1/23: Entertaining spiritually

1/23: Entertaining spiritually

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  1. Thank you Suzanne-another great Lift. How important it is to make that connection of the thoughts we are entertaining and what we are experiencing in our lives. And how important it is, as we learn in Christian Science, to be keenly aware of our thoughts having their origin in the divine Mind or the human mind. Aligning our thoughts with God is what lets us experience all of the harmony and joy and healing that is in God's plan for us. Entertaining spiritually allow us to be receptive to even more of His goodness. Thank you again.

  2. Thank you, Suzanne, for “Entertaining spiritually …” In this lift, I hear “Thou shalt have no other gods before me” (Ex 20) and “Hold thought steadfastly …” (S&H 261:4). I will be guided accordingly, today. Thanks again, Suzanne.

  3. Thank you Suzanne. A most helpful start to a day to stop and pray to separate God directed thoughts from the human.

  4. Thank you so much.
    Very helpful topic.

  5. I SO love this! Choosing the thoughts that enter and remain ....and really turning to Love, my true Parent and Source, for everything today. This type of enter-taining, and knowing that there is only what comes from Love anyway is so helpful. I really appreciate this take on being a wise and graceful host.

  6. Thank you Suzanne for your refreshing DL reminding us always to turn to God and always to listen to Him. And thank you our former commentors today whos comments are so helpful to me!

  7. Many thanks Suzanne for reminding us to 'entertain spiritually'. "John saw the human and divine coincidence, shown in the man Jesus, as divinity embracing humanity in Life and its demonstration." (S&H 561:16) "How silently, how silently,/ The wondrous gift is given;/ So God imparts to human hearts/ The blessings of His heaven." (Christian Science Hymnal #222).

  8. Ideas come from God and we are free to decide whether to follow or not His guidance.

    It’s all about how much we really care, and even if we don’t believe a bad decision could affect us, we shouldn’t forget that God sees straight to the heart.

    “We must form perfect models in thought and look at them continually, or we shall never carve them out in grand and noble lives. Let unselfishness, goodness, mercy, justice, health, holiness, love — the kingdom of heaven — reign within us, and sin, disease, and death will diminish until
    they finally disappear.” S&H 248:26

    Las ideas vienen de Dios y nosotros somos libres para decidir si seguir on no Su consejo.

    Solo se trata de cuanto nos importa y aunque no creamos que una mala decisión nos pueda afectar no debemos olvidar que Dios ve directo al corazón.

    “Debemos formar modelos perfectos en el pensamiento y mirarlos continuamente, o nunca
    los esculpiremos en vidas grandes y nobles. Dejemos que el altruismo, la bondad, la misericordia, la justicia, la salud, la santidad, el amor —el reino de los cielos— reinen en nosotros, y el pecado, la enfermedad y la muerte disminuirán hasta que finalmente desaparezcan.” CyS 248:28

  9. Suzanne, Thank you.

  10. Domo Arigato Gozaimasu

  11. Thanks, Suzanne. As we entertain God, good, we become God's guest..

  12. When I think of entertaining, I think of "gracious." God is ever gracious unto his beloved children. Doesn't it make sense to return the hospitality by being gracious in entertaining God in daily life?

    Thank you, Suzanne, for giving us this smile-evoking metaphor.

  13. Lovely Lift! Thank you.

  14. Thank you for this great reminder of where our thoughts come from divine Mind or human mind. Thank you again.

  15. Thanks for this amazing Lift, Suzanne. So helpful!

  16. El título, me recuerda el dicho de la Biblia, "ser dador alegre" a mi me produce una gran alegría dar, siento que espiritualmente estoy haciendo lo correcto. no necesito que alguien me diga porque necesita algo de mi , sino simplemente que necesita, porque la importancia está en dar, lo que sea y donde sea, sin importar quien sea. Entiendo que es una manera cierta de reflejar a Dios como Cristo lo hizo, El dio, siempre dio, por la sencilla razón que Su Padre daba y Éll daba, y es así, ¿Cuanto Dios nos da diariamente? a veces en pequeñas y otras en grandes cosas, da siempre en abundancia, entonces que menos podemos hacer nosotros, porque mientras El de, nosotros también damos, entonces... no tenemos argumentos para no hacerlo, de igual manera.

    Ayer una amiga en el Sermon, dio testimonio, haciendo referancia a que de pronto podríamos sentir que otros tienen mucho y de alguna manera anhelar eso, entonces comprendió que tenía a Dios y eso colmaba todo, no necesitaba nada más, y es así, nuestras necesidades estan colmadas, ¡¡que alegría!!, compartámosla, aumentemos nuestro gozo.dando, a aquel que necesita.

    Parafraseando, Ninguna cosa estimo preciosa, ni mi vida para mí mismo, con tal de que acabe mi carrera con gozo. Hechos
    "Para vigorizar la sana guerra espiritual, para refrendar la vanagloria, hay una sola manera de hacer el bien, haciéndolo, y una sóla de ser bueno. síendolo" MBE

    Muchas gracias Suzanne, muy inspirado, como nos tienes acostumbrados.

  17. Thank you Susan,

    Loved it. I cannot tell you how there clearly is one Mind. All Tuesday, as I hinted yesterday, I felt a deep spiritual 'walk with God' as I explored the importance of keeping my thought elevated.

    Thank you also Martin, Tien and the other Lifters. Martin, your writing is always focused on the spiritual hence filling thought and action with All, God.

    I mentioned yesterday that during a photo walk on Tuesday, I was a tad bit fearful of going close the cliff to take some shots and upon entertaining the fear, I slipped. As I reversed my thought process and became more engaged with God, there was a strong sense of divine Inspiration.

    While I became separated from the group, I never felt separate from God. Mrs Eddy wrote that we are to "come out from the MATERIAL world and be separate" (S&H p 69:26). Once I am about right activity, how can I ever fall from God's loving hands?

    Had I walked with my fears, I would never have captured the below image.


    I noticed a constancy with the waves, they never stopped flowing. God's eternal direction is ever with us, flowing with a constancy we all need.

    I happened across fishermen walking with expectation. This too we ought to do every day; our catch is understanding. We sometimes have to 'fish' from the churning waters of change constant with supply and peace.


    Suzanne, thanks for stirring thought.

  18. Dear Suzanne, this is soo important what you say! I have often been "suffering" at get-togethers / entertainments because of their lack of real contents or watered-down conversations. And then one day long time ago I decided that I myself would not entertain without preparing the meeting spiritually, be it friends and acquaintances or a committee meeting or an interreligious dialog coming to my home. I always work for harmony being expressed and experienced. I realized that this is much more important than preparing finger food, a cake, or a pizza or the like. To know that only God, Love, Live governs any and every meeting is very enriching and enjoyable for all.
    Thank you, Suzanne!

  19. Thank you Suzanne! I was thinking last night: "How can I move on? I was stuck in some thoughts that were leading me nowhere, instead I was feeling down and heavy loaded.During all day I tried to think about other things or start some other tasks I had to do, but it seemed useless. I called a practitioner and she told me to remember that there is only one Mind, not many minds in conflict and any time this thought presented I should dismiss it admitting only God´s thoughts of harmony and tolerance and benevolence. Your todays DL came to me at the right moment to reinforce what I was working on: To entertain God´s thoughts, to entertain well...

  20. There is so much good in this lift. It's wonderful to know that we CAN choose to turn to God for every thought and have productive thinking. Love this! Thank you Suzanne for another perfect lift!

  21. How do we stop entertaining aggressive material suggestions?
    What a great question! Especially when we begin to suffer from them. Thank goodness we have the spiritual facts of being to discover in Science and Health, can entertain them and win!
    Which game are we watching?

  22. Thank you, Suzanne, for this reminder to stay awake to the moment. This is essential to working out our own salvation and is crucial in pointing out "the way" that Jesus knew and followed.

  23. Thanks. It is now the opportunity to entertain the Truth.

  24. Thanks Suzanne.

  25. A while ago I found this definition of entertain: to take in and treat with hospitality. I adapted it to: to take into consciousness and treat with hospitality. It's so important to watch the thoughts we companion with. Thanks so much for the Lift, Suzanne.

  26. Thank you for this helpful guided lift today. I work with colleagues who appear to be immersed in body/medical thoughts and i find i seem to be 'fighting' off these thoughts. I know now that i do not have to fight off the thoughts but i can be spiritually guided to entertain only those thoughts that come from God, Truth. Thanks again for this reminder. Thanks to Troy for sharing two lovely sceneries of Soul expressed.

  27. Thanks so much, Suzanne, for directing us to entertain only good thoughts. Part of my prayers each morning (and often throughout the day) is the first verse of hymn 260:

    "One thought I have, my ample creed,
    So deep it is and broad,
    And equal to my every need,
    It is the thought of God."

    Keeping my thoughts focused on God does indeed meet my every need.

  28. Susanne, God answers our every need. I am entertaining Friday, and starting the
    cooking today…..I am deeply grateful for your reminder to stay in that secret place….and to keep entertaining soulful motivations to help….and to love, not to worry about anything, but trusting our heavenly Father to take care of every moment for my beautiful guests! Thank you, thank you.

  29. Many thanks Suzanne for your reminder to be always closely aligned to God's thoughts to stay in harmony!
    Lots of Love to the DL Community

  30. Thank you.

  31. What a fabulous lift. Too many entertain human thinking leaving God out of the equation. This was eye opening. Thank you

  32. Thank you so much. For one who regularly has over 100 coming to our home for evenings of musical "entertainment", I love being reminded that all our guests are entering a Temple of Love where the beauty of Soul reigns in everything we do. Thank you!

  33. Thank you Suzanne.

  34. Thank you for this lift! Yesterday, I skied a couple of hours with friends, and we decided based on the great conditions that our last run would be on a familiar Black Diamond. The condition of this slope however was not good. It was hard packed and icey. After two turns, I caught an edge of one of my skiis on a uneven snow pack. The ski came off and I fell onto my back. The next five or so minutes I slide out of control down the entire steep slope, sometimes head first, and then sideways and then backwards. The only two thoughts I repeatedly entertained were, I am alright, and God help me, A sense of calm prevailed; I was not afraid. When I finally came to a stop at the bottom of the slope, another skier, a stranger, stopped with one of my skis in his arms. He kept asking me if I was OK, and explained he tried to catch me and stop me so that I would not head into the trees. I assured him I was indeed alright and thanked him for his kindness. My friends were amazed that I was unharmed and one remarked that "It was divine intervention that saved me." Yes, I was divinely protected. The thoughts I entertained were God centered, not permitting any thoughts of danger, harm, nor disaster to enter into my consciousness, therefore experience. Indeed, God is a very present help in trouble. The thoughts we entertain are paramount in determining our experience. Again, thanks for this meaningful DL.

  35. Thank you, Suzanne, for these words of counsel today. Such a good reminder, as I anticipate a conversation with someone today that presents difficulty in how to approach the subject.

    "Hold thought steadfastly to the enduring, the good, and the true, and you will bring these into your experience proportionably to their occupancy of your thoughts" (Science and Health, p.261).

  36. Simple but very important message to work with that will bring infinite blessings! Thank you.

  37. Thanks. I need to focus on receiving and entertaining only God sent thoughts!

  38. And a warm & joyous day to you, S. Your message has helped me deal with adjusting my thoughts to
    entertaining an understanding of the origin of weather. One doesn't have to see snow & temp as adversity. when we realize our true experience. Am grateful for this Lift, as well as every preceding one.
    With loving good cheer/jim.

  39. Great Lift for us to entertain today! Thanks, Suzanne! Human Beings think they can think whatever they want and then wonder why their lives aren't turning out. The Greatest Gift Christian Science has brought to the world is: It's ALL Thought. And as Jesus said: "Watch".....your thoughts. Imbibing the C.S. Weekly Bible Lesson is one way to fill thought with God's Thoughts and thus have a more harmonious experience. When I call a Practioner friend for help, the first thing she says is: "It's ALL Thought." That never fails to bring me back to finding successful solutions and healing to my problems. I think it's called, "Knowing the Truth"!!! Thanks to all Lifters for entertaining good thoughts each day on our Daily Lift!

  40. 'Try the spirits to see whether they are of God' (Bible) Show hypnotism the door. Hypnotism is becoming more subtle in our society, and today getting really familiar with the Bible will prove the best protector of thought. We know if a thought is loving toward ourselves or others, it's of God because God is Love. Jesus gave us the Golden Rule and said to love others as we love ourselves is the greatest law of all. It's all in the Bible, and Mary Baker Eddy reinforces Jesus teachings. it's easy to recognize the difference between Love's Divine Mind and hypnotism's aggressive attempt at control. 'Let that Mind be in you which was also in Christ Jesus.' Divine Love is the only power and the only real expression. All else is illusion, and not of God.

  41. Thank you for this helpful reminder to check thought.

  42. Thank you so much Suzanne for this lift! Such wonderful insight on the word "entertain" and a fresh look at controlling what we allow into our thought. It's an added perspective for standing porter at the door of thought. Another definition I found for entertain was:

    to hold in the mind; harbor; cherish: (http://dictionary.reference.com/browse/entertain?s=t)

    This definition makes me think of this SH 261:4 passage:

    "Hold thought steadfastly to the enduring, the good, and the true,
    and you will bring these into your experience proportionably to
    their occupancy of your thoughts."

    These daily lifts mean so much to me and all the comments our community of responders bring mean a lot too. Can't thank you enough. Love and thanks to all!

  43. So lovely, so helpful, so important. Thank you Suzanne and thanks to everyone for sharing their comments, healings, pictures, prayerful verses and hymns. Thanks DL team for putting these on.

  44. Thank you Susanne! This question: "Are thoughts divine or human?" is enough to make me more conscious of my thoughts and put them on the right way.

  45. How I have enjoyed this Thursday morning Sunday school session. I am off to the nordic tracks and I know what good thoughts I will entertain.

  46. One definition of entertain comes from the Merriam Webster on-line Dictionary and it states, "To receive." Based on that definition then, when I am entertaining, I am receiving God's divine thoughts of successful endeavor. Wow! Then any entertaining I do, weather having guests at my home or entertaining on stage will always be successful. Always putting God first will always make any thing I do be a success, never a failure.

  47. Thank you, Suzanne!
    So grateful to know that we always have a choice.

  48. Wow. Excellent. Thank You Suzanne.

  49. Thank you, Suzanne, for this helpful and timely lift! I never thought of entertaining in quite this way. I am a photographer, and I am preparing to be in a huge art fair in a few weeks, and I will be "entertaining" thousands of people. This is my first art fair, and I have been busy preparing my booth, my photographs, my display, etc. This daily lift alerted me to start thinking about what thoughts I am entertaining about this upcoming event.

    I would like to thank Anni from Berlin (#18) for her comments about how she prepares her thought spiritually before entertaining. I see now that this spiritual preparation is much more important than how many tables I need, or where I will hang my photos. God is governing this activity, and I will now be focused on how harmonious these three days will be, what blessings are awaiting everyone who is partaking in this experience, and how important it is to entertain Godlike thoughts first. Thank you, again, Suzanne, for this wonderful and timely lift!

  50. Suzanne - thank you so much! Your lift woke me up to the fact that thinking is something we actively engage in - not something where we sit by and watch thoughts come and go as they please. Starting right now I am making active choices about what thoughts I will accept and dwell upon. Right now I am working on admitting thoughts that support my true being as spiritual, not material. I am valuing my thinking as something that directly supports and furthers my understanding of myself and others as spiritual beings - reflections of God - Good. What our experiences are each day is a direct result of how we think about ourselves and others. Entertaining spiritually yes! Being distracted by the entertainment of materiality - GOODBY! Thanks

  51. Thank you Suzanne and DL team
    Your lift is an example of how we can pray constantly, every minute...getting close to our divine Father-Mother, Love/Mind. I love everyone's comments and sharing the way that you do too. Troy, your photos are beautiful and show how we are all connected by a constant sea as well as a constant bounty of food and love and connection.

  52. Mary Baker Eddy noted, I believe, that the prosperity of the movement of Christian Science
    was largely tied to the weekly Bible lesson. I have found that turning to this lesson, and
    actively entertaining the ideas and messages found there, has brought healing, inspiration,
    joy and progress in all types of situations needing adjustment. God knows our need, and
    has already provided.

    Thanks, Suzanne.

  53. Thank you, I love this , what a help it is to know that God is always directing us, if we just "listen".

  54. Thank you #42 These daily lifts mean so much to me and all the comments our community of responders bring mean a lot too. Can't thank you enough. Love and thanks to all!
    Thank you # 49 I would like to thank Anni from Berlin (#18) for her comments about how she prepares her thought spiritually before entertaining. I see now that this spiritual preparation is much more important than how many tables I need, or where I will hang my photos. God is governing this activity,

    We are learning together from the one MIND. 1 John 4:17-19 (KJV) 17 Herein is our love made perfect, that we may have boldness in the day of judgment: because as he is, so are we in this world.
    18 There is no fear in love; but perfect love casteth out fear: because fear hath torment. He that feareth is not made perfect in love. 19 We love him, because he first loved us.

  55. Good one, Suzanne! Entertaining thoughts from God-- not THAT's power! Thank you! And thanks from the whole gang at Wide! --Rob of the Rockies

  56. Thank you for the reminder to check each thought "at the door" of thought and only let in the thoughts that express God's nature. Entertainment can then be a joy! Thanks to all the people who take the time to express their thoughts...to expand on the theme. I have learned so much from both the address and the comments and also the continuity of having these lifts each day. Step by step we imbibe the spirit and feel closer to God who is always wanting to be close to us. He/She loves us first!

  57. Thank you Suzanne,excellent,Thank you commenters and particularly #8 Elena your daily comments are for lack of a better word priceless,I know where your inspiration comes from but you do an excellent job as our conduit..

  58. Yep, you are so right, Suzanne, we all have the right to choose our thoughts- to entertain angels, to see more clearly, hear more nearly, speak more dearly the ideas from God, Love, Mind- that we really have no excuse to be entertaining anything that is not worthy of God's perfection, His creation, All of US.
    Thanks for this loving and kind reminder to daily 'entertain spiritually' in my thought, my home, my life.


  60. Obrigado pela sua boa mensagem. This was really good to hear and think about.

  61. Oh, I so love this Lift. Thank you Suzanne. Mrs. Eddy tells us that the song of Christian Science is "Work - work - work - watch and pray." (Message for 1900, 2:7) It definitely takes diligently watching our thought, moment by moment. I love where she says, " Hold thought steadfastly to the enduring, the good and the true, and you will bring these into your experience proportionably to their occupancy of your thought." (S&H 261:4) Love to all.

  62. Excellent Lift. It takes discipline to chose to entertain God thoughts and stay spiritually awake and alert, but how worth the efforts!

  63. Thanks Suzanne for reminding us to listen
    for GOD's thoughts whenever entertaining
    or even engaging with others.

    ALL expanding comments were SUPERB thanks
    loving daily lifters.

  64. Thanks for this powerful reminder. Like #18, I learned I had to pre-entertain my thoughts when I found myself with a business partner. This Christian and wonderful lady that I had know and who represented many of the standards I had and I became partners. While the business aspects went well, I soon learned her passion for health and medical problems of others. Her convesations frequently began with the woes of some client and the terrible illness, along with all the details and problems they were experiencing. I was forced to pray, in advance of any meeting to prevent these types of conversations while we were doing our business. This enabled me to divert conversations and steer them back business --without seeming offensive or sympathetic to her subjects. I filled my thoughts with the truths found in S&H and my love of God as seeing all his children as his reflection. It was one more aspect of the protection we receive when we 'entertain well'. Thanks for this wonderful lift and reminder that I must remember to do this daily when I begin to ruminate about life not going as I would hope! As #42 said what we 'harbor and cherish' must be the good and not thoughts that can take us in the wrong direction. I needed this DL! Thanks again.

  65. Thank you, Suzanne! So simple, profound, heartfelt and clear. A good reminder that "home" is the consciousness of Love, of good. Thanks be to God for Christ Jesus, Mary Baker Eddy, and all their faithful followers who entertain thoughts from divine Mind, thereby blessing the whole atmosphere of Earth.

  66. Thank you Suzanne for your clear reminder to keep our thoughts "entertaining" God centered thought. Mrs. Eddy states in "Science and Health" that: "Spirit diversifies, classifies, and individualizes all thoughts, which are as eternal as the Mind conceiving them; but the intelligence, existence, and continuity of all individuality remain in God, who is the divinely creative Principle thereof" (p513). We can always "stand porter at the door of thought"(p392). That is the joy and happiness of Christian Science.

    Thank you lifters as always and the Daily Lift Team also.

  67. Great and inspiring lift Suzanne thank you

  68. Get togethers are so much more enjoyable when we entertain true thoughts about those coming together. As you brought out, God supplies true thoughts plentifully.

  69. Thank you very much for this lift! Truly, as it says in Science and Health, "Be watchful, sober, and vigilant." We should be vigilant to know what thought should we entertain.,

    Thanks again!

  70. Excellent lift. Thanks much.

  71. Thank you, Suzanne!

  72. Thank you for an inspiring avenue of thought, and all the varied comments, especially Tobias, and Mark.
    What a nifty congregation of ideas.

  73. I like this kind of entertainment Suzanne, no dishes to clean up afterwards. If fact, this kind of entertainment does the clean-up. It is so exciting to understand that the good ideas your have expressed in this "lift" and the good ideas that have come to me because I listened are coming from the same source, Divine Mind. Thanks for sharing your part. Your a great "guest".

  74. Wow! So perfect for this weekend in Australia. Celebrating Australia Day. But entertaining all that is spiritually good in thought! Thank you. Sharon Rooker

  75. Thank you for this helpful thought. I appreciate the way it turns my thinking to entertain angels.

  76. Love this lift and all the comments. Thank you, Suzanne. And thanks to the DL team!

  77. Thank you Suzanne! Wonderful -- perfect entertaining.
    And Thanks for all the comments, including #34 -entertaining angels when out of control on the icy hill!

  78. This is great. Thank you!!!

  79. Hi Suzanne! Your lift reminds me of a
    dear practitioner who encouraged us
    to entertain angels. Thank you for this
    very nice message.

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