dimension was the first to record the original song, "Up, up and away, in my beautiful balloon..." in the late 1960s. I still have the album. Don't know if it was later recorded by the Muppets. The lyrics can be thought of in more spiritual terms than perhaps the author intended. They include these lines:

    Would you like to ride in my beautiful balloon
    We could float among the stars together, you and I
    For we can fly, we can fly
    Up, up and away
    Love is waiting there in my beautiful balloon
    Way up in the air in my beautiful balloon...

    Just thought of a pertinent quote from S&H, p 258: "God expresses in man the infinite idea forever developing itself, broadening and rising higher and higher from a boundless basis." No limits to our soaring!!

  67. I love it that you liken the fire to uplift our balloon to loving thoughts that lift up our consciousness. We are not lifted above our fellow men but they are lifted up, too.

  68. What a lovely lift and what powerful responses. I experience what # 22 states....the balloons lift us up when we forgive and leave behind all the weights of the past. It took me many years to process a huge letting go and forgiveness in my past of not only others, but myself as well. Now that I have left my burden behind, or been transformed by higher thinking, I can think more clearly as I step into new life, a whole new chapter. I love as someone else said, the way that this lift is crafted so beautifully, very impactful. Thank you and all the best to all.

  69. As I began reading this week's Bible Lesson, I asked God to leaven my thought

    and your lift coincides with the fermenting, lifting leaven of Truth.

  70. Loved your metaphor of the balloon! Thank you, Elise!.

  71. Loved your image of the balloon --inspiring!

  72. hey Elise! great Lift! :)
    Did anyone mention this statement of Mrs. Eddy's? "Each successive stage of experience unfolds new views of divine goodness and love." (S&H, p. 66:14-16)
    lots of love...

  73. porque no tenemos en español, como me gustaria escucharlo, un abrazo

  74. Thanks for the beautiful metaphor.

  75. Thank you for this joy filled healing message.

  76. i was travelling overnite and received daily lift email notice of 'up, up and away' on my cell phone while at an airport. i felt so blessed and lifted by the thought this lift even though I couldn't listen to it on my cell-phone - till finally many hours later at home, I listened from my computer - but blessings from this filling lift spilled out to others waiting and working at the airports and on the plane and on shuttle ride home. thank you

  77. Gracias por tus palabras y tu mensaje

  78. Obrigada por tua mensagem de Amor, Elise

  79. Thank you so much Elise, for the nice lift.

  80. Thank u for this inspiration message today.
    Wonderfullyl fulfilling.

  81. Thank you Elise, what a wonderful message of uplifting our thoughts to the Christ!

  82. Just catching up on the DL's, this is wonderful! Thank you so much

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