1/20: Love alone is power

1/20: Love alone is power

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  1. Thank you Chet, what a great Lift. Mortal mind would have us fight error, or injustice, whatever does not have its basis in God, good, on its terms and level. i.e. fighting hate with more hate, and injustice with more of the same. In Christian Science we learn to rise above these errors where the might and compassion of spiritual power can be found, where Divine love does not share its power and dominion with anything unlike itself. It is here that we prove, as Mary Baker Eddy says, in S&H pg. 121,"that the greater controls the lesser."

  2. Thank you

  3. Domo Arigato Gozaumasu

  4. Beautiful and very fitting for the day. Thx

  5. Hi Chet ! Thank you for a most welcome message, that Love is the ONLY power. When human circumstances appear to be overwhelming at times, how good to be able affirm that our strength is from the Lord who made heaven and earth. "God is my strong salvation; What foe have I to fear" Hymn 77.

  6. Thanks Chet...some very good ideas there..esp that there is nothing legitimate, LASTING or powerful about something that is not of Spirit, God.
    The power of evil seems overwhelming at times and we know violence cannot neutralise violence so I especially liked the comment that we dont fight or resist evil on its own terms...to do this would be allowing to be sucked into the fear of the illusion of power in evil.

  7. Beautiful, thank you.

  8. Chet, Thank you. It is our privilege, as Christian Scientists, to see and know only God, good, who always loves, no matter what seems to present itself.


  10. So true for all the "apartheids" in our lives--events, or people who would attempt to make us think we are apart, separated, from a loving God.
    Thank you.

  11. Many thanks Chet for reminding us that: "'To love our enemies', is the Christian Golden Rule." "For if ye love them which love you, what reward have ye? do not even the publicans the same?" (Matt 5:46). "Love, the Golden Rule of living,/ Showeth forth the perfect Mind;/ Love, our debt to God who gives it,/ All compassion is, and kind;" (Christian Science Hymnal #178).

  12. Brill, thanks

  13. Thank you Chet. How very much we ALL need to hear and hold on to this message. To Rose (4) yes, re- hymn 77, this too is a favourite hymn of mine, especially the following words "In darkness and temptation, my light, my help is near" Love to ALL

  14. Thank you, Chet - what a powerful start to the week, to know that 'Love alone is power'!

  15. Jesus proved the power of divine Love to perfection two thousand years ago. The evidence today is clearer and continues to be proven in the Science of his Christianity. Thank you for this timely reminder, Chet, which goes to all the world, no matter to what degree it is manifested where hearers are living. Love is still the only real power.

  16. "Nothing legitimate upholding it (apartheid)." Love alone is power. Thank you.

  17. Thank you.

  18. The world’s history books are loaded with hate and condemnation, mankind never tires to struggle for power, we had elected kings and presidents, and even saints.

    However, today, almost every country has a history of triumph by resisting evil.

    By illustrating love, Jesus showed us that he who resists evil will eventually succeed —because evil has no basis, nothing right, spiritually based, or lasting.

    So when we hear about man’s lower instincts kicking up again and the eerie sound of evil’s smoldering and preparing to burst to cause pain, remember to keep resisting, that too will be another page in the history books, is not going to last, LOVE ALONE IS POWER.

    Los libros de historia están llenos de odio y condenación, la humanidad no se cansa de luchar por el poder, hemos elegido reyes y presidentes, y hasta santos.

    Sin embargo, hoy en día, casi todos los países tienen una historia de triunfo por resistir al mal.

    Al ilustrar el amor, Jesús nos enseñó que el que resiste al mal, a su debido tiempo, triunfará, porque el mal no tiene ningún fundamento, no tiene bien, no está basado en la espiritualidad, ni es duradero.

    Así que cuando oímos hablar que los instintos más bajos del hombre vuelven a arder de nuevo preparándose para estallar, y el extraño sonido de la combustión lenta de la maldad, preparándose para causar dolor, recuerde que debe seguir resistiendo, eso también será otra página en los libros de historia, no durará, SOLO EL AMOR ES PODER.

  19. Good morning Chet. Your words add so much to the meaning of the peaceful Christly resistance that MLK expressed in his speech and actions. I love that thought that hatred cannot be met with resistance or on its own terms. That is such an important thought and one that is ever so difficult to attain...always a challenge to respond to hatred with love in my heart, forgiveness and not to take it personally. I have a fresh thought upon this holy day. Thank you. Enjoy.

  20. Defend the Love that God has for you, and freedom from any power claiming to rule you, your country, your social and career environments will minimize to nothing.

  21. THANK YOU Love truly is power.

  22. Thank you very much, Chet! This is very timely - just right for this day. "for love alone is live" !

  23. Un grand meci, Chet, pour ce magnifique message qui ne met en lumière qu'une seule et grande vérité possible: l'Amour divin, comme totalité de toute existence...
    A bientôt et amitiés

  24. A wonderful reminder, thank you Chet!

  25. Sin duda la historia de la humanidad esta plagada de sucesos y muchos de ellos tienen que ver con la caida de imperios que se consideraban con derecho de dirigir a las distintas civilizaciónes, en base al dominio y hasta del odio. todas han caido y seguiran cayendo, porque su base y sosten es el ego humano y el dominio sobre el resto.

    Sin embargo, hay un imperio que no cae, a veces parece que decae, pero no es así, ya que nada detiene su andar, y es el Imperio del Amor, como lo señaló Cristo cuya base es justamente... El Amor que no odia, ni pretende dominar, sino que domina por su propia esencia, en Un dominio de libre albedrío, generoso, tolerante, bondadoso, paciente, que no busca el bien propio,, sino el ajeno, porque Su dominio así lo lo exije, que se obre con amor, en un constante y generoso dar.

    Pero los imperios humanos que se basan en el odio y el dominio de las consciencias para beneficio propio en un despotismo inmoral, Sí caeran, absorbidas por el Imperio del Amor. La ÚNica realidad

    Muchas gracias Chet, por el mensaje de hoy que eleva.

  26. Thank you for this reminder. LOVE alone is the Healer in all situations.

  27. Thank you, Chet, for “Love alone is power …”

    “LOVE … I am in awe before it. Over what worlds on worlds it hath range and is sovereign! … the infinite All of good, the alone God, is Love ... I make strong demands on love, call for active witnesses to prove it, and noble sacrifices and grand achievements as its results ... lighting the dark places of earth” (Mis 250).

    Dr. King was just such an active witness. He proved, as I understand we are all called to prove the sovereign power of Love, “as in heaven, so in earth” (Luke 11:2). Dr. King gave us his example and words of wisdom, so that we each can do our part and prove the power of Love from our own circumstance.

    Some of Dr. King’s inspired and practical words of wisdom include:

    “Darkness cannot drive out darkness; only light can do that. Hate cannot drive out hate; only love can do that.

    I refuse to accept the view that mankind is so tragically bound to the starless midnight of racism and war that the bright daybreak of peace and brotherhood can never become a reality … I believe that unarmed truth and unconditional love will have the final word.

    We must learn to live together as brothers, or perish together as fools.

    We must develop the capacity to forgive.

    I have decided to stick with love. Hate is too great a burden to bear.”

    In celebration of his life well-lived, I say with Dr. King, “I refuse … I have decided …” and I will continue to learn and develop, as I follow Love’s leadings.

  28. Just perfect for today - thank you Chet and all the team at the BoL and Lifters who go to make this page so inspiring x

  29. Thank you for sharing your faith through your loving words. A real celebration when two or more of us are gathered in His name and certainly Martin Luther King followed the steps and teachings of Jesus and celebrated the Oneness of Love within us all.

  30. Thank you Chet. This message was so supporting of a struggle I was going thru this morning. I had a thought that seemed like it was God telling me to do something. It could have lead to a confrontation. It was a sruggle. But, I remember something a practitoner had said, the Christ message is always gentle. And then I saw your posting. I can't come down to evil's level. Thank you for this, and a big gratitude for these daily lifts(reminders). They really are a Godsend. Uplifting thought.

  31. Thank you Chet for this great Lift today. No matter how big or powerful evil can ever seem to be, there is nothing legitimate, ever upholding it. Nothing just or right or spiritually based or lasting. So it is ultimately doomed to fail before it even begins... This is what spiritual thinkers glimpse. What Jesus taught and lived is true. We really can love our enemies. What struck me most is that we don´t have to resist evil, that is: don´t fight it on its own terms because evil has no legitimacy. Divine Love alone is power. Sometimes we are tempted to believe evil is true. When we hear the news or reads the newspapers we should stand porter and not allow these lies to enter our thought. This applies also to ourselves when we see things we don´t like in ourselves... we should love ourselves as the image and likeness of God, Love. Thanks again for this powerful message.

  32. Thank you, Chet. We are all one and nothing can separate us!

  33. LOVE is the Greatest gift we have ever so POWERFUL!

  34. Thank you so much for this important statement that only God's laws, loving and just, have true power. Wonderful lift!

  35. Dear Chet,

    Thank you for this Lift. Thanks also for the reflections being shared by the Lifters.

    Last week I had been dealing with an issue that would suggest there is hatred coming from someone simply because I decided to stand on the foundation of Principle over a matter. It was difficult to make it through a specific day so I called a dear friend of mine who is a Practitioner or a Practitioner who is a dear friend of mine, however you wish to look at it.

    Immediately after the Practitioner spoke these words the mesmerism broke; "you are not part of the individual's dream". Never has the immediacy of healing been clearer to me. That was the real healing! You see, I have a definition of fear that fits well with those words, thus allowing me see why we must always be guided by wisdom and love. I gather Martin Luther King was guided by wisdom & love.

    FEAR - Forgetting Everything About Reality.

    How could I dislike a person who has forgotten everything about Reality? One ought not to try to be a part of their dream but to help awaken them through love.

    "My prayer, some DAILY good to do to Thine for THEE" (Hymn 253) kept me buoyant & their aggression ceased. Can I be a light if I emit darkness? Light never SEES nor emits darkness.

    Why then do we face these challenges? They come to us to be healed just as a mathematician revels in solving complex problems. As we exercise Science (God's Laws of Love) we realize there never was a problem. Thx Chet!

  36. Thank you Chet, for this inspiring Daily Lift. A student of Christian Science who lived along the Selma-Montgomery highway the two years (1962-1964) before Martin Luther King's "Voting Rights" march from Selma to Montgomery in March of 1965 walked part of that highway almost daily, praying earnestly with healing truths to cleanse the awful racial injustice she found there.

    Her experience is recorded in the January 19, 1987 Christian Science Sentinel in the Profile "Persisting in prayer for racial harmony".

  37. Just what I needed for today,thank you Chet.

  38. Sincerest thanks, Chet, for this inspiring, healing Lift - and to the DL Team and Lifters everywhere! Whatever separates us from God, good, "has nothing legitmate ever upholding it, nothing just or right or spiritually based or lasting... and it's ultimately doomed to fail." How freeing and strengthening it is to know that divine Love alone is power! My gratitude again for this fitting Lift and to all faithful witnesses of its profound and lasting truth!

  39. Thank you for this wonderful Lift! Love does dissolve hatred, doubt and fear, bringing assurance and joy! Perfect message to start the week!

  40. How appropriate for today that Love ALONE is power. Not more powerful than hate or discord, but the only power. As hymn 179 so beautifully puts it, "Love bids all discord cease, Conquering hate, enthroning peace, Love, Love alone is power." Thanks so much, Chet, for your loving message. And I notice you've moved from Ballwin, Missouri to King Ferry, New York.

  41. How important, and true, always! TRhanks for the reminder.

  42. Thanks so much! Yes, "be in silence to God" is the most powerful "weapon" in face of oppressive conditions - and sometimes the .most difficult!

  43. Thank you Chet for a wonderfully inspiring Lift. And thank you for that healing Lecture yesterday in SLO, CA on the Sermon on the Mount.

  44. A powerful message, Chet. THank you.

    After seeing the very popular American movie 12 Years a Slave, the other day,,about slavery in the United States 150 years ago, I felt scandalized and angered by man's inhumanity to man, but the slavery issue eventually did fade over time, as a social force, although it still exists in America (sex slavery) and elsewhere in the world.

    The United Nations estimates there are 12.5 million slaves on the planet, mostly children, in developing countries.

    The challenge for me right now is to see this present evil of world slavery as but a mirage rather than a power, and also decide if I am to remain passive and do nothing or take a stand for principle and truth, not to mention love. Is my present attitude to be active love or passive love? This is what I struggle with. Its not easy dealing with these situations. We are made to feel helpless because they are so widespread.

    I can only conclude that healing myself has to come first though, before I can help heal the world. So its time to roll up my sleeves and get busy purifying my thought in order to better understand the world and its ways and participate in its inner cleansing..

  45. very topical with films like 12 days a slave, about the black enslavement by the white man through violence, suppression and intimidation. People are the same, regardless of color, it is what is inside the heart that counts.

  46. Thank you Chet, for such an enlightening and clarifying and heart-warming Lift.

  47. Thanks for your powerful insights today. While listening to your lift, I was reminded of Mrs. Eddy's words in Science and Health on page 97, "It requires courage to utter truth; for the higher Truth lifts her voice, the louder will error scream, until its inarticulate sound is forever silenced in oblivion."

  48. Not the cannon's mouth, but Love is the liberator..(S&H) not only does Love make all evil illegitimate, but when mortal mind would surround itself w false belief, sin, sickness, death, divisiveness, injustice, inequality, and declare it as legitimate, divine Love doesn't attack the evil as if it were an entity, but rather divine Love recognizes, finds, claims, and safely extracts us from the false belief, thereby collapsing the evil that never had a leg on which to stand. "Before Abraham was I am," Jesus says of the Christ; therefore the truth of divine Love as foundation of power has always been, and can never be supplanted by a collection of mortal minds declaring themselves to be somebody. Thank you Chet!

  49. A powerful and much- needed message for my life today and every day!

  50. I am always so grateful for our Daily Lifts. Some often feel like they're shared for me specifically. Case in point is yours today Chet and I thank you and all the Lifters.
    Last week in a residential neighborhood close to the vicinity where I live, a home owner set up a gun range in his yard. It backs up to a canal with heavy boat traffic. When the firing began one beautiful afternoon the neighbors thought the problem would be solved by calling law enforcement. To their dismay, it was brought to attention
    ( even to some law enforcement ) it's legal to shoot firearms on private, residential property in the state of Florida.
    It's causing unease in their neighborhood and one family has put their house up for sale.
    The gun control debate has hit the front page of the newspaper and local radio stations. The local chatter is the law needs to be changed at the state level vs. the rights of gun owners.
    It feels like fear generated conversations are everywhere and again I welcome these Daily Lifts for my support.
    I will remember, I am not part of that individual's dream.
    I will remember, LOVE is the healer.
    I will share this with my neighbors.
    I will encourage understanding and not confrontation.

    Please keep this issue in your prayers.

  51. This helps so much in cherishing our world family wherever, whatever. Much gratitude to all...

  52. Thank you for your message and all the wonderful comments. It reminds me of the Bible verse 'Have we not all one Father? Hath not one God created us?' What a beautiful world we have thanks to those of us who live and act on that one Bible verse.

  53. Thank you Chet -- just wonderful! And thank you Troy (#35) regarding FEAR - Forgetting Everything About Reality. Good to take with me in my purse. Very grateful for these lifts & the comments.

  54. Thank you so very much for the uplift your message of love has provided..It makes more comprehensible to me Mrs. Eddy's spiritual interpretation of a line of the Lord's prayer,'And forgive us our debts, as we forgive our debtors" to "And Love is reflected in love"...all the responses are so beautiful...I owe a debt of gratitude to you, Chet, and to the Directors in Boston for making this worldwide daily approach to Christian Science, a living reality,proving that we are, indeed one family united in love...The outreach of Christian Science is universal and eternal, and the Daily Lifts are in part demonstrating that..Thank God for our Master, Christ Jesus' selfless healing message,for Mrs. Eddy's profound discipleship, and for Christian Science.

  55. Thank you, Chet! One thing I know that all Christians and Christian Scientists grapple with, is the Truth that Jesus came to reveal and demonstrate to the World - Evil isn't Real! So, even more than the fact that Evil isn't Power, is the fact that Evil isn't Real! Mrs. Eddy uses the word "legerdemain" in her writings in regard to matter and it means "slight of hand" - it's trickery or illusion of the material senses! So Grateful we have this Science of the Christ that reveals the unreality of Matter and thus proves our perfection is intact now! In our C.S. Bible Lesson on Truth this week, in the Responsive Reading, we have: "For thy lovingkindness is before mine eyes: and I have walked in thy truth." Psalms 26: 3. Living in Divine Love, through using our spiritual sense, we are walking in the Truth of the Reality of Spirit and the Unreality of Matter. Love and Blessings to All! xoxo

  56. The day cometh when men will realize that to Love is the only power there is to fight crime, war, illness and poverty. For hundreds of years wars were fought on the so-called good side and won on the so-called good side. Where did it get us? Nowhere, we are still fighting wars. Same with crime. Putting a person in jail, others will follow. Illness returns. Poverty, with all the goodness humans do, still remains. But Love as God is Love will bring in the miliniare.

  57. Beautiful, Chet. Let's begin rightly and see God's man as innocent and pure. And let's knock the legs out from under any place today that seems to tempt us into believing there is injustice today.

  58. Thank you, Chet, and commenters! thanks for the reminder to celebrate this power every day not just on MLK Day. Our local paper had the following quote from King: "Darkness cannot drive out darkness; only light can do that. Hate cannot drive out hate; only love can do that."

  59. So true and thank you for that! I too visited this place and was swept up by the power of Love conquering hate.

  60. Dear Chet,

    What a wonderful and freeing lift. I am so very grateful to God for this lovely
    healing of so much recrimination and the colour based living in South Africa for
    years. There is only one kind o f man and that is a free man with all the Godlike qualities of love, honesty, happy, joyful, perfect and whole Christlike
    man. It brings to mind the Hymn 144 where it mentions that human sense
    always deceives and it can never be true and this sense must be eradicated from our thinking. The last verse is the absolute truth and I love it. "For God, immortal Principle, is with us/me is everywhere; He holds us/me perfect in His Love, And we/I His image bear." This thought can heal very hardened heart.

    Thank you Chet.

  61. Thank you, Chet.

    Beautiful MLK message on the only power - Love.

    “In obedience to the divine nature, man’s individuality reflects the divine law and order of being. How shall we reach our true selves? Through Love. The Principle of Christian Science is Love, and its idea represents Love. This divine Principle and idea are demonstrated, in healing, to be God and the real man.

    Who wants to be mortal, or would not gain the true ideal of Life and recover his own individuality? I will love, if another hates. I will gain a balance on the side of good, my true being. This alone gives me the forces of God wherewith to overcome all error. On this rests the implicit faith engendered by Christian Science, which appeals intelligently to the facts of man’s spirituality, individuality, to disdain the fears and destroy the discords of this material personality.”

    Mary Baker Eddy
    (Miscellaneous Writings, page 104:)

    Truth, Wisdom, Love and Sincerity, to ALL mankind.

    Rob Scott
    Chicago, IL

  62. Great lift for the day.

    Am reminded too of Bishop/Archbishop Desmond Tutu, who led the change for total forgiveness after apartheid -- true Christianity in action!

    Loving, not just liking or putting up with, our enemies is the only way!

  63. Thank you, Chet, for your very clear, helpful, and healing message.

  64. Thank you!

  65. "Nothing valid or lasting about them..." "...doomed to failure before they even started..." what comforting and healing thoughts that can overcome racism or apartheid, or any obstacle to the
    expression of Love. Thank you Chet for sharing this spiritual view on Martin Luther King Day that
    foretells the doom of all oppression.
    I was told the story that nothing could stop the downward flow of a stream of water. If it came to an
    obstacle or a dam, it would simply keep flowing until it went around it or over it. It was a lesson to keep on loving no matter what. I'm also learning that divine Love has the power to dissolve obstacles. Today's lift with all these comments is doing just that. Thank you!

  66. Loving our enemies demands a total shift in consciousness wherein we see man in a whole new light.

  67. Excellent Lift — especially for this day, Chet. Thanks so much . . . and WELCOME to King Ferry and NEW YORK state!

  68. A beautiful tribute to justice and the power of love. Thank you for this inspiring message.

  69. The third Monday in January every year, we commemorate Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. and the Civil Rights Movement. During the March on Washington, Dr. King. gave his "I Have a Dream" speech. Today this speech lives on as one of the most famous speeches in U.S. history. He made the same point that you made in your lift today Chet. Dr. King said, "Let us not seek to satisfy our thirst for freedom by drinking from the cup of bitterness and hatred. We must forever conduct our struggle on the high plane of dignity and discipline." The high plane is Love alone and so true, Love alone is power. While we encounter many invitations to hate, they have no legitimacy. I'm grateful for the many wonderful responses today that help us gain greater understanding. Thank you Nela for the quote from one of Dr. King's sermons. A special thanks to Troy from Barbados for your heart warming testimony and for explaining the idea of not trying to be part of an aggressive person's dream. And also a special thank you Beverly Lyle for the link to your beautiful and touching article. We have to step outside the dream and put ourselves on a higher plane to align ourselves with Love and goodness. Our prayers can help do that.

    May God help us find and be the Christ who is already within each and every one of us.

  70. When in news reports and hearing reports about minorities and disadvantaged people I always mentally counteract that by remembering that "God created man in His image and likeness", which I take to be in His Love and Truth. We are all His children, regardless of where we come from, how we look, or our skin color or language. My prayer today, and every day, will be to express more love to all of God's children.
    Thanks Chet for reminding us of this great power. And thanks to everyone who is a part of bringing us these Daily Lifts.

  71. Thank you Chet for the clarity of the message regarding separation and apartheid. Also thanks to #10 Nancy for your thought on "the apartheids". This is a new way of seeing all thoughts of alienation, injustice or separating thoughts from God. Have a blessed day everyone.

  72. Thank you for this very appropriate message for today and everyday!

  73. Thank you for the reminder

  74. Thank you Chet!
    And thank you, Troy, for you very helpful testimony. I love it.
    My Interest in my prayer this morning is to break out of the world of matter and a life that is only human and limited. Also, l'm praying for the the world to have a growing awareness of Christian Science. So for me, this lift went much farther toward the hope of freedom, for which Dr King and Mr Mandela did so much. The greater freedom I hope for everyone in the world is to know that there is so much more to life than what appears, and that healing is for real.
    So I am taking away the realization that matter doesn't own us and can't last any more than apartheid could. I'm so excited about that!

  75. So True Chet, There is no greater gift than LOVE. Love alone is power.

    Welcome to you and your family to our area.

    Joan P. Montclair, NJ

  76. BEAUTIFUL! And applicable to every troubling situation. Thanks

  77. I loved your advice, "Don’t fight evil on its own terms." We must learn not to be tempted to get down in the dirt with it or try to use its own weapons against it.

    There are lots of similar axioms: in politics, if you sling mud back at your opponent, you both get your hands dirty, and in life, if you fight fire with fire, everything gets burned, just as the fire originally intended.

    But I do have a favorite, "Never argue with a fool. It brings you down to their level where they will always beat you with their vast experience."

    Down is not a direction we need to consider, for Love is always uplifting. Love never puts us down or leaves us down. And it helps us raise those who feel downtrodden or would pull us down.

    It takes brave men and women to fight inequity and injustice, but those who are successful have learned to remove themselves peacefully from the material battle, prepare themselves mentally and conquer evil with the power of divine Love which is the only real.

    Thanks for the “I” opener. It helps me understand what “I” must do as a Christian soldier and choose the appropriate weapons at hand for a victory over evil.

  78. Thank you!

  79. We are either loving or hating. There is no in between a practitioner long ago told me. Even a tiny hint of dislike is not allowed. It is part of the hate thought. If we accept something unlikeable in someone else, could it be that we have some of that in us too? Otherwise how would we recognize it if we were not familiar with it? Mrs. Eddy tells us to deny the error and affirm the truth. So the error is made evident only to be destroyed, not taken in, whether within our own thinking or others. It seems so hard at times not to rebuke in the wrong way, but just to pray and know that God, divine love, is all. It has to be done, there is no other way or power. What a healing day with all the sharing lifters and lifter, Chet. Thanks to all.

  80. Deep gratitude Chet, A couple years ago while in Africa, friends knowing of my great admiration for Mr. Mandel's love of peace, drove my daughter and me, past Mr. Mandel's home. He was in his garden and I waved to him. With a wide smile of love, he waved back. According to God's Law, Love Always Wins. Peacefully Carol

  81. Thank you for this powerful message. Since I fight injustice for a living, I thought I would share a Dr. King Quote and a Mrs. Eddy quote from S&H, both of which have found their was into appellate briefs I have written. I just use the first sentences but here are the quotes:

    "Injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere. We are all caught in an inescapable network of mutuality, tied to a single garment of destiny. " DR. King and Mrs. Eddy's: "Justice is the moral signification of law." Injustice signifies the absence of law."

    Thank you for reminding us that evil and injustice are unreal and illegitimate and that we have to fight them on higher levels through denial, not acceptance and by knowing real power is in God, who is of purer eyes than to behold evil. Love is always the answer and for injustice, that love is the strongest tool we have. It gives us the answers to act upon. Thank you.

    Daily Lift Team:

    From "Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures" page 391:17 --
    "Justice is the moral signification of law. Injustice declares the absence of law."

    From "The First Church of Christ, Scientist, and Miscellany" by Mary Baker Eddy, page 220:12 --
    "I believe in obeying the laws of the land. I practise and teach this obedience, since justice is the moral signification of law. Injustice denotes the absence of law."

  82. Beverly Lyle wrote Thank you Chet, for this inspiring Daily Lift. A student of Christian Science who lived along the Selma-Montgomery highway the two years (1962-1964) before Martin Luther King's "Voting Rights" march from Selma to Montgomery in March of 1965 walked part of that highway almost daily, praying earnestly with healing truths to cleanse the awful racial injustice she found there. Her experience is recorded in the January 19, 1987 Christian Science Sentinel in the Profile "Persisting in prayer for racial harmony".
    Beverly Pleasant good day, how are you? I read the article you listed here. It is touching. We no longer live in the harsh physical reality of this specific problem. We also know how to erase the legacy of this harsh reality through prayer. It is also helpful when we do face the heavy burden of this history. The crushing weight helps us to grasp and to understand others. Would we want to be spared the personal experience of painful struggle? We learn the valuable lessons that it brings to us when sorrow teaches the heart wisdom. Would Mrs. Lyle be stirred to pray if she did not become painfully aware of the ugliness and reality of that situation? Should my weight be lifted will i become a better and more diligent prayer? I claim all the healing that God gives to me right now. Thank you for the article because it helped me to remember the true purpose of life today, year 2014.

  83. II could not help but to think to apply your wonderfully shared concept toward the seemingly endless rhetoric and dissatisfaction aimed at our current government and other world 'powers.' I will use this idea as I work to help dissolve the discomfort, sensation and anxiety surrounding our world leaders and their activities. Thank you.

  84. Great lift! Thank you Chet.

  85. Thank you for this lift. Here in So. Sac - racism is alive and well and I try daily to direct my thoughts as Mrs. Eddy says to deny the error and affirm the truth. It is a continuous battle. With your lift Chet, I know my thinking is in the right area of where Divine Love wants us to go.

  86. Good stuff, Chet!! Thank you for those LOVEly thoughts!
    Tom in Easton

  87. Thank you, Chet, for your LOVEly thoughts!!

  88. Thanks, Chet, for your remarks that have inspired such wonderful posts.

    Recently, I had a tiny glimpse into Jesus' instruction to give a man your cloak, if you're being sued for your coat. If someone is trying to take away your identity, your dignity, your rights, you must get to a place (through prayer) of spiritual identification wherein you are able to give spiritually...you're no longer fighting over anything material or limited. Having glimpsed your own wholeness and safety, as well as the other's, you freely give your very best, knowing that an infinite God is the real source for each one, and that you will both have all you need. If a new coat is needed, it will come to you, but your identity, well-being, and worth--and the other's--are purely spiritual and already intact even before those symbols appear.

    But the "cloak-giving" action has to come out of really seeing the Truth of spiritual creation, not out of mimicry or grandiosity, because it's not right for you to be afraid or puffed up, any more than it is for the other person to covet or steal. I think this is the mentality that Isaac had when he kept digging new wells. And I think it was Mandela's mentality in prison, where he treated his guards with kindness and respect, without being intimidated by them. His "cloak" covered everyone.

    We owe a great debt to Dr. King, and I love the fact that many people use this day as a day of service in their communities...paying it forward.

  89. This has such deep roots in the Bible and the lessons it emphatically teaches about the injustice (iniquity) of prejudice.

    We learn rich lessons from Moses marrying an Ethiopian woman and the effects of the prejudice felt by his sister, Miriam. It was quickly healed when the fault was corrected.

    Jesus parable of the "Good Samaritan" and his healing of the Syrophenician woman's daughter are graphic lessons to his disciples of all ages.

    In order to do 20 years of institutional work in juvenile detention centers, jails and prisons I had to confront all forms of prejudice, often in myself before I could be of any real benefit. "Let us look deep into reality instead of accepting only the outward sense of things." Mary Baker Eddy

  90. In 11.Chronicles 20:15, we read where Jahaziel prophesied deliverance and told Jehoshaphat; "Be not afraid nor dismayed by reason of this great multitude for the battle is not yours, but God's." Indeed there was an overthrow of the enemy when they went forth singing and praising God!
    Yes, divine Love is the way and thank you Chet for your inspiring Lift today.

  91. What a wonderful lift, thank you so much! In looking back on my life's experiences, sometimes I've judged my parents for not doing more in being active in civil rights. But I do thank them for raising us without bigotry. They taught that we are all one family with God as Father and Mother. In explaining about the spiritual nature of the real man, it was made clear to me even as a very young child that if man did not have "brain, blood, bones," etc. (see S&H) -- then he didn't have skin either. So the color of a person's material skin had no bearing on their character, worth or spiritual nature. Meeting new people of different races then was something to look forward to because new experiences were what enriched our life, adding joy and fulfillment. What a contrast to the general beliefs of the 1950s. So as I went out on my own and witnessed first hand the desegregation of Boston's school system, I had opportunities to pray. And then I was given opportunities to love those in our community needing special support -- the employees of The Mother Church created an after-school drop-in center serving neighborhood youth. We helped with homework, tutoring and supervised sports. We got a van and took kids on weekend educational field trips to museums and area historical sites. We did fundraising and sponsored some of the children so that they could attend CS boarding schools and college. And I was blessed -- after being told I could not have kids, I was healed.

  92. This is such a powerfull peacefull lift,"Divine Love always has met and allways will meet every human need" Marry Baker Eddy .....THX and love to all

  93. I thank you so much.

  94. Thank you Chet and other Lifters -- especially Joel in Toronto. Passive love or active love? This morning I attended a commemorative breakfast at City Hall. I was surprised to see about 5% of the
    guests were Black (the Civil War could not have been won without White soldiers) and the presenters
    spoke about tolerance, non-violence, cross cultural communicating, etc. All great concepts but only
    that. I rose and interrupted the proceedings to point out that since I had walked with those who walked with Dr. King, if he were alive he'd be marching in Montreal. In Quebec there are 175K construction workers -- yet no visible Black or Brown workers on roads or building sites. I urged that
    by next year the City have measures in place to ensure that contracts be let to companies that can show they have some degree of diversity given the population here. When I learned there were less
    than 10 Black firemen in the city I was told it was because there was a requirement candidates had
    to be able to swim. Tell that to the navy recruiters. Jesus was loving but he was not a dupe and
    his activism showed when he threw the money changers out of the temples. He acted for justice and principle. MLK was out on the line not just writing or musing on change. We can't forgive them for
    what thy do and leave it at that; if we love them we help them to see and actively love Principle and Justice. We can all get to the mountain that way and enjoy the higher view.

  95. thank you chet

  96. I loved your reassurance that an unjust or unrighteous system can and will expose and bring itself down, what Mrs. Eddy refers to as an "imposition". I pray often to know the truth of Jesus words that, there is nothing hidden that shall not be revealed, not just to my neighbor, but to me, too!

  97. I was raised in the deep south and observed many injustices around me, but I am grateful that I have had a lifetime of Christian Science. Never in my home did I hear any derogatory references to what we then called 'colored people", and even infrequent servants in our home were treated with respect. Our church was the only one in which Negro attendants could sit wherever they chose (other churches relegated them to balcony, if at all). I am so glad to have lived long enough to see tremendous changes, even if we still have long way to go to be truly inclusive of all our fellow men and women. I believe that Christian Science has been more pervasive than we know in changing public thought.


  99. Thank you so much. Your message is so perfect and right. Something to really understand and know when evil tries to dominate a situation.

  100. Thank you for the lift today.

  101. What an all important message for all time! Thank you Chet, and thank you to all of the Lifters for your inspired comments. Another poster has already shared this - and how true Dr. King's words, “Darkness cannot drive out darkness; only light can do that. Hate cannot drive out hate; only love can do that."

  102. I'm sending this to all my friends in South Africa!!!

    And I'll hold the thoughts for the 'systems' in my own life that seem unjust but powerful.

  103. Wow, what a great Lift, and such inspiring comments it prompted. Thank you Chet, and thanks to everyone, especially to Beverly Lyle for pointing us to the wonderful Sentinel article, and El Paso Patt for such practical, healing thoughts shared, and to others too numerous to mention. I am so very grateful for these Daily Lifts and all those who submit their thoughts for the benefit of all.

  104. I recently came across a scrap of paper on which I had made the following note: A woman, who was a pioneer in early childhood education and one of the first black school board members in South Carolina, asked Dr. King, "How can you tell me to love people who treat me as if I am not human?" She said she would never forget his response. He said, "We are created in God's image. So you love the image of God in that person." ( I can't make a definitive attribution for this - perhaps, Taylor Branch in the book "At Canaan's Edge")
    Thank you for this timely Lift and the many insightful comments.

  105. Thank you so much, Chet
    Your message was very touching to me.

  106. Chet, I loved how you took the musings of the day higher than celebrating a single personality way up to the Principle that motivated him and made him triumphant. Thanks nela for the wonderful MLK quotes, thanks Troy from Barbados for that def. of Fear. Hadn't heard that one. Thanks for your prayers for world leaders, Renee in Sacramento. Thanks #85 In Progress for that wonderful insight in cloak-giving. Dolores in Montreal: you go girl. I was told that this bible verse in quoted in the museum to MLK on a fountain," Let judgment run down like waters, and righteousness as a mighty stream." Amos 5:24

  107. Thank you Chet. So wonderful beyond words.
    "Onward Christian soldiers, Marching as to war,
    With the cross of Jesus Going on before". ....
    Christian Science Hymnal #264. This hymn came
    to my thought when reading the lovely comments.
    So grateful for all the helpful comments. Thanks
    Nela for your helpful information.
    Love to all.

  108. I listened this morning, and have just re-listened (8:15 Eastern Time). Such good thoughts and so appropriate and so embracing of our world. Thanks!

  109. Thank you for today's uplifting message.

  110. Wow ... thanks Chet

  111. Very thoughtful. Thank you.

  112. Thank you Chet. I'm pasting a sentence from the Beverly Lyle submission.

    'To Mrs. Lyle, prayer remains as central to future progress as it was in the sixties. "Our prayers are effective. Sometimes you feel you don't have enough time to pray for the world, but when you have a deep feeling that prayers do make a difference, when you love mankind—and Christian Science does bring that out in you— you know you must pray.'

  113. Thanks for sure. AND from a hymn, "Love, love alone is power."

  114. Utterly beautiful and so helpful to me at the moment - just perfect in fact and has diffused what had appeared as a dangerous situation. Of course the fear had no legitimacy! I read your 'Lift' just before bedtime which was exactly when I needed it. Thank you SOOOOO much, dear Chet.

  115. Thanks Chet, very powerful and so true.

  116. I really enjoyed your lift of LOVE! It lifted me up this evening!!!!!!!!!!!!

  117. Still celebrating the Truth you shared. Thank you.

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