1/20: Know your enemy

1/20: Know your enemy

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  1. It's great to know that no enemy has any power!

  2. Thank you for a view that puts a different light on Pogo's statement "We have met the enemy and he is us."‎

  3. Evil is not a person, Jesus called it "a liar and the father of it", http://bible.cc/john/8-44.htm.
    Therefore there's no personal enemy outside of our own consciousness and we should watch our own thoughts.
    Mrs. Eddy warns us, "Simply count your enemy to be that which defiles, defaces, and dethrones the Christ-image that you should reflect.
    So say it freely, “I have no enemies!”
    El mal no es una persona, Jesús lo llamó "mentiroso y padre de mentira" http://bible.cc/john/8-44.htm.
    Por lo tanto no hay enemigo personal fuera de nuestra propia conciencia y debemos prestar atención a nuestros propios pensamientos.
    La Sra. Eddy nos advierte: " Simplemente considera como tu enemigo todo cuanto profane, desfigure y destrone la imagen del Cristo que tú debes reflejar” Misc. 8:17
    Así que dilo libremente, “¡No tengo enemigos!”

  4. So good to have this spelled out in simple terms... we are not going to let any negative thought have playground space!

  5. Thank you Frank a lovely clear message.

  6. Thank you.

  7. Thank you much -good to hear this today for me.

  8. Many thanks Frank for declaring that right now we have no enemy! Yes. "In divine Love's allness there can be no evil neither accuser nor accused, for all is in harmony with the nature of divine Love." "Sing, till all the world rejoices,/ Sing! for fear no more enslaves us./ From th' accuser's mocking voices/ Christ, our mighty Counsel, saves us." (Christian Science Hymnal #112).

  9. Thank you, Frank. Love the Lift. ONLY the Christ in the midst of the mist. First in my own thinking. Thanks again.

  10. Thank you so much Frank. Very helpful to me today.

  11. Thank you for this Frank. This may be the most important topic for the Christian Science movement right now. Very often when we are challenged byt these suggestions, we think that it is our own thioughts that are challenging us, rather than an enemy, just like Jesus' parable of the tares and wheat, we think that we planted our own tares. Then we condem ourselves, instead of saying "an enemy hath done this."
    I was wondering if there are any Sentinel or Journal articles that have helped you in the past with this subject? I need to constantly remind myself that bad thoughts or fearful thoughts don't come from my thinking, that it is an outside influence, a mere suggestion.

  12. Indudablemente no tenemos enemigos, por que tampoco tenemos amigos en lo que se refiere a este tránsito
    por que no debemos considerar lo humano como real ya que es materia, ilusión mortal, que está aquí ahora pero puede desaparecer en un instante.
    "¿No sabéis que la amistad del mundo es enemistad contra Dios? Santiago
    " Vuelve ahora en amistad con él y tendrás paz" Job
    "El concepto material humano disminuyó bellamente conforme flotaba yo hacia latitudes más espirituales y a regiones más puras del pensamiento"
    "Me esforcé en elevar el pensamiento por sobre la personalidad física, o existencia en la materia, hacia la individualidad espiritual del hombre en Dios" Retrospección e Introspección, MBE

    Dejemos llevar por el pensamiento inspirado hacia las regiones celestes y la amistad será perpectua, porque será amistad con Dios, la Vida, la Verdad y el Amor, donde todo es armonia y perfecta paz:

    Muchas gracias, thank you so much.

  13. There is a chapter in Miscellaneous Writings called "Love your enemies", and on page 9 Mrs.Eddy says:- "Love thine enemies" is identical with "Thou hast no enemies." She goes on to say: "Wherein is this conclusion relative to those who have hated thee without a cause? Simply, in that those unfortunate individuals are virtually thy best friends. Primarily and ultimately, they are doing thee good far beyond the present sense which thou canst entertain of good."

    This chapter is all very helpful to those having this sort of problem.

  14. I had never heard 'ever-presence' and the opposing 'never presence' before and I love it! Really useful way to be thinking today, and always. Very helpful and I shall put this into practice! Happy weekend Lifters one and all!

  15. Thank you Frank for this simple but highly effective thought

  16. Thank you, this is a great Lift to work with over the weekend.

    Thank you. This is a good Lift to work with over the weekend. This week has been very helpful. thanks to all the lifters


  17. Thank You!

  18. Thank you. As #14 said, I too have never heard "never-presence" and love this thought. It is very helpful.
    And I too have to constantly remind myself that erroneous thoughts are not mine and thus remember never to claim them. Great thoughts for this day.
    Thank you Frank! And the rest of the daily lift team.

  19. Mrs. Eddy says in Science and Health on page 261:4, "Hold thought steadfastly to the enduring, the good, and the true, and you will bring these into your experience proportionably to their occupancy of your thoughts." And on page 401:1-4, "Any human error is its own enemy, and works against itself; it does nothing in the right direction and much in the wrong." If we are holding our thoughts steadfastly to the Truth. there is no room for human error and no enemy. Divine Love is omnipotent and ever-present - always protecting and guiding us.

  20. Thanks for the powerful message on ever present harmony, "the one grand concord". Today's daily lift helped me to deal with a situation which otherwise would be a challenge. Such an idea is found only in Christian Science, and it makes all the difference in our lives. I am very grateful for the teachings of Mary Baker Eddy.

  21. thank you - that's really what it is all about - accomplish this daily, moment by moment, and all is indeed well!

  22. 11 says that bad thoughts are not ours but an outside influence. Taking this thought one step further toward seeing these thoughts as actually unreal: there is no "outside", since God is infinite, and there can be no outside to infinity. This thought has helped me lately in dealing with the suggestion of being an outsider. The enemy is always suggestion, and suggestion has no power until we believe it.

  23. Thank you! That is really what it is all about! Accomplish this, moment by moment, and then, all is indeed very well!

  24. How true, Frank. "-and the Truth will make you free." Thank you.

  25. Hola soy Maria Elena, mi inglés no es muy bueno y necesito escuchar varias veces los "daily lift" para entender todas las palabras y a veces ni así lo logró.
    Hoy doy muchs gracias a mi Padre-Madre Dios porque Elena Shideler, desde California (San Diego) hizo la traducción.
    Elena Shideler MUCHAS GRACIAS!!!!! por la traducción al español seguramente la idea te vino por inpiración divina ya que yo tenia días pensando en pedirle a alguien que me tradujera los mensajes y creo que Dios respondió mis plegarias a través tuyo.

  26. Thank you, Frank for reminding us that evil is simply an "impersonal falsity" that has no power to say anything to us. Sometimes it may seem that evil is making suggestions that tempt us to believe in a power apart from God, but it is helpful to remember that evil has no voice because it has no reality at all!

  27. Excellent , Thank you ! :-)

  28. Thanks for a lovely message. Powerful!

  29. Thanks, Frank! I think you just basically explained Christian Science in a nutshell! I also loved what #11 Jack Phillips says about not condemning ourselves for evil suggestions or thoughts. I know, growing up in C. S., I, and my parents, weren't always clear about this point and so I learned to think I was a "bad person" sometimes, instead of impersonalizing the error in thought. Mary Baker Eddy says something to the effect of: "Error comes to you for life and you give it all the life it has." I am very sensitive to "feeling" people's thoughts (anger, fear, hatred) and am learning to protect myself through knowing the Truth about my own identity and theirs. So grateful that in Christian Science we are given the absolute Truth about God and Man! Happy Lovely Weekend to All! And thanks for a wonderful week of Daily Lifts! XOXO

  30. "The enemy has no power to say otherwise." Hence the question, "Who said THAT?" If it is not a sweet, right, good, angel thought, we know to toss it. Thanks for the great start to another good day.

  31. Thank you for something more to use to fight the good fight.

  32. Thank you for this powerful and comforting message, a wonderful way to start me day!

  33. How did you know that this was just what I needed? There truly is no power opposed to God and no supposed mortal personality to whom false suggestions can attach themselves and try to appear real. "All is infinite Mind, and it's infinite manifestation," as Mrs. Eddy reminds us in her scientific statement of being in Science and Health.

  34. Thank you Frank! It is extremely important to detect and understand who the "apparent" enemy is. Mrs Eddy wrote in Miscellaneous Writings: "The belief in evil and in the process of evil, holds the issues of death to the evil-doer. It takes away a man's proper sense of good, and gives him a false sense of both evil and good." (221: 31-3) Then she adds: "In this state of misled consciousness, one is ready to listen complacently to audible falsehoods that once he would have resisted and loathed; and this, because the false seems true. The malicious mental argument and its action on the mind of the perpetratos, is fatal, morally and physically. (222: 12-17) And finally she says: "I shall not forget the cost of investigating, for this age the methods and power of error. While the Ways, means and potency of Truth had flowed into my consciousness as easily as dawns the morning light and shadows flee, the metaphysical mystery of error -its hidden paths, purpose, and fruits -at first defied me. Y was saying all the time, "Come not thou into the secret"- but at length took up the research according to God's command." (222: 29-5). These writings show how important was this topic to Mrs Eddy and how much time she devoted to it! We have to pray without ceasing to prevent bad thoughts. I've one heard that we have to put into practice the Three R's daily : REJECT the error wherever it is, REPLACE the lie with the truth and finally REJOICE in your God, who is Omnipresent, Omnipotent!

  35. Thank you.

  36. Thanks so much Frank!

  37. Thank you very much Frank for this message of
    'God's ever-presence' and the opposing 'never presence ' of evil.
    How to identify the enemy?
    M.B.Eddy states it in Miscellaneous Writings page 8:17 "Simply count your enemy to be that which defiles, defaces, and dethrones the Christ-image that you should reflect."

  38. "No personal enemy" and "watch your thoughts" will stay with me today. Thank you for these important reminders.

  39. Thanks Frank; very important to understand that we must do nothing of evil; why is it nothing, when it seems so real? Because God never made it...and Jesus said that evil is a liar and the father of lies.., so we should be so alert to know; if God did make it, it is no part of us or of anybody!! I am so grateful for Christian Science, God, Christ Jesus and M.B.E the founder of Christian Science; and to study this wonderful and practical religion!

  40. Thank you Frank!

  41. Some years ago when I was feeling ill, I was willing to dismiss several popular ideas as physical causes. However, I kept thinking “well, SOMETHING is causing this!” Effectively, what is the enemy here? I was mulling over the idea that a mortal sense of self was a big screw-up somehow. (Enemy #1) Who could argue with that?

    I decided to drive to work to make at least a token appearance for a couple hours. On the drive, I was still thinking about the screw-up or self-destructive mis-statement about our real spiritual identity. (Mrs. Eddy coined the expression “mortal mind”, Jesus said "sins"). Then, OUT OF THE BLUE, and instantaneously, I felt a wash of, well; I suppose “compassion”, and the VERY clear words. “Oh sweetheart, you cannot hurt anyone!” This statement and feeling of warmth came very suddenly. Wasn’t me. I never use the word “sweetheart” and it surprised the heck out of me! That was the end of the illness. Right there! I was jolted out of the exercise of trying to take blame for lies (enemies), which I realized later. However, right then all I could think was “oh wow, oh wow, oh wow”.

  42. I, too, like many others today, love the idead of the "never-presence" of evil! Wonderful lift! Thanks!

  43. I am very thankful for this lift.It has helped me understand who and what the real enemy is!It's any idea outside of good!Thanks.

  44. Frank thank you
    There can't be problems
    since the fact is that
    GOD' good is OMNIPRESENT only!
    WOW will realize it every moment of my day!
    of my
    in the presence of GOD's ALLNESS...

  45. Thank you, Frank, and fellow Lifters, for so much to think about. I teach the high school Sunday School class, and students periodically ask about the origin of evil. Many of the verses shared in today's Lift and in the comments feel like appropriate resources to share with these teens trying to find answers to the "big" questions. Understanding evil's nothingness and good's ALLNESS is also a way to "allay the fear" that is so important in Christian Science treatment...another topic of interest among class members! I so love each and every Daily Lift, and all the prayer and love that go into preparing and delivering these "soundbites" of Truth to a world hungering and thirsting after it.

  46. Thank you so much Frank! When I woke up, I grabbed my phone to see the topic of the daily lift and I smiled. I was just working on the idea of enemy yesterday and of course, I laughed to myself that it was the topic today. So timely.

    I heard a Sentinel Radio testimony once that I listen to occasionally regarding how to determine what thoughts that come to us are from God and what are from error. The author stated to put at the end of the sentence, "God said". I used that this week when a few thoughts came in my head and I realized that they were aggressive mental suggestions trying to find a home.

    This daily lift also helped to remind me that error is not a person. All are God's perfect beloved children and they too are innocent.

    Thanks to the whole daily lift team for this wonderful week of ideas.

  47. Thank you Nancy from Yellow Springs. You made me laugh! What a wonderful demonstration. Thank you so much for sharing it!

  48. Thank you so much Frank. Thanks Elena e Nelly, too. Nosso verdadeiro amigo, sempre presente, e em quem podemos confiar é Deus. Nossa amizade é eterna e indestrutível.Nunca houve e nem haverá inimigo porque somente o bem é real e e permanente.

  49. 34, your comments were very helpful to me. I have been having a hard time with a kitten we have adopted. I was coming to the conclusion that she never will calm down. That she is wild, naughty and an ememy of sorts. # 37 was also a great help, so thanks to the Lift, I can start the day right with Teko, our little, lovely, calm kitty. Thanks!

  50. We, as the reflection of God, never experience error of any sort. Thank you for this reminder and for sharing it with all of us.

  51. Thank you, Frank. What a comfort for each one, a peace within, steady, then overflowing.
    Love this!

  52. Frank, thank you. What a comfort to know "the enemy has no presence"... A peace within,
    steady, calm, undeterred. Our cup overflows into the day.

  53. I have many enemies. But cann't deal with it.

  54. Very true! Thanks.

  55. This is spot on for me today...Have been struggling with the false belief of aging in regard to memory...Living in an "active adult community" we are constantly inundated with false beliefs. This morning a dear friend called me and again related the same health issue story that she had detailed to me many times before......Your lift was perfect as it reminded me that what I accept as "reality" for my friends becomes my reality....Now I will work harder ...not just to protect myself but those who I come in contact with. There is a lot of joking about "senior moments" here.....We have to be careful what we take in as truth..... We are all Minds reflection and we can never lose any quality of Mind.

    I am so grateful for the Daily Lift and the unselfish lecturers who come into our homes....I learn so much thru sharing with my Lift family.

    Have a joy-filled weekend

  56. Muchas gracias Frank this ever-presence and never-presence idea is right on for me this morning, because I have decided to "destroy the entire mass of error". Thank you for reminding me about the non-existence of error and the omniscience, omnipresence and omnipotence of the ever-present and almighty, supreme, incorporeal God. Thank you daily lift team for all that you do.

  57. I love the idea of "evil's never-presence!" Thank you for this great lift!

  58. Wonderful reminder..... thank you.....

  59. Thanks Frank - with all the "belief" systems swirling around us daily from the "media" it is hard to tell sometimes what is "truth" and what is just a "belief" trying to find "life" by our believing it! the agressiveness of evils lie has kept me confused for sometime just by the logic of it ! - I can now see light at the end of the tunnel ! Thanks #11, I to think I'm the "bad" person at the end of the day and thank you # 41 for sharing that we are all God's children and cannot hurt anyone - I'm so grateful to MBE for her stamina to work through this material mortal mind and share the TRUTH with us all !

  60. Thank you for helping me, just now, as I wrote an email that started out in my thought to rebuke, but ended up in love and cherishing a fellow bird, who is also bending the branch upon which I sit. The Truth that, "I have no enemies", #3, leads to "The only source of all good is God.

    These daily lifts are lifting new students of Science into a new awareness of the good all around them. There are those who have yet begun reading the textbook, Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures by Mary Baker Eddy, who listen to the Daily Lift, and love it. Thank you Father.

  61. Aye Aye! Thank you Frank for this wonderful Lift.

  62. Thanks Frank and I really appreciate the thoughts you shared that prompted SO MANY to share quotes and comments that were SO uplifting!

    34....loved the "Reject, replace, rejoice" concept; #45 here's a way to understand "fear": "False Evidence Appearing Real"; #53...on the subject of enemies: "Love your enemies; bless them that curse you...." this is in the bible.....

    It has been a wonderful week...thanks to all the lecturers for their contributions and to those who commented each day, too! And, thanks Nate and the team for another refreshing, enlightening week!

  63. All of the Daily Lifts are helpful, but this seemed particularly good for me. As a daily exercise, I shall guard against error disguising itself as my own thinking. Thank you, Frank.

  64. Very useful! Thanks a lot!

  65. Thanks Frank for the wonderful original message, and thanks Daily Lifters for amplifying it so well.
    Even before I could listen to the LIft later today, God had given me a related idea early in the morning.
    The words "Thy love and truth are everywhere." kept coming to me. I realized it was from a CS hymn, so when I finally got up I found that it was the last line from hymn # 154. I used this angel-thought to work with and then came to the spiritually-scientific conclusion that God's ominpresence precludes any other so-called presence. So as we all have been affirming, if God-good, (divine Love and Truth) is everywhere, then evil-enemy (mortal mind, error, false belief) is "nevery -where".
    Much love to all.

  66. Thanks - I really needed that right now....

  67. Osvaldo, Buenos Aires
    Very helpfull your Lift, Frank. If we think that enemies surround us, they will seem "real" to us. That´s a lie that we must abolish. Thank for this Lift, Frank

  68. This is so very timely for me. I, too, like some others tend to let my thoughts blame me for thinking them. Until now, it seemed I would have to just live the rest of my life being beat up by my own mind. Thank you for this very needed lift. In my continually battle, with such, I began to believe myself evil and I therefore avoided people. I am so thankful, words seem inadequate. I appreciate reading others comments, too, nos.29 and 39... so helpful . These lifts are showing me God is truly good. God Bless you all.

  69. This lift is perfect timing for me. Thank you Frank, for the lift and thanks to those who took the time to write the wonderful comments.

  70. Thank you Frank for this direct, clear lift. Thanks everyone for your sharings and your uplifting contributions. #11 Jack Philips, if you live near a Christian Science Reading Room, you might pop in for a visit and ask the librarian how to use the Found Volumes on the computer to look up Sentinel and Journal articles from the earliest years to our current periodicals which have tons of healing articles, ideas, poems related to your question. And Jack #53, can you imagine just yielding your "can't deal with it" to quiet listening for Love's healing message just for you? All these shared notes today offer so much courage and direction in facing down enemies.

  71. waaw this uplift helps us understand the nothiness, powerlessness of the evil and in that case we always have to engage the gear of Good, God Allness, at all time. Thank you Frank for sharing this, I love it

  72. I found all of this so helpful,,thanks to ALL of you lzx

  73. Me pareció muy interesante el artículo, desde la ciudad de Buenos Aires, Argentina.

  74. A sincere sense of gratitude to Frank and all of the responders and to the true ever present God and ever present reflections, His peaceful, perfect children.

  75. Thank you so very much Frank and all the "quilters" for adding such beautiful and harmonious pieces to our quilt. This is such an important subject.

    Since God's thoughts are true thoughts only, then it follows that a negative thought of any kind, being nothing, cannot have expression. In this absolute sense, we're absolutely protected as we practice our mental anatomy, or dissection of thoughts for the purpose of acceptance or rejection. (Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures pg.462:32)

    Some helpful questions might be:
    Where is the thought originating?
    Said Mind?
    Who goes there?

  76. So happy to confirm this healing Truth. So joyous to acknowledge, and trust the power of this Truth
    to free, God's perfect creations/reflections.

  77. Thank you, Frank.

  78. Yeah!

  79. very, very nice! Thank you Frank

  80. Before I knew any thing about Christian Science, I had a very hard time in coping with bully's at school, and there was a whole lot of them. Then, in 1962 when I started studying C/S, I was 26 years old, I learned how to deal with the ENEMY. I mentally dis attached, the evil from the person or bully by knowing that evil is neither person, place, or thing, and thereby defused the negative act that seemed to be going on. Before C/S, I was extreamly afraid to speak up against error. Now, no one, what ever said, can scare me. To me C/S has come to my rescue by teaching me that there is NOTHING TO FEAR SINCE GOD IS HEAR, loving me and protecting me, and also the one who is doing the error.

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